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On Sunday, May 29th, Valemount Secondary School student, Kelsey Griffin competes in the B.C. High School Rodeo, South Rodeo #14 at the Canoe River Campground and Rodeo Grounds South of Valemount. High School students from all over British Columbia took part in a two day event, that included two separate rodeos: South Rodeo #13 on Saturday and South Rodeo #14 on Sunday. Events included: saddle bronc, bareback, barrels, calf roping, breakaway, steer wrestling, poles, bull riding and goat tying, as Griffin skillfully demonstrates in the picture above. Spectators enjoyed the skillful displays of each event while feasting on hot food from the concession and enjoying the warm spring sunshine with only the odd rain shower. Photo by Andrea Scholz

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2 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


The Learning Centre Leases Regency Building Daniel Betts Editor


owntown 5th Avenue in Valemount is soon to have a space filled. During the last Village Council Meeting held on Tuesday May 24th, The Learning Centre gave notice that they would not be renewing their lease with the Village of Valemount and that they would be vacating their current space at 99 Gorse St at the end of August. The Learning Centre has secured a new lease starting June 1st at the 5th Avenue Regency Building in the same space BC Services once occupied. “It’s exciting, it’s going to be way better for us and it makes more sense to be there,” said Riette Kenkel, Manager of The Learning Centre. The Learning Centre has acquired additional space in the back of the building to use as a training room. Five staff members will start moving the office from the old location starting at the beginning of August following approximately two months of renovations. “August will be our move-in-month, but September will be our official opening,” said Kenkel. Kenkel said that they plan to continue all the same services that clients currently use, including use of their computer lab, job posting board, information for job seekers and help with different programs. Referrals to Community Futures programs will continue as well. The Learning Centre will also encourage clients and employers to take advantage of The Targeted Wage Subsidy Program. In the Targeted Wage Subsidy Program, employers can hire someone and have the wage subsidized for up to a certain amount in circumstances where they otherwise would not be able. “Ideally the client would stay on with the employer long term,” Kenkel says. “It is going to really benefit our services. Right now where we are located a person new in town doesn’t know where to go to find out what is going on with employment services. By moving into this space we are going to have a storefront and we are going to be able to have our name out front, “ Kenkel says The majority of what The Learning Centre does is employment services and Kenkel believes that moving to 5th avenue will result in greater client volume as well as better service for their clients. “It makes sense for us to be there,” Kenkel

said. Having a storefront service open up on 5th Avenue will bring a much-needed improved look to 5th Avenue. Watch for the official opening of the new Learning Centre location at the beginning of September.

“New 5th Avenue Storefront!”

On Monday, May 30th, Manager, Riette Kenkel stands in front of the future new location of The Learning Centre at the Regency Building on 5th Avenue. While the lease begins on June 1st, two months of renovations are planned, followed by a “move-in” month in August. The official opening of the new location will occur at the beginning of September. Photo by Andrea Scholz

DUNSTER FINE ARTS SCHOOL Dunster School Looking to increase Student Enrollment STUDENT REGISTRATION

Anyone interested in sending their child to the Dunster Fine Arts School in September may sign up by contacting the Dunster Fine Arts School Society. Twenty students are required to re-instate a full time teaching staff, and the student count is already half way there. Bus transportation will also be provided. If you think your child would enjoy learning in an environment that focuses on the fine arts, please give Chantal Swets a call at 250968-4428.

Daniel Betts Editor


ood news for the Dunster Fine Arts School. School District 57 has committed to staffing the school with a full time teacher and a teacher’s aid but only if they are able to register 20 students. At press time the school had ten registered students, half of what is needed for the School District to honour their commitment. In June of 2010, parents and concerned residents received national attention when they occupied the school in protest of the 100-year old school’s proposed closure by School District 57. At the beginning of November the Dunster Fine Arts School Society purchased the Dunster School Building and since then local volunteer parents and community members have operated the school and kept it open. In the meantime there has been much discussion with the school board in adopting a model used in Wells in an effort to continue to keep the school open. The willingness of the School District to provide the school with staff is a positive sign that the District continues to recognize the commitment of the community to keep our schools open and operating in the Valley. Interested parents wishing to enrol their children in this alternative environment with an emphasis on the arts should contact Chantal Swets at 250 968 4428 or 250 968 4488. Preregistration must be completed by the end of June.


Dr. Jeff Corbett will be in

McBride on Friday June 10, 2011. To book an appointment call Dr. Moseley’s office at 250-569-3434.

Local News

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 3

Community Voice Weighed Heavy on Funding Choices Daniel Betts Editor


o matter the outcome, community societies and groups seeking Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Community Initiatives Funding can rest assured that community support weighed heavily on the decisions made by the selection committee. The CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Valemount Selection Committee deliberated for almost three hours. “I felt bad that there wasn’t donuts,” Village of Valemount Corporate Officer, Sandy Salt said. “Sorry guys next time I’ll bring donuts.” Salt said there was a great deal of discussion and debate on each application. CBT Liaison Katherine Hamilton was present, via video-conferencing, during the deliberation to offer advice and answer any question in regard to CBT issues, budgets and possible conflicts with CBT priorities. Although the application screening process is quite thorough, Hamilton ensured that guidelines were being met during discussions as well as let the committee know of any other CBT programs that might be available for alternate funding.

Committee members were selected in 2009 from different community sectors; people who have been very involved in the community for social and economic development. The CBT criteria for the selection committee required that no more than 1/3 of the committee be comprised of elected officials. The final committee was selected and appointed by council resolution for a 3 to 5 year term. Anytime a committee member believed there might be any real or perceived conflict of interest they removed themselves from the room; even though this happened from time to time, the committee was still able to maintain a quorum to complete the decision process. “In the past, there has been a misconception that if more than enough funds were available than was submitted in applications then everyone will get approved. We have proven that is not necessarily true,” Salt said. “This committee has clearly proven that they listen to what the community is saying.” If the community gave less than 50% support for a project the committee felt obligated to weight this heavily in their decision making process. It should be noted that a denied application

is not an outright “no” or that the project did not have merit, but rather the application needed more work. “When a group mentions funding partners the committee would like to see a letter of support or lists of portions of funding,” Salt explains. It is also important that the full support of society boards be included with applications. A good example of the committee’s commitment to following the guidelines of the community was the denial of funding for the Village of Valemount to finish the Entry Sign on 5th avenue, which did not have public support. Salt noted that while the Village Council had the final say and could amend the committee recommendations, council approved all the committee recommendations, backing the committee’s decisions. The final funding decisions approved by Council on May 24th has left a large surplus of funding which usually is carried over to the following year. “What I have been asked to do by the Mayor is contact CBT and find out if they want to hold another round of applications this year,” Salt said. If CBT does indeed recommend another round of funding, groups and societies will have another opportunity to apply before the end of the year.

Phoenix Middle School Continues 25 Year Tradition Daniel Betts Editor


or 25 years the Phoenix Middle School Band, out of Campbell River B.C., has made our Valley a stop on their annual six day, six-concert tour. On Monday, May 30th they arrived at Valemount Elementary Shool to perform. Band Teacher, John Montgomery has been teaching for thirty years and clearly enjoys organizing the band’s tour and performances. Phoenix Middle School is comprised of Grade 7 to 9 students however only the Grade 9 Concert Band and the Grade 8/9 Stage Band go on tour. The students conduct fundraisers all year to help fund the trip and usually they raise about $15,000 dollars. “It makes things quite reasonable for the kids; so they don’t have to pay to much out of their own pockets to come on the trip,” Montgomery said. “The Phoenix Middle School Band Rises to the Occasion” Montgomery chooses the music they play. “I pick stuff the kids are going to May 30th, John Montgomery of Phoenix Middle School in Campbell River conducts Grade 8 and learn something about, will like to play and stuff the audience will enjoy listen9 students at their annual concert at Valemount Elementary School. Photo by Andrea Scholz ing to,” said Montgomery. The school concerts are much smaller than the big concerts the band hosts twice a year in the Campbell River theatre where the entire school participates for a two-hour presentation. The 6-day tour ends in Edmonton where the kids are treated to a day at West Edmonton Mall. “We used to play at the Water Park at West Edmonton Mall. We wore shorts and sunglasses and played Beach Boys The family of Ferne McKirdy wishes to The Valemount Museum is looking for a motivated and creative songs, it was a lot of fun.”


individual for the position as Museum Assistant.

Sage Hair Studio

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The successful candidate must be a full-time secondary or postsecondary student between the ages of 16 and 30 years, who plans to return to school and is legally entitled to work in Canada. Duties for the Museum Assistant include assisting with new exhibits, history and guided tours and with the planning and organizing of summer events at the museum. The applicant must have basic computer skills, proficiency in English, social skills with visitors and interest in history.

Grads Guys cut $10 (as far as 2 weeks before grad) Girls up-do’s $50 (includes free trial)

This position is 35 hours/week and runs from the end of June until the end of August 2011. Wage is $11 per hour.

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Funding for this summer employment position is through the Canada Summer Jobs program (Service Canada). Women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and aboriginals are especially encouraged to apply. All applications will be given due consideration.For a full job description and skills, please check with the Valemount Learning Centre or email the museum.

Women Come in on a Tuesday or Friday for a chemical service and get your hair cut for free ($30 value) Students and Kids Have your hair cut on a Wednesday and receive 50% off Everyone Receive 25% off all Redken products with your hair service. * Specials valid until June 30,2011*

Submit your resume by emailing: (Subject: Application for Museum Assistant) or by mail to: Valemount Museum, P.O. Box 850, Valemount, BC, V0E 2Z0 or by Fax 1-250-566-4244 Deadline for application: June 04, 2011.

thank all the medical staff at the Valemount Health Centre, McBride Hospital, and Clearwater’s Forestview Place who provided exceptional care for Mom over the past few years. We are especially grateful to the Home Care workers who helped her stay on her farm for so long. She passed away peacefully in Clearwater May 8, 2011.

Mica Mountain Transport Overnight service from Edmonton, Kamloops & Kelowna Service to Hinton, Jasper and The Robson Valley

Phone Jim or Chris Morris (250) 566-9907 or (250) 566-1179


4 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel



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Dandelion Scourge

Daniel Betts

My Grad

Attention Homeowners:


wenty-five years ago I was getting ready to stand with my classmates to accept the rewards of twelve years of school, including 4 years of high school. I recall how much different that final year was compared to all the others before. The biggest difference was the interaction with my classmates. No longer were we consumed with petty childish concerns or silly concepts like who liked who or what was the best way to aggravate the French teacher. For the first time in our lives we spoke and interacted with each other as adults. We could actually talk to one another as equals. Differences remained but we could now accept those differences as well as see that we had far more similarities than differences. Even our teachers addressed us differently, showing us earned respect. My classmates and I shared a long achievement, many of us having started the journey together since the first grade. Memories were shared including from those early years; experiences that we had found embarrassing in the moment were now amusing and anecdotal. As the final ceremonies drew near, rivalries seemed to end and new friendships were spawned from the collective experience that had been our childhood endurance test. The moment of the grad ceremony finally arrived and we gathered together in a large room to await the final signal. We were all dressed in our graduation gowns; we gathered as equals. We realized this would be the last moments of our high school existence, as everything would change when our hands took hold of the prized roll of parchment. Hugs and handshakes soon ensued, even a few tears. In the moments before taking our final walk together came the realization that we were finally adults. The signal came and we all took a collective sigh. We nodded encouragement to each other and we were off. Proudly we marched across the arena and down the centre isle under the proud gaze of our parents, siblings, friends and community. It was our moment; one we had been waiting for since our first day of school. Proudly we accepted the recognition, while giving credit to our parents and a long list of mentors who had helped us on a journey we timidly began twelve years earlier. To the Grads of 2011, you have earned our pride and respect. Good luck on your next journey!


ubmit you letter to the editor by emailing to or drop by the Sentinel office in Valemount.


