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Todays News

Sports Colombia Vs. Bolivia


News New Video Game

New Skrillex Song

Todays Weather Horoscope Today you will get 100 % in all exams

It Will Be Very Sunny Today

A new System The food court made a new system that is electronic and no more

New Stuff Before you had to pay with Pesos but now you need to put your finger on a scanner and it recognizes you. Also there are lemonades now and they are very good.

Call Of Duty Ghosts

New Generation of Call of Duty A new game called Call of Duty Ghosts a new Infity Ward game. It has new graphics and a new engine for the game. A lot of fans visited the Call of Duty Ghosts booth in Gamescon 2013 everybody that went had an opportunity to play the multiplayer of Call of Duty Ghosts.

School news  

This is aboput things that have been happening in our school

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