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June 21 - JuLY 18 VOLUME 2


June 21 - JuLY 18 VOLUME 2


Issue No.

Q + A with Renee Moss

Renee Moss Consulting is Shaping the Look of Local




CHUMS Lecrecia Wilson

Artistically refinished salvaged furniture is coming Renee Moss is another newcomer to the Ville, but she brings with her an array of out of town clients and a keen eye for clean design. You’ve seen her work around town with new logos and even this very Townie - Renee did the redesign for us. Here’s a Q+A with the woman behind the art. 1. I know you have family in Moultrie and your hubbs is from Mo-town, but how did y’all end up in Tville? About a week before our wedding, Clayton couldn’t sleep. He had a change of heart and decided to get involved in the family farming business. Despite loving city life in Atlanta (where I’d been for 10 years!), we wanted to start a family of our own, and we knew a move to South Georgia would put us closer to our imagined baby’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Plus it’s a shorter drive to my folks and an even shorter one to the Panhandle beaches. Clayton’s diving career, originating at Moss Farms Diving in Moultrie, allowed him countless opportunities: namely a scholarship education and to see the world. He wanted our baby to have that world-class diving program and facility right at her fingertips if she chooses that path one day. 2. What are your favorite types of projects? I love developing a brand identity. I enjoy building work

relationships that evolve into friendships. I’m in it for the long-haul; trust is key. I love working with local entrepreneurs, like Gina Curry of Metta Day Spa, Brent Runyon with the Victoria Place-area redevelopment project and Tammy Wilson of Earthlover, all of whom are passionate about what they do, ambitious about their future and open to new ideas. I enjoy charitable creative work for Hands on Thomas County, Thomasville Landmarks and Moss Farms Diving. 3. Describe a perfect nite in the Ville.

4. Your professionalism is second to none - I’m guessing corporate background? I started with a small design studio, ventured to Graduate School at UF where I earned a Masters while working as a teaching assistant, and began my career in the corporate world with AMLI Residential in north Atlanta. I worked in-house for three multifamily management companies (apartments and condos), revamping marketing and branding programs from head to toe: design, copywriting, print coordination, and developing systems to allow on-site teams to order the marketing tools they needed to run their properties. I worked for a printer, running a small in-house creative... Continued Page 2

A New SCeNE The Southern Center for Nonprofit Excellence What is the South renowned for? Cuisine? Hunting? Humidity? Everyone has their own opinion on what they love most about the South but the one attribute I guarantee we all agree on is this: Tradition and manners are the glue that binds the South together, distinguishing it from other regions. In layman’s terms, Southern Hospitality, y’all! Southerners will give the shirt off their back to help others, even strangers. So it is no wonder that a city such as Thomasville is a hub for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits play a significant role in our community. They create innovative solutions to a wide range of community challenges and are key components to Thomasville’s economy. Thomasville has a unique resource for local nonprofits that is truly unprecedented. Thomas University provides a center for the education of those working in non-profits. Some of the resources offered through the center are: training, educational resources, and roundtable discussions. The Southern Center for Nonprofit Excellence (SCeNE) has created an environment where nonprofits are no longer competing for donors. Instead, the nonprofits are working together to benefit from each other’s experiences and resources. Rick Monroe heads up SCeNE. If Rick is anything, he is passionate about nonprofits. And let me just say, Ladies and Gents, the man knows what he is talking about. He has refined his knowledge and skills for consulting nonprofits down to a science. It might as well be an algorithm where you simply add A to B and the result always equals a booming and successful nonprofit. “The hardest part is asking for the money,” says Rick “People do not know where to start. And this is where SCeNE can step in and guide them through promoting and developing their nonprofit.” Rick likes to call the Center a “business incubator,” where an advisory board of field experts will hold your hand through the process until you are ready to step out on your own. The principle is similar to Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime. Areas of discussion include: Fundraising, Volunteer... Continued on Page 2

F r e e

t o

A new seafood restaurant is opening at the old

What brought you to Tville? To live closer to my daughter so she can take care of me when I get old, which I hope doesn’t happen for a long time!

Brantley’s, across from Granddaddy’s BBQ... it’s an expansion of a Cairo business...

Favorite local eats for summer? Impossible to choose one, but I love The Scoop, Savannah Moon, Jonah’s, Q Cafe.

Dreaming Cow Creamery Yogurt has a new flavor... and a new look!

Who are your Downtown-roaming chums? Emily Glaccum, and every Tuesday the great bunch of gals who volunteer with me at the Food Bank--we always stroll downtown after.

