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Meaning behind the name: The TRIUNE (pronounced try-yoon): means one in three, triad or trinity. The TRIUNE will set out to chronicle the trifecta that is Culture, Community and CrossFit.

from the editor

Spring is near and it is the time that this city comes alive! This Spring, Relentless Training Systems is excited to get you outside with Athletic Training, Boot Camp and a three part Spring competition series - Relentless Event Series - that will get your juices flowing. Relentless is more than a training program; it’s a mindset. The coaches are committed to keeping you accountable and getting you fit outdoors. Nothing will stop a coach from going above and beyond to serve you and help you reach your goals. This spring we have a ton of things in store that will keep you active, push you to do more and get FIT! Jeremy Thiel & Carey Kepler We live in one of the most amazing cities in the world. One that offers live music, art, festivals and endless options for food. Every weekend there is another restaurant opening, a new pub or a trailer offering everything from fried pickles to gourmet nachos. We strive to eat high quality local foods, made with the best ingredients that are gluten free, dairy free and paleo-style. An impossible task to accomplish if you’re eating out with friends, right? Wrong. This month Crystal Nelson and the Triune team are featuring a handful of restaurants where you can find wholesome, high quality food. You’ll also find a wealth of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and local markets listed, along with menu choices that come highly recommended. I took it upon myself to taste test at the majority of these ATX spots. I can assure you it was well worth it.

Nicole Hughes Behind the scenes photos from the Spring Issue

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Inside the Mind of a

RELENTLESS ATHLETE by: Megan Parsons Stepping into the mind of Relentless Athlete, Ezra Pagel, allows one to see why aspiring to become better is the status quo among Relentless athletes. Ezra is an athlete in the Monday/Wednesday 11:45am class at Spiceworks and is also an employee of the software company. The lunch hour at Spiceworks looks almost like any of Austin’s numerous software startups; groups of three or four heading to restaurants together, a couple of people getting ready for a jog, and a few folks left loitering in the break room. Then there is a stream of over a dozen athletes heading outside and onto the top of a parking garage while lugging towels, water jugs, and kettlebells. Everyone lines up and Coach Karen Pierce yells the familiar, “Let’s go, high knees!” Then the class swings kettlebells, burpees, and sprints their way to exhaustion for the next 45 minutes. The athletes in Relentless Training Systems transform from the outside in when they join a class. As a coach, I am 100% committed to my athletes achieving results. 6

The passion of the Relentless Coach paired with the drive of the athlete is what creates untouchable synergy in class. Our athletes encompass the following character traits:

Relentless encouragement of others Relentless dedication Relentless pursuit of excellence Relentless desire Relentless focus Relentless discipline

Relentless Dedication

The desire to improve daily shines through in each athlete I coach. Some of the most rewarding moments coaching are when it is 30-degrees outside and the entire class shows up, not complaining, and ready to kick start their day with a Relentless workout. These athletes do not settle for less than the best regardless of outlying factors. It is dedication to their Coach and other classmates that gets them out of bed and ready to crush a workout.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

These traits are what separate us from the competition. Athletes come to us with a desire to lean up, lose weight, get faster, and improve strength. Little do they know that simultaneously they are reshaping the way their mind works and how they conduct their daily life. Coming to class each week is no longer a routine, but a way of life---a Relentless Lifestyle.

Similar to most companies, Spiceworks wants to see performance metric charts up and to the right, and the same applies to Relentless Athletic Training. “Not every class will be our best, and not every benchmark will be a personal best, but we want to keep trending toward improvement. If someone on the team is putting in work to improve their ‘hardware’, it’s not too much of a stretch to infer that they’re improving their ‘software’, too, making comparable intellectual and professional gains.”

Relentless Encouragement of Others

Relentless Desire

Ezra’s experience in Relentless Athletic Training is within the context of a corporate wellness program. The same employees he works with are the same athletes he competes against in workouts. The camaraderie and competition carry over outside of class. He explains, “There’s friendly break room smack talk if someone has been slacking or caught eating junk, and hallway conversations often turn into WOD war stories.” The mental toughness gained from attending class provides valuable insight into employees’ work ethic. Ezra writes, “In the few months that I’ve been attending Relentless, I’ve seen coworkers cut literally minutes off of their mile benchmark times. That tells me a quite a bit about the people I work with, and how they’ll improve in the long term.”

