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Mavericks Improves Finder • Mountain Lion criticized for Finder function

• Mavericks boasts new features: • Tabs • File tags and sort by tag • Custom Views • Full screen functionality

The Return of Keychain Sync • iCloud Keychain sync is reminiscent of MobileMe, but with significant improvements • Now syncs Safari passwords and credit card information via iCloud

Safari Gets a New Look • Safari update streamlines use, from bookmarking to Top Sites • Social media integration with Twitter and Linkedin • Improved stability and JavaScript performance

iCal Fans Get an Upgrade • Mavericks revisits iCal with new Calendar

• Streamlined event editing • Facebook integration • New features allow for easy contact of event attendees

Multiple Display Functionality •

Mountain Lion faced limitations

Each display now shows desktop with menu bar

Manage apps on each display with Mission Control

AirPlay Display allows HDTV be used as a second display

A Cleaner Design • Mavericks features a simpler, cleaner design

• Many apps updated with new look • Simplified design makes OS easier to navigate than ever before

Other Features in Mavericks • Safari now uses less memory and loads faster

• Laptops have better battery life as apps use less power

Learning Mavericks • Mavericks adds new features and capabilities that make it the most advanced OS • Get specialized training from The Training Farm

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Differences between Mavericks and Mountain Lion  
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