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Preventing Common Dental Problems Dental problems involve diseases or disorders related to teeth or gums. Everyone experiences some or the other kind of dental issues at some point in their life. For avoiding complex dental issues, it is essential to take timely precautionary measures at the first sign of an impending dental disease. In this review, we will be covering some of the common dental issues that can lead to major problems if left untreated.

Tooth sensitivity A tooth normally does not have any sensation when it comes in contact with hot or cold food items or drinks. However, when the roots of a tooth become weak, it leads to sensitivity. If you feel a sudden, sharp tooth pain while having an ice cream or a cold drink, it is an indication of a weakening foundation of that tooth. The pain may disappear within a few seconds and this might encourage you to ignore the problem. However, if you wish to prevent a complex tooth decay or tooth extraction in the future, then you should immediately visit a dentist to get a preliminary dental check-up. It is best to opt for a Richmond dentist if you do not have a family dentist of your own. The dentist would examine your teeth and clean them thoroughly. He would also offer some preventive medication for strengthening the affected tooth.

Sore gums Sore gums are also a common problem that needs timely care and intervention. Sore gums can be a symptom of various underlying conditions. Primarily, a sore gum indicates minor infection caused by decaying food debris stuck between the gums. This can cause soreness and inflammation of the gums and may also lead to swelling if left untreated. For mild soreness, you can adopt some home remedies like warm compress or saltwater treatments. However, if the soreness doesn’t vanish within 24 to 48 hours, it is advisable to get a dental check-up. For a quick appointment, you can contact a Richmond dentist who can offer the best treatment at affordable rates.

Tooth decay Nothing can be more painful than a partially decaying tooth. Discoloration of the tooth is an early symptom of tooth decay. There are several types of bacteria inside our mouth cavity and a few species are known to cause tooth cavities or decays. Lack of proper oral and dental hygiene is the major cause of tooth decay. If you visit a dentist at the early stages, he would cleanse the decaying portion and remove all the bacterial infection and plug the cavity with a composite resin, a metal or a porcelain filling. However, if the infection or decay has penetrated to the roots, then you need to carry out a root canal. If the infection is too bad, then the dentist may also suggest a tooth extraction. In such cases, you may consult an implant dentist to learn about any possible alternatives. If you are opting for a tooth extraction, then you might need an artificial tooth. A skilled implant dentist can fix an artificial tooth that can function as a real tooth.

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Preventing Common Dental Problems  

A tooth normally does not have any sensation when it comes in contact with hot or cold food items or drinks.

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