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August 2 - August 15 VOLUME 2


August 2 - August 15 VOLUME 2


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Scoop: Thomasville’s Covey Film Fest



Whispers. Stone’s is raffling off a swanky dog house…proceeds to the Humane Society…only $2/ticket...

Local interest in films isn’t new to the Thomasville area. Did you know Gone with the Wind is said to have been financed and premiered in Thomasville prior to the official premier in Atlanta? Annie Russell, one of the first women in the American theater, donated her entire film collection to the local Pebble Hill Plantation. Many who work in the film industry have properties here and come to the area for hunting and fishing on our magnificent local plantations every season. Even our downtown looks as if it came right out of the movies! And with the rich cultural development that has been taking place in the last few years in the Ville {Due South, Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival, the soon-to-be-released arts and culture magazine} the next natural evolvement, ladies and gents, is a film festival. You heard me right, a film festival is debuting this year, dubbed The Covey Film Festival. Rightfully named, not only due to the large amount of quail plantations in the area but also because of Thomasville’s tightly knit community that values our youth and takes them under our wing to build them up to give them purpose. The Covey Film Festival benefits Thomasville’s youth by way of the Thomasville Community Resource Center. The Resource Center serves over 400 area children by providing academic and enrichment services after school during the school year and with a full-day program during the summer. Though you may not have heard of the Resource Center, it’s been serving local children for the past twenty years! The theme of the film festival is based around children’s issues and coming of age stories, with recent high profile films such as Beasts of the Southern Wild. Other selections to be shown are To Be Heard, a documentary about the power of poetry to change the lives of at-risk

children, Fat Boy Chronicles, a film made by Atlanta film-maker Michael Buchanan, and The Great Debaters, produced by Valerie Scoon, a former producer for Oprah and now a faculty member at FSU.

The Center for the Arts has something new up their

The festival itself is a community effort, with partnerships from the Thomasville Center of the Arts {TCA}, Thomas University {TU}, and FSU College of Motion Picture. In conjunction with the festival, other events are planned to broaden the experience of attendees. A panel discussion is planned, to be led by filmmaker Roland Legiari-Laura, and members of the panel will include: Dr. Nick Mazza, editor of the Journal of Poetry Therapy and the Dean of the College of Social Work at FSU; and Bill Milford, MSW, Director of the Social Work Program at TU. To Be Heard will be shown at the Boys and Girls Club followed by a poetry workshop for students led by Mr. Legiari-Laura. There will also be a showing at the Bookshelf of Beauty in Truth, a documentary about the life of Georgia native Alice Walker, the first African-American woman to receive a Pulitzer prize in literature. The FSU Motion Picture College is making a reel of student films made especially for children which will be shown at TCA on Saturday afternoon.

Do you have time? One Book is coming…

Jane Fonda, actress, philanthropist and founder of the Thomasville Community Resource Center, will be giving a fireside chat discussion on the power of film to transform children’s lives at the conclusion of the weekend’s festivities. Mark your calendars for October 3-5, 2013. This is an inaugural event you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned to the Townie for more details. Go and show your support by “liking” the Covey Film Festival on Facebook! - Sarah M.

Woodleaf Pays it Forward Woodleaf is a senior living community in Thomasville that offers assistance, but also independence, to its residents. They recently pulled together a very unique cookbook, and I think that everyone in our community should own one! I recently talked to Program Director Mary Lawrence Lang, who inspired me to write this article. One day, many of us may reach that age where we wonder if we still have any purpose. At Woodleaf, they show individuals that no matter how old they are, there are many ways they can engage with our community. They also provide ways for them to connect with the outside world. One of their projects is the Wonderfully Woodleaf Cookbook. Every resident of Woodleaf is represented with their own contributions, as well as many of the staff, family and friends. The book not only makes note of some of the best recipes around, but it details some of the fascinating lives lived by Woodleaf’s residents.

wonderful local nonprofit, Lives Without Limits. They are a Thomasville area faith-based organization that focuses on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. They also provide opportunities for personal growth, help with physical needs and support research for cures. Board Member Dr. Tim Daniel {of VITA Veins Thomasville} describes Lives Without Limits as “a great organization that fills a need for our local people with physical and mental disabilities.” If you love to cook, and would love to make a great contribution to our community like the residents of Woodleaf, stop at any of the listed locations to buy a copy: The Bookshelf, Al Dixon, Jerger Jewelers, Lewis Produce, The Gift Shop, Sarah’s Salon and Roy M. Lilly Attorney at Law. - Jon T.

