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Saturday, June 16, 2012



IDEAS & OPINIONS Illegal immigration carries hefty price tag he way Sacramento puts a budget together for the state is a joke.

sacred cow is worth around $7 billion a year! Choose your own number; it’s hard to find reliable numbers even on Google. That OTHER VOICES huge amount is what we pay to Bruce Rayner support 7 percent of our population — the 2.7 million illegal On June 8, The Union ran immigrants who have moved here for opportunities … or free an article describing Jerry money. Brown’s attempt to find more places to cut expenses in order Notice how that amount is to pass a budget. Yet, if we look about what is needed to balance at past years, buried in the our budget. budget proposals are items that If you disagree with my depend on future savings that numbers, do your own research. may not and did not materialize. That is the total of direct costs Unfortunately, the cuts that of prisons, education, welfare, do materialize cut funding for emergency rooms and health education and reduce the police care for this segment of our and fire protection. I’m sure the population. Rather than arguing areas that hurt us the most are about a million here and there, chosen to get our attention to let’s look at the moral principles make us realize just how much behind our country’s (or state’s) the state is hurting. That, hope- decision to give so much money fully, will convince us to vote for away to less fortunate people yet more taxes. who come here and find it easier The number I’ve heard is to get free money than someone around $6 billion that we have who has worked hard as a citito find to balance next year’s zen and now has lost his home. budget. Yet there is one sacred Whether you’re a conservacow for cuts that has not been tive who would agree or a liberal addressed by the Democratic who may be waking up to facts, Legislature, is not talked about ask yourself, “How far should we by the liberal media or even dis- go with this political correctness cussed quietly elsewhere for fear when it hurts our quality of life, of offending someone in this that of our children and grandincreasingly liberal society. That children and, if you still believe,


the American dream?” The concept of people giving to those less fortunate is a cornerstone of a civilized society. But you can’t go into debt to give it away. How did we become a nation able to give away trillions in aid? We did it with individuals, not a government. People who had a dream moved here from poorer countries and became citizens who built factories and an infrastructure that allowed us to profit from pure hard work. And they enjoyed it. Their success came from the fact that they didn’t receive free money or medical care when they arrived. Today, our country continues to be profitable enough to support our giving habit, though now a large amount of our profit comes from our leadership in technology. Technology depends on continuous innovation. Can you name one other place in the world where you can find the likes of Silicon Valley? So it is important, for those of you who care about your kids and grandkids, to make sure we continue

to stay on top of the heap in this world. As a boss once told me, if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind. We can’t move ahead with failing education. We now rank around 28th in the world in quality of education. We used to be number one. When we need brain power today to move ahead, shortchanging education is like the

...we get less back from investing in illegal immigrants than we do in our own citizens. farmer and his horse, mixing sawdust with the oats when the economy was bad. The horse died. OK. We know all that. But what about our support of illegal immigrants? You can make a case for the fact that they work hard at low wages, pay taxes and social security (using a fake Social Security number). A few, very few, take advantage of our funding of a good part of their college education. Isn’t that a good thing? Yes but it isn’t enough in the

larger plan to keep our state profitable. On the balance, we get less back from investing in illegal immigrants than we do in our own citizens. Why? Largely it has to do with culture. Don’t cry “racist!” Get real here. Everyone has roughly the same I.Q., so it’s not brain potential. Culture affects what the average person expects from life. If your family was large and you lived on subsistence farming, that is what you will become. Maybe one in a few will rise and seek further education, but the bottom line is that when you come to this country without changing your culture, you will become a financial drain on our society. Sorry, making it across 100 miles of southern desert does not instill a culture of hard work and responsibility as does braving a trek in a wagon train where when you got to California, there was no free money. Further, our approach to free money for all has a negative effect on the culture of hard work, and encourages more kids (more support) who grow up in their old culture

and language. No, I’m not for sending all illegals back across the border. How would you separate the contributors from those who are not? The culture thing is serious, though. You want to stay here? Learn to speak English so you can assimilate. Fight our wars in the Mideast. Then become a citizen. All this is wonderful, but I don’t see anything changing. The Supreme Court decided that any child on our soil for whatever reason will be given free education. Brown signed a law saying that a worker can’t be fired from a job for being an illegal. Florida has found that they cannot remove illegals from the voting roles because the feds will not allow it. And the illegals vote democratic for the free money. So we’re stuck with the situation. Even Jerry Brown can’t do anything about it. Just consider the ramifications long-term when you are losing your home, losing your retirement or unable to give your kids their inheritance. All because Sacramento, and the media tells us we are so poor. Bruce Rayner lives in Nevada City.


