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FREE Triton Golfers Debates Come Win the Rat to Newburyport

October 24 - 30, 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 51

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Ryan Perilli, Zack D’Agostino, & Jon Seward. Captains of Triton Golf Team. Holding Rat Trophy from River Rival Tournament on 10/15.

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– NEWBURY — Not many high school students would work so hard or get so excited about winning a prize called the Rat. But every fall, four local high school golf teams compete in the River Rival Championship to win the Rat, a unique trophy for a golf or any sport tournament. The schools competing are Amesbury, Newburyport, Pentucket and Triton. Not unexpectedly the Triton golf team won the River Rival Championship for the seventh time in the last 14 years. Triton, with a record of 14 wins and 5 losses, came into the championship as the favorite. Amesbury had a record of seven

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– NEWBURYPORT – Just in case you have not had enough of the Presidential debates this fall, a fourth faceoff between President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney is scheduled to take place in this quaint seaport town on the Saturday night before the election. Well, sort of. The Politicos Comedy Brigade (, a political comedy troupe whose performers have been featured on television shows, Comedy Central and HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, is teaming up with Seacoast NH-based Drink Water Productions to bring America's number one comedic Presidential

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The Earthquake As a Learning Tool By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– IPSWICH – When the an earthquake. earthquake in Maine rattled All of the children then went to homes along the North Shore their computers and clicked on the last week, Domenic Morello was Ipswich Public Library's web site to laying on his bed. He heard a loud see if the earthquake had registered noise, the house began to shake on the library's new seismograph. and he started looking for a place The Internet was not working, to hide. so the next day after school, they His friend Brenton Babb went in person to see what the remembers he was playing with seismograph had recorded. his iPhone. He heard the rumbling In the middle of the paper the sound and dove under the bed. children found that the seismograph Madeleine Cormier said she did had recorded a small vertical line not feel the earthquake, but was and several smaller ones registering startled her when the shade in her the main tremor and the aftermath room shot up. of the earthquake. They thought Photo by Stewart Lytle Erica Prisby was doing her that was “very cool.” homework when her father ran The fourth grade students are part The young geologists with their seismographs are (from left) Madeline Cormier, Erica Prisby, Brenton Babb and Domenic Morello. into her room to tell her there was Continued on page 3

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On a recent day 4 friends of the Rowley Children's Center Preschool are at Marini's Farm posing with a Topsfield Fair prize winning pumpkin!

Main Street Congregational Church Awards the Friends of the Amesbury Council on Aging $5,000 Grant

The Main Street Congregational United Church of Christ Mission Grant Fund awarded the Friends of the Amesbury Council on Aging a $5,000 grant to provide services over the next two years. There are three identified area of service; grandparents raising grandchildren, veterans and caregivers. The grandparents raising grandchildren program that is being supported through this grant is the cornerstone of programming. This is the support group that will be held monthly at the Amesbury Senior Community Center the second Thursday of each month at 4:30pm. The first meeting is November 8th. The group will be facilitated by Holly Shay, LICSW. This group will be a confidential group for grandparents to come together for support. Across the hall the children will be engaged in activities with volunteers. The second program is geared towards all Veterans in providing services to help reduce stress and pain. This is through a variety of modalities from yoga to pain management education. This will be open to ALL veterans. The third program to benefit from this grant is the Amesbury Caregiver Essential program. This would allow us to provide educational speakers and services on items such as stress reduction and health advocacy. The Friends of the council on Aging are extremely grateful to the Main Street Congregational Church for their support, dedication and investment into serving our seniors, veterans and caregivers. To find out more about these programs please contact Annmary Connor, LICSW COA Director at 978 388 8138

Donation to NEF in Honor of Former Mayor Byron Matthews to Benefit High School Science Labs Newburyport – The Newburyport Education Foundation (NEF) announced a donation of $2,500 has been received from an anonymous donor in honor of former Mayor Byron Matthews to benefit the Newburyport High School science labs. “This gift honors a valued NHS alumni and community member and benefits the Newburyport Public Schools,” said John Elwell, NEF President. “The donation will be used to purchase science lab supplies primarily for biology, chemistry, and physics.” Byron Matthews served as mayor of Newburyport for five two-year terms from 1968-1978, the longest anyone has ever served in the corner office. Mr. Matthews oversaw much of the restoration of historic downtown Newburyport. He graduated from Newburyport High School in 1946 and is president of his class. “I am pleased that the Newburyport Education Foundation is able to receive this money and use it for improving the science labs for our students at the high school,” said Matthews.

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HAUNTED HOUSE Friday, Oct. 26th 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Fun, Treats, Costumes, and Stories.

