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The Big Dig Out!

Residents of the Robson Valley were covered with a major snowstorm over the weekend. The snow made travelling on the highway almost impossible and gave everyone a workout as they dug out on Saturday morning.

Locals charged in string of thefts and home invasions Joshua Estabrooks


hree locals have been arrested and charged for a variety of crimes against a number of residents of the Valemount area. Valemount RCMP Constable Simon Bentley said that the three individuals were in the same circle of friends, and it took members of the community stepping forward to get the information the police needed to put them away.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY High: -14°C Low: -22°C Details pg 14

The incidents date back as far as September 24, 2009, when four males allegedly entered a home on King Road and assaulted one of the occupants with a baseball bat. Bentley was not stationed in Valemount at the time, but took up the case in July of 2010 and has been working on it ever since. “Evidence was received from individuals in the community, and working off of that information and further investigation we were

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2 • Wednesday January 12, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


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Above: The McBride Bantam hockey team recently took first place at a tournament in Logan Lake. The tournament saw six teams competing, from Logan Lake, Kamloops and Williams Lake. The final game went into overtime, with McBride scoring in the first 20 seconds of the 5:00 minute overtime period. Note the score board showing the score and time in the background of the pictures. Coach Brian Shawara said all of the kids played as a team and worked really hard. “I’m very proud of all of them.”

1st game results: 8-0 vs Logan Lake team 2nd game results: 3-3 vs Williams Lake 3rd game results: 10-2 vs. Williams Lake 4th game final for gold: 3-2 in overtime. vs. Williams Lake

3.36" x 4"


Josh Reimer, Kelly Shawara and Juliana Vizza celebrate the victory. Both Reimer and Lauren Monroe received MVP recognition and the entire team was recognized as most sportsmanlike of the tournament. Congratulations!

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday January 12, 2011 • 3

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Suspected Locals charged thefts and home invasions From Front downtown vandal and thieves arrested Joshua Estabrooks


ccording to Constable Simon Bentley of the Valemount RCMP, the recent rash of vandalism that began occurring in October should be over, as those involved have been arrested. He said that beginning in late October, there was a lot of mischief going on in the community, culminating with a series of broken windows of downtown businesses on November 8-9, as well as vandalism to police residences, vehicles and the United/Anglican Church. “We have made arrests for all of that and there are individuals who have been brought up on charges.”

“Until we got further into the investigation we didn’t know that items had been taken from the liquor store. We found out that four cases of beer were stolen, so someone actually climbed in through that big hole and risked their life for some beer.” ~ Simon Bentley

A local 18-year-old male was charged for the first night of vandalism, said Bentley, but as the charges haven’t been formalized the identity of the individual cannot be released yet. “He was to go to court on February 3rd but it has been moved to March 3rd. “We had other people arrested on those incidents as well, but this individual came forward and provided full details of what he did and has basically admitted guilt to the church, the IGA, the IDA and The Gathering Tree as well as the mischief to my wife’s vehicle and the beer bottles strewn around town.” The youth that was arrested for the theft from IGA the following morning has already been to court, said Bentley, but cannot be identified due to his age. During that investigation they uncovered the fact that two local males in their 20’s also broke into the Liquor Store and stole four cases of beer. “Until we got further into the investigation we didn’t know that items had been taken from the liquor store. We found out that four cases of beer were stolen, so someone actually climbed in through that big hole and risked their life for some beer.” The two males confessed and have appeared in court.

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able to prove that two members of our community were involved in it and they have both been arrested and remanded into custody. One has a court date in March and the other one is in June or July.” Bentley confirmed that the two local residents charged were Dale Williams and Peter VandeNobelen, along with two other individuals from Vernon, who Bentley said would also be charged. “We have requested warrants for two other individuals who were involved, they are out of the Vernon area, and they have been identified. The investigation will continue because I believe there are other people involved as well.” Both Williams and VandeNobelen were picked up in late December, and will remain incarcerated in Prince George until their trials are concluded. All of VandeNobelen’s charges stem from this specific incident, but Williams will also be facing many other charges for other crimes allegedly committed since then. Bentley said that another home invasion occurred on November 11, at approximately 2:00 a.m. on 7th Avenue. “The male occupant of the residence was beaten with pieces of wood, then the two assailants took off running.” Bentley confirmed that Dale Williams and a male youth have been formally charged for this home invasion, as well, the youth was charged for the theft at IGA on November 9. Williams is also facing charges for a theft of firearms from a residence on Loseth Road, said Bentley, along with a number of other charges stemming from other alleged offences. The RCMP are committed to making sure that none of the charges being faced are dropped by the courts, as they have worked for months trying to build a case against the individuals involved in the offences. “We’re not going for blood but we want to ensure the safety of the community. I have only been here seven months and I have heard that this has been going on for years. We have taken huge steps to do these investigations thoroughly and if we stumble onto other crimes as we are doing our investigations then whoever is responsible will be charged.” Bentley said the arrests and charges would not have been possible without help from the community, and he hopes that removing the individuals will help things improve. “People can be assured that

