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Dino Island is Nik Strangelove’s first exhibition in Crystal Palace and, in a new collection of photographs, celebrates the dinosaurs created in 1854 as part of the Crystal Palace Exhibition. These prehistoric park-dwelling friends are in danger of crumbling into extinction all over again; working in partnership with the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs Nik gained exclusive access to the island in a bid to help with fundraising. A percentage of all photographic sales will go towards the dino conservation fund. Born in London Nik grew up in Oman and Singapore and began taking photographs when he was 16. Since then he has won the Guardian/NUS Student Photographer of the Year award (1994), worked freelance specialising in portraiture and reportage (and had some of his work purchased by the National Portrait Gallery) and most recently won a TOWRY Award in the National Open Art Competition (2013). After 15 years in Cornwall, last year Nik moved back to the big bad city and now lives in Crystal Palace. A fan of analogue equipment he processes all his own work using traditional techniques: all photographs in this exhibition were shot on black & white film and hand-printed by Nik in his darkroom You can donate to the dino fund at

Photos by Nik Strangelove

Dino Island exhibition Domali Café 38 Westow Street SE19 3AH Until 31 July @NikStrangelove Strangelove14 33

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