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The Unexposed

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Front and back cover photograph by Joanna Ritchie. All content copyright the artists. No commercial use without express written permission. Š 2012

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Fine Art

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A Letter From The Editor Wanderlust‌ even the word sets my heart afire. In my opinion, there is nothing more inspiring than being able to travel the world. Escaping the often mundane and repetitive life you're used to and immersing yourself in the unknown is often the best thing you can do for yourself as an artist. Which is why so many of us are afflicted with what is called Wanderlust; a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. While traveling, you are constantly being exposed to new people, places, experiences- the inspiration is endless. I hope that this issue of The Unexposed, featuring the work of those who have traveled, and those who long to, inspires you just as much.


Photograph by Natasha Dominguez


Ashley Santiago 21 / Puerto Rico

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I became first interested in photography at age 10. It was my mother's birthday and I had a disposable camera to document the whole thing. I managed to snap a candid portrait of my great-grandmother laughing that still "wows" my family & friends to this day. For someone that rarely smiled for pictures, this was a big deal. In fact, they used the picture I took of her for a memorial the day she passed away. At 15, my parents bought me my own DSLR and my life has never been the same. It's been 6 years of photographing to express, not impress, and it has been worth it! What is your current relationship with photography? I'm a self-taught photographer that tried studying it and realized I was better off. The classes weren't challenging enough so I decided to turn it into a part-time gig. I'm currently a full time Psychology student with a bit of income that enables me to pursue photography on the side. Who, or what is your biggest influence? My faith and spirituality are my biggest influences. Through them I can see the world and enjoy it for what it is, not what I want it to be. I will also say that love plays a big role. I believe that when I'm shooting someone, I'm learning about them so much that it is inevitable not to love them. That's when I can truly capture their souls.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. All of these pictures were taken on walks. We walked for the sake of sanity, to explore and see someplace new. The inspiration was being inspired by these new surroundings and capturing the moment: the place, the person, all in one. The photographs meant I left a footprint there and was able to take it with me. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I enjoy doing crochet, writing poetry, painting and drawing when I don't have a camera in my hands. But most of all, I love to travel—it's something you can do passionately and it requires money—so I count it as a hobby. What are your plans for the future? My goal is to pursue art therapy after getting my psychology degree and incorporating photography in it. As for photography as a hobby, I'd love to be able to do documentary photography in other countries for non-profit organizations. •





Alex Kemsley 16 / Kent, England How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for?

From a very early age, I've always had a keen interest in art, and at

the age of 7, I wanted to be an illustrator for book publications. It wasn't until I was 13 that I became interested in photography as an art form. I'd been used to seeing photography as a medium to document memories and experiences, and had never considered how it could be used to depict articulate concepts. I became really inspired by the work of Francesca Woodman, and when I was set a photography assignment for the first time at 15, I chose to follow her fine-art approach. I've been photographing and refining the technique ever since. What is your current relationship with photography? I'm still in education at the moment, and photography is a large component of the Fine Art A-Level course in the UK. The coursework for the subject is extremely overwhelming, so finding the time to create work for my personal portfolio, and all my other subjects is a challenge.  Now that I feel I have developed a distinctive style, I'm exploring how I can develop my concepts to include the use of props and costume. The opportunity to shoot and direct with other models would be a challenge for me, and is something I hope to introduce to my portfolio before the end of the year.


Who, or what is your biggest influence? Although photographers such as Francesca Woodman and Brooke Shaden introduced me to photography as an art form, my biggest influence would have to be Kate Bush. Kate Bush is a English singer-songerwriter, musician and producer, whose work was most widely known during the 1970s and '80s. I was introduced to her music at a very young age, and found her voice incredible. There's a delicate yet rich tone to her voice that has been unmatched by any other musician. As an artist, I think her surreal outlook on life and the imaginative narrative in her lyrics is extremely inspirational. Kate is a pioneer for music internationally, and anyone who creates so fearlessly and bravely gains my respect. I think she has an amazing way of translating emotions into her work so honestly - which serves as a goal to any conceptual artist. Tells us a little bit about these particular photographs. In these pieces, I really wanted to reflect a different interpretation of the theme of 'Wanderlust'. The surreal, mysterious landscapes presented in the work represent a desire to learn and discover. For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling is to integrate with the different cultures and to explore what may seem different and exotic. Through the depiction of burning fields, mysterious fog and vivid colour, the photos represent the yearning within human beings to question and inquire about the seemingly impossible. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? A lot of my time is dedicated with school work and my photography, but other than that, I really love to read, write, and paint. I also enjoy long walks - usually in forests, where I cite the inspiration for my work. My mind is never far from thinking about art. All these other hobbies and creative outputs help contribute to the photography I produce. What are your plans for the future? After spending two years at my school's Sixth Form, I would love to go to an art university in London. Eventually I hope to become a fine art photographer, and will constantly experiment with introducing more traditional art mediums into my photography. •






Caitlin21Sclater / Australia

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? My interest in photography first began when I was quite young, when my father gave me my very first camera. It was Dad who showed me how to use my camera, who took me on outings to practice, and generally encouraged me to follow my dreams, or anything that made me happy. From then I dedicated myself to taking photos of our family holidays, and pretty moments in my life. Throughout school, I seldom took photographs, but still felt so much joy when seeing a pretty picture. It was after I completed my high school education that I rediscovered photography. From here my love for photography blossomed and became my passion. I have been photographing seriously, and semi-professionally for the past year and a half. I cannot imagine my life without photography, without the passion and drive I feel when taking photographs and creating the images in my mind. What is your current relationship with photography? Photography is my passion, it is the air I breathe and the world I see. I spend any spare moment dreaming up new worlds or new concepts to shoot. My mind translates moments into inspiration, into a language that can only be conveyed through images. Photography to me is more than a pastime, it is a passion that I hope to transform into a career. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I draw my influences through the memories of my childhood. Through the complete and utter joy of exploring and learning about the world. I am inspired by the mind-set and feelings of when I was young; the freedom, excitement and spontaneity that is somehow lost as we grow. There is great beauty to be found in those feelings, and it is this that I emulate in my photographs.