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October 24 - 30, 2012

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October 24 - 30, 2012

The Earthquake As a Learning Tool Continued from page 1

of an after-school program at the library that studies earthquakes. Laurie Collins, the children's librarian who oversees the program, can't believe the luck of having a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit New England just as the library is holding a program to study earthquakes. “It really got the children interested,” Collins said. The library is one of only two in the state that have seismographs. The Ipswich seismograph was installed on Feb. 23 for a total cost of about $10,000. “We see (the seismograph) as part of our continuing mission to promote lifelong learning and personal growth,” said library director Victor Dyer. “We are very excited.” The seismograph sits on an interior window sill on a granite slab that rests on top of a brick wall on the library's first floor. That wall stands on rock ledge as the foundation for the library. The solid base for the seismograph is ideal for reading earth tremors. Ipswich, being near the ocean, is in

a good location to record under-sea earthquakes, the children pointed out. The seismograph also gives the library the opportunity to offer a program “we never would have thought of,” Collins said. The 10 students in the program came with a lot of knowledge about earthquakes, volcanoes and earth science. Last year in the third grade, they studied a rocks and mineral course, they said. So they were ready to learn more from Stacy Moulis with the Weston Observatory, an affiliate of Boston College, who conducted a 90-minute session, teaching the children about earthquakes. The library is also hosting lectures on earthquakes for adults. The final of three lectures will be held Nov. 7 when Dr. Alan Kafka, an associate professor of Earth and Environmental Science, will speak on Mega Quakes, including ones in Haiti, Sumatra, Japan and closer to home in Virginia in 2011. The lecture begin at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center at the Ipswich Middle School, 135 High Street.

The students built their own seismographs out of paper plates, paper cups, yogurt containers, rubber bands and pens to record the earth's movement during an earthquake. Morello, who declared that he wants to be a geologist when he grows up, partnered with Babb to build their seismograph. Babb came up with the idea of tying a pen to the seismograph with a rubber band. “It made it more sensitive,” Babb said. Cormier had a different design. It used a marble resting on top of a plastic tube. When the earthquake hits, the marble is jarred off the tube and lands in one of four paper cups that are taped to the top of the machine. Prisby said her seismograph used a combination of yogurt cups to catch the marble during an earthquake. Earthquakes are not unusual in New England, though they are rarely strong. The last major New England quake hit in the 1750s. Whenever the next rumble comes, the Ipswich students expect to be there to record it.

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Sea View Retreat

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wins and seven losses. Newburyport had a record of eight wins and eight losses, but had won six out of its last seven matches. Pentucket’s Jeff Funk was named the King Rat with 31 points. Newburyport captain Brendan

Crowther was the second-place finisher with 29 points. Kyle Hillick was the top scorer for the Vikings with 28 points. Ryan Perilli was second with 28, Seward had 25, and Ryan Manning had 23. Crowther was the Clippers’ top

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scorer with 29. Ben Ventura was second with 22. Kyle Bushnell had 21, and Travis Koocher had 20. For the Sachems, Funk was first with 31. Krystal Knight and C.J. Ingraham tied for second with 20 each, and Mike Lincoln was third with 14.

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Debates Come to Newburyport

Continued from page 1 Program, Michael Savage Show), debate to Steeple Hall at Mission Bill Clinton impersonator Tim Oak Grill, atNewbury, 26 Green Street, Watters (over 200 appearances on Salisbury, Byfield, Plum Island, & Rowley Newburyport. NBC's The Tonight Show with The show features Barack Jay Leno), and the only Donald Obama impersonator Maxwell Trump impersonator endorsed by Price (HBO's Flight of the the real Donald Trump, John Di Conchords, NPR's This American Domenico. Life), Mitt Romney impersonator Well known for its high-profile Jim Gossett (The Glenn Beck publicity stunts and prolific


-Since 1954

Triton Golfers Win the Rat

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VOTE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2012 Paid for by Magliocchetti Committee

AAA Driver Training

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Community Announcements AMESBURY - The Market Street Baptist Church is hosting a holiday fair on Saturday, November 3, 2012 as part of the Amesbury "Village of Church Fairs" from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Located on 37 Market Street in Amesbury our fair has the biggest "Attic Treasures" area around. The gym at the rear of the church is filled with used and new household, kitchen, decorative, craft and collectable items as well as toys to sell. Prices are not posted - pay what you can afford. At the front of the church will be found the Soup & Sandwich Lunch Buffet, the General Store with homemade baked items and candy; the Gift Table overloaded with new items, a Cookie Asssortment Table and handcrafted items as well as jewelry all for sale at reasonable prices. Proceeds go directly to purchase church needs that are not covered in our budget like paint, wallpaper and carpets to update a meeting rooms and major repairs to the building. It's an opportunity to work as a team within our church as well the community. We all benefit from hosting on the same day and many people have commented on how much they enjoy the day in town. For Sale -----------------------------------------------------------• BYFIELD - The Byfield Community Arts Center would like you to join us as we celebrate six years of building community through and with the arts. On October 27 local favorite Damien Corcoran returns with some of his friends to bring some lively music to our stage Classically trained, Irish and Italian influenced, Damien presents an array of music that spans many styles from folk and pop to ballads and beyond. The Cat Cafe will be serving • • music starts at 8:00, there significant snacks and beer and wine will be available for purchase. Doors open at 7:30, is an amazing door prize and no cover charge! Raffles will be held throughout the evening. The BCAC, located at 7 Central Street in Byfield, is handicap accessible. For more information about this great night call 978-463-3335 or check our website at -----------------------------------------------------------GROVELAND - Simple Pleasure Cupcakes. Don’t have your next party or event without cupcakes! 11 delicious flavors including Whoopi Pie, M&M, Oreo, Pumpkin Spice and more! Build your own from a la carte menu. Call 978-223-7596 or visit and order on-line. Life is Sweet ……. Eat Cupcakes! -----------------------------------------------------------GROVELAND - Veasey Park will again host its annual fundraiser, the Wine and Art Reception, on Staurday November 3rd from 5-8PM. Tickets cost $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Included in the ticket price are unlimited food and beverages, as well as live entertainment featuring the Pentucket Jazz Ensemble. Guests will be able to browse and purchase from a broad selection of locally created art. Tickets can be purchased online from the Veasey Park website or from the Veasey office. For further information or to purchase tickets, contact: events@ (978) 521-9345 -----------------------------------------------------------HAMILTON - Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest has begun! Bring your personalized, painted, scary pumpkin to the Children's room to be part of the lineup to inspire others. Use paint, paper, feathers, sequins, felt, ribbon, etc. for decoration. No Carved Pumpkins will be accepted. Everyone wins a prize, judging is on Wed. Oct. 31. Hamilton-Wenham Public Library 978-468-5577 x20 -----------------------------------------------------------IPSWICH - Hand Bell Choir Performance on Wednesday November 14 at 7:30 p.m., The Meetinghouse Ringers of First Church in Ipswich will perform a concert at the Ipswich Library, 25 North Main Street. The eight members of this group directed by Lisa Palance range from high school age to retirement age. There is no charge or registration required for their concert which is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. 978-356-6648 -----------------------------------------------------------IPSWICH - It's New To Me! Charity Thrift Shop offers more and more unique items and cool stuff! Customers have commented that it is fun just to go to see all the interesting things, savings to be had, and friendly staff. The stores motto is: "Where customers become our best donors and donors become our best customers!" So, whether you are bringing in items to be sold or looking for savings and value, it is hard not to enjoy a visit to It's New To Me! Charity Thrift Shop, 77 Turnpike St. (Rt 1), Ipswich (978) 412-9499, Open Tues - Sat 10 AM - 5 PM. -----------------------------------------------------------IPSWICH - Ipswich Museum, 54 South Main Street, Ipswich, opens the Heard and Whipple Houses for regular guided tours beginning May 19 through October 27. Tours last approximately 45 minutes in each house. In the newly reinterpreted 1677 Whipple House, see how simply families lived in Ipswich during the 17th century. Conversely, in the 1800 Heard House, see other aspects of Ipswich history displayed through the Museum’s collections of Arthur Wesley Dow paintings, Chinese export porcelain, decorative furniture and objects, documents and changing art and history exhibits related to local history. The summer exhibit, Ipswich Women in the Arts, Mid-Seventeenth to Mid-Twentieth Centuries, spans four centuries of womens’ art and opens in early June. Museum tour hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10-4; last tour at 3:30. Fridays 12-4; last tour at 3:30. Saturdays 11-5; last tour at 4:30. Sundays 1-4; last tour at 3:30. Members free; non-members $7 for one house and $10 for both houses with entrance to special exhibits included in tour price. Call 978-356-2811 for more information or visit -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURY - Voters with questions about this year's ballot questions can get them answered just four days before the Nov. 6 election. An information night on the ballot questions will be held Friday, Nov. 2, 7-9 p.m., at the Firefighters Memorial Hall on Morgan Avenue, next to the Newbury Town Hall on High Road (Rt. 1A), sponsored by Move To Amend North Shore and the Social Action Committee, First Religious Society, Unitarian Universalist, Newburyport. Refreshments will be provided. For information about the event, contact John Harwood at -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT – Nature Photo Contest, Your nature scene can be on the cover of Newburyport Adult & Community Education’s W I N T E R Catalog. Deadline for submission is November 15 and winners will be announced on December 3. Fee: $20* per entry. Include a photograph & a short, short story (100 words max) about your nature scene. First place winner—the winning photograph will be on the cover of the Newburyport Adult & Community Education Winter Catalog**, & will receive a cash prize of $100 along with gift certificates. 2nd place winner – cash prize $50. and black & white reproduction inside the catalog**. 3rd place winner – cash prize $25. and black & white reproduction inside the catalog**. for more information **Winning Photos ideally will have a resolution of 300 to 350 ppi at 8” x 10”. Anything less than 300 ppi starts to degrade, and more than 350 ppi is overkill. -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - Atria Merrimack Place will be hosting their Annual Craft Fair on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 10 AM to 2 PM. We invite any crafters to call to reserve a table and the public to come enjoy some

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October 20–November 17 AAA Driver Training 49 Orchard Hill Road, North Andover 8:00 am–2:30 pm (Saturday only, 30 hrs)


December 22, 26, 27, 28 &29

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Letters To TheOctober Editor 24 - 30, 2012

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AAA Driver Training 49 Orchard Hill Road, North Andover 8:00 am–2:30 pm

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Saturday, October 27th

Drop in any time between 9am - 3pm Ongoing Demonstrations! • •

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Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:00 • Saturdays 9:00 - 3:00

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October 24 - 30, 2012

Letters To The Editor Community Announcements

stress-free holiday shopping and good food!85 Storey Ave, Newburyport 978-462-7324 -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - All are welcome aboard the 12th annual North Pole Express! Tickets are now on sale for the magical ride to the North Pole via the Immaculate Conception School's North Pole Express. The ride to visit Santa is set on Dec. 1. There will be five trains departing from the Newburyport Commuter Rail Station. The 70 minutes trip is a jam-packed journey, including games, hot cocoa and treats, letter writing to Santa, caroling and a rendition of "The Night Before Christmas." Rudolph, Frosty, the Christmas Mouse, Elves and Santa Claus will all be on hand to greet guests. The festivities include a visit to The Polar Village and Mrs. Claus' Bakery,  where gifts, books, novelties, sweets, and refreshments are also available.   Ticket price is $29.00 for all riders over the age of 1. Tickets can be purchased at -----------------------------------------------------------For NEWBURYPORT - “Behind the Scenes” Refuge Tour Held on the following Sale • days: Saturday, November, 3rd at 9:30am; Wednesday, November, 7th at 9:30am; Thursday, November, 15th at 1:00pm; Sunday, November, 18th at 1:00pm; and Wednesday, November, 28th at 9:30am. Join a refuge ranger for a behind the scenes tour of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Tour will be conducted via refuge van, with several brief “drive by” stops along the way. The tour will present an “up close and personal” look at the refuge through the multiple lenses of the cultural history of Plum Island and the Great Marsh, • native wildlife and their habitats, and the role of refuge • management in the conservation of these precious natural resources. Participants will be driven along areas on the refuge otherwise closed to the public. This guided two hour program is most appropriate for older teens and adults. Binoculars and/or a camera are recommended, but not required. Meet the ranger in the lobby of the refuge visitor center. Each session is limited to 10 participants; no more than 4 individuals per sign-up. Again, this is a mobile tour, with only one stop at the Lot 5 beach overlook. Advance registration is required for this program, as enrollment is limited. Be advised that individual tours may be subject to cancellation. *Please note: Those who call and leave messages after hours, your registration is not confirmed until having received a confirmation call back from a refuge staff member. Please call 978-465-5753; to register for this program. -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - Register today for the YWCA Greater Newburyport’s adult group swim lessons. Beginner and Intermediate level lessons are offered. Swim classes run from October 29 – December 22. Registration is ongong at the YWCA’s 13 Market Street facility. The Beginner lessons cover water safety and introduction to swim techniques. Class options are Tuesdays at 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM. or Wednesdays 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM. Intermediate lessons are for those who are able to swim 100 yards and looking to build basic stroke technique. Class options are Mondays at 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM or Thursday 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM For more information and registration forms, visit our website at or call 978-465-9922. -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - The Graf Rink, in cooperation with the Merrimack Valley Skating Club, is now accepting applications for its October and November Learn to Skate and Tiny Tots programs. Classes will run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Please visit for more detailed information such as class times and cost. Specialized classes focus on the basic fundamentals that are important for shaping both hockey and figure skating skills. Skaters have the chance to earn skill-badges throughout the 7-week series. Student to coach

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Charity Thrift Shop

“Where customers become our best donors, and donors become our best customers!” QualITy SecoNd HaNd . cool & uNIQue STuFF Including Furniture, Clothing, Household Items & More

Tue - Sat: 10:00am -5:00pm 77 Turnpike Rd, Ipswich, MA • 978-412-9499

The Pine Grove School PTA’s

FALL FEST ON THE COMMON Friday, October 26th, 6-8 PM Rowley Town Common

Sports Sports Sports Pets, Animals, Plus Health & Fitness

The Rowley Food Pantry NEEDS our help! Admission is FREE with a donation of an item for our Rowley Food Pantry.

PLEASE help us fill our giant pumpkin! Come dressed in your Halloween costumes and join us for some ROWLEY family fun:

* 978-948-8696 • • advertise@thetowncom

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Enjoy some FREE tasty treats and cider

* * * * *

Fun music and dance challenges coordinated by our DJ Tattoos and face painting Giveaways, prizes and more!

Bounce your way through this year’s inflatable obstacle course And new this year, treat bag decorating, sand art, pumpkin broom roll, pumpkin hula toss, a MYSTERY word challenge and more!

Rowley House of Pizza slices, hot dogs and sausages will be sold for $1.00. Bottled water will be available for $.50

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October 24 - 30, 2012

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To place an non-profit organization’s event in the Community Calendar for FREE, call 978-948-8696 or e-mail:

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together at Tanya Goudreau's home. For more information, contact Tanya WEDNESDAY MORNING The City of Amesbury has at BIRDING scheduled a public Seasonal Flu Clinic Join Joppa Flats Sanctuary Director for Thursday, October 25, 2012 from HAUNTED HOUSE Bill Gette and USFWS veteran David 4:00-7:00 at the Nicholas J. Costello October 26: . Ipswich 54 Community Calendar Continues . Museum, . 3DWHQWHG:HW%DVHPHQW6ROXWLRQV Weaver for this weekly birding fi eld Transportation Center located at 68 South Main Street, Ipswich, hosts its ZZZQKGU\EDVHPHQWFRP trip in the Newburyport/Plum Island Elm Street. All are welcomed and annual Haunted Halloween Party 2)) area. Appropriate for all birding encouraged to wear short sleeves and from 3:30 to 5 p.m. This fun event 2)) levels. Wednesday, October 24, 9:30 to bring health insurance cards. For features Halloween crafts, pumpkin am-12:30 pm Meet at the Joppa information about seasonal influenza decorating, scarecrow building, spooky Flats Education Center, One Plum and tips for protecting yourself storytelling, fall treats & more. And, Island Turnpike, Newburyport. $17. from the flu, fact sheets and other back by Popular Demand, the Ipswich 24 HR CENTRAL STATION MONITORING Preregistration is not required. Call useful information please visit www. Museum’s HAUNTED HOUSE. 00 As Low As $18. Monthly 978-462-9998 for information about Visit if you dare! Rain or Shine. Call Basic Home additional programs and events, or visit 978-356-2811 for more information Alarm System the Web site at www.massaudubon. PARANORMAL HIGH or visit org/joppaflats. The drama class at Bram-Stoker Cost: $5 per child. Basic Home System Includes: Act Now High School, home of the Fighting Keypad, 3 Door/Window Receive One Free TRIVIA NIGHT Tarantulas, wants to perform Macbeth. HAUNTED HOUSE Transmitters, 1 Motion Detector, Keon's Trivia Nights on Wednesday As they get into rehearsals, they scoff Fun, Treats, Costumes, and Stories. Smoke Detector Horn, Arm/Disarm Keyfob from 7 - 9, $2 off all menu items & about the curse of the Scottish play. But Friday, Oct. 26th, 5:00 7:00 p.m. All MA LIC # 444C gift certificate givaways. 258 Andover then strange things start happening in for free! First Congregational Church St., Georgetown 978-352-2900 the theater thanks to the ghosts of two of Rowley, 175 Main St, Rowley. actors from the 1920s. Thurs, Oct 25, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25th 7PM; Sat, Oct 27, 7PM; Sun, Oct 28, FAMILY HALLOWEEN DANCE 2PM at The Laurel Grange, 21 Garden Come dressed up with your kids IMAGINE, SING, AND LEARN: Street, West Newbury, MA Reserved and dance the night away to all the SHOREBIRDS ON THE BEACH Adult $14; Reserved Child / Senior Halloween classic tunes. This will be Active play and learning with $12; General Adult $12; General a fantastically fun event – great music, Great Cigars! Joppa Flats Teacher-Naturalist Lisa Child/Senior $10 For ticket purchases pizza, games and activities, hula hoops, Great Prices! Hutchings for pre-schoolers, ages 3 to visit - www.villagetheatrecompany. Dance Dance Revolution video game. 5, with a favorite adult. Choose one of org/Tickets_W4A6.html - You need Event is on Friday, October 26 from four sessions. Fee includes one adult not have a PayPal account, you may 5:30-7:30pm at the Ipswich YMCA and one child. Thursday, October pay purchase via credit card gymnasium. Cost is $20/family, Box Mania! 25, 10:00-11:30 am or 1:00-2:30 pm; adult caretaker must attend. All ages Come see our Friday, October 26, 10:00-11:30 am or FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26th welcome. Pre-register at Front Desk vast selection! 1:00-2:30 pm Meet at Mass Audubon’s or online. For more information Joppa Flats Education Center, One MOMMY AND ME PLAYGROUP contact Alexa Richards, Youth and A.B.C.NORTH CIGAR Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport. Come meet other Topsfield moms Family Director, at 978-312-4003, 16 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1) $15. Preregistration is required. Call to go for walks, have lunch, play Ipswich YMCA, 110 County Road, North Hampton, NH 03862 978-462-9998 for information about dates and playgroups, music/gym Ipswich, MA. additional programs and events, or visit classes, potlucks, day trips, movies and 603-964-7500 the Web site at www.massaudubon. other fun activities! Friday, October HALLOWEEN HAPPENINGS org/joppaflats. 26th, 10 am. Join us for our next get Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River


he Town Common SECURITY TEAM $449


Boston Newburyport Georgetown Groveland

Commuting From Topsfield Peabody Boxford

Plaistow Haverhill

Leave the Driving to US!


Contact your Advertising Downtown stops in Boston for your Commuting Convenience! Consultant today! Line Runs Foxwoods

7 days a week from P: 978-948-8696 • F: 978-948-2564 Portsmouth Newburyport Lawrence Charter motor coach services!

Contact your Advertising Consultant today!

P: 978-948-8696 • F: 978-948-2564 us on Facebook SAFE RELIABLE COMFORTABLE CLEAN AFFORDABLE CONVENIENT

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride!

October 24 - 30, 2012 Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield will hold its annual Halloween Happenings for families on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27. Join us for a safe, non-scary, fun-filled, guided family night walk through the forest to learn about the creatures of the night and explore some of the history and myths that surround Halloween. Children and adults are encouraged to come in costume, but dress warmly as you will be outdoors for about an hour. Allow about 1-1/2 hours total. Recommended for children ages 510, accompanied by an adult. The program begins in the barn with games and activities that will keep you entertained until your group goes out. Registration times: 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will greet participants at the end of the program. RAIN OR SHINE. Advance registration with payment is required. No walk-ins. FEE: $9.25 per person (adult or child) ($8.25/Mass Audubon members). To register, call 978-887-9264. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA First Parish Church of Newbury is pleased to present its Silent Movie & Live Music Series with a special screening of the 1925 classic, Phantom of the Opera on Friday, October 26 at 7:30pm. Tickets: $10.00 for adults / $5.00 for kids. Proceeds will support the Church's Organ Restoration fund. SINGLES DANCE Singles dance every Friday at Daniels Hall, Route 4, Nottingham, NH., 8 PM to 12. Dance is BYOB, casual dress, $12 admission, includes a free hot buffet and free drink set-ups. Bring your own liquor, Non alcoholic drinks are available. For more info visit: or call 603 942-8525. and events, or visit the Web site at Public Library and the Recreation and Facilities Departments of the Town of Ipswich. Children are invited to SATURDAY MORNING BIRDING wear their Halloween costumes to Join our experienced leaders in the performance. The author will a search for avian activity in the autograph copies of the book after Newburyport/Plum Island area. For the program and children may have beginners and birders of all skill levels. their photos taken with the ballerinas. Saturday, October 27, 9:00-11:30 Keith Carlson, the Public Fire and am Meet at Joppa Flats Education Life Safety Education Coordinator Center, One Plum Island Turnpike, for the Ipswich Fire Department, will Newburyport. Adults $10; Children also be in attendance with handouts ages 8 and up $7. No preregistration about Halloween safety. Visit the required. Call 978-462-9998 for library after the program, check out information about additional programs some books and pick up a memento of and events, or visit the Web site at the day – rubber ducks in Halloween costumes! Call the Children’s Room of the Ipswich Public Library at 978HALLOWEEN HAPPENINGS 412-8713 with any questions. Stop by See Details at Friday, October 26th. to pick a Gwendolyn the Graceful Pig coloring page and bookmark. ENERGY SAVINGS OPEN PUMPKIN FEST HOUSE Join Eastern Point Day School Atlantic Green Energy, Seabrook, for music, hayrides, face painting, NH (across from Walmart & Home pumpkin crafts, story telling, raffle, Depot on Rt 1) is offering an exciting artisan and food vendors on Saturday, "Drop-In Style" open house Saturday October 27th! This event is for all Oct 27 between 9am and 3pm. See ages and open to the public! 