Letters to the editor ATTENTION ‘BIRTHERS’

You are tedious after your four years of birth certifiphobia. Pay our way to several countries and for less than $100 we can get you an official birth certificate verifying your birth and citizenship in that nation at a date of your choosing. Part of research methodology is asking the right question. Why do you not attempt to prove that Dr. Stanley A. Dunham, the president’s mother, was in Kenya on Aug. 4, 1961?

“We are all ignorant, except in different topics,” stated Mark Twain. May we all enlarge our topic knowledge base. In addition, many falsely characterize our presidential mom as a young naïve Kansas girl smitten with foreigners having married serially both a Kenyan and an Indonesian. I characterize her as a professional colleague, both of us working at the same time at the office of Jakarta’s International Labour Office, and later Dr. Dunham worked with the Asian Development Bank in Lahore, Pakistan, while I was collaborating with Punjab, Pakistan, education officials. “We are all ignorant, except in different topics,” stated Mark

Twain. May we all enlarge our topic knowledge base. DONALD M. FOSTER


If you get a phone call demanding that you contribute to Romney — don’t hang up, even though you would like to. Listen to the end — he doesn’t tell you where to send a contribution. One variation asks you to press 1 for contributing, but it’s blank. I am guessing this is a tactic by Obama’s Chicago 300 to turn people off Romney’s campaign. BETTY HOOD


OK, folks, now that we are done with that uplifting, wellmeaning thing of electing the first black man to the highest and most important position in the world, could we now remember he is a very charismatic person, and whether you like him or not, we need someone a bit more qualified to handle the enormous economical problems we can no longer ignore. We need to pick ourselves up, dust off and vote for someone who has a record of fixing broken businesses. Mitt Romney is a smart businessman, who, when his father died and left him millions, donated all of it to a college and did his own thing his way. The negative pundits are concentrating on his only known failure by bringing up the Bain Steel Co., which he

did, indeed, rescue. He went on to manage the Olympics and two years later, the Bain Co. failed again, and so it was hardly his fault. So let’s restore our freedom to work hard. Get rid of a lot of irrelevant garbage in the government, clean it up and do it right. That would be real hope and change. This could and should be again the greatest country in the world. NANCY RUD


Obama promised change and it is still occurring. The following are the results in recent Democratic primaries. West Virginia, Keith Judd, a Texas prison inmate beat Obama in 10 counties. In Oklahoma, Obama lost in 15 counties. In Kentucky, “uncommitted” got 47 percent of the vote. Sorry data for a sorry president. The Internet is full of proof that Obama is an illegal alien and was born in Kenya. There are several videos where he states he was born in Kenya. There is a vast amount of true data verifying this fact. He long delayed providing a birth certificate and then provided one which many experts have ruled to be a fake. He has a dead man’s Social Security number because as an illegal alien he could not apply for his own. Obama is a Muslim and a communist. He is on video telling Muslim audiences that he is one of them. His mother and grandparents hated America. His entire life has been in association with communists and

Muslims. He hates the military, the flag and the national anthem. He has filled government positions with communists and socialists.

Meet Fred the pit bull, who, for medical reasons, wears a cone on his head permanently. Here’s Fred with his new cone, from the designer cone shop. “Fred’s Corner” creator Myles P. Russell lives in Alta Sierra.


Grass Valley


A while ago, National Defense Authorization Act was passed by Executive Order with the promise that this Administration would never enforce it on a U.S. Citizen, though no such promise was made for future administrations. Recently the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act was signed into law, also by executive order. As I understand it, simply put, given a national emergency (type and degree unspecified) the Constitution can be suspended and all resources belong to the federal government. Meanwhile the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people and guaranteed whatever remains of the Bill of Rights, but the NYPD can tell news folks attempting to cover a story that their rights can be terminated, and by my count no fewer than 35 individuals have held or hold positions in both the federal government and Monsanto (you know Monsanto, that benevolent company that brought us Agent Orange, Round Up and untested and unlabeled GMPs), but in Southern California it can be really dangerous to try to buy or sell raw milk. I’m very confused. DANITA SORENSON, PH.D.

Nevada City

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