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McBride Job Fair



“New to McBride”


Above: Anne Sanders, Executive Vice President Administration and Colin Hall, CEO and Chairman of ecoTECH Energy Group were on hand to greet applicants and answer questions during the job fair hosted by ecoTECH at the Robson Valley Community Hall on October 29. The job fair was well attended by both McBride residents and visitors from Prince George, Valemount and Jasper. ecoTECH plans to manufacture biomass-fuelled power stations that produce renewable and sustainable “green” energy products. Greenhouses and indoor aquaculture facilities combined in a closed-loop ecology will produce organic food products. The facility will require up to 236 temporary and permanent jobs. The job fair was organized to gauge local interest in the project. Please Read the Full Story on Page 2 Photo by Andrea Scholz



“The Faces of Jack”

On October 31, Students at Valemount Elementary School participated in a Jack-O-Lantern carving contest. Here are some clever entries. Photos by Andrea Scholz

2 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


ecoTECH Job Fair Daniel Betts EDITOR


ptimism, hope and excitement are the emotions that best described the atmosphere at the ecoTECH Job Fair at the Robson Valley Community Hall on Saturday, October 29. The much publicized and anticipated event was well attended by both McBride residents and visitors from Valemount, Prince George and Jasper. By near the close of the event approximately 150 resumes had been received for the 236 permanent and temporary anticipated jobs needed to build and maintain ecoTECH Energy Group’s planned aquaculture, horticulture and combined heat and power station (CHP) facilities. It is estimated one third of the visitors were from outside the McBride area. Besides ecoTECH, the Robson Valley Home Support Society, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Scotia Bank, McBride Realty Center Ltd., and the College of New Caledonia set up booths to offer their assistance and information to prospective applicants. Colin Hall, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ecoTECH Energy Group was in attendance to answer questions about his company’s plan to build a biomass-fuelled power station that produces renewable and sustainable “green” energy products, in McBride. Hall thanked attendees for coming to the job fair and showing their interest. “We are certain the facility will accommodate many different skill sets and unskilled sets, I think that is important,” said Hall. He noted that the worldwide industry ecoTECH plans to bring to McBride is coming to a point where it is being recognized as the short term answer to food shortages around the globe. He also stated that production from the facility has already been presold. “We are in the happy situation of having everything sold for at least the first three years of production,” said Hall. Besides learning more about the eco-industrial

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park some very interesting partnerships and economic spinoffs were revealed during the event. One of the more significant partnerships involved the unique training opportunities soon to be available through the College of New Caledonia (CNC). Jennifer Eckford, M.SC., RPF, Horticulture Instructor at the CNC Quesnel Campus was very excited to hear of ecoTECH’s project and job fair. “What a great opportunity to network,” declared Eckford. About a month before the job fair CNC and Hall had a brainstorming meeting to discuss ideas on how the college could assist with the training of ecoTECH employees. Ideas discussed included a cooperative training program and workshops to intensive weekend or weeklong trainings that would result in a designation or achievement toward basic botany, horticulture and vermiculture. “It would provide some basic background for employees who have no knowledge or background in horticulture. It gives them some foundation to go with,” said Eckford. “We see a great partnership involved here.” While nothing is finalized, CNC is very interested in providing the training that people will need. The commitment and interest “goes hand in hand.” Mayor Mike Frazier was also in attendance for the entire length of the job fair. With gratitude he acknowledged the partnerships between the Village of McBride and ecoTECH, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, including Director Ken Starchuck, CNC, Scotia Bank, McBride Realty Center Ltd., and the Robson Valley Support Society in for their assistance in organizing the event. The Robson Valley Support Society was on hand as part of their Employment Assistance Service to help attendees with the application process as well as either answer their questions or direct their questions to the appropriate source. McBride Realty Center Ltd. was on hand to answer questions about area real estate and relocation options. EcoTECH has established their temporary office at the McBride Realty Center Ltd., where perspective applicants can continue to drop off applications and resumes. Scotia Bank was on hand to answer the attendee’s personal financial questions and provide additional friendly faces for those outside the Valley to speak to about the McBride area. Executive Vice President Administration, Anne Sanders, was taking the applications and answering questions. “This is exciting,” said Sanders. “We got lots of local applicants which is great because we want to hire locally.” Saunders said many of the jobs people are applying for are high-end jobs but noted there are many skilled people in McBride. “Seems like many people came to McBride for the same reason we (ecoTECH) came; we love the area,” said Sanders. “To work in a field that either you already have some interest in or you are trained in is great.” Sanders said since they are hiring for both unskilled to skilled jobs there is much opportunity for locals. Sanders spoke of the continuing discussion with CNC around training. “We will need trained people,” said Sanders. Employment opportunities with ecoTECH will range from basic nine to five jobs to exciting careers in a growing and vital industry. The project will move forward in stages and employees will have the opportunity to progress as the project moves forward, starting with construction. Sanders said



“Job fair answers many questions”

Above: Large turnout at McBride Community Hall on Saturday, October 29, 2011 of people interested in the ecoTECH project. Below: Jennifer Eckford, instructor at the College of New Caledonia talks to prospective employees about exciting training opportunities. Upper Right: Mayor Mike Frazier introduces the speakers and welcomes the crowd. Centre Right: Anne Saunders receives an application from a prospective employee. Bottom Right: ecoTECH CEO Colin Hall Photos by Andrea Scholz

they expect the first produce to leave the facility in February 2013. Margaret Graine, Economic Development Officer for the Village of McBride was most pleased with the success of the job fair. She noted that while this initial job fair would help to gauge community interest, she expects a larger job fair event to be organized for this spring and will include many other McBride and area businesses. “I counted the applications that were submitted and was moved by some posted comments. The one that really stuck with me was, ‘I just want a job…any job,’” said Graine. “We want to make things happen as soon as we are able.” Resumes can be submitted to: Applications can also be dropped off at McBride Realty Center Ltd, located at 277 Main Street.

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 3

NOTICE OF ELECTION BY VOTING PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of School District No. 57 (Prince George) that an election by voting is necessary to elect seven school trustees for a three-year term commencing in December 2011 and that the persons nominated as candidates and for whom votes will be received are: Surname ARNETT BEKKERING BELLA BENNETT BENSON BOURASSA BURTON COOKE CRAWFORD GILL HOOKER KRUSHELNICKI PETERS SABO WARRINGTON WHITE

SCHOOL TRUSTEE – SEVEN (7) TO BE ELECTED Given Name(s) Elona Betty Trish Tim Kris Sharon Andrew Kate Valentine Bal Brenda Earl Shawn Don Sharel Rhonda

Address Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Prince George Willow River

WHO MAY VOTE There is no need to pre-register to vote. Registration of all electors for this election will take place at the time of voting. In order to vote, an elector must be all of the following: • 18 years of age or older on general voting day • a Canadian citizen • a resident of B.C. for at least six months prior to that day • a resident of School District No. 57 for at least 30 days prior to that day • not otherwise disqualified from voting by the School Act or any other enactment or law

Valemount Learning Centre 250-566-4601


Updated November 2011 Updated Nov. 2,2,2011

             

Banquet Servers Bartender (1) Cook / Chef (2) Front Desk (8) Housekeepers (15) Laundry Motel Managers (Couple) Part Time Room Strippers (1) Parts Technician Red Cross Swimming Instructor. Servers (8) Specialty Cook/ International Cuisine Traffic Control Person Trail Head Collection Staff

Front desk staff can give you detailed information about each of these postings, including info on how to submit your application for these job opportunities.

We are here to help. Please Valemount call orLearning drop in. For more Centre 250-566-4601 information on these jobs or Box 789 other employment assistance Valemount BC services visit V0E us 2Z0at Regency

Place 1201- 5th Ave, Valemount.

Funded in whole or in part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement

NOTE: • Electors qualified to vote in the elections of either the Village of McBride or the Village of Valemount and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George may cast only a single ballot for school trustees. VOTER IDENTIFICATION Resident electors will be required to provide two documents proving identity and place of residence in combination, one of which must contain a signature, or two documents proving identity, one of which must contain a signature, and then make a solemn declaration regarding residence. GENERAL VOTING General voting day will be open to qualified electors of School District No. 57 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the following locations: • Village of McBride -McBride Village Office, 100 Robson Centre – 855 SW Frontage Road. • Village of Valemount - Valemount Community Hall, 101 Gorse Street • Dunster Community Hall, 7085 Read Road, Dunster • Dome Creek Community Hall, 13741 Dome Creek Road • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Office, 155 George Street, Prince George • Tete Jaune Community Hall, 14270 Blackman Road SPECIAL VOTING OPPORTUNITIES The following special voting opportunities will be open for patients and staff who are qualified electors: • McBride and District Hospital Saturday, November 19, 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. • Beaverview Lodge, McBride Saturday, November 19, 3:05 to 3:35 p.m. • UHNBC (PGRH) Saturday, November 19, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm ADVANCE VOTING OPPORTUNITIES Advance voting opportunities will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. as follows: Date Location Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Office November 9 & 15 155 George Street Prince George Village of McBride November 9 McBride Village Office 100 Robson Centre 855 SW Frontage Road Village of Valemount November 9 Valemount Village Office Council Chambers 735 Cranberry Lake Road Any qualified elector may vote at an advance voting opportunity. VOTING BY MAIL Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Mail ballot voting is available to qualified electors who: 1. Have a physical disability, illness or injury that prevents them from attending in person at another voting opportunity, or 2. Reside in the Electoral Area H but more than 90 kilometres from the closest voting place at which they are entitled to vote. 3. Expect to be absent from the regional district on general voting day and at the times of all advance voting opportunities. Applications for mail ballots will be received by the Chief Election Officer, from 4:00 p.m. on Monday, October 24, 2011, until 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY ELECTORS Non-resident property electors must produce two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity, proof that they are entitled to register in relation to the property, and, if applicable written consent from the other property owners. FURTHER INFORMATION Contact: Fred McLeod, Chief Election Officer or Jan Cote, Deputy Chief Election Officer School District No. 57 (Prince George) Phone: 250-561-6800. Fred McLeod – Chief Election Officer

NOTICE OF ELECTION DIRECTOR – ELECTORAL AREA H PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of Electoral Area H that voting will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2011 to elect one Director for the term commencing December 2011 and ending in accordance with the next General Local Election. The persons nominated as candidates for the election and for whom votes will be received are: Surname Olson Smith Starchuck

Usual First Name Nathalie Don Ken

Residential Address 1725 Hillside Mine Road, Valemount 4279 Mountain View Road, McBride 2350 Zeidler Drive, McBride