the charges will be going forward. For some of the victims it has been years since these assaults and thefts have occurred, and it isn’t fair that they have to see them around town. It has now been brought to light that these people went into their home and hurt them.” When asked why some of the cases took so long to solve, Bentley said that in order to do a thorough investigation, sometimes it takes time. “It isn’t a quick process working with the lab in Ottawa, getting information back, transcriptions, and organizing and analyzing evidence. We all watch CSI, and other crime shows on TV and it only takes an hour to solve the crimes. Now, I’m not trying to make light of anything but it takes time to do it right, and to make the charges stick.” Dispelling a rumour that local resident Mitch Moman was also arrested; Bentley said that is simply not true. “On December 27 I was looking for Peter VandeNobelen. I received a tip that he was on Ash Street, and when I went to identify him he had gotten into Mitch’s truck. Mitch was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, but he was not involved in any way or arrested.”

Paul and Bonnie Marklund's Middle East Adventures Slide Show, Food & Memorabilia When: Thursday, January 13th at 7 pm Where: Valemount Community Church on 5th Avenue

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Village of Valemount Schedule of 2011 Regular Council Meetings • • • • • • • • • • • •

January 11 & 25, 2011 February 8 & 22, 2011 March 8 & 22, 2011 April 12 & 26, 2011 May 10 & 24, 2011 June 14 & 28, 2011 July 12 & 26, 2011 August 9 & 23, 2011 September 13, 2011 October 11 & 25, 2011 November 8 & 22, 2011 December 13, 2011

No meeting has been scheduled for September 27, 2011 due to the UBCM Conference. No meeting has been scheduled for December 27, 2011 due to the Christmas Holidays. Meetings are at 7:00 pm at the Village Office in the Council Chambers 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount BC.

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Joshua Estabrooks Viewpoint

Political Limbo


olitics is a funny business most of the time. A lot of the time, political strategy supersedes what is best for us, the voters, which is a major problem with the system. In the Robson Valley, we have the confusing reality of having two federal MP’s representing the two halves of the population. For us in the south, we have Cathy McLeod, and in the north, until recently, we had Jay Hill. Hill has had a stranglehold on McBride’s riding for almost two decades, and now that his seat is vacant, you’d think the Conservatives would be chomping at the bit to get another politician in to start the journey of filling his shoes. Not so, however, as it seems that the Conservative’s political agenda is more important than effectively representing an area approximately the size of France. This is a huge area, so why leave it vacant? I guess technically us voters are not without a voice, as we have a guy from the Ottawa area who is supposed to be filling in for the time being, but how effective is that strategy? One has to wonder. The riding is a challenge for an elected MP from the area, so how can the Conservative Party expect some guy who has most likely never even set foot on the land out here to be a strong voice for our concerns? It seems that Stephen Harper is waiting for enough by-elections to pile up before setting a date for our riding, if a general election doesn’t occur first. But why wait to choose their candidate? Shouldn’t we be spending this time in limbo getting to know who our choices are, not waiting for the party to make their choice on who one of our choices might be? It’s a silly game, to say the least, and it is troubling that a possible general election is holding our ability to voice our concerns on the federal level hostage. Let’s get on with it Mr. Harper. Choose your candidate so we can choose our representative. Delaying is a sorry way out of any political situation, but it is used time and time again. I wonder what would happen if every constituent in the riding wrote a letter to our supposed “fill-in” forcefully requesting action? Maybe send a CC to Mr. Harper’s office, so he can read with his own eyes that we want this by-election sooner rather than later.



Photos By Lois McTaggart

This little bird recently took refuge with Lois McTaggart’s Mystic Journeys home decorating store in the Karas Mall. McTaggart said the bird seemed fine hanging out on her shoulder for a number of hours before it decided to fly away on it’s own accord. It must have been looking for unique ways to decorate its nest, and decided to spend some time in the store for inspiration.

Joshua Estabrooks

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McBride and rest of riding in Federal political limbo Joshua Estabrooks


ince MP Jay Hill announced his departure from politics in October, McBride, along with the rest of the massive Prince George-Peace River riding, have been existing without an elected representative. According to Chad Anderson, Chair of the Nomination Committee for the Conservative Riding Association, said that in the case of a vacant seat, the party whip maintains the constituency services that the MP would normally supply. “Currently that is Gordon O’Connor, MP for Carelton-Mississippi Mills, in the Ottawa area. He is the effective MP or contact that would handle inquiries that people might have.” Anderson said that it is a requirement that an

election process must begin within six months of a vacancy taking place. “Obviously in our riding it is a rare circumstance that we have been without an MP because Jay served for 17 years and

ward, said Anderson, but they have yet to be approved by the party. “The date for our nomination process is set by the national office of the party so we are working with them to be as prepared

“The folks at the party and in the government are well aware of the time line and will make sure it gets done in the right time frame.” ~ Chad Anderson

before that the previous MP served for 22 years. It is odd at the moment but it certainly won’t go on indefinitely.” So far, no by-election date has been set, but before that can happen the Conservative Party must choose it’s replacement for Hill. Some potential nominees have come for-

as possible for when the nomination officially opens and whenever that announcement is made it is a six week process after that.” So far, six people have come forward and announced they will be seeking the nomination for the Conservative Party. Don Irwin, Colin Kinsley,