The Wonderfully Woodleaf Cookbook costs only $20 and can be purchased at many downtown retailers, including The Bookshelf. All proceeds are donated to a

sleeve…a downtown space…like nothing you’ve ever seen...

Firefly now carries my favorite pickles in the world…Phickles! There’s a new theater company in the region… Red Hills Players… more info in the Dance Card...

F r e e

t o

r e a d ,

Clay Byars

Clay Byars is a graphic artist, bass player, photographer, and the President of Thomasville On Stage and Company. You may have seen his photography at Wiregrass Gallery, or his contest-winning wine label of oysters on the half-shell, which landed itself on Habersham Winery’s Signet white wine, at Moonspin, J’s, or Bacchus. Where’s the first place you send someone new to The Ville? Sweetgrass Dairy for a draft beer and some Devilish Eggs—the hoppier the beer, the better. What’s happening at TOSAC this fall? At our membership gala at Delarber Downtown on August 17th we’ll be revealing our fall play lineup. Go to www. to join us, and find out more about the gala. It’s always a great event, and we really appreciate all of our members. How are you spending your summer? Playing gigs with Hal Shows and the Catbirds, teaching graphic design, taking pictures, making egg salad, and preparing an installation for FLAUNT which will go in the storefront window of Hick’s in September.

Downtown. Back to School Street Party! Downtown Thomasville’s Back to School Bash is Friday, August 9th. The High School Bands will begin performing at 5:45 under the oaks in the 200 Block of North Broad between the Courthouse and First Baptist Church. Bleachers will be in front of First Baptist for spectators. This back to school bash is the same weekend as Georgia’s Sales Tax Free Holiday! Come show your school spirit and get ready for the Fall!

How to Spend a Half Day in the Ville: Family in Town When my in-laws first decided to visit Mr. G and me in Thomasville, I momentarily panicked. They are from Miami, so how on earth could I keep them entertained in South Georgia? Silly me, Thomasville isn’t a boring town. Even a big city family can find some fun! So, for a half day of amusement we took them to the Thomas County Museum of History to get them acquainted with Thomasville. The museum includes exhibits on Thomas County’s history along with a walking tour of some notable locations. Our family loved seeing the beautiful old homes near downtown as well as the sprawling shady oaks, which they said made Thomasville look like paradise. After our tour, a walk downtown was in order. Sure, Miami is a culinary mecca, but they can’t offer locally made cheeses like our own Sweet Grass Dairy. We had a blast sampling cheese with perfectly paired meats and fruit spreads. Our stroll around downtown was made more delightful by the intoxicating smell of Flowers Bakery. A quick trip by the Big Oak was also in order so that we could have our picture made. Next, we hopped in the car and took a drive out to Pebble Hill Plantation. The family was in awe of the perfectly manicured grounds and the gorgeous house. If we



t h a n k s

t o

t h e s e :

2018 E. Pinetree Blvd. Thomasville, Georgia 229-228-6702 Mon-Fri 10am-7pm l Sat 10am-7pm l Sun 1pm-5pm

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could have a second wedding, I would love to have it here! If you take Southern Living, check out the latest issue - PHP is mentioned. Our last stop for our half day adventure was the Thomasville Rose Garden. My father-in-law, who has a huge green thumb, was astonished by the myriad colors and varieties of roses in bloom. We walked around Cherokee Lake and enjoyed a picnic as we watched the ducks and geese swim and compete for stray pieces of bread. My in-laws were so pleased with our morning around town, they wished they could move to this “little piece of Heaven.” So, from the mouths of the big city folk - who needs a metropolis when you have Southern charm? - Rebekah G. you have a whisper? Got a tip for the Townie or a story idea? We’re all ears!

Issue No.

August 2 - August 15



Take a Trip to the Coast Without Leaving the Couch

Dance Card. August 2

BellaMoon Boutique Ribbon Cutting 9 AM, 850-933-3547 210 W. Jackson St.