GENERAL VOTING DAY On General Voting Day, Saturday, November 19, 2011, polls will be open to qualified electors between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the following locations: • Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride • Valemount Community Hall, 101 Gorse Street, Valemount • Dunster Community Hall, 7085 Read Road – Electoral Area H • Tete Jaune Community Hall, 14270 Blackman Road – Electoral Area H • Dome Creek Community Hall, 13741 Dome Creek Road - Electoral Area H • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George office, 155 George Street, Prince George Qualified electors may register for voting at the polling location of their choice. ADVANCE VOTING OPPORTUNITIES Advance voting opportunities for electors of Electoral Area H will be available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at: • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George office, 155 George Street, Prince George • Village of Valemount office, 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount • Village of McBride office, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride A second advance voting opportunity will be available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at: • Regional District of Fraser-Fort George office, 155 George Street, Prince George SPECIAL VOTING OPPORTUNITY Special Voting Opportunities will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the following locations and times: • 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia, Prince George • 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the McBride & District Hospital, McBride • 3:05 p.m. to 3:35 p.m. at the Beaverview Lodge, McBride Only those qualified electors who are admitted as patients of the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia, McBride & District Hospital, and Beaverview Lodge, are eligible to vote at this special voting opportunity. MAIL BALLOT VOTING Mail Ballot Voting is available to qualified electors who: 1. Have a physical disability, illness or injury that prevents them from attending in person at another voting opportunity, or 2. Reside within Electoral Area H but more than 90 kilometres from the closest polling station at which they are entitled to vote. 3. Expect to be absent from the Regional District on general voting day and at the times of all advance voting opportunities. Applications for mail ballots in the prescribed form will be received by the Chief Election Officer from 4:00 p.m. on Monday, October 24, 2011, until 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. ELECTOR REGISTRATION To register as an elector, a person must meet the following qualifications: • 18 years of age or older on general voting day for the election; • Canadian Citizen; • resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months at the time of registration; • resident of the voting jurisdiction for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day, and • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Elector registration will be done at the time of voting. There is no advance registration for voting purposes. NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY ELECTOR REGISTRATION To register as a non-resident property elector, a person must meet the following qualifications: • not eligible to register as resident elector; • 18 years of age or older on general voting day for the election; • Canadian Citizen; • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately before day of registration; • registered owner of the real property within the voting jurisdiction for at least 30 days immediately before day of registration; and • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Non-Resident Property Electors may not vote more than once within a voting jurisdiction regardless of the number of properties owned. If more than one person owns the property, the person wishing to cast the vote for that property must provide, at the time of registration, written consent from a majority of the property owners. VOTER IDENTIFICATION Resident electors will be required to produce two (2) pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The documentation must prove both residency and identity. Classes of documents that may be accepted as evidence of identification are: a British Columbia Driver’s Licence, a BCID card, an ICBC Owners Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence, a British Columbia CareCard or GoldCareCard, a Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security Request for Continued Assistance Form SDES8, a Social Insurance Card, a Citizenship Card, a Real Property Tax Notice, a Credit Card, Debit Card, or a Utility Bill. Dated at Prince George, BC this 24th day of October, 2011. K. Jensen – Chief Election Officer

4 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


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» VIEWPOINT Daniel Betts

What lies beneath


ometimes it is not so much what someone says or how they act that defines a person’s intentions. A clever person might have the ability to hide their sadness or rage behind a facade of smiles and humour, but some of us can still feel the truth. Sometimes we see it in their eyes or hear it in their laugh. We feel the hairs stand up on the backs of our neck or we sense the hostility in the brevity of a greeting. We feel uncomfortable or on edge, despite the appearance of a fun environment. We tend to let our guard down and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We ignore those little subconscious nudges that tell us something isn’t right. I have a theory that anyone who has a negative agenda exhibits a very unique energy signature that we are all capable of detecting. Perhaps people have grown complacent in their greater abilities, but I believe there was a time in human history when detecting friend or foe was much easier. Such ability makes deciding who we can trust and who we cannot much easier. This ability is of particular importance to women. Last week, in Prince George, a 21 year-old man was charged with murdering four women. The accused is described as “a perfectly normal young man who comes from a respected family.” Looking at his picture he would seem to match his description as perfectly normal. How could his victims have known he was up to no good? Clouded judgement and circumstances play a role in these tragedies, yet these things could happen to anyone. The name Paul Bernardo comes to mind; another perfectly normal looking young man with terrible intentions. Malevolence is a hidden agenda, not an outward manifestation. Having the ability to sense something is off and acting upon it could be a lifesaver, not only for women, but for men as well. While it isn’t talked about much, there are currently dozens of missing men in British Columbia, whose disappearances remain unsolved. Tapping into the energy around us opens our awareness when we need it to. It tells us when the environment is unsafe. It tells us when a stranger is dangerous. It tells us when someone we are with is not thinking rationally. It tells us when someone is being untruthful or is hiding something. It tells us when someone means us harm, even if they are smiling. It augments our wisdom and warns us of danger.


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Substantial new electricity loads for B.C. Dear Editor, A new report commissioned by The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) has identified substantial new electricity loads for B.C. not previously accounted for in BC Hydro forecasts. These newly-identified electricity loads are more than double BC Hydro’s current load forecast of 5,800 gigawatt-hours by 2017, and nearly four times greater than the 6,500 gigawatt-hours of additional load forecast by 2025. As the CANWEA report states, additional demand from new, previously unaccounted-for loads in B.C. means the province is going to need 12,000 gigawatthours of new electricity supply by 2017 and 24,000 gigawatt-hours by 2025. To put this into perspective: 24,000 gigawatt-hours of new electricity load by 2025 represents nearly half of what BC Hydro is currently able to generate with its existing, but rapidly aging, energy generating infrastructure. These new load forecasts are based on the most upto-date information and they put a whole new light on discussions around the 3,000 gigawatt-hours of “insurance power” by 2020 that the energy minister and cabinet are currently reviewing. It should be very clear that the 3,000 gigawatt-hours currently under discussion are going to be swallowed up by new electricity demand long before any energy surplus emerges in this province.

AndreA Scholz

Publisher Production Manager

dAniel BettS


AdvertiSing office: drop Box: MAin: eMAil:

In short, there is really no time to lose if the province wants to be capable of meeting electricity demands over the next two decades, let alone be self-sufficient or have insurance power available. Now is definitely not the time to abandon the goal of electricity self-sufficiency or the jobs and economic opportunity that renewable energy development can create and support province-wide. David Field, Co-spokesperson B.C. Citizens for Green Energy


Thank You Dear Valemount A big thank you to all in the community who responded with care, concern and prayers. We are still hearing about people who were checking out the back roads looking for him. We appreciate your help. Thank you. Catherine, Ann, Laurel, Fitz and all Jim’s kids. – Valemount B.C.

SylviA grigAt

student office assistant

deAnnA Mickelow office assistant

contriButorS: birgit stutz, donalda beeson, aMber stayer, & Jennifer Meagher

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 5


Thieves attack local small business Daniel Betts EDITOR

arl Davis knew something was wrong when the Internet went down. Being the savvy tech that he is, quickly and skilfully, he tracked down the source of the outage. He was more than a little surprised to discover that the service went down at the source, 1201 5th Avenue, and the home of Robson Valley Internet Corp where Davis works. At 8 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, 2011 Valemount RCMP responded to a break and enter call at the exact same location. The RCMP arrived to discover thieves had caused severe damage to a door gaining entry to the building. “It looks like they used a big pry bar to break in and it damaged the door seriously,� said Rene Nunweiler of Robson Valley Internet Corp. The thieves made off with numerous tools, including a generator and a compressor. They also caused serious damage to the Internet services, causing the Internet to be down for a couple of hours. Once the RCMP gave Davis the go ahead, he went into the premises to assess the damage. He discovered the cables for the Internet service had been cut. “I don’t know why they would cut the cables,� said Nunweiler. “It could have

Voting Matters: A ‘Youthful’ Perspective Jennifer Meagher CONRIBUTOR


s a young person of the Village I can say with certainty that I have felt discriminated against because of my age. It seems some members of the community are blind to what young people offer, while in the same breath, sit and complain that they don’t do enough. One incident that stands out in my mind is when I expressed interest in helping with a group in town. I received only blank stares from the women involved. As our population continues to age, they will eventually want to step away from their various boards and organizations. Who will take their place if young people of this town don’t feel welcome? They need to be encouraged to participate throughout the process and evolution of a group and not simply expected to jump up in excitement when someone else leaves. Without opportunity today why would they express interest tomorrow? The resulting closure or cancellation of projects and events is not healthy for anyone in the community. Young people are not apathetic. They have the motivation and skills necessary to be contributing and constructive. Sadly, if they feel there is no space for them, they lose interest. This is not to suggest that people here don’t appreciate the value of youth or encourage them at

Gary Schwartz

McBride, BC

(250) 569-3319

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l Patt


ral A




In Valemount every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 1-800-846-9190 or (250) 672-9921

Affordable housing is a priority in our region and Creston is thankful that through its partnership with CBT and others we have been able to enhance the rental CBT supports efforts by the people housing sector. of the Basin to create a

every turn. There’s an endless stream who takes the time to give young people the push and confidence they need to want to do their part. The unfortunate reality is it only takes one cold greeting to shake most from their desire to get legacy of social, economic RON TOYOTA, MAYOR, TOWN OF CRESTON involved. and environmental wellThis upcoming election is a prime example of being and to achieve greater the public exhibiting caution and hesitation in self-sufficiency for present and future generations. relation to ‘the youth’. This year we have both new people who have never served in office and those who are relatively young in age who are running. These ‘young people’ are in their 30s. By 30 years old, most have the maturity, leadership ability, confidence, and cognition necessary to contribute almost anywhere. Perhaps this is just me and my silly ‘youthful’ perspective speaking but when I heard one particular member of the make the most of us community say “This is no time for youth. There’s | w w | 1 . 8 0 0 . 5 0 5 . 8 9 9 8 too much at stake and too much to lose,â€? it took everything inside my sometimes steaming head not to stomp my little foot and list the reasons why people their age shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near office. I didn’t and for one simple, very basic reason. That is not how I feel. It is not to the benefit of the community having only BC Hydro will begin upgrading homes and businesses with new smart meters. Moving to ‘youth’ in office, just a more efďŹ cient, modernized grid will create immediate savings for you, and it will help us as I’m a firm believer all enjoy safe, reliable, and more affordable power for decades to come. having only the ‘more Here’s what you can expect: experienced’, for lack                   of a better term, would PST. be a mistake. We need the imagination and           Â?   Â?  Â?  

exuberance of ‘young photo identiďŹ cation badges. people’ Their zealous  Â?Â? Â?       Â?      optimism will push us     Â?     through hard times and any physical modiďŹ cations that prevent a meter bring the community exchange. to a new stage of devel ­     Â?     € opment. Likewise, we minutes. would suffer without the worldly sophistica Â?Â?        Â?  tion of those with pomost cases it will last 60 seconds. litical background. We For more information about the smart meter installation mustn’t discount the process, visit many types of experience being put on the For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to you. Today we table. Each personal are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing story brings with it a facilities and working with you to conserve energy through Power Smart. different toolset, the combination of which will create a vibrantly healthy and balanced place to live.




been a vandalism thing or maybe they thought it was a security system.� Davis went to work splicing the dozen cable lines that had been cut. The outage affected about 300 customers. This past week there had been an Internet outage in the Tete Jaune area but Nunweiler explained that this was a separate issue from the break-in. “We’ve had this other years and we haven’t been able to pin point it,� explained Nunweiler. Between the satellite tower and the Tete Jaune tower the signal was having trouble getting through some unknown interference. “We climbed the towers and hung new gear, trying different things. It seems to be working well now,� said Nunweiler. Nunweiler said repairing the Internet from the thieves damage did not take that long, repairing the damaged door took much longer. The stolen equipment is also greatly missed. “I’d really like to get the equipment back. It’s hard being a small business,� said Nunweiler. Valemount RCMP are asking for public assistance locating those responsible. Police are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything to please call the Valemount RCMP at (250) 566 4466 or Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 222 3.36 x 4 TIPS (8177).

