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CG classrooms recieve technology upgrade

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Desks give school 21st century feel By Amanda Giorgianni As students returned from winter break, they began noticing a change in some of their English classrooms. Large table had replaced the typical student desks. In recent weeks, computers have been installed on these desks. Five English teachers received the technology upgrade thanks to a grant CG was awarded. “I’m excited,” Speech teacher Kathleen Kersey said. “I finally feel like I’m in the 21st century.” With the addition of multi-media classrooms over the last two years and these newest improvements, Center Grove is looking to improve its technology. However, these computers are proving mildly problematic when students are trying to write, as the keyboard takes up the majority of the desk space. Having to adapt to this cramped space has forced adjustment for students. Also when test time comes, teachers are concerned. “They sit so close together,” English teacher

Karen Davis said. “We had to do the whole cheating talk again.” The addition of these computers is just one more way CG is helping teachers improve student engagement. “I have more resources,” Kersey said, “but I still do my same song and dance.” Plus the room now has a better atmosphere. “Kids have a different perspective coming into class,” said Davis. With the addition of new computers and more technology, comes the addition of new technology problems. However, the corporation has found a way to streamline the technology help to eradicate the problems quickly. When a problem occurs, individual teachers email the technology department at the high school. The tech department then logs into the computer and reads the email. They are able to communicate with the teacher who has the issue and try their best to fix it. They then make notes in the system itself to show how it was solved.

Students in Sheila Bickley’s class use the computers on the new desks

Another way the technology department solves problems is they have a 2-way radio systems that allow them to communicate with the onsite technician. There is also a technology hotline allowing teachers to call directly to the central office technology department. Now that the computers are in classrooms, teachers hope student engagement will increase. Either way, these computers are going to change learning at Center Grove.

CG raises money to help Riley “Our committee loves serving others and giving back to our community,” -Karen Hovanec, volunteer at the soup dinner

By Sarah Islam

How can you contribute to your community and enjoy scrumptious food at the same time? By volunteering your services to the Riley Soup Dinner. For those of you who do not know, the Riley Soup Dinner tradition began at Center Grove High School last year to raise

money for the Riley Children’s Hospital. “The money goes straight to Riley to help in whatever way they see fit,” said Spanish teacher Karen Hovanec, who has been actively involved in the Dinner last year and helped plan it again this year. “Our committee loves serving others and giving back to our community,” said Hovanec when asked why she chose to get into this event. “Every year we have a goal of raising $1 per student at our school. This is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year.” It is also probably the only fundraisers which lets you munch as you raise money, and will have your mouth watering. There is, of course, the soup made by the committee. But there are also rolls, cookies, and brownies. “Rolls were donated from Entre Vous, Bob Evans, and Texas Roadhouse. Cookies were donated from McDonald’s, and brownies from Chick-fil-a,” said Hovanec. You may well wonder why soup was

chosen as the main course of this dinner. The reason is pretty simple. “Soup is easy to make and serve,” said Hovanec, “that’s why we chose it.” The Riley Soup Dinner is obviously a major deal at CGHS, and being the big fundraiser it is, there is probably a lot of student involvement to make it so. After all, no school event can function and flourish without the participation of students. “The event gets quite a bit of support but it could always get more,” said Hovanec, agreeing. “We hope each year it will grow.” And grow it certainly has, because the committee managed to raise over $1,000 for Riley this year. This amount can be further increased if more students participate in this event in the upcoming years. “I love that we can raise money while having fun, and that we are able to give back a small bit to our community,” said Hovanec. And if that is not enough, think of all that food.

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Junior Megan Brand donates to Locks of Love by Lydia Garrity STEP 1: Grow hair to desired length for donation

Locks of Love is an organization that makes wigs for children who have been diagnosed with a disease and don’t have hair. They are a non-profit organization with a vision of meeting all of the needy children’s needs. Their main goal is “to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children.” They will provide hairpieces to any children under 18 and who have a disadvantage at growing hair because of hair loss. Even though Locks of Love started out as a small donation to a little girl in need of hair, it has now grown to making somewhere

STEP 2: Put hair in ponytail for preparation of haircut

STEP 3: Go to a hair salon for your haircut, and send hair to Locks of Love

over 50,000 wigs every year. Lucky for us, we have one of our own students from Center Grove who has donated not once, not twice, but three times to Locks of Love. Junior Megan Brand donated for the first time when she was 11 years old. She

“It wasn’t scary at all, I had done it two times already and I love being able to help,” said Brand about this third experience. After her hair was cut off, they send it to a wig factory in California. There they sip it to various states, waiting to be used. The factory divides your hair into certain sections I feel like I am making someone and they make wigs for else’s life better. It makes my each section. life more fufilling to be able to After the hair has help these kids out.” been made into a wig, -Junior Megan Brandby whoever donated, and given to a child, or gave 15 inches of hair. The children, Locks of Love will second time she donated was send pictures of the kids who at age 14, when she was able now have your hair. This gives to donate 16 inches. The third the donator an opportunity to see time, and probably not the last, who they have helped. Brand donated in September of “I feel like I am making this school year. This third time, someone else’s life better,” said she gave a whopping 18 inches. Brand about the children she has Each time it took about two years helped, “It makes my life more for Brand to grow her hair out fulfilling to be able to help these long enough to be able to donate kids out.” that much.

New Physical Education teacher returns to CG by Amanda Peters When Tyler Small left Center Grove in 2003 with a diploma and happy memories, he never imagined he would be back four short years later, sitting on the other side of the desk ready to “give back to the school that gave so much to me.” After leaving CG, Small spent

the next four years earning a degree in Physical Education from IUPUI. Small also married Jessica(Mann), another former CG student he met while in high school.. While Small enjoyed the History courses at CG, his favorite class was Physical Education, so many do not finid it a surprise that he returned to CG to “give back”

to that same program. As the new Physical Education teacher, Small now makes a difference in students who may have the same dreams he did while here at CG. Small doesn’t think CG has changed much since his time here. IRP is now STaR and has a different schedule, but Small remembers his teachers Mr. Timmons, the Milligan’s the

Cullom’s and of course Eric Moore, all who are ironically now his colleagues. In addition to teaching, Small is also a new assistant football coach. Small fondly remembers playing football for Coach Moore during his time as a student here at CG and is now looking forward to working with the players as a coach and mentor.

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All State Insurance encourages safe teen driving by Erica Stevens

All State is encouraging teens to be safer, more alert drivers through its 5 Point Action Plan. Driving is a big task that can have big consequences if taken lightly and performed recklessly. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers ages 16 to 19. The percentage of deaths among teens by car accidents exceeds that of both homicides and suicides. Though some teens may believe that driving is no big deal, in reality it is a huge responsibility. “Cars are powerful machines that can do damage,” Mike McGuire, a representative at All State Insurance, said. According to, the major causes of car crashes among teens are driver in-experience, risk-taking behavior (driving too fast, texting), high-risk situations (night driving, poor weather conditions), and alcohol and drug use. “One of the biggest mistakes teens make is inattention caused by other activities, such as cell phones, friends, and the radio,” McGuire said. Overconfidence can also be an issue. A few months or a few years of driving experience doesn’t mean that someone is an expert driver. In 2006, 12, 711 teenagers in the United States died from injuries sustained during automobile accidents. All State Insurance’s recent statistics confirm these unsettling facts. Thirteen percent of teenagers admitted to texting while driving (though this percentage may have increased), and 56 percent of teenagers admitted to answering or making phone calls while driving. An even more unsettling statistic is the 17 percent of teenagers who admitted that they

1. If your rear wheels start to skid:

•Take your foot off the accelerator •Steer in the direction you want the front wheels to go. (If your rear wheels are sliding left, steer left. If they’re sliding right, steer right) •If your rear wheels start sliding the other way as you recover, ease the steering wheel toward that side. You might have to steer left and right a few times to get your vehicle completely under control. •If you have standard brakes, start pumping them • If you have anti-lock brakes (ABS), do not pump the brakes. Apply steady pressure to the brakes. You will feel the brakes pulse — this is normal.


If your front wheels start to skid:

•Take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral, but don’t try to steer immediately. •As the wheels skid sideways, they will slow the vehicle and traction will return. As it does, steer in the direction you want to go. Then put the transmission in “drive” or release the clutch, and accelerate gently.

think speeding is fun, and 55 percent who admitted to driving over ten miles per hour above the speed limit. Twenty-six percent of the teens who speed exceed 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. “Teens need to be more aware of what’s going on around them. They need to be focused on the goal of getting from one place to another,” McGuire said. Being prepared before getting behind the wheel is important, especially in winter months. In weather filled with snow and ice, teens need to know what to do in critical situations, and how to avoid them. All State offers information and advice for parents and their newlylicensed teenagers to prepare themselves to drive with safety and confidence. The saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry” is even more true when it comes to driving, so it’s time for teenagers to step up and learn how to be safe behind the wheel so that the startling statistics can disappear.

4. If you get stranded...

•Don’t leave your car unless you know exactly where you are. •If you are sure the car’s exhaust pipe is not blocked, run the engine and heater for about 10 minutes every hour or so depending upon the amount of gas in the tank. •To protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia use the woolen items and blankets to keep warm. •Keep at least one window open slightly. Heavy snow and ice can seal a car shut.

•Reflective triangles and brightly-colored cloth •Compass •First aid kit •Exterior windshield cleaner •Ice scraper and snow brush

3. If you get stuck...

•Do not spin your wheels. This will only dig you in deeper. •Turn your wheels from side to side a few times to push snow out of the way. •Use a light touch on the gas, to ease your car out. •Use a shovel to clear snow away from the wheels and the underside of the car. •Pour sand, kitty litter, gravel or salt in the path of the wheels, to help get traction. •Try rocking the vehicle. (Check your owner’s manual first — it can damage the transmission on some vehicles.)

•Working flashlight and extra batteries

Tips provided by teendriving. com For more tips and tricks, or more information about driving, visit teendriving. com!

•Wooden stick matches in a waterproof container •Scissors and string/cord •Non-perishable, high-energy foods •Blankets •Warm clothing

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300 Words

Junior Lauren Casey shares her experience...

by MacKenzie Weeks

through Life


Dan on Fire

Dan’s hair is completely dead. It’s stiff and yellowed from its natural dark-brown sheen. As anyone can plainly see, Dan’s usually normal hair has been transformed and engorged by chlorine. Chlorine, chlorine, and more chlorine working hard on him usually twenty hours a week. Swimming, perhaps, is the only thing senior Dan Kindervater really does. “Two times a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays; mornings on Wednesdays; and two and a half, three hours on Saturdays…I don’t really have time for anything else,” he says, almost surprised, as if he’d never really realized quite how much time he invests in the varsity sport. He started swimming competitively in eighth grade, and ever since he’s been hooked on the pool. Apart from their distinctive physique, swimmers’ hair is the possibly the only trait that brands them as swimmers. Dan’s hair is thinned and frosted with white by the end of the season, and he looks forward to the annual tradition of bleaching and shaving it along with his teammates. “I’ve had lightning bolts down the side of my head, a smiley face, which was really awesome, and a rocket ship that looked like a dead squirrel,” Dan recounts his previous hair designs. He figures he’ll probably go with a shaved smiley face design again this year, his last year to shave his head as a high school swimmer. “I’m not really good at anything else,” he jokes, but that’s probably the farthest statement from the truth. A noted intellectual, Dan uses his mathematical skills to create mind-blowing art designs called fractals on his computer and to handle a full schedule of AP and honors classes.


by Kevin Gottlieb The Center Grove Dance team was founded two years ago by students who wanted to express themselves through music-syncopated movement. You’ve seen them at half time of football and basketball games, now here are some things you may not have known. While some of their dances are choreographed by outside sources, the leaders of the squad also create routines for the squad of about 15 girls (some have moved and one is injured). “My favorite part of dance is choreographing routines it’s a very personal experience, and it makes you think different from how you normally would,” Junior Captain Lauren Casey said. “I’d say [the dances that we do] are jazz dances to peppy, upbeat music. They aren’t just arm movements, but kicks and turns too,” Casey said. “We also went to the Dance Refinery as a squad over the summer for an intense, week-long camp where we learned four dances. We also learned some dances at Indy Arts [Exchange].” Casey is also the captain of the squad, and has been dancing for 13 years. “I’ve been everywhere: The Dance Refinery, Indy Arts Exchange and Stage One Dance Academy,” Casey said. All the different studios have helped shape her unique style, which helps her lead the squad by example, as well as character. “I’ve always wanted to pursue dance as a career. My childhood dream was to open a performing arts center and teach dance to students.” Dancing at Center Grove sporting events is fun and all, but this year the team is moving into a more competitive

realm and is going to begin dancing against other schools. “Our first competition is in February at Lake Central High School. We’re just trying it out, and hoping to get more into [competing] next year,” Casey said. “Our show is the same as at the games, now we’re just working to clean them up and make them harder and more technical for competition.” Casey’s future is still undecided, but dancing will definitely be a part of it. “I definitely want to always dance. It’s a fun way to be active and you can express your emotions without words, you can express things that you cannot show by talking, you can make people laugh or cry,” Casey said. “I don’t know who I would be without dance in my life.”

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Wing Bunch


By Jessica McClintock

Alex Kuka

Andrew Gridley

Jason Edelman

Eric Kamer All Photos by Jessica McClintock

“IU, you suck!” senior Alex Kuka screamed at the television from his bar stool at Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday night. However, this isn’t just a one Tuesday night ordeal. Every Tuesday night, seniors Kuka, Andrew Gridley, Bob Reichle, Eric Kamer, Jason Edelman, Michael Kubancsek, Cody Adams and occasionally Brian Davault enjoy dinner at B-Dubs for 40 cent wing night. The guys started the tradition October of their junior year, soon making it a regular thing. “The tradition is discount Tuesday,” Kuka said. “My family came every Tuesday night for a few months, but my sister and mom actually hate hot wings so they got tired of it. That’s when I invited Bob and Brian once to study for chemistry. I kept inviting guys to the point that it grew to this.” Sitting down, Gridley and Reichle waited for the others. The waitress came and they were easily able to point at the empty bar stools and order drinks for each individual guy that was to arrive. Once everyone was there, the menus remained untouched on the table as each one ordered hot wings; honey barbeque sauce was the most popular amongst the group. The guys even know each of the waitresses by name, even mentioning when one seems to be absent for the night. There’s no particular seating arrangement. “As long as it’s a round bar table, we’re good,” Kamer said with a smile. The students aren’t the only ones who enjoy the delicious wings on Tuesday nights. They enjoy the company of some of Center Grove High School’s teachers such as Russ Milligan. “Denu use to come as well before he moved to Colorado. He’s still on the leader board for trivia with 2,648,242 points,” senior Jason Edelman said. “I come on Tuesdays because the kids aren’t here, but then I go get them from here,” said chemistry teacher Russ Milligan, who bowls on Thursdays and hangs out at B-Dubs on Tuesdays. While enjoying their delicious meal, simple questions about life come up frequently such as, “What would happen if we ordered a sample of each dressing?” Michael Kubancsek asked. “The cook would come out and shoot you!” Gridley joked. Besides eating and asking about life’s burning questions, the guys discuss important topics such as sports, trivia, school, world news, relationships, music, commercial quotes, and life

The B-Dubs Crew enjoy 40 cent wings every Tuesday night. These CG seniors have been visiting the famous restaurant for a year and a half. Photo by Jessica McClintock

lessons such as when it’s appropriate to look at a woman’s name tag. During their meal, the guys actively play trivia and comment on the sporting event they’re watching. Randomly Reichle bursts up from his bar stool and yells for all to hear, “10,373 points! Count ‘em and add ‘em, boys!” This Tuesday was somewhat silent. Typically the tables are at least half full and occasionally there are others from CG who come in, but these guys are the usuals. “They know us,” Kamer said as he walked back to the bar area to find Milligan, insisting they wouldn’t stop him. When a passer-by asked if they were close friends in and out of B-Dubs, Gridley shouted, “That’s a stupid question! Of course we are!” The rest of the group laughs as Kuka calms Gridley down saying, “Gridley, don’t go there.” The history behind this group's friendships is as convoluted as John Mayer’s relationships. Edelman, Gridley and Reichle all played baseball together. Throughout grade school, Kamer was friends with Gridley and Reichle, while Reichle was also good friends with Kuka, and that’s how it all started. Besides hanging out and playing trivia, there are other reasons the group returns to the famous restaurant every Tuesday. “The food’s good and I get away from my family,” Kuka said. “We escape from the world once a week for a few hours,” Gridley added. After pondering this thought, Kuka chimed in, “There was once a hot waitress…” and the group dissolved into hysterias only because it was true. While families have holiday traditions, many have religious traditions, and sports teams have pre-game traditions, these guys have their own tradition of eating delicious hot wings every Tuesday night while enjoying each other’s company. Walking out of the restaurant with “I Kissed a Girl” playing in the background, Edelman couldn’t help but laugh with Kuka’s choice of song. “I told him to pick something [stupid] and gave him a dollar and that’s what happened.”

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Eastwood wins over audience


entertainment entertainmententertainmentente

Book prepares students for future

By Jordan Cates “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.” In “Gran Torino”, Clint Eastwood produces and stars as a retired war veteran, Walt Kowalski. He basically is a gruff, beer-drinking, gun-toting racist who is just about the last white person left in his Detroit neighborhood filling with immigrants. After his wife’s death, he resorts to his front porch with his cooler full of beer, his pooch and a shotgun. So how could any person be persuaded to pay money to see this movie? The exciting plot and hilarious slurs definitely keep the audience highly interested in the movie. When the quiet Hmong family next door is riled up by the confrontation of a gang, led by a close relative, Walt can no longer stay in his chair. After saving the family from the gang, the Lor family is constantly giving gifts and leaving food on his front porch. Walt eventually begins to accept the gifts until he wakes up one night to a crashing sound coming from his garage, only finding Thao trying to steal Walt’s most prized possession: His 1972 Gran Torino. Walt then learns that Thao was committing the action as an initiation into the Hmong gang that Walt threatened before.

the trojaneer

“Gran Torino” was recognized as one of the Ten Best Films of 2008 by the American Film Institute. Eastwood won an award for Best Actor from the National Photo coutesy of Board of Review and was nominated for Best Actor by Critics’ Choice Awards and Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association. The other characters in the movie displayed phenominal acting as well including: an innocent, juvenile teenage boy, a tough audacious teenage girl, and even a menacing gang member. Throughout the rest of the movie, Walt grows to accept the Lor family, helps Thao grow into a respectable young adult, and continues to look after his neighborhood. The incredible ending and moral lesson of the “Gran Torino” definitely makes the trip and cost worth the 116 minutes of movie time.

By Robert Reichle Crises of the times got you panicked? Are you worried about having enough money to buy gas and a Valentine’s Day gift for your beau? After all, with bread lines and soup lines and headlines crying depression, it’s easy to become flummoxed. There’s good news though; Paul Krugman and Paul Clodfelter are on the case. Among the millions trying to figure out how this happened, Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman is using lessons of the past as the basis for his cure in the book “The Return of Depression Economics”, and Clodfelter is using Krugman’s book to encourage his students “To understand the implications of decisions that the government makes, both the positive and negative implications, how they work, and why they make the decisions they do.” While Clodfelter, the crusader and protector of the free market economy, may or may not get students involved in the book, it is an admirable effort to get otherwise apathetic students involved in what seems to be a faraway nightmare. And if not, the attmept will hopefully get the students to at least “talk somewhat intelligently about what’s going on.”

Not so bigger than life By Kelsey Ryan-Moniz “Notorious” tells the story of the famous rap star Notorious B.I.G. who was brought up from drug dealing, to a hip-hop legend. Fitting the unfortunately short yet successful life of Notorious B.I.G into a two hour tribute is not as easy as it sounds. Although B.I.G (Christopher Wallace) lived until the age of 24, his music was a huge success with his fast and clever rhymes. In “Notorious,” Jamal Woolard acts short of one of the most influential hip hop artist of all time. Not only does the poor acting lower the quality of this highly anticipated film, but also in the way Christopher Wallace is portrayed as somewhat treacherous. The film idolizes B.I.G and fawns over all of his actions. At the same time, it portrays him as a scheming, lying, cheating, and drug dealing criminal. If the director intended to praise the famous rapper, it should have focused on his timely music which is his lasting legacy. B.I.G’s music cemented musical history and impacted hip-hop today, not the crimes he committed.

The movie starts off with a younger Christopher Wallace who was played by his own son Christopher Jordan Wallace. At a young age, Christopher is introduced to selling drugs which leads him into trouble; he gets put in jail right after his girlfriend gets pregnant but decides to change his lifestyle when Puff Daddy (Derek Luke) helps him reach the top of his success. One of the main conflicts towards the middle of the movie is the differences between Biggie and Tupac, who both had a huge impact on musical history. They end up becoming rivals due to a misunderstanding in violence, resulting in a feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers. The film does a mediocre job of portraying some of the most important people involved in B.I.G’s life, such as Lil’ Kim, Tupac, and Puff Daddy. The film also has an unfortunate rushed narrative pace, which makes a huge impact on the biopic. “Notorious” shows the hardship Christopher Wallace went through; but when you are on top, the only place you can go is down.

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the trojaneer 1.30.09 entertainmententertainment

by Sarah Islam 2009 undoubtedly has the potential to be crowned the year filled to the brim with blockbusters. Many of the movies that have spent the past year shrouded in hype are coming out over the course of this year. And needless to say, moviegoers are probably already jumping up and down in anticipation. One of the movies people all over are psyched about is “Watchmen.” It stars Patrick Wilson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It is a superhero film adaptation of the 1986 graphic novel of the same name. The story is set in an alternate world where the United States wins the Vietnamese War. The movie has been in production for nearly two whole years and is finally ready to hit the big screen on March 6. The X-Men are back, or at least Wolverine will be back soon. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is poised for release on April 30. A prequel to the X-Men trilogy, it tells the story of Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, and the time he spent with Team X, before he became invincible thanks to his skeleton bonding with the metal adamantium. Fan reactions to the trailer were agreeable, and the fact that most of the original story

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entertainment entertainmententertain-

from the “Wolverine: Origins” comic series seems to have been kept intact could only increase positive response. On May 8, millions of “Star Trek” fans will have a reason to rejoice. The eleventh “Star Trek”, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, is on its way after being in production for almost four long years and postponed from its former December 2008 release date. The movie follows James T. Kirk, who is enrolling at Starfleet Academy. It tells of his first meeting with Spock, who teams up with him to fight the Romulans of the future, who are messing with history. Though the new cast may hinder audiences, it’s “Star Trek”, so it’ll probably end up being a hit anyway. Another movie coming out this May is “Angels and Demons.” Based on the bestselling book by Dan Brown and starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, the story is a sequel to “The Da Vinci Code” and shot almost entirely in Rome. Anyone who’s read the book knows that the movie is bound to be great, but the controversies surrounding the last movie may affect how people react to this one. Nevertheless, “Angels and Demons” is a movie to watch out for, as the trailers

promise a bunch of fast-paced action. Muggles unite! After the extremely long yet not entirely tiresome wait, “Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince” is boarding the Hogwarts Express and will be here on July 17. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as the golden trio, the sixth movie guarantees to be everything it’s expected to be and more. The much missed Quidditch is back, romance is in the air and everyone’s dying for a Potter fix, so it’s not difficult to predict an instant hit! When there is talk about Mr. Potter, Edward Cullen almost always makes an appearance. “New Moon”, the sequel to “Twilight” has officially been given the release date of November 20. Though the lack of Robert Pattinson may make it slightly less enjoyable than its predecessor, there isn’t any doubt that there’ll be as much hype and hysteria as ever. Several other movies are also coming out this year like “17 Again,” “Night at the Museum 2,” “Fast & Furious,” and dare we say it, “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” So grab your popcorn, and plant yourself in front of the big screen, because this year, every night is movie night.

“Incredibad” is Coming, and It Brought Friends by Robert Reichle World, hold onto your hat and strap on your cup, “Incredibad” strikes February 10. Dainty phrases like “hot anticipation” and “feverous bed-wetting” ill-describe the mood surrounding the comedy group The Lonely Island’s first CD release. While few know of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, who make up the group, those who do are fiercely devoted to them. The geniuses behind “Hot Rod” and Saturday Night Live’s “Lazy Sunday,” “The Natalie Portman Rap,” and other songs that cannot be named in this esteemed publication bring

their talent and plenty more songs that still cannot be named in print. Dirty titles aside, the group’s lyrics are sure to split sides throughout the nation as The Lonely Island’s well crafted jokes focus on the subtle humor of dirty double entendres, so the second listening will be anything but sloppy. Add to this motley crew a slew of guest singers like Justin Timberlake, and the music will not simply be funny, but catchy. If February is found to be lonely and loveless, spend a little time and dough on pleasuring your ears with the outrageous music of “Incredibad.”

Justin Timberlake appeared with Incredibad on Saturday Night Live. He is sure to make another appearance on the new CD.




most influential


Compiled by Craig Lotz, Amanda Peters and Ben Whitehead

Throughout the past year, many people at Center Grove High School impacted the lives’ of students through their actions or accomplishments. After polling staff and students of Center Grove, the Trojaneer compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Influential Trojans of 2008. IHSAA Football State Champions “We Believe!” chanted the Center Grove fans as the team fell to a 33-14 deficit in the early minutes of the fourth quarter of the Indiana class 5A state championship football game. The attitude the fans carried proved contagious as the team rallied to one of the most thrilling high school football games this state has ever seen. The team’s win brought unbelievable cheer to the community, and proved the influence a group of young, dedicated men can have on an entire community.

At the beginning of the 2008 school year, the school was astounded by the tragic news that English teacher Debbie Dixon was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although many a Trojan felt much sympathy for the beloved teacher, one teacher took action to help Dixon: close friend Jeff Buckmaster. Buckmaster organized a movement to raise money and support Dixon by appealing to the STaR classes across the school. “He took the initiative to honor Dixon while she’s gone,” said friend Shannon Sheely. Buckmaster also gave students an incentive to give, with a promise that he and other male teachers would shave their heads if the school reached their money raising goal. Due to the actions taken by Jeff Buckmaster, he found a place on our top 10.

Jeff Buckmaster

01.30.09 page 10 thetop10mostinfluentialtrojans the top 10 most influential trojans thetop10mostinfluentialtrojans

the trojaneer

Michelle McKeehan

Michelle Mckeehan’s list of swimming awards and accomplishments is virtually endless. To name just a few, Mckeehan is a four time winner of the Indiana Swimmer of the Year award, she holds the record for the 200 individual medley, and she has been featured in Swimming World Magazine multiple times. On top of all this, she also managed to maintain a stellar grade point average of 4.1 while at Center Grove.

Trael Kelley The hearts of many Center Grove students were broken when the news was announced that Assistant Principal Trael Kelley would not be returning for the 2008-2009 school year. The reason for this unrest is clear, for Kelley was perhaps the most loved man in the entire high school. “I remember when I first arrived during registration, and Mr. Kelley came up and personally introduced himself. He also looked at my schedule and gave me pointers about my classroom locations,” said sophomore Blake Lemmons. An incident such as this was a common theme in Kelley’s everyday routine. With his kindness and cheery disposition, Trael Kelley was a shoe in for our top 10.

Kevin Behnke

The epitome of a "snazzy senior" Kevin Behnke, made the most of his senior year and made memories for more than just himself. Behnke did everything in his power to ensure he and his fellow classmates had a memorable year by involving himself in numerous school related and extracurricular activities including STUGO and RSVP. Behnke's booming voice as the senior announcer at pep rallies will not soon be forgotten. Behnke's brainchild, the senior bike ride, a newly created senior class tradition, could possibly be Behnke's most memorable contribution to the class of 2008. The event was an amazing success and is a tradition that is sure to be carried on by senior classes for years to come.

The Day Custodians Every day, students arrive at Center Grove expecting a nice and clean environment to spend seven or so hours of their day. This environment doesn’t happen by accident, for four hard working individuals spend all day to make our school the best it can be, the day crew custodians. This small team is made up of Brenda Mason, Paul Martin, Bob McMillan and Kyle Mason. Together these four sweep, clean and repair our entire school. “They [the custodians] live to serve when they come to work every day. They do anything that’s asked of them with a smile, promptly,” said Principal Matt Schockley. Although we as students take for granted the cleanliness of our school, Principal Schockley informed that people outside our school comment on how clean of a place it is. So with the major factor of cleanliness in mind, the day crew custodians made our top 10.

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the trojaneer

the top 10 most influential

Early in 2008, the school was swept in the controversy of our teachers fighting for a new, updated contract. While the negotiations were strenuous, the class room teachers’ association fought until an acceptable agreement was reached between the two parties. These negotiations were lead by Center Grove High School teacher Christopher Pratt. With the hard work and effort contributed by Pratt, the association reached their goal. “He did a good job of representing the class room teachers’ association in a very professional way,” said Assistant Principal Sandy Hillman. “He has strong communication skills and his integrity helps build trust in his leadership.” So with the success of the contract struggle, Chris Pratt made our top 10.

Mr. John Frank is much more than an average History teacher, he is a legend. He has been teaching since for many years and in that time he has built a reputation as an outstanding teacher and mentor. Most teachers enjoy teaching, but it is clear with Frank that he truly loves it. History is his passion and he takes an interest in every one of his students. He has earned numerous awards including the Armstrong Teacher Education Award in 1997, the Distinguished Award from the Governor's Award Program in 2004, and Center Grove Teacher of the Year in 2008. Frank's love for teaching is evident to his students giving him endless influence on their lives.

John Frank

Wojtowicz, Zabel and Warner

Elsner, Hovanec and Fix Although students are the driving force in RSVP and StuGo, three teachers give them direction in their quest for change. Karen Hovanec, Amy Fix, and Anne Elsner, more commonly known as “Hofixer” are three teachers who strive to enable students to make a difference in the world. As main leaders in StuGo and RSVP, Hofixer has a full plate of work to accomplish to keep these groups running. While the three deal with many administrative issues, they also play a part in inspiring students. “They believe in putting students first and giving them opportunities to change our school,” said sophomore Blake Lemmons. The three have certainly made a mark on Center Grove and earn a well-deserved spot on our top 10.

Throughout the past year, Center Grove has experienced many changes in result of the group of students known as RSVP. Whether it was implementing microwaves into the cafeteria or revising handbook rules, RSVP undertook the task of improving student life at our school. Although there are many members in this group, three students in particular led the group last year in changing our school: Graduate Zack Wojtowicz, Senior Amelia Zabel, and Junior Ali Warner. From assembling data, to organizing summits, these students worked hard to ensure that the student body was heard. “They pioneered the program for the amount of students in this school for them to have the opportunity to have a voice,” said RSVP advisor Amy Fix. Between all the hours worked and the great accomplishments in result, The Trojaneer felt it essential to add these three to our top 10.

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Sign up for a class now! February 16 - March 5 March 9 - March 26 Driving Academy 3015 Meridian Meadows Greenwood, IN 46142

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The Driving Academy Offers: -- 30 hours of classroom instruction -- 6 hours of one-on-one in-car instruction -- Opportunity for drive test waiver

Cost: $375 (317) 534-0016


page 13 calendarcalendarcalendarcalendar


The Pretenders




at the Murat

Naptown Roller Girls Kick Start My Heart at the Pepsi Coliseum



24 Fat Tuesday


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Black 1 History Month


3 Slipknot

with gro Coheed and Cambria und PEPSI hog COLISEUM day

13, 14, 15 at the Murat

Cirque de Soleil


at Conseco

Ash Wed


President’s Day



Brett Dennen at the Music Mill


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5girl scout cookies


Reasons to love

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



A Superb Variety. There’s an array of different flavors to

Call that Chicken Bojangles by Luke Swift

suit every sweet tooth. Peanut butter, mint, chocolate, lemon, coconut, caramel, and vanilla are some of the flavors that enchant taste buds around the country

Tradition. Every January, kids and adults of all ages anticipate ordering their favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout cookies have been an American tradition for more than 80 years. A Good Cause. This year many Greenwood Girl Scout troops are donating send boxes of cookies to American troops. Also, the money spent on Girl Scout Cookies goes to help the girl scouts raise money to fund their troop. The Perfect Portion. Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect size.

They’re bite-sized, and you can eat as little or as many as you want. Certain types of cookies are diet-friendly and are sugar-free with no trans-fat.

Convenient. Girl Scout Cookies are so convenient because the cute little girls in vests take your order from the comfort of your front porch. When your order is in, the same little girl brings your several boxes of goodies to you! You can even buy cookies in bulk and freeze them for later, especially Thin Mints!

Meet This Year’s Cookies! Thin Mints Do-Si-Dos Trefoils Tagalongs Samoas Daisy Go Rounds Thanks-A-Lot Lemon Chalet Cremes Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Dulce de Leche Lemonades

Super Bowl foods by Lydia Garrity This year while preparing for the super bowl, you should take some serious consideration into the food you will serve. This decision will say a lot about what kind of a host you are and give either a good, or bad, impression on your guests. Here are a few options that will most likely make your guests want to come back next year: 1.

First and foremost, pizza. There is nothing like watching your favorite DB pick off a pass for a touchdown while picking up a hot slice of cooked dough covered in delicious tomato sauce and stringy cheese with your choice of toppings.


Chicken wings—buffalo, barbeque, plain. It does not matter what kind, as long as you have a bucket full of them. A Super Bowl without chicken wings is just a mere football game!


Chips. It does not really matter what type you must eat, but having something to munch on while the commercials are on is good enough. Don’t forget the dip either!


Of course, there is none other than the famous taco. A taco bar is the best choice; you can choose whatever you want to put on your taco. There’s lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce; the endless options. This is definitely nothing like enjoying a lovely taco bar while watching the Super Bowl.


Last, but certainly not least; soda! Not only is soda refreshing and delicious, it also allows maximum enjoyment for the game. Say your team scores a touchdown, but your mouth is full of food, wash the food down with some soda and go crazy!

Pitbull said it best, “Jigga Jigga call dat chicken bojangles.” At least that’s how it started out until there was a huge lawsuit from Bojangles Chicken Company over copyright infringement, but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s talk about chicken. This fine eating establishment is located all over the southeast, and has grown into a dynasty. Their specialty is chicken. However, this is no normal chicken. It is as if the Grease God himself sent it down to grace us with its fatty, crunchy, flavorful chicken. As you bite into this little delight, you will know exactly what I mean. First, you get the initial crunch, followed by a rush of grease. Next comes the feeling you get when you know that you have stumbled across something miraculous. Not only does it bring joy to your heart, it also brings joy to those around you. Some believe that the grease that is in Bojangles chicken has healing powers. All you have to do is pull back the layer of crunchy skin and lather over your injury. For some this has worked for others it has just caused a nasty infection. Bojangles chicken is one of the most prestigious chicken establishments in the USA possibly the whole world. Next time you pass by the Mason Dixon line make be sure to welcome yourself to a hardy helping of Bojangles chicken and biscuits. * facts presented in this article are fabricated

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Shelby Mappes has high ambitions By Blake Exline

Q: How long have you been wrestling? A: I first started wrestling in 2nd grade. Q: What got you interested in wrestling? A: My dad was a wrestler in both high school and college. He was pretty good and I wanted to be like him. Q: What is your favorite part about being a wrestler? A: I love wrestling because I am out there all by myself. In other sports you don’t get the same attention as you do in wrestling.

Q: What is your least favorite part about being a wrestler? A: I hate that almost all of our meets are on Saturday’s. We also have a lot more away meets than home meets. Q: What is your weight class? A: 171 pounds. Q: What is your record so far this season? A: I am 32-2. Q: What do you think your chances are at winning state this year? A: Well, winning state is definitely the goal. I think if I keep wrestling like I am right now, I will have just as good of a chance as anyone.

Q: Do you plan on wrestling after high school? A: Yes. I am not sure where I want to go to college yet though. My decision will be based on how well this season goes. Q: Who is your role model? A: My father is definitely my role model. He has one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. Q: Is there any truth in the rumor that you wrestledCoach Eric Moore? A: Yes, I wrestled him. I spladled him and put tears in his eyes. Photo By Patrick McGill

Are We Disabling America’s Youth?

by Jessica McClintock

While in sociology class, I received a newspaper article about children’s athletic activities. The author criticized elementary schools for backing down on allowing children to play certain activities during recess such as soccer and football. He also discussed the restrictions that leagues are enforcing now on younger children’s sporting leagues. All this is done thanks to the parent’s of little ones, who fear for their child’s safety. I do have to say that I fully agree with this author. Parents need to realize that by sheltering their children now, they are hurting them for the future. It’s

ridiculous how schools are now telling the students that basically all they can do is play on the equipment with dozens of strict rules. I talked to a third grader who enjoys recess once a day. Ethan, who attends Center Grove Elementary School, told me that he’s allowed to play basketball, tag, touch football, jump rope, and soccer, which is his favorite. Ethan told me that there are 2 to 3 teachers that monitor the students who decide to play one of these sports. He also went on to tell me a list of rules the children have. The list goes on and on to all different types of rules these supervisors could come up with.

To me, this is ridiculous. If the game gets rough, then the game gets rough. Kids need to learn how to deal with the pain and play the game in order to win. By restricting the games the kids can play and how they should play the game defeats the purpose of the game and teaching the kids that they can overcome obstacles in the game The author also mentions how children involved in athletic activities outside of school are taught how the game is played with everyone having an equal opportunity. Each child is required to play an equal amount of time. If that’s not enough, at the end of the

season all the children who participated in the sport would receive trophies for their hard work, even if they lost every single game. I understand that this is to encourage a child self esteem, but come on. You are only teaching the kids that no matter what they are just as good as everyone else showing them that loosing isn’t expectable. This won’t get them anywhere because they won’t develop the sense of competing against one another for the top. When they get older, they won’t recognize this and just expect to be the best when they aren’t.



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the trojaneer


Dungy leaves mark on Indy By Blake Exline

An era in the history of the Indianapolis Colts has ended. Tony Dungy, the man who salvaged a mediocre team making them world champions, has retired.

On Monday, January 12, 2009 the Indianapolis Colts held a press conference to announce the retirement of head coach Tony Dungy. Speculation of this withdrawal has been occurring since the Super Bowl win in February of 2007. This retirement should not come as a surprise to Colts fans, considering Dungy has been in the National Football League since 1977. His NFL debut was as a defensive back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His short career as a player ended in 1980; however, Dungy was far from finished with football. He landed his first coaching job as a defensive backs coach for the University of Minnesota and in 1981 Dungy was back in the NFL. After being a defensive coordinator for numerable teams, in 1996 he was finally a head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In Tampa Bay, he established himself as an adequate head coach but was not surpassing the hopes that the Buccaneers organization had established for him. Dungy was fired in 2002 for his repetitive poor performances in the playoffs. Not long after his release, the Indianapolis Colts hired a figure that would change the presence of professional football in Indiana forever. At the time of Dungy’s acquisition,

Starpower catapults DSRL to the top by Ben Whitehead

Juniors Nick J., Tommy P., and Jake C. sign a farewell banner for Tony Dungy downtown. 97.1 Hank FM is sponsoring the banner, which will hang on I-70 for Dungy to see when he leaves for the airport.

the Colts possessed the talent but not team unity. Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Edgerrin James combined as the most powerful offense in all of football. The purpose of hiring Dungy was initially to improve the defense, which proved to be the Colt’s Achilles’ heel in previous years under Jim Mora. These expectations were quickly met with the Colts winning at least 12 games in each of their next 6 seasons, making Dungy the first NFL coach to attain that achievement. The addition of Tony Dungy brought on a period of renewed energy to not just professional football in Indianapolis, but to the spirit of the city itself. Dungy not only was an important figure on the field but he also was a major contributor of many charities. Coach Dungy started an organization called “All Pro Dads” in order to emphasize the importance of being a great father. Dungy once said, “Coaching the Indianapolis Colts is a big job, but not nearly as big a job as being a dad.” Thousands of American fathers read Coach Dungy’s inspirational words daily in hopes of becoming better fathers. Many wonder how a man whose son committed suicide could remain so positive about life, but Dungy finds a way to do so.

In Indianapolis, Tony Dungy will always be remembered as man of class and integrity. Nearly all who have had the pleasure of being coached by Dungy will say that they have been forever changed. Those who watch him on the field instantly notice an unusual demeanor for that of a coach. Whatever your point of view is on professional football, it is easy to respect Dungy for the job that he has done here in Indianapolis, both on and off the field. Although the closest we can get to watching the Colts on television is a Peyton Manning commercial, there is much to look forward to. Jim Caldwell will be taking over as the Colts new head coach. Fans can expect a change in the style of defense that the Colts will run in the next season. Dungy will be greatly missed in Indiana as he heads down to his home in Tampa Bay, Florida. Most sports analysts think that he will take a few years off and return to the National Football League to coach once again. In the mean time, you can expect him to be doing many interviews and sitting in on NFL talk shows for quite some time. Colts fans; as the old cliché says, “It is not the end of the book, just the end of the chapter.”

Arguably the two most dominant set of siblings have joined Oreo’s “Double Stuff Racing League.” Peyton Manning and his brother, Eli, were the first to join, making a statement about the league’s competitiveness. They stood firm on their commitment, even while other’s laughed. The next to join were the Williams’ sisters, tennis’ golden goddesses. Now, the Mannings had some true competition. In their press conference, tension was high, and the Williams exhibited more mental toughness, where so the Mannings looked on-edge, or even scared. Going into the match, many will predict the winners to be the Mannings. My prediction is that while eating would seem a man’s game, the Williams’ reflexes and competitive spirit would rank higher than the two quarterbacks. Knowing this, the minds of DSRL fans would simply be filled with confusion. On the night the brothers square off against the sisters in the highly anticipated “super bowl” of the DSRL, not only would the Williams sisters come out on top, but they would leave the Manning brother’s in the dust, shocking not only the DSRL fans, but the rest of the world. Then, after Peyton and Eli had calmed themselves, they would ask for the classic rematch. This time, because of the strategic changes, Archie’s boys would prevail. Now, my next prediction is that many other celebrit siblings will enter themselves in the growing league. Mary Kate and Ashley might make an unsuccessful attempt at it. Then, it goes to the cartoon world, where Spongebob and Patrick will hold their own because of Patrick’s ridiculously large appetite. Now, the last and final go around will be the Jonas Brothers, who don’t stand a chance in the competetive league.




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Tardy policy ruins mornings by Scott Woessner

School, as a whole, is a sensitive subject for most high school students. There are positives and negatives, but many students just like to stay in a comatose state for most of their high school experience. Unfortunately, there are some issues that infuriate students to the point where they feel they should do something. FOR EXAMPLE, counting tardies on a day when there is a freakin’ blizzard going on outside. Now, I apologize for the grammar, but this is a slightly sensitive subject for me to discuss, considering that I am frequently one of these MANY unfortunate students. I understand showing up a little after the bell rings is against “school rules”, but it is an interesting process making students be EXTRA late to class for a tardy pass. It does not take a degree from an Ivy League school to realize this policy is counter productive. Making 250 students wait in a 45 minute line for a pass to first period is the worst idea

since SLC’s. Should I have been responsible and left my house earlier once I saw the snow outside? Probably, but that’s not the point. What should students do to battle this travesty? I say we should all just get up earlier! Hey, that is a great idea! Where have I heard that before? An even better idea, why don’t we all just camp out in the parking lot? How do you like that idea? The REAL option is obvious. Students can make the conscious decision to either be way too early or extremely late. Traffic sucks, to say the least. Oh, and did I forget to tell you that if you get a certain number of tardies they PULL YOUR PARKING PASS? More and more, high school is becoming less of a comfortable learning environment, and is turning into a concentration camp. As far as tardies go, teachers know how to count tardies themselves, so let them do it (and, yes, they should do it), and you other few administrators can shift your time to the continued hunt of troublemakers within the school. Good luck.

New Facebook game is addicting by Kevin Gottlieb

2717 S. Morgantown Road Greenwood, IN 46143 phone: (317) 881-0581 fax: (317) 885-4509

annoying beasts. You begin with a glue trap, or a traditional spring trap. You’ll be able to upgrade quickly though to something more intimidating such as the Mouse DeathBot, or the 500 Pound Spiked Crusher. Why play this game you ask? Well if you’re not just interested in ridding the world of various varieties of mice, there are prizes. You can win iTunes mice, cash, or “SuperBriePlus” cheese (an in game perk). This game is fun to have running in the background while you’re surfing the web, checking your sports team’s scores or writing you newspaper articles.It’s not for the impatient, but it definately helps to get you through the late night essay writing. Join the hunt today!

Jeanette Wall, editor-in-chief Erica Stevens, managing editor MacKenzie Weeks, copy editor Jordan Cates, business manager Michael Kubancsek, webmaster

Page Editors



I have a new addiction. It’s a facebook application, referred to as a “passive game,” and it’s captured one out of every fifteen minutes of free time. The premise of the game is that you sound the “Hunter’s Horn” once every fifteen minutes, or someone in your hunting group does for you. When you or someone in your group sounds the horn, you make an attempt to catch a mouse. If your attempt is successful, you get points and gold. If you fail, the dastardly little mice can, and will steal your gold, cheese and money. Assuming that you do catch the pesky devils, you’ll earn gold which you’ll be able to use for buying more bait and better traps. Ah, the traps are glorious. There are many way to get the

Zach Deloach Kevin Duffy Lydia Garrity Kevin Gottlieb Patrick McGill Ben Bacon Robert Reichle Brianna Sykes Kelsey Ryan-Moniz Ben Whitehead Craig Lotz

Upgrade sends classes into 21st century Staff Editorial With all of the technological advancements that the school has implemented over the past few years, the developments in classrooms with one-to-one computers are the most intruiging. These setups show the hgh school is willing to excel along with advancements in technology. The recent developments have surpassed many peoples’ expectationsfor how far the the corporation would go with their promises for more technilogically advanced classroom setting throughout the high school. By teaching technology early on in a student’s education, more jobs will be available to them. Familiarizing students with programs now will benefit them in college and in their careers. Although there may be concerns with the computers, as they could be seen as additional distractions or disruptions in addition to students’ cell phones and iPods, the computer friendly desks are a step in the right the direction. Measures will need to be taken to ensure students are still able to concentrate on their classwork. Our flexibility will be key in continuing the transition into a more technilogical age. But with student and faculty cooperation, the upgrade will grant access to new multitudes of information and learning tools.

Staff Writers

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Jordan Luallen Drew Calvert Brittany Herrin Sarah Islam Blake Exline Luke Swift Amanda Giorgiani Jessica McClintock Scott Woessner Amanda Peters

the trojaneer



New touch screen phones are overrated By Zach DeLoach

The day all phones become touch screen is the day I will no longer have a phone. I currently have the LG Voyager from Verizon. A flip open keyboard is the only upside to this useless brick. The front touch screen is an absolute pain to use. When texting on the touch screen, I can rarely spell out a word without hitting the wrong letter by accident. My fingers are either too big, or the keypad is much too sensitive. Another issue I have is the unlock feature. A small unlock key is in the bottom left hand side of the screen proves impossible to use. This phone is absolutely out to get me. I have to make multiple attempts when I’m trying to unlock it, yet it unlocks by itself in my pocket all the time. When it unlocks in my pocket, I send unintelligible texts messages and dial random numbers. The number of minutes wasted on accidental calls in outrageous. I believe that recent improvements have been made. The new Blackberry storm is an all touch screen phone, but the screen feels like it clicks when you hit a key. The Voyager I currently have just vibrates. Sadly, touch screen phones are all the new rave. Soon it will be hard to find a phone without this obnoxious feature. Further research and development needs to be done on these phones before any more are released. Every unsatisfied user of a touch screen needs to be fully refunded, then given a new phone at no cost.

Photo by Zach DeLoach

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Obnoxious freshmen are plague upon school By Kevin Duffy

If you’re like me, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. You trudged through the grueling years as a freshman, and the dark ages as a sophomore to become part of the upper half of the high school food chain, a company conveniently referred to as “upperclassmen.” However, there might occasionally come a self-inflated freshman, thinking he’s hot stuff after being top dog in middle school, who decides he’s going to skip over those crucial bottom-feeder years and rise straight to the top.

He possesses all of the traits. He already has “senioritis,” he’s incredibly obnoxious, he bosses people around (often older than him), and surrounds himself with a bunch of admirers who are even more ignorant than he is. If there is any problem that is affecting our school the worst, it is this. Forget about school expansion, SLCs, crowded hallways, or school lunches. If this problem continues to grow and evolve, we will have a school-wide epidemic that will eventually break down the very structure and foundation that CGHS is built

upon, and our society will descend into anarchy. I believe the only possible course of action is to have the administration send these deluded freshmen to reeducational classes, to instill upon them the idea that they are NOT in fact the center of the universe. I feel sorry for these people. I truly do. I believe the reason they act over-obnoxious and important is actually a desperate grab for attention, a cry for help, because inside of that unbearable exterior is a deep, dark, pathetic little freshman, just wanting to be accepted and understood.

Obama going up in smoke On top of a world of terrorism, recession and corruption, our new president must also kick his own smoking habit By Craig Lotz History was made on Jan. 20, 2009, when Barack Obama took office as the first African-American President of the United States. Along with acquiring one of the most stressful jobs in the world, Obama gets a wicked awesome crib called the White House. The White House boasts 132 rooms, full of entertainment including a tennis court, bowling alley, jogging track, swimming pool, putting green, game room and even a movie theatre. It would seem that with all the variety of activities he will have access to, Obama will be spending the majority of his free time indulging in these pleasures. But no, it would appear that the place where Obama will find solitude and relief from his stress is in the Rose Garden. In this magnificent garden Barack will be able to stroll the paths, admire the flowers, and light up a cigarette or two. Yes, it is true; Barack Obama is a

user of the killer we know as cigarettes. Now I really do not care whether or not our President smokes, but doesn’t it seem just a bit deceitful that the general public does not know of this habit? I don’t know how he kept it quiet for so long, but that is very impressive. But why did our President put so much effort into covering up this less than attractive addiction? Or, did the media just not see it as that big of deal to expose? Regardless it seems that Barack Obama missed the boat on the non-smoking trend. Now more than ever it seems that everyone is cracking down on where smokers can light up. Take Indiana University for instance; in the past, students at IU were not allowed to smoke in university buildings, but they could sneak outside for a quick puff. Now, IU has outlawed smoking anywhere on campus, much to the dismay of local smokers. So with

these fast paced changes occurring everywhere, why is our president not on board? Although Obama has smoked for a long time, in 2007 the president informed the Chicago Tribune he had quit smoking upon his wife’s urging. This statement was proved false in 2008 when Obama shared with the American audience he had “fallen off the wagon” a few times on MSNBC’s Meet the Press. Falling off the wagon can also be called not quitting. Although Obama plans to follow the White House’s no smoking rule, he is still able to light up a few cigs out in the Rose Garden where smoking is permitted. So good luck to you, Mr. President. You just embarked on some of the toughest years you will ever face in your entire life. Not only will you have to deal with terrorist threats, foreign relations and the economy, but also your addiction to cigarettes.

page 19 1.30.09 opinionopinionopinionopinion


the trojaneer


A Change We Can Believe In

By Jordan Luallen

Bring Back the Pack

By Jordan Luallen and Luke Swift

The late 1980’s was a time that brought the world many different fashion trends, the most extravagant of them all was the Fanny pack. In 1989 the Fanny pack was a fantastic accessory for uses ranging from carrying fire arms to your everyday necessities. Not only was it practical but fashionable too. The fanny pack made a statement about who you were, it said hey I’m here to party but be classy. Many top named designers, such as Gucci, Prada, and our good friend Louis Vuitton even took a stab at making the fantastic fanny pack.

Law enforcement officers were a big reason for the death for the fanny pack. One law enforcement official even stated that if you are wearing a fanny pack, you might as well be carrying a gun. And if you are carrying a gun, I will take you down. The death of the fanny pack was a huge blow to ski patrollers, mountain bikers, assassins, mobsters, and gangsters. The death of the fanny pack actually brought a decrease to gun related deaths for 15 years, that was until the fanny pack resurrected in recent years. The resurrection of the fanny pack is not a bad thing; however, it is a symbol for hope, hope that the late 80’s are back in trend. Jordan….Luke….OUT

I’m here to tell you that it’s a time for change, not only is Obama bringing change but I’m making a proposal for change here at CG, new carpet. The carpet here at CG has caused me a lot of restless hours of sleep and frankly I want to sleep well at night so I am going to vent. The administration did not take my advice over a year ago on the change of color for the passes, but that’s OK I am over it. The passes are just a small meaningless problem, but the carpet is truly a large scale problem. We need a change; the carpet is disgusting. It’s tacky and portrays CG as a school without taste or flavor: flavor for fashion. When I think of CG, I think of a school that likes to bring it, not just academically and athletically, but even in the world of fashion. If we want to compete with schools across the country then the first thing

we need to change is the carpet. It lacks the “it” factor. I mean don’t get me wrong its gets the job done and is heavy duty to the max, but where is the flavor? I look down at the floor in need of a motivation during tests and all I get is a sick feeling in my stomach because of the disgust and sorrow I feel when I see the carpet. If the administration is truly looking for a change of pace and an upgrade they can come to me I have multiple suggestions. The first thing we could do is something like a light blue polyester carpet that says we are here for business and learning, but we want to have a real good time. Another suggestion would be a green olefin carpet that would really bring out accent colors around the room and enhance the learning of the students. If we want higher standardized test scores, we need the green olefin carpet.

Closing Guantanamo By Michael Kubancsek

Among the comparisons of President-elect Barack Obama and President Franklin D. Roosevelt are whispers of an active first Hundred Days. FDR's first days in office were driven by a stout legislative agenda that provided relief to victims of the Depression and laid the groundwork for the New Deal. Likewise, Obama's transition to power has been laden with whispers of the many initiatives that he will take soon after moving into the White House, both by way of Congress and by executive order- acts legal for the president as Commander-in-Chief. One of Obama’s first executive orders legally closes Guantanamo Bay, a US prison camp for captured terrorists off the Cuban coast. Such a move is unacceptable and jeopardizes American lives at home and abroad. Pentagon officials revealed at a briefing two weeks ago that 18 terrorists who have been released from “Gitmo” have definitely returned to terrorist activi-

ties, while 43 others are suspected to have done so. Among those is a Kuwaiti man Abdallah Salih al-Ajmi, who killed seven people during a suicide bombing attack in Iraq early last year. Among the 100 terrorists still held at Gitmo is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. Since 2007, more than 100 of these kinds of men have been released back to their countries. These men are bent on doing harm to America and her people. And the new President has asked military officials to begin doing away with it “as quickly as we can.” One of Obama’s campaign promises was to take a new approach to fighting terrorism. Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay as early as his first week in office demonstrates irresponsibility and a lack of common sense. The Presidential Oath of Office, in which Obama will swear to do his best to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of America, would make it impossible for any American, in good conscience, to do such a thing as close Gitmo. Such an act casts into doubt his actual love for and commitment to this country.

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The Trojaneer- January 2009  
The Trojaneer- January 2009  

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