Tell us a little about these particular photographs. This set of photographs came from the idea of 'wanderlust' (the current theme of this magazine). I set upon creating an editorial style set of images that represent someone experiencing wanderlust, and being without the means to travel beyond their backyard. To feel true wanderlust can be the most amazing, yet helpless feeling - to want to travel, explore and experience something far different than that of your home life is exhilarating. To be unable to do so can be confining. These images explore the ability to experience the wonderful, to satisfy that feeling of wanderlust within a space that was previously so close, yet over looked. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Other than photography, my hobbies would have to be exploring, anywhere and everywhere. I love discovering new places. I also like to be constantly learning. I do not like feeling as though I haven't learnt something new or increased my knowledge in different areas. I believe we are so fortunate to live in a world where we know so much, and have access to so many fascinating pieces of information. I find it impossible to not utilise this access to knowledge. What are your plans for the future? I plan for a future where I am happy. If I am truly happy, then I think my future will be ideal. An amazing person once taught me that, and I believe that is the greatest thing to strive for. I also want to turn my passion for photography into a career. To make a living from something I truly love would be a dream-come true. 21




Caroline Eleanor Absher 18 / Greenville, South Carolina

How did you first become interested in painting? How long have you been painting? My middle school did not reserve a fair percentage of its budget for the arts. Consequently, the art teacher was banished to the school attic. However unfortunate this situation may have been, that wonderful old man made do. I will never forget climbing that dark, winding staircase the first day of fourth grade. At the top, I found my heaven. Needless to say, this is where my love for painting began. I painted the rafters, the floors, and the walls of that old attic. My teacher finally taught me how to build a canvas. That, I think, is what did me in. I have been painting ever since. What is your current relationship with painting? Right now, it’s going swell. I will attend Pratt Institute in New York City for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. During high school, I attended The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, which is a residential high school for emerging artists. Even through years of foundational courses with tempting mediums such as ceramics, metals, printmaking, and sculpture, I did not stray from painting. Currently, I await Pratt while wondering what’s in store. I have no idea of what will influence or strike me on a level that changes my work forever. That’s exciting. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Henri Matisse! Matisse had an incredible intuitive sense of composition, color, and most of all human form. He also executed extraordinary economy of line, and accomplished so much with so little. Matisse was part of the Fauve movement, which I am very interested in as a whole. A specific Fauve element in my work is attention to range of value, even if the color is obscure.


Tell us a little bit about these particular paintings. These four paintings are influenced by small instants of youth singed into my memory. My goal is to create dreamlike, hypnotic atmospheres. They represent the complexity of the mind as well as the ephemeral moments that it captures. The figures in the paintings are still and pensive. They seem careless, as if life has paused for them to spend eternity in their stagnant, beautiful state. For example, a young girl floats in a body of water on a sunny day. She is peaceful and quiet. The rushing, active water eagerly carries her along. Here, the water easily becomes a metaphor for the time of youth in which one seems to drift along, waiting for life to begin. This scene of quiet uncertainty speaks to a universal time in life‌ a time of wanderlust. What are your other hobbies, besides painting? In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts with my hooligan friends and searching for stray kittens. I also have an impressive collection of incredibly ugly sweaters and dresses, all acquired from Goodwill stores across the nation. I am hoping that when (not if) they come back in style, I will have some extra change for my fine arts career. I have also been found from time to time wandering around the woods. What are your plans for the future? After Pratt Institute, I plan to attend graduate school at Yale University. My path will become much more clear to me as I journey through college. We shall see. One thing is certain- I will always paint! •




Emma Louise Jarvis 18 / Norfolk, England

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? My interest in photography came about by accident really. Whilst on a school trip, aged 9, I took some photos in York, all of my family commented on how good they were and that was it, I was hooked! For my next birthday my dad gave me my first ever camera, obviously I started off by photographing everything and anything and have developed my skills and interests from there. Almost ten years later it is no longer a hobby but a passion and possible career path.  What is your current relationship with photography? In the past two years I've thrown all my efforts into this subject whilst studying it at A level, with a course involving 6 different set projects with concepts such as mystery and imagination or seven deadly sins my creativity has been continually put to the test. In year 13 I completed my own personal project based upon fashion through the decades and even set up my first exhibition, so gradually I am getting there. I love it so much I'm continuing my studies for another 3 years at degree level, having been given a conditional place at Plymouth University from this September. Who, or what is your biggest influence? My work so far has emerged from various muses. Like the majority of photographers I am inspired by the work of others; I can spend hours browsing websites like Flickr and Tumblr. I'm particularly fond of the work by Lara Jade, I love her style of images and the quirky concepts she experiments with. I aspire for my work to be as interesting as hers and she's certainly my photographic idol. Much of my inspiration though can come from the tiniest of things, shoots have been based on an old family photo, one piece of clothing, films, sometimes music and even an old suitcase found for 20p at a car boot sale, it honestly depends on whatever creates a spark in my creativity. I have quite a passion for history, anything old and vintage and this style is often carried through to my work, as is my personality. I like anything fun which thrives on shoots, I've recently produced a set that involved ice cream colours, 20 helium balloons and a wacky clown like costume.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. I have a tendency to photograph people and fashion shots and this approach led to a more unusual interpretation of 'Wanderlust'. Rather than looking at traveling itself and the locations you see I focused on culture. Each shot represents a different culture, zone, or group from around the world. By using the same model for all the shots I aimed to represent that many individuals today have multi-cultural backgrounds. We are entwined as a world, no longer necessarily one nationality or ethnic background, in the modern world cultures have spread but in history distinct differences have been seen. The photos themselves produce an almost literal wandering, a theoretical journey around the world and the idea that each fashion is significant to its particular nation. I like to think of the set as a passport to a world of fashion. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Although photography takes up the majority of my time I am also a keen sportswoman, having been strongly involved with gymnastics since the age of four, competing nationally and coaching too. Then of course, I am a typical teenage girl because I love to shop! I love going bargaining in charity shops or on Ebay for vintage styles and the items I buy often fuel an entire photo shoot. There is no doubt I shop WAY too much. What are your plans for the future? Obviously university is my near future, for the next three years and hopefully this will provide the perfect environment for my career to develop and improve. In regards to my work I would like to expand, giving my genre and style a wider horizon, experimenting with surrealism and darker, conceptual ideas. The perfect outcome for me would be my own business, traveling the world making money, just me and my camera! But the future cannot be predicted and you never know what opportunities may be waiting around the corner, so I guess I will just have to wait and see. • 31