6 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

MCBride Elections

Two questions for McBride Village Councillor Candidates


t is the second week of The Valley Sentinel’s municipal election coverage and as promised we are featuring the Councillor Candidates and their responses to our questions. This week McBride Councillor candidates were asked: What is the biggest issue facing the village? And explain how you are qualified for Village Councillor? Incumbents were asked, “What was your greatest contribution to the Village during your last term?” Rajpal Basran - Business Owner Rajpal Basran believes the biggest issue facing McBride, today is the lack of industry. “There are not enough well paying jobs in McBride,” said Basran Rajpal Basran believes he is qualified to run for council because, “I believe in this town and I believe McBride has an abundance of untapped potential.”

Vanessa Byron-Stanley - Paramedic Vanessa Stanley believes the lack of jobs within the community continues to be a constant stressing factor which every member of our community struggles with either directly or indirectly. “I feel that the biggest issue is a perceived lack of honesty and disclosure faced by citizens when they ask local government for financial and planning information. These issues can be faced with a council that works together with the community to lift burdens and foster trust.” Byron-Stanley views her 11-year commitment to the Village of McBride as a paramedic as one of her many qualifications for Village Councillor. “I am confident and able,” said Byron-Stanley. “I believe in the dignity and worth of all people. I absorb and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. I am committed to social justice and to an enhanced quality of life for every citizen. I am motivated to seek multiple strategic solutions. I invite participation and can delegate efficiently. I do not want to see our services cut.” She notes that she worked numerous jobs just to make ends meet, “as do many other young families who struggle to do what it takes to stay in the valley.” She believes in education and the need to support our teachers and school systems. “I am presently at University so that I am able to bring more benefit to our McBride community. Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I see value in the skills and focus of business owners, farmers and independent local workers who have struggled to contribute to the community.” Allan Frederick - Past Village Councillor “I believe that lack of local employment opportunities and the difficulty in attracting new industry to our community are of major concern,” said Frederick. Frederick is committed to promoting the Village of McBride to ensure sustainability in the future. Allan Frederick views his previous two terms as Village Councillor (2002 – 2008) as his qualifications and wishes to return to the role as Village Councillor. “I am active in the community and have many years of financial and administration work experience,” said Frederick. Nelson Hicks - Business Owner Nelson Hicks believes the biggest issue facing the Village is our economic downturn. “But its facing every northern rural community in British Columbia, its not much different in Valemount or Fort Nelson or Burns Lake,” said Hicks. Northern communities are all rolled into the same struggle. Hicks views his business experience as a qualification for Village councillor. “I have 30 years of business experience in the Robson Valley, and I think I could add at least a business perspective to the Village Council,” said Hicks. In his time in the valley, Hicks has run 4 successful businesses. His current venture into organic farming has given him an appreciation for the great potential of farming for the Robson Valley economy. Lori Kimpton - Volunteer Lori Kimpton believes McBride is in need of economic growth and development. “All potential business or industry must be encouraged and supported with optimism, diplomacy, and professionalism.” Kimpton sees McBride as a vibrant, active community with huge potential. Economic stability will help to ensure that there are jobs to keep the young people in our valley and to encourage new families to relocate. “I welcome the opportunity to work with other community members to help stimulate the economy by attracting new investors, jobs and families to McBride.” Lori Kimpton believes her strong network in McBride and her willingness to listen to any concern or suggestion and forwarding them to council from an impartial perspective are a few of her qualifications for Village Councillor. “I am a lifelong resident of McBride and have watched our community grow and change over the years,” said Kimpton. She brings a university degree, 25 years of volunteer experience and countless attendance at committee meetings working together in the best interests of our community. “I am energetic, focused, and care about McBride’s future.”

Randy Kolida - Business Owner Randy Kolida contacted The Valley Sentinel to inform us that the answers to his questions are forethcoming and we hope to print them in our next issue. Michael Monroe - Business Owner Mike Monroe believes the biggest issue in McBride is a divided community. He believes the community needs to pull together as one. Mike Monroe sites his six years of serving in local government through the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George as his primary qualification for Village Councillor. “I know how government doesn’t work. I believe politics can never be made personal. I have a sense of humour,” said Monroe. Monroe also notes his deep roots in the community as an important asset. “There is no one with deeper community roots than I. My heart is here as well. I have forty plus years as a private small businessman, not that business should ever enter into politics, the experience is an asset,” said Monroe. Irene Rejman - Incumbent Village Councillor Irene Rejman believes the biggest issue in the Village is keeping our existing infrastructure going and to be able to provide the services we have in place. Rejman noted the lack of stable industry in McBride is also of concern. Irene Rejman views her dedication to the Village of McBride as her biggest contribution during her term as Village Councillor. Having the time commitment to attend many meetings and to be present and visible at community events in support of the McBride community demonstrated her dedication. “I am a team player with common sense,” says Rejman. Kevin Taphorn - Business Manager Kevin Taphorn views the reduction of direct and indirect cash flow throughout the community as the biggest issue facing the Village today. Taphorn believes the reduction is “driven by a downfall of secure industry employment within the valley. This has influenced some unsupported negativity within our Village.” Taphorn views his ethics as his best qualification for councillor. “The title of councillor is a dedication that is deeded for an individual whose interests and views attract the majority of their supporters. Misleading with a loud voice can be a harmful outcome. My personality and ethics doesn’t adhere to miss direction, and allows me to act professional when representing the future of our community,” said Taphorn. Rick Thompson - Incumbent Village Councillor Rick Thompson believes the biggest issue facing McBride today is a lack of sustainable job opportunities, which has resulted in families having to live and work apart and has had negative impact on individuals and the moral of the community. “Families want to live in McBride and need to see a future that includes viable employment in order to appreciate all that McBride has to offer,” said Thompson. Thompson believes his greatest contribution during his last term was his ability to work as a team with Mayor and Council to bring many levels of government together to leverage tax dollars with other grant money to complete many infrastructure projects including senior’s housing, sewer and lagoon upgrades, water intake and distribution upgrades, sidewalk and road improvements to mention a few. “These investments have improved the quality of life for residents and have set the stage for growth in McBride. This work is ongoing as we continue to work with BC Hydro and the Provincial government to improve the transmission line and acquire a biomass electricity purchase agreement for our area. This combined with many run of the river power projects will be a part of our diverse economic future,” said Thompson. Eunice Wentz - Education and Management Eunice Wentz is concerned about the dwindling population of McBride. “So many young families are moving away to find work. Our population is dwindling. This shift has historically had negative effects on small communities, such as cutbacks in the services provided by schools and hospitals, and in struggles for local businesses. We are suffering from a subtle, yet significant, loss of joy and pride and spirit,” said Wentz Eunice Wentz sights her concern for the well being of McBride as part of her qualifications for Village Councillor. “I’ve lived in many communities and I care deeply about the well being of McBride and its surrounding community,” said Wentz. She says she has had many years of work experience, primarily in education and business office management. “I’m well read and well educated. I know quite a lot about social interaction and I’m always curious about the reasons behind the actions.”

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 7


Second question for McBride Mayoral Candidates


cBride Mayoral Candidates were asked to explain, how are you qualified for Mayor? Incumbent candidates were asked, “What was your greatest contribution to the Village during your last term?”

Your Vote is Your Voice

Mike Frazier - Incumbent Mayor Mayor Frazier notes that the biggest contribution during his term as mayor was in providing local government stability and teamwork. “We have been very successful in securing grants and partnerships with other levels of government to provide local infrastructure needed for future growth at a minimal cost to our taxpayers,” said Frazier. According to Frazier, the water system improvements and the new award winning Eco-sensitive Solution to waste water systems are good examples of the partnerships Mayor Frazier was a part of.

Let your voice be heard on November 19th

CORPORATION OF THE VILLAGE OF MCBRIDE Allen Birnie - Manager Al Birnie notes his extensive past experience in civic politics, managing staff and financial matters, journalism, teaching and negotiations with governments and business as his primary qualifications for Mayor. “I fell in love with McBride the first time I saw it, and have been very involved in a dozen different community activities since I moved here,” said Birnie.

Loranne Martin - Village Councillor Councillor Loranne Martin sees the setting up the Community Foundation and granting of monies back to the community for worthwhile projects, as her biggest contribution to the Village during her term as Village Councillor. “I see the potential the Community Foundation has as one of the best ways to give back to your community because donations to the endowment fund stay in the community and interest earned on the donations is granted back to the community. Definitely a winwin,” said Martin.

NOTICE OF ELECTION BY VOTING PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of the Corporation of the Village of McBride that an election by voting is necessary to elect a Mayor and four Councillors, and that the persons nominated as candidates and for whom votes will be received are: MAYOR – One (1) to be elected Surname BIRNIE FRAZIER MARTIN

Usual Names Al Mike Loranne

Jurisdiction of Residence 835 Bridge Road, McBride 785 Dominion Street, McBride 878 5th Avenue, McBride


Usual Names Raj Vanessa Allan Nelson Lori Joe Mike Irene Kevin Rick Eunice

Jurisdiction of Residence 1690 Sansom Road, McBride 3417 Dore River Road, McBride 4443 Mountainview Road, McBride 2975 Westlund West Road, McBride 1138 McBride Crescent, McBride 1301 2nd Avenue, McBride 5795 Mountainview Road, McBride 202 Dominion Street, McBride 361 Dominion Street, McBride 800 Airport Road East, McBride 1152 Fourth Avenue, McBride

VOTING DATES AND LOCATIONS GENERAL VOTING will be open to qualified electors of the Corporation of the Village of McBride on Saturday, November 19, 2011 between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm at the following location: Village of McBride Municipal Office 100 Robson Centre – 855 SW Frontage Road McBride, BC


ADVANCE VOTING will be available to qualified electors on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at the following location:


Village of McBride Municipal Office 100 Robson Centre – 855 SW Frontage Road McBride, BC

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Village of Valemount has posted two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the following: 1.

Community Hall Upgrades


Update of Fire Hazard Risk Assessment and Wildfire Protection Planning Project

The “Community Hall Upgrades” document has been posted on our webpage and also through CivicInfo BC webpage for easy reference. Documents can also be picked up at the Village Office. The closing date for proposals is set for November 30, 2011. The “Update of the Fire Hazard Risk Assessment and Wildfire Protection Planning Project” document is posted on BC Bid and also on our webpage for easy reference. Documents can also be picked up at the Village Office. The closing date for proposals is set for November 14, 2011. Anyone interested in these two projects can refer to the above mentioned web pages or contact the CAO Tom Dall at the Village Office.