Dan Davies, Bob Zimmer, Cameron Stoltz and Jerrilyn Schembri have all begun an informal nomination campaign, but the party has officially approved none of them yet. Once the Conservative Party has a candidate, a by-election can occur for the seat, said Anderson. “Technically speaking the date of the by-election is within the prerogative of the Prime Minister. Typically what Harper has done is not call them instantly when a vacancy opens but to wait for a few vacancies and do several of them together. We had three by-elections this fall and there are three more vacancies that have come into effect since, so I would expect based on past experience those could be called together if a general election doesn’t take place beforehand.” When asked why it has taken so long for the pro-

cess to get under way, Anderson said he isn’t sure. “This is the first time I have been through the process, and it is the first time we have gone through this in 18 years. I am not sure all of the reasons, but from my perspective it certainly gives people throughout the riding an opportu-

Greenhouse and Community Garden Meeting Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Time: 7:00 pm Place: Council Chambers, Village Office

Everyone Welcome!

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nity to meet the aspiring candidates so there is an advantage that way. The folks at the party and in the government are well aware of the timeline and will make sure it gets done in the right time frame. It’ll be a good well fought contest when it all gets under way.”

6 • Wednesday January 12, 2011 The Valley Sentinel




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Paul and Bonnie Marklund's Middle East Adventures Slide Show, Food & Memorabilia When: Thursday, January 13th at 7 pm Where: Valemount Community Church on 5th Avenue Everyone Welcome!!

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday January 12, 2011 • 7


Avy warning for area Train derailment investigation/ cleanup continues in Tete Jaune Joshua Estabrooks


he Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning for the South Coast, North Columbias, South Columbias and KootenayBoundary forecast regions. In the interior it includes the mountain areas around Valemount south to the US border. The warning came after a high-intensity storm dumped up to a metre of snow in the southern interior. While the hazard has been High during the storm, it is the clearing period after that has the forecasters at the CAC concerned. “Recreational backcountry users are going to see this coming weekend as the first good riding of the winter,” said CAC Operations Manager John Kelly. “There’s going to be blue skies and fresh snow, and we know people will want to hit the mountains hard. But there is a highly reactive weak layer in the snowpack that is just ripe for human triggering, and we expect it will persist for some time after the end of the storm.” In many locations there is a stacked set of weak layers within the snowpack, including a significant weakness near the ground, which increases the likelihood of deep, large avalanches. “If you trigger that top weak layer right now, there is a good chance the avalanche will step down to the lower weak layers,” explained Kelly. “That can add up quickly to a deadly situation.” The CAC is especially targeting out-of-bounds skiers and boarders, as well as any backcountry user without extensive avalanche training and experience. “We want to remind parents at ski resorts to always be aware of where their kids are,” said Kelly. “It may look tempting outside the

boundaries this weekend but it’s not worth the risk.” Speaking specifically about the Robson Valley, Kelly said that when the CAC mentions the North Columbia, McBride is included in this area, but due to the McBride riding areas having a little less snow, statistically, the risks are also a little less. “There’s a lot of recreation in Valemount that takes place on the west slopes of the Monashees, like clemina and keyhole. They are significantly snowier and there is more weather that gets trapped in that area than in McBride. In McBride you’re talking about the east slopes of the Cariboos.” In terms of overall snowfall, Kelly said the recent storm helped play catch up to previous snow years. Before the storm the overall snow levels were about a quarter of what historically falls in the area. CAC officials will be in the Valemount area for the next week or so, said Kelly, as they are working on terrain assessments for the managed snowmobile areas. “Our field team is out in your area right now doing some assessments with VARDA. This will be giving new information to users about avalanche risks and where the real risky terrain is and over time we are going to build that into good information package that people can have.” Kelly said that VARDA is known throughout the province as a real leader in terms of avalanche safety initiatives for its users. “They are top of the line. VARDA is doing things that no other group in BC is doing. They have stepped up to the plate and have always been a great player from day one. Even in the ski industry you don’t see anything at that level.”

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Joshua Estabrooks


s CN continues to clean up the spilled coal from a 33 car train derailment in the Tete Jaune area last week, officials from the Ministry of Environment Transport Canada have been granted access to the site to liaise with CN’s own environmental experts, said Company Spokesperson Kelli Svendsen. “The clean-up is progressing and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. CN also has a third party environmental group that is monitoring the site. We continue to keep the environmental agencies updated on the status of the clean up.” Svendsen said the investigation into the cause of the crash is still under investigation, but unless the Transport Safety Board deems it necessary to do their own, the results will not be released to the public. “CN has an investigation, but if they choose as our regulator the Transport Safety Board may choose to investigate and at that time the cause of the derailment would be up to them to release publicly.” Colin Grewar, of the Ministry of Environment, said that they dispatched an Environmental Emergency Response Officer (EERO) from Kamloops to attend the incident on Monday, January 3.