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Power over Principle Dear Editor After living in this beautiful valley for 36 years now and absolutely falling in love with it since day one back in April of 1975, my heart has been broken. Not by the old timers, my long time friends who accepted me back then and now consider me as an old timer myself. No, it’s the relative newcomers to the valley who have no respect for the old timers and how things were back then. Their motivation is not to do what’s right, but to do what puts more

Very annoyed, Carol Bobke – Valemount B.C. money in their pockets. They use their jobs and positions to wield power over principle and that principle is good old fashioned keeping your word, like my preacher daddy taught me. A man is nothing without his word. A handshake and verbal agreement is your only contract. That’s how this country was built. These new fangled newbies don’t get this. The Bible calls them covenant breakers. Your word means nothing. I’m sorry this beautiful valley is now being run by them and they are running us old timers out. It’s a sad day when a letter like this has to be written in a community like this. Rod Reimer - Dunster B.C.

“Humming with activity!”

Letters to the Editor

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Stop wasting your time & expensive gas, in fact, hide your lawnmower! It is with very great frustration that I write this after using “Roundup” and “Killex” on my lawn, trying to destroy dandelions that continue to blow across the road from the Saas Fee Property. I’m convinced this property owner feels that nothing has to be done to control this village epidemic, as she has the full village council in her hand. Other property owners in the past had to clean up their property (with a deadline) or Village workers did it

and charged the expense to their tax bill. I have complained to the Village Office. The coat of arms for the Village should be the dandelion. The Village office has encouraged homeowners to keep their property looking good to encourage tourists to stay longer and enjoy the view. You may be “moved by the mountains,” but please wear sunglasses – the bright dandelions will bring tears to your eyes. One more thought. Perhaps a new industry could be a Dandelion Wine industry. Spraying with a ground sterilizer is the only option at this time.

Dozens of hummingbirds descend upon a feeder at Rod and Deb Reimer’s farm in Dunster on May 20th. These rufous hummingbirds are said to be the “feistiest hummingbird in North America and are relentless attackers of flowers and feeders,” according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Photo by Andrea Scholz

AndreA Scholz

deAnnA Mickelow

Publisher Production Manager

office assistant

dAniel BettS

birgit stutz donalda beeson aMber stayer Jennifer Meagher charlene chouinard


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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 5





WORK BEE June 4th & 5th at Marina

10 am - 4 pm- Lunch Provided Please bring rakes & shovels.

Everyone welcome. See you there.

Claiming the North Pole Dear Editor I always thought Santa Claus owned the North Pole. But it seems I was wrong because Denmark is about to lay claim to the continental shelf around Greenland and the Faroe Islands, including the North Pole. Canada, Russia, Norway and the United States have also made claims to the Arctic, driven in large part by untapped oil and gas reserves estimated to make up 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered resources. Ironically, access to these untapped oil and gas resources has been made possible by an unprecedented melting of polar ice caused by global warming. In other words, the carbon dioxide we’ve released in the past through the combustion of oil and gas has now made it possible to access even more oil and gas which will, in turn, add even more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and cause even more global warming. Tell me there is not some sort of perverse madness at work here in the quest for the oil and gas resources locked beneath the Arctic seabed. There surely must be when the effects of past consumption are so plainly obvious in the melting of polar ice. Donald Leung - Burnaby B.C. Established in 1986, The Valley Sentinel is a member of the BC Press Council, Community Newspapers Association British Columbia and Yukon, Canadian Community Newspapers Association.

Ram it down our throats Dear Editor Many of us in British Columbia, across Canada and around the world are totally enjoying watching some very good hockey and especially enjoying seeing the Canucks enter the final. Many, many folks are watching these series. Along with watching the game we inevitably watch the commercials that come with them. I can’t help but notice some of these commercials. In particular the absolutely stunning commercials that the Province of Alberta is running inviting all to the wonders and adventure available throughout that Province. These ads are part of a well-engineered campaign that includes a web presence on our Canadian news websites and more. It is a highly visible and good-looking expenditure. In STARK contrast is this British Columbia governments ads, spending our tax dollars, not to promote visiting BC but to sell us, or rather ram down our throats, the HST and ICBC! STARK is too good a word to describe this selfcentered big business Liberal government. How anyone can follow these fools is beyond me. Tony Parisi – Valemount B.C.

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e welcome letters to the editor on all subjects. We do not publish anonymous letters, so please include your name and contact information so that we can verify that you wrote the letter. All letters are the opinion of the writer and not The Sentinel. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, clarity or compliance with current standards of public taste.

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6 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Local government Valemount Council Briefs Donalda Beeson Contributor

The regularly scheduled council meeting for the Village of Valemount was held on May the 24th, 2011. Mayor Bob Smith, Councillors Bobbi Roe, Murray Capstick, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Tom Dall and Corporate Officer (CO) Sandy Salt attended. Councillors Cynthia Piper and Rita Tchir were absent. Delegations Susan Stearns & Rodney Gainer Re: Community Futures Fraser-Fort George update Council received a presentation from Susan Stearns & Rodney Gainer providing an update and overview of Community Futures Fraser-Fort George—our business development services, economic development projects, and welcome future partnerships with the Village of Valemount. Valemount Children’s Activity Society Re: Rent Increase Council received an adValemount ministrative report from Amanda Gunderson Learning Chair of the Valemount Centre Children’s Activity Soci250-566-4601 ety (VCAS) regarding the minimum proposed rent increase of approximateLOCAL JOB ly 425% for the use of the POSTINGS community hall. Updated June 1, 2011 Updated June 1, 2011 Correspondence for Action: Valemount Mixed Mar Chambermaids (7) tial Arts Club Re: Re Motel Managers (Couple) quest for Support  Front Desk (5) The July 29th first an Cook/Chef (4) nual Robson Valley Cage  Servers (8) Fighting Champion Housekeeping (6) ships. Mayor Smith ex Part Time Housekeeper plained that the MMA  Paramedic/EMR would have to write to  Cook the Regional District of  Dishwasher/Prep Fraser-Fort George, inCook stead of the Village, for  Part Time Receptionist permission to use the  Community Grant Canoe Valley Recreation Writer Centre in Valemount for  Line Cooke (3) their event.  Breakfast Cook  Laundry Tourism Valemount Re:  Accounts Payable/ Supporting Big Foot Accounting Clerk Trail & Rick Hansen Run  Campground Council carried a motion Attendant/Fee Collector that Tourism Valemount  Museum Assistant supports the idea of a Big  Club House Worker Foot Trail and that Tour Summer Student ism Valemount assists in  Summer Position organizing the Rick Han Specialty Cook (International sen Run. Valemount Learning Centre Re: Letter of Support We are here help. Please Front deskto staff can give you detailed information Council carried a motion call or drop in. For more about each of these to write a letter of suppostings, on including infoor information these jobs port for the Valemount on how to submit your other employment assistance application for these job Learning Centre as Valeservices visit us at mount has been identiValemount 99 Gorse Street, Centre Valemount. Learning fied as a community that 250-566-4601 will have an ESC (EmBox 789 ployment Service Cen99 Gorse St. tre) and the Valemount Learning Centre will be Funded in whole or in part through the submitting a proposal Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement to the Ministry in order to secure a government contract to continue pro-


viding employment services for our community and the surrounding areas. Valemount Youth Soccer Re: Request to Waive Fees for Playing Field Council passed a motion to waive the fees for the use of the playing field 8 hours a week for the months of May and June. BC Hydro Public Meeting Council carried a motion to receive for information only, an email from BC Hydro regarding a public meeting Thursday June 2nd 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Best Western Valemount Inn & Suites Bear Den. BC Hydro will be providing information regarding: • BC Hydro Columbia Operations including Kinbasket Reservoir • Columbia River Water Use Plan programs and projects • Other BC Hydro initiatives in the Valemount area For more information please contact Jen WalkerLarsen at 250-814-6645. Tourism Valemount Re: Requests for Use Council carried a motion to grant the request by Tourism Valemount for use of the Information Centre, supplies from the Village office and Community Hall for the Spring Festival June 10-12. They also require all available picnic tables, three garbage cans, the 2 Tourism Valemount tents, one Village tent, and one generator. Wendy Dyson Re: Letter of request on behalf of the Advisory Board for the CNC in Valemount Council carried a motion to concede to the request to inform our legislative representative and our MP about what is happening with the NORE program, and the cumulative effects that it is having on Valemount as a community. Valemount Museum Re: Letter of Support for BC Gaming Grant Application Council carried a motion to write a letter of support for the Valemount & Area Museum in their application for a grant from the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, which would go towards supporting the following events, exhibits and projects: • Heritage Site Mapping • Brochure Translations • Transforming another space into an exhibition room • Children’s Heritage Programs • Flower Show and Garden Tour • Heritage Week • Archives Project • Art & Culture Shows Valemount Learning Centre Re: Lease Agreement Council carried a motion to grant a request from the Valemount Learning Centre for a month-to-month lease for the period from July 1, 2011, to August 21, 2011, after which time we intend to be relocated to another facility in Valemount. Valemount Community Initiatives Council carried a motion to approve the Valemount Community Initiatives, Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Spending Program, proposals that meet all requirements set by the CBT, in order of priority and support from the public evaluations. Administrative Reports CAO Re: Regional District Contract Park Maintenance Council carried a motion to approve the CAO to sign a new three year maintenance agreement with the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George for George Hicks Park and Cedarside Park (January 1, 2011 to December 21, 2013 for the amount of nine thousand dollars ($9,000.00) per year.

CAO Re: Community Use Agreement Council carried a motion to approve the Mayor and CAO to sign the Community Use Agreement between the Village of Valemount and School District 57 (Prince George) effective July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2021 (Ten years). CAO Re: Valemount Chamber of Commerce Letters Council carried a motion to accept the two letters from the Valemount Chamber of Commerce regarding concerns related to the Valemount Post Office Lease and the proposed expansion for the Valemount Public Library as per the regular meeting of April 12th 2011, for information only at this point. CAO Re: Development Permit & Development Variance Permit – Valemount Car Wash and Mini Storage Council carried a motion to allow staff to proceed with the Development Permit and the Development Variance Permit process to allow the Valemount Car Wash & Mini Storage to reduce the and to allow the accessory buildings for storage and mini storage on the property. Council also carried a motion to waive the fees ($200.00) for the Development Variance Permit the permit only covers a portion of the property and as the fees for the Development Variance Permit and Inspection Fees have been received. CAO Re: Development Variance Permit—1301 3rd Ave. Council carried a motion to allow staff the CAO to sign the Development Variance Permit for Parcel A, Lot 6, Plan 10406, DL 7356 CLD, of L 6 (90724M) commonly known as 1301 3rd Avenue to allow an increase in height of the garage from 3.5m to 5.2m. CAO Re: 1145 Canoe View Place Council carried a motion to allow staff to proceed with the Development Variance Permit process to have the height of the garage changed from 3.5m to 6.4m. The recommendation to allow staff to proceed with the Temporary Permit to allow the building of the garage before the home as long as there is a two year limit on the Temporary Permit and that a bond be placed on the property in case the home is not built and to have Peter Reimer act on our behalf to set up the agreement. CAO Re: Valemount Children’s Activity Society Lease Agreement Renewal Council carried a motion to amend the motion to have the CAO sign the Agreement to Lease agreement between the Village of Valemount and the Valemount Children’s Activity Society for a two year term effective June 1, 2011 to May 31, 2013 for the amount of $700.00 per month plus taxes, until further communication addressing the concerns of the Valemount Children’s Activity Society has been made. Economic Development Officer Report 2011 Resort Municipality Collaboration Symposium Council carried a motion to receive for information only a report from the Economic Development Officer regarding the Symposium help in Osoyoos May 11-May 12, 2011.