A SPECIAL VOTING OPPORTUNITY will be available at the McBride & District Hospital (1136 5th Avenue) from 2:30 pm 3:00 pm and at the Beaverview Lodge (1084 5th Avenue) from 3:05 pm to 3:35 pm on Saturday, November 19, 2011. Only those qualified electors who are patients, residents or staff of the McBride & District Hospital or the Beaverview Lodge at the time of voting may vote at this special voting opportunity. ELECTOR REGISTRATION There is no need to pre-register to vote as the registration of all electors for this election will take place at the time of voting. You will be required to make a declaration that you meet the following requirements: • 18 years of age or older • Canadian citizen • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately preceding voting day • resident of OR registered owner of real property in the Village of McBride for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day, and • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Resident electors will also be required to produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The identification must prove both residency and identity. Non-resident property electors must produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity, proof that they are entitled to register in relation to the property, and, if applicable, written consent from the majority of the property owners. Eliana Clements Chief ChiefElection ElectionOfficer Officer

8 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


Valemount Anglican/united church Annual Harvest supper Friday, November 4 at 6 PM at the Seniors Citizen’s Hall. Adults $15, Children 6-12 $8 and 5 and under Free. For tickets contact Pat Bennett 566 4179, Betty Hannis 566 4254 or Jean Froescul 566 4316 VALEMOUNT IDOL TALENT COMPETITION Friday, November 4 at 7 pm at the Valemount Community Theatre Contact Andru McCracken email: VACS Presents COMPANY JUMP Saturday, November 12, 2011 7:30 at the Valemount Community Theatre Tickets are available at Infinity MINI CRAFT FAIR & BAKE SALE Saturday, November 12, 2011 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. SOUP & SANDWICH GOLDEN YEARS LODGE HALL TABLE RENT $5.00 TO RESERVE YOUR TABLE CALL BOBBI ROE @250.566-1068 ALL PROCEEDS TO MEALS-ON-WHEELS PROGRAM Maria’s Community Book Fair Saturday & Sunday, November 12-13, 2011 Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-5pm at the Valemount Secondary School. With full concession. Come check out the local writers and artists. All proceeds go to Meals on Wheels.

SONGBIRDS Travelling MUsic School Thursday, November 15-17, 2011 SONGBIRDS is a wandering music school that focuses on inspiring the human spirit through creative and musical skill-sharing. For more information, please contact Shara at 250 968 4411 1st Annual MMA Fundraising Dinner Friday, November 18, 2011 - 6:30 p.m. Help the club raise money and enjoy a great meal and bid on auction items. MMA demonstrations. Tickets $25 each can be purchased through the Best Western, Infinity and through the MMA club. Call Erik or Jodi for more info 250 566 4808 Valemount aRTS & Crafts Fair Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 10 a.m to 3 p.m. Valemount Secondary School Gym Concession and Childrens Activities Please contact Jan (250) 566 4396 to book a table. Proceeds got to the VSS French Trip Mcbride secondary christmas craft fair Saturday, Nov. 26, 2011 11a.m. to 3 p.m. McBride Secondary School Approximately 40 tables of beautiful handcrafts and baked goods from throughout the Robson Valley. Table fees are $15 or 10% of sales whatever is greater to a maximum of $50. Proceeds to go toward the PAC. Please contact the school at 250 569 2295, if you are interested in booking a table or to ensure you will have your usual table asap.

Pre-Service Orientation and Safeguarding Course for Foster Parenting November 8th and 9th from 9am-4pm Location MCFD office in McBride Cost: Free Contact Patrick Atherton for details 250-564-9064 ext. 25

Valemount All Candidates Forum Monday, November 7, 2011 7PM at the VSS Auditorium. Toastmasters will be moderating. There will be a short mix and mingle immediately following the forum to meet the candidates. “Meet the Candidates” McBride Come out and meet the McBride Village Council and Mayor candidates of McBride. The McBride Chamber of Commerce Social and “Meet the Candidates” is Thursday, November 3, at 6:30 p.m. at the Elks Hall. McBride All Candidates Forum Get engaged in the McBride local elections; do not miss the McBride All Candidates Forum on Wednesday, November 9, at 7:00 p.m. at the Roundhouse Theatre.

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McBride boat launch construction Birgit Stutz CONTRIBUTOR

“Combined Effort”

On October 25, Ministry of Transportation, Lakes District Maintenance and the Village of McBride, begin work on the first stage of a new boat ramp to the Fraser River. Photo by Astrid Frazier


here was a beehive of activity near the Fraser River bridge last week as close to a dozen volunteers were busy preparing a parking area for a future boat launch next to the Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Park. “It is a drive through and parking, so it’s easy to access with trailers,” said Lucille Green, area manager of roads for the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and one of the co-ordinators of the project. The project was a collaboration between the Min-

istry of Transportation, Lakes District Maintenance (LDM), the Village of McBride, and the Fraser River Boating Association. Village of McBride staff spent a couple of hours stripping the vegetation off the base. “We had equipment there already, so it was convenient,” said Chief Administrative Officer Eliana Clements. The Ministry of Transportation and LDM volunteered their time and effort, donating two days of equipment and men. “They also hauled material that the MoT had provided from the King Creek pit to the parking area,” said Green. “Between the MoT and LDM, we donated about $10,000 in labour, equipment and material.” Green said the MoT has been doing these projects for small communities throughout the province. Jim Bartlett, Chair of the Fraser River Boating Association, volunteered quite a bit of time as well, driving one of the LDM trucks. “LDM lent us assistance with trucking, packer and loader,” he said. “It worked out really well.” Green said the majority of work on the parking area is completed, but some finishing touches will need to be done once the ramp is built. “It’s a wonderful project,” said CAO Clements. “We are appreciative of what the MoT and LDM did for us.” The Fraser River Boating Association, which was formed in April, is now trying to raise funds to build a boat ramp. “We are gathering information so a grant application can be submitted,” said McBride Economic

“First Stage Complete”

The majority of the work on the parking area is complete, just some finishing touches remain once the ramp is built. Photo by Astrid Frazier

Development Officer Margaret Graine, who is assisting the association with the grant application. For more information on the Fraser River Boating Association contact Bartlett at 250-569-2614. Vicepresident of the association is Glen Hooker.

Phone: 250-566-4601 Fax: 250-566-4602

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alemount Idol is back as a standalone megacelebration of local and regional talent. This Friday’s show is a grand collaboration between the Valemount Arts and Cultural Society, Valemount Days Committee, and VCTV brought into being by a ton of great volunteers. Valemount Idol is a little like the reality television, but different, it’s no longer just a music competition. This year we will see singing, dancing and who knows what else. The stakes are higher than ever, a single grand prize of $600 will be awarded to the contestant who wins the competition, $200 goes to the second place winner, and $100 to third place. Unlike other reality shows, Valemount Idol has the most supportive audience ever gath-

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Riette Kenkel, Manager and Team Leader

ered into an auditorium. Everyone is invited to the Valemount Community Theatre at the high school. There is a nominal entry fee of $1 for the audience, and contestants must pay $5 to take a chance at the big prize. Make it a night out! The evening begins with a chilli and bun fundraiser by French students (for their trip to France) at 6:15pm. Contest begins at 7pm.

Thank You! I thank my GOD upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3 Thank you for all the innumerable acts of kindness, thoughts and prayers. Our hearts have been overwhelmed and blessed in so many ways that words cannot express how loved, supported and cared for we have felt during this difficult journey. With sincere gratitude, Ted & Nancy Barr



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Village of Valemount Council Briefs Donalda Beeson CONTRIBUTOR


he regularly scheduled council meeting for the Village of Valemount was held on October 11, 2011. Deputy Mayor Murray Capstick, Councillors Bobbi Roe, Cynthia Piper, and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Corporate Officer Tom Dall attended. Mayor Bob Smith, and Councillor Rita Tchir were absent. Unfinished Business CO Re: BC Council on Substance Abuse – Annual Membership Council carried a motion to not renew their annual membership with the Council on Substance Abuse following a report back from Councillor Roe. Correspondence for Action: Canadian Geothermal Energy Association Re: Geothermal Power Forum 2011 Council received an invitation from the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association regarding an invite to the

Elect Cynthia Piper for Mayor I have worked hard for the people of Valemount for the last 6 years on Council. I will continue to represent local issues and needs to policy makers and investors who will make a difference for the community.

Tires available Mount & Balance included in price Call for quotes & appointments Alpine Country Rentals

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VILLAGE OF VALEMOUNT APPLICATION FOR A DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Village of Valemount will consider an application for a Development Variance Permit from Chris and James McKennitt for the premises described as 1145 9th Avenue & 1133 9th Avenue, Valemount (currently being amalgamated), being Lot 15 & 16 Plan 27976 District Lot 7355 Cariboo Land District at the Regular meeting on November 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers at the Village Office at 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount. The purpose of the Development Variance Permit is to: 1.

Allow a garage larger than 50% of the principle residence on the property

A copy of the proposed permit may be inspected at the Village Office at the above address during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, from this date up until November 7, 2011. Tom Dall Chief Administrative Officer

Geothermal Power Forum November 4, 2011, for information only as it is happening at the same time as the 2011 Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Summit. Valemount Mixed Martial Arts Club Re: Sponsorship/Donation Council carried a motion to donate $100 and become a White Belt Level sponsor of the Valemount Mixed Martial Arts Club for their fundraising dinner on Friday, November 18, 2011. Wildfire Protection and Prevention Committee Re: Minutes of Regular Committee Meeting: October 18, 2011 Council carried a motion to support the Wildfire Protection/Prevention Planning Committee in letting Harry Offizier know of the concerns regarding the amount Rural Communities will need to provide to continue with Wildfire Planning. Council also carried a motion to support the Wildfire Protection and Prevention Planning Committee in taking on the Woodstove Exchange Program with the use of previously allocated funding for this project and to create partnerships with the Province, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George. Valemount Sports Day Committee Re: Waiving of VSS Rental Fees Council carried a motion to waive the rental fees associated with the use of the Valemount Secondary School Community Theatre to host Valemount Has Talent Night (Valemount Idol) on Friday, November 4, 2011. Administrative Reports CAO Re: Use of Fire Hydrants Council carried a motion to approve Policy 10 Use of Fire Hydrants and have the Mayor and Corporate Officer sign the document. CAO Re: December Council Meeting Change Council carried a motion to cancel the meeting for December 13, 2011 and replace the regular meeting to December 6, 2011 in order to comply with the requirements in the Community Charter. Financial Reports DOF Re: Canada Day Grant Council carried a motion to approve the grant application to the Department of Canadian Heritage in relation to the “Celebrate Canada” Program for organizing activities to celebrate Canada Day. DOF Re: Wes Hudson Light Up Contest Council carried a motion to approve that prizes in the amount of $50 and $25 be awarded for the first and second prize in both residential and commercial categories for the Wes Hudson light UP Contest and to be advertised in the local media starting this year December 9, and with judging taking place on December 19.