“The role of the EERO is to provide regulatory oversight and provide direction or advice to the spiller as required to ensure that the spill is contained and addressed appropriately to mitigate any possible public safety and environmental impacts.” The EERO will remain in on-going

from 2003 that discusses the environmental impacts of spilled coal: “Processed Coal is a relatively inert product and should not pose too much of a concern as long as it is kept out of receiving waters and/or water does not percolate through the piles so that it produces an acid leachate. From an envi-

“The clean-up is progressing and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.” ~ Kelli Svendsen

contact with CN and their cleanup staff, said Grewar, and will require reports, photographs and other documentation to ensure that any on-going risks have been addresses. “CN will send notification of disposal of spilled coal and final site pictures once the cleanup has been completed. The EERO advises the spiller of their duties under our contaminated sites legislation and that any potential future liability for the spill can only legally be extinguished by satisfying the land remediation unit of the ministry that the spill has been properly cleaned up.” In terms of what was spilled, Grewar forwarded a report on a coal spill that occurred in the Boston Bar area

Community Health Forum A community health forum will be hosted on: Monday, January 31, 2011 7:00 – 9:00 PM Valemount Community Centre

We are seeking feedback in the provision of our health and other primary health care services. For questions regarding this session, please contact Adrea Rusnak at (250) 566-1997. All community members are welcome to this event.

ronmental perspective, the deposit of coal into fish bearing waters is of concern because it can impact sensitive biota and stream substrates. The physical attributes associated with a large accidental release of coal and/or runoff from coal piles in the form of particulate matter can be damaging. Such conditions could elevate suspended sol-

ids loading in receiving waters and alter stream substrates by filling in interstitial spaces that are used by fish and benthic invertebrates. The suspended solids can also directly affect fish and benthic invertebrates by damaging sensitive tissues like gills and eyes by way of coals abrasive nature. From a chemical perspective coal by itself is relatively inert. However if sulfur ores like pyrite are present in a high enough concentration, coal piles can generate acid leachates and release heavy metals like arsenic, copper, nickel, lead and zinc. The acid leachate alone could have an effect on receiving waters by changing ambient pH conditions and the metals could induce toxic effects. Depending on the size of the receiving waters the effects could be quite evident especially within the initial dilution zone.” CN officials have repeatedly assured us that the coal spilled in Tete Jaune did not enter the Fraser River. SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS




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Peewee hockey team will hit the ice during Canucks game Birgit Stutz Contributor


local minor hockey team is gearing up to head to Vancouver in a few weeks. The McBride Minor Hockey peewee team will be participating in an on ice event at a Vancouver Canucks game on March 18. The event is called the Power Smart 2-on-0 Showdown and is presented by the Vancouver Canucks in partnership with BC Hydro Power Smart and BC Hockey. It is an intermission feature which gives Atom, Peewee, and Bantam hockey teams the opportunity to showcase their skills in a 2-on0 challenge where players display their

offensive creativity and goalies exhibit their puck stopping talent in front of a sold-out crowd at Rogers Arena. “We put our team in a draw and won,” said the team’s Head Coach Brian Shawara. “It’s a great opportunity.” Shawara said all British Columbia minor hockey teams at the Atom, Peewee, or Bantam level have the option to put their name in it, but only ten teams will be selected by random draw. Last year, McBride’s novice team was invited to participate. “We are taking the entire team of twelve players,” said Shawara. “The team will go on the ice during the intermission and also get to watch the game for free. Six skaters and two goalies will be on

the ice to show their skills in front of all the people. The other four will be

“The team will go on the ice during the intermission and also get to watch the game for free... The (kids) are pretty pumped.” ~ Brian Shawara

close by watching from the bench. The (kids) are pretty pumped.” Shawara said while the time on the

ice will be short; the team will get a chance to advertise their team jerseys. “We will also get 22 tickets to the game for free, and we are allowed an extra 32 at a good deal.” The team will also receive pre-game instruction from qualified grassroots hockey personnel as well as a souvenir video of the game. “We are just going with a small group of players and parents,” said Shawara. “We’re going in three to four suburbans or vans. We have to get down there at our own expense so we’ll probably try to do some fundraising.” If people would like to help the team out with travel expenses, they can contact Shawara at 250-569-2438.

