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March 16 -April 4



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WHISPERS A Tour of Collections Large and Small


Come witness an art exhibition showcasing a selection of highly thoughtful

• There’s a new Food Tour in the Ville….details to come! • Tally’s The Grain is confirmed as one of the chefs for Due South’s VIP room… • Grassroots is shooting for summer to bring their awesomeness across the street…

gatherers and stewards, and their unique collections. As interesting as the




million-year-old mammoth tusk is the tale of travail that brought it to a mantle in Thomasville (nevermind that it may have impaled a saber-toothed tiger or two in its day). Come witness how a handful of inherited snuff bottles or an itch to preserve the glitz of Thomasville’s bygone hotel era can

• A new restaurant may be in the works for some of your favorite peeps…



• Steven Clawson has confirmed for the Hands and Hearts for Horses Hoedown on April 13th!











preserving a trove of history and lineage often spanning back centuries and to all corners of the globe. More importantly, if you want to meet a man who built a banjo right down to the last screw and rejected offers of ungodly sums

Come Join Us For A “Toast to The Townie”

from Bobby Thompson, or if you ever wanted to confirm the suspicion that Charlie Whitney eats his morning grits from 18th century China, this is

sushi night at bacchus

where to find out. Collectors will be showcased jointly at the Center for the Arts and the Lapham-Patterson House, beginning Sunday April 21st, from

thursday, march 21st at 6:00 sharp! @ bacchus wine bar

2:00 to 5:00


Bunny B. and Kati Y. will present a creative exhibition of

collectors through stories and paintings at the Center for the Arts, while Jennifer W. and Clay B. feature stories and sketches of small collections and

Scoop: Q Café Opening Soon!

their stewards in the front parlors of the Lapham-Patterson House. —Jennifer W.

If your townie ears have not heard this, make note that a new restaurant will be opening next week! “Creatively delicious cooking” is the catchphrase for Downtown Thomasville’s newest addition to Broad Street. Q Café will open its doors on March 19, 2013. When talking with owner Mark McLanahan during our interview, I had this remarkable feeling that he will fit in well with the other Townies! Mark has 24 years’ experience in corporate-run dining. Having met his wife in Thomasville 10 years ago {they now live in Tallahassee}, he thought Downtown Thomasville was the perfect choice as a location for his new restaurant. He emphasizes family values and a high quality of life, and is very excited to provide made-from-scratch cooking. Who can resist a handmade burger, or homemade biscuits? When he was listing off some of the items they would be serving, I quickly decided that I would be abandoning my morning shakes in favor of breakfast at Q Café! The atmosphere within the restaurant is cheerful and they have done a wonderful job with renovations. They will be open Tuesdays - Saturdays, from 7AM until 2PM. So, mark your calendars for March 19th, and get a taste of that creatively delicious cooking! —Jon

Road Trip in the country There’s quite a bit going on in the county this month!

Birdsong’s Old Timey Plant Sale is this Saturday, March 16, from 9 AM to 1 PM. Get there early to get in line! This event draws a big crowd each year and this is the best place to get native plants that grow well in our area. The volunteers are knowledgeable and the plants have been grown by Birdsong supporters. From magnolias to herbs to salvias to climbing roses {my fave!}, there will be lots to choose from and at least a few you’ve never heard of before. The event supports Birdsong, and it’s always a gorgeous morning in the woods. After you see to the garden, see to the rest of your estate at the Metcalfe Community Association Flea Market. Last year there were furniture and glassware vendors, food vendors and my distant relation Mrs. Butler who sells Rada cutlery in support of the group home for the handicapped. Great for wedding or housewarming gifts! If Mary’s in Metcalfe is open, stop in for lunch—or head over to Boston. Their downtown just installed quilted banners made from kite material - they glow like stained glass in the sun! Main Street Café will be open for breakfast and lunch ‘til 2:00; Fat Boys Grille will be open for lunch + dinner. The Boston Community Club hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Boston Community Center - dinner featuring Irish fare + musical entertainment afterwards - starts at 7:00 PM; $10 at the door.