Council carried a motion to defer to the new council the decision of when to close the Village Office over the Christmas season. DOF Re: Schedule of 2012 Regular Council Meetings Council carried a motion to defer to the new council the approval of the 2012 Council Meeting dates and approval to advertise and post the Regular Meeting Schedule in January 2012 as per the Community Charter. DOF Re: Insurance Council carried a motion to approve the new Underwriters Insurance quote (continuing our insurance with a local business) and; to obtain other insurance quotes yearly in order to ensure the Village is receiving the best service per taxpayer dollar. DOF Re: SMARTTool Agreement Council carried a motion to approve the Agreement and Addendum between the Village of Valmemount and Shared Services BC for SMARTTool Services. DOF Re: 2011 Financial Plan Budget Council carried a motion to approve the expenses compared to budget for the time period of January to September 2011. Bylaws/Policies Capital Works, Machinery, and Equipment Reserve Bylaw No. 679, 2011 Reconsideration and Adoption Council carried a motion to reconsider and adopt the Capital Works, Machinery, and Equipment Reserve Bylaw No. 679, 2011. Village of Valemount Traffic Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 678, 2011 First, Second, and Third Reading Council carried a motion to defer until further consultation the reconsideration and adoption of the Village of Valemount Traffic Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 678, 2011. For more information concerning this bylaw or anything else mentioned at the Council meetings, please contact the Village Office and note that the public is invited to these meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday’s of every month at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

DOF Re: Christmas Season Closure 3.36” x 4”

ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES PROGR AM APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED CBT is accepting applications for projects that help to maintain and enhance the environment in the Columbia Basin. Deadline is Monday, November 14, 2011. NOTE: There will NOT be a spring 2012 application intake. Twitter

There have also been important changes made to CBT’s Environmental Initiatives Program in regard to funding Twitter amounts and eligibility criteria. Applicants are highly encouraged to review these before applying. Learn more at, or contact Rick Allen at 1.800.505.8998 or • 1.800.505.8998

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“Migrating Waxwings”

The Mountain Ash next to The Gathering Tree hosted hundreds of hungry cedar waxwings on Sunday, October 23, 2011 where they stripped the tree of it’s berries within 2 hours. Photo by Andrea Scholz

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 11

LOCAL GOVERNMENT Village of McBride Council Briefs Birgit Stutz

will be brought forward at the November 8 Council meeting.



he regularly scheduled meeting for the Village of McBride was held October 25 with Mayor Mike Frazier, Councillor Rick Thompson, Councillor Irene Rejman, Councillor Loranne Martin, Councillor Mike Moseley, Chief Administrative Officer Eliana Clements, Deputy Administrator/Treasurer Danielle Smith and Economic Development Officer Margaret Graine in attendance. Service and attraction sign CEO Clements reviewed the draft policy on Service and Attraction Sign with Council. At a previous Council meeting a request was brought forward to provide permission to erect three permanent “Artisan Signs” at locations identified on Main Street and First Avenue. The request was to use the same service and attraction signage used by the Ministry of Transportation and Tourism British Columbia. In a written report, CEO Clement explained to Council that the current Village of McBride Sign Bylaw No. 691 does not address this type of attraction and service signage. “Administration has reviewed various municipal signage bylaws and has not been able to find some examples of what other municipalities follow for service and attraction signs. It appears that most municipalities follow the guidelines outlined in the ‘Service & Attraction Sign Manual’ directional signing program that was created by the Ministry of Transportation and Tourism British Columbia. Therefore, we feel that the best way for Council to consider a regulation that would encompass service and attraction signage is to create a policy that follows the same regulations that have been implemented by the Ministry of Transportation and Tourism British Columbia and follow the requirements that have been identified for the entire province. … In addition to the policy, Council will need to consider how the signs should be displayed. Option one would be for individual signs to be located in various areas on the road right-of-ways, or option two would be to have one bigger sign at each entrance to the community identifying the attractions and showing a street address with the attraction.” CEO Clements attached a draft policy using these guidelines for Council to review. Council suggested a few amendments and a revision of the draft

Community Foundation Endowment Fund Councillor Martin reported to Council that the McBride Community Foundation Endowment Fund awarded $1,650 to five projects. No further information was disclosed at the meeting. Donations in lieu of presenter gifts Council carried a motion that a request be sent to the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) to investigate a process that in lieu of presenter gifts, that donations be made to northern local community foundations. TransCanada Yellowhead Association Board meeting Council carried a motion that Councillor Martin attends the TransCanada Yellowhead Association Board meeting that will be held in Edson, Alberta, November 4-5. Letter of support for 700 MHz spectrum A motion was carried that a letter of support be sent to the TransCanada Yellowhead Association in support of their lobbying Industry Canada regarding a fair and open (unrestricted) auction of the 700 MHz spectrum scheduled for 2012 with a recommendation that if the spectrum is not utilized within three years, that the licence be forfeited. Development variance permit Council received a Development Variance Permit Application regarding a new residence being built at a property located on Fifth Avenue and legally described as Lot 11, Block 14, District Lot 5316, Plan 1371, which is zoned Residential (R2). Property owners Jock and Carol Worth are requesting a variance to the front setbacks of the property. The Village of McBride’s zoning bylaw stipulates that the minimum front setback for this zone be 25 feet. The property owners are requesting that this setback be varied to 19 feet for their new residence. When looking at the building site, the builder was looking at the neighbouring residence and noticed that they are situated approximately 15 feet from the front of the property line. In order to maintain the street aesthetics and maximize the usage of the lot, the owners are requesting a variance for their new residence. Council carried a motion that the Development

Variance Permit Application No. 2011-01 be received and that a public hearing be held on November 8 at 7 p.m. Update from Northern Health Authority Mayor Frazier reported that during a phone conversation with Northern Health Authority (NHA) Chief Operating Officer Michael MacMillan, MacMillan informed Mayor Frazier that the NHA was in the process of filling a couple of health care vacancies in the valley. “He did not specify who or when, just that the NHA was working on it and they would be making announcements soon,” said Mayor Frazier. “MacMillan also stated there would be foreseeable changes in the health care services supplied for the valley. We, the Village Council, are always vigilant and want confirmation from NHA that there will be no loss of any health care services for our residents.” Thank-you letter Council carried a motion that a thank-you letter be sent to Dale Mason for the wonderful job he did on the caboose upgrade project. Mason was hired by the Village to paint the old CN Caboose located by the park at the CN Station. “Dale made some minor repairs and replaced some of the rotten boards, and basically rejuvenated the Caboose,” said Deputy Administrator/ Treasurer Smith. “The theme of a ‘Town on Track’ is in the Official Community Plan, and this project was planned for some time, and finally was completed this past September.” Eco-Sensitive Solution to Wastewater Treatment project CAO Clements told Council that Phase II of the lagoon project is ongoing and clearing of the area is almost finished.

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“First Snowfall”

The first winter dusting of snow for the season fell on Thursday, October 27,2011 creating a beautiful scene in Dunster, where horses, oblivious to the incredible view, foraged for the last of the grass. Photo by Andrea Scholz

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12 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


Historic trail up Swift Current Creek restored Birgit Stutz CONTRIBUTOR


historic horse trail has been resurrected and turned into a multi-use trail after a local horse club spearheaded a trail improvement project up Swift Current Creek with the assistance of Mount Robson Provincial Park staff, the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA), as well as individual volunteers. Last summer, the Robson Valley Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of BC cut out an old horse trail along the east side of the Swift Current Creek Valley in Mount Robson Provincial Park. The trail on the west side of the valley, which had previously been used by horseback riders and hikers, washed out a few years ago and was impassable. Members of the horse club cleared the entire trail from the trail head to the gravel bars, which is about four kilometres long, during two work bees in 2010, however, parts of the last 300 metres of the trail were very boggy and dangerous for horses to cross, so members of the horse club came up with the idea of putting corduroy down across the


August 16, 1988 - October 6, 2011

swampy areas to provide safe access for all users to the Swift Current Creek area. With a $5,000 grant from the BC Equestrian Trails Fund through Horse Council, which covered the cost for Yellowhead Helicopters flying the material for corduroy up Swift Current Creek, the horse club organized three work bees this fall to construct the corduroy. “The job is now finished and the trail usable,” said Mac Cochrane, Robson Valley Chapter ViceChair and Project Co-ordinator “We rode our horses across them. We got between 230 and 240 feet of corduroy done. There is one long corduroy and two short ones.” Cochrane said 190 hours of volunteer help were logged just for the construction of the corduroy, as well as 160 hours for the trail cutting last year. Mount Robson Provincial Park supplied the material for the corduroy and Mount Robson staff logged over 50 hours cutting the decking to length, pre-drilling the holes, transporting the material to the trailhead as well as loading slings and nets with timbers and decking. “We would like to thank Robson Park staff, especially Senior Park Ranger Hugo Mulyk, who is also the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Wayne Van Velzen, the Area Supervisor for Mount Robson Provincial Park, Kent Stasich and Darin Summerhays from the Valemount fire base, YORA, Horse Council BC, and everybody else who contributed to the project,” said Cochrane. “It is greatly appreciated.” Mount Robson Provincial Park is planning on

“A job well done”

Above: Mac Cochrane, Vice-Chair and Project Co-ordinator leads Monica Zieper and Mellany Ford to try out one of the newly constructed corduroy. 190 hours of volunteer help were logged for the construction of the corduroy . Photo submitted.

putting a multi-use sign at the trail head to invite hikers, horseback riders, cross-country skiers and snowshoers to use the trail. The trail head is located on the end of Howard Road just east of the Swift Current Creek bridge. Anybody interested in joining the Robson Valley Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of BC can contact Cochrane at 250-968-4498, Chair Brian Wallace at 250-569-2324 or Treasurer Reg Marek at 250-968-6801.

Jaymie-Lynn Robertson, eldest daughter of Chad & Belinda (Roe) Robertson passed away suddenly due to a tragic accident on October 6th, 2011 in her home in Chilliwack, B.C. Jaymie-Lynn was born on August 16, 1988 in Jasper, Alberta and spent her formative years in Valemount before moving to Prince George, Williams Lake and then to Chilliwack in 2000. Jaymie -Lynn obtained her Advance Lifeguard Training and spent several years working in Chilliwack as a swim instructor. Jaymie also had a passion for animals and obtained her Veterinary Assistant Diploma from Granville Business College in 2008 and worked as a Veterinary Assistant. Jaymie-Lynn had an incredible passion for life and was always on the go. She was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2008 but refused to let the illness slow down her zest for life or accept its limitations. Her determination and tenacity was, and will continue to be an inspiration to those who knew her. Jaymie-Lynn will be sadly missed by her parents, Chad & Belinda (Roe) Robertson, her sisters, Cassie and Makayla. Her maternal grandparents Bill & Bobbi Roe, fraternal grandparents, Caroline Laitenan & husband Bud Laitenen, Jack Robertson and wife Linda Robertson. She will also be remembered by many Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends. One of Jaymie-Lynn’s goals was to raise money for the B.C. Epilepsy Society. Anyone wishing to donate in Jaymie-Lynn’s name may do so online at Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the Lord your God with all of your heart with all of your soul and with all of your strength.

