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Lisa’s law –Maurice Williams, the Underground staff writer

Lisa McClendon is a neo-soul vocalist and songwriter. She is also a Christian, a fact she never hides. However, after reading a letter she posted on MySpace recently, I don‟t know if I can get behind her brand of Christianity. In her letter, she talks about a recent trip to the UK. She said that everyone says “damn,” even people in church. We have made some traditions doctrines that God never set in place. A lot of things we call, “not of God,” is not necessarily, “not of God” as much as it is “not of our culture.” (ah ha!!) You don’t think so??? Ok then, tell me, how can you go into Africa and tell that man with more than one wife, he’s in sin or that it is not of God, when it is his culture to have more than one wife. I KNOW SOME OF Y’ALL ARE MESSED UP RIGHT NOW!! We confuse culture with God.

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