David Collier 37 / Sydney, Australia

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I was given an Olympus OM1 by my father when I was about 14 and was interested for a couple of years. After a long break I got back into photography about 4 years ago by buying some DSLR gear. The past year or so I have been using more film cameras and have built a big collection of them. What is your current relationship with photography? I have never done any photography courses so pretty much self taught. I treat it as a hobby but do some select work but only if I really like the projects. I always have a camera or two with me all the time and love to experiment with them, be it compacts, old film SLRs, underwater film or Polaroid. One of my favorite cameras is a Voightlander Perkeo 120 format, made in 1951 and still gives great results. I use an iPhone light meter with it so combining old with the new. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I have a lot of different influences, from my surroundings near where I live in Sydney near the beach to a few of my close photographer friends and a couple of mentors. I am also influenced by lots of photographers, some famous and others not so. I can’t list them all but at the moment I love the work of Australians Tara Dean and Dean Quilty and a Spanish photographer Dara Scully. I am influenced by others but at the same time trying to create my own look and style.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. All of these photographs have been taken near where I live at Maroubra in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs as well as Bondi Beach. By chance I picked up a Nikonos V Underwater camera just for a bit of fun. I now have spent the past few months shooting a lot with this. I like the idea of it being another world and wanting to consider the light and how it reacts with the ocean. My water photos show movement or travel of water, but has a certain calmness about it. It is dreamlike in some ways, another world in which humans can travel through. Looking at some of the images does entice me and others to want to get away from all, hence the urge to travel to the water, beach or pool or away from every day work and living. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I like to keep fit and healthy most of the year and compete in Triathlons which is good for my body and also my mind. I have just completed my 6th Ironman distance race in Cairns Queensland in June. My partner Stephanie and I also make bags and other carry wear made from repurposed advertising outdoor vinyl and car seat belts. What are your plans for the future? I have been lucky enough the past 4 years to be able to travel so at the moment working to save up to go again next year. I would like to go to Europe and spend some time in Spain and have some specific projects to shoot and maybe get some commission work. I feel that in Australia we are pretty remote and so draw a lot from European photographers. Also film is much more widely used and respected medium. I am also working on a long term documentary so hope to have this finished later this year. I also plan to learn more about lighting. • 37




Lynn Tachihara 18 / Singapore

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I first became interested in photography when I was 13 years old, when I picked up my first amateur DSLR camera, honestly with not much knowledge of it as of yet. I was always interested in taking photos of people, even when I was very young, but my true passion for photography began when I had the opportunity to take photography as a course in school where I was able to experiment greatly with both film and digital. With that, I've been non-stop exploring photography for 5 years now. What is your current relationship with photography? I had studied photography for two years previously, which really set my love for it. However, currently, photography is an incredibly consuming hobby of mine and hoping my relationship with it will extend a lot further in the future as a career.  Who, or what is your biggest influence? There really is no one answer to this. I am hugely inspired by my travels, the incredible people I meet, and nature. Whenever I'm traveling, it is often Steve McCurry's honest portraits that comes into mind, and inspire me greatly when I do get the opportunity to take portraits. I find incredible beauty in varying culture, environment, and find most my influences from my own personal experiences and encounters with the world around me.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. Wanderlust describes the immense desire to travel. I myself, am a hopeless victim of wanderlust. Because one of my greatest passions in life is traveling, and having such wonderful opportunities to visit the most incredible areas of the world, most of my work reflect greatly on my experiences, my learnings, and my utter love for these places. This series of film photographs were taken in the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. Through these images, I wanted to convey the underlying serenity, and beauty of the place, ultimately reflecting upon my satisfaction of my wanderlust, one of the greatest feelings in the world. I was greatly inspired to take these photos by my own yearning to hold on to as much of the awe I felt as I walked through the villages with the local children, and to be able to share it with the rest of the world. These photos represent one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life, completely lost in wanderlust. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Music and books.  What are your plans for the future? To see the world! •





Jocelyn Rose Bland

28 / Charlotte, North Carolina

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I became interested in photography by accident. More like I was told in college I had to take a studio art class (when I did not want to), and thought "Since I have a camera, why not photography?" I have now been photographing professionally for almost five years. What is your current relationship with photography? Photography became a way for me to make my dreams into a reality, and a reality into a dream. Who, or what is your biggest influence? My biggest influence is other photographers that surround me with their friendship, motivation, and their inspiring works.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The story is as follows: A girl falls asleep in a field, and "wakes up" to find herself dressed in a ball gown in the middle of the dark quiet night. She grabs her suitcase under her bed, and wanders off in search of her destination. She is looking for something. When she finally reaches her chosen destination, she opens up her suitcase and hidden inside is the moon. She places the moon in the sky after bidding her friend, the moon, farewell. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I love the movies, books, great sushi, and sleeping. What are your plans for the future? Right now, my plans for the future involves creating more dreams into reality.



Model: Katie MacNab Creative Director: Rachel MacNab Security team: Nathan Dowdy and Stephen B.




Christopher Pierre

18 / Detroit, Michigan

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? My first encounter with photography came the summer before I entered high school. My long-time art teacher since the 5th grade handed me a little pamphlet during my last week of class that had an application request attached for a summer art camp at the Cranbrook Institute in Birmingham, MI. There were an array of classes offered and at the time I wanted to study fashion (when I was about 11 my spare time in the summer was spent reading my grandmother’s vast collection of Vogue magazines). Unfortunately, all the fashion classes were filled; secretly to my relief, because for some reason I am deathly afraid of having to use sewing machines. So I decided to enroll in Darkroom Photography. It was something like love at first sight when I developed my first prints. They were not very good at all but it was something about having an image that I composed myself on paper. From there, I felt the possibilities were endless. I was then interested in the creation of images; images that could tell stories and display my ideas and perceptions of the world. I have always been somewhat of a young naive romantic; in my mind the world was filled with wonder. From there the rest is history. I have been photographing for about 4 ½ years now. What is your current relationship with photography? I currently have a love/hate relationship with photography. It’s kind of like when you get frustrated with your boyfriend but sooner or later you kiss, make up and have mind-blowing sex afterwards. That’s the best way I can put it. More seriously though, I am moving to New York City this fall to study photography and film making at the Pratt Institute. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me; a kid not coming from much in a city like Detroit, to be there and follow my dreams. God knows I have wanted to live in New York ever since I saw Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan and watched documentaries on iconic artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol who walked those same magical streets. Who, or what is your biggest influence? This is a terrible question to ask me because I have many influences! I’d have to say the greatest influence on me was a quote from Madonna’s Sex Book that said, “Poor is the man, whose pleasures depend, on the permission of another.” This quote taught me that art can be provocative and brave, while also being relevant and working towards a greater level of the human soul. As I am still in the process of evolution as an artist I strive to come to a place of complete liberation in all of my work; whether it is a still image or not. My main goal as an artist is to be honest and vulnerable with no regrets, no shame, no limits. Hopefully in the process I can create something that is iconic. 53

Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The photographs you are viewing now are from a series entitled Metamorphosis. It represents the change in our inner selves as the summer comes. Kissed by the sun we are in constant transformation, leaving behind who we were before. In ecstasy we shed our layers and metaphorically “escape from the cocoon”; thus, entering a rebirth of spirituality, sensuality, fashion and identity. This concept was paired with current trends in fashion such as pastel colours, oversized silhouettes and slick arrays of messily chopped bobs that range in shades from platinum to green. Since I was a young boy I have longed to travel to places of wonder and inescapable beauty; a place where I could escape realities that were not my own. I consciously strive to create this beauty, in whatever form it may be. In turn, allowing the viewer to feel the same liberation. This was the influence of Wanderlust. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Besides photography I work on street art, performance art and writing. These endeavors are still under construction so I have no finished pieces to show for yet but… they are coming soon! Other hobbies of mine are watching old Hollywood and foreign independent films and singing vocals for a local new-wave band. Right now I’m reading a brilliant book by James Franco called Palo Alto. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m in love with Mr. Franco and collaborating and or dating him is on my bucket list haha. Besides that I’m a regular bad kid. I like to party, jam to punk rock and eurodance, have fun with friends, and live life to the fullest. What are your plans for the future? I’m going to put my plans for the future in the words of David Bowie “I’m an instant star, just add water and stir.” •


Model: Nia Scott Styling: Chris Pierre Makeup: Kamaria McCullough





Hannah Mai 26 / Netherlands

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I seriously started photography in 2010, after I finished my study (not photography related). The interest in photography came when I was about 15 and inherited my grandfathers camera. At that time, I had no idea what I could do with it, so the heat between me and the camera cooled pretty soon. When I bought a digital camera in 2009, I slowly became more interested in learning how to use the camera. But it was only until 2010 that I actually started to make photos, instead of snapshots. Recently I made a move towards analogue photography and I’ve noticed how much more the photos are related to me now. I don’t see myself going back to digital photography, ever. What is your current relationship with photography? It’s a dream, a passion and a desire. I cannot call it a hobby, since the process of photography brings way too much struggle and frustration. I want to beat myself in every photo, so it’s not really a way of relaxing for me. But I am self-taught, so it’s not a study either. I also don’t make money out of it, so I cannot call it work. What it is? It’s the only thing that I really want to do. I cannot describe it any other way. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I love photographers that shoot on film, especially young photographers. I admire women like Ellen Rogers and Paulina Surys, for their outstanding and mysterious way of creating images. But I’m also influenced by the beauty of nature, sad music and above all, my own emotions. They are the lead in most of my photos. I tend to project my feelings on my models and the photographs, somehow. Like some sort of reflexion of myself.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. To me, ‘Wanderlust’ brings associations with traveling and the need to move and discover new places. However, central in my work is the internal journey that one (and I) goes through. An inner search for meaning, comfort, identity and life itself, basically. The need to discover who we are. All the images reflect my story and are part of my inner journey towards… something that I haven’t found yet. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? For relaxation, I race on the bike. Long distances, with the wind in my face. Love it. It makes my head empty and that often gives me inspiration. What are your plans for the future? I really want to focus myself on analogue techniques more. I’m taking my time to learn more about working with film and developing my own identity in photography. For now, that’s the main purpose. •





Gia An Nguyen 16 / California the earth is my cradle i was in the throes of anguish once submerged in  the subterranean crystal mist of a broken mind.   but i escaped. i fastened my eyes upon a spanish summer sky, left them there, and became only sun-kissed skin and windswept hair.   in that isolated moment, i came to a realisation: my wanderlust is unquenchable. it always will be.   it sets my bones ablaze and pushes me onwards.   i long to be swallowed up into a starry desert sky. i long to be consumed by arabian sands. to sojourn at a caribbean isle, and wake up with the smell of mango trees permeating my clothes.   my dreams take me to worlds that don't yet exist. but when i awaken, i can never will myself back into the fabric of those dreams.   and so i am left, simply me, only me, to yearn.   this longing cannot be described in words alone - it is madness and tenderness all at once.



Photograph by Natasha Dominguez


Joanna Ritchie 24 / London, UK

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I can’t remember not being interested in photography. I would always be cutting up pictures in magazine, making mood boards and photo albums when I was young. I started studying photography at school when I was 16 as part of my art qualification and never seemed to stop. I’m still learning as I work in a photographic environment everyday. What is your current relationship with photography? Since graduating from art college a couple of years ago, I’ve been working as a full time assistant for a photographer in London . He works in a very fast paced, commercial world which is hard work but can be so much fun. I try to fit in as many of my own shoots too, even just tests and submissions, I have to keep shooting. I think collaboration is really important and love creating a collective vision when everyone brings something to the image. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Tim Walker is still one of my favourite fashion photographers. I was lucky enough to interview him while I was studying. It was only via e-mail but I was seriously excited! I think the foreword to his book, ‘Pictures’, is a beautiful piece of writing and I utterly relate to it in my own work. Although I rarely have the time to use it myself, I love photographers who experiment solely with film, like Ellen Rogers. Her work is so unique and just beautiful. Her imagery really inspired me for this piece in fact. I am also really influenced by the past. I am very nostalgic and always wish I was around in a different era! I love how music and fashion have always been so closely entwined and always look back for inspiration. I also try and keep any image that inspires me, whether it be on my computer or in print. I have so many sketchbooks and folders filled with tear sheets that I turn to when I have a creative block!


