Standards of Education for Founding America Tour

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Founding America Tour


Imagine if Thomas Jefferson created Educational Tours. Since quality of education makes a lifelong difference, feel the difference of a Jeffersonian inspired Tour

Founding America Tour and connections with US Standards of Education HomeSchool Travels complies with the basic standards of education in their Founding America Tour. The Founding America Tour is a multidimensional living class. Students travel and discover the places where hist or ical events t ook place and society’s current values and morals were shaped. T h i s t o u r m e e t s t h e re q u i re d objectives of the National Standards of Education. Curriculum standards are defined according to the framework used by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), the National Council for History Standards (NCHS) and the Center for

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Civic Education (NCCE). All standards listed below the program description can be found in the current publications of the NCSS, NCHS, and the NCCE ‘s publication National Standards for Civics and Gover nment. These Standards are hereaf ter listed as National Standards. Core Curriculum Standards utilized by the tour can be perused at the end of the document. Using these standards as a basis of activity provides the best learning experience for ever y day of our Founding America Tour. Most of the educational content is geared toward 8th graders. However, when necessary, different levels of performance objectives will be offered

to accommodate the various grade levels. The main focus of the content is Histor y, Civics, Culture, Historical Thinking, and Economics. However, many more themes and subjects will be discovered each day such as mathematics, English language, arts, astronomy, gastronomy, nutrition, among others). Read through this document for a general guidance of the curriculum standards covered day by day on our tour. Primary objectives are listed as Lessons Plans f or eac h day. This document is for informational purposes only.

The Travels offers educational and enriching travel experiences that enhance peoples lives by opening a world of knowledge, discovery and in some way, helping people to fulfill their dreams.