It is the burning feeling deep down in your stomach to achieve greatness. It is the attitude our athletes encompass in and out of class. Not only do they personally desire to be great, they desire to see the individuals they sweat with daily to achieve all their goals. It is common to see athletes high-fiving and cheering on others after breaking a 6 minute mile pace or pressing a heavy kettlebell overhead that at one time was a far-fetched goal.

Relentless Focus

Ezra battles between rabbit and gorilla mode. One moment he wants to be a medium distance runner then, the next he wants to move heavy weights. Regardless of what he feels like pushing towards, Ezra states, “Relentless training is always complementary. It’s more metabolic conditioning than strength, but it’s an efficient and effective workout that enhances both a heavy lifting program or distance training.”

"The camaraderie and competition carry over beyond the class; there’s friendly break room smack talk if someone has been slacking or caught eating junk, and hallway conversations often turn into WOD war stories." Ezra is a heavy hitter in the Athletic Training classes. He just moved up to a 55lb kettlebell! Swings, thrusters and presses at this weight allow him to get solid strength work along with a great conditioning class. “Sometimes my athletic goals feel conflicted: I oscillate between rabbit and gorilla mode, wanting to be a medium distance runner versus wanting to move heavy weights. Occasionally I find that some of my training tends to be counterproductive, negating progress toward one those competing priorities”.

Relentless Discipline

The drive to constantly improve, to avoid excuses, and to show up day in and day out—rain or shine is what makes the coaching of my job so rewarding. I love watching athletes strive to get stronger in order to compete for the top time/ score each day and perform a workout as prescribed. This is the kind of discipline that is innate. I see it in everyone I coach within the first month of class. The 45 minute Athletic Training class at Spiceworks is more than just a workout; it is making individuals better people, aspiring athletes to push physical limits, and creating a community that goes beyond the work place.

pictured above: Ezra

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GUIDE to eating out in ATX

by: Crystal Nelson Eating out doesn’t have to be a nightmare and derail you from your nutritious eating habits when living in Austin, Texas. We are lucky to live in a health conscious city that thrives on local, organic produce with restaurants that want to please those in the community who desire fresh, simple dishes. Whether you are looking for something on the go, a laid-back hangout spot, or a fancy dinner, Austin can accommodate what you are looking for. This month we are featuring a few restaurants that have stood out to us in the CrossFit community because of their menu options, flexibility with their dishes, and the focus on local, organic and sustainable food. Throughout this guide you will find better choices and some treats (like gluten free French toast). Keep in mind, just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it is a nutritious choice. Example – you can buy gluten free cookies but it doesn’t mean you need to eat these every day. As a treat, this is a better choice than say, double dipped cookies crushed into chocolate ice cream and served on top of birthday cake.

Top 5 Tips When Eating Out:

1. Research the restaurant. Check out their website or get a referral or recommendation from a friend. 2. Ask for gluten free menu - this is mainly so you can avoid sauces that might include things like soy. 3. Pick your protein first and build your vegetables around your protein. Sub out anything that is not a nutritious choice. 4. Ask your waiter if there is anything not listed in the ingredients or ask for a description of choices. 5. If bread comes to the table, send it back or order a small starter salad instead. Sub out chips for sliced zucchini or carrots. 10

For a great date night or night out with friends, be sure to check out Fabi+Rosi. Wolfgang and Cassie own this European restaurant, and their story alone is enough to make you fall in love with Fabi+Rosi. Wolfgang is from Germany and met local Austinite Cassie on a yacht in Spain. A year later, after Wolfgang came to Austin, they were married and on their first anniversary opened Fabi+Rosi. Located in a bungalow on Lake Austin Boulevard with modern décor and a European, relaxed feel, Fabi+Rosi has a great atmosphere and a menu to match. The focus is on local, organic and sustainable food choices that are healthy, appealing, and taste absolutely delicious. You won’t have a problem picking nutritious choices here. Recs: P.E.I. Mussels with a garlic-thyme broth, Metzger Platte: Chicken Liver Pate, Wagyu Tartare, and Rabbit Terrine, Arugula Salad with overnight tomatoes and parmesan cheese, Schnitzel + Spatzle: Richardson Farm pork and creamy mushrooms, Duck Confit with winter cabbage and roasted grape demi, Pan Seared Scallops with a parsnip puree, Devils on Horseback, Richardson’s Farm Ribeye with smokes pommes, collards, and bacon butter