Lobster Fest is almost here... check the Dance

A perfect night in Tville… A massage or facial at Metta, a stroll down Broad Street, beer and bites at SweetGrass, dinner at Liam’s.


I met Lecrecia through her daughter and sonin-law, some of the best neighbors I’ve ever had. She loves to read, loves to volunteer and loves living local.

to Broad Street in the old Earthlover space...

r e a d ,

Card for deets...

Best way to beat the heat in Tville? Reading in the library or the Bookshelf.

Psst... do you have a whisper?

The last book you read + would recommend for the beach? James Patterson’s latest, 12th of Never.

Georgia Press Association

I am quite happy to report that The Thomasville Townie is now a member of the Georgia Press Association. The GPA was founded in 1887 in order to “protect, promote, foster and advance the interest of the newspaper industry in Georgia.” Many thanks to Mesha + Randy Wind at the Cairo Messenger for their constant support! After a unanimous vote by the board, I attended their yearly conference. I met editors from many small town papers across the state, ate lunch with a retired editor of the AJC, saw my favorite professor and my advisor from J-school and learned a hefty amount about the newspaper business. It was inspiring and invigorating to be among people who are not only committed to journalistic integrity, but those who cherish what they view as a newspaper’s duty to its community.

The members were friendly and generous with praise for our little paper - something that would be just a section in one of their publications. We were complimented for our fresh writing and design, as well as our use of technology to connect with readers. Many of the sessions confirmed that we are on the right track to make this paper an integral part of the community. One of the main reasons? We know and love our readers. XOXO - Bunny B.

Home Cooking + One of Tville’s Best Secrets

“Cook like you cook at home!” says Jimmie Vickers

Delicious pulled pork and sticky yummy ribs are enough to make anyone’s summer complete. To satisfy your barbecue craving, you should set your course for Vic’s BBQ on Smith Avenue. Previously selling BBQ on Fletcher Street for almost 10 years, Jimmie Vickers now has a new location with inside seating, but the same great food. Jimmie grew up in Thomasville, and after a few different career paths, he decided to delight the town with his family BBQ recipes. His food is so delicious, that Vic’s BBQ was featured on the Food Network back in 2009!   Jimmie has played many different roles while living in the South. He was an assistant department store manager back in the 70’s here in Thomasville, and previously a Supervisor for the Leon County Schools. He was also a car salesman, before returning to Thomasville to open up his restaurant. Jimmie is married, and has two sons and two daughters. His oldest son played football at Notre Dame. Jimmie knows how to feed a family, and he treats his customers like family. The food is outstanding, but so is the excellent customer

t h a n k s

t o

service. Jimmie’s main priority is taking customer satisfaction very seriously. He listens to his customers, and that has brought much success to his restaurant. I asked Jimmie if he ever thought about opening more restaurants; it was a something he thought about before the recession hit. Right now, he is focusing on feeding Thomasville the best barbecue they could possibly eat! Of course, when he eats somewhere other than Vic’s, he supports other local restaurants. Vic’s BBQ has pulled pork, ribs, shrimp, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and even home made desserts! If you ever are in need of catering, this is a service that they offer. Everything is made from scratch and Jimmie makes his very own barbecue sauce. They do not cut corners! I asked if there will be any new menu items coming soon…it’s hush-hush right now, which means you will have to make your way down to Vic’s throughout the summer and see what pops in. Vic’s BBQ is open Tuesday thru Thursday from 11am until 7pm, and then Friday and Saturday from 11am until 8pm.  - Jon T.

t h e s e : Be at the Center of it all this summer!

20% off the Ashley Direct Price of your entire furniture purchase Discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Normal exclusions apply. See store for details. Expires 7/31/2013.

Sign up for camp today-Art , Drama & Poetry

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Issue No.