12:00 various energy saving models in pm - 4:00 p m at Eastern Point Day action such as solar panels, solar-to- School, 8 Farrington Avenue, East hot water systems, solar generators, Gloucester (across the street from specialized insulation displays, and Niles Beach) demonstrations of exciting interactive models! All day long, there will be ART SHOW energy solutions on display so just “Many small make a great.” John drop in and professionals can answer Heywood, Proverbes. A Great Art Show: questions such as how much money Miniature and small works in a variety can be saved, which is the most efficient of media by many of the area’s favorite system, and more. If you ever thought artists. October 27—November 17, of saving energy for your home, this is 2012 Opening reception , Saturday, the opportunity! If you want an exact October 27, 5-7:00 PM. Meet the figure on how much money you can artists, have some refreshments and save, bring in several energy bills and purchase some art. Free and open to they will calculate! Light refreshments the public. Partial list of artists: Diane served. (255 Lafayette Road, Rt 1) Ayott, Karen Jones, Mary Pollak, 603-474-2550 Sara David Ringler, W.E. Duke, David Stone, Connie Rossetti and Virginia GWENDOLYN THE DANCING Ann Holt. Post Road Framers Market PIG Basket Plaza, 225 Turnpike Rd. Rt 1., A dancing pig is the star of the show Rowley, M, W, F, Sat : 10 am - 6 pm, as author David Ira Rottenberg reads his T, Th: 10 am - 7 pm For additional book, Gwendolyn the Dancing Pig in information, please contact Post Road a special Halloween program hosted by Framers at 978-948-2710 or visit the Ipswich Public Library. Ballerinas from the North Shore Performing Arts Center join the author in this special HALLOWEEN TOUR reading and dance performance on The Georgetown Historical Society Saturday, October 27 at 11 a.m. in invites the public to attend their the Ipswich Town Hall Auditorium. upcoming tour of Union Cemetery The Town Hall is located at 25 Green on East Main Street (Route 133) Street. No registration is required in Georgetown. Halloween Tour: and the program is free to the public On October 27th and 28th, join thanks to the efforts of The Ipswich the Historical Society for look at Public Library, Friends of the Ipswich

Town Common SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27th

INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY Mass Audubon’s Camp Wildwood Director Bob Speare leads this workshop and field trip. Bring your camera and learn more about its capabilities, especially out in the wild. Saturday, October 27; 9:00 am–3:00 pm Meet at the Joppa Flats Education Center, One Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport. $70. Preregistration is required. Call 978-462-9998 for information about additional programs

y Community Newspaper

rolnBooks Bken Now Carrying New Books!

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Award Winning Restaurant Opens at 5 p.m. Bar Menu & Fine Dining Childcare Available Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays Located at the Garrison Inn 11 Brown Square, Newburyport

Award Winning Restaurant Opens at 5 p.m. Bar Menu & Fine Dining Childcare Available Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays Located at the Garrison Inn 11 Brown Square, Newburyport

Open to the public!

Casual Family Dining Trivia Wednesdays 7-9pm $2 Off All Menu Items & $100 CAsh PrIze!

ALL NEW BREAKFAST BUFFET! EVERY SUNDAY 9-1pm $14.95 PER PERSON (KIDS UNDER 10 $8.95) plus tax and gratuity Visit Our Website for Menu Details: 258 Andover St, Georgetown, MA 01833 • 978-352-2900

Palm and Card Reading a Specialty Everything you need to know...

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Open Year Round

Broken in Books • 317 Haverhill St Rowley • Rte 133 • 978-948-8400

Mrs. Helen Psychic Reader

Available for Parties and Social Gatherings Reading Private and Confidential

978-463-5424 978-994-8111 38 Cable Ave Salisbury, MA 01952

54 State Street Newburyport, MA 01950

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October 24 - 30, 2012


Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re here if you need us. Mark S. Amorosino, MD, MA Gastroenterologist Anna Jaques Hospital

And so are we. Ram Chuttani, MD

Director, Interventional Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Dr. Mark Amorosino has helped patients with a variety of digestive disorders at Anna Jaques Hospital. Thanks to a new collaboration, complex cases that need advanced diagnostics or treatments are referred to specialists like Dr. Ram Chuttani at the Digestive Disease Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, one of the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest digestive disease programs. This clinical affiliation allows the doctors to work in partnership with each patient from start to finish, and ensures that the transition between Boston and Anna Jaques is seamless. For patients, this means that world-class care starts and ends close to home.