Local government

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 7

McBride Council Briefs Daniel Betts editor

The regularly scheduled meeting for the Village of McBride was held on May 24th with Mayor Mike Frazier, Councillors Rick Thompson, Mike Moseley, Irene Rejman and Loranne Martin, Chief Administrative Officer Eliana Clements and Deputy Administrator/Treasurer Danielle Smith in attendance. DELEGATIONS Corporal, Barry Kennedy Council received Corporal Barry Kennedy of the McBride RCMP detachment. Corporal Kennedy asked council to provide him with issues or concerns Council may have in regards to community safety. A list of concerns was brought forward to Corporal Kennedy by Council. The RCMP Detachment will be back in June to update Council on issues that were discussed. Jennifer Quam Council received Jennifer Quam as a parent representative of the McBride Centennial Elementary School. Due to funding cuts and declining enrollment for the 2011/2012 school year, proposed changes to class size, grade split classes and teaching cut-backs may affect the quality of education offered to students; Elementary School concerned parents are asking Council to seek support through our MLA by voicing the need for a fair education system for the children attending the McBride Elementary School. Administration was instructed by Council to complete a letter to the Ministry of Education and MLA Shirley Bond. Jennifer Quam representing the Robson Valley Support Society has made Council aware of an initiative the RVSS is working on to develop a

“Youth Committee” and asked if Council would like to be part of this initiative. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 31st at 10:00 a.m. at the Robson Support Society Office in McBride. Brad Kope Council received Brad Kope who addressed dog issues in the municipality. The Animal Control bylaw was discussed and Mr. Kope asked if the Village of McBride could keep tighter control of dogs that are running at large in the Village and the dogs that pose a threat to local residents. Administration was instructed to complete an Animal Control Awareness mail-out. RESOLUTIONS Letter to Denise Yungen Council carried a motion that a letter be sent to Denise Yungen to inform her that Council is looking at options to rejuvenate the blue sidewalks on Main Street, and at this time the request to paint the sidewalk grey in front of her storefront is denied. Administration was directed by Council to complete a letter to Denise Yungen. Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 715,2011 Council carried a motion that Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 715,2011 be given second and third reading. In which the property owner has requested to re-zone said property from RU1 to RR1 status. Reports Council carried motions to receive and approve the following reports - Village of McBride 2010 Financial Statements - Village of McBride 2010 Council Remuneration & Expense Report

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- Village of McBride 2010 Employee Remuneration & Expense Report - Village of McBride Financial Information Schedule (Suppliers of Goods or Services) Water Conservation Improvements Council carried a motion that the Water Conservation Improvements - Commercial Water Meter Installation project be awarded to Adrenaline Services for $47,487.79

CORPORATION OF THE VILLAGE OF MCBRIDE Notice of 2011 Annual Report Approval Please take notice that the Village of McBride Council will be approving the Municipality’s 2011 Annual Report on June 14, 2011 at 7:30 pm at the regular scheduled Village Council Meeting. A copy of the report is available for viewing at the office of the Village of McBride at 100 Robson Centre – 855 SW Frontage Road, McBride BC during regular office hours from May 30, 2011 to June 14, 2011. Eliana Clements Chief Administrative Officer Dated: May 26, 2011


Gary Schwartz Farrier Service

McBride, BC

(250) 569-3319

C aro C ertifi

The purpose of the Development Variance Permit is to:

le Patt ed G neral

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Village of Valemount will consider an application for a Development Variance Permit from Valemount Car Wash and Mini Storage for the premises described as 880 Beaven Crescent, Valemount, being Lot A Plan PG46763 District Lot 7355 Cariboo Land District at the Regular meeting on June 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers at the Village Offices at 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount.




In Valemount every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 1-800-846-9190 or (250) 672-9921


Amend Zoning Section 14.4.2 d & e relating to setbacks to one 1m and Section 14.4.2 g to increase the number of accessory buildings from 1 to 23 A copy of the proposed permit may be inspected at the Village Offices at the above address during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, from this date up until June 13, 2011. Tom Dall Chief Administrative Officer

8 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Regional news

Oil Sands Developers Group Talks Tough on Future Energy Joe Fries Special to The Valley Sentinel

It’s time Canadians had a grown-up conversation about the future of energy in this country, the frontman for Alberta oilsands companies told a Prince George business crowd. “I don’t care if you’re an oilsands supporter or an oilsands detractor. We need to have, as a country, that adult conversation. And we need to have it with an informed citizenry,” said Don Thompson, president of the Oil Sands Developers Group. The lobby group is composed of the industry’s heaviest of hitters -- including Shell, Syncrude and Enbridge -- and Thompson is the public face of it. Speaking to the Yellowhead Rotary Club on Thursday, he talked about the economic benefits the oilsands generate across the country, and answered some of the most frequent complaints against the industry. Thompson said the oilsands are expected to generate $1.7 trillion in economic activity over the next 25 years, according to industry estimates, and demand for goods to support that activity will be spread out. “We don’t have a manufacturing base in Fort McMurray. Practically everything we need to build and operate the oilsands facilities comes from somewhere else in Canada,” he said. He also told the audience the oilsands companies have reduced their carbon footprint by 39 per cent since 1990.

But he didn’t tell the audience that is at the perbarrel level of production. As a whole, industry emissions rose from 22 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 1990 to 37 million tonnes in 2008, according to Alberta government figures. However, Thompson said, “there is no impactfree energy source.” And it will take a lot of time and money to get to a clean-energy future. Until then, “we need to have that realistic conversation about where we need to go, how long it’s going to take to get there, and what we’re going to do in the interim to keep our economy growing.” Perhaps the closest connection Prince George has to the oilsands is the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which would pass to the north of the city as it carries oilsands production from northern Alberta to the B.C. coast, from where it would be shipped overseas. Thompson wouldn’t comment directly on the plan, but said pipelines in general are good. “To me, (a) pipeline is the natural way to move crude oil. It’s the accepted way across North America and the rest of the world, quite frankly,” he said. And further, “We need to access world markets in order to get world prices for our commodities. To do less than that is to undervalue Canadian resources.” Georden Lloyd, president of the Yellowhead Rotary Club, said Thompson’s appearance was not intended to persuade members one way or the other on the subject, but simply to enlighten. “As businessmen, it helps us make better, informed decisions. It gets us more in tune with com-

merce, and, generally speaking, makes us more informed,” Lloyd said. “I would not have seen this information in any other way than to have him come in.”

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Glacier Ridge Automotive Ltd.

Valemount Car Wash & Mini Storage Corner of 5th & Ash St.

All your Automotive & Industrial Supplies

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All your car wash supplies and needs. Call Robert - Tel: 250-566-9195 Cell:250-566-1671


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Painting, Textured Ceilings, Drywall Boarding and Taping, Tile, Hardwood and Laminate Floors, Decks, Fencing, and Complete Landscape Renovation.

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 9

Business directory Security Web Alarm Systems

Security Web A lArm SyStemS SECURITY WEB ALARM SYSTEMS 24 hr monitoring - 1.888.564.8585

homeAND andBUSINESS business HOME ALL all makes and MAKES AND MODELS Fire, flood, detection = models 24 hrsmoke, Monitoring Office in PG. = video systems. Area Installer. •Local 24 hrsurvellance Monitoring Office = Serving McBride, Dunster, in PG.installation Local technician. Robson Area. • Valemount, Local Area Mt Installer. Serving McBride, Dunster, • Serving McBride, Dunster, Valemount & Mt. Robson. Valemount, Mt Robson Area.

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Church 569-3350 Office 569-6802 Sunday Worship 11:10am, Prayer Service Wed. 7 pm

MENNONITE CHURCH Sun. Sch. 10am Sunday Services 11am, 7:30pm Wed 7:45pm

10 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Regional NEWS

UNBC host HST Public Forum in Prince George Joe Fries Special to The Valley Sentinel

Rational debate was shouted down Thursday at the HST public forum in Prince George. Representatives on both sides of the issue did little to clarify the how the tax will actually impact British Columbians, while a rowdy audience of about 140 people in the Canfor Theatre at UNBC showed a clear anti-HST bent. Speaking on behalf of keeping the new tax regime were David Robertson, a Vancouver tax lawyer, and Dan McLaren, president of Prince George-based Commonwealth Financial. They belong to the Smart Tax Alliance, which is the government-recognized proponent group for the HST. On the other side were former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm and B.C. First Party spokesman Chris Delaney, both of whom organized the Fight HST campaign that prompted the upcoming referendum on the tax. Robertson, who described himself as a “sales tax geek,” said the PST “kills jobs (and) provides disincentives to invest in the province.” And while he allowed that the HST shifts the tax burden from businesses to consumers, he added that even business magnate “Jimmy Pattison’s a consumer,” drawing the evening’s first round of jeers. McLaren, who described himself as a local guy with “a little mortgage business,” said HST rebates have

Items we use everyday, like gasoline, are taxed at the same rate under HST. However, services like landscaping are taxed more.

helped his company build housing for low-income seniors in the downtown core. “If the argument is, (HST) just helps the rich,” McLaren said, “I’m here to tell you we’re here to help the poor” Robertson said the choice boiled down to choosing between two taxes that total 12 per cent, or a single tax that will be reduced to 10 per cent over the next three years, as the government announced this week. That seeming flip-flop on the part of the province provided ample material for Vander Zalm. “The government admitted they were wrong,” he said. Vander Zalm said the two-point decrease is “not bad,” but the HST would have to drop to about eight per cent to fully mitigate its impact on consumers. Still, that figure “depends on whether the calculations are done by a lawyer, an economist or the people,” he added. Delaney said the HST will cost average citizens up to an extra $24 billion over the next decade, because items that were previously PST-exempt are now subject to the HST. “Those hundreds of items add up to billions of dollars,” Delaney said. After opening statements, the men took questions from the audience. Few of the queries were answered, and most were prefaced by lengthy statements for or against the tax. The best question of the bunch came from a

Under HST, 80% of what we buy costs the same. Some things cost more, while a few items – like diapers – cost less.

Packaged goods like chips & soft drinks have more tax under HST. Basic groceries like fruits and vegetables are not taxed.

