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Donalda Beeson

» MAILBAG Random act of kindness

We are a whisper breathing thoughts and emotions that at times make no human rational sense, we are a wish someone once made, a gift someone once asked for a sparkle in someone’s eye, a mystery someone will have great joy pondering over and a frustration to someone who wants to understand.

Viewpoint y impressions expressed in poetic form while participating in “Everyday Writing” with Maureen Brownlee at Valemount’s Women’s Conference: A Women’s Voice.


Women’s voices are often quiet, or is it quieted, when they ought to be loud shouting together in rapturous passion, or whispering soothingly sweet sounds delivered softly. We should always speak the truth, and most importantly our truth.

Dear Editor; andom acts of kindness are such a rare thing these days, however, just the other night I was the recipient of such and wanted to share it with your readers. I was out walking with my dog, wearing what I thought was high-visibility clothing, when a Jeep drove past me, a little too close. I could tell by the driver’s reaction that I had indeed startled him. Minutes later this gentleman turned around and drove back and caught up with me and insisted that I take a reflective vest from him for my safety. I have no idea what his name was, and in fact I have never seen him before, but I wanted to thank him for his kindness. I truly believe that only in a great place like Valemount would you see such kind, thoughtful neighbours and friends who would take the time like this gentleman did for my safety. To the mystery man, may you and your family always be blessed. Thank you very much. Kerry Pearson Valemount


We are everything existing all at once, we are women not to be confused with saviours. We are not a solution, though we can be part of it, we are not yours, though we‘re happy to share ourselves. We are not a tool, nor a way, nor a plaything, though we will play with you.

Women are so multifaceted, the colors on a butterfly, women are so similar, the constant color of compassion, women are one, a blushing heart beating harmoniously together.

We are not the person you perceive us to be, we are not one thing consistently, but I know I will consistently be me, the multifaceted me that I want to be. A friend, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, stronger together, we are woman, heart of a whole.

Women hurt but know we hurt together, women love and know that can take us anywhere, women hate hatred. Women are fortunate to be women and appreciative of men who are men, and every variation in between. Women do not envy men because we celebrate diversity.


Women warily walk alone when we have to, but will willingly take your hand and offer ours, warm, all encompassing, and strong, yet not grippingly. Women are not afraid of hurt because we have the tools to transition beyond and above it; women are alchemists, turning ugliness to exquisiteness and wounds to strengths, women are witches in all their mysterious eloquent glory, and none of the evil, manipulative ways. We are women, a voice with no refrain, beautiful compassion, warming hearts and souls of the lonely and cold. We must protect ourselves so we can be better protectors. We accept protection and realize this does not make us weak. Women want to be wanted, naturally but we do not need to be wanted wilfully, we receive adversaries with welcome arms and laugh in the face of mockers who think, we’re weak and under prepared, we wear our hearts on our sleeves but not because it’s fashionable; we will not allow ourselves to be victims anymore, we will always find a power position even if it’s just accepting what we cannot change or what has already happened. We will not covet, envy, isolate, or degrade other women, because we know we cannot do this to one without hurting ourselves. We are nothing explainable in words, concepts, titles and physicalness, we exist much deeper than we are often conscious of.


Thanks for a great vacation, Valemount! Dear Editor; ast weekend, we came out to Valemount for the weekend with another family to go quadding. Having never quadded before in the area, we contacted the VARDA office and spoke with Curtis. His knowledge of the area was phenomenal, and after speaking with him numerous times, he even sent us an itinerary with recommendations of how to spend our time there. We were so impressed with his helpfulness, going above and beyond, to make


Joshua Estabrooks

sure that we had the best possible time. We also (unfortunately) had to make a stop in at NAPA to get a machine fixed, and found everyone there extremely helpful as well. We truly enjoyed our weekend away in the mountains, and are looking forward to coming back next year! Thanks, Valemount…your efforts made this family’s mini-vacation extremely enjoyable! The Goerzen Family Spruce Grove, Alberta

Deanna Mickelow

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Volume 25 Issue 39  

September 29 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel

Volume 25 Issue 39  

September 29 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel