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Forword Sweat lines your brow while the sound of car horns fills the air. Everything is masked with a thin layer of dust. The oceans rise and fall rocks you to sleep. As hours pass you learn to ignore the ship’s shaking and moaning as it collides with each ocean swell. At times the air chills your bones. Darting in and out of streams of cars you realize you living amidst organized chaos. Indonesia, 2014 As shot by Nico Beighton and Brooke Lingard

Above: Water droplets mask the glass at night. Lebih, Bali

Top: Mooch Beighton Generator Walls, Sumbawa Bottom: Iann Cowley Free Hotel Rooms, Kuta Second Barrier Opposite: Towns-people harvesting wet rice. Keramas, Bali

Opposite left: Market woman Transit markets, Klung Kung Opposite right: Ferry rides at dawn Lombok Straights, Indonesia Top: Daniel Stretton Free Hotel Rooms, Kuta Second Barrier Bottom: Brooke Lingard Tropicals, Sumbawa

Above: Rice fields looking west. Lebih, Bali Opposite: Local adolescent. Super Sucks, Sumbawa

Above: Receipts. Indonesia, 2014

Above: Street tigers. Maluk, Sumbawa

Opposite: Marketeer post drag. Klung Kung, Bali

Previous spread: The scent of dried fish fills the room. Transit Market, Klung Kung Above: Many shades of flowers. Transit Market, Klung Kung

Left: Conbstructing offerings Transit Market, Klung Kung Right: Garlic bags Transit Market, Klung Kung

Above: Freshly caught bait fish. Klung Kung, Bali

Above: Transit markets. Klung Kung, Bali

Right: Mother and daughter wander the market streets. Semarapura, Bali

Opposite: Bakso karts. Temples Left, Bali This page: Cold ferry rides in the heart of summer. Lombok Straights, Indonesia

Previous spread: Chilli mounds hug the dirty concrete. Klung Kung, Bali Opposite top: Campur | 2100 rp. Sanur, Bali Opposite bottom: Through the smoke and haze we cough together. Klung Kung, Bali

This page: Polaroids. Sumbawa, Indonesia Opposite: Boarding pass. Denpasar, Indonesia

Opposite: The generator within this shed brings life to my fan. Supers, Indonesia Right: As I look overboard our eyes connect. Lombok Straights, Indonesia

Above: Stall holder. Transit Market, Klung Kung

Left: The corner store. Klung Kung, Bali

Opposite left: Marlboro reds and campur. Transit Market, Klung Kung Opposite right: Fist to the sky. Klung Kung, Bali

Opposite: With a hundred thousand rupee. Lebih, Bali This page: Anak kucing untuk dijual. Maluk, Sumbawa

Above: Sand like couscous lines the shore. Scar Reef, Sumbawa

Left: Untitled portrait. Supers, Sumbawa

Above: Kodak Portra 400 negative. Indonesia, 2014 Opposite: Dark eyed boy. Sumbawa

Above: (Untitled). Supers, Sumbawa

Left: The sun worn face of a fence builder. Sumbawa, Indonesia

Spread: Laying low at dusk. Sumbawa, Indonesia

Left: Puddles reflecting in the morning light. Ferry Port, Lombok Right: Michael Mccarron Super Sucks, Sumbawa

Left: Mosk cries and dusty skies. Maluk, Sumbawa Right: Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Sejorong, Sumbawa

Left: Weathered. Maluk, Sumbawa Opposite: Lombok- Sumbawa ferry walk offs. Sumbawa, Indonesia

Above: Fujifilm instax. Indonesia, 2014 Opposite left: Salt and sun slowly destroy his eyes. Super Sucks, Sumbawa Opposite right: Squinting faces. Klung Kung, Bali

Above: Straight lines at The Wedge Klotok, Bali

Left: Dean. Super Sucks, Sumbawa Right: Market wanderer. Klung Kung, Bali

Opposite left: Yoyo’s draining across the reef. Yoyo’s, Sumbawa Opposite right: We drove till dawn and waited for the sun to rise. Keramas, Bali

Above: Bell wearing cow herd Supers, Sumbawa

Above: Maluk Surf and Skate team members Super Sucks, Sumbawa

Above: Local ferry walk-offs. Lombok-Sumbawa ferry

Left: Wet paws and fine fur. Ferry port, Lombok Right: Skipping down the alley. Maluk, Sumbawa

Opposite: Sejorong elder. Sejorong, Sumbawa



Darting in and out of streams of cars you realize you living amidst organized chaos. Indonesia, 2014