June 21 - JuLY 18



Creature Comfort For Those Who Need it Most It’s no secret that animals are special. We treat our pets as our children, providing them the same love, affection, care and attention that we give to those in our family. Animals feel our pain, our joy and our stress—this comes as no surprise to anyone who has a pet. Animals allow people to focus, even if for a short period of time, on something other than themselves. Furry Friends— Hospice of Southwest Georgia’s dog therapy group—has helped bring love to many hospice patients since the program began just over a year ago. Specially trained Hospice volunteers—which also happen to be dedicated pet owners—have completed special training with their dogs through the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification program. The dogs also completed Dog Therapy International testing and became certified therapy dogs. Not to be confused with service dogs, therapy dogs help patients simply by visiting them. These special dogs have an ability to connect with and bring joy

from the Bookshelf

to all kinds of people, even those who are normally unresponsive or disconnected from their environments. “Studies have shown that interaction with dogs can lower blood pressure, rehabilitate and promote relaxation, relieve agitation, anxiety and stress in patients and even reduce the need for drug therapy in some cases,” said Lorie Hodges Garrett, physician referral source liaison for Hospice of Southwest Georgia. “Hospice patients sometimes withdraw from those around them and talking with family and friends may become difficult or painful. Interacting with a friendly dog is easy, offers relief and often leaves patients and families with smiles on their faces.” Researchers have confirmed and documented the effectiveness of dogs in hospice settings such as assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and patient homes. “In addition to providing unconditional love while interacting with patients, therapy dogs have a beneficial influence on the social, physical and

mental condition of patients,” said Leigh Ann Falconer, Hospice of Southwest Georgia pet therapy volunteer trainer and handler. “In addition, therapy dogs offer comfort and encourage activity in patients.” Good therapy dogs are quick learners with loving, easy-going personalities and can stay calm in unusual or stressful situations. Still, pet therapy animals are not for everyone. As the Hospice of Southwest Georgia team gets to know the patient, they may recommend pet therapy as a treatment option for the patient and loved ones. “We’re pleased when any of our patients can benefit from the presence of these loving animals in their lives,” said Garrett. “As soon as the dog walks through the door, you can see how it brightens the patient’s day.” Hospice of Southwest Georgia hosts dog therapy training classes for new volunteers and their dogs regularly. For more information on how you and your dog can participate in Furry Friends, call Debra Taylor, 1.800.290.6567. - Megan P.

Lots of changes are happening at The Bookshelf this summer! We’ve revamped our kids’ section, added tons of new inventory, and are prepping for fun, farmer’s market-style gifts coming next month. On top of everything else, we’re wecloming NY Times bestselling author Karen White to the Gallery on Monday, June 24, at 6:30 p.m. (Her new novel, The Time Between, is being called her best one yet, and we agree!) Follow us on Facebook for all the details:

Road Trip Florida’s Forgotten Coast: Apalachicola

The town of Apalachicola is synonymous with oysters, which are especially briny and divine when they were harvested in town only hours before hitting your plate. The rule, however, is that to be safe you should eat them raw only during months containing the letter “r,” so from May through August, you’re better off heading to Water Street to order them fried or baked dozens of ways at Boss Oyster or Up the Creek, which both offer gorgeous waterfront dining along Scipio Creek. At Avenue D, on either side of Highway 98, lie Tamara’s Cafe Floridita and Veranda’s, both offering high-end eats, excellent wine selections and outdoor dining. For white table cloth service, where you can feel free to wear jeans, eat at Owl Cafe, but start with a brew from The Tap Room next door. If you’re down for staying out, Tamara’s Tapas offers food and live entertainment into the late-night hours. Aside from the oysters and dining for every budget, Apalachicola has a variety of lodgings, unique shops, and a thriving local art scene. The historic Consulate Suites offer old-world elegance, and the newer Water Street Inn has reasonable rates and balconies overlooking the creek. If you get to town and realize you need a waterproof jacket or a pair of indestructible flip flops, visit Apalach Outfitters on Avenue E. The best coffee in town is around the corner at Cafe con Leche on Water Street. Grab an espresso and wander next door to Apalachicola Riverkeeper, a nonprofit dedicated to the stewardship of many of the waterways in this Road Trip series. A donation to the Riverkeeper may get you a print by famed local photographer Richard Bickel, or if it’s the right time of year, a sail on the Governor Stone captained by the Riverkeeper himself. --Jennifer W. 

SCeNE has several ambitious upcoming events starting with a webinar with some of Thomasville’s most prestigious private foundations. Attendees will be able to have a Q&A session with the directors of these foundations and discover what their nonprofit should do in order to secure a grant. SCeNE extends an invitation to anyone--nonprofit administrators, staff and volunteers in the

Southwest region--to become a member. The Basic membership is free. SCeNE is a great source not only for nonprofits but also those who are passionate about their community. Kathleen Brady of Birdsong Nature Center commented, “Thomasville is fortunate to have a resource like SCeNE that provides useful and reasonable professional development opportunities targeted to meet the specific needs of the nonprofit community.” Kathleen, I think so too. To find out more about SCeNE membership and upcoming events go to: - Sarah M.

