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neW Year’S eVe HUMan Martini/cHaMPaGne toaSt A lovely gal draped in sparkles playfully greets guests from inside a 10ft. plus Martini or Champagne Glass. Your guests will be inspired as she rains Sparkle confetti or bubbles onto the crowd throughout the evening.

neW Year’S eVe HUMan BaLL droP This live performance is timed with the midnight countdown. An aerialist in a mirrored body suit slowly descends from her perch high above the party, perfectly synced with a classic spin on “old lang syne.”

MoULin roUGe tanGo FLaSH MoB, diaMondS are a GirL’S BeSt Friend & BUrLeSQUe Borrowing from three of the most memorable scenes from the movie, Moulin Rouge, these acts celebrate the New Year – Parisian style!

act one: The Argentinian Tango; Dancers who appear to be part of the celebrant crown, suddenly erupt into performances. Argentinian vocalists and violinists accompany the sexy tango couples as they steal the show.

act tWo: An incredibly talented vocalist perched above the crowd on a swing…belts out “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” to the delight of the guests below. Below, a troupe of tuxedo-clad dancers perform a high-stepping number.

act tHree: Three scenes of burlesque; Parisian Showgirls, Traditional fan dance and an Authentic ‘Josephine Baker’ number. Who can resist?

tHe “Fir” doGS Stilted Forest Creatures (four stilts, arms/legs) with fur made of “fir”. The “dogs” are ambient characters who can pose for photos, wander inside or out and can keep the audience guessing with their antics (when upright, they appear to be trees…then they go onto all fours and walk). A natural artful interpretation for any holiday landscape scene.

eLF inVaSion A sassy, spunky comedic band of entertainers who appear quite out of nowhere to own the room or the outdoor space they land in. Dressed in Cindy Lauper meets Santa’s Workshop inspired elf gear, these are not your average little helpers. The Elf invasion can take place indoors, outdoors or both at different times of day and break it down boogie or burst into a comedic remix musical song (think Deck the Halls but with the words all changed) to amuse young and old alike. Funny and just a wee bit naughty. At night, the Elf Invasion Illuminates (all costumes have lighting) and can participate in or lead holiday parades. The are also great with kids (very animated and fun) and can conduct “Santa’s Workshop” craft stations as well.

SnoW crYStaL QUeen Suspended (indoors or out) in her illuminated “chandelier” of icicles, this gorgeous aerialist will enthrall all who see her as she dangles, spins and literally dances on air. (***Note: The Snow Crystal Queen is even more wonderful when paired with the Luminary Fairies.) |

LUMinarY FairieS Like magical woodland sprites, these illuminated creatures take to the lawn, halls, roof tops and tree tops after dark. Lovely and graceful in their movements and best when accompanied by live musicians with Illuminated suits. These magical nymphs captivate.

PePPerMint SticKS WitH a tWiSt A dynamic troupe of uber flexible hand balancing acrobats dressed head to toe in red and white peppermint striped bodysuits. Amazing shapes are formed as they twist and contort forever causing an optical illusion with their endless striped suits entwined in one another. (This act can be staged indoors or out.)

aBoMinaBLe SnoW tUMBLerS-or-tHe HUMan aVaLancHe High energy, power gymnasts and “polers” dressed entirely in white and spewing a trail of “snow” in their wake cause a real commotion anywhere they go. Bounding, springing, flipping, and piling…like a human snoball fight gone mad, they are an explosion of winter fun. This act can be modified to work on ice or roller blades as well as ground.

Bad Santa and His Ho Ho “Hos” and Santa’s Mini Me Santa has been a very bad boy and he’s here to share his snarky, humorous “lounge singing” love with your adult audiences. Like every bad Santa, this one mostly spends his time in bars hanging out with his surly and colorful friends. The nice part about this 6’8” tall Jolly Old Fella is his remarkable pipes…a fantastic lounge singer as well as a comedic character actor, this Santa can entertain as well as pose for photos. We recommend adding Santa’s Mini Me (a little person in Santa gear) and some elf themed cheeky burlesque gals to add to the colorful holiday mini cabaret.

Fire and Ice This live ice sculpting performance takes place to a rousing music score. “Snow boarder” style ice dudes with blue face paint and goggles wield power tools as they craft their amazing designs. Carvings can be done in virtually any shape, theme, brand message or logo and can incorporate lighting effects, pyrotechnics, fire and other special effects. Live entertainers with fire whips and fire fans can be added in the center of the ice to be “released” as the sculpture takes shape adding an even more surreal feel. |

tHriLLer dancinG ZoMBie FLaSH MoB “Darkness Falls Across the Land, The Midnight Hour is Close at Hand… Creatures Crawl in Search of Blood to Terrorize Ya’lls neighborhood”…. Part terror but pure delight! This October surprise your guests with this authentic recreation of the Michael Jackson classic dance scene. Our team of Hollywood make up and effects artists, wardrobe specialists and “creature choreographers” paired with our team of professional dancers make for an experience guests will talk about for years to come....“’Cause This is THRILLER!”…

tHeMed | cHoreoGraPHed WindoW WaSHinG, LandScaPe Maintenance, conStrUction craneS & BUiLdinG ProJection MaPPinG It’s something that has to get done anyway…why not make a performance out of it! At L.E.D. we transform ordinary tasks into public spectacles that generate buzz, bring attention to your facility, delight those who work or live in or near your building, and elevate property values! Some of the many transformations from average to amazing include: • • • • •

Synchronized/themed window washing including costumes and props and music Dancing cranes: Construction cranes illuminated, decorated and supporting aerial dancers come alive in the skyline Musical | Synchronized performance art lawn maintenance (choice of patterns for lawn art) 4-D Building Projection Mapping Building “dancing” (Interior or exterior aerial | dance artistry)

L.E.D. Holiday Entertainment Packages  
L.E.D. Holiday Entertainment Packages  

Be the hero of your Holiday Party - with these Entertainment Packages.