Decide for yourself. Learn more at

health-food store owner who said his business has decreased since previously PST-exempt vitamins are now subject to HST. He asked how that can be good for the economy if decreased use of such supplements will ostensibly lead to higher health-care costs. Robertson conceded the point, but said it is “one small issue.” He suggested health-food suppliers band together to “push back” and ask for exemptions. The 90-minute forum, moderated by CKPG’s Dave Barry, was the second in a series of 11 at post-secondary institutions across B.C. At the conclusion of the event, Vander Zalm and Robertson shook hands, shared a laugh and were all smiles as they discussed where they would meet afterwards. Ballots for the mail-in HST referendum are set to go out in June, and the fate of the tax should be known in August.


Goods like furniture, electronics, and video games have the same amount of tax as they had before the HST was implemented.

Every three months 1.1 million lower income British Columbians receive an HST rebate.

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 11

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011

Congratulations! My congratulations to your achievement to be a grade 12 graduate. It is not only you, you listened and learned, but others taught you and helped you toward your achievement. Parents, police, teachers, friends and neighbours, etc. You may not like everyone, as it is not easy to satisfy everyone’s likes or needs to be correct. I am sure they are as happy for their teaching as you are to what you gained to be proud of. So respect everything in life and guide yourself to stay out of trouble. The future is yours, with more responsibilities to come and more lessons to take, to learn and give, and try. Don’t live above your means to make a fool out of yourself. Self-respect and respect for others is the main part of life, to be happy! I’m with you! – Henry Unger

Class of


Congratulations to the 2011 Grad Class from Valemount Secondary School!

CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES TO THE 2011 GRADUATING STUDENTS. May your Dreams and Aspirations become Reality. Mayor BOB SMITH, Council & staff 250-566-4435


to our leaders of tomorrow.

Cathy McLeod, MP Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Kamloops Office 979 Victoria St. Kamloops, BC V2C 2C1 Phone: 250-851-4991 Toll free: 1-877-619-3332 Fax: 250-851-4994 E-mail:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Now go and change it for the better! Shirley BOND, MLA

Prince George–Valemount

Office: 1350 5th Avenue Prince George, BC Toll Free: 1.866.612.7333 Phone: 250.612.4181

12 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 CONGRATULATIONS

GRADS OF 2011!

Class of

Class of

Stephanie Blanco Isea

Matt Brock




NEW LOCATION 6645 Blackman Road. 250-566-1090

Congratulations Grads

Wishing Everyone Much Success In all Endeavours from

Adventure Management Ltd

Class of

Valemount Visitor Centre British Columbia Visitor Centre @ Mount Robson

Congratulations 2011 Grads! From all the staff at

McBride AG Foods 250-569-0140


Best Wishes To all Grads From everyone at

Valemount Home Centre 250-566-4256 1248-5th Ave, Valemount


Congratulations & Best Wishes For The Future

from the staff at

Alpine Country Rentals Ltd. 250-566-9774 • 1140 Main Street, Valemount


CONGRATULATIONS TO SEREANA FONTAINE AND THE GRADS OF 2011! From Catherine’s Corner and Premeire Coin Laundry 250-566-4100 (Located in Karas Mall)

Congratulations to the Grads & especially to Matt Brock


Congratulations 2011 Grads

and Best Wishes for a successful future

Valemount Hydro Limited Partnership 604-485-2223

Marissa Dutra

Best Western Valemount Inn & Suites 250-566-0086 1950 S Highway 5, Valemount

Congratulations Grads! Wishing everyone much success in the future

From Len & Shirley By Choice Carpet Care 250-566-4578

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the 2011 Grads for a successful future! From Canoe Mountain Extreme Sports 250-566-9949



Valemount & District Volunteer Fire Department



MICA YODER R.Ac. 250-566-1782

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 13

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 Class of


Class of


Congratulations to the Grads of 2011 From

Debra Parker • 250-421-7600 Marcus Carlen

Stacey Duncan


Class of


Chalet Continental • 250-566-9787

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the 2011 Graduating Students Natasha Frank


Congratulations GRADS From all of us at the

Caribou Grill

Phone 250-566-4500

Congratulations To the Valemount 2011 Grads


RESTAURANT: 250-566-8211 LODGE: 250-566-0072

From Cariboo Lodge/CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) Heli skiing 250-566-9888



250-566-8244 1002-5th Ave, Valemount

Congratulations 2011 Grads! May all your dreams become a reality.



Jelly Darroch Mortgage Associate


Congratulations from Terry & Jeanne

Best wishes wherever the road may take you. From

From (Certified Carol Patton,CGA General Accountant) Canoe Valley Recreation Centre 250-566-4740


Congratulations Grads of 2011 on your Achievements!


From Canwest Propane Ltd, 250-566-1324

From BLACKMAN BROS. 250-566-4349

(Country Wide Services & Sales Ltd) 250-566-4380


14 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 Congratulations

Class of

Class of

Nina Grigat

Coral Hogg

Class of

Class of

Mira Koch

Logan Ladouceur


to the Grads of 2011 Keep on Truckin’


From Mica Mountain Transport


Congratulations to all the 2011 Grads from

Alpine Inn & The Moose Pub


250-566-2337 5th Ave, Valemount


CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! Wishing you success in the future from

R&D Automotive George Raabis Auto 250-566-0063


2011 GRADS!






to the Grads of 2011! May your dreams become reality

Congratulations To The Grads Of 2011 On Your Achievements!

From Irvin’s RV Park & Campground


Congratulations to the Valemount 2011 Grads MAY YOUR DREAMS BECOME REALITY

MARK TARON - OFFICE: 250-566-4572 CELL: 250-566-1190

Congratulations To the Grads of 2011 From

C.Baggett Logging Ltd. 250-566-4474




& Best wishes to the grads of 2011 From

Lewis Construction 250-566-1159

to all the Grads of 2011 From the staff at the

Great Escape Restaurant 250-566-4565 • 1460-5th Ave, Valemount

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 15

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 Class of

Class of



Congratulations 2011 Grads! Wishing you every success in the future

Raphael Jamin

Eva Kerik

Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. #266 250-566-4343

Congratulations To The Grads Of 2011!

Class of

Class of



Liam Mastre

Best Wishes to VSS Grads of 2011!


A Big Congratulations to the 2011 Grads!

Wishing you success in your ventures

Monashee Motors Ltd 250-566-4318

Congratulations and

Best Wishes 2011 GRADS From


Harmony Nelson

Congratulations Grads! From the Management & Staff

May All Your Dreams Become Reality





YOU MADE IT! The Valley is Proud of your achievement. Hard Work, Patience and Integrity is rewarded by success.

1195 - 5th Ave. Valemount 250-566-4331


VA L E M O U N T • 2 5 0 - 5 6 6 - 8 2 2 2


And Good Luck in the future From

Ramakada Motel 250-566-4555

Best Wishes, To the Valemount Grads of 2011, from: Daniel, Andrea, Deanna, Birgit, Donalda, Jennifer, Charlene & Amber.

sentinel THE VALLEY


Peter Reimer Notary Public & Underwriters Insurance Brokers Congratulations & Best Wishes to 2011 Graduating Students! May your dreams become reality.

250-566-4464 1222-5th Ave, Valemount

16 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 Congratulations Grads! Good luck in your future endeavours, especially Amber Stroomer, recipient of our bursary, from

Class of

Class of

Carey Newby

Kristen Prosser




250-566-0061 The Valley of Opportunity

Congratulations 2011 Grads!

wish youof a future of success TheWeValley Opportunity Class of

Valemount Marina Association


Kinbasket Lake • 250-566-9095

Congratulations & Best Wishes To The 2011 Graduating Students From Wendy SEWHOT 250-566-9096


2011 Grads and Best Wishes to all

Congratulations to all the 2011 Grads




Shell Mighty Mart 250-566-9837

Congratulations & Good Luck To The Graduating Class Of 2011 From Snowfarmers 250-566-9161

Congratulations to the Grads of 2011 on your achievements

From management & staff of

Super 8 Valemount 250-566-9171

Bradley Towers

Valemountain Days Committee 250-566-9095


Congratulations to all the Grads of 2011! Good Luck in the future!

From all the staff at Valemount IDA Pharmacy 250-566-4594 • 1163-5th Ave, Valemount

Congratulations to the Grads 2011!


VALEMOUNT CAR WASH & MINI STORAGE (on the corner of 5TH Ave & Ash St.)




Located in the Karas Mall, Valemount


Rex’s Recycling Centre 250-566-9111


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 17

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 Class of

Class of



Congratulations Grads Of 2011 From Valemount Learning Centre And The College Of New Caledonia 250-566-4601

Kate Soucy

Amber Stroomer

Congratulations 2011 Grads!

Class of


Vanderhoof & District CO-OP 1.866.309.2667


Tamey Wood

To Harmony And The Rest Of The Graduating Class Of 2011! From: Valemount Travel Centre

WE CONGRATULATE THE GRADS OF 2011! From all the staff at VALEMOUNT HEALTH CENTRE 250-566-9138


Congratulations Grads! Wishing you all the best in your future

From Valemount Dental Clinic 250-566-9993

Congratulations to the class of 2011! Valemount Public Library

From Valemount Public Library 250-566-4367

CONGRATULATIONS 2011 GRADS! Wishing You Every Success In The Future From 

SUZ LYTTLE CARTAGE 1-877-372-1182


Sage Hair Studio

Congratulations! From all of us at

Valemount Pines Golf Club & RV Park 250-566-4550

1088 Juniper St. 250-566-0102

Congratulations to the Grads of 2011! From Arnold

Tarmigan Towing 250-566-4305

CONGRATULATIONS 2011 GRADS! Stone Haven Inn 250-566-4609


Congratulations 2011 Grads And Best Wishes for a Successful Future From Wilderness Creek Campground 250-566-4098

18 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2011 POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE


t’s nearly impossible to attend a graduation ceremony and not hear the processional, “Pomp and Circumstance.” The march has become a graduation staple, but the tune was actually written for a different purpose. Sir Edward Elgar is the composer behind “Pomp and Circumstance,” which was named after a line from William Shakespeare’s “Othello.” Sir Edward composed the song in 1901, and the march was intended for the coronation of King Edward VII. When Elgar received an honorary doctorate from Yale University in 1905, the march was played in his honor as a recessional. Once Yale used the march, other universities began to play the march as well. Eventually it became the trendy thing to do and “Pomp and Circumstance” became forever ingrained in graduation custom. Today it is hard to imagine a commencement ceremony without the famed processional and the requisite cap, tassel and gown.

Class of


Valemount Spring Festival Celebrate Spring! Celebrate Nature! Celebrate the Festivities!

June 10-12, 2011 For more information: Email: Phone: 250.566.9905

Come out and join us as we explore, learn and play on the trails around Valemount. Whether you run, walk, hike, float, or ride your ATV, there will be something for everyone —young and old. Liability waivers are mandatory for most events. With the exception of the Fraser River Float Trip, and the Bird House building, which have a fee charged, admission is by donation, with all proceeds to development and maintenance of the Cranberry Marsh and the surrounding trails.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Group ATV Ride: 10:00 AM

Valemount Visitor and Interpretive Centre

Welcome Reception: 6:00 pm–9:00 pm. Cash bar and complimentary appetizers will be provided. Many prizes to be won. Musical Entertainment by Valmeount Seniors.

Staging Area: Please visit for site location, map and description. This breathtaking “Sea to Sky Trail” will take you to the top of a beautiful mountain at an amazing 2640 m in elevation. Waiver required. Admission by donation; All Proceeds will go to Trail maintenance and development. For more information and to register contact VARDA at 250.566.4817.

