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Our SAT/ACT Program gives students the advantage of structured Individualized Instruction in a controlled environment for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. In today’s competitive academic environment, getting your child prepared for the SAT or ACT test is vital to being accepted into the college of your choice. Highly Trained Tutors utilizing Proven Curriculum consisting of innovative course books and practice tests will help students develop the knowledge and test taking strategies necessary to perform well on the SAT or ACT test. Students will be taking free proctored practice tests throughout the course of the program to simulate the feel of the test to better prepare for the real exam. Like all of The Tutoring Center's Programs, you will receive free Diagnostic Testing and computerized analysis of your strengths and areas in need of improvement. Not all locations offer this Program. Please contact your local center for more information on the SAT/ACT Program and alternate programs and pricing.

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