RELISH + DASH Grill with Relish Chill with Dash

6. What’s a recent local project that you’re really excited about?

June 25

Dancing in Downtown

7 - 8 PM - Country Western & Line Dancing 8 - 9 PM - Salsa & Cha Cha $10 per person, per class. Bacchus

Pinterest Inspired Craft Workshops June 27th: OrganizHER July 25th: A Sign of the Times

6:30-8:30 PM, Studio 209, 229-226-0588

July 4

CNS 4th of July Celebration & Fireworks Begins at 6:30 PM with games and arts & crafts for the kids. Food vendors will be on site with all your favorites including hotdogs, hamburgers, boiled peanuts, funnel cakes, snow cones, sweets and more! Fireworks begin at 9:30 PM. Bring lawn chairs or blankets.

July 7

1230th National Guard Company Flag Parade and Departure Ceremony See the Soldiers of the Georgia Army National Guard, 1230th Transportation Company march down Jackson Street during the Flag Parade at 2:30 PM. Then, join us at the Municipal Building to wish them farewell at a Departure Ceremony at 3 PM.

July 9

Victorian Thomasville Camp

July 12-14 and July 19-21

$12 Students, $15 Adults.

July 16

Downtown. It’s time to do the Summer Shuffle! With Grassroots moving, new shops opening and our favorite retailers and restaurants bringing in Summer goods, there’s a lot to check out. Make sure to like us on Facebook for up-to-the-moment news:

Come see us on Broad Street!

Liam’s Lobster Feast Live Maine lobsters, gulf shrimp, clams, local sausage, corn and a good time with friends! Two drinks of complimentary beer/wine included. $50pp, Reservations required. 229-226-9944

Summer Fun for Everyone At the Thomas County Library

June 21, 12-2, Movie Day - Blast from the Past with retro snacks for Adults. June 25, 10-11:30, Children - Decorate your very own beach bucket. June 25, 4 PM, Teens, Movie - The Hobbit June 27, 10:30, Magician Arthur Atsma will amaze you! All Ages! June 27, 4 PM, Teens, Rock your photos! 229-225-5252, Thomas County Public Library, 201 N. Madison St.

COMIX by Laura Floyd

Moss Continued

Favorite spot: Sitting in the dunes on Cape San Blas, where I married Clayton. I also like to visit The Bookshelf. They were the first to make me feel welcome in Thomasville; I practiced yoga upstairs.

A fundraiser for Birdsong Nature Center. Watch for details. 5 - 9 PM, 229-377-4408. Birdsong, 2106 Meridian Road

Wizard of Oz

Recruitment, Social Media, Creating Effective Publications, Image Management, Planned Giving, Grant Writing and Strategic Planning.

5. Do you have a favorite “secret” spot? Can be in town or out.

June 22

Woodstork II: a Midsummer Musical Event

Tuesday - Thursday, July 9th -11th, 2013 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Open to rising 3rd through rising 6th graders. $90 for members; $110 for non-members. Fees include snacks, beverages, and all craft supplies.

SCeNE Continued

team, and I spent three years at a Baltimore-area full-service ad agency {remotely from Atlanta}, as a business developer and account manager. And then I uprooted for South Georgia!

Dance Card.

I’m so proud of them all. Possibly the most amazing project is the Victoria Place redevelopment. It’s the kind of ambitious and meaningful work you’d see taking place in Atlanta, and yet it’s happening here, by real visionaries who are passionate about this town. It’s so important to the whole of Thomasville. An incredible new living space steps from downtown. Everything about it— from affordability to the infrastructure-related improvements, to the fact that the team involved has really listened to what ‘the people’ want. I can’t talk about it without gushing. It’s beautiful, and I’m grateful to be involved.

7. How has your experience of Thomasville changed since having a bébé? Thomasville is amazing. I can’t go into a shop without someone sweetly offering to hold my baby while I try on some clothes or sip a beverage. And sometimes these folks are strangers! We’re so incredibly lucky to have a diverse set of YMCAs with Child Watch. And selfless folks like Gina Curry, lending us the yoga studio for triathlon club meetings. I’m completely head over heels with Thomasville… the people, and the keep-making-it-better approach to everything. It’s been a delightful surprise. - Bunny B.

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Townie 2013 #11  

All the best news for Thomasville, GA! Whispers, Chums, Renee Moss Consulting, Vic's BBQ, Southern Center for Nonprofit Excellence, GA Press...

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