Sunday, June 12, 2011 Cranberry Marsh

Marsh Meander: 10:00 am. Meet local birder Elsie Stanley at the base of the north Lookout Tower, for a guided tour along the shoreline of the marsh, through Black Spruce forests, opevn meadows and grasslands. Approx. 1 ½ - 2 hrs. Good Hiking shoes recommended. Waiver required.

Feathered Friends: A 46 minute Video by local naturalist Leon Lorenz shows rare footage of birds in Western Canada. DVD is also available for purchase at Valemount Community Hall The Stake-Out: 10:00 am–2:00 pm With Delores Moore as your guide, come and the Valemount Visitor Information and Interpretative Centre. take a peek through one of the many spotting scopes that will be set up along the dike. Valemount Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show and Tea: 11:00 am- 4:00 pm - See quilts in every shape, size and color, and appreciate the amazing creative talent of the local Quilters. A beautiful “Maple Leaf” quilt in all the fall Valemount Visitor and Interpretive Centre Swift Creek Trail Hike: 11:00 am Pack a lunch and meet at the 10:45 AM colors will be raffled. Many door prizes. And of course enjoy our ‘new feature’ Valemount Visitor and Interpretive Centre and we will carpool to the trailhead. Cranberry Marsh this year, the Tea, and all the yummy baking. Hope to see you there! Meet at the Valemount Visitor and Interpretive Centre and we will carpool to The Stake-Out: 10:00 am–2:00 pm With Delores Moore as your guide, come and the trailhead. Let local hiking enthusiast, Patricia Thöni takes you on a 10 km take a peek through one of the many spotting scopes that will be set up along the dike. Valemount Curling Club hike with stunning views of the Village of Valemount and surrounding mounDance: Doors open 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM –1:00 AM - Admission: $10.00 Kid’s Quarters: 11:00 AM–3:00 PM 11:00 am-3:00 pm Back by popular tains. Approx. 3 hr. Waiver required. More information to follow demand, many activities and crafts have been planned for the kids, including jumpy tents, face painting, coloring activities, and how to build a pinecone bird Tete Jeune Cache It is recommended that you pick up a free copy of the feeder. Mile 53 Ghost Town Interpretive Walk: 2:00 pm . Meet at 1:45 PM at the ValeRobson Valley Eco Guide to take on your excursion. mount Visitor and Interpretive Centre and we will carpool to Tete Jaune Cache. Art CarBuild a bird house or a bird feeder: 11:00 am-3:00 pm join Henry Unger of The Guides will be available throughout the weekend son will take you on an interesting hike to explore the ruins of this short-lived railway Irly Building Centre and make a bird house or a bird feeder. A nominal fee of: from Tourism Staff. construction town. Approx 2 hr. Good Hiking shoes recommended. Waiver required. $5.00 per project covers the cost of supplies.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Concessions available from 11:30 PM.– 3:00 PM. include burgers, Cotton Candy, and Ice Cream from the Rocky Mountain Dessert Company Artists En Plein Air: 2:00 pm As you walk around the marsh, you will see some of our local artists creating original paintings.


Chickadee Run: A foot race for kids 5-12 2:00 PM. Two foot races on the dike, geared to the younger generation. (Ages 5–12) Meet at 1:45 down on the dike to register and sign your waiver. Prizes for all participants!

sentinel THE VALLEY


Fraser River Float Trip: ***Shuttle will leave the Visitor Centre at 8:45 AM. Special Festival Rate $45+HST (includes shuttle service from Valemount Visitor and Interpretive Centre to Mount Robson Whitewater Rafting, and back). Children’s rates also available. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver. Listen to interpretive talks provided by a certified rafting guide. Approx. 2 ½ hr. Bring camera, binoculars & sunscreen and dress according to the weather. Please register in person by Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at the Village Office: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM. Payment by cash, cheque, debit only.

Adventure Management Arcadian Stone Catherine’s Corner Home Hardware Irly Building Centre Mount Robson White Water Rafting

Valemount Spring Festival

Mystic Journeys Spa, Gift Store and Boutique Sarak Restaurant The Great Escape Valemount Pines Golf Club & RV Park Yellowhead Helicopters

“Sea to Sky Trail”

Group ATV Ride and Hot Dog Roast Saturday June 11th Cost: This ride is by Donation and all proceeds will go directly to trail developments and improvements.

Ride Begins at 10am. Parking and Staging will be approximately 2km down the Kinbasket Lake West Side Rd (beside the bridge), minutes from the Valemount Town Site. 
(Signage will be in place to help get you there more easily)

This ride is one of the most scenic of all of the Valemount trails. The ride will follow the valley bottom for approx 17km before we begin the climb up an old fire road that leads to the top of this beautiful mountain at an amazing 2640m in elevation, where views of the entire valley, Kinbasket lake and Mount Robson are all possible. Please

stay on the trail at all times in this alpine environment. The total distance of the round trip will be 55km and there will be a HOT DOG ROAST on the return home at the Camp Creek shelter. This is an easy ride and suitable for all levels as long as they can handle the distance.

Contact the VARDA office for more info at 250-566-4817 or email


Valemount Graduation Ceremonies Saturday June 4th

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 19

Jose Cornejo Canoe Mountain Rodeo


Saturday July 9th and Sunday July 10th

Ceremony at 2:00 p.m. Dinner at 6:00 p.m.

Valemount Spring Festival June 10, 11 and 12th

Canoe River Campground/Rodeo Grounds 6190 South Hwy 5, Valemount

Robson Valley Fighting Championship 1

Flower Show and Garden Tour

Canoe Valley Recreation Centre - Valemount BC

Cranberry Marsh, Valemount Vistor Centre and around the valley. Fun for everyone.

To Be Announced Valemount Museum Annex

Spring Fling Dance

Robson Valley Fighting Championship 1

Saturday June 11, 8:30PM -1:30 AM

Valemount Curling Club Music by DJ Loud- Everyone Welcome!

Annual Lilac Walk

Gord Bonez Ursulak

Friday July 29th 6pm

July 29th - 6:00 PM Canoe Valley Recreation Centre

Tickets Available Online

Northwest Mudbog July 30th & 31st

June 12th - Dunster and Tete Jaune - Time (TBA)

Canoe River Campground/Rodeo Grounds

McBride Pioneer Days

Robson Valley Music Festival

Friday June 17th to Sunday June 19th

McBride Graduation Ceremonies

Saturday June 25th Dinner at 5:00 p.m. Ceremony directly to follow. Dance starts around 9:00 p.m.

August 19 to 21st Dunster, B.C.

Do you know of an event that is missing? Call us at 250-566-4425 or email us:

ONGOING EVENTS Valemount MONDAYS: • VALEMOUNT SENIORS Carpet Bowling 9 am Golden Years Lodge • valemount mma club upstairs at The Trading Post. Co-ed from 7-8:30 pm • Lions Bingo 1st & 3rd Mon, at Lions Hall, doors open 6pm, everyone welcome. • Valemount Children’s Activity Centre Board Meeting 2nd Mon. 7 pm @ the Centre beneath the Community Hall (the red door). • Royal Canadian Legion General meetings every 3rd Mon of month 7:30pm in Legion. • Valemount Pines Golf course - Ladies Day. Fun, food and friends. Hole Prizes Play 9 or 18 holes. New Golfers always welcome. tuesdays: • adult recreational vollyball 7 - 9pm. Valemount Sec School gym. Contact Suzanne Bloodoff @ 250 566-9979 • Council Meeting 2nd & 4th Tues., 7 pm, council chambers. Everyone welcome. • Ladies Auxiliary #266 Legion Meetings 1st Tuesday of every month 3pm in Valemount Legion. WEDNESDAYS: • Public Library Board Meeting Every 2nd Wed. 5 pm Downstairs at the library. • Mcbride community forest Open meeting first Wednesday of the month. McBride Village Council Chambers 7 pm • valemount mma club upstairs at The Trading Post. Ladies Kickboxing & Fitness 7-8:30 pm • valemount seniors music night 7-9 pm Golden Years Lodge • TOASTMASTERS meets every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month. 7:30-9:30PM at the Best Western.

• Valemount Pines Golf course - Men’s Night. Fun, food and friends. Hole Prizes Play 9 or 18 holes. New Golfers always welcome. THURSDAYS: • Adult Recreation Badminton. Thurs at 7pm in th Valemount Sec School gym. Contact Jamie @250 566-4656 • CHAMPS Weight loss Support Team for men and women. Thurs. 6:00 pm Downstairs Valemount Clinic. Shirley 566-9829, Dolly 566-8458. • Chamber of Commerce General Meeting 2nd Thurs of the month @ 12pm at the Learning Centre • Saddle & Wagon Club Meeting 3rd Thurs. 7 pm 566-9707 • VALEMOUNT SENIORS SOCIAL CLUB. Regular meetings first Thurs of every month at 7pm downstairs lounge at Golden Years Lodge. FRIDAYS: • VALEMOUNT LEGION Friday Night dinners starting at 5 pm SATURDAYS: • valemount mma club upstairs at The Trading Post. Open Mat from 9-11 am • Valemount circle dance. For more info please contact 250 566-1782 • Valemount Pines Golf course - Burger and Beer $10. 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. Come and enjoy the view from our Patio. Non-golfers welcome. SUNDAYS: • valemount mma club upstairs at The Trading Post. Kids class from 6-7 pm. • SLOW-PITCH - At the Baseball Diamond near the Arena. 5:30 pm - EVERYONE WELCOME

Tete Jaune Tete Jaune Community Club meetings held the 1st Tues. of the month at 7pm at the Tete Jaune Hall.