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THURS., JAN. 13 - 7PM Valemount Community Theatre Tickets $10 | Students/Seniors $5 cash or cheque only please Tickets @ Infinity: 250-566-4225

local hockey player has had a couple of very busy weeks over the holidays. McBride resident Kelly Shawara attended the Angels on Ice Tournament in Langley, December 27-30, where she won gold with her team, the Prince George Cougars Bantam Female Rep. Then it was off to the Under 16 Zone Camp for the North Zone in Mackenzie on the weekend of January 2 and 3, where Shawara was selected for the Youth 16 High Performance North Team. “It’s the elite from the north,” explained Shawara’s dad, Brian Shawara. “Thirty-four players showed up and only 18 made it. It’s pretty intense, physically and mentally - as well as emotionally if they don’t make the team.” The Youth 16 High Performance North team will play in the BC Cup in 100 Mile House at the end March. In addition to all this, Shawara, who turns 15 in April and currently attends Grade 9 at McBride Secondary, has also been asked to play for the Pacific Steelers, an elite hockey team of girls born in 1996. “We got the invitation emailed on December 7 and we had to let them know by the 15th,” said Shawara’s mom Judy Shawara. “The team consists of girls from British Columbia and Washington. It’s the second year Bantam age group. They practice every weekend in April, May and June in Vancouver.” Her mom said Shawara didn’t have to try out for the team, as the scouts had seen her play at various other tournaments and had liked what they saw. “Playing for the Pacific Steelers was Kelly’s goal,” said Judy Shawara. “It kind of fell into her lap. It’s the next step up for her. It’s high level coaching.” Shawara, who has played hockey for nine years, also plays on the Bantam team in McBride, and is the captain of both the McBride team and the Prince George Cougars. Up until last year, Shawara played for the Bantam AAA Rockets in Prince George. “Last year was a good experience,” said Judy Shawara. “She had the most goals and assists. She really enjoyed playing for that team. They give the girls evaluations and pointers. They gain a lot of life skills.”

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Playing hockey at that level definitely doesn’t come without sacrifice. “Kelly practices Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings in Prince George with the Cougars,” said her mom. “She practices four to five times a week in total, and almost every weekend she has a tournament. She’s a hard worker.” Judy Shawara said her daughter would like to play hockey at the university level. “She’s hoping to get a scholarship. She really has a love for hockey. She misses it in the summertime.” The next tournament for the Cougars is February 4 to 6 in Surrey, before the team heads to the Provincials in Kelowna in March.

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Kelly Shawara at the gold medal game at the Angles on Ice hockey tournament in Langley, December 27-30. The Prince George Cougars Bantam Female Rep team won 3-0 against the Abbotsford Ice. Shawara got two power play assists.

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Ready for a Wintervention? VACS presents Warren Miller’s new film in Valemount Submitted


t is time for a Wintervention! Narrated by skiing icon Jonny Moseley, Warren Miller’s Wintervention is the definitive solution for the snow-obsessed and snow bound. Wintervention takes riders like Chris Davenport, Jonny Moseley and Lindsey Vonn on a global tour of Alaska, Norway, Canada, Antarctica and beyond, delivering a successful Wintervention for all of us in need. Warren Miller films attract a cult-like following and mark the official start of winter for sports enthusiasts everywhere. Warren Miller premieres are an experience, a party and a phenomenon not to be missed. Showing at the Vale-

mount Community Theatre Thursday, Jan 13 at 7:00 p.m. VACS would like to say a huge thank you to Robson Heli Magic who are sponsoring the nights showing. Tickets are available at Infinity and a steal at ten dollars for adults and five dollars for students and seniors! Come out and enjoy a night of winter fun from the comfort of a theatre seat. The night’s entertainment will also feature a live telecast from VCTV Live for the VACS Winter Fun Raffle. If you haven’t got your raffle tickets for: two return tickets to Vancouver with VIA Rail, one day snowmobile rentals with ACR, 2.5 hour dog sledding with CFC or Marmot Basin ski pass for 2, then stop at the library and pick one up, then come watch the draw !

Notes from All Over Family Literacy Day January 27th is Family Literacy Day in Valemount. Join in the fun and games from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Valemount Public Library. Watch for posters for more information from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL). Jasper in January Western Canada’s premiere winter festival, that twoweek party in the park, showcasing everything rockin’ about the Rocky Mountains in the wintertime, is here again. It’s Jasper in January from Friday, January14th, until Sunday, January 30th. Come enjoy outdoor adventures like skiing, snowshoeing, skating or even a polar bear dip, or try something warmer indoors with arts and culture events, and not to mention endless musical acts, including Mourning Wood, Tupelo Honey, Brian Lackey and much more! Also, as always, you can enjoy delicious discounts at Marmot Basin Ski Hill, and many of the hotels, restaurants and retailers! Fitzhugh makes Booboo But We’ll Claim Edwards as Our Own David Edwards of Jasper spends a great deal of time in the Robson Valley, especially the back country, and recently won first place in the Mountain sports division of a photo contest in the Jasper paper, the Fitzhugh. The Fitzhugh said that Edwards, is a “bornand-raised Valemount resident,” which isn’t true, but we will gladly claim him as one of our own. The shot is of Jasper local Jojo Miller catching air, snowboarding in an area called Morning Glory up Clemina Creek just south of Valemount. The shot was taken using a Canon Power Shot in M mode, Geothermal update Recently, Valemount Mayor, Bob Smith, and CAO Tom Dall attended a conference on geothermal en-