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. I think Wanderlust is not just about the desire to travel the world but the desire to explore yourself and your mind. My amazing team and I wanted the images to be quite dreamy to represent this while also having clear travel references, hence the map. The styling, by Lucy Heather, was to create a current fashion image of a multi cultural world. I quite enjoy working to a brief or theme, I find there is so much going on in my head, so many ideas I want to try out, it’s quite nice having someone else choose one out for you! What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I love food! I really enjoy cooking, trying out a new recipe and making people happy with food. I do also take such enjoyment in eating too, I always aim to order the weirdest and most interesting thing on the menu. I know it’s a cliché but life wouldn’t be anything without my family and friends. I come from a big family of big personalities, who are all creative in their own way so I have always been encouraged to express myself. My chosen family of friends are all equally as inspiring too, into fashion, music and big on going out dancing, they are my favourite hobby! What are your plans for the future? I am starting out in the wide world of freelancing later this year so hope to try out loads of different areas photography has to offer. I’ve got a few things on the horizon but all in all I don’t really have a plan which is scary but so exciting. 69


Styling: Lucy Heather Make Up: Maisie Morl Model: Betty @ Leni's Models



Christine Polz

21 / Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? It was a day three years ago during spring as I decided to take pictures for a homepage layout by my own. And which started only as a try to give my blog an individual touch, soon became an obsession to me. I immersed myself into the world of photo manipulations but after two publications in “Advanced Photoshop” I slowly realized to take pictures to make art out of them is not what I want; to shoot photos which are works of art is everything I want to do. My passion started with my dad’s old camera, it became serious for me with buying my own one and has been growing every day since then. What is your current relationship with photography? I really thought about studying photography after graduating but at the end I decided to follow my gut instinct. I was never very good in learning something about photography theoretical or out of books. So I started working seriously on my portfolio and collected some experiences as a photography assistant. I’m working on becoming a professional photographer now so my future days are going to be filled with living my obsession. Who, or what is your biggest influence? That’s really hard to describe. Everything began with my fascination for the amazing magical work of Tim Walker and the older and analog photos Annie Leibovitz took. But nowadays I’m also very inspired by all those stunning and young photographers all over the world. They gave me the courage and believe to try out working as a photographer by myself even though I’m still young and self-thought (which is definitely a problem in Germany, with its still very stiff and conventional way of thinking about schooling and training, often).


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The title of my series is “4 and 20”. The girl with whom I took those photos has been a very good friend of mine for years. But because of the big distance between our hometowns we spent the few last years just with phoning and mailing. After what felt like an eternity we finally had the chance to implement our plans. For only one day (4 and 20 hours) we meet in a big city, just wandered and drove around and simply took pictures everywhere we wanted. It was crazy. She jumped around a fountain, became soaking wet, changed clothes everywhere it was needed (also people were watching) and asked fearlessly unkind people to ask if she’s allowed to ride the merry-go-round although she’s older than 12 years. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? In general I’m very interested in art in all its forms of expression. I love to read and sometimes I also like to write little everyday stories out of life for my blog but I’m also very fascinated by movies. Mostly by little low-budget and independent ones. What are your plans for the future? I definitely want to continue working as a photographer. Taking more pictures with professional models than with only good friends and amateurs and become agency-signed soon. During the next months a lot of my work is going to be published and I’m just curious of how things and chances are going to develop for me. • 75




Lidiane Dutra 27 / Rio Grande, Brazil






Mario Orellana 27 / Madrid, Spain

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? When I was a child, I started using my mother's Werlissa Color, camera that I still own nowadays. That's how I first got in touch with photography: in a familiar way. At first I began shooting at things I found interesting, such as my toys, my friends, home stuff. It wasn't until I was older that I took the step to the unknown and I started taking pictures at strangers and wandering around the streets with my camera to capture precise instants. I could say I've been interested in photography in a more serious way since I was 16. What is your current relationship with photography? I've always tried to become a professional photographer, but with this huge world crisis, things are not easy, especially in Spain. I have just lost my job as a layout designer for a magazine, so I'm currently unemployed, as many other workers and artists in Spain. Better times will come and I keep taking my personal pictures when I travel or I walk around Madrid. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I've never liked self-descriptions, but if I had to classify myself, I would say that I'm a street photographer. I like shooting at people and urban elements. In this category, I could consider my biggest influences three photographers: Robert Doisneau, Elliott Erwitt and Ram贸n Masats.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. When I travel, I usually have this feeling of emptiness during the trip. When I reach the place I'm going to, that feeling tends to disappear. It's like a feeling of wanderlust, as if the world was too big for me and I would never be able to get to know it properly, not just in one life. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I like old stuff. Some friends describe me as an "analogic guy". I love collecting vynils and books. I find very unique the way that an old book or album can get to you. Buying on the internet or ordering some particular item in a store is very easy, but when you run into something you didn't even know you wanted until you found it, that moment is something very special and I love it. Appart from music and reading, I like drawing, watching movies, travelling and long walks. What are your plans for the future? First of all, survive the crisis. Nah, seriously, I have a dream: grabbing my bike, a few clothes and my camera and either getting to Asia from Europe, or covering America from South to North. That trip would be the perfect paradigm of what I want to do with my life. •





Miranda Kay Nelson

21 / Bismarck, North Dakota

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I became interested in photography after starting college for Graphic Design, After my first photography class I realized that it was my true passion, I taught myself how to use my photography and photoshop to create unique images. I have been doing photography for about 2 years. What is your current relationship with photography? I currently own my own photography studio, doing basically everything from kids to fine art photography. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I am influenced by everything from nature, to a smell, to a dream.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The photo "Savior" the girl with the owl is about a girl who wants to be accepted, she tries to be someone she's not, by wearing the bird mask, but still she's accepted, and "saved" by someone completely unlike her, the owl. "Lady of Butterflies" is about a girl who was left alone in nature to take care of the butterflies, and they always come back to her, her only friends. She wishes she could be part of something different, the butterfly world is all she's ever known. "Fireflies" Is about a girl who is lost, she decides to sit down on her suitcase with her lantern and give up trying to find her way home, when the fireflies surround her she decides maybe the middle of no where is better than the real world. "Morbid" is about a girl who would rather die alone than be hurt by love, again. They all relate to "wanderlust" because they're all in some way or another about someone being lost, or wishing they could escape. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Exploring abandoned houses, Graphic Design, Reading, Poetry. What are your plans for the future? I hope to continue creating art, and learn more about myself along the way, and continue with my photography business.



Thomas Alfaro 23 / Spain

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? My interest in photography began when I was a teenager. When I was 17 years old, I went into a photography marathon quiz in my city and I won it. Then I started doing fashion shoots as an amateur, using friends as models and creating my own looks. What is your current relationship with photography? I finished this year my Artistic Photography studies in Spain. Now I am planning to specialize my career in Fashion Photography; studying abroad, due to my aspirations to work as fashion photographer. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I am inspired by the elegance and meticulous work of such as prestigious artists like Richard Avedon, Mario Testino and Steven Klein. Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. I did this shoot in Cádiz, and I was inspired by the style of the English countryside of the collection I used for the shoot. I wanted to use soft colours in the environment to get a magic ambience in the pictures. They are an expression of myself, I have created a story with them where you can imagine a love story of a british lady.




