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The Underdog Company is an indie apparel brand inspired by working class dreamers. I founded The Underdog Co in 2010 with the intention of creating a brand centered around the lifestyle of those building dreams from the ground up. I wanted to develop collections of fashionable art that keep us reminded of the real reason we struggle and fight so hard for the things we aspire to do and be... passion. I wanted the apparel I release to be reflective of the state of mind and willpower it takes to disregard the fears and uncertainty, hardships and obstacles lining the path toward greatness. It is passion that propels us through the rough patches. It keeps us pushing, hungry for knowledge and eager to learn. Nothing great is achieved without passion. Hold fast to yours and keep chasing your dreams until you run them down.

Shop the Spring ‘13 Collection Online Twitter & Instagram: @TheUnderdogCo Special Thanks to James St. Clair, Jonah & Kisha Walker for helping to make the shoot possible.

The Underdog Co Spring '13