ergy. At the meeting, Dall said that the Village became a stakeholder for clean energy with BC Hydro, and got to meet with a number of companies working in the geothermal power industry. Dall noted that all of the companies at the conference are pursuing geothermal projects in other areas of the world, but they don’t have the political support in Canada. “The biggest and most crucial element is getting them able to tie into the hydro grid. We will be working on this issue from our end.” Dall also mentioned that council attended a meeting between Borealis, the company interested in Kinbasket Lake, CBT and Columbia Power Corporation via teleconference on January 6. “They basically gave us a geothermal 101 presentation. They are seeing if they can entice CBT to take part in the project.” Dall said that the Regional District did not attend the meeting due to illness, but they are on board with the project and have had their own discussions with Borealis as well. “They have also started discussions with BC Hydro. They want to get hooked into the grid, and the attraction here is hooking up so they can service the back end of the Valley. It could provide reliable power to Valemount and McBride. It effectively could power the Valley.” Through the discussions, Dall said the Village’s main interest is the potential for spin off industries that would utilize the extra heat from the geothermal operation. “The ability to build the hot springs, or use the heat for greenhouses; a whole host of spin off industries could come from this.” Village Council requested Borealis to come up and hold a public forum, which Dall said could happen before the end of this month. “We were told that the meeting would be sooner rather than later. Things seem to be moving a long at a reasonably good clip.” Does any one have any photos of the brown Raven? On four occasions now Bruce Wilkinson has spotted a brown raven around Valemount, but he never has a camera, and he’s not the only one. He said, “This is the kind of thing birders would travel miles to see,” and wondered if any of our readers have managed to get a

photo of it? Let us know here at the Sentinel! Dinner and Dancing with Sean Hogan at the Best Western Valemount This Saturday, January 22nd at 6:30, Sean Hogan will be performing at a western evening of dinner and dancing at the Best Western Valemount Inn and Suites. Tickets are $25.00 a person and are available at the front desk or by calling 250-566-0086 to reserve. Water Conservation “BC residents use about 490 litres of water each day. About 10% is for drinking and kitchen use; 35% for bathing; 30% for flushing; 20% for laundry; and 5% for cleaning. Could you use less water?” The Village of Valemount wants to know, and reminds you “The less water we use, the less it costs to distribute.” Winter Festival Tourism Valemount is hosting the annual Winter Festival February 11, 12 and 13th. There will be family games, a winter triathlon, dogsledding, a snowmobile poker run, pond hockey tournament, and family tobogganing races. For more information contact Jennifer Robinson at 250-566-3335. Mill workers dispute heads to supreme court The ongoing dispute between Valemount Forest Products and United Steelworkers Union is headed to the Supreme Court of Canada. So far, the union has won every stage of the court battle with the company, but the employees have yet to receive the severance pay they argue they are entitled to. Union President, Marty Gibbons, indicated that they will be seeking a court order obtain the assets of the mill as a security measure for the workers.

Community Health Forum A community health forum will be hosted on: Tuesday February 1, 2011 7:00 – 9:00 PM Robson Valley Community Centre (McBride)

AGM The Valemount Entertainment Society is holding their Annual General Meeting at the Valemount Learning Centre meeting place (99 Gorse St) at 7:30pm on Wednesday, January 19.

Bill and Judy Holmin are thrilled to announce the engagement of their son, Aird, to Rubeth, daughter of José and Lety Sernaque, of Lima, Peru. The wedding will be in Lima, in the Spring of 2011. ¡felicidades!

Everyone is welcome. We will be holding elections for directors. If you are interested in being involved or just finding out more please stop by. The Valemount Entertainment Society provides Valemount with six television stations and three radio stations and operates VCTV Channel 7.

We are seeking feedback in the provision of our health and other primary health care services. For questions regarding this session, please contact Adrea Rusnak at (250) 566-1997. All community members are welcome to this event.

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Regional District to hold public meetings on Industrial Land Profile Joshua Estabrooks


ince the downturn in the forestry industry, the Robson Valley has been in need of some sort of industry to create the employment needed to keep residents at home. There

“We want to try and have an inventory of what land is here and available and what is appropriate for certain kinds of development.” ~ Renee McCloskey

have been some potential employers poking around, but the results of the recently completed Robson-Canoe Valley Economic Opportunities Plan indicated that more needs to be done in terms of cataloguing the available land for potential developers. In light of this need, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George will be hosting three public open houses to help them better understand what

land is available for industrial use, and what residents want in terms of potential employers. Manager for External Relations for the regional District, Renee McCloskey, said that in order to market the area they must first know what residents want and what land is useable for what type of industry. “We want to try and have an inventory of what land is here and available and what is appropriate for certain kinds of development. To do this we want an inventory of land that is currently being used for industry and what land would be acceptable for future industrial use, and we want to have some community input into that.” The Industrial Land Profile (ILP) will look at current infrastructure available to the land identified, including access to power, railway and roads, so potential developers have all the information they need to make an informed decision. “We may see trends in infrastructure needs, like access to reliable power, and it allows us to be more up front when a developer is looking. They will know exactly what investments may be required for a specific piece of land.” The meetings will be held in Dunster on January 26 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m., Valemount on January 26 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. and McBride on January 27 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.