DUNSTER Dunster family Dance First Saturday of each Month from 7 pm -10 pm Short Lessons throughout the evening. Lots of variety dances. Admission $5 anyone over 12, Maximum $10 per family. All welcome! Contact Pete at 250 968 4334

McBride tuesdays: • TOPS Tues. 6:45 pm weigh-in, 7:15 pm meeting. Health Unit in McBride. New members welcome. Brenda Molendyk 569-3113 • Village Council Meeting 2nd & 4th Tues,7:30 pm, Village Council Chambers. • Alcoholics Anonymous Every Tuesday, 8 pm at the Health Unit. WEDNESDAYS: • Diabetes Support Group 1st Wed, 1 pm at Beaverview Lodge & Sat.10 am -12 pm, 441 Dominion St 569-2658 / 569-0113 • Support Group For Families Dealing With Mental Health Problems Last Wed every month 7:30 pm @ McBride Health Centre more info call Norma 569-2637 or Elizabeth 968-4347 • Valley Piecemakers Quilt Guild Every other Wednesday. 7:00 pm in the High School. New members welcome, contact Dawna Hickerty 569-3210. • LEGION AUXILLIARY BINGO First and Third Wednesday of the month at McBride Library. THURSDAYS: • OAPO Stitch & Knit Every Thurs., 2:30 - 4 pm, Beaverview Lodge, Hilda Murin 569-3305



3010 Selwyn Road Telephone: 1-250-566-4401

PO Box 190, Valemount BC V0E 2Z0 Fax Number: 1-250-566-4333


20 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Local News

Village of McBride Economic Development Birgit Stutz contributor

Chief Administrative Officer Eliana Clements submitted a report to Council at the regularly scheduled meeting for the Village of McBride last month. The report contained compiled information on Village of McBride projects that the Village has received grant monies to assist in their completion. Water conservation and metering project The water conservation and metering project entails developing a water conservation plan and installing metres at commercial buildings as well as rural properties that are not in the municipal boundaries but are on the Village’s water system. Clements reported that the Village of McBride has received $300,000 through the Towns for Tomorrow Grant as well as $50,000 from the Community Works Fund (municipal share of Federal Gas Tax money). The Village of McBride contributed $25,000 for a total of $375,000. “The water metre vaults have been installed and a water conservation plan has been implemented,” wrote Clements in her report. “The commercial metre installation contract is being finalized and new water and sewer regulation bylaws are currently being drafted.” Completion date for the water conservation and metering project is October 31, 2011. Eco-sensitive waste water treatment project (phase 1) Clements said the construction of a second lagoon cell, including the installation of a clay liner, is complete and the lagoon is now being commissioned. The construction of the connector piping and manholes and site drainage are also completed. “The removal and replacement of the sanitary sewer line in the alleys between First and Second Avenue and Second and Third Avenue, including all new residential connections, are completed as well,” she said. “The installation of a storm sewer main along Columbia Street and in alleys between First and Second Avenue and Second and Third Avenue, including an outfall, catch basins, manholes and residential connections, are also completed. Construction clean-up and grading will be completed in the next couple of months.” The total cost for phase 1 of the eco-sensitive waste water treatment project is $1,552,794. The

Village of McBride contributed $447,794 to the project, $1,035,000 came from the Build Canada Grant, and $70,000 from the Northern Development Trust. Eco-sensitive waste water treatment project (phase 2) Phase 2 of the eco-sensitive waste water treatment project consists of the construction of a woodlot and wetland area where the lagoon effluent can be discharged to a third holding cell and then distributed throughout the woodlot. “The area for the lagoon and wetland has been logged and mostly cleared,” said Clements. “Stumping and clearing of additional debris will be commencing this month.” Clements said the excavation works will be out for tender this summer, with this portion of the project slated to commence in 2011. The woodlot area is slated for installation in 2012. Project completion date for phase 2 is March 31, 2013. Total cost of phase 2 of the project is $2,075,000, with $1,383,322 coming from the Build Canada Grant and $150,000 from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George. The Village of McBride contributed $91,678 plus $450,000 from the Northern Development Initiative Trust reserve for a total of $541,678. Eco-sensitive waste water treatment project (phase 3) Phase 3 of the eco-sensitive waste water treatment project will include the constructing of the parking area and public washroom as well as clearing of the area to prepare for the walking trails around the proposed wetland area at the lagoon. “Walking trails were not funded as part of this grant opportunity, however, additional money was received and trail completion was authorized,” said Clements. “Trails are close to completion, and the gazebo has been completed with panels to be installed before summer. Landscaping and sidewalk installation are to take place in the next few months.” Total cost of phase 3 of the project is $447,500, $65,000 of which came from the Village of McBride and $382,500 from the Community Adjustment Funds. Project completion date for phase 3 is July 31, 2011. The total cost of all the projects is $4,450,294, with $3,170,822 being provided from grant monies, $50,000 from Federal Gas Tax money, $150,000 from

the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, and $1,079,472 from the Village of McBride surpluses and NDI Reserves.

“On the Path!”

An example of the workmanship on the North side of the Raven Road Park path. This wooden bridge and walkway guides visitors over the wetlands. Photo by Daniel Betts

Honour Someone You Love!

HOW? Plant a tree in the memory of someone special in your life WHEN? World Environment Day-June 5th 2011 Planting Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm WHERE? “Memory Lane” walking trail along Hwy 16 in the new Park, Raven Rd. McBride For additional information please call Glenda at 250-569-2229.

Canoe Valley Community Association to receive funding Submitted To The Valley Sentinel

The Board of Directors of the newly incorporated Canoe Valley Community Association (CVCA) are delighted to be the recipients of a grant of $5,000 from Success By 6. The funds have been made available as “seed money”, in order to attract further funding necessary to achieve the CVCA goal of facilitating the formation of a Community Hub/ Neighbourhood House in downtown Valemount. “The demonstrated support for this project by Success By 6 is exactly what is needed to attract the interest of other funders”, said John Grogan, Interim President of CVCA, “and will help move us closer to becoming a more family-friendly community.”

Success By 6 will visit Valemount on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, and will officially present the cheque at 2:30 pm at Centennial Park on 5th Avenue. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. Juice will be served to the little ones. “Success By 6 has a mandate to help to build capacity in communities, to help ensure that preschool children are ready when they start school,” said Robert Moore, Success by 6 Community Coordinator for Prince George & North Central B.C. “I see the CVCA’s efforts to create a Community Hub as a big step forward towards building capacity for Valemount. Though our financial support is relatively small we will continue to do what we can to support this important community project.” Success By 6 builds and enhances community through engaging citizens in early childhood de-

velopment and funding programs that strengthen services for young children and their families. Funded programs include literacy, nutrition, children’s play, parenting and family skills development. Success By 6 partners in British Columbia include a unique partnership among the Credit Unions of BC, United Way, the BC Government through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and our communities. For further information about Success by 6 and its initiatives in B.C., see For information about CVCA and the proposed Community Hub/Neighbourhood House, contact: John Grogan 250-566-4337, Kim Thorn 250566-8467 or email the society at

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 21

Notes From All Over Donalda Beeson contributor

Big Foot Trail Coming Soon Marion Farquarhson is excited to announce the Big Foot Trail is a go! Coming soon! She wants to know what color you think the footprints should be! You can email your suggestions to me at and I will forward them on to Marion, or stop Marion on the street and let her know! How ‘bout those Canucks, eh!? You’d have to live under a rock not to know but the Canucks are the “best in the west” winning the NHL Western Conference final with a 3-2 double overtime win in Game 5 at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin was careful not to touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl, so as to not jinx their chances in the Stanley Cup Final. And the superstition doesn’t stop there. Some fans are predicting a Vancouver Stanley Cup win after Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic games since the previous two Canadian cities chosen to host the Olympics have gone on to win the Stanley Cup in the following NHL season. For instance after the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, the following NHL season saw the Montreal Canadians win the Cup. Then in 1988 Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta and that same year the Flames went on to win the Stanley cup as well. Win or loose, one good thing is apparent, when the Canucks are playing the crime rate in Vancouver drops drastically, but it might only be because the RCMP and Vancouver City Police are too busy arguing over who gets to stand where on the red carpet during the National Anthem. It’s safe to go in the water now, as the Orca’s have taken back the frozen waters from the Sharks. CBT offers grants to return to school In a press release the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) said “Basin residents who have taken a hiatus of at least one year after completing high school and wish to continue their education within the region are invited to apply for Columbia Basin Trust’s College Community Service Awards. Valued at $2,000 each, the awards are based on volunteer community service rather than academic standing. The deadline to submit an application is June 17, 2011.” Twenty-two awards are offered to Basin residents attending Selkirk College, College of the Rockies, Revelstoke Centre of the Okanagan College and Valemount Campus of the College of New Caledonia. Applications are available at each college and online at Applications must be submitted by June 17, 2011, to the applicant’s college. For more information on the award or application process, contact Linda McInnes at or 1.800.505.8998. Mamaguroove Songs for a Blue Planet CD Release Party Tour Thursday, June 2nd at 9:00 p.m. Mamaguroove will be kickin’ it off at the Quesnel Hotel in Quesnel B.C. with their Songs for a Blue Planet CD Release Party with Free Soul. Tickets are $10. Friday, June the 3rd at 9:30 p.m. they will be at Artspace in Prince George B.C. with Drum & Bell Tower. Tickets are $20, available at Books and Company, and your ticket gives you $5 off the CD. Friday, June 17th at 9:30 p.m. Mamaguroove will finally be closer to home at the Jasper Legion in Jasper, Alberta, again with special guests to be announced. All shows are 18 or 19 year of age or older, according to provincial law. Chrontography a Chronicle of Photography by Ron Worobec Jasperite and part-time Robson Valley local, Ron Worobec, known to his friends as Chron Ron or Chronald has recently displayed his first collection of landscapes and trains, featuring some of the most stunning images of the Robson Valley. For more information you can contact Ron at rworobec@gmail. com. Be sure to check out The Valley Sentinel for a feature article on this talented artist in a future issue. McBride Community Hall Wired for Sound A good sound system, mixing board, and an enormous audio visual screen that takes up the entire stage highlight the new upgrades to the Community Hall. Everything needed to have band or D.J. to host a dance with really good sound and a huge dance floor is now available to interested groups. It would also be fabulous for training, seminars or movie nights. For more information contact, Lyle Lewis Recreation Facilities Manger, Regional District - 250-5697590

BC Hydro Public Meeting Valemount BC Hydro will be hosting a public meeting Thursday June 2nd 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Best Western Valemount Inn & Suites Bear New at the Den. BC Hydro will be providing information regarding: Valemount Public Library • BC Hydro Columbia Operations including Kinbasket Reservoir Adult fiction • Columbia River Water Use Plan programs Kitchen daughter ~ Jael McHenry and projects Save me ~ Lisa Scottoline Treason at Lisson Grove ~ Anne Perry Other BC Hydro initiatives in the Valemount area • Family storms ~ VC Andrews For more information please contact Jen WalkerWolf at the door ~ Jack Higgins Larsen at 250-814-6645. Left neglected ~ Lisa Genova McBride Pioneer Days Starts June 17th Helicopter rides, boat rides, games, and don’t forget everyone loves a parade. Pioneer Days is set to open on Friday, June 17th and will run to Sunday June, 19th. The list of things to do and see is enormous with something for everyone to enjoy. From pancake breakfasts to live music, check out future issues of The Valley Sentinel to learn more or contact the McBride Visitor’s Centre at 250-569-3366. BC Cattlemen’s Association to Address Elk Issue McBride area ranchers have long been battling rogue Elk, found most commonly in open mountain pastures in the summer month and then in grassy meadows where the snow is shallower for the winter months. Aggressive elk now pose a problem to farmer’s haystacks since they are unable to find food in deep snowfall areas. This is a provincial problem as it is not sustainable for farmers and ranchers to be taking care of the province’s wildlife. At the upcoming B.C. Cattlemen’s Annual General Meeting in Prince George in June, there will be several resolutions pertaining to this issue.

Adult Non-fiction

Flavor first ~ Cheryl Forberg Wild play~ David Sobel 2010 UBC law students’ legal advice manual

Junior fiction

Amber spyglass ~ Philip Pullman Garfield chews the fat ~ Jim Davis Garfield throws his weight around ~ Jim Davis Those darn squirrels and the cat next door ~ Adam Rubin


University of Alberta mixed choir

Plus many, many more new titles listed on our website Check them out! Library hours

Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm Wed 10am-9pm and Sat 11am-3pm

You are InvIted: BC HYdro PuBlIC MeetIng oPeratIonal uPdate MeetIng BC Hydro will host a public meeting to provide information regarding: •

BC Hydro Columbia Operations including Kinbasket Reservoir

Columbia River Water Use Plan programs and projects

Other BC Hydro initiatives in the Valemount area


Thursday, June 2, 2011


11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.


