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Our values make us different Let us tell you about them

Our mission To educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the public good

Welcome The University of Winchester has been in the business of Higher Education for over one hundred and seventy years. We were founded by the Church in 1840

“Winchester is a small University with a big

as the Diocesan Training School for

heart, populated by people who want to

teacher education and whilst changing

change the world for the better.”

dramatically in size and character over the years, we have retained the same values-

As a University we value freedom, justice,

driven approach to all that we undertake.

truth, human rights and collective effort for the public good. Indeed, our mission

A group of staff were asked recently how

reflects this. It is ‘to educate, to advance

they would describe the University: here

knowledge and to serve the public good.’

are two of the responses which are very much representative of the whole.

But don’t just take our word for it; do engage with us further and judge for

“The University of Winchester is an


institution that knows where it’s going but cares about how it gets there.”

With very best wishes

Joy Carter Vice Chancellor

Our values

We value freedom, justice, truth, human rights and collective effort for the public good. The plans and actions of the University of Winchester are founded in these ideals together with the following values:

Intellectual freedom Social justice Diversity Spirituality Individuals matter Creativity

The University relishes creative thought and the free and open expression of ideas. We strive to create an academic climate in which staff and students can pursue their intellectual interests in robust dialogue with others in and outside the University. The University seeks to use its expertise to influence and interrogate public life. We are a community of critical thinkers and we want to encourage our students to become active researchers in their own right. The most innovative work produced by our students is also published.

Intellectual freedom Intellectual freedom and its appropriate expression are at the heart of our business.

We believe that each individual has unique talents and potential, but that some individuals and groups receive an unbalanced distribution of wealth and resources. We strive to share the dividends deriving from our community of learning and our physical assets with all who can benefit from them. In practice this means working proactively, often in partnership, to identify disadvantage, understand its causes and deploy resources to support more equitable social and personal development. We encourage our students to value the worth of every individual and to develop the skills and knowledge to be advocates and agents for social justice.

Social justice We seek to embody social justice and develop our students as effective and fulfilled global citizens. They will be prepared to challenge the status quo and will have the strength to stand up for what they believe to be true.

We encourage and embrace diversity in the backgrounds, culture and outlook of our students, staff and governors. Diversity is infused in our curriculum, pedagogy, research and knowledge exchange, leading to deeper understanding of the human condition and strong, effective links with a range of communities both close at hand and overseas. We believe that diversity strengthens our cultural values, stimulates creativity and contributes to organisational development.

Diversity We delight in diversity.

The University values religious ways of knowing and provides opportunities for students and staff to explore spirituality both within and outside the curriculum. Most students can elect to study modules related to ethics and spirituality during their time with us. Our Christian foundation is at the heart of the University and that heart is broad and inclusive. We enjoy the presence of a diversity of religious and spiritual groups and the perspectives of those with no faith. We have a chapel, a Muslim prayer room, a cosmic walk, religious choirs, a Centre for Religions for Reconciliation and Peace and a number of different faith groups. Within a culture of intellectual enquiry we hope to create an open and tolerant environment in which to explore the ‘big’ questions together.

Spirituality We celebrate our Christian foundation encouraging those living within the Christian faith, whilst also welcoming those who live within other faiths and those who have no faith.

“The university is small, friendly and has a ‘human face’ - I feel I can have more of an effect as an individual.” We value the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each and every student and member of staff and seek to create an environment which cultivates openness, friendliness and flexibility, whilst supporting a healthy work-life balance. We value the learning that results from engaging regularly with the multiple voices within the University community, and believe that all community members should play a key role in shaping their experience through sharing their opinions and ideas. We recognise also that we are part of a local and global community and enjoy our wider relationships both at home and overseas.

Individuals matter The wellbeing of individuals is important, as are their opinions and views.

The University seeks to foster creativity among staff and students through its encouragement of imaginative thinking, and the innovative application of ideas and practices within all its fields of activity.

Creativity Permeability, agility and imagination are central to our thinking: we endeavour to act as a crucible for the generation and exchange of knowledge.

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Winchester Values Leaflet  

Winchester Values Leaflet