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OS X Mavericks

What Is OS X Mavericks OS X Mavericks is the new operating system for Apple computers.

OS X Mavericks is version 10.9, and it was recently released in October 2013. Previous versions include OS X Mountain Lion and Leopard.

The most recent update, version 10.9.1, was released in December 2013.

The Most Advanced OS for Macs The new version is called Mavericks, and it’s been redesigned with new features to appeal to professional users. Mavericks was also designed to bring desktop computers and mobile devices closer together. Apple has also added even more features to Mavericks that make the new operating system more desirable and affordable.

Over 200 New Features

One thing OS X Mavericks includes is 200+ features not available on other operating systems. Mavericks consists of the original design language of OS X line, but it’s been cleaned up and simplified for easier use. The most notable features have included changes to the: • Compatibility • Availability • Accessibility • Automation

Compatibility OS X Mavericks Training is now available for users to explore all the new upgrades and features.

The new OS X Mavericks is compatible with quite a few different computers including the: • • • • • • •

iMac MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Air Mac mini Mac Pro Xserve

Availability The best thing about the new operating system may be the availability. The new version is available for compatible computers absolutely free. The download is featured on the Apple website for users to access. Computers must have at least 2GB of ram and 8GB of hard drive space.

Accessibility New accessibility features for the OS X Mavericks includes:

• Third-party device support • Switch control for people with impaired physical motor skills • Doc scanning • Customized closed captions


New automation features in the OS X Mavericks includes:

• New notifications • Speakable workflows • The ability to sign into applets and droplets with a developer ID • AppleScript libraries

Core Technologies The new Compressed Memory feature automatically compresses the least used items to save on memory. They can also be easily and quickly uncompressed. Another feature is SMB2, which is the new protocol for sharing files between two Macs that are both running OS X Mavericks. It’s faster, more secure, and it also improves Windows compatibility.

Get OS X Mavericks Today!

Upgrading to OS X Mavericks has basically no downside. It’s free for compatible computers and comes with a ton of professional features. Download it today and experience the benefits first-hand.

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OS X Mavericks  
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