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Hawkins’ Bizarre (1): Vince & the Time Trial by Michael Wagg

Vince had a sleepless night, he was trying to work out how many seconds there are in nine minutes, his maths isn’t great, he’s better working with his hands, fixing things like shoes or bent keys, the others often wake in the dark, splosh out into the middle and squeeze themselves into a blue pedalo, one each, then they do time trials, laps of the lower lake, trying their best to avoid sitting ducks, Vince likes to see the others having fun, but still he won’t go near a pedalo, the memory of water’s too raw; Vince came to Quaternary Island in nineteen seventy-eight, and the last thing he wants to do is get back on a boat, so he stays on dry land, with the younger Megaloceros, looking forward to the whirr of miniature racing cars on bank holidays, and sighs: There are just 540 seconds in nine minutes, thinks Vince, this is how close The Eagles came to lifting the Cup, as an Iguanodon comes tearing round the bend wearing a Jason Puncheon t-shirt. 34

The Transmitter Issue 40  

A South London Magazine

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