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14 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


Two questions for Valemount Village Councillor Candidates


t is the second week of The Valley Sentinel’s municipal election coverage and as promised we are featuring the Councillor Candidates and their responses to our questions. This week Valemount Councillor candidates were asked: What is the biggest issue facing the village? And explain how you are qualified for Village Councillor? Incumbents were asked, “What was your greatest contribution to the Village during your last term?”

Hollie Blanchette - Volunteer For Village of Valemount councillor hopeful Hollie Blanchette, the biggest issue facing the Valley is an urgent need for “sustainable employment,” which to her would mean “Good paying jobs with benefits and pension plans.” It is her prerogative that “We need incentives for families to move here.” She goes on to explain, “Good jobs would be that incentive.” What is more, “It is a chain reaction,” Blanchette feels, “once we get one industry here, [for example], a button manufacturer, others would follow. Soon we would have a hospital, our schools would be full, shops would be [able to open back up] again, and people would have financial stability.” Blanchette believes, “We need to get something started.” When we asked Blanchette how she felt she was qualified for council, she countered with, “are any of us qualified for council? How do we know?” What she does claim to know is she loves living in Valemount. In addition, she has been involved in several different organizations, she works with the public, she attended the financial meeting this year, and she follows what is going on within our town. She maintains that she “listens to people talking and pays attention to what they are saying.” The difference being she says, as a Councillor, she will have the chance to “make our lives in town better.” In addition, she says she “would be working with a team that has the same goals.” Dallas Bullock - Small Business Owner As a candidate for the Valemount Village Council, Dallas Bullock adamantly believes that the biggest issue facing the Valley today is most certainly the “loss of the youth” in our community. She goes on to say that, in addition, “With the lack of long term economic stability there is little to secure our community’s future.” Further, “Without saplings in the forest, there will be no trees.” Bullock says making the choice to live in the Robson Valley and raise her family is her first qualification in running for Village Council. “Even without previous experience with politics,” she says she holds “an excellent work ethic and a need to commit and follow through on projects.” That “Coupled with seven years of operating [her] own small business, [she has] practical organizational skills to offer a growing community.” In addition she points out that “Youth and imagination may not be [considered] a qualification but it can be an asset by adding a fresh outlook.” John Grogan - Association President As a candidate for council, John Grogan believes “the biggest issue facing the Valley today is the global economy. It touches each of us, some considerably more than others. There is a huge negative impact on families and community when families are separated in order that employment can be found elsewhere. Look around” he says “globalization kills local economies. For example, raw logs being trucked out of the Valley is exporting jobs out of our community. We need a community consensus of where we want to be as a community, and how to get there.” He feels “to this point we have been short-sighted in our approach to economic diversification; putting so many of our eggs in the tourism basket. We need to rediscover the self-sufficiency of previous generations. Rather than seeking capital projects from multinational boom and bust enterprises, we might better serve the short and long-term needs of the community if we were to instead, work toward cooperative self-sustaining models for economic survival. There are alternatives to the status quo,” he reminds. Grogan feels he is qualified for council as his wife Kathy and he “have lived in Valemount for the past 33 years, raising [their] children Jessica and Peter,” and he believes he has “demonstrated a commitment to community development through vision and action. Among other things,” he was “founding President of the Valemount Internet Society, founding Director of the Canoe Valley Youth Society, founding Station Manager of Valemount Community Television, founding member to the Three Valley Community Development Cooperative, and more recently the (founding) Interim President of the Canoe Valley Community Association.” In addition he says he is “retired and in good health,” and has “the stamina and interest in continuing to serve [his] community.” We can also attest to the fact that he has “been regularly attending Village Council meetings for years.” Therefore, he says he is “familiar with the procedures, while offering a fresh perspective.” Christine Latimer - Business Manager Councillor candidate Christine Latimer is not “running against any of the contenders for a seat on Council.” She is striving to be part of a strong team to support our community and “bring it forward economically.” Our greatest issue is economic development. Advancing this will “provide employment to our residents.” Latimer believes she is qualified for council because, as manager of Best Western Plus Valemount Inn and Suites, “Our hotel has proven to be a suc-

cessful leader in the tourism industry of Valemount.” She believes through her work at the hotel she has made good business decisions, provided an excellent service, and through its marketing efforts attracted visitors to the Village. Passionate and active in the community she is currently: Chair of the Valemount and Area Chamber of Commerce, board member of VARDA, Tourism Valemount, TOTA, TOATA Finance Committee, and a member of Ducks Unlimited. She has also been invited to “attend numerous round table discussions with our Local, Provincial, and Federal Governments. Peter Reimer - Business Owner Councillor candidate Peter Reimer believes the biggest issue facing the Valley today depends on who you are and what your expectations are. For some, the conditions of the Valley are what they expected and so, no big deal. Students are likely concerned with getting the necessary educational opportunities. Young families are concerned with employment opportunities. Business people are concerned with maintaining cash flow and trying to maintain a profit. Seniors are others with health conditions are probably concerned with receiving adequate health care. If more people live and work in the valley, these issues may be easier to be dealt with and needs met. Our biggest issue is for everyone in the Valley is then “to create, and maintain opportunities for growing our Valley.” Reimer has owned and managed a successful insurance agency in the Valley for 22 years. He has been a successful Notary Public for 18. He believes many of the principles required for operation of these types of businesses can be carried over to the management and operation as Councillor. His business goal has always been “to provide a service and product that is equal to if not better than what is available if someone went to a bigger population center.” This has meant changing with technology, keeping up with technical and academic education, and maintaining a positive outlook. Sandy Salt - Resident and former Village Corporate Officer Councillor candidate Sandy Salt believes the biggest issue facing the Valley today is a poor worldwide economic climate, making investors hesitant to commit to projects in the area. This in turn, affects employment for the community and forces many of its citizens to look for work away from home and their families. In some cases families are forced to relocate from Valemount which only further affects the local economy. Salt has worked the last four and a half years working as senior administrative staff for the Village of Valemount. She is currently the Village Corporate Officer. Having worked closely with Council and the Chief Administrative Officer, she developed a solid knowledge, understanding and experience of Council proceedings and its internal administrative procedures. This combined with 29 years of extensive Business Administration and accounting experience, she has knowledge in various fields including: Chartered Accounting, property management, regulation, forestry, retail, manufacturing, construction, service industry, insurance, and tourism. Her “related educational background, positive attitude, excellent public relation skills, strong communication abilities, and effective problem solving strategies, would be desirable assets as a Councillor.” She took a chance and moved to the Valley because of its potential. Salt is passionate and cares about the community, its future, and its citizens. Stuart Tait - Manager Councillor candidate Stuart Tait believes Jobs and diversity are the biggest issues facing the Village of Valemount. “We need to look for high end, long term projects, as well refine quality segments for tourism opportunities,” said Tait Tait views his previous 30 years of experience on the front lines of the public service sector as his qualification for Village Councillor. Tait sees his management experience and his ability to communicate one on one, as well as his day to day interactions with the Village of Valemount as positive assets that will benefit council. Rita Tchir - Incumbent Village Councillor For incumbent councillor Rita Tchir the most important issue facing the Village of Valemount is the economy. In running for council again this term, Councillor Tchir says she will “be actively involved in promoting Valemount to all levels of government and potential investors as part of the solution.” Councillor Rita Tchir feels that “being an elected councillor for 19 years qualifies [her] for this position.” In addition she has “served on countless committees such as public works, healthy communities and emergency planning, along with recreation, regional district, library, museum/historic societies, children’s activity society and boundary expansion etc.”

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 15


Second question for Valemount Mayoral Candidates


almount Mayoral Candidates were asked to explain, how you are qualified for Mayor? Murray Capstick - Village Councillor Murray Capstick feels he is “qualified for the position of Mayor for the Village of Valemount for the following reasons: 40 years of experience in Municipal Government, 37 years as a Municipal Employee, and three years as a Councillor for the Village of Valemount. Over the years he has worked very closely with many government agencies and been involved with numerous major projects, such as the construction of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, airports, parks, cemeteries, paving projects, new water mains, sewer mains and many more infrastructure projects as an employee and councillor, all with the aim of improving the infrastructure and services provided to the community.” Capstick is “proud of the level of cooperation and the collaborative approaches he was able to develop with these agencies and community partners, always with the best interests of the community in mind.”

Andru McCracken- VCTV Station Manager “Without open and transparent government any Notice No. 4-1 change can appear as a VILLAGE OF VALEMOUNT threat, and in truth it might be, if no one cares to consult NOTICE OF ELECTION BY VOTING the people,” says Andru McCracken explaining why PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY given to the electors of the Village of Valemount that an election by he feels he is qualified for voting is necessary to elect a Mayor and four Councillors, and that the persons nominated as candidates Mayor. “As a former journaland for whom votes will be received are: ist, he has learned to seek out informed opinions and tap MAYOR – One (1) to be elected into the wealth of experience in this valley and beyond. “We have the ideas, the talent and the skill to turn things Surname Usual Names Jurisdiction of Residence around, but if council cannot or won’t listen, that experTOWNSEND Jeannette 1934 Cranberry Place, Valemount, BC tise and opportunity is wasted. To do anything positive PIPER Cynthia 975 Beaven Crescent, Valemount, BC we have to do it together. The community forest, the bike MCCRACKEN Andru 1080 5th Avenue, Valemount, BC park, and the sled assisted ski hill are the latest examples CAPSTICK Murray 1255 9th Avenue, Valemount, BC of local ingenuity and cooperation.” It makes sense he says, “To elect a mayor who acknowledges our strengths. COUNCILLOR – Four (4) to be elected Council has to do more than stay out of the way.” As Surname Usual Names Jurisdiction of Residence “Council meetings have been a regular part of his life for BULLOCK Dallas DL 6016 Hwy 16 East McBride, Valemount, BC ten years,” he says during that time he has never held his TCHIR Rita 1426 5th Avenue, Valemount, BC opinion to himself and whenever something was at stake REIMER Peter 360 Loseth Road, Valemount, BC for local people, he has “always done his homework.” He SALT Sandy 510 Starview Road, Valemount, BC has “seen bad meetings and good ones.” He knows “the GROGAN John 880 Hillside Drive, Valemount, BC constraints, but has also seen the possibilities.” TAIT Stuart 1375 8th Avenue, Valemount, BC 1915 Cranberry Place, Valemount, BC LATIMER Christine Cynthia Piper - Village 1375 3rd Avenue, Valemount, BC BLANCHETTE Hollie Councillor Candidate Cynthia VOTING DATES AND LOCATIONS Piper believes she is qualified for Mayor as GENERAL VOTING will be open to qualified electors of the Village of Valemount on: she was a Councillor for six years and knows its Saturday, November 19, 2011 ins and outs. She truly between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm enjoys it and wouldn’t at the following location: run otherwise. “I think Village of Valemount Community Hall - 101 Gorse Street, Valemount, BC in running for Mayor I felt it was my time,” said Piper. Piper believes in working together. “What ADVANCE VOTING will be available to qualified electors as follows: a voter really does is put a group of people together to give them an opportunity to see each Wednesday, November 9, 2011 point of view. Each council is different.” She is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm prepared to work hard. Valemount Village Office – Council Chambers 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount, BC Jeannette Townsend Retired Former Mayor Mayor candidate Jeannette Townsend has 18 years prior experience. She developed and maintained a strong network of contacts with senior members of government, economic assistance agencies, industry representatives, the Columbia Basin Trust, and bureaucratic associations. She continues to be invited to Council of Forest Industries functions and has been honoured by the North Central Local Government Association and the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association with lifetime memberships. Such networks are established over a period of time in which a Mayor proves credible, responsible, and accountable. She helped realize many projects over the years: inclusion of Valemount in the Columbia Basin Trust, paving of town streets, first Community Forest feasibility study, airport and interpretive centre development, and securing funding for water filtration plant upgrading. In previous terms she worked for the good of the community. She’s diligent, dedicated, committed, and has an enthusiastic, tenacious, and proven track record.

