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Annual Report | 2019 Fiscal Year



from the Chair


n 1891, Trustees founder Charles Eliot asked, “What can we do to satisfy the need to be close to nature that burns within us?” For more than 125 years, The Trustees has successfully been working to answer that question for everyone in Massachusetts. In 2019, The Trustees answered in possibly the biggest way yet by achieving large pieces of the strategic plan, Momentum, while continuing to be financially stable to ensure lasting sustainability.

It was an exciting year at The Trustees as significant elements of the strategic plan were accomplished. Gerry Island and deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum were both added as new properties. A CEO Roundtable was created to focus on our One Waterfront initiative and to help protect our coast. We celebrated Doug Aitken’s New Horizon, a series of multifaceted art events, at six of our properties across the state. And, we had record numbers of kids enjoying our summer camps, including new Trustees additions of the hive at deCordova and Farmer, Forester, and Chef! at Powisset Farm. Throughout the pages of this report, you will see our strong financial standing, but also much more about where we have had a lasting impact throughout the state in land conservation, coastal protection, stewardship, and engagement. However, all this can only be achieved with loyal support from our members, donors, volunteers, and our dedicated Governance volunteers. We are thankful for all that we are able to do because of your generous involvement. Thank you all for your support of a mission that is as important today as it was in 1891.

Peter Coffin Chair, Board of Directors


from the President


s you will see in this report, we have made significant progress within each element of our strategic plan, Momentum. Gerry Island in Marblehead was officially included in The Trustees portfolio and we’ve added a combined 624 acres under Trustees protection this year in over a dozen communities. We completed dozens of transformational capital projects as we continue our hallmark commitment to stellar property care. We look forward to working together to continue to protect the places we all love in the year ahead.

Our commitment to being the coastal conservation leader for New England was furthered this year through new national and state funding of $1 million to support our coastal programs, including an innovative salt marsh habitat restoration and the continuation of a redesigned Argilla Road in Ipswich to improve marsh health. We held a series of community sessions in Ipswich and on Martha’s Vineyard as we grow our collaborations with municipalities in support of coastal resilience. We also enjoyed continued traction with our One Waterfront initiative including the establishment of a CEO Roundtable, our second annual gala, and continued negotiations with various landholders on Boston’s waterfront. We expanded our cultural experiences in the last year by completing the organization’s largest integration in history, the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. This stunning and unique landscape and museum further our commitment to art and the landscape, bringing culture to more communities, and ensuring permanence for this special place. We began our multi-year transformations at The Stevens-Coolidge Place and Long Hill this year as well, enlivening our horticultural offerings and strengthening our plant collections at these beloved gardens. We achieved new heights in getting the next generation outdoors. Over 275,000 people participated in our programs in FY19 and more than two million visited our reservations. Our seven summer day camps brought thousands of kids to our trails, tidepools, vegetable gardens, and barns to learn about nature and explore. We also launched Trustees Trekkers, a hiking program across the state for families to give them professionally guided hikes and positive experiences. We hope you enjoy reading this Annual Report and our achievements in the first year of our strategic plan, Momentum. Your passion, commitment, and generosity drive us as we continue to lead conservation and preservation in Massachusetts. Thank you for supporting our important work that improves quality of life in communities across the Commonwealth.

Barbara Erickson President & CEO

The 2019 Annual Report documents the Trustees' 2019 Fiscal Year—April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019—and events throughout 2019. Cover photo: Fox Creek, Crane Estate, Ipswich ©Coco McCabe


2019 in Pictures



Financial Report


PROTECT Land Conservation


PROTECT Gerry Island


PROTECT deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum






RESPOND Forward, Marsh


RESPOND Boston Waterfront Initiative


ELEVATE Garden Transformations, Old Manse Landscape


ELEVATE The Farm Institute's New Kitchen, NEW HORIZON Takes Flight


INVITE School’s Out(side)!


INVITE All in the Family


BUILD Force of Nature (Lovers)


PROFILE The Art of the Matter


Governance Volunteers


SPOTLIGHT Winterlights


Cumulative Giving


Semper Virens Society




1. The stars of Sony Pictures' Little Women during a scene filmed at Crane Beach, Ipswich. 2. The Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton becomes the third and newest location for Winterlights. 3. President & CEO Barbara Erickson with One Waterfront Gala co-chairs, from left: Uzochi C. Erlingsson, Elizabeth L. Johnson, and Elizabeth de Montrichard. 4. The North Shore Garden Club celebrates 40 years of volunteering at Long Hill in Beverly. 5. The new teaching kitchen opens at The Farm Institute in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. 6. Several hundred tree specialists come together for the MA Arborists Association's Arbor Day of Service to benefit Appleton Farms in Hamilton & Ipswich. 7. Naumkeag's first annual Tulip & Daffodil Festival brightens the Stockbridge landscape. 8. Celebrating integration at the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum’s Party for the Park Gala are (from left) Trustees President & CEO Barbara Erickson, Gala Honorary Chair and former Trustees Board Chair David Croll, deCordova Board President Linda Hammett Ory (now Trustees Board Member,) and deCordova Executive Director John B. Ravenal (now Trustees Vice President, Arts & Culture and Artistic Director, deCordova.) PHOTO CREDITS: 1) Wilson Webb for CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved; 2) Above Summit; 3) Michael Blanchard; 4) Winslow Townson; 5) Trustees; 6) MA Arborists Association; 7) David Edgecomb; 8) Michael Blanchard.


Italicized articles are edited and reprinted from recent issues of Special Places.




(in thousands of dollars)


Cash and cash equivalents Ward Reservation

Fiscal Year 2019 marks the

first year in the Trustees strategic plan, Momentum, and I am pleased to report that momentum is most definitely being achieved! Both the current strategic plan and its predecessor emphasized growth within a fiscally conservative framework—engaging an ever-wider audience to bring more people to the mission and, ultimately, to develop the next generation of conservationists. Our balance sheet is very strong with Total Assets of over $300m and no debt. We continue to grow earned income from diverse revenue streams—such as admissions fees, public programming, events, tours, retail and farm stores, permits, and CSAs—and become more self-supporting. Visitation has grown significantly to over 2 million, as has our membership base which now stands at over 145,000. In FY19 we raised over $24.8m; raising $1 for every 12.5 cents spent on fundraising. Expenses continue to focus on our hallmark property stewardship and increased educational and engagement efforts. Administration and fundraising costs are now less than 20%, enabling us to commit a greater percentage to direct delivery of our mission of conservation, cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, healthy local agriculture, and meaningfully stepped up public engagement. The Trustees is growing robustly, within a framework of low financial risk, creating a solid foundation on which to prosper.

FY 2018



Other assets



Pledges receivable



Investments Funds held in trust by others Assets related to split-interest agreements

132,596 135,708 30,637




Fixed assets, net










FY 2018

Accounts payable and accrued expenses




Deferred revenues



Liability under split-interest agreements







FY 2019

FY 2018













FY 2019

OPERATING REVENUE Property & Other Revenues

Endowment Support

FY 2019

OPERATING EXPENSES Property Stewardship

21% 41%




Education & Engagement


24% Contributions & Grants

David D. Croll Chair, Finance and Audit Committee 2 THE TRUSTEES

FY 2019


12% Administrative

Education & Engagement




Endowment support appropriated for operations















Net assets released from restrictions













Property and other revenues


EXPENSES Property stewardship Visitor amenities and engagement Agriculture




Land conservation



Historic and structural resources


























5,630 5,634

NON-OPERATING ACTIVITIES Contributions and change in value of split-interest agreements




Investment income, net of amounts appropriated for operations & fees




Net asset transfers


















Land Conservation

In the past year, The Trustees protected, or helped protect, 14 properties totaling 624 acres. Fee Acquisition (Present & Future Reservations) PROJECT | CITY/TOWN (photo#) | NEWLY PROTECTED ACREAGE PARTNERS/DONORS | DESCRIPTION

Gerry Island | Marblehead (1) 1.5 Acres | Ted & Julie Moore The Trustees’ 117th Reservation, this island in Marblehead's Little Harbor is accessible by foot at low tide. (see page 6) Berube (Peaked Mountain) | Monson (4) 145 Acres | Town of Monson A significant addition to Peaked Mountain Reservation, this parcel enables The Trustees to expand its trail network and protect important habitat. Hanging Mountain | Westhampton (5 & 6) 145.5 Acres | Westhampton Conservation Commission (CR holder), MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Amelia Peabody Fund, Beveridge Family Foundation, Fields Pond Foundation, Poverty Mountain LLP


This property includes the side of "Hanging Mountain," which often appears to hang in the clouds over Westhampton, and a mile section of an important coldwater stream, Robert's Meadow Brook. This land was protected as part the larger Brewer Brook Forest Conservation Project, a 1,000-acre conservation effort spanning four towns—Westhampton, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, and Northampton—and involving seven landowners and seven conservation groups. Muzi Lot 4 (Noanet Woodlands) | Dover 2.1 Acres | Frederick Muzi This addition to Noanet Woodlands buffers the well-used Larrabee Trail from nearby development. 2






Charlescote Farm 3 | Sherborn (3) 22.5 Acres | Dudley Willis This CR expands protection to an additional 22.5 acres of this farm, a Saltonstall family home on the Charles River for over a century. Edgewood – SFR Trust Parcel | North Andover 15.3 Acres Completes the protection of frontage on Lake Cochichewick, provides trail access, and fills a gap in the corridor of protected land connecting The Trustees' Weir Hill Reservation and the town's Half-Mile Hill conservation area.


Other Projects

Lewis | Westhampton & Chesterfield 67.6 Acres | Patricia Lee Lewis; Chesterfield and Westhampton Conservation Commissions (CR holders in respective towns)


Three Fathom Farm CR (Amendment & Tradeland) | Marion (2) 4 Acres | William Claflin

Patricia Lee Lewis donated a Conservation Restriction on 67.6 acres of her land to launch the Brewer Brook Forest Conservation Project (see “Hanging Mountain,” page 4.) Morgan Palmer III | Natick & Wellesley 32 Acres

This antique home on the Weweantic River was gifted to The Trustees through William Claflin's estate, to be sold to further our mission. As previously agreed, we expanded the CR protections on the land and successfully marketed the property.

This conservation restriction adds to a series of CRs granted by the extended Hunnewell family, bringing the protected acreage of the historic Hunnewell Estate property to 277 total acres.

Big View trail easement | Williamsburg Funded by MA Department of Conservation and Recreation's Voluntary Public Access Program, with assistance from Franklin Land Trust This project gives 10-year protection to 1.4 miles of a well-used and beloved trail on the "Big View" property in Williamsburg. The trail offers magnificent views of Mount Tom and the Holyoke Range, and connects to a vast network of trails and protected land in the area where Williamsburg, Westhampton, Chesterfield, and Northampton meet.

Redwin | Westhampton 128 Acres | Westhampton Conservation Commission & Hilltown Land Trust (co-holders); with the MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Landscape Partnership Program, Amelia Peabody Fund, Beveridge Family Foundation, Fields Pond Foundation

Lohmann Deed Restriction | Nantucket 10 Acres The acquisition of this deed restriction over a private ownership inholding within our Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge provides oversight of use and future expansion of the two seasonal camps on the site.

This project was the third Hilltown Land Trust project in the Brewer Brook Forest Conservation Project (see “Hanging Mountain,” page 4.) The Redwin property includes a milelong public trail along Robert's Meadow Brook and protects important wildlife habitat connecting two vast areas of protected land. Boulder Hill (Amendment) | Monson (7) 41 Acres | Town of Monson By expanding our CR adjacent to Peaked Mountain Reservation, we protect both habitat and the experience of our visitors. Osamequin Farm (Amendment) | Seekonk & Rehoboth 9.8 Acres | Anne Jencks This amendment to a CR held by The Trustees since 1994 incorporates an additional 9.8 acres under the restriction and strengthens existing protections for the property’s resources. 7 ALL PHOTOS ©TRUSTEES





GERRY ISLAND Historic Marblehead Landmark now protected forever


Visible from Marblehead’s historic Fort Sewall and the town’s Gas House Beach, Gerry Island is a beloved and iconic feature of the area’s coastal and cultural landscape, and a popular destination for those seeking unique views of the historic shoreline. A rocky outcropping, accessible at low tide, Gerry (pronounced with a hard “g”) has joined its neighbor Crowninshield Island in becoming a Trustees reservation and the newest culturally and naturally significant North Shore island to be protected by the organization.


alking out on the naturally occurring land bridge in Little Harbor, off of Marblehead’s northeast shore, is really to step back into history. The island was named for Elbridge Gerry—most remembered for the term “gerrymandering”—who was a significant contributor to American history as a signer of the Declaration of Independence, governor of the Commonwealth from 1810-11, and Vice President of the United States under President James Madison from 1813 until his death in 1814. Marblehead residents Ted and Julie Moore had owned Gerry Island for 33 years—allowing the public to use and enjoy it, helping to make it a popular destination among locals—but after years of observing trash pickup and conscious stewardship at Crowninshield next door, the Moores knew their island would be in good hands with The Trustees. “We thought it was appropriate after 400 years of private ownership to donate it to an important land conservation organization so that they can take care of it for the next 400 years,” said Ted.



The waterfront and world class sailing drew Ted to Marblehead more than 40 years ago and then he helped Julie fall in love with the town too. The island was included in the purchase of a nearby boat yard; Ted remembers “very much” wanting the island. The couple obtained permits to build a stone cottage on the island, but they never got around to building it. Instead, they held


birthday parties and clambakes there. Julie kayaks to the island once a week at high tide to check on the property, enjoy its breathtaking views, and read. The couple are happy that young people will have an authentic experience of the natural coastline at Gerry Island. “To be able to walk out to an island surrounded by water in the Greater Boston area is pretty rare,” said Ted, adding, “We’ve spent a lot of years with our kids on the seashore and in boats, looking at turtles and fish and seabirds and aquatic creatures.” The recent acquisition of Gerry Island “really touched the heart of the community on the North Shore,” says Alicia Leuba, The Trustees' Vice President for the Eastern Region. “I am blown away with the connection that people feel to this place.” More than 90 donors contributed to a $250,000 endowment to maintain the land in perpetuity. Stewardship work, including improving trails and removing invasives, was accomplished through the spring, leading to a ribbon cutting ceremony in June 2019. A ranger now welcomes visitors to both Gerry and Crowninshield Islands on weekends during the peak season, signage tells the story of the Island, and new benches have been installed so visitors can take in the stunning views, the salty air, and the sea breezes—which all help connect visitors to the Island’s rich history and marvelous spirit of place. Edited from an article that first appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Special Places.





Sculpture Park and Museum secures a sustainable future as part of Trustees BY MEREDITH CUTLER


ome 20 miles from Boston, the grounds of the 28.4-acre deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln are dotted with visitors. From the museum’s rooftop Rappaport Terrace overlooking deCordova’s bucolic grounds abutting Flint’s Pond, families, seniors, students, and other visitors from all corners of the globe can be seen rambling among the park’s 60-plus modern and contemporary sculptures. Since the museum officially opened to the public in 1950, visitors have flocked to deCordova—some 80,000 a year at last count—to experience art in an unparalleled setting. With a 3,500-piece permanent collection of modern and contemporary art that devotes special attention to New England artists, as well as rotating exhibitions featuring nationally and internationally recognized artists, it’s a perennially relevant and ever-changing destination. And after officially integrating with The Trustees in July 2019, deCordova scribes a new chapter in a story that began over a century ago. DeCordova is set on the former estate of Julian and Elizabeth “Lizzie” de Cordova. Julian achieved prosperity as a tea broker, merchant, investor, and most notably, president of the Union Glass Company in Somerville. The de Cordovas were passionate world travelers, returning from their adventures with exotic objects and art to fill their 22-room home in Lincoln. Heirless after the passing of Lizzie and adult son Dana, Julian decided to give his estate to the residents of the Town of Lincoln in 1930,

with the stipulation that it become a public museum of art and park following his death. The new museum opened to the public in 1950 and the park’s inaugural Outdoor Sculpture exhibition was held in 1966. Over the subsequent half-century, deCordova established a reputation for outstanding modern and contemporary art exhibitions in an unparalleled setting, amplified by stellar educational and interpretive programs for all ages. With all that deCordova offers to the community today, it’s shocking to think how close it came to unraveling. When he became Executive Director of deCordova in 2015, longtime curator of modern and contemporary art John Ravenal quickly realized that there were some financial challenges: a disproportionately small endowment compounded by a shrinking pool of leadership donors supporting deCordova at a disproportionately large level made for an unsustainable model. When he met Trustees President & CEO Barbara Erickson, Ravenal recognized a strong mission alignment between the two organizations, “but not direct duplication the way there is with [another] art museum. We share so many values, but we weren’t already delivering the same experience. We could complement each other.” The boards of the two organizations agreed: through a partnership with The Trustees, deCordova would achieve fiscal stability without losing its intended purpose as a museum and sculpture park. After lengthy negotiations with the Town of Lincoln, which retains ownership of the

A portrait of Julian de Cordova

land and the building (“They are the ultimate trustees of the original gift of deCordova,” Ravenal emphasizes,) plans for integration were finalized. In addition, the organizations combined staffs to form a new Arts & Culture division, tasked with developing exhibitions, collections management, and interpretive strategies across The Trustees’ entire portfolio of properties in the Commonwealth. Today at deCordova, beyond its singular setting and compelling history, a robust calendar of programming offers new reasons to visit all year round. And internationally renowned land artist Andy Goldsworthy’s Watershed opened in November. This permanent, site-specific work—the only public installation by the artist in New England— reveals previously overlooked forces of nature by channeling groundwater runoff from the upper parking lot through a granite shed set into the pond side hill. Watershed emphasizes how the interaction of art and landscape can change the way each is seen. It’s through that dialogue that deCordova continues its legacy, hand in hand with the Trustees’ vision. Edited from an article that first appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of Special Places.




Old Town Hill

Innovation sparks hope for this critical resource


At over 20,000 acres, the Great Marsh is the largest contiguous stretch of saltmarsh in New England. A complex system of barrier beaches, tidal creeks, uplands, and mudflats, the marsh serves as the foundation of a food pyramid where a host of aquatic life gets its start, including the clams and fish that support a vibrant local economy. As important, migratory birds and threatened species, like the piping plover and saltmarsh sparrow, depend on this ecosystem for their habitat. People depend on the marsh, too. The sea of grasses serves as a buffer during storms, minimizing the effects of flooding while keeping coastal homes and businesses safe from the hammering of waves. And when it comes to outdoor fun, the Great Marsh offers something for everyone, from swimmers and sunbathers on the beach, to sailors, kayakers, birders, recreational fishermen, and hunters. But this beauty and security now face an uncertain future. Can critical parts of the marsh, and the plants and roots that bind it together, grow fast enough to keep pace with sea level rise? Already, troubling signs abound: at the Essex end of Crane Beach, erosion has swept away about 1,200 feet of the shore since 2008, effectively widening the opening into Essex Bay by the same amount. 8 THE TRUSTEES

Across the marsh, creek walls topped with grass are collapsing into the mud, and during storms marsh roads increasingly flood. The Trustees protects about 15% of the Great Marsh, which winds through seven reservations, including Crane Beach. Ensuring the resilience of this unique wilderness is paramount, and examining how early farmers and mosquito control agencies used and altered the marshes for their purposes helps to understand its current state. An aerial view reveals a maze of crisscrossed scars—a mix of old embankments built by early marsh hay farmers to alter the flow of fresh water for their crop, and deep ditches dug by Depression-era crews decades later, to drain what was viewed as swampy, nuisance land. Over time these historic ditching processes compromised the natural draining ability of the marsh, leaving it vulnerable to floods. In order to reverse some of this damage, The Trustees and partners will use an innovative, nature-based method of “ditch remediation” to encourage some of the ditches to “heal” themselves—to fill with sediments brought in by the tides, raising the base high enough to catch the sun so new grasses can take root and thrive. To speed the process, the approach requires periodically


layering the base of the ditches with marsh grasses, cut from above, to hold the sediment. On average, ditches can fill in at the rate of nine to twelve centimeters a year. It’s an approach that has garnered considerable support, with more than $400,000 in grant funding, including from the National Coastal Resilience Fund, the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, the Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Ecological Restoration’s Priority Projects Program, and a MassBays grant that kick-started the project in Newbury in 2018, with pre-restoration monitoring. Today the team continues working through permitting processes prior to the next phase, with plans to closely monitor the project and share the results with other concerned groups and agencies hungry for solutions to similar coastal problems. “In many cases science is showing marshes are not able to accrete fast enough to keep pace with sea level rise, but that’s because they are already compromised,” says Russell Hopping, Trustees' Lead Ecologist, Coastal Ecology. “I think the evidence will show, where they’ve measured this, an unimpaired salt marsh can keep pace.” For more information on the Trustees' work on the coast, visit our new microsite thetrustees.org/onthecoast Edited from an article that first appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of Special Places.


Why are urban parks important? In 2019, HR&A Advisors was commissioned by The Trustees to examine real-world examples of what social, economic, and resiliency benefits a series of waterfront parks could bring to the City of Boston. The Study finds waterfront parks to be “an essential investment” in the City’s future. Among the survey’s highlighted findings: Quality public space cultivates a competitive city brand that attracts and retains high-profile companies and the talent they employ. Business leaders of growing companies have identified open space and employees’ quality of life as top drivers in site selection. And, the value that young people place on these amenities is consistently greater than their older counterparts, indicating a trend towards increasing importance of investing in open space. A network of signature parks enhances the attractiveness of an area to prospective tenants, and increases the value of existing real estate. Research demonstrates that signature parks create value premiums for their surrounding real estate, and across the country, signature parks have also catalyzed new adjacent development. Parks improve the health and well-being of local residents, and will make Boston a better place to live and work. Open space provides residents of all ages opportunities to engage in more physical activity, and studies have quantified savings on healthcare costs generated by parkassociated health benefits. More on the study’s findings can be found on the One Waterfront website thetrustees.org/onewaterfront


The Trustees continues to advance its Boston Waterfront Initiative—known as One Waterfront, now in its fourth year—gathering support and establishing our leadership voice for a waterfront that is resilient, accessible to the public, and green. With strong community, government, nonprofit, and business backing, led by continued support from the Barr Foundation, progress is being made on priority sites. The organization is well positioned for the next steps in this important initiative.

CEO Roundtable Assembled

G. Scott Uzzell

Over the last year, Trustees has assembled a task force of senior executives from Boston-based companies, across a wide spectrum of industries, in order to help shape the vision for the City’s vulnerable waterfront. Roundtable members will act as strategic conveners between public, social, and private sectors to ensure that One Waterfront rises to the challenge of our vulnerable harbor city—for current and future generations. Members of the Roundtable are:


Ron O’Hanley (Chair)






Roger Crandall CEO, MASSMUTUAL

Neeti Bhalla Johnson CIO, LIBERTY MUTUAL





We encourage you to stay up-to-date on The Trustees’ One Waterfront initiative by signing up to receive our Waterfront Views blog, at thetrustees.org/waterfrontviews.




Two Public Gardens to See Significant Transformations

The Stevens-Coolidge Place


Following on the heels of the restorations of the historic gardens at Castle Hill and Naumkeag in recent years, The Trustees this year embarked upon two exciting new garden upgrades, designed to transform both Long Hill in Beverly and The StevensCoolidge Place in North Andover into

noteworthy horticultural centers and regional garden destinations. More than $9.5 million in funding was secured in 2018 in order to begin this vital work. Mikyoung Kim Design landscape architects and Maryann Thompson Architects have been engaged, and are currently crafting inspired visions for both reservations, which also includes advice and consultation with Members and local community supporters. Visitors to The Stevens-Coolidge Place will be welcomed through a new entry on Chickering Road and will enjoy a series of innovative garden experiences through new pathways to the main house. Plans include a new parking lot and entry road, and Trustees anticipates that visitors will begin to enjoy some of the changes during 2020. At Long

Long Hill


Hill, the master plan fosters horticultural education and engaging visitor experiences across Long Hill’s meadows, orchard, gardens, and woodland trails. Extensive historical research is being conducted on the history of the Sedgwick family and the house, landscape, and gardens. Trustees is grateful to members of the Sedgwick family and to the North Shore Garden Club, who have been volunteering at Long Hill for more than 40 years, for their ongoing support of the organization’s vision for this beloved reservation.

Cultural Landscape Revitalized at The Old Manse The Trustees' vision for The Old Manse— a National Historic Landmark, the onetime home of both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the site of historic events of the American Revolution— moved ahead significantly in 2019, with the completion of a project to revitalize its


historic landscape. Designed to evoke the vernacular landscape of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when The Old Manse was a center of intellectual life in Concord, the work has enhanced the site’s accessibility while preserving the unique contemplative nature of the landscape for modern visitors. Aspects of the project included renewal of 10 THE TRUSTEES

the site’s trees and other native plants based on a detailed historical plan, identifying and removing invasive plants, restoring the upper drive to historic dimensions, enhancing parking and visitor entrance areas to meet accessibility standards, and developing thoughtfully integrated interpretive signage. "It is significant that this project was developed in consultation with the local community and serves as an excellent example of utilizing the expertise and deep connections that community members can bring,” said Marcie Berkley, Chair of the Old Manse Cultural Landscape Working Group. Funding for this project has been provided in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, a program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, administered through a collaborative agreement between MassDevelopment and the Mass Cultural Council. Trustees especially wishes to thank the Old Manse Cultural Landscape Working Group for its guidance and support throughout this project. We are grateful for their commitment to this critical work, which we hope will inspire visitors to The Old Manse for years to come.


Old Manse Cultural Landscape Working Group: Marcie Berkley (chair) Peter Gifford Myra Harrison Ellen Emerson Jonathan (Jay) Keyes Nancy Fresella-Lee Cyrus Gibson


Kitchen, Cooking Classes Added at The FARM Institute art teaching kitchen and event space was completed and began offering classes this spring. The new kitchen space, designed by island-based Sullivan and Associates, features eight commercial grade mobile work stations and space for up to 32 students—allowing flexibility for a variety of different programs. “Educational programming around farming and local food production is a key part of our overall mission, and a teaching kitchen has been part of our vision since our integration with The FARM Institute in 2016,” says Alicia


The FARM Institute in Edgartown has been the beneficiary of a major investment in its continued growth as a first-rate educational facility for Martha’s Vineyard: a state-of-the-

Leuba, Trustees Vice President, Eastern Region. During the inaugural summer of its new kitchen, the farm offered educational classes and events, featuring guest chefs and instructors, six nights of the week. The space was also used by the children participating in The FARM Institute’s Summer Camp during the day. Islands Director for The Trustees, Sam Hart, adds, “We are grateful to the many donors and supporters who helped make this kitchen possible. It is a huge asset for the Vineyard community.”


Holmes Reservation





Field Farm

Crane Estate

Long Point Wildlife Refuge

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


In July 2019, a mirrored hot air balloon and gondola conceived by internationally renowned artist Doug Aitken embarked on an unprecedented aerial “road trip” that began on the sandy shores of Long Point Wildlife Refuge in Martha’s Vineyard and concluded at Field Farm in Williamstown, nestled in the scenic Berkshire Hills, two weeks later. Making stops at six Trustees sites along the way, the flying studio became a platform for social happenings featuring live music, food, and inspired dialogue centered on our future as a society.



Titled New Horizon, this fourth installment of the ambitious Art & the Landscape initiative was once again curated for The Trustees by independent Boston-based curator Pedro Alonzo. Elevating the Art & the Landscape concept to a whole new level, New Horizon sought to give all who encountered it a platform for creation and unique opportunities to connect around big ideas. Inspired by the sheer number of possibilities scattered across the map of Trustees special places, Aitken’s initial impulse was “what if we had a mirror in the sky and it could float from place to place?” he recounts. “I wasn’t really thinking about a balloon—that was something I discovered as I looked at different possibilities.” With New Horizon, Aitken "wanted to create a series of moments that you’re a part of—moments that you own and you author.” Reflecting on the landscape and the future, he adds “is the idea of having a very distinctive journey—and an idea of where are we going as individuals, as a culture, the environment, and how can we open up a dialogue that’s shared.” Experiencing Trustees reservations in new and unexpected ways, thousands of delighted participants of all ages attended the various happenings, family days, and special tethered flights, drawn by the music, the conversation, the landscapes and, at the center of it all, Aitken’s balloon—and, ultimately, his extraordinary artistic vision.


Castle Hill




Powisset Farm

School’s Out(side)!


Trustees is committed to ensuring the next generation has a strong connection to our environment and rich cultural history. The organization works to accomplish this in a number of ways: through nature-based preschools, hosting hundreds of school groups from across Massachusetts and as far away as California on our properties, providing internships in environmental science, and more. Each year youth get inspired through Trustees educational programs that are experiential, steeped in real world issues, and which augment and enrich traditional classroom curricula—at our working farms, coastal sites, historic houses and museums, as well as our recreational properties. Among the Trustees’ many educational programs are:

Inspiring a Love of the Natural World through Education

Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate

High school juniors from the Norfolk County Agricultural School in Walpole take part in a five-week environmental science internship program, participating in a variety of stewardship projects at 14 Trustees properties. Fruitlands Museum



On Martha’s Vineyard, The Trustees’ Claire Saltonstall Education Program reaches every student on the island with a curriculum that connects them to the Vineyard’s rich coastal ecosystem.




Begun in 2018, the Cooperative Nature School at Moose Hill Farm in Sharon follows a curriculum that brings an annual cohort of 30 preschoolers outdoors for 50% of their time at school.

Long Point Wildlife Refuge


Moose Hill Farm



Schoolgroups and youth organizations regularly participate in programs hosted year-round at a variety of reservations— bringing thousands of kids outside for hands-on educational opportunities to Trustees’ working farms, gardens, recreational sites, historic houses, and museums.

Summer Camps: 2,269 children exploring, discovering, and learning across 7 Trustees day camps in more than 50 weekly sessions at iconic Trustees reservations. School Field Trips: 15,277 students experienced Trustees properties through field trips to our farms, beaches, and cultural sites. Family Programs: 1,500 family programs in 2019 inspired families with children to explore our state's natural wonders together.


Ward Reservation

All in the



A thunderstorm transformed dimples on the ground into muddy puddles, so the children came to Castle Hill in rain boots. The lingering drizzle might have kept their parents indoors, but since the kids were still game for hiking along the marsh and the back dunes, entire families embarked on a journey of simple pleasures along Cedar Point Trail, scouring for worms, splashing in puddles, running through a pine grove wide-open for exploration. One parent whispered to another: I never would have taken my kids outside today by myself, but this is great. Ravenswood Park


Building a Lifelong Love of the Outdoors Through Hiking

“So many families are afraid to get outside, especially when it’s muddy like that, but that’s a kid’s dream,” says Victoria Sindorf, The Trustees’ Education Manager for the Crane Estate, who led the two-hour sojourn as part of a series of Monday school holiday hikes. “Honestly, that rainy-day hike was one of the best ones we’ve ever done.” For parents wishing to share their passion for the world outside or just looking for ways to spend more quality time with the kids, The Trustees offers a range of guided hikes and programs aimed at helping families get acquainted with the easy wonders of hiking. Reservations from Notchview in the Berkshires to Menemsha Hills on the Vineyard host Trustees Trekkers, a series of ranger-led family hikes for all ages and abilities. In just six months of the program’s inaugural season this year, more than 40 guided hikes have been held across the state, and plans are in place for many more to come. Hiking is an ideal vehicle for children’s first forays into the outdoors, with a pace suited to stop-and-start exploration, low physical and financial barriers to entry, and health benefits that transcend low-impact exercise. With the guidance of experts, The Trustees’ family hikes help demystify parents’ most frequent reasons for trepidation in the

outdoors—ticks, mosquitos, poison ivy—and provide a textbook-free, fun-first education in ecology. “One of the things I try to drive home is that you don’t have to be a naturalist to teach your children to love nature and develop their scientific curiosity,” Sindorf says. “When parents jump right into the activity and demonstrate their natural curiosity—even when they have no idea of the name of the beautiful flower or metallic looking beetle— their kids do the same.” Following their lead, a child’s natural curiosity becomes a natural love of the outdoors. Mount Warner


Edited from an article that first appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of Special Places.






Monument Mountain


More than two million people visited Trustees reservations this year, with 96% indicating that they had a positive (“Good” or “Fantastic” rating on visitor surveys) experience.


The StevensCoolidge Place


Fruitlands Museum


More than 62,000 Households—nearly 145,000 individuals in all—support The Trustees through membership, and enjoy its many benefits.

Force of Nature (Lovers) Trustees seeks a balanced strategy of audience development complemented by fiscal sustainability, as a cornerstone of the Momentum strategic plan. The work done to increase visitation, build membership, and grow programming over recent years is now seeing fruition in helping the organization become more self-sustaining. This year our visitation numbers, along with program participation, membership revenue, and volunteer hours, grew in substantive and impressive ways. We are excited by these results, which indicate increased interest in and support of the Trustees mission of conservation and preservation, building a foundation that will bolster our work for many years to come.

Trustees offers more than 5,000 programs—classes, workshops, hikes, tours, events, and more—across the state each year.



We are ever grateful to the more than 1,500 individuals, corporate groups, and students who provide many hours of their time each year to benefit our reservations. ©TRUSTEES


Program Participation

+4.2% TOTAL VISITORS FY19 2,018,091 FY18 1,937,202


MEMBERSHIP REVENUE FY19 $5,306,553 FY18 $5,010,000 Note: Includes Membership fees and gifts below Founders Circle levels.









oon after moving to Lincoln in the late 1980s, Joel Goldstein and Reed Goodman discovered a cultural gem just miles from their doorstep: deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. As they built careers in business and industry—Joel in executive consulting, Reed in communications—the couple regularly found respite in deCordova. They bicycled over to glimpse the park’s latest three-dimensional additions. They brought house guests for picnics. They attended every exhibition opening, concert, and special event they could, kindling an ever-growing passion for art collecting in the process. That fondness for deCordova endures these three decades later. “It’s been a haven for us, and we spread the word to people in the area who don’t know about it—anything we can do to help its longevity,” Reed says. “There’s something philosophically and practically valuable to maintaining and supporting local institutions.” After migrating to Sudbury to 1993, Joel and Reed, who’ve been together for 38 years, only strengthened their connections with deCordova. Joel became an overseer and devoted committee member, serving on the deCordova Leadership Council and helping with the museum’s recent integration with The Trustees. “It was a perfect match,”


LEGACY thetrustees.org/svs

Joel says of the integration. “As much as the deCordova is about art, it’s also about the landscape, which fit into what The Trustees care about in terms of preservation.” The bonds with deCordova are central to the couple’s entry into the Semper Virens Society. Upon marrying four years ago and pondering where to channel their financial legacy, Joel and Reed saw a natural fit between their philanthropic priorities— particularly arts and education—and the missions of The Trustees and deCordova. “The arts have always been important to us,” Joel says. “It’s enriched our lives—we feel fortunate to be in a position to purchase art and have it hanging on our walls. And we

want to make sure institutions like deCordova continue to provide art that’s accessible to all kinds of people and all kinds of situations.” DeCordova, Joel adds, also lends vital support to artists themselves. He recalls attending a Party for the Park celebration with Reed, where an emerging artist received an award and recounted her journey and the struggles of a creative life—an occasion that reminded him of just how vital institutions can be in helping creators achieve their true potential. “Nurturing artists, helping them become better known, helping them be able to support themselves through their art—those are added dimensions that make supporting deCordova critically important.”

Planned gifts have allowed The Trustees to advance its mission for more than 100 years. You can be part of that legacy and help ensure our work continues far into the future. To learn more about how these gifts can help you meet your financial and philanthropic goals, contact Julie Lazarus—at 617.542.7696 x1815 or mylegacy@thetrustees.org. If you have already named us in your estate plans, please let us know so we can honor your generosity through the Semper Virens Society.



Governance Volunteers BOARD OF DIRECTORS Directors serve as the governing board of Trustees, charged with the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s operations.

Cecily C. Colburn Karen S. Conway Dr. Lisette Cooper Brendan Coughlin Walter C. Donovan Charles D. Esdaile


Jonathan M. Keyes

Established in 1995, this Council was created to honor former members of the Standing Committee, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. It provides the opportunity for Trustees to continue to benefit from their advice and deep institutional knowledge.

Edward H. Ladd Philip L. Laird George E. Lewis David I. Lewis Deborah Logan Charles R. Longsworth

Peter B. Coffin, Chair

Michael Even

Eunice J. Panetta, Vice Chair

Martha L. Gangemi

William G. Constable, Secretary

Jade T. Gedeon

Clement C. Benenson

Spencer P. Glendon

Andrew P. Borggaard

Trevor C. Graham

David D. Croll

Marjorie D. Greville

David W. Scudder, Chair

Katherine J. McMillan

Andrew O. Davis

Leslie W. Hammond

Amy L. Auerbach, Vice Chair

Wilhelm M. Merck

Elizabeth de Montrichard

James H. Hammons

Lee Albright

John O. Mirick

Laura DeBonis

Mai Hanlon

Steven A. Bercu

Sara Molyneaux

Philip J. Edmundson

Douglas B. Harding

Tatiana Bezamat

Frederick S. Moseley

Uzochi C. Erlingsson

Christopher Escobedo Hart

Laura Bibler

Virginia M. Murray

Thomas D. French

Cameron Hudson

Jane Lyman Bihldorff

Scott A. Nathan

Linda Hammett Ory

Joshua A. Klevens

Sarah Hunt Broughel

Thomas H. Nicholson

Roland E. Hoch

Julia G. Krapf

Ronald Brown

Nicholas W. Noon

Elizabeth L. Johnson

Theodore C. Landsmark

Lalor Burdick

Julia B. O'Brien

Brian M. Kinney

Robert A. Larsen

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

Thomas L. P. O'Donnell

Edward H. Ladd

John D. Laupheimer

Liza R. Carey

Ronald P. O'Hanley

Martin Lempres

Marie LeBlanc

Sharon Casdin

Kathryn P. O'Neil

Robert H. Mason

Alexandra Liftman

Robert A. Clark

Carolyn M. Osteen

W. Hugh M. Morton

Molly Macleod

William C. Clendaniel

Russell J. Peotter

Michael T. Prior

David C. McCabe

Frances Colburn

Richard F. Perkins

Phyllis R. Yale

Pauline C. Metcalf

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Samuel Plimpton

Cyrus Taraporevala, Ex-Officio

Brian W. Monnich

Mary Campbell Cooper

Beatrice A. Porter

Amey D. Moot

David L. Costello

Margaret L. Poutasse

Kate Morris

Peter H. Creighton

Hillary H. Rayport

Albert A. Nierenberg

John P. DeVillars

Eugene E. Record

Christopher Oddleifson

James V. Ellard

Henry S. Reeder

Janet M. Offensend

Jeffrey B. Fager

John Ex Rodgers

Glenn P. Parker

Ronald Lee Fleming

G. Neal Ryland

Jonathan H. Poorvu

Allen W. Fletcher

Jane Saltonstall

Amy Poorvu

David R. Foster

Stanley L. Schantz

Jeffrey Bellows, Co-Chair

Jonathan Rapaport

Ann C. Galt

Mary Waters Shepley

Dr. Edward G. Garmey, Co-Chair

Carter S. Romansky

John L. Gardner

William Shields

Kathleen T. McIntyre, Co-Chair

Christopher A. Shepherd

Elizabeth W. Gordon

Norton Q. Sloan

Michelle M. M. Abel

Sukanya Lahiri Soderland

Gale R. Guild

F. Sydney Smithers

James M. Alden

Jonathan A. Soroff

Carter H. Harrison

Joseph P. Spang

Eleanor T. Andrews

Arthur K. Steinert

Nathan Hayward, III

Caroline D. Standley

Margaret G. Bailey

Hope E. Suttin

Thomas J. Healey

Augusta P. Stanislaw

Joanna Ballantine

Yanni Tsipis

John K. Herbert

Margaret E. Steiner

George P. Beal

Melissa A. Tully

Eloise W. Hodges

Elliot M. Surkin

Richard M. Burnes

John Vasconcellos

Paul S. Horovitz

Hooker M. Talcott

John G. Carey

Bradford B. Wakeman

James S. Hoyte

Jane M. Talcott

Richard H. Churchill

Elizabeth Weinberg Smith

Lily Rice Hsia

Patricia R. Ternes

Chip Clark

Andrew West

Janice G. Hunt

John E. Thomas

Richard M. Coffman

Marc Zawel

Stephen B. Jeffries

Philip A. Truesdell

Janet M. Zwanziger

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Julie M. Viola

Charles F. Kane

Natalia K. Wainwright

Stephen B. Kay

William F. Weld

ADVISORY BOARD This governance body advises the Board of Directors and staff on key issues, bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to its decision-making process.


Jonathan B. Loring Caleb Loring Peter E. Madsen Eli Manchester




Presenting Our Gardens in a Whole New Light For six weekends in 2018—from late November through the New Year—Trustees brought two of our beloved gardens to life in a new, luminous way. Dubbed Winterlights, intricate displays adorned Naumkeag and The Stevens-Coolidge Place with thousands of sparkling, multicolored LED holiday lights. Costumed characters, scavenger


hunts, warming beverages, and wonder-filled gazes awaited visitors, as parents brought children and young adults brought friends to experience what quickly became a new holiday must-see. In all, more than 35,500 visitors came to these two reservations at a time of year when they would otherwise be empty, and 300+ new memberships were

Susanna B. Weld

Alan F. French

Pamela Fezandie Lohmann

R. Angus West

Dorothy C. Fullam

Richard K. McMullan

Susan Winthrop

Ralph D. Gordon

Thomas L. P. O'Donnell

Elizabeth W. Gordon

May H. Pierce


Gale R. Guild

Nancy B. Putnam

Honoring those who have made extraordinary gifts of property, financial assets, or service to Trustees.

