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Friday, May 10, 2019


Be 'A Fool For Love' with new dramedy musical A By ALESHA CADET

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t one time or another, everyone loses their mind over a relationship. And to hold a mirror up to those who are crazy in love in a humorous way, the Real Laughs Network is presenting their latest play, the dramedy musical “A Fool for Love”, this month. The show will be playing at the Dundas Centre For Performing Arts on Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, at 7.30pm nightly. The team behind the new production said this type of play has never been seen in the Bahamas. Founder of Real Laughs Network, and the writer and executive producer of “A Fool For Love”, Rakel Rolle, said the play will be one that will have people talking about it for months to come. “Yes, we have put on a lot of comedic plays, but with this one we are focusing more on drama and suspense with a hint of music. ‘A Fool for Love’ is just what the name says, it’s about fools falling in and out of love,” she said. “Love is probably one of the most fickle emotions that we have in society today and we wanted to provide our audience with an opportunity to engage in just how fickle it can be. The inspiration behind this play came from people such as myself that are hopeless romantics. We love love at all costs and sometimes people forget the realness and what it takes to be loved. I was inspired by the realness.” Rakel said the entire process from writing the script to the production stage has been a very rewarding experience. It was also her most challenging play to write. “I have been writing for over 15 years and I have always had an active and vivid imagination to convey a story. This was my hardest play yet to write because it’s so hard capturing so

Rehearsals for “A Food For Love”

many emotions and having the realness with the comedy and not allowing yourself to get so close to the storyline. It’s hard to be filled with drama and still have people feel remorseful for the characters while depicting humour. As a writer, I always want to give my

audience characters to connect to,” she said. “I don’t write fairy tales and it’s not because I don’t believe in them, I just feel like the world isn’t (made) that way so I don’t want to paint that picture to our audience. If they want

a fairy tale, they can watch a Disney movie, but if they want real and riveting, they can catch us on stage on May 17 and 18. “Having the opportunity to do an original musical on stage has me so excited to bring this production to you I cannot even begin to describe how overcome with emotions I am. I am always motivated by everyday life and my husband, both he and my family are my biggest fans and they always inspire me with ideas that I need to do in a script, whether it’s a beginning or an ending,” said Rakel. The cast of “A Fool For Love” includes Omar Moss, Basil Armbrister, Arnelle Rolle, Ebony Gibson, Jaquay Adderley, Xavier Knowles, Maseline Cherami, Elleia Mackey, Edeline Nicolas, Camille Dorsett, Urvan Moxey, Chavis Sherman, and Frantz Ferguson, who is also directing. Rakel herself is also taking the stage as a performer. “Real Laughs Network anticipates the message from ‘A Fool for Love’ will be well received. It will hit close to home for many families and relationships. In addition, we hope that our audience will follow our theatre troop for future productions to come. You can look forward to productions from Real Laughs Networks real soon, as a matter of fact, before the year is out. The overall goal of this event is to encourage other Bahamians who may have a thirst for acting and extend the platform beyond the scope of the Bahamas and tap into the international markets using our Bahamian talent,” said Rakel. For more information, contact Real Laughs Network via Facebook.

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05102019 WEEKEND  

05102019 WEEKEND