Our Road Trip Series About the Forgotten Coast is Now a Free Ebook When my Father moved to Tallahassee and I first drove the span of the Forgotten Coast back in the 1990’s, I thought I was driving through a time capsule—a time capsule travel guides refer to as “Old Florida,” because somehow, developers have left this stretch of coastal perfection almost entirely untouched. There is something about this strip of undeveloped coastline—its kind and resilient people, disarming sunsets, the ramshackle facades of its seafood shacks and shell shops, where the only high rises are the miles of pines along primitive beaches, and where there isn’t an Applebee’s for eighty miles—which completely redefines the term “vacation,” and which inspired the road trip articles that have appeared in the Townie since May. I wanted Thomasville to know how close they were to the area, and of course, where to eat, sleep, pitch a tent, launch a boat, and find a nice booze concoction. The eBook was the brainchild of the Editrix-in-Chief, and I couldn’t have been happier to get back on Coastal Highway 98 and do the research, if that’s what you’d call devouring fresh seafood, tubing, camping, shooting jaw-dropping sunsets, and touching base with some of my favorite business

owners (down there, most of them work behind the counters or in the kitchens of their establishments).    I was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, which during my childhood was never as big a tourist spot as Orlando or South Beach. Regardless, as I return home over the years, I recognize my hometown a little less each time. Downtown is constantly expanding to accommodate residential high-rises that spring up like dandelions; and—it never fails—I return and a restaurant I’d loved dearly on the main drag has been replaced with a corporate eatery, which on a Friday night will be clogged to the walls with tourists. I’m not talking about a few buildings getting new signs or facelifts, but about returning to a street that was once bespeckled with single-story shops and mom-andpop eateries, looking more and more like Gotham City with palm trees.  At the same time, for nearly half of my life I’ve returned to the towns along the Forgotten Coast, the singlestory shops, and mom-and-pop eateries and have experienced a comfort of familiarity, no matter how long I’d been away. The fact that they have to travel three miles by boat to buy groceries still does not deter Dog Islanders; homeowners on the west

end of Dog Island lie completely exposed from Gulf to Bay, for lack of vegetation—hurricanes may take their homes, but they’ll take their chances; Every time I reach the end of the Gorrie Bridge and pass The Old Time Soda Fountain, I realize it was there in Apalachicola before automobiles or the Gorrie Bridge.   This area between St. Mark’s and Mexico Beach is only accessible via two regional airports on either side, which cost tourists an arm and a leg to fly in and out of, or by vehicle {the start of coastal Highway 98 is roughly 80 miles southwest of Thomasville}, which accounts for its remoteness, but makes us, by virtue of location, lucky indeed. I’ve never seen a television ad for the Forgotten Coast, nor a plush mascot souvenir, nor a boozecruise vessel in the area, but since I’ve found this place, what I always take home with me {aside from an SD card full of photographs} is a heightened awareness of the unimportance of most of what I’d left back in town. The ebook is is available for free online at is - Jennifer W.             

RELISH + DASH Grill with Relish Chill with Dash

What could you do with

A COnfident Smile? 303 W. Hansell St., Thomasville

(229) 227 -1447

THE CENTER Super Saturday - 2013 Fall Open House - Free workshops! Saturday, August 3 · 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. TCA Art in the Afternoon Participants will be transformed into characters from award winning Broadway shows and photographed in costume.

Give. Join. Volunteer. And So Much More.


Sarah Says Dear Sarah, My boyfriend says he needs “space”, but this is Tville! Do we divvy up our favorite haunts? Help! Sarah Says, Thomasville Etiquette Verdict: Standard shotgun rules apply. Whoever gets there first gets to stay there and the other must find somewhere else to go for the evening. There should be no planned schedule, “You take the Plaza this night, and I’ll take Sweet Grass that night.” Just walk in, scan the room and act accordingly. If this rule is not followed it can have very negative and embarrassing aftershocks. I had this guy friend, let’s just call him the Doc, who broke up with a nice girl who did not know the rules. She actually hovered around at whichever establishment she knew the Doc was at just to prove a point that this town IS big enough for the both of them. The “grapevine” is already pretty short in Thomasville, don’t give yourself a reason for people to talk about you. However, if you’re mature enough to be in the same room with an ex and not let it affect your good time, and that of your cohorts, then congratulations! Welcome to the world of adults. Send questions to: Extra points for the odd and thoughtful.

We looooo ooooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooove our sponsors!