While on a tour of the Middle East, Valemount resident Bonnie Marklund makes a stop on top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt with a copy of her favourite local newspaper The Valley Sentinel.

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Court Report Louis D. Sheaves was pulled over on July 17th 2010 and was found to be grossly impaired. His breath sample was .250 per 100ml of blood. On the October 7th court date he pled guilty to care or control of a motor vehicle while impaired and received the standard one year driving suspension, $1,500.00 fine and victim surcharge fee of $250.00. James P. Morris was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, care or control of a motor vehicle while impaired, and care or control of a vehicle with over .08. On September 19th, 2010 he was picked up and apprehended after driving recklessly through a construction zone and disregarding the directions of a traffic flagger. On his court date of November 8th, 2010 he pled out and was handed a fine of $1,800.00, a victim surcharge fine of 15% and a 12 month driving prohibition. On the January 6th 2011 court date Micheal Lavigne, arrested on a warrant, finally made a court appearance. Originally charged with invitation to sexual touching under 14, sexual interference of person under 14 and sexual assault. Mr. Lavigne breached his conditions by ignoring his court dates and ended up with five new charges added to the list. His additional five charges were all failure to appear pursuant to appearance notice. On this court date, only the breaches were dealt with and Mr. Lavigne pled guilty to three counts and was handed another nine days in jail. The charges of sexual assault will be dealt with in future court dates. He is ordered to show up for court in Prince George with representation on January 26th 2011.

offence, fraud, forgery, careless use of a firearm, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, break and enter, mischief, knowingly possessing a firearm without licence, to theft under $5,000. He is presently remanded in Prince George and has been denied bail. Williams will remain in custody until these matters are dealt with. Future court dates are pending. Peter VandeNobelen is presently in custody in Prince George and appeared in Valemount court to face the following charges: Driving while prohibited with licence suspended, operating motor vehicle while disqualified, assault with a weapon, break and enter with intent to commit offence, break and enter and commit indictable offence, unlawful confinement or imprisonment, disguising face with intent to commit offence, robbery, and use of firearm while committing offence. VandeNobelen’s next court appearance will be held in Valemount court on March 3rd 2011. A youth went before the judge on January 6th charged with several offences. This individual was currently released on conditions for a previous charge and was ordered to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. New charges were laid against him thus breaking his conditions. The judge decided to keep the individual in custody leading to the next court date. Charged with assault, uttering threats, assault with a weapon, break and enter with intent to commit offence, and disguising face with intent to commit offence. The individual will appear in court on January 24th in Prince George.

Dale Williams of Valemount is facing 39 charges ranging from assault with a weapon, break and enter with intent to commit offence, break and enter and commit indictable offence, confinement or imprisonment, disguising face with intent to commit offence, robbery, use of firearm while committing

We would like to apologize to Kevin Friesen of Valemount. During the last court report we stated that he had received a one year driving suspension for impaired driving. The report was incorrect as Mr. Friesen pled guilty to a lesser charge of driving without due care and attention.

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ROBSON VALLEY INDUSTRIAL LAND PROFILE PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES Dunster Community Hall: Wednesday, January 26th, 3 to 5 PM Valemount Council Chambers January 26th, 7 to 9 PM McBride Council Chambers: January 27th, 4 to 7 PM Following on the recently received Robson Valley-Canoe Economic Opportunities Plan, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is compiling an industrial land inventory in the Robson Valley. This inventory will identify lands currently used for industry, and identify additional lands that may be acceptable for future industrial use. With the changes in the forest industry, once the mainstay of the area, there is a need to look for other employment opportunities. The agricultural industry has long been a constant in the valley, but it too is struggling to remain viable. Tourism, due to a lot of hard work by Valley residents, is growing, but still has a lot of growth potential. Ensuring that the current industrial land base remains available and providing some more areas through a pre-clearance process, may allow the Valley to attract new businesses. Having a catalogue of industrially acceptable lands has proven to be a successful method to attract business. It is not a process which happens quickly, but an inventory has been found to be beneficial when prospective industrial interests are considering whether the Valley is a good place to establish.


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Business opportunities

employment opportunities

Please feel free to come to the open houses and provide your thoughts on industry in the Valley. If you cannot make any of the open houses, please feel free to pass on your comments by letter to Terry McEachen at the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, 155 George Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1P8, or by email to Gord Simmons at

LAMONTAGNE CHOCOLATES is looking for p/t sales reps in BC. Work from home. Perfect position for a stayat-home mom/dad. Resumes to,

Terry McEachen General Manager of Community and Development Services

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14 • Wednesday January 12, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

Activities to Entertain & Amuse Pioneer Photo


About this photo Description: A log building at Red Pass which was the school and police barracks. Date: 1947 - 1948 Credits: Valemount Museum & Archives ID: 2003.16.30 Image: 18 of 20

If you have any more information on this photo or any others that appear you can contact The Valley Museum & Archives in McBride, The Valemount Museum or contact us at The Valley Sentinel.

Horoscopes ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23

A few bumps along the way aren’t going to deter you this week, Aries. That’s because you’re coasting along regardless of the obstacles in your way.