Roslyn E. Harrington

Rebekah Richardson

Nathan Hayward, III

Stephen L. Root

Janice G. Hunt

Jane Saltonstall

Elizabeth B. Johnson

David W. Scudder

Andrew W. Kendall

Mary Waters Shepley

Lee Albright

John W. Kimball

Norton Q. Sloan

Elsie J. Apthorp

Catherine C. Lastavica

F. Sydney Smithers

Wilhelmina V. L. Batchelder-Brown

Edward P. Lawrence

Caroline D. Standley

Nancy B. Bates

James Lawrence

Elliot M. Surkin

Frances Colburn

Robert P. Lawrence

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Sylvia P. Constable

George E. Lewis

R. Angus West

John Fiske

Susan P. Little

Frederic Winthrop

established. Helping to fulfill both strategic goals of elevating our cultural experiences and bringing more of the next generation outside, plans were immediately set in place to expand Winterlights for the 2019 season to include more lights, more experiences, and a third site, the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton.

CORPORATE TRUSTEES Corporate Trustees, along with Life Trustees, are the voting members of the organization. Each year at the Annual Meeting, they elect Board of Directors and Advisory Board, as well as new Corporate Trustees and Life Trustees. For the list of Corporate Trustees, please visit our website at thetrustees.org/governance

Trustees Governance, as elected at the 128th Annual Meeting and Dinner, November 7, 2019.



Cumulative Giving The Directors and staff of The Trustees extend our deepest gratitude to the following donors that committed their support to the Trustees Momentum strategic plan, annual operations during our 2019 fiscal year (April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019,) and special projects, including the landmark integration of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in July 2019. We are deeply grateful to these generous funders for their foresight and commitment to the Trustees mission. They fuel our thoughtful growth, expand our reach, and deepen our impact. $5,000,000+

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Martin

Estate of Col. Storer P. Humphreys, M.D.

Ms. Cornelia C. Roberts


Ms. Pauline Cabot Metcalf

Keurig Dr Pepper

William L. Saltonstall Foundation

Barr Foundation

Eunice and Jay Panetta

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kimball

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L Schantz

Mr. Cyrus Taraporevala and Ms. Fie Andersen

Athena and Richard W. Kimball Mr. Marty Lempres

Reynolds R. and Pamela M. Smith Foundation

Estate of William O. Taylor

Lookout Foundation

State Street Corporation

Maine Community Foundation

Adam and Hope Suttin

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Ms. Valentine Talland and Mr. Nagesh K. Mahanthappa

$2,500,000 - $4,999,999 David and Victoria Croll Mr. Edward H. Ladd

$100,000 - $249,999 $1,000,000 - $2,499,999


Abby and Peter Coffin

Mr. Joseph F. Azrack and Mrs. Abigail Congdon

Karen and Brian Conway

Estate of Mary P. Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Davis

Robert A. Bartonâ€

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

MilliporeSigma The Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund Mr. David I. Ratner and Mrs. Nancy K. Ratner

The Estate of Nancy L. Tuckerman The Children of Frannie and Sam Wakeman

$25,000 - $49,999

The Manton Foundation

Ms. Anita Bekenstein and Mr. Josh Bekenstein

Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund

Anonymous (2)

The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust

Mrs. Marcie T. Berkley and Mr. Forrest Berkley

TD Bank

The Caswell Foundation

United States Fish & Wildlife Service

The Parker Family Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts


Mr. Jonathan Chatinover and Ms. Elizabeth O'Connor

Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

The Vesper Foundation

Citizens Bank

Estate of Doris Wilson

Bruce and Karen Clarke

The Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation

Mr. Brendan Coughlin and Mrs. Heather M. Coughlin

$500,000 - $999,999 Mr. Robert E. Davoli and Ms. Eileen L. McDonagh

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Creighton

Mr. and Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson

$50,000 - $99,999

Deborah A. Hawkins

Anonymous (3)

Robert and Erica Mason Amy and Jonathan Poorvu

The 1434 Foundation

Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Foundation

James and Sabrina Alden The Arcadia Charitable Trust

Johanna Hansen Ross

Bank of America

David and Marie Louise Scudder

Mr. Steven A. Bercu William W. Farkas

$250,000 - $499,999

Mr. Spencer P. Glendon and Ms. Lisa Y. Tung


Nicholas and Marjorie Greville

Joan E. Appleton 1997 Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Hoch

Mr. Clement Benenson and Mrs. Stephanie Terelak Benenson Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat The Boston Foundation Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc. The Felicia Fund Tom and Jill French

Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

Mr. Andrew Davis and Dr. Florence Bourgeois

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Khedouri

Deborah and Philip Edmundson Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall Michael and Joan Even

The Island Fund Mr. William Koch and Mrs. Mary Levin Koch Mr. John D. Laupheimer and Mrs. Deborah Laupheimer

The Nancy Foss Heath and Richard B. Heath Foundation

Helen & William Mazer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton E. James Elizabeth L. Johnson

Joel Goldstein and Reed Goodman

Tom & Cathy Nicholson

Steve and Betsy Kendall

Timothy T. Hilton

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Howland, III

Mrs. Louise C. Riemer


Crane Fund for Widows & Children

Hans and Kate Morris

Kelly Dunn and Justin Paresky Mr. Samuel M. Feldman and Ms. Marilyn Meyerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kidder Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Kenneth and Tara Mitchell Ms. Yvette B. Morrill New England Biolabs, Inc. Janet and David Offensend Estate of Morgan Palmer Mrs. Sonja Hoel Perkins Nancy and George†Putnam Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Putnam Mr. Robert D. Rands and Mrs. Amelia R. Rands REI Naomi O. Seligman and Ernst von Simson Town of Stockbridge Ms. Dune Thorne The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust The Weld Foundation Gertrude de G. Wilmers

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. Gonzague de Montrichard and Mrs. Elizabeth de Montrichard

Nathan and Marilyn Hayward

JoAnne L. Shrontz Family Foundation

Anonymous (12)

Highland Street Foundation

Thomas Stair and Lucy Caldwell-Stair

1978 Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard du Toit

Mr. Arnold W. Hunnewell Jr

Rupert C. Thompson Fund

The American Endowment Foundation

EBSCO Publishing

Tiny Tiger Foundation

The Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Edgewood Retirement Community, Inc.

Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund

Mrs. Betty M. Ellis

David B. Jones and Allison K. Ryder

UBS Donor-Advised Fund

Ms. Amy L. Auerbach and Mr. Leo F. Swift

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Elterich

Dr. Edward M. Kaye and Dr. Alyssa Lebel

Lisette S. Venier Charitable Foundation

Charles and Christina Bascom

Mr. Jeffrey R. Keay and Mrs. Heather S. Keay

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Dr. Uzochi Chimdinma Erlingsson and Dr. Erik C. Erlingsson

Lorri Berenberg and Robert Wilstein

Ernst & Young U.S. LLP

W.O. Keeler Family Gift Fund

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Ms. Jennifer Erskine-Cashin and Mr. Bryan Cashin

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Charles Sumner Bird Foundation

Essex County Community Foundation

Jean and Neal Birnberg

Ms. Bridgitt Evans and Mr. Bruce R. Evans

BNY Mellon Corporation's Community Partnership

Evergreen Charitable Fund

The Bok Family Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey B. Fager and Ms. Melinda W. Fager

Melissa A. Tully

Gail and Ernst von Metzsch Mr. Tim Wadlow and Mrs. Erin Largay The Waldo Trust

Mr. Brian M. Kinney and Dr. Nancy L. Keating

Wasserman Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation

Mr. Joshua Aaron Klevens and Anna Sinaiko

The Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Foundation Western Philanthropies

Mrs. Julia G. Krapf

Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust

Ms. Justine Laugharn and Mr. James Laugharn

Phyllis Robin Yale and S. Tucker Taft Mr. Charles A. Ziering and Mrs. Margaret W. Ziering

Mr. William Lawrence, III Lenoir Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lewis, Sr. and

Mrs. Emily Lewis

$5,000 - $9,999

Ms. Lisa S. Lewis and Mr. Bart Dunbar

Anonymous (7)

Ms. Iris Louis and Mr. Roger W. Louis

Walter and Alice Abrams

Marblehead Conservancy

Lindsay and Blake Allison

Mr. Michael John Mars and Ms. Terri Z. Campbell

Ms. Judith Ann Amelotte

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Eleanor T. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Ames J. Jared and Cassandra L. Annello

Massachusetts Historical Society

Mr. Andrew P. Borggaard and Mrs. Jennifer M. Borggaard

Fiduciary Charitable Foundation

Mr. John M. Bradley

Fleischner Family Foundation

Dr. Horace Wood Brock

Ms. Elaine Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Brown Ms. E. Andrea Brox

Dr. Thomas A. J. Frank and Mrs. Alexandra C. Hastings

Rick and Nonnie Burnes

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

Estate of Jennie Ray Bush

Dr. David George Fromm

Mrs. Ann S. Buxbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gable

Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Judith A. Galvin

Jane Cheever Carr

C. Mackay Ganson and Julia K. Ganson

Mr. Christopher A. Celeste and Ms. Nancy J. Kramer

Gardinor Prunaret Foundation

David and Julia Fleischner

Massachusetts Woodlands Institute

Mr. Robert L. Ashton and Mrs. Gudrun Ashton

Philip F. May 2015 Revocable Trust

Margaret and John Bailey

Mr. William L. Meaney and Mrs. Judith P. Meaney

Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker Mr. George P. Beal and Mrs. Barbara Beal

Middlecott Foundation

Mr. David A. Behnke and Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

Ms. Susan Mikula The Amy Morrill Trust

Mr. Walter Beinecke and Mrs. Gina Beinecke

The John C. & Katherine M. Morris Foundation

Bemis Associates

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh M. Morton Mr. Scott Nathan and Ms. Laura DeBonis

Mrs. Susan P. Bernard and Mr. Peter J. Bernard

Mr. Albert A. Nierenberg and Mrs. Catherine Nierenberg

Ms. Carol O. Biondi and Mr. Frank J. Biondi

Ronald and Karen O'Hanley

Ms. Jane Bloom

Kate and Ford O'Neil

Brose Hie Hill Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Garmey

Mr. Patrick J. Pedonti and Mrs. Pamela C. Pedonti

Ms. Karen L. Brush and Mr. David M. Brush

Mr. Richard M. Coffman and Mrs. Gabrielle C. F. Coffman

Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett R. Geer

Pfizer Biotech, Andover

Mrs. Joan Buchanan

Ms. Diane Gipson

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Dr. Ellen M. Poss

Estate of Janet O. Buckingham

Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation

Colburn Foundation

The Prior Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lalor Burdick

Ms. Jo Anne Goldman

Estate of Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld

Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeremy Grantham

The Richard and Ann J. Prouty Foundation

Mr. John A. Burgess and Dr. Nancy S. Adams

The Columbus Foundation

Susan J. Gray and Alexander Dingee†

Mrs. Wendy J. Rafn and Mr. Mark Rafn

Town of Concord

Mr.† and Mrs. Henry R. Guild

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Record, Jr.

Ms. Rebecca Gardner Campbell and Samuel Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Constable

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Guy, III

The Rhode Island Foundation

Cardinal Brook Trust

Mrs. Gloria G. Coolidge

Rands Roboff

Christine and Larry Carsman

Ms. Paula V. Cortés

Ms. Deborah Hale and Mr. Martin d. M. Hale

Donald Guy Ross†

Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Saquish Foundation

Mrs. Judith W. Caruso and Mr. Richard P. Caruso†

Creighton Narada Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Harding

The Sedgwick Family

The George G. and Doris B. Daniels Wildlife Trust

Mr. Keith D. Hartt and Ms. Ann H. Wiedie

Jean and Tim Sheehy

Mrs. Sharon Casdin Mrs. Frances R. Caudill



Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hazen Churchill, Jr.

Ms. Libbie F. Gerry

Mr. Robert A. Clark

Susan Glessner

John & Golda Cohen Trust

Trevor and Elizabeth Graham

The Colby Unitrust

Granite Telecommunications

Ms. Barbara G. Cole and Mr. Christopher A. Cole

Griffin-Cole Fund

Community Foundation of Western MA

Mr. James R. Hammond and Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond

Mr. Christopher J. Condon and Ms. Gail S. King


Copeland Family Foundation

Mrs. Ashley Hubbard Harmon and Mr. James M. Harmon

Ms. Cornelia G. Corbett

Mary W. Harriman Foundation

Tim and Patty Crane

Dr. and Mrs.†William Harris

Sarah L. Creighton

The Helen G. Hauben Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Crockett

Colby Hewitt, Jr. â€

Mr. John T. Cunningham

Mr. Rich High and Ms. Anne Perkins

Daphne Hoch Cunningham 2011 Charitable Lead Trust

Eloise and Arthur Hodges

Dr. David and Mrs. Karen Davis

Estate of Mary B. Horne

Mr. Stephen A. Davis

Lou and Ginny Hoynes

Dr. Edmund P. DeLaCour

Luisa Hunnewell and Larry Newman

Sarah and Walter Donovan

Ms. Laura Iorio

Ruth H. Dunbar

Founders Circle members are vitally important partners in ensuring The Trustees continues to grow and thrive. Unrestricted annual support is the bedrock of our efforts to protect and share the beautiful and historic places of Massachusetts. Thank you to this network of generous friends.

