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e all love a cake stall, so the Picture Palace Campaign were thrilled when The Transmitter suggested the deliciously brilliant idea of a cupcake-fuelled event inviting local bakers to sell their goodies and boost the campaign’s coffers at the same time. So, on 10 July, the hottest day of the year so far, we all ambled ever-so slowly along to excellent hosts – and creators of classy cinema-themed cocktails especially for the occasion – The Grape & Grain to fill our boots.

really DID sell like hot cakes). If you want to pick one up to continue your support of this fantastic cause, pop into Bookseller Crow or Smash Bang Wallop to choose which of the three designs you like best. Apparently some extra special customers have even bought one of each – sweet!

Not wanting to miss out on a slice of this particular action, local traders Angel Cakes, C is for Cake and Gobble Gobble provided a mouthwatering mix, including an exciting beetroot and chocolate delight from twins Jess and Laura, and tempting brownies from C is for Cake filmically labelled As Good As It Gets (and, according to one young brownie expert, yes they were). The icing on the cake was a cool (well, not as sweaty as we were) Nadia Sawalha signing copies of her new cookbook Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved My Life, and additional frosting was supplied by The Peryls who complemented the afternoon charmingly with a live set from under the parasols. (Clockwise from top right) The Peryls perform for the cinema campaign outside The Grape & Grain; members of the campaign committee; local celebrity Nadia Sawalha signs copies of her new cookbook; Gobble Gobble twins on their cake stall.

Hot out of the oven were also the new Campaign canvas bags (and yes, they

Picture Palace Campaign Update For those readers eagerly awaiting news on the Crystal Palace Picture Campaign, then let us not keep you waiting any longer. The Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) who bought the site last year have decided not to appeal against the planning decision that prevented them changing the building's classification from leisure use to a place of worship. Instead, they are reported to be ‘considering a variety of building use options that will most benefit the whole


community.’ Now, for those supporters of a cinema, we can hear your cries of ‘hurrah’ from here. Indeed it is good news for campaign organisers, as they will now not have to fight an appeal. But hold your horses just a bit - the future of the site remains uncertain until KICC make their plans for the building clear. The Campaign is still urging KICC to contact City Screens in order to allow a cinema to re-open at the site. The building is looking desperately sad all

the time it is empty and neglected, and it would be wonderful if the 7,000 people who signed the petition for a cinema could see their wishes for the local community become a reality. In the meantime the Campaign will continue, and they want your thoughts, ideas and support (and perhaps even a little bit of your money occasionally - in return for cakes, t-shirts, canvas bags and lovely things like that).Visit www.campaign. for all the latest news.

The Transmitter Issue 13  
The Transmitter Issue 13  

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