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In today’s competitive environment, math is getting more and more difficult for students of all ages. Our Geniuses in Training Math Programs ™ will increase your child’s computational and problem-solving skills for long-term success, and will also prepare your child for immediate classroom challenges like daily assignments and chapter tests so he/she can earn A’s and B’s. In order to reach the goals set out at the time of enrollment, we highly recommend that math students attend three sessions per week. If your child is also having difficulty with homework, we recommend our Online Homework Help ™ (OLH) in addition to our “in person” academic programs. The ultimate goal of our Math Program is to get your children 6 months to 1 year ahead of what’s going on in the regular classroom!

Our Geniuses in Training Reading Program™ will help your child improve dramatically in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Sight Words, and Vocabulary. It also includes a substantial amount of Writing…. and best of all, we will help your child build focus and concentration. This program is designed to help your child improve on average one full grade level in 40 sessions of instruction (about 5-6 months) if you are attending 2 sessions per week. (Imagine your child reading ahead of the class average rather than behind!).