Join the Circle today: thetrustees.org/founderscircle

Henry Hornblower Fund

Mr. John C. Keogh

The Eberstadt Kuffner Fund

Holly McLennan Ketron and Roger Ketron

Mr. Peter L. T. Eliot and Mrs. Katherine Eliot

Robert Kimbrough

J. Irving England and Jane L. England Charitable Trust Neal and Ronna Erickson Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Evangelakos

Mr. Matt W. Krummell and Ms. Valerie Davisson Mr. Michael Kutsch and Ms. Tammy Coselli

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Farnsworth

Mr. Robert A. Larsen and Ms. Judith A. Robichaud

Judy and Carl Ferenbach

Dr. Cynthia M. Latta

Fiduciary Trust Company

Mr. David J. Levy & Mrs. Persis B. Levy

Dr. Christian Fischer

Ms. Harriet R. Lewis and Mr. Alan Lewis

Ms. Rachel G. Fletcher

David and Cristina Lewis

The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund

Susan and Henry Livingston

Mr. Michael A. Gangemi and Mrs. Martha L. Gangemi

Ms. Amy Loud Ruggiero and Mr. Jason Ruggiero

Mr. James A. Gassel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyman

Mr. William E. Kiester and Ms. Jade T. Gedeon

Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea

Mr. Elbridge T. Gerry and Mrs. Caroline Gerry


Halfway Rock Foundation

Mr. George L. Markos and Mrs. Constance P. Markos Anne S. and Brian K. Mazar

Ms. Kimberly S. McGovern and Mr. Frank E. Scherkenbach

Mr. Kenneth W. Walker and Mrs. Patricia H. Walker

Mr. Richard J. Canty and Ms. Hope B. Woodhouse

Meehan Construction Co. Inc.

Mr. Eric W. Weber and Ms. Barbara Young

Wesley and Dianne Card

Mr. Christopher S. Gaffney and Ms. Karen Kames

Mr. and Mrs. James Mellowes

Webster Family Foundation

Mr. John G. Carey and Mrs. Sarah Carey

Ms. Judy S. Gates

Ms. Tamsen Merrill

Ms. Elisabeth S. Weitzel

Michael and Jenny Ceppi

Ms. Suzanne F. Gauron

Mrs. Joan P. Middleton

Mr. Andrew West and Mrs. Megan West

The Chasin Family

General Electric Foundation

Ms. Claudia Miller

Mr. Francis H. Williams

The Chicago Community Foundation

Ms. Claire M. Gillis

MIT 139 Main Street Leasehold LLC

Mr. John C. Willis, Jr.

Give with Liberty

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Monnich

Wilmington Trust

Mrs. Pamela Dippel Chone and Mr. Jeffrey A. Choney

Deborah and Timothy Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wilson

Rolf and Julie Goetze

Mr. and Mrs. Colin Moore

Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Ms. Amey D. Moot and Mr. William K. Stewart

Christopher and Sarah Wolf

Eugene and Melina Goldstein

Mr. Jonathan M. Zorn

Ms. Sarah D. Greenhill and Mr. Josh Greenhill

Ms. Patricia L. Freysinger

Louise Godine

Morgan Stanley Joseph and Toni O'Connor Osceola Foundation, Inc. Robert and Elizabeth Owens Michael Patterson Claudia & Steven Perles Family Foundation Mrs. Joan Person

Mr. Doug C. Grip and Ms. Karen Grip

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. John C. Hall

Anonymous (3)

Richard T. and Eileen G. Hardaway

Mr. Thomas F. Aaron

Mr. Winthrop R. Baker and Ms. Wendy Harman

Thomas Allen and Judy Anderson Maurice Amado Foundation Fund

Mr. Larry D. Harris and Ms. Maryanne R. Lavan

Apple Lane Foundation Ms. Marise Arena The Ayco Charitable Foundation

Jason & Courtney Cole

Mr. Christopher Escobedo Hart and Ms. Sarah Hart

Ms. Susan Baker Leavitt

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Dr. Jaye E. Hefner

Mr. David M. Baum and Mrs. Andrea Baum

Dr. William W. Cooper and Mrs. Martha P. Cooper

Mr. Jeremy D. Henderson

The Baupost Group, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Costello

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hicks

Ms. Susanne B. Beck and Mr. William A. Parker

Ms. Anne S. Covert Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Covington

Mr. Howard B. Hodgson, Jr. and Mrs. Wendy Hodgson

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rasmussen

Mr. Jeffrey Bellows and Mrs. Nicole Bellows

CSP Charitable Foundation Trust

Ms. Karen Howat

Mr. Carter S. Romansky and Ms. Lauren Romansky

Ms. Priscilla E. H. Bender

Mrs. Victoria R. Cunningham and Mr. Robert S. Cunningham

Ada Howe Kent Foundation

Bob Bettacchi

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Diana

Laura and Gregory Bibler

James F. Hunnewell, Jr.

The Dobbins Foundation

Mrs. Camilla Blackman

Mrs. Janice Gayron Hunt

Mr. James R. Dodge and Mrs. Michele Dobbins Dodge

Ipswich Charitable Foundation

Mr. Francis B. Phillips Mrs. May H. Pierce Pinnacle Leadership Foundation Ms. Beatrice A. Porter Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Pruett Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Margaret Walker Purinton Foundation Sally and Rob Quinn

Amy Drinker and Lawrence Rosenfeld Mr. Kenneth T. Schiciano and Ms. Pixley Schiciano Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Schifter The Sea Breeze Foundation Mr. Herve Sedky and Mrs. Heidi Sedky Mr. and Mrs. Roger Servison

BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Morene R. Bodner and Mr. David P. Carlisle

Estate of Margaret C. Dumas

S. K. Boreri MD

Mr. Richard Vincent Dwyer and Mrs. Barbara Dwyer

Don and Mary Shockey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunnewell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries Jewish Community Foundation

Michaelene Durst

Dr. Robert A. Jonas and Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas Mr. Charles F. Kane, Jr. and Ms. Anne W. Eldridge

The Families of George and Michael Eberstadt

Mr. John Simourian II and Mrs. Candace Simourian

Patricia Kanouse and Evan Kanouse, III

Edey Foundation ELMS Foundation

Dr. Tasso Kaper and Dr. Antonella Cucchetti

Ms. Barbara J. Erickson and Mr. Peter Torrebiarte

Kenwood Foundation

Joseph Peter Spang

Mr. Anthony Ferlazzo and Ms. Stephanie Ferlazzo

John P. and Susan C. Kirk

Stearns Charitable Trust

Marilyn Fife and John Cragin

Carol and Elliot Surkin

Mr. Desmond FitzGerald and Mrs. Helen S. FitzGerald

Mr. and Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan, Jr. Mrs. Hope N. Smith Mr. Mark A. Snider and Mrs. Gwenn Snider

Dr. Ralph C. Sweetland and Mrs. Christina B. Sweetland

Jonathan M. Keyes Sue and Chris Klem Mrs. Laura Kneisel and Mr. Tyler Kneisel The Kneisel Foundation Ms. Kristen Kusama-Hinte and Mr. Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte

Mr. Jeffry C. Flowers and Mrs. Laurie R. Flowers

Mrs. Cristen Tabors and Mr. David Tabors

Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Kusel

Dr. Ronald W. Takvorian and Dr. Katherine Upchurch Takvorian

Mrs. Kristina M. Brendel and Mr. Douglas D. Brendel

Walton Ford

Jane and Hooker Talcott

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

The Buddy Taub Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown

Ms. Judy A. Frechette and Mr. Henry M. Frechette

Mr. Aso O. Tavitian

Mrs. Eugenia E. Burn

Mr. and Mrs. Hollis French, III

Richard Leavitt

Mark Valentino

John and Kate Cabot

Lewis-Rhodes Charitable Trust

Mr. Bradford B. Wakeman and Ms. Wendy D. Wakeman

Paul and Virginia Cabot Charitable Trust

Mr. Steven B. French and Mrs. Debra J. French

Judge and Mrs.† Levin H. Campbell, Sr.

Mr. Andrew Frank and Mrs. Kyra B. Frank

Mr. Paul LaFerriere and Ms. Dorrie Parini Mrs. Judith Lafferty Bob† and Patsy Lawrence

Mr. Andrew J. Ley and Mrs. Carol P. Searle

The French Foundation



Living Springs Foundation

Mr.† and Mrs. Chester D. Peirce

The Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Charitable Trust

Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund

Joe and Deborah Loughrey Mr. George A. Lovell and Ms. Laverne A. Lovell

Mr. Dana G. Pope and Mrs. Carolyn A. Pope Dr. Daniel Pratt and Mrs. Susanna Pratt

Mr. Peter L. MacDonald

The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

John and Barbara MacNeish

Mr. Paul T. Przybyla

Mr. Adam Markell and Mrs. Rosemary Markell

Mr. Robert A. Radloff and Ms. Ann M. Beha

Mrs. Lynette Mason and Mr. Ronald Mason Mr. Thomas H. Mattox and Dr. Jacqueline K. Spencer

Mr. Norman S. Walker and Mrs. Marie-Eve Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Appel

Mrs. Margaret M. Reiser and Dr. Charles L. Cooney

Ms. Rebecca Ward and Mr. Mark Shull

Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Armstrong

Mr. John Hastings Wasson and Mrs. Gail Wasson

Mr. and Mrs. A. Alexander Arnold, III

Mr. Solomon B. Watson, IV and Ms. Brenda J. Watson

ATN International

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford D. Rodney Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, IV and Mrs. Constance Roosevelt

Mr. Robert G. Minicus and Mrs. Bridgette J. Minicus Mr. Matthew Montgomery and Mr. Kristian Kassimis

Mr. Mark C. Anderson and Mrs. Susan Anderson

Ms. Lynda S. Vickers-Smith and Mrs. Amy V. S. Bryan

Mr. J. Stanley Reeve and Mrs. Abigail Reeve

Mr. Anthony Rochte and Mrs. Mia Rochte

Ms. Barbara Meyer and Mr. Michael W. Perloff

Mr. and Mrs. Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr.

Mr. Frank Anton and Ms. Georgine T. Anton

Roche Foundation Inc.

Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady

Mr. Greg Anderson and Ms. Helen W. Samuels

Mr. James Wade and Mrs. Margaret M. Wade

Mrs. Jennifer L. Robinson and Mr. Jeff Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilson Meeks

Ms. Erika Anderson and Mr. Eric Klawiter

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Valentine and Mr. John H. Valentine, Jr.†

Mr. Miguel D. Rosales and Mr. John D. Corey Mr. Greg Schnipke and Ms. Marie LeBlanc

Whaleback Foundation Donna and Henry Whittier Mr. Jonathan G. Wicks and Ms. Meredith Becker Ms. Regina B. Wiedenski Kim Williams and Trevor Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dudley H. Willis Mrs. Elisabeth Wilmers Mr. Michael T. Wilson and Ms. Susan E. Greenleaf

Mr. William M. Bancroft and Dr. Alice D. Murphy

Mr. Robert W. Silk and Ms. Sandra L. Silk

$1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous (25) 132 Surfside Road, LLC The 5 51 5 Foundation Mr. G. Christopher Abbott and Mrs. Deborah A. Abbott

National Financial Services LLC

Mr. James Stern

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Howard and Fredericka Stevenson

Mr. Ronald J. Adams and Mr. Neal Eagleton

Mr. Brian R. Neff and Ms. Jana P. Neff

Dr. Mahlon Stewart and Ms. Pauline Frommer

Adaptable Electric, LLC

Ms. Olivia H. Parker Mr. Scott D. Parker and Ms. Kathleen V. Martin


Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr.

Ronald and Carolyn Grant Zarrella

Tom and Christina Shropshire

Frederick O. J. Muzi Foundation

Ms. Mary Jo Palermo and Mr. Stephen Hochbrunn

Mr. George P. Baker and Mrs. Lauren Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Binkley C. Shorts

Genevieve† and Justin Wyner

Mr. Arthur K. Steinert and Ms. Suzanne Pinto

Carolyn and Robert Osteen

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Bain

Dr. John P. Balser and Dr. Barbara E. Balser

Mr. Michael P. Murray and Mrs. Joanne P. Murray

Mr. Stephen P. Oliver

Sylvia and Aaron Baggish

Ms. Laurel Zangerl-Salter and Mr. Carl Zangerl-Salter

Augusta and Joseph Stanislaw

Oedel Foundation

Mrs. Susan Ayd and Mr. Robert Ayd

Mr. and Mrs. William Shields

Mr. John W. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Oedel

Susan Avery

Mr. Harden Ballantine and Ms. Jeanne H. Ballantine

Mr. Greg Spivy and Mrs. Laura Y. Spivy

Mr. Thomas L. P. O'Donnell

Mr. David Auerbach and Ms. Ariane Comstock

YourCause, LLC

Ms. and Mr. Paula Solomon

North Shore Garden Club of Massachusetts

Mr. Martin J. Auerbach and Ms. Louise Goodsill

Mr. Michael F. Sexton and Mrs. Jennifer S. Sexton

Mr. John T. Moy and Ms. Sonya E. Keene

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Noon

The Arzak Foundation

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Donald and Louisa Morgan

The New England Foundation

Mr. Olivier J. Aries

Ms. Luanne E. Selk and Mr. Jon J. Skillman

Ms. Shirley Singleton

Mr. Nicholas Negroponte

The Amgen Foundation

Redemption Rock Brewing

Henrietta and Heaton Robertson

Mr. Joseph C. McNay

Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Vaillant

Mr. Reed P. Anthony and Mrs. Barbara B. Anthony

Charles C. and U. Ingrid Richardson

Mr. Peter C. McKay

Mrs. Esther Ames

Mr. Gary L. Vilchick

ReVision Energy Inc.