ELECTOR REGISTRATION There is no need to pre-register to vote as the registration of all electors for this election will take place at the time of voting. You will be required to make a declaration that you meet the following requirements: • 18 years of age or older • Canadian citizen • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately preceding voting day • resident of OR registered owner of real property in the Village of Valemount for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day, and • not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Resident electors will also be required to produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The identification must prove both residency and identity. Non-resident property electors must produce 2 pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity, proof that they are entitled to register in relation to the property, and, if applicable, written consent from the majority of the property owners (if you wish to preregister, forms are available to be picked up at the Village Office during normal business hours). “For clarification, no corporation is entitled to be registered as an elector or have a representative registered as an elector and no corporation is entitled to vote” LGA, s.49(3) Suzanne Bloodoff Chief Election Officer

16 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel


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Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: AUTOMOBILES


1988 JEEP YJ C/W SnowBlade, Beaconlight, 2-way radio. Approx. 275,000 km. $7,000 OBO Contact 250-5745880 or email ope56@ GTS NOV 2

1995 Blue SUBARU JUSTY 4WD - $1200 OBO Contact 250-981-1621

2007 800 SkiDoo Summit X, Rev XP, 159\” x 16\” track. Snow checked sled, superior shocks, springs & brakes. Electric start, temperature gauge, fuel caddy, scratchers, spare belt & plugs. One owner female rider, 6400km. Excellent condition and serviced annually. $5400. Call 250-566-4664.


2000 Pontiac Montana Mileage: 171,000 kms. New summer tires. Studded winter tires. Asking $3,500 Phone 250-566-4580


Youth dirt bike, 2009 BAHA 125 cc, 4 stroke, average condition. $700 OBO 250968-4481


2004 Black GMC Sierra 1500 Truck. 4 door, 95,000 kms, automatic, new box cover, remote, air conditioning, side steps, window guards. Like new $17,000 250-566-1242 GTS SEPT 21

1992 Cavalier Wagon PW & PL, Good condition, Good for student or second reliable vehicle. Contact 250-566-9854 $1200 OBO GTS SEPT 14

2000 Pontiac Maverick van, 161,000 km. Nice condition, running order but needs some transmission work $1,400 obo. Call 250-566-4392 GTS AUG 3

1997 FORD F 150 4 x4, reg cab, long box. Motor knocks, easy fix or good for parts. $700 250-566-4557 GTS JULY 20


Grazing lease available for cows, fenced pasture with grass and water available. Call Terracana for details. 250-968-4304 TFN OCT 5

Hay for sale, $40 a round bale. Call Terracana 250968-4304



2007 Prowler Travel Trailer 24 foot. Like new, rarely used. Nice floor plan, Full bathroom, shower, stove, oven, microwave, sleeps six. Large awning. Must be seen - 250-566-9834 $15,000. GTS SEPT 14


Excellent Condition Cast Iron Wood Stove on legs. Stove pipes included. Needs alteration for WETT Certification. $225 OBO Contact 250-566-4775 GTS NOV 2

NOV 16

Gentle Horse, 15 yo registered Arabian mare ridden by confident 11 year-old girl. $2500 OBO 250-968-4481 Ask for Diquita Cardinal GTS MAY 18


MOVING SALE! Varied contents of home including tools, electrical equipment, heaters, kitchenware, furniture, sports items, clothing. Open house Nov. 9 - 15, 10 am - 7 pm. 1148 McBride Crescent, McBride, Give us your Best offer: Take purchases with you! YARD SALE at Terracana Ranch continuing daily from 8am to 4pm until everything is gone. PROPERTY FOR SALE

FOR SALE BY OWNER 22 Individual furnished cabins. View floor plan www.pinebungalows. com - Newer 2 bedroom Serious offers BY FAX ONLY 780-852-3432 FOR SALE or RENT Mobile Home For Sale or Rent: 3BR 12ft X 64ft 1976 Mobile Home with 14ft X 14ft 1996 addition. Can be moved. Located in McBride. Reduced for quick sale. Rental purchase will be considered. Available NOW! $8500. Phone 604-5880069 for more info. GTS NOV 30

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Jackpine and fir, split and delivered. Contact Junior Osadchuk 250-566-4810

1976 Mobile Home for sale in McBride. Handyman Special 12x64, $8000 or rent $450/month. Call 250569-0236


NOV 30

12’ Aluminum Boat and late model 4HP Mercury Motor for sale. Includes removable chairs. Good condition. $1400 OBO Call 250566-9950




For Sale: A recording quality George Benson Ibanez Hollow Body Electric Guitar + case, $1000. We also have a variety of acoustic + electric guitars for sale. For more info call Deb Reimer @ 250 968-4335 GTS SEPT 08



will be in the area starting November 2. Contact 250-715-8978 for your flooring needs.

Well Pumping & Cleaning 25ft deep or less Call Frank 250-566-9707


Rental listings Valemount Real estate #008 #006-1

#015-1 #024

-HOUSES FOR RENTHigh quality spacious family home. 3 Bdrm / 2 bath. Fully fenced corner lot, double garage, garden and shed. $1100 Fully renovated home! 3 Bdrm duplex house. Wood/electric heat, pet ok. Fenced yard, shed, laundry. $700. -APARTMENTS FOR RENTMostly furnished 1 Bdrm suite in Triplex house. Shed, laundry, private entrance. Move-in ready! $500 Mtnview Apts. No smoking, no pets, clean and quiet building. Renovated 2 bdrm $575, 1 Bdrm - $475, Bachelor $375 Photos and details at - Call Jen 250-566-1323 WANTED


Mature couple and good dog seeking house to rent for winter. Furnished, wood heat, fenced yard preferred. Call 566-9715 NOV 9

RENTALS COSY Valemount home, central location. 2 bedrooms on main, partially finished basement with 2 additional bedrooms and laundry. Available Dec 1. Pets upon approval. 1295 6th Ave., $675. plus utilities. Phone 250-566-4317


Daniel James Simard December 13, 1970 to November 5, 2009 Fill not your heart with pain and sorrow But remember me in every tomorrow Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles I’ve only gone to rest awhile Although my leaving causes pain and grief My going has eased my hurt and given me relief So dry your eyes and remember me Not as I am now, but as I used to be Because I will remember you all And look on with a smile Understand in your hearts I’ve gone to rest a little while Forever in our hearts and in loving memory from Jolene and Tessa, Jane and Laurier Pelletier.


CN Apts 1 & 2 Bedroom Suites $520 and $590 per month plus Hydro. On site laundry, no pets please. Call Scott 250-566-1569 NOV 30

5-bedroom log duplex on 3rd Ave. Valemount. Available immediately. No smoking. $900/month Contact Chris 780-264-1651



MCKINNON FORESTRY CONSULTING in Merritt BC is currently looking for qualified forest technicians or professionals with extensive knowledge in forest planning and development. Two positions are available, 1) development and 2) development / cruiser. Cable block layout experience would be an asset. All interested applicants please e-mail resume to mckinnon.forestry@, please include references.



NOV 30

6 bedroom log home for rent. Call 1-250-615-8457 AUG 17 TFN



For Sale Horse Hay Square or round bales. Can deliver Semi-loads. Contact Doug 250-569-3201 McBride


CHEERS AND JEERS Cheers and Jeers is a new feature of The Valley Sentinel and is completely free and anonymous. If you wish to applaud someone’s efforts, submit a Cheer! If you want to get something off your chest submit your Jeer. Submissions cannot be more than 30 words. We will not print anything with foul language or is of a defamatory or libellous nature. Submit to: CHEERS

CHEERS to all Robson Valley residents who donated time, money and household goods in response to the loss of Dave Rykman’s home.


JEERS to the idiots who broke into and ripped off the Robson Valley Internet Corp. Return the equipment and crawl back into your cave.

The Valemount Health Centre is seeking a candidate to fulfill a private contract, providing for the needs of housekeeping and laundry services within the facility. This position is crucial to the maintenance of the cleanliness of the building and also provides added duties of small loads of laundry and gentle outdoor upkeep (sweeping / de-icing) to sidewalks. Applicants can apply, in writing, to: Debbie Strang Box 697 Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 For any questions, relative to this contract or position, applicants can contact Debbie at 250-566-9138 ext. 239

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday November 2, 2011 • 17

NOTES FROM ALL OVER Notes from All Over Donalda Beeson contributor

Operation Christmas Child The Operation Christmas Child Annual Shoe Box Campaign is taking place again at the Valemount Golden Years Lodge on Saturday, November 5, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. All items must be new. Please do not include toothpaste, food, soft gum, or candy, decks of playing cards, or any liquids or items that could leak. Please also do not send items that could scare or harm a child. To learn more you can visit aspx. Please remember to include $7 for shipping, and be advised that this is the only date we could get, so if you cannot make it please call Marian Plummer 250 566 4807 for pickup.

Dunster Fine Arts School General Meeting A general meeting of the Dunster Fine Arts School Society will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1, at the Dunster School. All are welcome to attend the meeting. We have some great ideas for the community use of the building and grounds over the next few years and would love to have input from as many community members as possible. With a very successful Forestry Conference under our belt and the music school coming up next month, we are ready to move forward! Come out and be a positive and constructive part of the process! Hope to see you there! Fostering the Future Foster families play an essential role in caring for children when their own families, due to a variety of circumstances, are unable. Fostering can be both challenging and demanding. It requires love, patience, and strong parenting skills. The Robson Valley area is looking for foster parents who have the capacity to meet specific needs: care-givers who are willing to provide quality care and help children maintain their cultural ties, homes for school-aged children with specific needs and potentially challenging behaviours, care-givers for teens, who are flexible, have safe boundaries, provide structure, and assist in healthy life style choices, homes for large sibling groups, homes for children and youth with special needs, respite homes, and emergency short-term homes. There will be a pre-service orientation by Axis Family Resources, on November 8 and 9, 2011, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact, Erin Earle by phone at 250 569 3760 or the Ministry Of Children and Family Development, 300 Robson Centre, McBride, B.C. 1266 Week of 10.31.2011

Village of Valemount to Impose a 40 km Speed Limit within Village Limits Be advised that the adoption of the Village of Valemount Traffic Regulation Amendment Bylaw No. 678, 2011, which will implement a 40 km speed limit everywhere within Village limits except where it is already 30 km, have been deferred to a following council meeting. This decision followed a landmark statement by Councillor Roe who said “I wonder if signs were a mistake without public consultation,” in regards to the previous bylaw adoption which resulted in the direction of more than a dozen stop signs throughout the Village being changed. Councillor Roe made a motion not

to adopt the new bylaw and to defer the decision until more consultation has taken place. The motion was seconded by Councillor Capstick who was acting as Deputy Mayor.