What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I also love fashion, which is quite connected what I am doing in photography. Also I like the interpretation and dance as hobbies. What are your plans for the future? I would like to keep studying photography and improving my photography knowledge. At the same time I would like to collaborate and work with some international artists. •

Model: Anna Bachman Stylist: Javier Lafuente Photography & postproduction: Thomas Alfaro



Rebecca Wnuk 16 / Boston, Massachusetts

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I received a large, blocky digital camera for my eighth birthday and immediately fell in love. I carried it everywhere but eventually my clumsy eight-year-old hands dropped it one too many times and it broke. I knew I had fallen in love when I cried for weeks. Rummaging through my grandmother's basement about two months later, I discovered her old film Minolta and immediately asked her if I could borrow it. The fact that it was an SLR allowed my young brain to become even more fascinated with taking pictures- I constantly played around with all of the settings that my old camera lacked. That Minolta eventually became mine and though I have since gotten new cameras, photography has stuck with me. What is your current relationship with photography? Photography is my study, my job, and my passion. I don't think I'd be exaggerating to call it my life. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I could name a hundred different artists whose work inspires mine, but I'll sum up my influences in two words: my surroundings. People, places, things. The beautiful, the ugly. Little rays of sunlight that shine though curtains and illuminate dust. Short, jumpy piano tunes that sound like they drifted to my ears all the way from 1950. The way the ocean rolls sand over my toes when I step into the water. Beauty surrounds us, and I truly believe it'd be hard for me to catch a glimpse of the world and not humbly stand in awe at all of the inspirations it provides.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. All of these photos were taken while I was traveling. I love flying across countries, I love driving by cities, I love sitting at the window of a train and watching everything that passes by. Every place I visit, in one way or another, inspires the pictures I take there. After all, the pictures would not exist without the locations! Each photo is a record of the beautiful places I have visited and people I met. They help me never forget. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Writing and music. While I love dabbling in other art forms, those two stick out as especially meaningful. I have to balance things out- words and tunes can express things that pictures cannot, and vice versa. Sometimes I feel so deeply in love with all three things that I have no idea what to focus my attention on. While photography was my first real hobby, I'm continually finding other activities that peak my interest. I only hope I have enough time to experiment with them all. What are your plans for the future? Explore. Photograph. Listen. Experience all I can while I have still this life. I'm eternally appreciative for all of the opportunities that have come to me and that I have created. I yearn to take pictures for a living one day and be able to support myself on my art alone. Many call this hope naive, and while it is potentially very difficult, I don't think it's out of reach. Maybe I'm just a dreamer. 101





Cassie Jefersalo

14 / United States

How did you first become interested in art? How long have you been making art? I don't know how I first became interested in art because I've been doing art my whole life. I remember I would ask for paint in my Christmas stocking. What is your current relationship with art? Right now, art is a hobby but I hope to make it a career someday! Who, or what is your biggest influence? My biggest influence is Leilani Joy! I first found her Youtube page when I saw her handmade sketchbook idea. I've been watching her videos ever since. She is the one who really made me want to do something with art. Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The picture of the girl with antlers was just an idea that I came up with, and then I saw that other people had that idea too. It reminds me of Pocahontas wandering though the woods. The geisha girl with the symbol for art is because i would love to travel to Japan someday. The picture of Alice and The Mad Hatress is part of Alice's adventures through Wonderland. What are your other hobbies, besides art? My other hobbies are crocheting, dancing, art journaling, poetry and movies. What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future are to keep getting my artwork seen and hopefully study art and make it a career.





Ronnielle Karfiol 20 / Tel Aviv, Israel

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? Â My initial interest in photography aroused when I was in middle-school, after viewing beautiful, camera-made artworks on Deviantart. However, it was not until my high school years that I dared to touch a simple point-and-shoot camera myself. And after I graduated high school and joined the army, I bought a beautiful Canon DSLR with the money I earned on my summer job. So overall I'd say I'm shooting seriously for two years now, although I have been "making pictures," drawing and painting since kindergarden :) What is your current relationship with photography?

I am currently pursuing photography professionally, e.g. shooting with pro models and getting paid to do the job. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Ah, so many things! I am influenced by stories and films that I have read and watched as a young girl. It is perhaps a way to relive my childhood in some sense. I am also inspired by music. And many other times I think the influence is more of a subconscious thing, so even being the artist I have a hard time explaining that.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. In the photo where you see a painter sitting against the river bridge, my inspiration was Amsterdam (our shoot location) as I experienced it in the days before shooting. While visiting the city, art making and free spirits were all around me. It was wanderlust at its best - from the quite scary place of having to shoot in a foreign country it has become a transcendental experience of how the world can be so small and welcoming. The photo where you see a blue reflection was captured on a trip abroad I took with my friend (photographed here). While there, we literally poured our hearts, exposing our saddest, hopeless moments to each other. It is a brave thing to do, and we had to travel thousands of kilometers to become so trustful, open and candid - but the feeling of mutual understanding is priceless. In the photo where you see a girl in a blue dress lying on the flowers, that is an obvious inspiration from "Alice in Wonderland". I was merely trying to remake this tale of a brave, curious girl who goes into the wild. In this age of girls wearing full face makeup at 12 and reconstructing their chest at 17, it seems all necessary to say that your present and future are up to your braveness and wisdom, not just your looks. In the photo with the girl looking to the horizon, I simply tried to capture hope and bravery to step into the future. In the backdrop you see [left] round and triangular-shaped skyscrapers as well as [right] one sharp watch-tower. In little Tel Aviv, these building each represent a different life-phase for me. The skyscrapers are my first travels to the big city alone, when my destination was the shopping centre in there. The watch-tower represents my time in the army. With the girl facing the setting sun at the sea, lowering her filmgoggles, she leaves everything behind her and greets tomorrow with hope. The photo taken with the backdrop of yachts was directly inspired by wanderlust. We were actually shooting on the deck with the fancy yachts serving only as a backdrop, when suddenly we got really lucky as a yacht's owner let us spontaneously on his floating estate. The thrill of just being there, feet unsure of the unstable ground and the sun all above us made us feel so free. I put the blue ropes on the girl shoulders so she is in charge of her boat. It could have been a better idea to tie us up to the boat because I almost slipped once. But then I wouldn't have a story in my picture :) What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Creative writing is a big passion of mine, as well as music - I am an amateur pianist. What are your plans for the future? I will make films. •