Mr. H. Bruce McEver

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ackerman

Joanna and Clay Ballantine

Mr. A. James Barnes and Ms. Sarah Jane Hughes Town of Barnstable Mr. Jamison J. Barr and Ms. Sharon L. Alzner Laurie and David Barrett Mr. Walter J. Bart, Jr. and Mrs. Jeannette Harvey Bart Ms. Michelle L. Basil and Mr. James Dawson Mrs. Edith T. Bastian and Dr. James F. Bastian

Ms. Catherine M. Stone

Mr. Michael J. Agostino and Mrs. Nanette B. Agostino

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregg Stone

Mr. Mark S. Ain and Mrs. Carolyn Ain

Scott and Jana Stone

Mr. Glenn Batchelder and Ms. Candace J. Young

Mrs. Bonnie Akins

Mrs. Henry S. Streeter

Mr. Frederic M. Bauer

Bear and Pam Albright

Mr. James D. Supple and Ms. Mary F. McDonald

Dr. and Mrs. Nile L. Albright

Mr. Arthur Beale and Ms. Teresa A. Hensick

Gail Alden

Mr. Cameron Beck

Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander

Mrs. Ruth S. Bell and Oren Cook

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Aliski

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Beller

Mr. John M. Allman and Mrs. Linda P. Allman

Mr. John A. Benning

David and JoEllen Sweet Mrs. Donna Tadler and Mr. Richard Tadler Katherine U. and Ronald W. Takvorian Charitable Foundation Marc Tanner and Rebecca Rogers Ann C. Tikkanen and Mark L. Sullivan Kelley and Mark Truchan Mr. Yanni Tsipis and Ms. Kristin Kara

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Allsopp

Dr. Peter Bergethon and Ms. Cindy Bergethon

Mrs. Barbara H. Almy

Mr. E. Garrett Bewkes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alsop

Bewkes Family Foundation

Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González

Mr. Gregory P. Bialecki and Dr. Mary M. Herlihy

Mr. John F. Curry and Ms. Susie L. H. Hwang

Mrs. Rhoda Cohen

Mr. Henry Forbes Bigelow and Mrs. Judy M. Bigelow

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser Foundation

John and Jane Bihldorff

Ms. Elizabeth W. Cabot

Mr. Michael S. Cohen and Mrs. Marci Cohen

Ms. Martha Bohlin

Mr. Samuel Cabot and Mrs. Claire Cabot

Mr. Thomas Coleman

Mrs. Laura C. Cutler

Mr. Nicolas Boillot and Ms. Jennifer Cody

Ms. Victoria H. Caldwell

Helen W. Coleman Foundation

Mrs. Edith L. Dabney

Mr. Jay Quentin Bonanno and Mrs. Brenda Bonanno

Mr. D. Don H. Callahan and Mrs. Lisa W. Callahan

Ms. L. Teal Colliton and Mr. Kevin Colliton

Mr. Ross Daigle and Ms. Polly Hernandez

Boston Scientific

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Campanella

Mr. Michael A. Collora and Ms. Clare K. O'Connell

Ms. Dawn D'Alelio and Mr. Edward H. D'Alelio

Maureen & Edward Bousa

Kristen Deane Campbell and Douglas Campbell

Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region

Helen B. Danforth

Mrs. Diane M. Capstaff

Community Foundation for Nantucket

Mr. Matthew Daniels and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Boynton

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Carey

Jane Condon and Kenneth G. Bartels

Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Dannheim

Mr. Charles Bragdon and Ms. Rebecca Clark

Mr. Daniel Carlat and Ms. Tammy Bottner

Mr. Steven Keleti and Ms. Jean Danton

Carol and Steve Carlson

Mr. Richard R. Congdon and Mrs. Marion L. Congdon

Mrs. Susan A. Bragdon

Christopher T. and Jane Fisher Carlson

Dorothy D. Conkey Trust

Ms. Barbara A. Darrow

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brake

Mr. Ian Carnathan

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connelly

Kib and Tess Bramhall

Martha A. Carr

Dr. Patricia Connolly

Ms. Virginia L. Darrow and Mr. Armand G. Maldonado

Ms. Dianne Brand and Ms. Rachel Brand

Ms. Sis Carroll

Mrs. Sylvia P. Constable

Mr. Peter J. Boynton and Mrs. Susan Boynton

Susan and James Curtis

Mr. Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Ms. Cynthia Cook

Mr. Jeffrey J. Davies and Ms. Victoria W. Guest

Nathaniel S. and Catherine E. Coolidge

Robert Day

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Coolidge, III

Mr. Douglas J. DeAngelis

Mary and James Nicoll Cooper

Ms. Eileen R. DeCastro and Mr. Edson D. DeCastro

The Coraggio Fund

Anne Decker and John Decker

Ms. Patricia L. Cornelison

Mr. Philip Deely and Mrs. Hilary Somers Deely

Mr. Maurice W. Coulon and Mrs. Judith A. Coulon

Mrs. Betsey S. Delaney

Mr. Jackson Craig Mr. Paul A. Cramer and Ms. Mary E. Gard Mr. William R. Craven and Ms. Pamela Craven Mr. Joseph M. Cronin and Mrs. Sarah Cronin Scott and Mary Carson

Mr. Thomas Cronin and Mrs. Patricia Cronin

Mr. and Ms. John A. Brennan, Jr.

Mr. Calvin Carver, Jr. and Ms. Anne Q. DeLaney

CSL International Limited

Mr. John Briedis and Mrs. Irene S. Briedis

Mr. William Casey and Mrs. Regina Casey

Mr. Thomas R. Bright and Mrs. Kathleen F. Bright

Mr. Avery W. Catlin

Mr. John P. Brennan

Ms. Kathleen Brill

Ms. Donna M. Ceglia and Mr. Daniel Nadeau

Mr. John Brodeur and Ms. Andrea Coville

Charlotte Foundation

Mr. John F. Brooke

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Cheston, Jr.

Mrs. Lisa A. Brothers

Dr. Cathe Chiaramonte

Mr. and Ms. David B. Broughel

The Francis P. Chiaramonte Family Foundation

Ms. Cornelia W. Brown and Dr. Henry B. Warren Mr. William C. Buck and Mrs. Laura T. Buck Mr. Edward Buckbee Mr. and Mrs. Erich Buddenhagen Mr. Christopher H. Buder and Mrs. Heather A. Buder Don and Lynne Bulens The Bulens Family Foundation Morgan Bulkeley Mrs. Leslie Burns and Mr. John E. M. Burns Katie and Paul Buttenwieser

Natalie DeNormandie Mr. Christopher J. Detmer and Mrs. Kyra Detmer

Stefanie and Douglas Cronin

Ms. Deborah M. Carter

Mr. Walter V. Demers and Ms. Jane Cashin Demers Mr. Daniel T.M. Dempsey and Mr. Steven Rufo

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crocker, II

Bravehearts, The Friends of Dylan Connelly

Mr. and Ms. Doug Delaney

Robert and Patti Deuster Dr. Louis Di Lillo and Mrs. M. Donna Di Lillo

CTM Media Group

Mr. Edward D. Dick and Mrs. Dale G. Dick

Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Cullen, Jr.

Mr. Darrell Doe and Mrs. Cynthia Doe

Mrs. Myrna Cummings and Mr. B. Bruce Cummings

Alexandra M. Dohan and David A. Dohan Mr. John D. Doherty

Cummings Properties, LLC

Susan and Digger Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Cuneo

Mimi and Peter Dow

Mrs. Cynthia Curme and Mr. Oliver Curme

Mr. Vincent A. Chippari and Ms. Deneen McQueen-Chippari Mr. Michael Cieslewicz and Ms. Elisa Abdulhayoglu Mr. Nathaniel B. Clapp and Mrs. Hester C. Clapp Mr. Paul W. Clark and Ms. Carol R. Parrish Mr. Mark G. Clayton and Mrs. Jennifer L. Clayton Mr. Paul D. Cleary, Ph.D. The Cleveland Foundation The Clowes Fund, Inc. Jonathan Cohen and Eleanor Friedman



Mr. Robert M. Doyle and Mrs. Cynthia T. Doyle

Alice and Jonathan Flint

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Geschke

Ms. Katrina B. Hart

FM Global Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Gewirtz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Harter

Dr. Robert T. Doyle and Dr. Mary Ann Nieves

Ms. Jocelyn A. Forbush

The Harter Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. Patrick Ford and Ms. Julia Rudolf

Mr. Roy P. Giarrusso and Mrs. Kristen F. Giarrusso

Ms. Allison Forrest

Anne and Chad Gifford

Dr. Elizabeth E. and Mr. Whitney Hatch

Mrs. Elena Foster and Mr. Hugh Foster

Mr. Frederick H. Glore and Mrs. Constance P. Glore

Mrs. Margaretta Hausman and Mr. Jerry Hausman

Ms. Alexandra Glover and Mr. Peter L. Puciloski

Lucile W. Hays

Mr. Richard Goldenberg and Mrs. Janet Goldenberg

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Heald

Mr. and Mrs. J. Williar Dunlaevy Ms. Cecilia E. Dunn Mr. Donald D. Durkee Mr. Robert Earley and Ms. Montira Earley Mr. Dick D. Ebersol and Mrs. Susan Saint James Ebersol EBS Insurance Brokers The Echo Charitable Foundation Ms. Caroline C. Edwards Mrs. Deborah S. Edwards Christine Egan Fund Mr. and Mrs. David K. Eikenberry Mr. Daneil Elias and Ms. Karen Keane The Elm Grove Foundation Mr. Michael Elzay and Ms. June Elzay Ms. Krystyna Niklarz Epstein Mrs. Mary Ann Esdaile Mr. Henry P. Euler and Ms. Aline Euler Mr. William L. Evans and Mrs. Barbara R. Evans Eversource Energy Exelon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. W. Gerard Fallon, Jr. Ms. Barbara E. Fargo Bronson H. Fargo Trust Ms. Martha Farrell and Paddy Farrell Mr. Donald Nathan Fawcett and Mrs. Bridget Fawcett Mr. Jamie M. Fay and Mrs. Maureen A. Fay

Mrs. Julia Foster and Mr. James Foster Fowle Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey Mrs. Pamela W. Fox Ernst and Elfriede Frank Foundation, Inc. Franklin Land Trust Mr. West Frazier and Ms. Christine Collins Dr. Albert R. Frederick and Mrs. Suzanne M. Frederick Mr. Marc D. French and Mrs. Erin M. French Mr. Robert French and Mrs. Victoria French Carolyn and John Friedman Frisbie Family Foundation Ms. Caroline Fritzinger and Mr. Timothy C. Fritzinger

Ms. Nancy Gomes Mr. John T. Goodhue and Ms. Anne Smith Mr. Douglas R. Gooding and Ms. Stacy Cloutier Ralph and Elizabeth Gordon Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Mr. Robert L. Gray and Mrs. Nancy B. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Greeley Mr. John B. Greenbaum and Ms. Chris L. Eaton Madeline L. Gregory Mr. Lee C. Griffin

Mr. J. W. Filley and Ms. Joanne Gosser Mr. Daniel C. Finbury and Ms. Patricia P. Reeser First Ipswich Bank Mrs. Elaine W. Fiske George F. Fiske, Jr. Mr. John F. Fiske and Ms. Margaret Chen Mr. Allen W. Fletcher Mr. Albion R. Fletcher, Jr.


Ms. Virginia M. Haywood Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hedges, Jr. Mr. Michael Heffernan and Mrs. Michele Austin Heffernan Mr. Donald F. Henderson Ms. Edith H. Herbeck Mr. and Mrs. John K. Herbert III The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc. Hershey Family Fund Hess Foundation, Inc. Ms. Andrea L. Heyda Mr. George A. Hibbard and Ms. Cynthia S. Hibbard Mr. Laurence M. Hicks and Mrs. Victoria W. Hicks

Shawna Fullington

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs.†David M. Gaffney and The Gaffney Foundation

Arthur Griffin Family Foundation Charles and Natasha Grigg

Mr. Donald Hindley and Ms. Catherine Hindley

Mr. Jay L. Gainsboro and Mrs. Barbara Gainsboro

Mr. Daniel Gropper and Ms. Tammy Allen

Mr. Michael F. Hines

Dr. and Mrs. John Galt

Mr. Richard P. Grudzinski and Ms. Julie Bowden

Mrs. Christina Hobbs

Mr. Michael P. Galvin and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Galvin

Mr. George L. Grunwald and Mrs. Joy R. Grunwald

Mr. Patrick Gan

Mrs. Ann L. Gund and Mr. Graham Gund

Mr. Greg Garland and Ms. Heather Garland

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Gutman

Ms. Jeannie Garrard Mr. Robert J. Gauch, Jr. Ms. Alyse A. Gause and Mr. William D. Gause Mrs. Eileen P. Gebrian and Mr. Timothy J. Barberich Molly D. Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Gerard Sumner Gerard Foundation Susan and William Geresy, Jr. Mr. Peter Gerry

Mr. David C. Hodgson and Mrs. Laurie B. Hodgson Mr. Jeff M. Hoffman and Mrs. Jen Hoffman

Philip Guymont and Susan McLaren

Mr. Richard F. Hohlt and Mrs. Deborah M. Hohlt

Mr. Philip Hadley

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hollis, III

Mr. Charles M. Hale and Mrs. Karen A. Hale

Mr. Quentin Homan

Mr. Joe W. Hale and Ms. Beth Dininio

Mr. Howard Hoople

Mr. Christopher S. Haley

Lois and John Horgan

Mrs. Ann T. Hall and Mr. John L. Hall, II

Paul and Betsey Horovitz

Ms. Denise Hall and Mr. Ken Paull

The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation

Mr. Stuart D. Halpert

Mr. Victor Hou and Ms. Jennifer L. Leuba

Hamill Family Foundation Ms. Sarah E. Hancock

Mrs. Amy Hourihan and Mr. Seamus Hourihan

Mr. Scott M. Hand and Ms. Ellen Hand

Ms. Margaret D. Howard

Ms. Craig C. Hannafin and Mr. Daniel P. Hannafin

Mrs. Lily Rice Hsia

Ms. Holly Angell Hardman Ms. Barbara Fife

Mr. Wilmot R. Hastings

Mrs. Judy Hood

Mr. Cameron Hudson and Mrs. Patricia Hudson

Mrs. Elizabeth Harrigan and Mr. Dan Harrigan

Richard and Helen Hughson

Mr. Colin D. Harrington and Ms. Deborah L. Balmuth

Ms. Susanna Hunt and Robert E. Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Harris Ms. Elizabeth Harris Mrs. and Mr. Georgia Harris Mr. Roy J. Harris, Jr. and Ms. Eileen C. McIntyre Mr. Carter H. Harrison Janet and Richard Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Hunsaker, III Ms. Ann S. Hurd Hurdle Hill Foundation Ms. Sandra Hurse Edward L. Hutton Foundation Ms. Liz Hynes Mrs. Ruby Iantosca and Mr. Paul Iantosca IBM Corporation

Mr. Charles F. McCannon, Jr.