Military Moms Connect + Support Mothers of Military Service Men and Women (MOMS) is a military support group for moms whose children are currently serving or are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Martha S. Murray, whose two sons chose to join the military service, organized our local group in the Fall of 2007. Our mission is to support each other with hugs and prayers as we navigate these waters of fear in what our children are facing and pride that they have chosen to serve our great country in this way. Immense peace is found in our coming together once a month to laugh, cry, and share stories with each other. All of our efforts focus on the support of each other and our children in the military. We support one another in our joys and our sorrows, with a level of understanding that can only be found among other Moms whose children are or have served in the military. This path chosen by our children often places them far away from us for months at a time with little or no communication. Imaginations run rampant during these times. Finding the daily strength to cope with deployment issues can be overwhelming. Middle of the night phone calls between members for reassurance are not unusual. We work as a group to alleviate fears by focusing on positive ways to help. Our group sends care packages and cards to any deployed soldier for whom we have been given an address. We send school supplies to soldiers to share with the children in their areas. Our group has been blessed with local contributions from Thomasville folks who just want to help, enabling us to reach more soldiers. Our group is open to any Military Mom. Anyone can be involved as far as sending cards and packages, but for our meeting times we keep it just to the moms as things can get a little emotional sometimes. However, if someone wanted to join us at the beginning of the meeting to find out what we have going on, that would be fine. We have also had speakers who are not moms, but members of the military who have insight for us that helps our hearts.



Townie Chums

Sarah Manwaring



wild flowers

FROM THE BOOKSHELF & GALLERY Looking for the perfect Easter basket? The Bookshelf is pleased to carry books, hand-crafted chocolates, and cuddly stuffed animals for every “bunny” on your list. Brand new eco-friendly baskets by ‘Chewing the Cud’ are made of 100% recycled canvas and feature adorable prints in different colors. ‘Handmade by Maggie’ stuffed owls and foxes are perfect as pillows or pals for little ones, and if you haven’t tried one of Cheryl’s handmade chocolates or a cupcake from Lucy & Leo’s…well, you’re in for a sweet treat. Bonus: books don’t require rabbit pens, carrots, or vet visits. COME AND SIT A SPELL AT 126 SOUTH BROAD STREET.

—Susan Polis Schutz

We meet at Grassroots Coffee in Downtown Thomasville on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30 AM. -Lindajo H.


Sarah Manwaring is about town + a traveller, too! She’s a Tville native and works at TU, but part of her heart is in Italy —another bread-loving place. On Sunday afternoons, I… spend quality time with my pup and tending to my vegetable garden. Where better to be than outdoors before the days get too hot to handle with my happy pup? Where’ve you been lately? Do daydreams count?? The chilly days have restricted my traveling. However, there was a nice weekend in February when some of my girlfriends and I decided to do a “color run” down in Pensacola! Coffee or tea? What kind? YES!! For the perfect cup of Joe, it has to be the tried and true House Blend at Grassroots. If I am feeling tea, Publix has a wonderful green/peach tea that is perfection in a mug. What are you reading right now? Something that is completely out of my usual genre. I just started Christopher Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal. It’s a non-offensive chronicle of the missing early years of Christ told by his best bud, Biff. So far, it is hilarious and truly heartfelt. When I'm away, I miss…the early morning aroma of baking bread wafting over downtown Thomasville. I tell you what, you know you are home when you smell bread!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.


Birdsong Nature Center’s

Old-Timey Plant Sale Saturday, March 16, 2013 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Catch some Zzzz’s

It’s National Sleep Week! If you need more sleep, or better sleep, we can help. We can even provide you with a detailed sleep study, done at home, in your very own snuggly bed.

lunch will be available! Native trees and shrubs • Hundreds of native azaleas Wildflowers • Old-fashioned plants • Heirloom plants

don’t miss this annual spring event!

Call Rick at Archbold HomeCare 228-5886 or Kim at the Archbold Sleep Disorder Center at 228-2729 and tell them…“I gotta get some sleep!”

new larger location!

Chubb Associates, Ltd.

