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Short Term Medical Missions

The United States of America is my home.

Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Call 314-532-8820

Americans are facing insurmountable odds because they live without health care. “Listed below, view statics as they relate to the uninsured in the USA” Washington 6.5% 108, uninsured California 11.2% 1,119,000 Denver 12.0% 155,000 Texas 19.0% 1,392,000 Missouri 9.1% 138,000 Georgia 11.6% 316,000 Florida 18.3% 786,000 Alaska 12.2% 24,000 New York 8.1% 382,000

(Children’s Defense Fund) Did I mention the percentages and numbers represent our children? Look no further than our own blocks; families are living in pain, sickness, and they are in need of treatment in all areas of health and patient care…donate your skills, your time, and your money. We invite you to become engaged in the war to alleviate pain and suffering at home. Diana G

Young People 18-24 are the most likely not have medical insurance

Donate Now Help Save A Life!

People are still dying due to a lack of healthcare in the USA…Donate now and help save a life! Log on to the website and donate using Pay- Pal!


Map of the USA and statics of children living without healthcare,

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