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Marisa Labozzetta and Martin Wohl

Mr. Jeremy Maurice Jacobs and Mrs. Alice Jacobs

Mr. F. D. Lackey, III†

Mr. George G. Loring and Mrs. Sarah M. Loring

R.C. Lafond Insurance Agency

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Loring, III

Jennie H. Jacoby & Douglas B. Jacoby

Mr. Jeffrey A. Landon and Ms. Susan K. Landon

Mr. and Mrs. David Loring

J. Crew

Peter and Babette Loring

Mr. Dewey C. Dellay and Ms. Cathleen D. McCormick

Ms. Kristina G. Jelleme and Mr. Jarrod Stolgitis

Mr. David J. Lane and Mrs. Claire A. Lane†

Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge

Mr. Robert McCrae and Mr. Bill Newhall

Mr. Frederick Lane

Mr. James H. Lowell and Mrs. Terri Zeigler Lowell

Cathy and Scot McCulloch

Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Jewell, III Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Mr. John Lanza and Ms. Ann-Mara Lanza

Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation

Ms. Gail McGuinness and Mr. Luke McGuinness

Ms. Amy G. Job and Mr. Robert Job

Mr. Joseph P. Lanzillotta, Jr.

Ms. Jill Alison Hornor and Mr. Yo-Yo Ma

Mr. James T. McGuinness

The Joelson Foundation

Eric and Amy Mabley

Mr. Christopher McKeown

Amy D. Johnson, MD

Mr. Jeremy Lapon and Dr. Denise G. Lapon

Ms. Elizabeth W. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Lawrence

Ms. Julie E. Mackin and Mr. Daniel S. Clevenger

Mr. Christopher McKown and Ms. Abigail Johnson

Ms. Carolyn McCannon and Mr. Charles F. McCannon

Mr. Lloyd B. McManus, Jr.

Mr. Mark W. Johnson and Mrs. Tracy D. Johnson

Ms. Katherine J. McMillan

Stephen and Paula Johnson

Mr. Richard K. McMullan

Mr. Bradley W. Jones and Ms. Suzie LaMont

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Meahl Mr. Robert Alan Medaugh and Mrs. Barbara Medaugh

Mr. Harold L. Jones and Mrs. Cheryl B. Jones

Mr. James Meehan Mr. Keith P. Melanson

Mr. Eric Josephson and Mrs. Irene Josephson Joset Corporation

Ms. Anne T. Melvin and Dr. Daniel J. Sullivan

Matthew and Liz Kamens

Ms. Josephine A. Merck

Dr. Laura A. Katz and Mr. Dan Berger

Merck Partnership for Giving

Dr. Julie Kaufman

Ms. Anne Meyer

Mark Keane and Sheethal Keane

Mr. Michael R. Miele and Ms. Anne Esbenshade

Mr. Brenton J. Keefer and Mrs. Charlotte M. Keefer Mrs. Dorothy M. Keeney and Mr. James P. Keeney Ms. Elise M. Kelley and Mr. Brian Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kellner Mr. James P. Kelly and Mrs. Margaret S. Kelly Kelly Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. W. Clinton Kendall Mr. John Kendzierski and Mrs. Patricia Kendzierski Dr. Erin O. Kent and Mr. Patrick Kent Mr. Leo Kin and Ms. Shannon Kin Judy King Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. King Mr. Jeffrey J. Kingsley and Mrs. Allison F. Kingsley Mr. James Kirschner and Ms. Anne Hutchins Mr. David C. Kloss Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kneisel

Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot Minot Mr. Robert B. Minturn Mirick Charitable Fund

LDa Architecture & Interiors, LLP

Mr. Robert W. Macleod and Mrs. Barbara W. Macleod

Mr. Mark Leavitt and Ms. Taryn G. Leavitt

Alexander and Sunny Macmillan

Mr. Laurence H. Lebowitz and Ms. Naomi D. Aberly

Mr. Bruce MacNelly and Ms. Linda Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee

Ms. Betsy Ridge Madsen

Ms. Lily Lee and Ms. Fay Lee

Mr. Peter E. Madsen

Mrs. Beth Lehman and Mr. Timothy E. McAllister

Ms. Susan Mahan and Mr. Steven Kirincich

Mr. Peter Lehner Ms. Nancy Corns Littlehale

Mr. Thaw Malin, III and Ms. Cynthia Bloomquist

Mr. James E. Lenhart and Mrs. Dipti Lenhart

Mr. Richard C. Marcy and Ms. Denise Ulibarri

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Leslie

Mr. Adam J. Margolin and Ms. Meghan K. Jasani

Maria Mucci and the Charles S. and Zena A. Scimeca Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Marsh

Ms. Kathleen Mullens

Mr. Ronald G. Marshall and Mrs. Ellen Marshall

Ms. Virginia M. Murray

Lazan Glover & Puciloski LLP

Mr. George N. Lester and Ms. Blanche Teyssier Mr. and Mrs. John E. Leuba Ms. Jane K. Lewis and Mr. Francis H. Duehay

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Montminy

The Madden Team

Mrs. Joyce L. Morgan and Mr. James L. Morgan Mr. Christopher Morss Mr. William B. Mosakowski Mr. Richard A. Moscicki and Mrs. Marianne L. Moscicki Ms. Deborah W. Moses Ms. Kim Mougenel Mr. Ronald R. Mourant and Mrs. Wanda J. Mourant Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mrkonic

Ms. Kathryn Marston

Ms. Johanna Musselman and Mr. David Musselman

Mr. Stephen Liftman and Ms. Alexandra Liftman

Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank

The Naduse Foundation

Mr. Glenn A. KnicKrehm

Carmela and Walker Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Knowles

The Liman Foundation

Mr. Gary D. Martin and Mrs. Karen Martin

Mr. James D. Nail and Ms. Catherine Belden

Ms. Krista Koenig

Mr. Charles M. Linehan

Mr. Edward Kohler

Mr. Edward C. Lingel and Mrs. Pamela M. Lingel

Mr. William Martin and Ms. Kristin Hanson Martin

The Kneisel Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff and Mrs. Diane Kontoff Mr. Richard P. Kosian and Ms. Sally Hamblen Mr. Richard J. Kosinski and Mrs. Katharine S. Kosinski Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kupper, Jr.

The Naturalists' Club Ms. Penelope Neal and Mr. Matthew Whitlock

Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

Ms. Kristin Nelson

Mastwood Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Netland

Cinny Little

Ms. Sara Mattes and Dr. Jerome Ritz

Network for Good

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lomanno

Mr. Robert G. Maulden and Robin L. Berry

The New York Community Trust

Mr. Charles W. Long

Ms. Lindsay Deane Mayer

Mrs. Catharine Newbury and Mr. David S. Newbury

Dr. Benjamin Liptzin and Mrs. Sharon L. Liptzin†



Mr. Michael C. Ruettgers and Ms. Maureen Ruettgers

Newcastle Foundation Trust Mr. Paul Britton Newhouse and Mrs. Diane M. Newhouse Sarah and Jeff Newton

Dr. Joseph C. Runkle and Ms. Amy Snodgrass

Aksel Nielsen Foundation

Ms. Amy B. Rusiecki

Mr. James W. Noga and Mrs. Marcia M. Noga

Cynthia Rusis and Armins Rusis

Ms. Tara Nolan

Ms. Anita B. Ryan and Mr. Anthony J. Ryan

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Colin Ryan and Ms. Janet Zuroske

Ms. Diane C. Nordin and Mr. Thomas Keller

Mr. John P. Ryan and Dr. Claire P. Mansur

Mr. Alexander A. Notopoulos, Jr. and Ms. Alexis Anderson

Mrs. Bonnie Sacerdote

Mr. Michael R. Nowlan and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Nowlan

Chris and Pito Salas

Didi and Neal Ryland Mr. Stephen Sachman Mr. Richard B. Saltzman and Mrs. Bette A. Saltzman

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Nussbaum Mr. Theodore E. Ober

Mr. Franklin D. Sanders and Mrs. Jessica R. Sanders

The Donal C. O'Brien Jr. Family Ms. Mary G. O'Connell and Mr. Peter J. Grua Mr. Christopher Oddleifson and Mrs. Nancy Oddleifson Mr. Brian W. Ogilvie and Ms. Jennifer N. Heuer

Mrs. Lydia Petty and Mr. Robert D. Petty

Mr. Lance A. Ramshaw

Mr. Alec Sargent and Mrs. Lee Sargent

Mr. Stephen John Phillips and Mrs. Marianne Phillips

Mr. John Freeman Randall and Mrs. Catherine S. Randall

Ms. Jeanne Sargent

Ms. E. Morey Phippen and Mr. Brian Adams

Ms. Anne Randolph

Ms. Joanna L. Phippen

Mr. Henry Rauch and Mrs. Susan Cooper Rauch

Ms. Victoria B. O'Neill and Mr. Thomas E. Kelly, Jr.

Richard D. Phippen†Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Pierce

Mr. Willard O. Raynor and Mrs. Mary Ann Raynor

Mrs. Nannette F. Orr

Mr. Scott Jeffrey Pinarchick and Mrs. Cheryl B. Pinarchick

Hillary Hedges Rayport and Jeffrey F. Rayport

Ms. Susanna B. Place and Mr. Scott L. Stoll

Mr. James F. Reardon

Ms. Sheila Owen and Mrs. Patricia Roberson

Mr. and Ms. James Pluhar

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Plukas

Mr. Dale Reiss

Ms. Elizabeth Padjen and Mr. Thaddeus Gillespie

Point B Realty

Mr. Joe M. Riccitelli-Pestana and Mrs. Brenda Riccitelli-Pestana

Mrs. Margaret O'Shea and Mr. Timothy O'Shea Our Island Club

Mr. Douglas P. Reed

Mrs. Rebecca Saunders Mrs. Joan Scheinbart and Mr. Jon Scheinbart Ms. Judith Scheuer and Mr. Joseph Mellicker Mr. Jeremy Schley-Johnson and Ms. Jennifer Schley-Johnson Mr. Peter C. Schliemann Mrs. Martha M. Schmidt Ms. Eva Schocken Ms. Elizabeth K. Schodek Dr. and Mrs. John R. Schreiber Mr. James Schwartz

Mr. William H. Park

Mr. Bruce N. Polishook and Mrs. Robin Polishook

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rice, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Parker

Ms. Vida E. Poole

The Rice Family Charitable Foundation

Ms. Christine Parks

Ms. Allison Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Rich

Mr. David J. Parmelee and Mrs. Nancy A. Emerson

Ms. Rene Schweickhardt and Mr. Jeff Hyman

Ms. Elizabeth B. Post

Mrs. Margaret E. Richardson

Sconset Trust Inc.

Dr. Richard S. Post and Ms. Janet H. Post

Migsie & Gar Richlin Foundation

Mr. Robert Paschke and Dr. Deidre Donaldson

Mrs. Diana Hitt Potter

Mrs. Nancy Riegel

Mr. Harold D. Sears and Ms. Rene C. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Pottle

Mr. Cornelis Rijnbrand

Dr. Sally Starling Seaver

Margaret Poutasse

Mr. Bruce Ringwall

Mr. Michael Powell and Ms. Devon Powell

Mrs. Virginia M. Ripp and Mr. Jospeh Ripp

Mr. Andrew Rushford and Ms. Kate Shamon

Mr. Robert P. Powers and Mrs. Jane Powers

Mr. George O. Roberts

Mr. Eric Patey and Ms. Charlene Patey Mr. James Patten and Mrs. Joyce Patten Jeffery and Eloise Patterson Brad and Shira Paul Mr. Jan A. Pechenik and Mrs. Regina Campbell

Rising Tide Associates

The Miriam & Stanley Schwartz, Jr. Philanthropic Foundation

Mr. Thomas M. Shannon and Mrs. Kathleen O. Shannon L. Dennis and Susan R. Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. Pratt

Mr. Donald J. Pegg and Mrs. Susan Pegg

Mr. Richard Doyle Rockwell and Mrs. Lyly D. Rockwell

Charles Pratt & Company, LLC

Mrs. Chester D. Peirce

Jeff and Chris Rodek

Mr. George G. Preble and Mrs. Joan Preble

Mr. Allan Rodgers

Mary Waters Shepley

Mr. Richard L. Rodgers and Ms. Heather J. Reid

Patrick and Katherine Sherbrooke

Mr. Graham L. Prendergast

Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Sherbrooke

Mr. Richard McKim Preston and Ms. Lori Preston

Sandra Shepard Rodgers Trust

Mr. William A. Sherden and Mrs. Molly Sherden

Mr. Charles Provenzano and Ms. Cheryl Cronin

Ken and Ellen Roman

Alan and Judy Pemstein Mr. Jonathan B. Penn and Mrs. Linda Penn Mr. and Ms. Russell J. Peotter Ms. Gloria Percival Mr. Calixto Perez and Mrs. Rosa Velasquez Cynthia and Dick Perkins

Nat and Holly Pulsifer

Perkins Charitable Foundation

Mr. James Quinty and Mrs. Elizabeth Quinty

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Perley

The Racemaker Charitable Fund

Mr. Dayne A. Perruzzi

Ms. Jane Ralph and Ms. Nadine Ralph


Matthew Martin and Michael Rodriguez Philip Rosenkranz Karen and Jeffrey Ross Ms. Carol A. Rouleau and Mr. Gerald J. Lipsky Ms. Jacqueline Rousseau Mr. and Mrs. Kevin V. Ruddy

Sarah Angell Sharpe and John Powley

Mr. Jeff Shoreman and Ms. Lynn Shoreman Mr. Joseph D. Short Mr. Alan A. Shuch Shwartz Family Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Mr. Michael A. Simpson

Mr. Karl Sims and Mrs. Patricia E. Maes

Ms. Lisa W. Sziklas

Single Step Foundation

Ms. Margaret M. Talcott and Mr. L. Scott Scharer

Ed and Imogen Wilson

Mrs. Landis F. Van Alen and Mr. Alex Van Alen

Mr. Patrick A. Wilson and Mrs. Nina C. Wilson

Mr. Michael R. Van Brunt and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Van Brunt

Mr. Peter W. Skelton and Mrs. Marisa V. Skelton

Taniguchi Deane Family Foundation

Mrs. Leslie Slavin and Mr. Howard L. Slavin

Ms. Suzie Tapson and Mr. Gordon M. Burnes

Deborah and Donald Van Dyke

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

Emily Vanderbilt Wade Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Winthrop

Mr. Christopher Smallhorn and Mrs. Cary Smallhorn

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Tate

Ms. Fran L. VanTreese

Tausig, Brennan, and Gage Families

Mr. John Vasconcellos

Ms. Sarah M. Wolfgang and Mr. Meldon Wolfgang, IV

Ms. Amanda Smith

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Julie M. Viola and Michelle Viola

Ms. Christina Wood

Mrs. Becky C. Kidder Smith and Mr. Thomas C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Taylor

Mrs. Mabel H. Vogel

Mrs. Nancy B. Woods and Mr. Fred Woods

Mr. Joel Allen Smith and Mrs. Katherine Smith

Teal Pond Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David S. von Loesecke

Ms. Nancy C. Woolford

Mrs. Beverly Malatesta Temple

Mrs. Emily V. Wade

Ms. Anita R. Worden

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Ms. Natalia K. Wainwright and Mr. Andrew S. Wainwright

TFC Financial

Ms. Betsy Wall

Ms. Pamela Yameen

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Mrs.† and Mr. Neil Wallace

Clay and Ginny Yonce

Mrs. Wendy S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thomas

Mr. Michael Wallis

Mr. and Mrs. David Yuknat

Mundi and Syd Smithers

Mr. and Ms. Peter Thomson

Dr. Richard A. Snellgrove

The Thorne Family

Mrs. Jennifer S. Walsh and Mr. Paul V. Walsh

Mr. Paul A. Zevnik and Ms. Ginny Grenham

Ms. Sukanya Lahiri Soderland

Mrs. Marian F. Thornton† and Mr. Richard D. Thornton

Mrs. Lydia A. Kenton Walsh and Mr. Robert B. Walsh

The Zevnik Charitable Foundation

Mr. Thomas P. Walsh and Mrs. Elisabeth Walsh

Ms. Gail C. Zunz

Mr. Michael Smith and Mrs. Janine Smith Mrs. Susanna A. Smith and Mr. Bayard Smith

Mrs. Daisy Soros Mr. Marvin Sparrow† Mr. and Mrs. Brian Spector Mr. Gary A. Spiess Ms. Beatrice E. Stahl John and Elise B. Stanbury Mr. and Mrs. Burgess P. Standley Peggy and David Starr Pamela and Richard R. Stebbins, Jr.

TIAA Charitable Inc. Dr. Edward G. Tiedemann and Mrs. Melissa Cook Tiedemann Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tilghman Ms. Eleanor L Tomlinson Mrs. Denise M. Tompkins and Mr. Ronald G. Tompkins

Joly Stewart

Mr. Matthew C. Torrey and Ms. Amy B. Torrey

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Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation

Dr. Jennifer P. Stone and Mr. Jonathan Green

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Townsend

Mrs. Nadine Strong and Mr. David Strong Mr. John S. Suhler and Mrs. Charlotte T. Suhler Mr. Edward Sullivan and Mrs. Constance Sullivan Mr. James P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Sullivan Mr. James Swanson

Ms. Denise Trapani Hall The Triple T Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tucker Tufts Health Plan Foundation Mark and Jerilyn Tyrrell United Way of Hampshire County Mr. Richard D. Urell

Ms. Patricia S. Winer

Ms. Elizabeth H. Wright

Joanne Zitek Mr. Peter J. Zuromskis

Ms. Martha Walton Mr. Nathaniel Walton Mr. Christopher T. Ward and Mrs. Kathryn N. Ward


Ms. Kathy L. Washburn

Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Mr. Scott Wayne

BMW North America

Dr. Janet Weathers and Dr. Ronald E. Cobb

Claman Realty Trust

Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Mr. Frank Glado

Mr. Steven Webb and Mrs. Dina Webb

Mrs. Susan C. Glessner

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Mr. Richard Guzowski

Weinshel Goldfarb Foundation Inc.


Mrs. Charlene Weiss and Mr. Lawrence T. Weiss

Mr. Allen G. Herkimer and

Dr. Nancy L. Weiss

Mrs. Judy Herkimer

Ms. Doreen Iwic

Mrs. Susanna B. Weld

Ms. Elizabeth C. Kent

Gov. William F. Weld

Max Ultimate Catering

Mr. John R. Wencek

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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wenzel Mr. and Mrs. R. Angus West

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Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Weymouth

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Mr. Frank Wezniak and Ms. Nan Tull

WEBS - America's Yarn Store

Mr. Peter Whistler Mrs. Constance V. R. White

† Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Richard White Mr. Stephen H. White and Mrs. Virginia S. White Mr. and Mrs. Stephan J. White Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilkinson Mr. Mark Williams and Mrs. Liz Williams Ralph B. and Margaret C. Williams Fund



The Semper Virens Society Semper Virens, which means “always green,” honors and recognizes generous individuals who have made a legacy gift to The Trustees. Since the first recorded bequest in 1902, support via wills and life income gifts has built and strengthened The Trustees’ mission. This strong financial base has provided important stability, enabling The Trustees to secure important landscapes and landmarks, acquire new reservations, implement innovative stewardship, share our conservation mission, and promote ongoing protection of threatened land across the state. We are delighted to list the members of the Semper Virens Society. In making a planned gift, these individuals have turned their passion into a legacy, and set an inspiring example for others to follow. Anonymous (15) Ms. Rosamond W. Allen Lindsay and Blake Allison Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González Judith Ann Amelotte Josephine H. Ashley Mr. William S. Babbitt Carliss Baldwin and Randolph Hawthorne Ms. Kate Barnhart Jeannette Harvey Bart and Walter J. Bart, Jr. Ms. Alison Bassett Elisabeth Bayle Mr. Christopher M. Begg Mr. David A. Behnke and Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat Deborah M. Blake Ms. Gwen M. Blodgett Ms. Cynthia C. Bloomquist and Mr. Thaw Malin, III Philip H. Brewer Corey W. and Donna M. Briggs Mr. Edward Broach and Mr. Caleb Broach Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman Cornelia W. Brown Bonnie D. Brugger Lois E. Brynes and Serena Hilsinger Mrs. Eustace W. Buchanan Mary M. Burgarella William L. Burgart Raymond and Susan Burk Mrs. Douglas E. Busch Ms. Winifred B. Bush Mr. John S. Butterworth Mrs. Mollie T. Byrnes and Mr. John H. Byrnes, Jr. Rebecca Gardner Campbell Robert W. and Bettyle Carpenter


CDR & Mrs. Robert H. Chambers Jr. USN (ret.) Jennifer C. and Stephen T. Chen Nancy Clair Peter Coffin Mrs. I. W. Colburn Mr. and Mrs. William G. Constable Nathaniel S. Coolidge Mr. and Mrs. James N. Cooper Ms. Paula V. Cortés Mr.† and Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr. Mr. Peter H. Creighton Gregory and Anne Crisci Melissa Crocker Mr. and Mrs. David D. Croll Patricia Crosthwait Susan W. Crum Dianne C. Dana Deb Davis and Art Raiche Mr. Philip H. Davis and Mr. Eric M. Flint Ms. Karen Deane Elizabeth Dill and Chris Rowbottom Robert A. and Suzanne Dixon John Downie Stephen Patrick Driscoll and Robert A. Tocci Caitlyn and Kimberly Duncan-Mooney Mr. David T. Edsall Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall Thomas and Jane Ellsworth Mr. and Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Epp Barbara J. Erickson and Peter Torrebiarte Richard J. Erickson and Laurie S. Miles William W. Farkas Mrs. Christine Ferrari Gaffney J. Feskoe Jacques P. and Fredericka B. Fiechter

Barbara A. Field Dr. Edward H. Fitch Steven Fitzek and Ann Bracchi Elaine Foster Ms. Adele Franks Albert and Suzanne Frederick Mr. Thomas D. French Diane J. Gallan John Lowell Gardner Susan Haupt Gerdine Mrs. Gloria J. Gery Ms. Cynthia Gibson Ms. Marjorie Coleman Glaister Joel Goldstein and Reed Goodman Mr. Ralph D. Gordon and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Gordon Alexander Yale Goriansky Mr. Morris Gray, Jr. Francie Grynkraut Mr.† and Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr. Christopher Gunning and Louise Dube Philip Guymont and Susan McLaren Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr. Barbara Hanley and Leo Brooks Douglas B. and Susan Harding Mrs. Roslyn E. Harrington Margery Harris Nathan Hayward, III Mr. Kenneth H. Hill Eloise W. and Arthur C. Hodges Mrs. Janice G. Hunt Melanie Reed Ingalls Al R. Ireton Jay Jaroslav and Susan Erony Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Jordan Virginia Jordan Charles F. Kane, Jr. and Anne W. Eldridge Steve and Betsy Kendall Joyce P. and Charles B. Ketcham Mr. Jonathan M. Keyes

Mary Ellen Kiddle Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kimball Mr. Richard W. Kimball and Mrs. Athena G. Kimball Mrs. Judith J. C. King and Mr. Mark A. King Mr. Brian M. Kinney and Dr. Nancy L. Keating Ms. Gaye Kirshman Lawrence and Sarah Klein Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff Jeffrey D. Korzenik Mrs. Berthe K. Ladd Mr. Edward H. Ladd Ellen B. Lahlum Mr. and Mrs. Peter Laipson Gertrude Lanman Mr. Robert A. Larsen and Ms. Judith A. Robichaud Monique Lehner Mr. Allan S. Leonard Josh Lerner and Wendy Wood Mr. George E. Lewis, Sr. Dr. Terri Loewenthal Caleb Loring, III Nancy J. and Holger M. Luther Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lyford Robert and Linda MacIntosh Leandra MacLennan Harry and Caryl MacLeod Sylvia S. Mader Mr. and Mrs. Eli Manchester, Jr. Ms. Lisa Manning Albert R. Margeson Shirley and Jim Marten Linda J. Mazurek Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McAulay J. Greer† and Elizabeth I. McBratney Ms. Claire McCall Ms. Nancy F. McCarthy and Mr. Paul Creamer Cathleen D. McCormick

Mr. H. Bruce McEver Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntyre and Mr. A. Duncan McIntyre Thomas D. McKiernan George and Suzanne McLaughlin Katherine J. McMillan Stephen E. Mermelstein Barbara Merrill and David Twombly Laurence† and Virginia Michie Mary Mintz Benjamin C. Moore Wendy D. Morgan Christopher Morss W. Hugh M. Morton Robert Newman and Nancy Jones Mr. Thomas H. Nicholson and Mrs. Catharine Nicholson Thomas L. P. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Oman Carolyn and Robert Osteen Mrs. Olivia H. Parker Mr. Alan Pasnik and Ms. Cynthia O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Payne Dorothy S. Peirce Joan Person Kirk E. Peterson and Christine M. Yario Margaret Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Petino Robert F. Pilicy Harriet Marple Plehn Anne P. Plunkett George Putnam† Nancy and David Ratner Colm J. Renehan Bea A. Robinson Stephen C. and Emma Root Mr. Stephen L. Root Johanna Roses Robichau and Joseph Robichau Mr. Philip W. Rosenkranz Donald Guy Ross† Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross James L. Roth Paul E. and Lisa B. Sacksman Stanley and Barbara Schantz John R. and Rebecca C. Schreiber William E. Schroeder and Martitia Tuttle Barbara C. Schwartz

David W. Scudder James G. Shanley and Karen P. Battles Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shapp Sharon L. Sharnprapai Jennifer C. Shaw Mary Waters Shepley Mr. and Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan, Jr. John L Slocum and Elizabeth A Slocum Mr. and Mrs. F. Sydney Smithers, IV Ms. Emma-Marie Snedeker James W. Spinney Mr. and Mrs. Burgess P. Standley Patricia P. Storey Mary Ann Streeter Beverly M. Sullivan Carol F. Surkin and Elliot M. Surkin Hooker and Jane Talcott Jack Teahan and Judi Teahan Mr. Phillip Terpos Peter H. Van Demark Ms. Lori van Handel and Ms. Nancy A. Roseman Frank Vartuli Gay Vervaet Julie M. Viola Ralph B. Vogel, II Ms. Carol Wadsworth Ms. Margaret A. Waggoner Ms. Natalia K. Wainwright and Mr. Andrew S. Wainwright William S. Wasserman and Mary D. Wasserman Pamela B. Weatherbee Mr. Edward J. Weiner Ms. Jane A. Weir Constance V. R. White Mr. and Mrs. William B. Whiting Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Winthrop Mr. Richard S. Wood Mr. Stanley W. Wood Nancy C. Woolford Mr. Mark G. Zawacki and Mrs. Nancy Zawacki † Deceased as of December 31, 2019

The Trustees is Massachusetts’ largest, and the nation's first, conservation and preservation nonprofit. We are supported by members, friends, and donors. Explore 118 amazing places across Massachusetts, from beaches, farms, and woodlands, to historic homes, museums, urban gardens, and more.

Barbara J. Erickson President & CEO Jocelyn Forbush Executive Vice President Paul Leech Chief, Finance & Administration Alicia Leuba Vice President, Eastern Region Matthew Montgomery Chief, Marketing & Engagement John B. Ravenal Vice President, Arts & Culture Artistic Director, deCordova Edward Wilson Chief of Development Editorial Wayne Wilkins Director of Marketing and Communications Chris Costello Senior Graphic Designer Matthew Mullin Graphic Designer

For more information about joining the Semper Virens Society, please contact: The Trustees | Development Office 200 High Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02110 mylegacy@thetrustees.org | 617.542.7696 (option 7) thetrustees.org/svs

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Trustees Annual Report 2019  

Trustees Annual Report 2019