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Mathilde Theill, Training Points Mathilde is Principal Owner of Training Points, where many clients need help with postnatal recovery. As a mother herself, she understands first-hand the demands of parenthood and fluctuating energy levels. Labour pushes women's bodies to tremendous levels: loose joints and stomach muscles need to be gently encouraged back together. Many women immediately begin sit ups and crunches, which can actually cause harm by causing adrenal fatigue and burnout. Instead, focus on core and overall strength. To help your body recover from diastasis recti, combine abdominal massages with deep core workouts, which will bring stomach muscles together without scarring tissue.

With the vast array of buggy-friendly coffee shops, sing-alongs and classes in anything from music to sign language, new mothers in Crystal Palace have a busier social life than ever before. But the demands of pregnancy and early motherhood can make maintaining a healthy diet and sleep routine a real challenge. Here, four women who work in Coopers Yard (set back from Westow Street) share their tips on how to look and feel your best.

Jackie King, portrait photographer Babies grow so rapidly that it’s easy to miss the multitude of changes which occur every day. Here, Jackie King, resident portrait photographer, shares her tips on why and when to take photos. The best time to photograph your bump is between 28 and 32 weeks, when morning sickness is hopefully a thing of the past. As babies change so quickly, it’s best to photograph your new arrival within 14 days to capture the ‘new born’ look. Capturing your baby bump and first few moments as new parents is truly magical. Getting a professional photographer involved means you’re in safe hands, and can concentrate on looking your best. It’s so important to spend time together, capturing the little details.


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The Transmitter Issue 40  

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