Choose a Realtor, Get a Team

SINCE 1981

304 Gordon Avenue

2018 East Pinetree Blvd. Thomasville, Georgia 229-228-6702



THEtownie farm to table



dark & delirious chili

Explore Georgia @ExploreGeorgia “Looks like a fairy tale! MT @ShannonSteele Spring peeking through at the Lapham Patterson House in #Thomasville,”

2 tablespoons vegetable or coconut oil 2 onions, chopped • 3 cloves garlic, minced 4 ribs celery, chopped • 1 bell pepper, chopped 1 lb KBH Farm ground beef 4 oz Thompson Farms sausage 1 cup beer • 1 cup strong brewed coffee 2 (6 oz) cans tomato paste • 1 large can crushed tomatoes 3 Tbsp brown sugar • 1 Tbsp oregano 1 tsp parsley • 1 tsp thyme • 3 Tbsp chili powder 1/2 Tbsp chipotle chili powder • 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa 1 tsp ground cumin • 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 tsp ground cayenne pepper • 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp salt, to taste 1 lb black and/or kidney beans, soaked and rinsed

Bookshelf & Gallery @BookshelfTweet “Thank you to everyone who has been playing along with us in the 2013 Bookshelf Throw Down!” Dreaming Cow @DreamingCow “This or that. Strawberry Pomegranate or Maple Ginger?” shae taylor @shaeptaylor “#sundays #starfruit #fruitpancakes #numnum”

Heat oil in a large skillet or pot over medium heat. Cook onions, garlic, celery, bell pepper, ground beef and sausage until the meat is browned and the onions are tender. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 1.5 hours. {if using canned beans, add them after 1 hour.} Serve with diced onions, shredded cheese {or nutritional yeast} and sour cream {or yogurt}.

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.

wayne-o’s sour cream cornbread Remember when Relish had that chili cook-off? If you do, you’ll surely remember Wayne’s spoonbread. Mmm…..

—Chinese Proverb


1 cup corn meal • 3 tsp baking powder 1.5 tsp salt • 1/2 cup sour cream or yogurt 1 cup cream style corn • 2 eggs 1-6 dashes hot sauce, to taste • 1 Tbsp cumin 1 cup sharp cheddar, shredded


Mix all ingredients, pour into greased casserole dish. Bake at 400 for 1hr or until set in the center.

Fine wine, handcrafted cheeses, charcuterie, small plates, desserts


As a customer, we expect things to be delivered to our specifications, from the customer service in making an appointment to the way a sandwich is made. Our local businesses strive to make each customer happy, and that can be like working for hundreds of bosses! The way we, as customers, experience a business is important, and your feedback can help someone hone their staff, their offerings, even their mission. We are all a part of making Thomasville a great place to live, eat and shop. If you’d like to share your thoughts with a business in hopes of making a positive impact, here are some tips: DO: • Approach the staff, manager or owner with your concerns. If you'd rather not have a face to face conversation, leave a written note or contact the business by email. • Support your comments with specific examples. • Remain open to the business’s side of the story. DON’T: • Slam the business on Facebook. The business has no opportunity to make it right, and it makes you look catty. • Go in guns a-blazing. Hearing negative feedback is hard already. • Stay silent. If you have a genuine issue with a business, don’t just write them off - be proactive! If the same issue comes up more than once, it’s likely to be addressed.

April 19 and 20th Presented by Thomasville National Bank

(229) 234-7337





friday night

Grammy Award winning Steep Canyon Rangers with Shannon Whitworth. General admission tickets: $25 advance or $30 at the door. VIP party tickets are $125. saturday Ralph Rodenberry, Mama's Love and Big Bill Morganfield, food trucks and the Maker's Market from 10am to 5:30 PM. Admission is FREE. For more information visit