Leo, a tricky situation requires a careful tongue and a quick wit. Fortunately, this week you are the master politician and can win over anyone with a wink and a smile. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, it could be a boring week, but that’s okay because a little boredom now and then offers you a chance to rest up. There’s some interesting things around the corner.




Sagittarius, it’s hard to escape chaos this week, even when you hole yourself up in the house. But there’s soon to be a silver lining behind this dark cloud.

CAPRICORN-Dec 22/Jan 20

Make a plan and stick with it, Virgo. Look to others to help you accomplish a longdesired goal. Realize that sacrifices must be made to make things work.

Capricorn, romance is difficult when you have such a full schedule. Pencil in some alone time with your partner because your relationship can use a boost.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18

Beggars can’t be choosers, Gemini. When forced into a situation this week, you simply have to go with the flow, instead of thinking you can call the shots.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, change may be scary, but you are ready to move forward. All of the uncomfortable things will be worth it in the long run. You just need to keep a cool head.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22

Cancer, it’s time to rekindle a few relationships that you have let expire. You don’t know when you may need a friend or loved one for help.

Scorpio, stop worrying about what others think and do what you want and think is right. Pleasing yourself is what you should concern you right now.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21




Daytime Scattered Condition flurries

Daytime Light snow Condition

Daytime Condition

50% P.O.P. -14°C High -22°C Low Wind NE 5 km/h 5-7 cm 24/Hr Rain

70% P.O.P. -16°C High -22°C Low Wind NE 5 km/h 3-5 cm 24/Hr Snow

40% P.O.P. -19°C High -20°C Low Wind NE 5 km/h 3-5 cm 24/Hr Snow



Aquarius, your bank account may be a tad on the empty side. But it should recover shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 All you need is a break, Pisces. You’re bound to get that break this week. It will actually fall right into your lap.




Daytime Light snow Condition

Daytime Light snow Condition

Daytime Variable Condition cloudiness

60% P.O.P. -13°C High -22°C Low Wind N 5 km/h 2-4 cm 24/Hr Snow

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Snow

20% P.O.P. -14°C High -20°C Low Wind N 5 km/h 24/HrSnow

60% -12°C -20°C S 5 km/h 5-8 cm

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday Janaury 12, 2011 • 15

Sean Hogan

Award Winner

“Travel Plans is the name of my new single, which is just hitting the airwaves” Written and Performed by C.C.M.A Multiple Award Winner Sean Hogan


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Stedman’s McBride • 377 Main Street Classified ads may be dropped off at the above location specified for the McBride, Dunster & Areas. Please call our office in Valemount for any enquiries you may have.

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Call Today about these and other Robson Valley Listings brought to you by Irene Berndsen 189,000


1475-8th Place VALEMOUNT, BC

Featured Listing

• Affordable & well kept • Family size - 4 bdrms & 2 baths • Open floor plan • Attached garage






• Large home on 3.9 acres • 3 bdrms & 3 baths • Minutes from Valemount • Large shop & greenhouse • Exceptional value

561 Main St. MCBRIDE, BC




Lot 4, Pine Rd. VALEMOUNT, BC • Approx. 40 acre parcel • Minutes from Valemount • Extensive Swift Creek frontage • Very unique • Excellent opportunity!

2470 Zeidler Rd. MCBRIDE, BC



• 3 acre parcel • 1500+ sq. ft. hom with full basement • Nicely landscaped with a private back yard



Airport Road MCBRIDE, BC • 61 acre parcel • Extensive breathtaking Fraser River frontage • Minutes from McBride • All village services available at lot line

332 Dominion St. MCBRIDE, BC




3400 Martinson Rd. MCBRIDE, BC



10272 Loos Rd. CRSECENT SPUR, BC • 424 gorgeous acres • 5 bedrooms & 3 baths • Workshop, barn, corrals, farmland and rive front • This property has it all!

1131-2nd Avenue MCBRIDE, BC



• Country living awaits! • 3 bedrooms, 2 bath mobile • 93 acres • Rolling hills with plenty of pasture


Irene Berndsen 250-569-7397

Sales Representative in McBride

421 Main St. MCBRIDE, BC • Charming 2 storey guest house • Beautifully refurbished • Excellent revenue • Exceptional value

• Executive style home • Beautiful custom kitchen • All new bathrooms with custom tile • Legal suite, corner lot $

893-3rd Avenue MCBRIDE, BC

• 3 bdrm bungalow • Excellent value • Corner lot with fenced yard • Carport and detached garage



• Prime commercial lot • Offers Main St. frontage and exposure to Hwy 16 • Zoned C1 for a variety of uses $

1505 S Highway 5

4855 Mountainview MCBRIDE, BC • 182 acre ranch • Extensive Fraser River frontage • Large house and barn • Beautiful sunny exposure



• Centrally located • Great views • Perfect investment property • Centrally located in McBride


Phone Book

Servicing Valemount, McBride & Area, Blue River and Dunster. Publishing at the end of February, 2011

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January 12 2011 Edition of The Valley Sentinel