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About the Cover: Logo for Restoration ASAP Ministries. The Hebrew R-Resh= Head. Jesus Christ is the head of Restoration ASAP Ministries, Inc. The clear box= transparency in all we attempt for Christ. The cross= Take Jesus Christ to the Streets! “Love is an action word” The dot=Signify the job is too big to accomplish with the covering of the cross. Cover Picture: Taken on Belt Ave St Louis Missouri “Doc on the Block”09/11/10 Chardial Samuels, LSCW Community Outreach Director

One Solution! “Doc on the Block” Pg 11

Pg 2 Year of Expectation! A Little truly is much when we place it all in the Master’s Hands. Pg 3 Diana Gamble Biography

Blessed Insurance Pg 7 An Arm of Restoration ASAP Ministries Inc Is Blessed Insurance: Doc on the Block Just a glimpse of why we do what we do!

Article Accountability in leadership Pg 15 Can you say accountability? Who are you accountable to? What are the checks and balances? Diana Gamble



Partners & Friends: We are on our way! Calls are coming in all over the USA…Thank you for your faithful partnership. 100% of your donations are applied to services that physical meet a need!

Thank You! Pg 17

Application Applied Accepted or Rejected… Pg 18

The Truth Speaks Series, the teaching component of Restoration ASAP offer seminars to encourage spiritual growth. Currently we are teaching a practical study in the selection process in choosing a mate!

A Time to Heal Pg 19 A free seminar offered to women in transition, abuse shelters, pregnancy shelters, and transitional housing. So much pain and un-forgiveness associated with life altering choices. Rest in God and begin the healing process to victory…

A crown of thorns…a reminder Easter is April 24, 2011 Pg 21 Try putting on love instead of a new wardrobe. You’ll be amazed how well love will fit you!

Pg 20 “A Time to Heal” Registration Form …Call or E-mail to Reserve Your Seat Today! 314-532-8820/

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Table of Contents  

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