There’s a magical feeling that comes when you’re alone in a bookstore. I experience it when I walk through the back door each morning and flip on the lights in the kids’ section, as if it is my privilege each morning to wake up Peter Rabbit and Tom Sawyer and Harry Potter. I experience the magic I find myself without a book at night and sneak back to the store to browse like a first-time customer. I might pick up a book on the Middle East whose back-flap blurb once tickled my fancy and feel burdened once again by the amount of untapped fascinating information that surrounds me every day. If feeling ambitious, I’ll wander over to the timeless section and finger the pages of the many elusive classics that never made my required reading lists. But usually I’ll settle on that book that someone just came in raving about, telling me I must read it and must read it now. Because I know that someone will be back in and will want to discuss it, to talk about the character they fell for or the plot that made their stomach turn or the idea that gave them pause. And that is perhaps the most magical feeling-- to have meaningful dialogue with the customers that have become friends. In the five years that I’ve had the privilege of waking Peter Rabbit and arranging and rearranging shelves, I’ve never once questioned my job. It’s been intellectually challenging, creatively stimulating, and emotionally fulfilling. The finances have magically followed and 2012 had was the store’s best year ever, with a 23% sales increase over the previous year. As more and more people asked how books were going to make it in this brave new world, more and more people came through our doors, buying books and stuff that smart people buy. The success of the “shop local” movement and the decline of the big box bookstore, has meant opportunity for the small bookseller-- the American Booksellers Association reported an 8% sales increase at member stores in 2012. And with some recent leveling of the digital playing field, many predict that independent bookstores will soon have a share of the ebook market. Which is why my husband keeps asking me, “Why stop now?” And partly, I want to say: because I did it. I made a living wage owning a bookstore despite the ugly emergence of unnamed monopolistic, town-slaying internet retailers. And partly, I want to say: because I find myself longing to spend more time raising your kids and less time building our business. But mostly, I say: because it is still magical and I don’t want it to be any less than it is today. And so, we are looking for someone to love it and make it even more magical. I think Kate Ireland and Anne Trundle, some of our town’s great matriarchs, knew that every great town is anchored by a good bookstore when they started the Bookshelf in 1984. Lorna McCollum and Sheila Cone carried the torch through the nineties, bringing it recognition as Georgia’s “Best Small Bookshop.” I hope there is someone out there, wanting to invest in producing their own sort of magic, someone with a passion for their local community and a deep respect for the written word. Until then, Carrie and Sarah and Annie and I will continue to find new friends to introduce you to and we will diligently put your old ones to bed, in their own alphabetized place. —Katie C.

come nest at firefly Simply Gorgeous Spring & Easter Items Arriving Daily!



Relish the sunshine! Dash here for sunblock! come see us on broad street!

I met Dara through her daughter, photographer Jill Higgins. She came to lunch with us and I immediately thought, this chick is cool! The longer I know her, the cooler she gets. Now that she’s got her own consulting business, I thought I’d learn a little more about what she does, and why she does it here in The Ville. Q: When I think of a consultant, I think of someone with an almanac and a magic wand. Can you tell us more specifically {and realistically!} what it is that you do? A: I help organizations (business or other) determine direction, strategy, and steps to make it happen....find their “true course” in the windy seas. When the organization’s leadership & staff are working hard every day trying to get all the work done, sometimes they are either too close to the situation or simply don’t have quality time to devote to a particular thing. My “magic wand” is that I have talent in grasping a situation and offering ideas and solutions. Q: As a talented professional, why have you chosen to stay in this area, rather than in a more populated and business-dense location? A: I moved away once for a career opportunity and was gone from this area for 8 years. Throughout my career I’ve traveled to every county in Georgia. I believe there is opportunity wherever we are. We simply have to have our eyes open, the will to work, and a desire in our heart to make “it” happen. Part of the fun is helping people figure out what “it” is! Q: I know your background is with the GA Department of Economic Development. Who do you prefer to work with, now that you’re flying solo? A: It’s most enjoyable when I’m offered an opportunity because of a relationship or connection. In the last twelve months I’ve worked on consulting projects with two departments of state government, a law firm, a downtown board, a city commission, chamber of commerce, and small businesses—and every single one resulted from a connection in my network. So, I prefer small business, government and non-profit. And, it’s great if I received the opportunity due to a recommendation. Q: Why are you so passionate about your work? A: I get a lot of pleasure from seeing people and organizations thrive and succeed. If I can be of help and share in that experience, it’s a “smile” moment and a great thing!

Squawk To Us At FACEBOOK.COM/ thomasville.townie


Q: Do you have any specialties, work and non work? Powerpoint slides or strawberry cakes? A: Work: I’m an “idea girl” and good at public speaking/ making presentations Non-work: I explore, looking for great junk, places, and people, enjoying myself to the max. And, I style and decorate. Q: What is one strategy every business should be using right this minute? A: Please don’t hold me to one! There are three: 1) serving customers as a priority 2) using technology and social media for marketing & operations 3) having a culture of professional development for the people in your business. The first two don’t always pair up well as businesses move increasingly toward technology and risk losing the personal connection with the customer. It can present quite a challenge. There are currently 4 generations working together today, so we have 4 different mindsets about everything + an overwhelming choice of options for technology and service. It requires talented and insightful leadership to steer the ship and stay on course.