Steaks, Seafood & Southern Cuisine

The Plaza 217 South Broad St., Thomasville (229) 226-5153

SGBC Dance Workshop A workshop for the new dancer - dance with Dorothy on her adventure down the Yellow Brick Road; tapping, twirling and leaping to find Oz. Thomasville Music Academy Come find the perfect instrument for you! All instructors will have instruments for students to tryout. Register students for private lessons, a musical ensemble, glee club, and music theory class.

DDP Monograms + Gifts Follow us on Facebook for Daily Deals! In the Belks Shopping Center - 229-233-8125

The ‘Roots Rocks New Space! Grassroots Coffee has become a very important neighbor to our community over the past few years and their 2.0 has brought nothing but excitement! When walking into the new shop, across Broad from the old one, you feel their signature ambiance, a feeling of home that chain coffee shops don’t have. They have added a modern twist to the atmosphere, with vintage lighting and a seated bar. The new artwork and photography on display vibrates beauty and highlights the talented artists that are in our community. The new location is also incredibly spacious: important for us Thomasvillians, since we are always among friends and sometimes want conversational privacy.   With a new location, comes new additions. Their breakfast and lunch menu has been revamped, and these changes come with a bonus: deliciousness. The Caprese is a hot, pressed sandwich, with balsamic glazed roasted

tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil pesto prosciutto. For veggie lovers, there’s a choice of wheat bread or a tomato basil wrap, with avocado spread, hummus, carrots, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and balsamic dressing. If you usually cruise the Roots in the morning, breakfast lovers will be interested in the balsamic bacon biscuit. For the smoothie lovers, owner Megan Young tells me they have reformulated their smoothies and now “we only use fresh fruit!” They even offer flaxseed as one of the many options to have in your smoothie! Other choices include protein, spinach and yogurt.

Thomasville Beer Club

Saisons; $5 donation for meats + cheese 6:30 PM, Liam’s

August 6

30th Annual National Night Out

A block party for the Thomasville/Thomas County community! 6 - 8:30 PM, 229-227-7075 Cherokee Lake Park, Covington Ave.

August 9

Illustration Friday Live models, BYO supplies 5:30 - 7:30 PM, 229-226-0588 Grassroots

August 10

Bringing Nature Home A Presentation by Beth Grant Free, make reservations. 10 AM Birdsong Nature Center

August 10

State of Georgia’s 2013 Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Downtown Thomasville is participating!

August 10 + 17 TCA’s Made x Hand

Jackie Ellis instructs on how to create your own chalk paint, and finishing your own piece of furniture start to finish. 9 AM - 12 PM, Studio 209

August 15

Whet Your Palette “Beachy Silhouetted Sunsets” $25 per person and includes canvas and all supplies. 6:30 - 8:30 PM 229-226-0588, Studio 209

Come see us on Broad Street!


August 6

We know Thomasville loves to shop local, but do you like to read local? On Saturday, August 17, we’ll be working with Thomas County Public Library to present our second annual Reader Meet Writer, a local authors’ fair with a twist. Each regional author will deliver a lightningquick presentation on their latest book. If their explanation lasts too long? They’ll be buzzed out in a Gong Show-style strikeout. We’re pretty excited about this year’s master of ceremonies, Laura Lee Smith, author of Heart of Palm (a great end-of-summer read). Join us at the library on Saturday, August 17, at 10:00 for the author presentations, a Q & A session, and book signings.

from the Bookshelf

August 17

Inspiring Marketing Collateral In this two hour workshop, learn what it takes to create inspiring marketing collateral. $25, $15 for Collective members 10 AM -12 PM 229-226-0588, Studio 209

August 17

Reader Meet Writer An exciting ‘read-around’ for literary talent to ‘pitch their book’ to over a dozen area authors in the Reader Meet Writer Author’s Fair. A Q&A and booksigning will also follow. 229-225-5252, 10 AM - 12 PM, Public Library

August 17 Jane Eyre

Presented by Red Hills Players, tickets $10 229-226-0588, 7 PM, TCA

COMIX by Laura Floyd

Last, and my favorite, they have partnered with CNS Internet to drastically upgrade their free WiFi internet. Please visit Grassroots Coffee for more details about their new lunch menu and to have a local, lovely coffee experience that will make your day. Their new digs are at 118 S. Broad Street! - Jon T.

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