This is a great on-the-go restaurant that can meet any budget and give you healthy, local choices for breakfast and lunch. Taco Deli is focused on sustainable food choosing eggs from Vital Farms, produce from Farm to Table, and quality meat, chicken, and seafood options. What’s great about Taco Deli is that you can have the option to cut the tortilla and cheese, add protein to any dish you order, and they have great gluten free options. Recs: Akashi Taco consisting of marbled meat, cilantro, onion and avocado, Mojo Fish Taco: Tilapia filets grilled with a mojo-garlic sauce and garnished with their homemade guacamole and pico de gallo, Florentino (add a protein): Healthy fresh spinach sautéed in olive oil and sherry with portabella mushroom, red bell peppers and onion, Puerco Verde: Tender pork shoulder simmered in a delicious tomatillo salsa (drop the cheese!), Puerco Borracho: Slow-roasted, succulent pork braised in tequila and sherry and seasoned with fresh basil and pasilla peppers 11

This South Austin restaurant is a great stop for those looking for creative, eye catching dishes with a laid back vibe. Barley Swine has a few delicious Gluten Free choices that you might want to give a try. The food at Barley Swine has a focus on quality food and the menu is seasonal. If you have a gluten allergy, be sure to find out what current dishes are being served as the menu is fixed. Dishes and substitutions are not easily made. Recs: The Scrambled Egg, Broccoli, Goat Feta and Pine Nut Dish & The Beets, Goat Cheese, Pistachio, Fennel, Grilled Greens, Scallops, Brussel Sprouts, Peanut and Grapefruit Dish

Apothecary is located on Burnet Road and is a great place to come for simple, fresh plates, a glass of wine, or a nice espresso. This restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere where you will find a diverse group of people, free Wi-Fi, a patio that welcomes dogs, and is open late. Whether you are looking for a great hangout spot, a date night, or just need to get out and get some work done away from the house, Apothecary is the spot to go. With one of the best gluten free menus in town, this cafĂŠ and wine bar has something for everyone. Be sure to also check out their Sunday brunch served from 11AM-3PM, and ask about their gluten free french toast! Recs: Prosciutto Wrapped Melon drizzled with balsamic glaze, Antipasto Plate with prosciutto, calbrese, soppresata, spanish chorizo, machego cheese, hearts of palm, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and chimichurri, Smoked Salmon Salad with capers, red onion, sun-dried tomato and lemon herb vinaigrette on a bed of cucumbers, Gluten Free Brie, Honey and Pear Panini with truffle oil and arugula, smoked chicken and goat cheese, Crepe with artichoke, red pepper, and tomato ragu; served with a side salad and soon to be gluten free in the near future

Looking for a great place to eat in the heart of downtown? Parkside is the place to go! Shawn Cirkiel is the Head Chef at Parkside and features an amazing menu with local, Paleo foods that have a unique twist and beautiful presentation. From roasted bone marrow to a caramelized pumpkin dish, the menu at this restaurant makes healthy dining effortless. Parkside is very aware of food allergies and is happy to modify most dishes on their menu quite easily. Most recently, Shawn Cirkiel, of Parkside has added two new restaurants to Austin’s list of great eats - Backspace and Olive and June! Recs: Roasted Bone Barrow with olive oil, lemon zest, sea salt, tarragon, and chive, Steak Tartare; Classic, Spicy Butternut Squash Soup with apple, Spiced Beet Salad with citrus, cucumber yogurt and papadum, Roasted Atlantic Salmon with a smoked yellow tomato sauce, eggplant and dried and smoked olives, Wine Blue Prawns with garlic and parsley, parsnips, turnip puree, apple slaw, Grilled Venison with charred brussels sprouts, thumbalina carrot, baby turnip and sweet potato puree, Caramelized Pumpkin, Fried Cauliflower with jalapeno and orange zest

Foreign and Domestic wasn’t listed one of Texas’s Top 10 New Restaurants for nothing! Get ready to be adventurous with your taste buds and be pleasantly surprised with a few new picks for dinner. This is a great place for a date night or a dinner out with friends. Foreign & Domestic has gluten free dishes and is also willing to accommodate the customers’ needs when finding a healthy option for dinner. Their food is local and seasonal so you might see the menu change from time to time. Recs: Beef Tongue Pastrami, Soft Egg and Clams, Bluebonnet Baby Greens, Beef Heart Tartare, Roasted Wild Sturgeon with an apple puree, dill, almond, and verjus, Braised Wagyu Beef with potato butter, tomato jam, and poached veggies If you’re looking to share try the 26 oz Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye for 2 with Spinach, Shallots, Potatoes, and Chunky Bearnaise

Breakfast & Coffee:

Cafe Pahca - great coffee, gluten free items and an amazing omelette CheZee - locally sourced ingredients Recs: Steak and Eggs Platter, Spinach and Mushroom Omelette, Firehouse 19 Omelette *Juan Pelota - coffee is roasted in East Austin *Monkeys Nest - almond milk can be substituted in any drink Torchy’s Tacos - all tacos can be made as a bowl Recs: Egg Bacon & Avocado Bowl, Green Chile Pork Bowl, Mr. Pink Bowl

MUST Try ATX Spots:

*24Diner - use local, farm to table organic produce Recs: Sweet Potato Hash, Applewood Bacon & Cheddar Frittata, Deviled Eggs, Charred Bitters, Roasted Chicken, Bacon Braised Greens East Side Cafe - vegetables, flowers and herbs are grown in their on site garden and used in dishes, gluten free menu available EastSide Showroom – “rustic french with a soul food flair” menu changes daily, items are sourced from local farms, ranchers and fishermen Leaf - customized salads, produce sourced from local farms Lenoir – local and seasonal menu, pay $35 for a fixed 3 course meal in 4 areas: land, sea, field and dream (dessert) Prepared Food: *NORTH – not local but very accommodating, pizzas & pastas can be My Fit Foods – paleo style options available ordered gluten free Recs: Wes’s Country Dinner, Ninja Tenderloin Recs: Spaghetti Squash & sub veggies for brussel sprouts, Short Ribs, Paleo Cuisine – gluten free options available, delivery only Apple Cider Pork Tenderloin, Sea Bass, New York Steak Snap Kitchen –several paleo style options, great snacks Olive and June - owners of Parkside’s newest restaurant Recs: Local Farm Chicken, Grilled Swordfish, Chicken Spiedini, Comfort Food: (BBQ, Pizza & Burgers) County Line – BBQ sauce is gluten free & includes a gluten free menu Yellow Fin Tuna Crudo, Americano Salad, Kale, Grilled Pumpkin, Marinated Beets *Salt Lick – BBQ sauce is gluten free *Olivias - farm to table food Austin’s Pizza – all pizzas can be made gluten free Recs: Beef Carpaccio, Mussells, Oysters, Olivia Salad, Beet Salad, Brick Over – pastas and pizzas can be made gluten free Flounder, Quail, Petit Filet Recs: artichoke dip & flourless chocolate cake *Elevation Burger – all organic, grass fed, free range and local meat Snack Bar – gluten free menu, real maple syrup, sandwiches can be made gluten free, organic, local, respect special diets plus you can get your burger lettuce wrapped Hop Doddy – burger patties are made from hormone and antibiotic Recs: Omelet, Spinach Beet Salad, French toast Steeping Room – menu listed if gluten free or vegetarian, extensive free beef that is ground in-house, gluten free buns available that are tea menu made fresh, daily, beers are from local brewers Recs: Gravlacs, Seasonal Scramble, Smoked Salmon & Mixed Greens, Wholly Cow Burger – local organic pasture raised hormone Take the Bait, Chai French Toast & chemical-free grass fed beef along with locally-grown Whip In – authentic Indian food made with sustainable local produce organic produce when in season - order any burger on a Wink - fresh ingredients, use local produce, herbs and cheeses portabella mushroom Recs: Roasted Beet Salad, Hamachi Sashimi, GrassFed Beef Tartare, White Wine Steamed Mussells, Seared Scallops with Brussel Sprouts, Tex-Mex & Contemporary Mexican Cuisine: Loch Duart Salmon, Veal Sweetbreads, Black Buck Antelope with Fonda San Miguel - many of the dishes come from their on-site Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard organic garden *Vino Vino - source local farms Recs: Angels on Horseback, Cordero, Cochinita Pibil, Grilled Center Recs: Mixed Greens, Mussells, Shrimp, Pear Salad, Scallops with Pork Chop, Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo, Pescado Al Mojo De Ajo Turnips and Baby Carrots, Pork Chop with Brussel Sprouts, Chicken *Jorges - great salad options, accommodating on substitutions Breast and Butternut Squash, Snapper with Cauliflower and Leeks Recs: star salad La Condesa – contemporary mexican cuisine Markets Recs: Fresh Guacamole (a must!), Callos de Hacha, Costillas de People’s Pharmacy – gluten free desserts, chicken salads, Puerco, Carne Asada, Brussel Sprouts, Plantains, “Sunday Chicken” deviled eggs, soup of the day TNT – get any meat skewered, includes gluten free menu Rosedale Market – offer gluten free options, kombucha, Recs: SPA Skewered coconut waters and great cooking products *Malgas - gluten free labeled menu items Recs: Bonito a la Brasa con Salmorejo (tuna steak encrusted with black Wheatsville Co-Op – great fresh produce and meats pepper), Lomo a la Plancha (beef tenderloin), Viuras Serrano (scallops wrapped in basil leaves with Spanish Serrano ham), Pincho Miruno Sweets: (pork bites marinated in olive oil with a variety of spices) *Lembas – grain & gluten free menu with a focus on nutritious ingredients from the best possible sources. Many dairy, nut, and sugar free options. Also offer great breakfast items Sushi: Recs: Green Eggs, Cinnamon Bun Muffin, Fudge Bites Piranha Sushi – offers a gluten free menu Lick Ice Cream – makes seasonal, sustainable ice creams from fresh Recs: marry me roll (can make gluten free), strawberry roll local ingredients. Their organic milk and cream come from grass-fed Sushi Zushi – not local but offers an extensive gluten free menu cows and are free of any antibiotics or hormones. Recs: Christina Roll, San Antonio Roll Recs: Bacon Breakfast, Cilantro Lime & Golden Beet Ice Cream 14

*coach favorites

EVENTS & COMPETITION CALENDAR MARCH 3.20 Tuesday Relentless FITMOB with HyperWear @ Austin High Track 6pm

3.24 & 3.25 Saturday & Sunday Underground Strength Cert with Zach Even-Esh @ RedBlack Gym

3.22, 3.23 & 3.24 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday CFE Camp @ CrossFit Trigger Point

3.31 Saturday Relentless Adventure Race Adventure @ Thiel Family Ranch, Bertram, TX

3.24 Saturday Community/UTB WODs

APRIL 4.14 Saturday Bettys On Boards @ Town Lake 4.21 Saturday Community/UTB WODs

4.24 Tuesday Relentless FITMOB with HyperWear @ Austin High Track 6pm 4.27, 4.28, 4.29 Friday, Saturday, & Sunday The South Central Regionals, San Antonio

4.23 Monday - Wednesday Spring Cleaning @ CrossFit Central

MAY 5.5 Saturday Spartan 300 Challenge @ CrossFit Central

Tentative 5.18 or 5.19 Project Mayhem

5.11 Friday Trinity Training Systems Picnic

5.19 Saturday Goal Setting with Greg Amundson @ CrossFit Central

5.12 Saturday Relentless 5K

JUNE 6.2 Saturday Relentless Garage Gym Throwdown #3 @ LCRA Parking Tower 6.23 Saturday Community/UTB WODs

e B 2 oose



PERFORM AT DEEP EDDY PARK: start at picnic benches: 3 ROUNDS FOR TIME: use picnic benches or ledges as your equipment 20 box jumps 15 tricep dips 10 decline pushups (feet on bench of picnic table) sprint down the ramp and back up - enter and exit at the opening into the picnic table area

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March 31st

Relentless Adventure Race @ Thiel Family Ranch, Bertrum 50 Teams of 2 $100 per Team

May 12th

Relentless 5K Location TBD - Austin 50 Teams of 2 $100 per Team

June 2nd

3rd Annual Garage Gym Throwdown @LCRA Parking Garage, Austin 50 Teams of 2 $100 per Team *Sign up for all 3 events @ only $225!



MARKETPLACE THIS SUMMER The Triune will introduce The MarketPlace. A one page spot dedicated for those of you who want to network with other local businesses and promote your services to this community.

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Spring 2012 Triune  

The TRIUNE (pronounced try-yoon): means one in three, triad or trinity. This is a free quarterly publication designed for the CrossFit Centr...

Spring 2012 Triune  

The TRIUNE (pronounced try-yoon): means one in three, triad or trinity. This is a free quarterly publication designed for the CrossFit Centr...