MARCH 22-23



Birdsong’s Old Timey Plant Sale • Townie Attending • 9 AM - 1 PM

Sundays at Four Concert March 17 - Irish Eyes Thomasville Center for the Arts Free! MARCH 19

Thomasville City Schools Presents The Pajama Game: A Musical Comedy 7 PM at the Middle School Auditorium. Adults $10, Students Children under 12 - $5

Heritage Walk + Fun Run Commercial Bank on Crawford St. Registration 7:30 AM, 5K and Walk 8:30 AM, Fun Run at 9:30 AM


Boston Spring Fling Starts at 9 AM; Arts/crafts, Parade, Auction, Easter Egg Hunt, Children’s Easter Classes + an Art-a-Thon. Free! 229-498-4065.

Metcalfe Community Association Yard Sale Starts at 9 AM Metcalfe Community Park

Museum of History’s Spring Lecture Series — FREE! Jock Witney: A Closer Look

92nd Annual Standard Flower Show Luncheon and Reception tickets will be available prior to the event Friday, 1:30 PM Ribbon Cutting - 5 PM Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM Flower Show admission is free, donations welcome.




Museum of History’s Spring Lecture Series — FREE! History & Renovation of the Thomas County Courthouse

Downtown Putt-Putt Golf Tourney 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Whet Your Palette Pop Art, Paint your House; $25

Fridays at Noon Concert Gregory Sauer, Cello Free! {donations accepted} Thomas University Balfour Chapel





March 16 -April 4

Q: How do you work with clients - does it have to take place on-site, or do you offer virtual consulting? A: Either way can work, depending on the project. If I’m asked to analyze a work team or facilitate a strategy or vision session, I would need to meet with the appropriate people. However, if the project is to write something or create a marketing strategy, for example, we can work together virtually. I’ve often been told that I make others feel comfortable, and that is a nice compliment, so I always keep that in mind and try hard to pass that on to my clients. My website is and my email is Of course, I also work by phone, like the olden days, and my number is 229.225.7138.




On Selling My Dream Job

Because of my work with The Townie, I get to hear oodles of feedback from all of you lovely Townies about what you love… and what you don’t love about local businesses. The most common complaint is service, but I suspect that’s probably true everywhere. When I hear feedback about a business, or would like to give some personally, I always take my concerns straight to the top. When I started the Townie three and a half years ago, one of my guiding principles was positivity. It’s easy and popular to publicly bash anything that doesn’t meet your expectations—but that doesn’t help it become better. Honest feedback delivered in the appropriate way can! As uncomfortable as it may be to deliver and receive not-so-positive feedback, nearly every business owner I’ve spoken with has been eager to hear it.



a little birdie told me... RECENT TWEETS


The Newsboys Thomasville Municipal Auditorium 7 PM, $20,


APRIL 19-20

Due South Music Fest APRIL 27

Dogwood Music Fest

ever wanted chickens in your backyard? So, you’d like to get started raising chickens? Be sure you’re ready to commit! Let’s “start from scratch,” so to speak. There’s a lot to like about raising your own chickens.The eggs are a real temptation—tastier and fresher than any store eggs and better for baking, too.The shells, along with the chicken poop, can be tossed right into the compost pile. Much of the day, the birds entertain themselves, picking at grass, worms, beetles, and all of the good things that go into making those yummy farm eggs. Remember, though: Nothing good comes easy.... • You’ll need a coop. It has to hold a feeder and water containers and a nest box for every three

hens. It should be large enough that you can stand in it to gather eggs and shovel manure. • Chickens need food (and water) daily. Feed is about $20 per 50-pound bag at my co-op; how

long a bag lasts depends on the number of chickens that you have. • Hens will lay through spring and summer and into the fall, as long as they have 12 to 14 hours

of daylight. Expect to collect eggs daily, or even twice a day. • All year ‘round, you’ll have to shovel manure. • If you go away, you

need a reliable chicken-sitter, and they are scarcer than hens’ teeth.

Easter Sunday is Sunday, March 31... it will be here faster than a speeding rabbit...

where do i get chickens in the ville? • Golden Brothers on Smith Avenue • Tractor Supply on Highway 19


An overcrowed chicken farm produces fewer eggs. —Chinese Proverb

Townie 2013 #5  

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