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London 20L2 On the 23rd and 24th of May, in the lead up to controversial (yes, they were at one point) London 2012 Olympics we ran a parody twitter account @London20l2.

The account was suspended after 30 hours of use, but in that time had amassed over 4500 followers, had received over 2300 retweets. And fooled everyone from the Telegraph to Mumsnet.

Your account (@London20l2) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.
 London 2012 @London20l2
 Official Olympics and Paralympics parody channel - Sport, culture, behind the scenes information and opinion on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. London
 46 Tweets
 5 Following 4,584 Followers The times and dates work backwards from when the account was suspended.

49m London 2012 @London20l2
 BREAKING: Director Danny Boyle will be including scenes from his groundbreaking film Trainspotting during the #london2012 opening ceremony. 1h London 2012 @London20l2
 Official Licenses to leave the UK during #london2012 Olympics are now on sale. Early bird rates of £150 pp or £350 per family now online. 1h London 2012 @London20l2
 The Cornish ‘flag’ is not a recognised #london2012 brand. It is not welcome at our games and neither are the Cornish if they can’t behave.

2h London 2012 @London20l2
 Accusations that LOCOG have added untraceable steroids to #TeamGB’s water supply are both outrageous and true. #london2012 4h London 2012 @London20l2
 In a taxi, stuck behind a bus, late for a meeting. Can’t wait for our #london2012 priority traffic lanes, no plebs to hold us up then! 5h London 2012 @London20l2
 This summer London will be a riot, but without the feral youth this time. Welcome to #london2012. 7h London 2012 @London20l2 Hooray. The mats for our fucking massive red Helter Skelter were delivered this morning! 69 tickets now on sale via #london2012 website.

8h London 2012 @London20l2 We have @mayoroflondon in the #london2012 office today. Get ready to bend over Boris, Coca Cola have brought their new size bottles to try. 9h London 2012 @London20l2 Free speech is now free to all our #london2012 VISA customer. Any other payment method will incur an extra charge. 20h London 2012 @London20l2
 Our #london2012 sponsors @proctergamble are ‘Proud Sponsors of Mums’, so if you don’t buy their products, you’re a failure as a mother. 23h London 2012 @London20l2
 It is now officially legal for anyone to run through the street of the UK with a stick on fire. Join the fun. #Olympictorch #london2012

23 May London 2012 @London20l2
 Officially we do not support sex workers plying their trade during #london2012. Unofficially, go for gold. 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 We would like to express our disappointment with Twitter for lifting the suspension on @ spacehijackers account. We shall be appealing. 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 London20l2
WARNING - Wearing these T-Shirts before, during or after #london2012 is illegal and you will be arrested. twitpic. com/8n90cq 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 How do we know that our #london2012 sustainability partners #BP are ecological? Because we’ve seen their logo, and it’s green.

23 May London 2012 @London20l2
 We’re very proud of our £400,000 #london2012 logo. But we did not intend for it to look like Lisa Simpson giving head. 23 May London 2012 @ London20l2
 Lord Coe “If we drop Dow #london2012 sponsorship for ethical reasons, we’d have to drop them all and that isn’t going to happen, bitches.” 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 BREAKING: Rumours that his excellency Seb Coe was seen entering the #london2012 site this morning with a Pepsi beverage are true. 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 The top 10 official reasons why #london2012 will be fucking awesome.

23 May London 2012 @London20l2 Wish we could spend all day on twitter but we have missiles to install, locals to evict and nuclear waste to concrete over. #london2012 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 Some people say we are fake. WHATEVER! Your Mother Works in McDonalds. (The really fuckin big one we just built) #london2012 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 People need to understand, #london2012 is not about sport. (Unless you count how much corporate cock you can fit in your mouth a sport.) 23 May London 2012 @London20l2 So a bunch of art school (@spacehijackers) kids got upset about their twitter account. Well, that’s how we do (big) business. #london2012

23 May London 2012 @London20l2 We asked twitter to enforce the rules for the @ spacehijackers account. Everyone must play by the rules. #london2012

a project by the vacuum cleaner @vacuumcleaner

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London 20L2  

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