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vs. “The Competition” One-to-One Instruction

Group Instruction

THE TUTORING CENTER uses a unique system of one-to-one instruction known as “The Rotational Approach to Learning.” This type of instruction yields far greater results than small-group instruction offered by any of our competitors.

Improves Concentration “The Rotational Approach to Learning”

Other learning centers and school-based programs all use small-group instruction, where each Instructor usually sees 3, 4 or even 5 children at one time!

No System to Improve Concentration

by Edward S. Thalheimer, Ph.D

Station #2

15 min

Station #1 30 min

#3 Station

15 min

The “RATL” was first developed in 1994 to help children who were not reaching their potential or had problems with concentration and focus. Research indicates that “The Rotational Approach” can as much as TRIPLE a child’s attention span and concentration.

Affordable Tuition with no contracts! THE TUTORING CENTER offers ONE-TO-ONE INSTRUCTION at a much lower cost than our competition. 5

Small-group instruction is most often very distracting for students. When an Instructor is working with one child, competition and intimidation are usually unavoidable factors. Students who learn in one 30 and two 15-minute increments in different locations with different sets of materials maximize their academic performance and concentration dramatically!

High Tuition Rates

$500 - $800

per month with long-term contracts Most of our families come to us through referral rather than via costly advertising, and we pass those savings on to you!