Best Western Valemount Inn & Suites Bears Den 1950 Hwy 5 South, Valemount, BC

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Presentations will begin at 12:00 noon. For more information, please contact Jen Walker-Larsen 250 814 6645. 2845

Notes from All Over

For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to our customers. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with our customers to conserve energy through Power Smart. Learn more at

22 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: Up to 20 words: $6 • Up to 25 words: $7 • Up to 30 words: $8+HST

The Valley


Guaranteed to Sell $19.95+HST

GTS for 20 words and $1 plus HST for each additional word. Offer valid for the following classified categories: Automotive, Campers/Motorhomes, Miscellaneous, Recreational Vehicles, Pets/Livestock, and Building Materials. This offer is valid for single item sales only. Your ad will run for one month then you must call to keep it running for up to 3 months after which you can choose to renew your ad.

Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: AUTOMOBILES



2001 Ford Taurus. Air Condition, power seats and power pedals. 92,051 km. $4500 Phone 250 5664514 APR 27 GTS


2007 Springdale Holiday Trailer, 31ft. Brandnew, never used. Totally winterized, sleeps 8. Will sell for $21,000 or will take 16’ cargo trailer in part trade. Call 250 566-4586 FEB 9 GTS

1999 25 foot Wilderness Lite trailer. Living room slide, front island, queen bed, 2 doors, outside shower, air, solar battery charger, new tires, 1/2 ton towable, interior very clean and redecorated. $11,500 OBO Call 250-569-2471or cell 250-569-7077 MAY 4 GTS

2007 Cedar Creek Fully Loaded 40 ft 5th Wheel. Washer/Dryer, Central Vac, Winter Package, Bunks, 13,000 GVWR, 39,900.00. FEB 23 GTS

Call The Valley Sentinel and place your classified ad today Phone us at 250-566-4425 EMPLOYMENT


1990 Rallye Jamboree 23 ft motorhome, 142,000 km, sleeps 6, come see at 1345 3rd Ave Valemount. $6,500 OBO 250-566-9176 GTS JUNE1


Gentle Horse, 15 yo registered Arabian mare ridden by confident 11 year-old girl. $2500 OBO 250-968-4481 Ask for Diquita Cardinal GTS MAY 18

Call The Valley Sentinel and place your classified ad today Phone us at 250-566-4425



INVITATION TO APPLY LIFEGUARD/SWIM INSTRUCTOR The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is hereby seeking applications from interested persons to provide lifeguard/swim instructor services at the Eleanor Lake Public Beach, Blue River, BC for the period from June 23rd through September 5th, 2011 The successful candidate(s) will be expected to provide: 8 hours per day/5 days per week (Thursday thru Monday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.); and Lifeguard and waterfront beach supervision. Water Safety instruction based on the Red Cross curriculum (as determined by registered applicants). Applicants must have be National Life Guard Service certified with NLS Pool. NLS Waterfront preferred but not mandatory. Current certification as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor is preferred but not mandatory. A criminal records check will be mandatory and must be provided with application. Hourly rate at $21.00 plus 14% in lieu of benefits. Applications should be forwarded to the undersigned by 16:00 (4:00 pm), June 13th, 2011. Preference will be given to a student returning to a post secondary institution in September 2011. Further information may be obtained from: Lyle R. Huntley Clerk/Director of Community Services Thompson-Nicola Regional District 300 465 Victoria Street Kamloops, BC V2C 2A9 Phone: 250 377 8673 Toll free in BC: 1 877 377 8673 Fax: 250 372 5048 Email:


Youth dirt bike, 2009 BAHA 125 cc, 4 stroke, average condition. $700 OBO 250968-4481 GTS MAY 18

12’ Aluminum Boat and late model 4HP Mercury Motor for sale. Includes removable chairs. Good condition. $1400 OBO Call 250566-9950 APR 6 GTS

For Sale: A recording quality George Benson Ibanez Hollow Body Electric Guitar + case, $1000. We also have a variety of acoustic + electric guitars for sale. For more info call Deb Reimer @ 250 968-4335 SEPT 08 GTS


MULTI FAMILY YARD SALE Fri June 3 ,12:00 till ? Sat June 4 ,09:00 till ? Sun June 5, 9:00 till 12:00 Material, Patterns, Books, Crafts, Clothes, Collectables and much more: 470 Loseth Rd ,Valemount YARD SALE - 1323 7th Ave, Sunday, June 5. 12- 3pm. No early birds please.

2 Large Bedroom plus loft/den available July1, F/S, W/D included, large fenced yard with storage, new paint/flooring/ heating upgrades $600/ month. Contact 250-5664583 JUNE 1

1,132 sq ft.- 4 bedroom mobile home, large addition with covered deck on large, fenced lot. Five appliances plus pellet stove. $900. per month. Available immediately. Call B. Roe 250-566-4687 JUNE 13

Furnished 2 Bdrm home, 3 Bdrm home and Bachelor suites available for rent. Short term or long term. Call 250 566-9884. JAN 5 TFN

CLEAN AND COZY ONE BEDROOM HOME on large lot in Valemount. Centrally located. Fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Pets upon approval. 23 Cedar St. $475 plus utilities. call Wendy, 250-566-4317 TFN MAY 18




INVITATION TO TENDER Don Forsyth Beach House Concession

Rental listings Valemount Real estate #002-2

Great family home on large fenced corner lot. 3 Bdrm + office/2 bath, storage shed & gardens. Pet ok. $850 #021-1 - 2 Bdrm trailer w/add. in Cranberry MH Park. Solid wood kitchen/floors, bright and comfy. Electric/wood heat. $600. #014-1 Fully renovated interior! Furnished 4 bdrm - 2 bath family home. Propane/wood heat. Pet ok. $1095 #014-2 Updated 3 bdrm - 1.5 bath house with attached garage. Electric/wood heat. Pet ok. $795 #019 Breathtaking views! Large family home on 10 acres. 4 bdrm/4 bath. Pet OK. $1100. #024 Mtnview Apts. No smoking, no pets, clean and quiet building. Renovated 2 bdrm $575 Bachelor - $375 #026 Spacious basic 2 Bdrm unit in 4-plex. No Pets, No smoking. $550 #021-2 Well-maintained 2 Bdrm trailer w/large storage shed in Cranberry MH Park. Vaulted ceiling, wood finishes. $600 #030 Furnished 3 Bdrm trailer w/addition. New flooring throughout. Oil/Wood heat. $600 RENTALS

Photos and details at Call Jen 250-566-1323




5 Acres, Mobile home, Large Shop, 1 minute from town. 530 17th Avenue, Valemount. $259,000 250-566-0075

Operate a concession facility in the Don Forsyth Beach House in Blue River, BC. Provide food and other suitable products for a concession facility operating at a lakeside beach and provide appropriate compensation to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Further details of the work to be done and identified in a contract may be obtained by contacting the undersigned. Sealed tenders must be delivered to the undersigned by 4:00pm June 15th, 2011. The highest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted. Lyle Huntley, Clerk/Director of Community Services Thompson-Nicola Regional District 300 - 465 Victoria Street Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2A9 Phone 250-377-8673 Toll Free in BC: 1-877-377-8673

For Rent or RENT TO OWN! Cozy 2 bedroom mobile, nicely renovated inside but needs some work outside. Would consider rental purchase with a down payment. $450 per month. Call Tammy @ 5661025 BUSINESS FOR SALE

MAY 25

Tanning Salon For Sale - Rent - or Lease! Will Consider Selling Tanning Booth separately. All is negotiable. Call Tammy @ 566-1025

The Yellowhead Motel is looking for housekeepers. Campetitive wages. Please drop a resume off at the Yellowhead Motel or call 250566-4411

MAY 25

Electoral Area “B” (Thompson Headwaters)

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District, on behalf of Electoral Area “B” (Thompson Headwaters), is hereby accepting bids to provide, generally, the following works for the summer of 2011 (June 25th – Sept 11th, 2011);





Well Pumping & Cleaning 25ft deep or less Call Frank 250-566-9707


NOTICE MAY 23, 2011. I Tammy Titus regret to announce that as of this date I am no longer affiliated with the Ladies Auxiliary #266 Royal Canadian Legion Valemount B.C. Also I am not responsible for any activities or conduct carried out by this organization. Sincerely Yours Tammy Titus

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 23

Classifieds EMPLOYMENT



Invitation to Tender The Village of McBride invites tenders for Caretaker/Attendant Services for the McBride Regional Transfer Station. Scope of work includes maintaining the transfer station facility in a neat and orderly condition and ensuring that the facility is safe for users, maintaining information signage and interacting with site users. The contract term is July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013. Tender Documents will be available Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Tender Documents may be obtained from the McBride Village Office at 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC during regular business hours.







Cook Mount Robson Lodge is looking to hire a cook for the summer. 1 full time position available Wage negotiable based on experience Start date immediately Duties include: cooking, cleaning, ordering supplies and other kitchen related tasks Must have foodsafe certification and be knowledgeable regarding food handling and preparation. Send Resumes to

Call 250-673-8364 or E-mail or fax resumes to or 250 673-8440

Bus Driver Mount Robson Whitewater is looking for a Bus Driver/Photographer for the summer. Please send resumes to:

A mandatory pre-tender site meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 10:00 am at the McBride Regional Transfer Station Site.

1244 Week of 05.30.2011

Sealed Tenders will be received by Eliana Clements, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC up to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. The cost for each tender package is five dollars ($5.00) (GST included) and is non-refundable. The lowest or any Tender may not necessarily be accepted. The Village of McBride reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. For further Information please contact: Eliana Clements – Chief Administrative Officer Village of McBride 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC Phone: (250)569-2229 / Fax (250)569-3276




Invitation to Tender The Village of McBride invites sealed tenders for the following work/services: Janitorial services for the Robson Centre Office Complex consisting of approximately 10,000 sq. ft. Tender Documents will be available Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Interested parties can obtain tender documents from the McBride Village Office at 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC during regular office hours. A site meeting will be held at 11:00 am, Thursday, June 9, 2011. All interested parties are to meet at the McBride Village Office. Sealed Tenders will be received by Eliana Clements, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC up to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. The cost for each tender package is five dollars ($5.00) (GST included) and is non-refundable. The lowest or any Tender may not necessarily be accepted. The Village of McBride reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. For further Information please contact: Eliana Clements – Chief Administrative Officer Village of McBride 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC Phone: (250)569-2229 / Fax (250)569-3276

