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Notes from All Over

Roundhouse begins exciting new season in McBride

New “Poo Containers” for Valemount Interested citizen Deanna Mickelow is concerned about a growing number of stray dogs that run rampant in Valemount’s streets, but she is thrilled to see the new “Poo Containers” set up around the old Valemount High School field, to dispose of animal waste. There are no bag dispensers as of yet. It’s Positive Says Dunster The good word on the street is that the parents of Dunster have been meeting with Bryan Mix and the School District, behind closed doors, and the sentiment of those involved is that things are looking positive. 90 km/hr Say What? Art Hart was surprised when he set off down the highway last week and encountered the new 90-km/hr speed zone. “Where did that come from!?” The new 30-km/ hr speed zone on 5th Avenue in downtown Valemount, has equally foiled a lot of locals who are still speeding through. Rumour has it that similar 90 km/hr signs will be up in McBride shortly. Dangerously Lost on Loseth Road Residents of Loseth Road have been highly entertained and concerned by the highway traffic that has been detoured down their road. Denise Carmichael is shocked by the lack of signage and is worried about the number of narrow escapes she has seen on the unmarked road, as confused highway traffic make their way through the detour, on an un-posted dirt road that she says has a speed limit of 80 km/hr. Mountain Bike Champion Marries in Valemount Local hero and Mountain Bike Racing Champion, Jean Ann Berkenpas nee McKirdy got married at the Tete Jaune Community Hall last weekend. “Is that a bear in the wood chips dear?” Tete Jaune residents Ashley Flavelle and Florian Gasser recently did a little detective work and realized that a black bear has been spending the night in their wood chip pile. Veggie Oil Sippin’ Bear The big black bear that has been plaguing the MacDonald’s in Dunster is causing alarm. Seth MacDonald has been battling a vegetable-oil hungry bear, that has been opening his garage, unscrewing the lids on his barrels of veggie oil, and taking sips out of them, and most recently, falling through the manhole protecting their water system, busting apart the pipes. Hairy, Unnamed Real Estate Agent at McBride Realty Wednesday there was an unnamed, and awfully hairy real estate agent at McBride Realty, as Roger Peterson took his new puppy to work for the day. Highly Anticipated 7-Pound Gaia After almost a week in nameless limbo, Ruby Hogg and Kyle Beeson have finally given a strong name to their 7 pound, 11 ounce, little girl born on September 18th. Welcome Gaia Keade Beeson. Just what we need; another Beeson. It must be just one more attempt to outnumber the McKirdys, as we all know the intense rivalry between the two warring families has been going on since each group claims to have founded the Village of Valemount. Bustin’ Out Little Minnows Leah and Rob Bustin, of Bustin’ Trout, popped out two twin minnows over the weekend. Welcome to the Valley Kleo and Harper Bustin. The Sentinel wonders whether or not the name Harper is a patriotic gesture in honour of our beloved Prime Minister, not unlike the Village of McBride, who allegedly painted their sidewalks blue in honour of the Federal Conservative Party. Hooked on Hunting Tete Jauners, Kurt Myram and Graham Woolsey are excited at the prospect of meat in the freezer for the winter since Hunting Season for Deer opened September 10th. Dave is Done If you missed David Grant out at the Goat Eatery at Mount Robson Shadows Campground, you have missed him for the season now, as he closed September 26th. Salmon Still Here Terry Cinnamon, of Mount Robson White Water Rafting, says the Salmon have long left the regular spawning viewing areas, but are still hanging out in the upper reaches of the Fraser River. Mystery Object Still a Mystery Greg Bruce for the Ministry of Transportation, explained that the mystery object that was obstructing the auger, deep below Highway 5, as they tried to push a pipe through last week, could have been a number of things, including a rock, metal or the pipe just could have split from the intense pressure of the auger. Meanwhile, traffic continues to be delayed. This week’s note takers were Donalda Beeson and Joshua Estabrooks. Know of a tidbit we may have missed? Let us know at

Canadian country music sensation Victoria Banks will be performing in McBride on October 14.

Bridget Uhl Contributor


ou may have heard the name Victoria Banks, because she was most recently named the 2010 Canadian Country Music Association’s Female Entertainer of the Year; and you have the opportunity to see Victoria Banks right here in McBride on Thursday, October 14 because she will be kicking off the Fall Season of The McBride Roundhouse Theatre Society! But that is not all. Did you know, that when you buy Season Ticketsthat makes you a Friend of the Roundhouse? Not only do you receive two tickets to every Roundhouse show of the year, so you can wine and dine

with the entertainment! Yes, dinner and a show, and a few stories to tell. Other bands we have lined up for the McBride Roundhouse Theatre are John Reischman on November 4, Toronto-based trio The Good Lovelies, November 30 and on December 10 we present to you folk singer, John Brooks. Then, we kick off the New Year with World Music man Alex Cuba. And we have even more shows in the spring, including some live theatre in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for McBride Roundhouse Posters, because Season Tickets are available now. Victoria Banks tickets are available at Stedmans for $25.00 or available at the show for $30.00. All shows start at 7:30 p.m.

Volume 25 Issue 39  

September 29 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel

Volume 25 Issue 39  

September 29 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel