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Finals schedule unpopular

The Four Step Recovery Plan for Finals

Q&A with Asst. Principal

By Robert Reichle Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, RSVP was set in place to help everyone gain a little more control over their lives. They are famous for their step-by-step process to achieve this goal. While AA may have twelve steps, RSVP is a process of four stages, called summits. In summit one, facilitators visit STaRs and survey students to solicit problems, and the three most common problems advance to summit two where students attempt to resolve them. Solutions taken from summit two are then proposed to the administration and explained to students, who decide how to enforce the new rules in summit three. Summit four consists of students verifying the entire plan before it is passed into action. Every other Thursday for almost two years, pairs of facilitators have visited STaRs representing RSVP, like accountability partners ready to change lives for the better. RSVP is here to help, but the first step is admitting that there is a problem.

“RSVP can’t just pick something up. It needs a student consensus,” explained Amelia Zabel, a senior and student leader of RSVP. And while finals scheduling has come up as something to consider every round of RSVP, other pressing issues have trumped it. But if the movement did gain enough support, the students are open to changes. “If we’re spreading [finals] over four days it should include early releases,” offered Zabel, to a resounding “Oh, for sure,” from her partner in business, Ali Warner, a junior. While the student leaders believe that the finals schedule should include early releases, they know that state laws mandate longer school days than Center Grove would offer with early release and late arrival during finals. And as for Roncalli’s early dismissal during finals: “Roncalli can do it because they are a private school,” sighed Zabel.

What are nearby schools doing? By Sarah Islam

Finals are finally here. With the block schedule, some would say that the finals were spaced out in order to allow students to balance their time between different classes. But could the schedule for finals have been better? Or did it give students enough time to study? Comparing CG’s schedule with other schools like Carmel, and Greenwood, the opinion is divided. CGHS finals were spread over one week, with period one on Tuesday, period six on Wednesday, period two, four, and five on Thursday, and period seven, nine, and ten on Friday. This gave students quite a long time to prepare themselves for their period one, two, six, and seven finals. However, the only time they got to study for period four and nine was during STaR, a measly half hour. This left no time for period five and ten at all. Carmel finals are spread over the weekend with period five, seven, and eight on Friday, period one and two on Saturday, and period three and four on Sunday. This seems a bit strange, for finals to be on the weekend, and most would prefer our schedule to this one. “I think that’s kind of stupid,” said freshman

Joy Cox. That basically says it all. Greenwood High School, though not on block schedule, had a similar schedule to ours. They had period one and seven on Wednesday, period two and six on Thursday, and period three, four, and five on Friday. And yet, their finals seem to end before ours too. “I would rather have, like, two a day, and then have Friday off,” said sophomore Megan Songer. Both Carmel and Greenwood have their finals squashed within three days unlike us, who have four long days to endure. Having all the finals squashed together causes stress. What does CGHS prefer? “I think they’re both okay, but I’d rather have it spread out like we do,” said freshman Victoria Prater. So the CGHS final schedule may not be the best, but it definitely beats taking tests on weekends, or going crazy over half a dozen finals in two days. Whatever the schedule may be, as long the finals are over before we know it, no one really minds.

Kathy Luessow By Julie Query

Q How did the administration create the finals schedule it did?


“We took a look at last year’s finals schedule and in the split of reflection, determined changes needed to be made.”

Schedule Q Tuesday 12/16 Period 1 Wednesday 12/17 Period 6 Thursday 12/18 Periods 2, 4, 5 Friday 12/19 Periods 7, 9, 10

Why does Center Grove not do half days for finals, as opposed to Greenwood, Pike, and other Indiana high schools? “Originally, my goal was to not have A students meet in classes that were already ‘done’ (final exams completed). I was also hopeful that we could create a schedule that allowed us to dismiss students after finals were done for the day, and give teachers time for grading and record-keeping duties. However, we did not get approval from our district office for the shortened day. (We have a requirement for the number of instructional minutes we have each semester and sending students home early would have violated that.) We will try to make that work in the future.” does Center Grove not offer S to Q theWhy 5 th for all classes (freshman through senior), all subjects? Wouldn’t this be a better incentive, since it isn’t just the last semester of senior year that students need to make good grades?


“S to the 5th is an incentive for seniors, and I think it was implemented to help seniors stay focused through the second semester of their last year with us so they maintained strong progress until graduation. This is a valid question, and this should be brought to RSVP.”

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Improving bathrooms should be top priority by Craig Lotz

Upon first glance of Center Grove High School, one might believe the building to be in fabulous condition. Even walking into the school, many times a person is awe struck by the splendor of the Hall of Excellence. But, this fine image is tarnished by the state of bathrooms in the school. Of all the faults students like to complain about, the topic of bathrooms bring the most passion. “The [stall] doors don’t shut, let alone lock,” junior Sean Egenolf said. Egenolf’s bathroom sentiments are shared by many of his fellow students. Whether it is broken faucets, toilets, stalls or general conditions, such as holes in the walls, the bathrooms need help. Sometimes the case with the toilets is they work too well, flooding the floors with water and who knows what else. “Numerous occasions I have stepped in mysterious liquid flooded on the floors, and walked out with squeaky shoes,”

sophomore Scott Sutton said. Dean of Students Reuben Deluna agrees that the bathrooms could use some work. But for the major repairs, where does it all begin? “I think there are a few bathrooms that need major work,” said custodian Brenda Mason. Mason said that some outside help may be required to fix the bathrooms with the major problems. As far as the more minor fix-ups, CG might see some improvement in the near future. “Most sinks and flushing systems we can fix ourselves,” said Mason, But with so many problems, it will be quite a task to fix all of them.” “I just want a safe and clean environment for me to relieve myself in,” Sutton said. But for now, students such as Egenolf and Sutton will have to wait for better facilities.

Most sinks and flushing systems we can fix ourselves, but with so many problems, it will be quite a task to fix all all of them -Custodian Brenda Mason


restrooms in the school



faculty restrooms

restrooms out of order

CG STaRs adopt families for Christmas by Amanda Giorgianni The season of giving is upon us and CG has taken part in it. Our adopt a family program here at CG has been going on for at least five years, since Jessica Northard became Key Club adviser. This year, 19 families were adopted and 23 stars’ took part in helping them out either by adopting a family, adopting part of a family or donating different items.

“In our star and in Mr. Moore’s, we asked each kid to bring in $3,” said Amy Wingler, “and they all brought in $3-$30. They went above and beyond what we asked.” The stars’ were impressive, and the Star teacher’s were proud. “They made me very proud,” said Shiela Bickley. As we know, the people that were adopted needed a lot of things more than what they wanted. Some items on the wish list that shocked Northard’s star

were a hairbrush and a book bag. These are everyday items that we would never think of wanting them for Christmas. Clothing was needed, toys for families that had young children, gift cards for anywhere from the mall to Wal Mart. They needed household items, and sometime just for some candy. “Ours was a 20-year-old who was struggling,” said Wingler, “all she wanted was hair items, jewelry, and we managed to get everything on the wish list. We had good participation which

made it easy.” The stars’ that decided to adopt a family had to do just that: decide. “We discussed it,” said Bickley,” and then we looked at the profile, and thought they were deserving.” “Mr. Moore came to us and asked,” said Wingler, “and we decided we wanted to help someone.” Twenty-three stars’ made this decision. They talked about it, some voted, but they all decided that they wanted to help someone. They did.

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newsnewsnewsnewsnewsn Around the Water Cooler

by Zach DeLoach On Nov. 22, retired social studies teacher Don Hanlin wrote a letter to the Editor that was published in the Daily Journal. It criticized the small learning communities (SLCs) that Center Grove High School plans to implement in the coming years. Paul Buck, assistant principal and head of the CGHS redesign team, responded with a letter of his own on December 4. are simply not mature enough restates his deep concern that American high schools,” Buck to make a decision as huge as SLCs will lower the academic wrote. selecting a future career field excellence at Center Grove. “I He constantly points out that for themselves. Instead, he would urge parents,” Hanlin society has changed and that Hanlin begins his letter by suggests, they would simply pick wrote, “to find another school the current education system is attacking the SLC plan as an “illa field in order to have classes for their college-prep students.” old fashioned and out of touch. conceived and costly mistake”. Buck also speaks of his fear that with friends. He then accuses the School Throughout the letter, Hanlin if the education system is not Board and administrators revamped, the United States will seems to adopt the ideology of of putting pressure on those “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. From the opening line, Buck’s fall behind in the global market. who disagreed with the SLC He speaks from his personal response to Hanlin’s letter seems Buck points to poor academic approach, and “ridiculing those experience as a teacher of 31 critical of the current academic performance as proof that a who questioned the party line”. years. In those years, he prepared trends. It reads, “Students will change is necessary. Throughout Hanlin’s letter, he many students for college, not find success with outdated However, Buck also admits that brings up problems and issues SLCs, which he fails to mention who have received degrees and teaching style”. that would affect the students become successful. Buck then opens with a quote until about halfway through his and faculty on numerous levels. Hanlin also uses a particulary that talks about the learned letter, will not solve all of the He expresses his concern that embarrassing quote from finding themselves “beautifully problems with the education teachers will be asked to do Superintendent Dr. Stephanoff, equipped to live in a world that system. more work on top of an already though no context was given. no longer exists”. Instead, SLCs will “help us busy schedule. When asked about old Throughout the entire letter, target some of the root causes of Hanlin’s anti-SLC sentiments fashioned academic skills such Buck speaks about the necessity the challenges”. are further backed up by the At what appears to be the peak as memorization and essay of change. refusal of the administrators to writing, Stephanoff responded “If Rip Van Winkle awoke of his letter, Buck writes that provide estimates about the cost by saying, “Perhaps the colleges today after an extended nap, “They will be good for our kids savings of “alternate plans”. should change”. I am confident that he would and our community”, referring Maturity is a hot topic for both The letter closes as Hanlin feel quite comfortable in most to SLCs. sides. Hanlin states that teens

Don Hanlin:

Paul Buck:

Senior “Day of Caring” by Ben Whitehead Every fall, the junior class ventures out into the outcast parts of Indianapolis and the Center Grove area to help the community, otherwise known as the Day of Caring. Their help is greatly recognized around the community and is

rightly praised by many. This spring, however, the senior class will have a day of caring of their own. It is largely due to the extra money the senior STUGO has in their account. Senior class president, Bob Riechle and all-studentbody president Cody Adams are organizing the project. “The senior class had some extra funds and extra time. We wanted to give back to the community who gave us the funds first.” Indeed, the community needs help. According to

a study done by Reader’s Digest Indianapolis ranks sixteenth among the nation’s cleanest cities. Riechle and Adams wish to better the city’s ranking, by offering their help and good deeds to the city. Not only could the effort help the capitol, but also surrounding Center Grove Corporation elementary schools. In addition, Riechle wants to prove that teens are aware and care about their surroundings. “The Senior Day of

Caring is a time to shadow the stereotype that teenagers o n l y care about themselves.”

A synopsis of news from Indiana and the United States Indiana : All eleven of

Indiana’s Electoral College votes went to Barack Obama in the November election, the first time the state has supported a Democrat since 1964. President-elect Obama won the Indiana popular vote majority; therefore, the Democrat electors won the privilege of casting the state’s votes.

United States: The Illinois legislature is met this week to discuss removing Governor Rod Blagojevich from office. Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday after prosecutors accused him of trying to sell president-elect Obama’s vacant Senate seat. He allegedly solicited campaign contributions from possible candidates for the Senate seat. International: During a press conference on a trip to Iraq, lame-duck President Bush dodged two shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter. The gesture is a traditional Arab insult, but Bush managed to avoid being hit by either shoe. The man remains in custody and is being tested for drugs and alcohol.

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Wes Dodson

features featuresfeaturesfea

What Teachers Want for Christmas...

Russ Milligan

“I want the Colts to all be healthy and win another Super Bowl - it’s too expensive to watch a team lose!”

“I want, one for my new kid to sleep through the night and stop screaming, and two, to retain Mr. Harrel as my friend because he’s very average.”

Shirley Vitols “[I want] my children and grandchildren to be very happy, and for someone who doesn’t have a lot to be able to have more.”

Andrew Kominowski “I want a happy, safe, and healthy holiday for everyone.”

Semester Graduates by Brittany Herrin

While most of the seniors are looking forward to graduating this spring, 25 seniors are graduating this semester. Their reasons vary, but all seem excited. Lisa Deane said, “Personally, I have had enough of high school and I am ready to move on to the next part of my life.” Deane will be starting IUPUI next fall. While some are going to college next fall, others are getting a head start on college, and plan to start in the winter.

Nick Lyon “I want all of my students to complete all of their homework.”

Nick Kerkhof “I want another state championship.”

Both Katie Simmons and Adam Davis are going to IUPUI this January. They both plan to work while going to school. Chelsea Howard happens to be going to IUPUI as well, but the following fall. She said, “I decided to graduate early so that I can work for a semester and raise money to help pay for the expenses in college.” She said. Howard added she is most excited about sleeping in after her early graduation.

Brittany Van Komen is attending Paul Mitchell Beauty School next semester and then going to IUPUI in the fall. “I decided to try to graduate early so I don’t have to stay just to take random elective classes and I can do something I actually enjoy instead.” Van Komen said. These seniors won’t be graduating with the rest of their class, so be sure to wish them well when you see them.

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12.19.08 the trojaneer

features featuresfeaturesfeaturesfea

300 The Woz: Words

Larger Than Life

Greatest Gamer Ever?

by MacKenzie Weeks

by Ben Whitehead

Jordan Bedan is impossible to overlook. Maybe it’s his size. At six-feet, two-inches as a freshman, he dwarfs nearly all of his classmates, resembling a senior more than someone taking Driver’s Ed. Maybe it’s his signature style. He’s known for his bright, memorable shoes and his Notre Dame t-shirts. Or maybe it’s his lineage. Two Bedan siblings have preceded him at the high school and his mother is a well-loved math teacher. But with every aspect taken into account, it’s impossible to deny that Jordan Bedan is larger than life. During the summer and fall, Jordan is a football player, looming large with his defined muscles and his staggering stature. During the winter, Jordan wrestles, applying his size and strength again to a different realm of athletic competition. With constant exercise and exertion, naturally, an athlete has an overwhelming appetite. But even for an athlete, Jordan can more than hold his own at Burger King. After explaining he eats there regularly, he begins to describe a typical meal. “I usually have about three Whoppers, a Tender Crisp, and a couple of Chicken Snack Wraps,” he casually notes, with no hint of irony. As he talks, my eyes are automatically drawn to his shoes. Osiris Pixels: black soles, blue-framed white tongues, with yellow, pink, and green accents, bright blue laces, and red interiors. In person, they are exactly as complex and bright as they sound. Bought a week before the start of school, Jordan wears the infamous shoes every day. “People tell me that nobody will ever steal them,” he shrugs and laughs. But people can’t help but notice them. Paired with one of his collection of over thirty different Notre Dame shirts, the shoes automatically identify their wearer as Jordan Bedan. With his size, his style, his personality, whether in the hallways, in the cafeteria, or at a sporting event, Jordan Bedan is undeniably larger than life.

Zach Wozniak or “The Woz” as many in Center Grove High school call him, has a talent that is not normally featured on television or in publications. Wozniak possesses the ability to shoot, burn, chop, snipe, and even run over you. Do not freak out though, because he only uses these talents against his enemies in video games. According to “The Woz,” the XBOX 360 is the premiere gaming system nowadays. In the high school, Call of Duty 4 is said to be the most popular, and attracts most of the online gamers. As you guessed it, Wozniak enjoys a little online play as well. In fact, he has accumulated 33 days of online Call of Duty game play hours. However, he prefers a more recent game than many others. Gears of War 2 was released midnight of November 7. Wozniak took it upon himself to wait an astonishing six hours outside the Game Stop on State Rd. 135. Upon receiving the game, he went home, and played the game until it was time to leave for school the next day. Indeed twenty four straight hours without sleep is hard, but for a dedicated gamer like Zach; it’s not a problem. In 2007 Halo 3 was dubbed the number one selling video game in the world. When in was released, Zach was one of the first to buy it. Since then, he has taken up new interests, and lost some of his old. Including the world famous Halo 3. Major League Gaming (MLG) is an actual professional organization that features the talents of gamers. All players compete in a variety of games and earn large amounts of money based on their success. Wozniak says that he would love competing in the MLG. He would be one of the few from Center Grove to go pro in anything, let alone a major sport. And who knows, in a few years the MLG might become a major sport. Wozniak averages about eight hours a day gaming at his house, and on the weekends his time playing could stretch for 12 hours of nothing but domination.

The Woz’s Picks

Nintendo Gamecube: The Legend of Zelda

XBOX 360: Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

PlayStation 2: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PlayStation 3: Resistance 2

XBOX: Halo 2

the trojaneer 12.19.08 entertainmententertainment

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entertainment entertainmententertain-

The 10 Christmas films to cozy up with during break

by Kevin Duffy 10. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000) 5. “Home Alone” (1990) 9. “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) 4. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965) 8. “The Santa Clause” (1994) 3. “Elf” (2003) 7. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) 2. “Christmas Vacation” (1989) 6. “Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas” (1966) 1. “A Christmas Story” (1983) The newspaper presents lists to encourage conversation on films, not to supply it. Therefore, only movie names are listed. -Robert Reichle

Celine Stops by Indy: “Chances” are it will be awesome by Brianna Sykes French-Canadian singer Céline Dion is notorious for whipping out classic hits left and right. Dion finally leaves her friends Elton John and Bette Midler at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, to travel across the nation to enchant faithful Céline fans with her final farewell, the Taking Chances Tour. On Dec. 21, Dion will make a stop at the Conseco Field House in Indianapolis to captivate fans with her colossal 21 song set-list. This concert will be one with high expectations; it will be a concert that will be remembered for the rest of your lifetime. Dion has a wide array of Magnum Opera, or “great defining works”. It’s nearly impossible to pick a single song that defines Céline as a performer; however, what

her songs have in common is her personal inspiration by love. A few classic songs that Dion will sing in the concert that are love- inspired are “The Power of Love”, “My Heart Will Go On,” “That’s the Way It Is,” “Because You Loved Me” and “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” Céline’s vast repertoire of timeless songs will come alive on stage with her beautiful voice, sounding as if she was touched by an angel. The Taking Chances Tour will be unforgettable, and it’s not a stretch to say that it will be an epic moment for all of those die-hard Céline followers. Though Céline is saying farewell to the music industry, my heart will go on with her forever.

Celine belts out her hits. Celine Dion will be coming to Conseco Fieldhouse for a concert on Dec. 21.

page 9 entertianmententertainment


the trojaneer

entertainment entertainmententertainment

Now Now Releases By Jeanette Wall

Classic Connick on new CD


By Lydia Garrity

n Nov. 4, Harry Connick Jr.’s newest Christmas album, “What a Night,” was released into stores. Being known for his jazzy music, Connick Jr. astonished us once again with this wonderful album. His flawless voice brings us back to the old, jazzy days when the greats put our ears to “love at first sound.” Unlike many Christmas albums, Connick Jr. takes a classic song and makes it his own. This music can take you back when easy listening music was popular. Connick Jr. brings in the Christmas spirit big time with his third Christmas album released this season. After the other two albums were released, we didn’t think Connick Jr. could provide his listeners with better holiday music. His first Christmas album, “When My Heart Finds Christmas,” was released in 1993, and the second, “Harry for the Holidays,” was released in 2003. But, he especially surprised us this year when “What a Night” was released. This album has traditional Christmas songs such as “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” and “We Three Kings.” There are also four songs Connick Jr. wrote himself on this album that will blow you away. The Christmas hit “Winter Wonderland” was performed with his 11-year-old daughter, Kate. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit this holiday, make sure to stop by and pick up this amazing new album. Includes +It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year +What a Night! +Christmas Day +Please Come Home For Christmas +Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies +It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas And More

On the surface, the band Now Now Every Children looks like, well, children. They appear to be of the over-exaggerated eyeliner variety, with hair in their face and some weird mix of Kimya Dawson and Brand New on their iPods. If you saw them on the street, they might pose a friendly reminder than you need to head to Goodwill for some funky sweatshirts and worn-out Chuck Taylor's. But underneath the ultra-hip, pop-indie, "I want to be watching 'The Royal Tenenbaums,'" skin that Now Now outwardly displays, there is a goldmine of delightfully poignant lyrics and mature musicianship that will make you think that they're all grown up. A cohesiveness of lead Cacie Dalager's pretty vocals, and they are in fact quite pretty, with the trio's rough symbol clashes, bell chimes, keyboard loops, and distorted guitar all shine brightest on their debut album "Cars." Of course, they won't stand to be your average underground sensation with a Myspace launch pad, though. These Children bring something new to the table: a versatility of mood. This music is relatable, listenable at most any time. You can soak in the melody of, say, the title track of the new album whether you are

having a dance party in your bedroom or driving home from a funeral. The music is comforting, appropriate. Their tunes are what you need them to be. All three members of the band are quite young, too. "Cars" could certainly be the first step in a very promising career. Sure, they are not necessarily what you might call "radio-friendly." Still, neither are their feasible protégés, like Eisley. However, they are bound to pop up at a festival or in some Starbuck's speaker, sooner rather than later. Do not be the least bit discouraged by the knowledge of their status as's April Band of the Month. They really do rock. Now Now was signed to the impeccable, Midwestern-front Afternoon Records, finding themselves rubbing elbows with label founder Ian Anderson. They released two EP's earlier this year, which contributed some tracks to the full-length album. The aforementioned album was released in stores Dec. 9. Especially for fans of Tegan and Sara, Tilly and the Wall, and Islands, Now Now Every Children could become your new favorite band, no matter how young they appear to be. As iTunes customer StaceyRockSteady reviewed, Now Now Every Children are the "best thing to come out of Minnesota since the Mighty Ducks." This is most cer-

Photo used with permission from Now Now Every Children

Cars Album Everyone you Know Friends with my Sister GM Holiday, Birthday, Funeral In the City

Little Brother Not One but Two Outerspace Teeth

Quick facts Now Now Every Children use to have four members, but shrunk to three.

The Circus Is Back By MacKenzie Weeks


ith the release of her sixth studio album, the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, reminds just why none of us can look away even after ten years. After a stint in the psych ward and an uncharacteristic career slump, Britney returns with sultry, mocking hooks and hypnotic rhythms reminiscent of 2003’s In the Zone. In fact, Bloodshy and Avant, producers of the hit “Toxic,” score again with the mellow and poignant “Unusual You,” which rings truer than the album’s few other ballads. The album touts such clubby potential hits as the witty “If U Seek Amy”, and paparazzi satires like “Kill the Lights.” The entire collection appears more personal than Blackout and Britney good-humouredly embraces her less-than-normal life with irony. Over all, Circus is a genuine success for the genre of pop, each song pairing Britney’s signature, power-punch style with the freaky and compelling feel of a circus.

Circus Tracks Womanizer Circus Out From Under Kill the Lights Shattered Glass If U Seek Amy Unusually You Blur Mmm Papi Mannequin Lace and Leather My Baby Radar Rock Me In

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the “trundies” This year, for the first time ever, the Trojaneer will unveil the Trundies: our awards given to Center Grove students awarded for, well, anything. Based loosely off an episode of NBC’s hit comedy, “The Office,” we are ready to make the tough judgments, whether it’s the biggest backpack award, the biggest Twilight fan, or simply the “That Guy” award. Anyone and everyone in the school are in the running for these prestigious awards. At that, the Trojaneer presents the first, and hopefully not the last, Trundies.

Compiled by Erica Stevens, Kevin Duffy, Jessica McClintock and Sarah Islam

the trojaneer


page 12

trundiestrundiestrundiestrundies trundiestrundiestrundiestrundies

and the winners are... most chipper the “twilight” fan

Skylar Whitney, ‘10

“I think the books are really well-written and Rob Pattinson is mega-fine.” *Skylar has seen the movie 11 times.

biggest backpack

Emma Hatten, ‘10

“I actually work during my study hall, and with 4 AP courses, 2 honors, Etymology, and CG Singers this year, my backpack will always be big.”

BrynnBuchanan, ‘09

“I laugh a lot and practice the rule of ‘do unto others as they would do unto you.’”

coolest headphones

Masada Sparrow, 09

“They were different looking than the black ones and I can hear the bass better.”

page 13


the trojaneer

trundiestrundiestrundiestrundiestrundies trundiestrundiestrundiest-

whitest sneakers

Hannah White, ‘11

“I liked them because they were bright and really white”

loudest vehicle

Dustin Griffin, ‘09

“ I like it because it looks like it’s supposed to be fast, but it’s really slow.”

the “that guy” award

cleanest fingernails

Eric Kamer, ‘09

Emily Marcelo, ‘10

“I proud to finally be recognized as ‘that “I scrub them shiny and squeaky clean guy.’ It’s about time.” every night in the shower so my performance is at its highest peak

the trojaneer




? Ahasgoldfish an atten?

tion span of three seconds. Animals that lay eggs don’t have belly buttons.

have ? Slugs four noses. Beach ? Long Island was once frequented by pirates. in six ? One doctors were trained in Philidelphia.


“R a Wa nsom ”b “N yne yL ot il aS by B t “A ig T ain o ren uc 12 k n Me Sto aline ” ne ” by s

Did You Know? Junior Griffin Ford

page 14


m! ha vin W e by K g” by ne bu ck” Way r e Ro il by itt “J et it f & L ne” ht l O L g “ do at ni Ru ack McK “B ian Br

Junior Michael Hazelbaker

what’s on your iPod?

“If Br You S i “It tney eek ’ A S to s All pea my” M C r by “Ju e” b omi s n Ho mp A y Ce g Ba l us e o roun ine D ck i f P d” ain by on

by y” ne es ye o an M ab Rhym by K r “A sta op” e” Bu boC os o aR “R st m o We ss Fr i “K Seal by

not sun? Heat, light, ripens tomatoes. of ? Eleven the 50 states were named after actual people.


Junior Blake Exline mbroidery with

Senior Courtney Hardin



Beth Meyers 946-5674

I only use Geniune Swarovski Crystals along with Embroidery to show your school pride or support of your favorite player in a certain sport. Contact me to create your one of a kind item. Embroidery only orders also welcome.

Congratulations 2008 5A Football State Champions!

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the trojaneer 12.19.08


january NEW YEAR’S DAY

January 10 Honor uniquely different people on Peculiar People Day January 16 at Jake’s in Bloomington


M L K Day

page 16



January 6 Students’ First Day Back to School

Jan. 9 The Unborn and Bride Wars open in theatres January 20

Inauguration Day

What’s up, U.S.A.?!

the trojaneer

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Seasonal Drinks


Christmastime is the best time of the year for seasonal beverages. Local restaurants and coffee shops serve special drinks that you can only get for a limited time, so indulge now!



New Kid on




Gingersnap Latte, Peppermint Twist Mocha, Espresso Truffle

strange brew: Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Chai, Gingerbread Latte

steak n’ shake:

Shake flavors: White Chocolate, Eggnog, Caramel Apple

paradise cafe:

Cinnamon Roll Latte, Carmel Apple Cider

bean cup: Graphic by: Brianna Sykes

Penguin Mocha (dark/white chocolate), Red Reindeer (Raspberry Mocha)

cut recipe out along the dotted line

alton brown’s paradise macaroons Ingredients:

2 (7 to 8-ounce) packages sweetened shredded coconut 2 ounces sweetened condensed milk Pinch kosher salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 large egg whites at room temperature 5 ounces granulated sugar 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips 1 ounce vegetable shortening 2 ounces finely chopped dryroasted macadamia nuts

recipe coutesy of

Directions: -Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. -Combine coconut, milk, salt and vanilla in a mixing bowl. -In the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, beat the egg whites on medium speed until foamy. Gradually add the sugar and continue to whip the whites until medium peaks form, 6-7 mins. -Fold the egg whites into the coconut mixture. Scoop mounds onto a parchmentlined half sheet pan and bake for 20-25 mins. Immediately transfer the parchment with the macaroons to a cooling rack. Cool completely before topping. -Fill a pot with enough water to come 2 in. up the side, set over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Combine the chocolate chips and shortening in a small mixing bowl and set over the simmering pot. Stir occasionally until melted, then remove from the heat. -Dip the cooled cookies in the chocolate mixture, sprinkle with the chopped macadamia nuts and place on parchment paper to set, about 30 mins.

by Drew Calvert It’s the new kid on the block. The new restaurant, located in the building that was Damon’s Grill, is the most recent addition of CG eateries. The local establishment has a great atmosphere accompanied with kind hosts and prompt service. Simple, yet impressive, Arni’s is a great place for you and friends to go and hang while enjoying signature pizza, sandwiches, and salads. Arni’s has much more than your usual pizza and salad on their menu. They have all sorts of burgers, wings, and tons of sides to go along with your pizza. Also Arni’s has all sorts of different pizzas bit of course you can always go with the good ol’ cheese pizza. In fact Arni’s has an extra cheese option for those hardcore cheese lovers out there. Arni’s also has a wide assortment of specialty pizzas that may intrigue an interested customer. They also have gone beyond the normal pizza place atmosphere and created an almost fine dining feel to the establishment. Having special holders for your pizzas and a full bar makes you feel that you are in more than a pizza place. Arni’s has made a good name for itself in the first few weeks it’s been established. Many locals love Arni’s as it has been full of hungry customers since the day its doors opened. Unlike the previous establishment, Arni’s has found its place here in Center Grove, and it is here to stay.

the trojaneer 12.19.08

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Bowl Game Mania

College football teams feel left out by BCS by Jessica McClintock Since everyone else is ranting about their hatred for the Bowl Championship Series, it’s only necessary that more input be provided. Even if you aren’t into football, you’ve heard people complain about the BCS. Even if you aren’t a Texas Longhorn fan, I’m sure that you agree that they got ripped-off big time by Roy Kramer’s system of the BCS. Let’s start off with the fact that the Big 12 ended in a rare tie between the Oklahoma Sooners, Texas Longhorns, and Texas Tech Red Raiders. Oklahoma beat Texas Tech, Texas Tech beat Texas, and Texas beat Oklahoma. At the end of the season, the only question was who will play the Big 12 North Champion for the Big 12 Championship? In the BCS standings, the Oklahoma Sooners jumped Texas in week fourteen making them No. 2 and the Longhorns No. 3 after the Sooners defeated No. 12 Oklahoma State 61-41. Texas also won their game that weekend against Texas A&M 49-9. Since Texas A&M isn’t a ranked team, the Sooners were moved to the No. 2 spot that was once rightfully owned by the Longhorns. Even Mack Brown’s planepulled sign above the Oklahoma game against the Cowboys reminding the voters of Texas’ amazing triumph against the Sooners 35-45 on a neutral site, wasn’t enough to sway the voters. Many agree the Longhorns deserved the opportunity to crush Missouri, making them the Big 12 Champions, moving on to the national championship. By 0.0181 BCS points, the Longhorns were left behind in the race for the national championship, leaving Bevo believers stunned and in the mood to argue until something else comes up to vent about. But all that’s said and done with. Texas wasn’t in the Big 12 Championship and Oklahoma won it 62-21. They will now continue on to play Florida Jan. 8 in Miami, Florida for the BCS National Championship. No. 3 Texas will play No. 10 Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 5. Let’s just say Ohio State’s long ride home will be complete with silence from defeat. That’s not the only ridiculous bowl game. What about the Sugar bowl matchup of No. 4 Alabama verse No. 6 Utah? Bama, who held the number one spot since week ten until last week, is matched up against the undefeated Utes. Let’s just say that Bama’s short ride home from Louisiana will be complete with celebration as the Roll Tide come home with a Sugar Bowl victory, which is less than what they deserve. No. 7 Texas Tech also deserves more than what they received. They will be faced off against No. 25 Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl Jan. 2. With Texas Tech’s determined offense, we can assure that the Red Raiders won’t leave Dallas disappointed. We can go on and on about which team will win what game, but we can just sum up the concern for most Indiana football fans. The Big Ten will successfully win zero bowl games.

“Let’s just say Ohio State’s long ride home will be complete with silence from defeat.”

Sports Editor Patrick McGill and Trojan Quarterback Jordan Luallen take their picks on all 34 Bowl Games, including the big one, The BCS National Championship in Miami between Oklahoma and Florida. EagleBank Bowl

New Mexico Bowl

St. Petersburg Bowl

Saturday, Dec. 20 11:00 am ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Navy Patrick’s pick: Wake Forest

Saturday, Dec 20 2:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Colorado State Patrick’s Pick: Colorado State

Saturday, Dec. 20 4:30 pm ESPN2 Jordan’s Pick: South Florida Patrick’s pick: Memphis

Las Vegas Bowl

New Orleans Bowl

Poisettia Bowl

Saturday, Dec 20 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Arizona Patrick’s Pick: Arizona

Sunday, Dec. 21 8:15 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Southern Miss Patrick’s pick: Troy

Tuesday, Dec 23 2:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Boise State Patrick’s Pick: Boise State

Hawai’i Bowl

Motor City Bowl

Meineke Car Care Bowl

Wednesday, Dec. 24 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Notre Dame Patrick’s pick: Hawai’i

Friday, Dec 26 2:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Florida Atlantic Patrick’s Pick: Central Michigan

Saturday, Dec. 27 1:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: North Carolina Patrick’s pick: West Virginia

Emerald Bowl

Independence Bowl

Champs Sports Bowl Saturday, Dec 27 4:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Florida State Patrick’s Pick: Florida State Bowl Monday, Dec. 29 3:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: NC State Patrick’s pick: Rutgers

Texas Bowl

Saturday, Dec. 27 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Miami Patrick’s pick: California

Sunday, Dec 28 8:15 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Northern Illinois Patrick’s Pick: Louisiana Tech

Alamo Bowl

Humanitarian Bowl

Monday, Dec 29 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Missouri Patrick’s Pick: Missouri

Tuesday, Dec. 30 4:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Maryland Patrick’s pick: Maryland

Holiday Bowl

Armed Forces Bowl

Tuesday, Dec 30 8:00 pm NFL Network Jordan’s Pick: Western Michigan Patrick’s Pick: Rice

Tuesday, Dec. 30 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: OK State Patrick’s pick: Oregon

Sun Bowl

Music City Bowl

Wednesday, Dec 31 2:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Air Force Patrick’s Pick: Air Force

Insight Bowl

Wednesday, Dec. 31 2:00 pm CBS Jordan’s Pick: Oregon State Patrick’s pick: Oregon State

Wednesday, Dec 31 3:30 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Boston College Patrick’s Pick: Boston College

Chick-fil-A Bowl

Outback Bowl

Gator Bowl

Wednesday, Dec 31 7:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Georgia Tech Patrick’s Pick: Georgia Tech

Thursday, Jan. 1 11:00 am ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Iowa Patrick’s pick: Iowa

Thursday, Jan. 1 1:00 pm CBS Jordan’s Pick: Clemson Patrick’s Pick: Clemson

Wednesday, Dec. 31 5:30 pm NFL Network Jordan’s Pick: Minnesota Patrick’s pick: Kansas

Capital One Bowl

Rose Bowl

Thursday, Jan. 1 11:00 pm ABC Jordan’s Pick: Georgia Patrick’s pick: Georgia

Thursday, Jan. 1 4:30 pm ABC Jordan’s Pick: USC Patrick’s Pick: USC

Thursday, Jan. 1 8:30 pm FOX Jordan’s Pick: Cincinnati Patrick’s pick: VA Tech

Cotton Bowl

Liberty Bowl

Sugar Bowl

Friday, Dec. 2 5:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Eatern Carolina Patrick’s pick: Eastern Carolina

Friday, Jan. 2 2:30 pm FOX Jordan’s Pick: Alabama Patrick’s Pick: Alabama

Friday, Dec. 2 2:00 pm FOX Jordan’s Pick: Texas Tech Patrick’s Pick: Mississppi

International Bowl Saturday, Jan. 3 11:00 am ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Buffalo Patrick’s pick: UConn

Fiesta Bowl

Monday, Jan. 5 8:00 pm FOX Jordan’s Pick: Texas Patrick’s Pick: Texas

BCS National Championship Thursday, January 8 8:00 p.m. FOX Jordan’s Pick: Florida Patrick’s Pick: Florida

Orange Bowl

GMAC Bowl Tuesday, Jan. 6 8:00 pm ESPN Jordan’s Pick: Tulsa Patrick’s pick: Ball State


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Leading as a Sophomore

the trojaneer sportssportssportssport

Trojaneer Reporter Amanda Giorgiani sat down with sophomore basketball sensation Jonny Marlin. This is what

by Ben Whtiehead

he had to say. Q.How long have you been playing basketball? A.Since I was 3 and I’m 16 Q.Which year has been your favorite? A.Last year. Being a freshman and playing on varsity

and having the fans cheer. It was pretty cool.

Q.Who was your inspiration? A.My older brother, Christopher Q.How often do you practice? A.It’s an everyday thing. Q.What’s your favorite thing about basketball? A.Winning. I love winning Q.Do you plan on pursuing basketball after High school and do you know where?

A.Yes I plan on it. I really like Butler, but we’ll see what happens

Sophomore Jonny Marlin lines up his free throw against visting Southport. The Trojans are 2-3 going into tonight’s game against Whiteland Community High School.

Q.Do you play any other sports? A.Ping pong might be my main sport. Q.Do you have any unique interests? Q.Do you have a special diet during basketball season? A.I go to church and I’m a A.I still eat as much as I can I just try to maintain my


Curry, Lawson Among Nation’s Best

member of my youth group.

Gymnastics Gearing Up for Season by Julie Query Last year the Center Grove gymnastics team placed third in the state meet despite being plagued with injuries. This year they are concentrating on “staying healthy, avoiding injuries, and competing at a high level once again,” said coach Eric Howe. Their first meet is at home against Columbus East on Jan. 3; this should be an interesting match. Last season Center Grove lost to Columbus East in sectionals and then came back to beat them in regionals, so this opponent has revenge on their minds. However, their most difficult opponent is Lawrence Central, and the sectional is stacked with great teams, including Columbus North (last year’s state runner-up). With ten underclassmen and five upperclassman, this team is highly competitive and looking to improve their record by winning MIC for the second year in a row, and competing better in the state finals at Perry Meridian.

The cold weather and frost can only mean one thing in Indiana: its basketball season. The new season has already made its mark on college basketball with many upsets, buzzer beaters, and dominant forces. For all those out there who haven’t seen Stephen Curry, the sharp shooter from Davidson, play, I strongly encourage you to watch him. In fact, he plays the Boilermakers of Purdue tomorrow in West Lafayette. He is like Reggie Miller in his prime…..but better. When Miller was at UCLA, did any teams deliberately double team him for an entire 40 minutes? No, but Loyola (MD) attempted the triangle-two to the extreme on Stephen Curry, thinking that they could win a four on three matchup. Not even Tyler Hansborough and the number one team in the country have been given that much respect from their opponents. That does not take away from the unbelievable amount of sucess the Tar Heels have had thus far this season. They are a unanimous number one in every poll, and have demolished every team they’ve played. Their point guard, Ty Lawson is many times overlooked because of the large shadow that Hansborough casts. However, he is undoubtedly the best point guard in the country. Some other players have earned their fame early in the season including Notre Dame shooting guard Kyle McAlarney. In the preseason Maui Invitational he knocked down 11 three point shots against North Carolina. Also playing in the Maui was Texas guard AJ Abrams. Although he stands at 5’11”, he doesn’t back down from anyone. Indeed the college basketball season has a lot to promise, one thing it doesn’t is a strong PAC10, like many years before. O.J. Mayo is making the big bucks, and Arizona is still fuming with frustration after the coaching incident from what feels like ten years ago. Of course, the Big East has eight thousand teams in the top 25, but it’s always the same. I mean, they have sixteen teams! Nearly every other conference is just as good/bad as in the past. The ACC has North Carolina and Duke at the top while other teams like Wake Forest and Maryland trail behind. The SEC: they’re a football conference. Who cares? The Big 10 could shape into a pretty interesting race. Purdue was the preseason favorite, but everyone knows that Michigan State will put up a good fight. Welcome to NCAA basketball. As Dick Vitale would say, “It’s awesome baby.”

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sportssportssportssportssportssports sportssportssportssportssports

Shooting for Success After losing two close contests in overtime, the boys basketball team is looking to rebound tonight against Whiteland. Led by senior Jared Hawkins, junior J.T. Barton and sophomore Jonny Marlin, Center Grove is hoping to continue its dominance over other Johnson County foes. The Trojans have already defeated the Franklin Grizzly Cubs 65-56 in the first game of the season. photos by Ben Bacon and Drew Calvert

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New finals schedule begs for change to semester-end format

Our Stance:

The new finals schedule provides a great example of why administrators should reconsider how Center Grove High School students test at the end of the semester.

Staff Editorial Our school’s administrators do a great job maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for learning and socializing. However, despite their support of teachers and students, they’re sometimes out of touch with what actually happens in the classrooms each and every day. A recent example of this is the new finals schedule to be used at the end of this semester. In an effort to spread out testing and keep more White Days white and Red Days red, we’ve been given a blueprint for four days with lots of opportunities for non-instructional time. Coupled with the holiday season and the restlessness of the end of a semester, all that down time at school will seem worthless and we’ll be wishing we were at home. Lots of area schools have finals during half days: tests (two per day over four days) in the morning, no lunch and afternoons off. It’s an ideal arrangement: you have time off in the afternoons to wind down and prepare for the next day, instead of spending time at school with

teachers who are too busy grading to deliver any meaningful instruction. The reason we don’t have such a final schedule? Not serving lunch means that the day can’t be counted in the state-mandated 180 school days. However, many probably wouldn’t even notice if a couple days were cut from winter and spring breaks. The extra day at school around those times is a good trade-off for free afternoons during the stressful semester end. This schedule also allows the school to reward seniors during first semester finals: since they can’t exempt as in second semester, allow seniors to either come late or leave early when they don’t have a test to take. The punishment for taking advantage of this privilege is simple: if you skip a test, you receive a zero with no chance of making up the test, consequently plunging your grade. This half-day set-up for finals would allow students to have time to refresh and study between tests, and would prevent marathon testing sessions and non-productive

Administration cracks down on parking violations by Kevin Gottlieb

Zach Deloach Kevin Duffy Lydia Garrity Kevin Gottlieb Patrick McGill Katelyn Perry Robert Reichle Brianna Sykes Kelsey Ryan-Moniz Amanda Giorgianni Ben Whitehead

Photo by Darrah Patton

Staff Writers

2717 S. Morgantown Road Greenwood, IN 46143 phone: (317) 881-0581 fax: (317) 885-4509

Jeanette Wall, editor-in-chief Erica Stevens, managing editor MacKenzie Weeks, copy editor Jordan Cates, business manager Michael Kubancsek, webmaster

Page Editors


While no one was towed, no one has parked in the aisles since the violation stickers were put on offending cars. So I believe “props” (I still am not sure what that means exactly) should be given to whoever was in charge of the crackdown, because it was effective. Surely in the future, after it snows, someone will try to break the rules again. When that happens, I have one request for the Main Office: Tow the cars! Assistant Principal Tim Hudson said that towing cars was a real option, and the sign in the parking lot says “Violators will be towed.” I want to see it! If someone breaks the rules, follow through on your threat, and the problem will stop. Make an example of one student, and the student population will know that you’re serious.


I’d like to say thank you to the administration. They finally cleaned up the parking lot situation. It took two weeks, but better late than never. If you ride the bus or walk into school half asleep, and are therefore unaware of the fact that people had been parking in areas outside of the designated spaces. The student body was split in two groups: the ones who were annoyed by the snobs who thought they were too good to follow the rules about parking in an actual space, and the snobs who were doing it. Some students who are not injured(or who have unethically come into the possession of a bogus pass) continue to park in the handicap zones, but hopefully the administration will catch them too.

Ben Bacon Drew Calvert Brittany Herrin Sarah Islam Craig Lotz Julie Query Jordan Luallen Jessica McClintock Scott Woessner

the trojaneer 12.19.08 opinionopinionopinionopinion

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Bush not solely to blame for economy By Craig Lotz


s the day approaches when the less than renowned George W. Bush prepares to leave office, I can’t help but overhear some of the reflections that my fellow students feel that they must get off their chest. For instance “Bush fought a war that wasn’t needed” and “Bush left us in a bazillion-dollars worth of debt” and finally “Bush screwed over our economy” STOP. WAIT. NOT TRUE. Although Bush did fight a war that wasn’t necessarily needed, and he did leave us in a “bazillion” dollars worth of debt, he did not screw over

our economy. Now I realize that any Average Joe could take a gander at stock prices and come to the realization that our economy is not at its best; in fact, it’s plain awful. Nevertheless, the woes of our current economic state cannot be blamed on Bush, or any president for that matter. Merriam-Webster Online defines economics as “of, relating to, or based on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods.” So basically what Mr. Merriam and Mr. Webster are trying to say is that the state of the economy depends on what com-

panies are making, who the companies are selling the product to, and if we, the consumers, are buying them. Currently, consumer consumption is down, thus the economy is down. From an Economical standpoint, Bush did his best. He attempted to boost consumer consumption with stimulus checks, and even threw a couple billion dollars to near-bankrupt mortgage companies. Short of making American citizens buy a GM car, Bush did all he could. So next time you feel the need to trash ol’ George, remember to not include the economy on his list of faults.

Obama’sBy Cabinet Picks Julie Query President-elect Barack Obama has moved with unusual speed to select officials for his administration, in the hopes for speedy confirmation so the new staff can get to work quickly thereafter. Here are his picks: Chief of Staff Rahm EmanuelEmanuel earned the nickname “Rahmbo” for his politically combative and blunt style, after the Sylvester Stallone movie character “Rambo”. During the Clinton administration, Emanuel passed legislation including expanded healthcare for children, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), and the assaultweapons ban. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton- Once Obama’s opponent in the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton will now be one of his closest confidants in foreign affairs. Clinton promises to stay out of Obama’s domestic interests, while agreeing with his position on withdrawing troops from Iraq. Secretary of Defense Robert GatesRobert Gates is the current Secretary of Defense in President George W. Bush’s cabinet, and Obama’s decision to keep him was based on the concept that generally in the middle of a war this position should not be altered. If confirmed, Gates will be one of only a handful of people to hold a Cabinet-level position under

two Presidents of different parties. Attorney General Eric Holder- If confirmed by the Senate, he will be the first African-American Attorney General of the United States. Interestingly enough, he also represented the NFL during its dog fighting investigation against Michael Vick. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano- The current governor of Arizona, Napolitano said “Our current immigration system is broken. It is too easy for the bad guys to enter our country and too difficult for the good guys- whose energies and intellect we need- to obtain lawful status.” National Security Advisor James Jones- He is the former Supreme Allied Commander and served as the 32nd Commandant of the Marine Corps. Jones, who is 6’4”, played forward on the Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner- Geithner has earned a bachelor’s degree in government from Dartmouth and a master’s degree in international economics. Now he serves as the chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank

of New York. Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson- Richardson will be in charge of rebuilding the economy on clean energy and green jobs, two of the essential pillars of Obama’s plan to end the United States’ dependence on foreign oil. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Daschle- Among other things, he envisions a new federal agency, which he calls a Federal Health Board, with the authority to set guidelines for what treatments and procedures are most cost-effective. He also has called for a mandate to require all Americans to get health insurance and for the creation of a public insurance program to cover people who don’t get private insurance. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan- Donovan, head of New York’s Housing Preservation and Development Department, is a former Clinton administration official with a reputation for curtailing foreclosures among low-income residents, developing affordable housing and managing the nation’s largest housing plan.

By the Numbers


Days untill President Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009.


Amount (in trillions) of the current US debt.


N u m ber of cabinet officials that will be held o v e r f r o m Bush’s cabinet (Sec. of Defense


Projected number of American jobs (in millions) that would be lost if the Big 3 went bankrupt.

Holiday Spirit?

By Michael Kubancsek I hate the Christmas season. Yes, I hate it. I dread late November before it arrives, and I can’t wait for January so it can be over. Today Christmas is no longer about the birth of Christ. It’s about commercialization: buying stuff nobody wants, for people you don’t like, with money you don’t have. The materialism that has taken over the Christmas season is disturbing. People have been killed as a result of hazardous shopping experiences when criminally negligent people don’t even respect another human being’s fundamental right to life. I’m not exaggerating. On Black Friday this year, at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, NY, a man was trampled to death by several hundred people who couldn’t wait to get into the store to buy cheap junk imported from China A pregnant woman was also trodden on, but thankfully, neither she nor her baby was seriously injured. Being dangerously careless to the point of harming another person – that doesn’t seem like the holiday spirit to me. In a California Toys-R-Us, two men shot each other to death while shopping on Black Friday. What on Earth could be so important that you have to kill someone in the process of acquiring it? It would seen uncommon to focus on Christmas and the holiday season as a time to celebrate a religious holiday and to be with family and friends, but that’s what Christmas is. It’s not about individuals and families competing to outspend the others on gifts or a neighborhood rivalry to see who can put up the most exotic light displays and have the most blow-up Santas and reindeers. As long as it remains as commercialistic as it’s been in the past, I will continue to say that I hate Christmas. Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge, but I’m only opposed to what the holiday has become in this country.

page 23 12.19.09 opinionopinionopinionopinion


Cullen Crave? By Kelsey Ryan-Moniz


Winter “Not” Wonderland

By Scott Woessner

What is worse than being cold? Being starved? Being tortured? I say being cold is torture. The walk from the back lot to the Hall of Excellence is like walking through razor wire fences naked. The bitter cold temperatures literally freeze your face solid as you walk the gray mile to the gates of hell. There is no temperature gauge for how cold it truly is walking from the parking lot to school during these frigidly cold months. What adds to this dreadful moment is that as you are freezing with wind whipping through you as you walk; you are walking that harsh course for SCHOOL. You get up at 6:30 in the morning for the sole purpose of walking through a freezing winter windstorm to school. Nothing is worse than getting up early for school, but adding freezing, slippery, rainy, snowy weather only

makes the situation more depressing and dreadful. I wish I could be one of those kids who sits in their warm car and listens to terrible loud music early in the morning, but I most frequently arrive to school late, and do not even get the chance to enjoy the warmth of my car before stepping into Siberia. Even worse, getting up late and scraping snow off my car is just another catalyst of severe depression. What could be worse than being late in the morning and rushing out to your car to find it covered in ice and snow? I would rather cut my toes off than have to scrape snow and ice off my car in the morning. There is nothing to be done against this winter doom; it is inevitable. The only thing you can do to battle this Vietnam-esque War against nature is by not participating. Do not go to school and you will not have to deal with the hellish weather anymore.


The New Goatee? By Jordan Luallen There is no hiding the truth, mustaches are in. In Center Grove High School alone, the rapidly growing trend of a nice mustache has avalanched. In recent past, around the country, the goatee was a sign of sophistication and social status, but the mustache takes it to a whole new level. There are so many different kinds of mustaches that an individual can express themselves through their mustache. Since 2003 the growth of mustaches has mushroomed to over 43 percent in males that have hit puberty from a low 6 percent in the year 1999. Even women have jumped on the bandwagon and the rate of mustache growth in woman has ballooned from 2 percent in 1999 to an astonishing 13 percent. There are a lot of signs that a mustache sends power, authority, sophistication, strength,

intelligence, confidence, wittiness, cleverness, willingness, friendliness and certainly intimidation. Purdue Defensive Coordinator, Brock Spack, was once asked about his mustache during The Great Mustache Slump of 1996 when the population of mustaches was down to a dreadful 9 percent and he said, “a mustache isn’t just a form of facial hair, it’s righteous, it’s a freedom of expression, and it’s a brotherhood for those that believe in what is right.” Brock couldn’t have said it any better, a mustache says everything about who a person is for life. A mustache even gives the shyest of people the strength and confidence to believe they are the king of the great British Empire. There is no doubting the abilities of a mustache, so hop on the bandwagon because now is the time to rock a mustache, but when isn’t?

By Scott Woessner

Recently, you have most likely overheard a conversation between groups of girls raving about the new Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” Saga. Heck, you have probably even read one of the vampire romance novels. But in the rare case you haven’t I will fill you in. “Twilight” is the first book of the series and it introduces the main character Bella who ends up falling in love with the apparently unbelievably gorgeous, Edward Cullen. Bella is just some average teenager, she’s lonely, clumsy, depressed, and finds love with a vampire who has a dying urge to end her life. The reason Edward is especially drawn to Bella is because she has a certain scent; therefore as their Stephanie Meyer is the devil. relationship grows, Edward has a problem ignoring his cravings. The number one problem I have with this mediocre teenage novel is the description of Edward Cullen; it has every girl obsessed. Everywhere you see “Twilight books”, t -shirts, posters, bags, and pins. Most girls fail to understand that Edward Cullen is a fictional, immortal character. They are admiring a vampire, who might I add is not “devastatingly handsome” like the book describes in every other sentence. Bella cannot have a simple conversation with the bloodsucker without feeling the need to describe his gorgeous golden eyes or his perfect pale skin. Vampires simply do not fall in love with plain teenage girls, they do not ‘sparkle’ in the sun, they do not live in places like Forks, Washington, and they do not save your life! Stephanie Meyer has completely butchered the image of vampires. You know the kind that can’t go in the sun, who kill mortals, and sleep in Coffins? Gone, now all these teenage girls are walking around basically brainwashed by the fictional Edward Cullen. I don’t know what you “Twilight” fans are expecting but you need a serious reality check. FYI to all you “Twilight” fans: EDWARD CULLEN IS NOT REAL!

the trojaneer

* All quotes and facts are made up by the author!

the trojaneer

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choir concert


holidays home for the

Jessica J., Amanda V., Caoilin H.

Blake E.

Katie S. The Kopczynski’s

Brandon C. and Britney G.

Katherine Kersey and Sound System

George S.

photos by Kelsey Ryan-Moniz and Jeanette Wall

Allison L.

Caoilin H.

The Trojaneer - December 2008  
The Trojaneer - December 2008  

The Trojaneer, Center Grove High School's stuent newspaper, December 2008 edition. Published 19 December 2008.