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24 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Activities HOROSCOPE FOR THE WEEK by MICHAEL O’CONNOR Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) A busy time attending to many fronts is a current theme for you. Your desires are peaking and you must make extra efforts to match your energy levels to them. Revolutionary change is sweeping through your world especially in your perceptions and thought processes. Balance risk with commitment now and you stand to win big time! Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) Jupiter entering your sign will activate your ambitions in a big way. You probably already have a momentum and now it will increase noticeably. You are determined to cover a lot of ground. You are in the mood to act quickly and strongly and on more than one front! Stimulating new streams of income or making key investments is likely. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) The New Moon in your sign will activate new initiatives. Yet, to feel secure, you may have to confront inner fears and/or reach within to access your core, center, essence…. The urge to communicate your thoughts and feelings will be extra strong. Expect new levels of energy and enthusiasm to achieve a deeper sense of security. Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Change has and continues to sweep through your world. Your personal, professional and public spheres are all subject to the shifts. In addition to new interests, expressions and status you may also reconnect with old friends and possibly loves. At deeper levels, facing fears to access inner gifts and latent talents remains a central theme. Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23) Connecting with friends new and old is now in focus. Gatherings with special interest groups are likely. Stimulating your network for both personal and professional satisfaction is on your mind. Gathering tools and techniques for practical and professional advancement is part of the plot. Improving skills and relations now will bring rewards soon. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Changes in your career and public standing will be activated with this Solar Eclipse. These will have an effect on your home and family life as well. There are some very favourable influences at play, yet adjusting to the shifts will at least require your close attention. Pushing through and beyond inner and outer resistance patterns may prove necessary. Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22) Re-evaluating what you believe and why and how these are affecting your decision making process is now in focus. You may feel pushed and pulled from within and without. Getting clear sometimes begins with knowing what you don’t want and need. Following a path with heart requires that you tune-in to what feels meaningful, purposeful and realistic. Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21) Who has what you want and need? Reaching out to a variety of key people, resources and angles of approach is likely. Be willing to try new things now; the old ways will probably not work or prove satisfying anymore anyway. Your popularity is about to go up measurably and this will produce many new opportunities. Take a proactive and assertive approach! Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21) Seeds of change are being sowed in your relationships. You may feel challenged to give more and work harder than you would like. Returns coming in now may be quite mixed. Your willingness to explore new territory as a means of securing a more solid foundation is ideal. Taking extra special care of your health is on the rise. Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19) The ground may seem and even be much less solid than it was not so long ago. At best, you are seeing through and beyond and even rising above previous self-concepts. At worst you feel adrift in unfamiliar waters. Your sense of self and your home and family are changing. Creating a new sense of security requires that you move with the changing currents. Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19) You are now in a creative and playful cycle. You focus may be very much on your home. Creating beauty there may require some renovations or additions. Yet taking a lead to play more and work less is also likely. An increase in your financial flow will bring confidence now and vice versa. Be willing to experiment with new modes of self expression. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Cozying up close to home will feel extra satisfying now. This may prove especially true if you have somebody special to share quality time with. Even a good book or run of movies or quality time spent with family could do the trick. Changes are brewing on the home front so rest and enjoy the slower pace for now and as you can.

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250-566-4425 Wednesday

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20% P.O.P. 20°C High 6°C Low Wind S 10 km/h 24/Hr Rain

Valley Profile

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 25

MacKenzie Harley: Traveller, Teacher, Adventurer Charlene Chouinard Contributor


any, in the community of Valemount, know of Mackenzie Harley for the articles he’s written in Scratch, his interviews on VCTV, or for his recent endeavors in teaching ASL (American Sign Language). For those of you who don’t, Kenzy, as his friends like to call him, is an intelligent, creative, accomplished, and motivational young man who has recently graduated from Valemount Secondary School. At the age of seventeen, Kenzy has already had many adventures. He explains, “I wanted to start my life! I wanted to travel. I love going to places that are different from what I know, and trying to get by. To ‘learn the ropes.’ They say there is a travelling bug, and I totally believe in that, because now that I’ve started travelling I don’t see myself ever stopping.” One of his latest journeys took him to Central America for just over two and a half months. He confesses, “I wasn’t that organized. I had an idea of spending a month in Tegucigalpa (the Capital of Honduras) with my family that lives there, then to Roatan, and then maybe to Guatemala. When I’m travelling I have no fear. Sometimes that attitude is more dangerous then being fearful, but I get by.” His attitude certainly seems to have worked for him, as he exclaims, “I wouldn’t change a thing. I live by the motto ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and if it doesn’t make you stronger, at the very least you’ll have a good story to tell when you get home.” This trip wasn’t purely for pleasure; Kenzy was able to do special volunteer work with the hearing impaired in Honduras. When asked how ASL compares with LESHO (Honduran sign language) he explained “Certain signs in ASL use the first letter of the word so obviously

those signs are different. However, not necessarily does one have to learn Spanish to understand Spanish sign language.” How does life in Central America compare to life in Valemount? “I really feel like we need to quit complaining about the supposed poverty here. I know that things have become economically tough, but we truly know nothing about poverty. We all need to learn contentment. I wouldn’t say I feel bad for my lifestyle in Canada but I appreciate it, and I know that I can get by with out it. This trip helped me get out of the mindset of trying to live a lifestyle I can’t afford.” Kenzy goes on to express his appreciation for the community saying, “I wouldn’t have received the attention I got in Valemount in a city. I’ve been published in Scratch three times, and I got to teach a sign language work shop. These opportunities have been fun, and it’s because of them, that I want to consider pursuing journalism.” What would Kenzy say to those who are afraid of such adventures? He honestly replies, “People hold back. I’m not going to tell everyone to go to Central America, but just to not be afraid of adventure. Also, don’t be dumb with your risks. There is a whole globe out there, why limit yourself?”

Sales, Rentals, Repairs Lawn Mowers Lawn Aerators Trimmers & Tillers Construction Equipment Chainsaws & Much more…. 250.566.9774 - 1140 Main St., Valemount

Valemount Real Estate Ltd. Property Management

Local rental listings and management services

Jen Applebaum - Managing Broker, Property Management 250-566-1323

“Ode to Valemount”

Above: Kenzy Harley bids fairwell at the Valley beginning yet another exciting adventure. Left: Kenzie and a new friend in Guatemala. Photo Submitted

26 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

This Week in Images

“Grand Entry opens Rodeo”

Above: Sunday’s BC High School Rodeo, South Rodeo #14, Grand Entry opens the days events. Right: Valemount’s Kelsey Griffin agilely runs the poles on Saturday in South Rodeo #13.

Photos by Andrea Scholz

HST REFERENDUM JUNE 13 - JULY 22, 2011 Elections BC is administering the 2011 HST Referendum. To vote in the referendum, you should know the following: ■ an HST Referendum Voting Package will be mailed to each registered voter beginning June 13 through to June 24, 2011.

■ ballot packages must be received by Elections BC, a Service BC Centre or an Elections BC Collection Centre before 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 22, 2011. Locations are listed on the Elections BC website at or call 1-800-661-8683 (toll-free). ■ HST Referendum Voting Packages are provided in English. Translations of the materials will be available on the Elections BC website at Ballot

■ voters who do not receive an HST Referendum Voting Package may request a package until midnight (local time), July 8, 2011. Call 1-800-661-8683 (toll-free). ■ voting packages will include a ballot and instructions on how to vote and return your ballot package. ■ you can vote if you are: ■ a Canadian citizen ■ 18 years of age or older on July 22, 2011 ■ registered as a voter in British Columbia, and ■ not disqualified by the Election Act or any other enactment from voting or be otherwise disqualified by law

For more information, contact: 1-800-661-8683 TTY 1-888-456-5448

“Are you my Mother?”

Above: This little gosling was discovered in Kathy Beeson’s yard by her dog. It is likely this little guy was carried off from his family by a bird of prey, perhaps a raven, and then dropped accidentally. With guidance from the Village Office, he was returned to the Cranberry Marsh. Beeson said the orphan, upon hearing adult geese, immediately swam toward a group of geese and goslings. The adult geese, upon hearing the incessant peeps from the orphan stopped and waited for him. The orphan was instantly adopted and swam away together with his new family. Residents are advised upon finding a “dropped” gosling to contact the Village Office for instructions. Photo by Jennifer Robinson Below: Canada Geese with their goslings at the Starrat Marsh Photo by Andrea Scholz

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 1, 2011 • 27

“Rodeo Stars!”

Above: Melanie Brown from Valemount demonstrates her skill on the poles in Saturday’s BC High School Rodeo, South Rodeo #13. Above left: Tyrone Hunlin from William’s Lake rides in the bareback competition in Saturday’s Rodeo. Below Left: Melanie Brown successfully runs the barrels and urges her horse to the finish in Saturday’s BC High School Rodeo South Rodeo #13. Photos by Andrea Scholz

“Read for at least 15 minutes a day”

On Tuesday May 24, Norden the Magician treated Valemount and McBride schoolkids to a hilarious “I love to Read Literacy Magic Show” where he had the Valemount Elementary School kids (shown above) engaged. Photos by Andrea Scholz


Valemount Elementary School Grade 2/3 students were fortunate to witness the process that transpires when the very hungry caterpillar turns into a chrysalis and then emerges 10 days later into a butterfly. Ms. Lawless’s class released many of the emerged Painted Lady butterflies on Friday May 27. Photos by Andrea Scholz

28 • Wednesday June 1, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


Call Today about these and other Robson Valley Listings brought to you by Irene


561 Main St. McBride, Bc



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411 Main Street McBRide, BC • Prime downtown location • 5000 sq. feet • Main flr - 2 rentail tenants • Second flr - 3 furnished rental suites - great investment!




4300 hinkelman Rd McBride, Bc




3410 Martinson Road McBride, Bc



• 7 Acres • 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm mobile • Mostly pasture • Hobby farm potential

• 160 Acres along the Stikine River • large house & 3 cabins • immaculate property • river or air access only

• Great gardens- village water • Excellent views • Large shop

Irene Berndsen

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• 3 bedroom up • Full basement, suite potential • Garage and fenced yard • Excellent Starter

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1196 - 6th Ave vAleMounT, BC

• Lovely rancy style 3 bdrm, 2 bath • Large living room and den • in the heart of Valemount • Well maintained, detached garge

970 Bevan Crescent $229,000

934 5th Ave McBride, Bc

vAleMounT, BC

• Lots of Updates • Large fenced lot • Affordable living

1430 King Road $ 285,000 495 Telegraph Crk Townsite $32,000 ValeMounT, BC Telegraph creek, Bc • 4.7 acres quiet subdivision




865 - 4Th Ave. McBRide, BC

Featured Listing

• 152 Acres - room to roam • 20 Acres in Hay • Sunny with spectacular views •Cozy mobile-near McBride



• Good condition throughout • Roughed in suite • Fenced yard - detached garage - many features • Great location



2750 Birch Road vAleMounT, BC

1020 Commercial dr vAleMounT, BC

• 0.46 acre lot • Investment potential • Level lot with good access • Garage on concrete pad

• Run & Own a growing ‘green’ business • Bottle/Recycling depot • Everything you need to start your business!


Prince George

w w w. m o u n t a i n v i e w r e a l t y. c a

A great place for

weddings! Servicing All Points Hwy. 5, Kamloops to Valemount

• Since 1999 •

“Relax and Enjoy the Flowers! We’ll haul the freight for you.” • Transport Services • • Same day service • Monday to Friday • All points Hwy 5 North

• Kamloops to Valemount • Food products • General Freight

• Courier Packages • Household Goods • And More

Suz Lyttle Cartage • 1.877.372.1182 Valemount Depot @ Infinity Office • 250.566.4225

• weddings • family events • entertainment • concerts

• meetings • conferences • training • trade shows

Robson Valley Community Centre is a brand new facility located in McBride. An ideal setting surrounded by our beautiful mountain views and just walking distance from accommodations, eateries, gift shops, and outdoor activities. By choosing to have your next event here you will enjoy: - 5,000 sq. ft. - meeting space and reception area - seating for up to 360 - professional stage - hardwood dance floor - commercial kitchen - commercial wet bar - state of the art audio visual system

For more information or to make a reservation: | McBride Village Office: 250. 569.2229

Volume 26 Issue 22  

June 1 2011 Issue of The Valley Sentinel