The Trend Reinvented ( Sara & Pedro )

21 & 26 / Moledo, Portugal

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? We don't know for sure when we got involved in photography, but it's an interest we have had for a long time, that was given to us by the spirit of our parents old photo albums. What is your current relationship with photography? We don't study photography, snapping is our way of life, it's our way of expression. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Regarding the old albums, on a immediate level, we build our selves on a daily basis and with the right state of the spirit.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. "Wanderlust" is a mad feeling: wanting to travel to That place... So, we think that would make sense picturing the snapshots in that theme, because when we get out of our dear corner, or may we say perfect one, we feel the urge to get back to It. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? The sea, Marley (our cat) and the sea smell. What are your plans for the future? For the future we see the present.





Ankur Maniar 16 / Fremont, California

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? It was curiosity that sparked my interest in photography. I picked up my family's small point-and-shoot camera and began experimenting with it. Just a 7th grader, I think my interest was more a desire to play with technology. Only as I got older and entered high school did photography become a more serious passion, where I tried to create art, rather than just document sights. I've only been photographing for about 5 years and I know I'll never stop. What is your current relationship with photography? At the moment, photography is a passion but remains a hobby. I will be taking my first photography class as a senior in high school next year. Until then, I will not have formally studied photography. I am eager to learn about photography in a technique-based setting. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Abstract painting has had a large influence on my work. They have subjects, but warp them and create something truly unique. I now no longer take pictures of things as they are. I aim to turn my photography into a painting, with layers of textures or images spliced together to create something that deviates from reality. This style that I am trying to develop has been influenced by the principles of abstract art.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. All the photographs here try to depict the unique impact wanderlust has on a person. The photo with the hand and shoes represents our detachment from society, almost a requirement for one to travel freely. The two landscape photos show how we immerse ourselves in the world, experiencing vibrancy and nature. I was inspired by the relationship between color and grayscale and tried to develop photos that reflected this balance or lack thereof. I was also inspired by the television show, Avatar, for the beach photo. Like the show, this photo combines the 4 elements: water, fire, earth, and air. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I am not just a photographer, but also an artist. I love to paint and draw, especially portraits. I also write poetry on occasion, and love to sleep. I enjoy the beach and going outdoors on breezy days. What are your plans for the future? As of now, I am still considering many options for my future career. I love the sciences, but am also interested in pursuing the arts. I hope to find a career that utilizes both of my passions and skills. •



Luisa Hanika 22 / Dresden, Germany

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I became interested at about 2006 and it was love at first sight. I was at an art school and there I had photography as a subject. My teacher demanded that we learn the basics of photography with an analog camera. That was the reason why my dad gave me his old “Braun� camera. What should I say? Now I've got about 20 cameras. What is your current relationship with photography? At the moment photography is just a "hobby" for me. I'm working at a hospital but I actually feel myself more like a photographer than a medic. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Well pretty much everything inspires me: a simple situation, emotions, personal memories, environment, the society, opinions, of course other photographers and photographs, pictures, music and music videos, movies, fashion. Life is an inspiration.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The word "Wanderlust" in Germany describes the joy of walking, and the constant inner drive to walk through the nature and the world away from home. For me nature means a lot. Especially I love to walk through the forest and the landscape. In a forest the time always stands still. It is quiet. And everything else is far away. A forest is such a perfect place to relax, to calm down, to reflect and to enjoy. I picked out some photos I took at my favorite place in a forest near my hometown. In my opinion more people should walk through natural surroundings and should explore simple beautiful things apart from the city and the cement. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I don't have that much free time, so when I don't take photographs, scan, print, upload or sort photographs, I enjoy spending time with my friends, hang out and dance the night away. Oh and I love to bake. What are your plans for the future? Next year I’m going to work for a professional photographer as his assistant. Besides that, I’m going to apply at some universities for photography. I hope that someday photography isn’t just a hobby anymore. 127




Noelle Lynne 22 / San Francisco, California




Photographer: Stephen Sun Model: Gina of Stars Model Management Wardrobe Stylist: Betsey Lynne Style Makeup: Olga Pirmatova  Hair: Noelle Lynne



Shelby Ann Gill 19 / Mentor, Ohio

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I was always part of the traditional fine art department in high school and by my senior year, I knew I wanted nothing more than to be able to live with art as a career someday. I loved taking random pictures with cameras as a kid because having physical representation of memories fascinated me, and while I got more interested in it in the Spring of 2011 (when I started my Flickr uploading simple candids and self portraits) I began taking it more seriously this past winter. So I've only been photographing in a more serious manner for about six months. What is your current relationship with photography? I am a sophomore in college studying Animation/Game Design, and I recently decided as of now not to pursue a degree in photography, mostly because I've been passionate and interested enough to try and teach myself everything about the medium on my own. It was something that just made sense to me, that I felt really connected with and, like animation, I fell in love with the way both mediums allowed me to truly create new, personal worlds, situations and atmospheres: small representations of myself. It was nothing more than a simple hobby whenever I had access to a camera for a few years until recently, when I figured out just how much I love it. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I really am inspired by everything that is nature, literature, music, feelings, emotions, portraiture, situations or events around me. I like odd things, I love surrealism, fantasy, whimsy, and being able to see something beautiful in something that may be considered dark. Oppositely, I also quite enjoy more light-hearted, natural, simplistic images that capture the essence of a moment or feeling in time, and balancing both of these aspects. And of course, my biggest inspirations on Flickr would have to be Brooke Shaden, Sarah Ann Loreth, Robby Cavanaugh, Rosie Hardy, Joel Robinson and Alex Stoddard, to name a few.

