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-OPINIONS & „Oh-No-You-Didn’t!” SECTION-p.4 -For the Love of InceptionDon’t pretend you haven’t heard or been part of the buzz surrounding Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Inception. You have. I even bet you a café cookie you’ve debated the meaning of the movie’s final scenes. I’m not writing to rehash that argument. The reason I hold Nolan’s mind-bending dream-centric film in such high regard is that with this movie he recreated the completely focused, immersed theatrical experience that seems to have disappeared from the cinemas as of late. The previews ended, the film began, and still I sat, waiting for what appeared to be a row of freshmen to finally quit texting their little buddies (and mothers, as this was the midnight premiere of a movie whose run time was nearly three hours) and power down their distracting smart phone screens. And then the first five minutes happened. Inception immediately brought the audience into the world of shared dreaming. We were smacked right

across the face with this world, given no time to adapt. At this point I knew I was not just watching another summertime popcorn action blockbuster, and so did the freshmen. Not once could another audience member even think about texting during the film. With Inception Christopher Nolan created a cinematic environment in which the audience collectively experienced his film and that was all. This is an experience many of our generation have never known as we are almost always prohibitively occupied with the world outside of the movie that we have paid to see, the world perpetually available at our fingertips. My friends and I absolutely delighted in the experience we shared as the final moments of the film, and Nolan’s final curveball in the story, unfolded on screen. To be able to turn to each other in complete awe at three o’clock in the morning and know we all took the same uninterrupted ride for the past few hours was absolutely sublime.

If you have seen the film you know the aura you felt during your first viewing in the crowded theater and you know you have never felt that way before. I present to you a challenge. Strive to recreate moments like the first time you saw Inception. Please, I beg of you, in order to encourage the Hollywood support of more films with Inception-like potential, go to the cinema and fully experience a film. Whether watching a comedy, drama, or any other type of movie, being a part of the collective audience is too good a feeling to pass up. Sure, you’re not going to come within 20 miles of the Inception experience in a movie like the new release and shallow spoof Vampires Suck, so if you want to kiss your money goodbye to simply sit in a theater texting those friends of yours you’re not with, be my guest, but aren’t ten bucks worth more than a few texts in a dark room?

-Eréndira, Resident Critic


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want to kiss your money goodbye to simply sit in a theater texting those friends of yours you’re not with, be my guest, but aren’t ten bucks...

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