AGRICULTURE NEW COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. Paid 26 week work practicum. 16 weeks theory. Queen Bee rearing. Affordable residences. Starts January 9, 2012. GPRC Fairview College Campus-Alberta. 1-888999-7882; www.gprc. AUTOMOTIVE GET YOUR FOOT in the Garage Door. Learn basic engine theory, power train, suspension, job safety. Automotive/Heavy Duty apprenticeship opportunity. GPRC Fairview Campus.1-888-999-7882; AUTO FINANCING FREE CASH BACK WITH $0 DOWN at Auto Credit Fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599 www. DLN 30309. Free Delivery.

WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Christmas in November, $500 cash back. We fund your future not your past. All credit situations accepted. www. 1-888593-6095. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. Franchise opportunities now available. Call today for details 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: CAREER TRAINING WORK FROM HOME. Find out why over 1,285 CanScribe Career College Medical Transcription graduates, aged 18–72, can’t be wrong. FREE INFORMATION. 1-800466-1535. www.canscribe. com. admissions@



ACCOUNTING & Payroll Trainees needed. Large & small firms seeking certified A&P staff now. No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-424-9417.

WELDERS WANTED. Journeyman 2nd and 3rd year apprentices with tank manufacturing experience. Automated Ta n k M a n u f a c t u r i n g Inc. Located in Kitscoty, Alberta. 20km West of Lloydminster is looking for 15 individuals that want long term employment and a secure paycheque. Journey wages $33. $37.50/hour. Wages for apprentices based on hours and qualifications. Benefits, training programs, full insurance package 100% paid by company, savings plan for retirement, profit sharing bonus. Join a winning team. Send resume to: or fax 780-846-2241. Phone interview will be set up after receiving resume.

MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees needed! H o s p i t a l s & D r. ' s need medical office & medical admin staff. No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-748-4126. SERVICE MANAGER - Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (Hanna, Alberta). Opportunity in a perfect family environment. Strong team, competitive wages, benefits, growth potential. Fax resume: 403-854-2845. Email:

CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE L i f e g u a r d / I n s t r u c t o r. Come join the adventure in the Diamond Capital of North America! The City of Yellowknife is currently seeking an enthusiastic and qualified individual to assume the position of Lifeguard/Instructor at the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool in Yellowknife. The City offers an attractive salary of $54,270 $63,652 plus housing allowance, comprehensive benefits package and relocation assistance. For more information on this position and the qualifications required, please refer to the City of Yellowknife' s web page at: www. or contact Human Resources at (867) 920-5603. Submit resumes in confidence no later than November 11, 2011, quoting competition #602-138U to: Human Resources Division, City of Yellowknife, P.O. Box 580, YK, NT, X1A 2N4; Fax: 867-669-3471 or Email:

BANNISTER GM REQUIRES Journeyman Automotive and Collision Technicians. Situated at the foothills of the Rockies, 1.5 hours to Edmonton or Jasper, Edson offers outdoor enthusiasts a great living opportunity. Signing bonuses, moving allowances and top pay for the right candidate. Contact dean@ GET YOUR FOOT in the Garage Door. Learn basic engine theory, power train, suspension, job safety. Automotive/Heavy Duty apprenticeship o p p o r t u n i t y . GPRC Fairview Campus.1-888-999-7882;

NEW COMMERCIAL BEEKEEPING Certificate Program. Paid 26 week work practicum. 16 weeks theory. Queen Bee rearing. Affordable residences. Starts January 9, 2012. GPRC Fairview College Campus-Alberta. 1-888999-7882; www.gprc.



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In Loving Memory of Franklin A. Paul

Five years (Oct. 24, 2006) since your passing Our minds do wonder to memories of you, All the things you used to do, The family gatherings just aren’t the same, An empty chair, we speak your name. From up above we hope you can see, That place in our hearts , Where you’ll always be. Forever Remembered, Forever Loved “ Always in our Hearts”

Sadly missed by Your Loving wife Deanna, Sister Rosemary (Atsma Family), Brother Lorin (Paul Family) and Mickelow Family.

Advantage Insurance Services Ltd.

433 Main Street, McBride

Rosemary L. Hruby, CAIB Tel: 250.569.2264 Fax: 250.569.8838


Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 6pm Sat: 10am - 3pm

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18 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

ACTIVITIES HOROSCOPE FOR THE WEEK BY MICHAEL O’CONNOR Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Against the backdrop of emerging responsibilities prompting a rebellious urge, a deep and passionate mood is lingering. Yet you also feel playful, philosophical and adventurous. Beware not to dump dark moods on others. Rather share your thoughts, dreams and visions for inspiration and to alleviate the weight. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) Your heart is swelling for the people and things you love and so too are your passions. You feel enthusiastic and want others to share your inspiration. Directing these creatively and constructively is extra important. There is work to do on the home front to create beauty and/or balance. Avoid expectations, but do invite others to share your enthusiasm. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) Creating better health is on your mind. This may well include some of your closest relationships. Yet, the connection that matters most is not so much with others as it is within you. Striking a balance between both is ideal. Fortunately, your energy levels are running high and you can cover a lot of ground. Direct some of this to increase your intuitive receptivity. Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Investigating the prospects for making key investments is directing your focus. This includes paying closer attention to the details. Consulting others for expert advice is likely. Your sights are set on the future. You want to make conscious and well informed choices. Aim to lay claim to hidden gifts, talents and opportunities. Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23) The tide has turned to fun and games and creative projects, all close to home. You want to take some big risks. Yet, you may wonder if you have enough knowledge. Be careful of over analysis paralysis. Begin the creative process now. It will both prove educational and will show you if you need more knowledge and what that is. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) An explosion of thoughts, ideas, insights and realizations is blowing your mind! Accepting the call will lead you on a philosophical adventure. Yet, you may have to summon the courage to take deliberate and realistic action. Alternatively, the action will stimulate courageous will power. Focus on realizing your vision then outline a plan with goals and go! Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22) Your financial focus, interests and opportunities are being stimulated. This is leading you to learn many new things. Yet, you may still be plagued with doubt. If so, it may because you are thinking too much and not acting enough. Make calls and connections and be willing to learn. Some healthy strategic action now could produce some measurable returns soon. Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21) You are ready and willing to embark on new adventures. This moment has probably been brewing for months, even years. Now you must take initiative. This includes investing time and energy to decipher your direction. Balancing logic with intuition and genuine feelings is important, so your interests are anchored with emotional resolve.


Daytime Condition

Mostly Cloudy

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

40% 4°C -6°C --

Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21) The urge to retreat may feel extra strong now. This may lead you to venture out, like go south or to a retreat somewhere. Somehow you want to explore new territory. You could meditate or get lost in a novel and escape through a run of movies or be fortunate enough to fly away to an exotic land. However you do it, aim for tangible gains for best results.


Daytime Chance of Condition Flurries P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

60% 0°C -4°C --





Daytime Condition

Partly Cloudy

Daytime Condition

Rain Showers

Daytime Condition

Rain Showers

Daytime Condition


P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

40% -4°C -8°C -

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

40% 21°C 8°C -

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

40% 21°C 7°C -

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

60% 20°C 6°C -


sentinel THE VALLEY


Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19) Rubbing elbows with people of power and influence is on your mind. That you want to do so behind the scenes adds some intrigue to the plot. As your ambitions continue to run strong, the time is right to devise and/or act upon well laid plans. Either way, you will need information, answers and leads. Like it or not, the word is out that you are on the prowl. Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19) You are friendly yet also have quite a conservative side, but the time has come to get some recognition. Perhaps you have earned some rewards or a promotion or want the attention of others in positions of power and influence. You are quite open to the possibilities, yet also want results. Your willingness to learn more, to earn more, will likely be a part of the deal. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) A creative quest with some probing for answers, insights and realizations is keeping you busy now. You are willing to do what it takes to make you’re dream a reality. This will include research, investigation and perhaps a few new tricks and tools. The biggest danger now is that you will take on too many projects and get scattered. So, concentrate you focus, yet aim high qui ut too! s de por se nsePis re t, simpo it

must, , s al dae. lor sini mos m no l issi vernam les vo iam ni bo. 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“TRICK OR TREAT! Halloween 2011”

Above: Eveline Kolida faces an onslaught of cleverly disguised trick-or-treaters at the Valemount IGA. Top Center: Felecia Pownall at the Valemount IDA greets customers in her cute costume. Photos by Andrea Scholz

“What a grouch!”

Above: Despite a despicable reputation and an unfortunate choice in accommodations, Oscar the Grouch, AKA Karen Doughty, Grade 6 and 7 teacher at Valemount Elementary School, was greeted warmly by the Cookie Monster during the Valemount Elementary School Halloween Costume Parade. It just goes to show no matter what their background, monsters can learn to live in harmony. Photo by Andrea Scholz

“Clever Disguises”

Above: An unusually short wizard leads the charge of an unlikely team during the halloween invasion of Valemount, where youngsters showed up on doorsteps demanding “treats” from surprisingly well-prepared residents. Centre: A buggy on legs showed up at Valemount Elementary School. Aren’t these students too young to drive? Below: Shawna Zimmerman and Travis Wied avoided suspicion while walking the halls of Valemount Elementary School. Bottom: Shayla Wied introduces Ryder Bernicky to the excitment that is Halloween. Photos by Andrea Scholz

The Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society, in partnership with the Village of Valemount and the Governments of Canada and British Columbia invite you to join us as we proudly celebrate the official opening of

VALEMOUNT HOUSE 24 Cedar Street, Valemount, B.C. on

November 8, 2011 at 1 p.m. For more information, please contact Bobbi Roe at 250-566-4867

Valemount Community Theatre November 12, 2011 7:30 p.m. Tickets at Infinity

Valemount Real Estate Ltd. Property Management

Local rental listings and management services Jen Applebaum - Managing Broker, Property Management 250-566-1323

20 • Wednesday November 2, 2011 The Valley Sentinel

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Irene Berndsen

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Irene Berndsen, Sales Representative in McBride

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary


to Gordon & Alice Still Love from their family.

November 4, 2011

Ken & Joette Starchuck with grandson Liam in Dubia on top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Take The Valley Sentinel with you on your next vacation and have a chance to win Cougars tickets! Please join them in their celebration by stopping by their home for cake and coffee on Saturday, November 5, 2011 from 1-4 p.m. No Gifts please. Everyone welcome.

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