Links: 138

Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. I was personally drawn to the theme of "wanderlust" because that's something that I've had growing within me for ages. That innate desire to travel. My hometown can be such a lovely hidden gem sometimes, but I dream to see the world. The inspiration came partly from the transition into college, getting a grasp on the struggle of growing up and being on your own, feeling satisfied with discovering a new place, yet that irresistible impulse to explore more was always present. To me they're actually quite personal images because of the content and sentimental, travel-rooted meaning behind them. The inspiration for "Provincial Life" came from Belle's song in "Beauty and The Beast", which told her story as a small town girl always dreaming of 'something more' within her grasp, and breaking out of comfort zones to reach it. "Wanderlust" was my first photo with this theme, which was self-explanatory with the presence of hiking boots, a backpack, and car keys on a lanyard. And finally, the inspiration for "Time to Mend" came from a much deeper, personal place, and to me this is a more solemn, serene image. I felt the idea of wanderlust can be interpreted as a feeling of emotional healing (thanks to the paper planes) via self exploration through traveling and seeing all the positives the outside world has to offer. I fully believe that a road trip or plane trip to some wild new place is all it takes to cheer you up sometimes, and that is partly what I wanted to illustrate. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I was actually avidly on the path to playing soccer in college before I decided to put academics and art first, so I enjoy saying that I also live to play and watch soccer! (English Premier League fans unite!) I've of course highly enjoyed video games since I was very little because of the new, exciting worlds they take me to. I love painting, drawing, writing, music, exercising, swimming, hiking and the breath of fresh air that is my supportive friends and family. What are your plans for the future? My plans for the immediate future is to successfully finish a 52 week photo project I've started and continue to do well in school. I would love to have a successful business with my photography someday, but mostly right now, I am just working hard to improve, create good portfolios of personal work and develop a style all my own along the way in both mediums I love creating in. The future's got a lot to offer, and I'm still young so with a lot of hard work and determination, I'm excited to see where it takes me from here. • 139

Paige Greco

( aka Luna Niluna ) 22 / Brooklyn, New York

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? I used to mainly paint and sew but then I became fascinated with being able to take images from reality and make them into images that most closely resemble invisible things like dreams. What is your current relationship with photography? I am currently studying photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Who, or what is your biggest influence? Birds and nightmares.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. These images were based on the lucid moment of being lost and feeling like a ghost. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? Writing in my journal too often, trying to skateboard but instead just getting bruised, collecting gems and reading about secret societies.  What are your plans for the future? Exploring Iceland and creating dorky zines about alien girls with my best friends. •






Katie Blench 18 / Kent, England How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? It's a bit of a clichĂŠ but growing up I always had a camera in my hand, I remember that my nan gave me some money because I was going skiing in America when I was 13 and I decided to put the money towards a little compact camera, I have so many photos at home in an album where my finger is over the lens. Then when I was 16 I had to choose what I was going to do after school finished and I decided I would go to a local college to study photography, 6 months into the course I quit so I could go and experience the real world of photography I ended up assisting a few photographers and then I moved into my own space and set up my own studio at the beginning of this year. What is your current relationship with photography? I currently have a photography studio in Kent where I plan shoots, make props and shoot in with the help of my wonderful friends and supportive family. I love shooting people, I started off doing a lot of fashion work and now I am dabbling in documentaries and photographing real people. Who, or what is your biggest influence? I am influenced by the world around me, recently I visited Las Vegas and this highly influenced me - I was lucky enough to shoot out there too. My family influences me highly, as an artist I can sometimes doubt my work but they are always there to spur me on and encourage me. My boyfriend, Dan is also a big influence in my life he is always there to hold the camera when I am shooting a self-portrait or help me plan a crazy idea, or hold a reflector.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. These photos are a little inspired by my life, I was born in London but my family moved to a town in Kent which is known as the 'Garden of England', if you take a five minute drive to the south from my house you end up in the countryside and surrounded by farms. I was inspired by myself going on a day trip to London and consequently another girl who lives in London going on a day trip to Kent, they are influenced by wanderlust as the girls are keen to travel where they can, be it locally and they document it in their diary. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? I work in a bookshop a couple of days a week where I run the Art & Photography and by work I mean shelve and read all of the books. I have also just started painting in watercolour, I am excited to see where I go from here, I also love driving down to thecoast and being surrounded by my family, friends and dogs and just running into the sea. What are your plans for the future? I literally don't know, my heart is pulling me towards London and also the seaside, I also want to travel, visit Paris, New York and San Fran - I might become a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas for a year - I don't know but I am excited for all the adventures that the future holds. •

Models: Rosie & Lucy @ Milk Management London MUA: Sally Taylor & Sophie Victoria Hill Photographer: Katie Blench Photography Assistant: Daniel Taylor Dresses: Kee Boutique Location: Woodlands Farm Trust, Welling 148





Gail Fletcher 17 / South Florida

How did you first become interested in photography? How long have you been photographing for? A few years back during Christmas, I received my first point and shoot camera, tiny and baby blue. The idea of preserving moments was and still is incredibly intriguing. Four years ago, age 13, I pursued the art of photography, 17 now, and my obsession with photography is forever thriving. What is your current relationship with photography? Currently, photography is simply a hobby. I do however, plan on taking a 2-D design course my senior year in high school. Needless to say, I am very excited! Who, or what is your biggest influence? Not to be clichĂŠ but my biggest influence is life itself. I am continuously inspired by the people and the natural world around me. There is beauty in nearly everything and I am inspired to capture it all.


Tell us a little bit about these particular photographs. The word wanderlust can be taken literally or figuratively, I choose the latter. Teenagers are constantly traveling the depths of their minds, yearning to figure out who they truly are. Thus, my work is a compilation of teenagers who underneath the surface are all wandering. What are your other hobbies, besides photography? There are too many to name! The more notable ones however are soccer and volunteering. I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old, and like photography, I do not plan to stop! Volunteering is a hobby I hold near and dear to my heart. Having any positive impact on someone or something is truly indescribable. What are your plans for the future? To learn, to love, and to live.






What's Next Issue No. 6

The theme for the fourth issue is Solitude. Being alone can be different for everyone. It allows time for self reflection, creation, relaxation, and possibly even loneliness. As an artist, you have creative freedom to conceptualize a work of art in any way you choose in regards to the theme. Please consider your submission carefully. Not all submissions will be accepted for publication. We accept photography, fine art, and creative writing! And are always looking to receive more fine art and writing submissions. Deadline for submissions: Friday, August 31st 2012* Expected release date: October 1, 2012 To submit your work for consideration please send samples to: For more guidelines on submissions please visit: * Please note that the duration that submissions remain open has been cut from a month and a half to one month. This is to allow more time for the actual creation of the magazine. Remember, it is always best to get your submission in early!


The Unexposed Magazine No. 5  

The Unexposed Magazine, Issue No. 5. Wanderlust. Released August 1, 2012. The Unexposed is an online magazine created by photographer Natash...

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