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By Andy Pontin: Photos by Catrin Arwel

Beating Bowel Cancer is a UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of bowel cancer and Crystal Palace local and fundraising whizz Dafydd Jones invited me and some other lesser known local celebs to a fundraising bash at Soulcialize UK.

Nadia Sawalha with Dafydd


um cancer. That's not a very nice thing to say is it? It's not, for example, a phrase I would reach for sitting in the Yak and Yeti, just as the starters arrive. Well, it's not a very nice thing to have either. Bowel cancer, to give it its proper title, is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer – claiming 16,000 lives each year – yet it is one of the most treatable cancers, as over 90% of cases could be successfully treated if diagnosed early.

Dafydd was a seasoned campaigner against bullying when he was himself diagnosed with bowel cancer and switched his activities to supporting the BBC (no, not that BBC). Since then he's been up Ben Nevis, up Snowdon, bungee jumping in Windsor and generally encouraging lots of celebs to flog some of their collectable bits and pieces on his regular eBay auctions for the charity. Lots of local folk turned up to support the cause, try the delicious, specially prepared 'bum cakes' from January, the owner of Soulcialize, and play games that Daf and fellow campaigner Russell had set up. We pinned the donkey, guessed the number of sweets in the jar and lucky dipped along with all the kids. All in all it was a right larf. The other celebs who came along

were great fun too. Daf chatted away (for quite a long time I thought) to Jo Elvin (Editor of Glamour – a magazine I believe) and Nadia Sawalha, who wrote recipes for The Transmitter and then got picked up for a dance show on TV. I gently tried reminding Nadia that she never said thanks to us for her break into showbiz, but she was busy pinning the donkey and I don't think she heard me. I also tried to give Jo Elvin a few tips on magazine editing, just in case she ever wanted to take it up seriously. She too seemed preoccupied with donkey tails and nibbling cake. You just can't help some people.

What are the symptoms? • Bleeding from the bottom • A change in bowel habit lasting more than 3 weeks • Severe abdominal pain • A lump in your tummy • Weight loss and tiredness Don't Sit on your Symptoms Tel: 08450 719300 follow @Daf_FJ on Twitter

Jo Elvin

All photos © Catrin Arwel


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