Find-a-Physician: 978-463-1090

October 24 - 30, 2012

The Town Common

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Got Leaves?

Weekly Community Newspaper • ratio is kept low and classes are available for skaters age 3 through adult. All classes are taught by professional coaches who have been hired by North Shore Rink Management and who have successfully completed a comprehensive background screening process through the National Center for Safety Initiatives. Our next series of Learn to Skate • Leaf SluggerTM No-Clog Gutter Protection will begin late October. The Graf Rink offers private and semi-private skating lessons for all ages and levels of • Complete Water Management System skating! Private lessons are ideal for both hockey and figure skaters who are looking to polish their skating skills. • Free Inspection - Consultation - Quotes Please contact Nikki Roberts in the Graf Rink office for more information or send an email to nikki@grafrink. com. The Graf Rink will continue to hold daily Public Skating and Stick Time practices throughout the summer. Birthday party packages as well as advertising opportunities are also available. Please contact the rink at (978) 462-8112 or visit our website at for more information. -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - Belleville Roots Music Series presents a rock'n'roll, R&B, rockabilly concert/dance featuring JD McPherson at the Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High Street, Newburyport, MA on Friday, Nov. 16th at 8:00PM. Tickets are $25 in advance/ $30 day of/$10 for children 12 and under. For more information, please email: or visit: For more information, contact Diane Crofts (978)462-7226, or Marcia Samuelson (978)462-2280, marciasamuelson@ -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - Ham And Bean Supper Hosted by Bethany Masonic Lodge, will be held every first Saturday of the month (November 3) from 4:30 to 6 PM at 31 Green Street Newburyport cost is $8, children are free. Includes ham, 2 kinds of beans, hotdogs, brown bread, garden salad ,potato and egg salad, cole slaw, assorted desserts and drinks. -----------------------------------------------------------NEWBURYPORT - The Friends of the Newburyport Library reminds book lovers that their Spring Great Old 920 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, Nh (Route 1) Book Sale, the Great Old Book Sale, is coming very soon. Books can be donated starting Saturday, October 978-948-8696 • • advertise@thetowncommon.c 27 until Wednesday, October 31 at noon during Library open hours. If you need help getting your books to the Located Across From library, please call Amantha Moore at 978-462-8059, and she will coordinate a book pick up during the donation time. Please do not donate books before October 27th as there is no place at the library to store them. Volunteers are always needed to first sort and then sell books during this 8 day event. The volunteer sign-up book is in the lobby of the library as of Saturday, October 20 and new volunteers should plan to attend a training session Saturday, October 27 at either 10 am or 1 pm. Scouts and students needing community service hours are urged to volunteer. These twice-a-year sales are the main source of income for the Friends of the Library whose purpose is Open year-round Saturdays and Sundays to support the work of the Newburyport Public Library. Please help by donating books, records, CDs, and DVDs, (FREE ADMISSION) Call: (978) coming to the sale as a shopper and volunteering to help. The sale begins with Members Night on October 31st

Call Today!

Steve 978-335-2780



Seabrook Flea Market

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ROWLEY GRANGE NOTES… September supper popular Grange suppers started again with a Roast Pork on September 26th. We are now making plans for the October supper, to be Turkey Pie and to be held on October 24th. For reservations call 978948-2635 or 978-948-7288. Please give you name, the number of people in your party and the time of seating. To go dinners may also be reserved. The October supper is the last for this fall. With the November and December holidays falling near the 4th Wednesday of the month, and then the possibility of cold weather in January and February, the next supper will be in March of 2013. Suppers are always on the 4th Wednesday of the month in Sept., October, March, April, May, and June. State Grange Session Coming Up The Massachusetts State Grange Session will be October 25th to 28th. The session will be opened up on Thursday evening and business will be conducted during the 3 and ½ day session. It will close on Sunday with a Grange service and installation of officers that were elected during the session. . Rowley Grange is one of 4 Massachusetts Granges that have received the 2011 Distinguished Grange Award. State Master Matt Johnson will be at the National Grange Session in Idaho to accept the awards and bring them back to Massachusetts.


9AM to 6PM

Rowley Grange helps the community – won’t you join us? Rowley Grange, 29 Central St., P.O. Box 49, Rowley, MA 01969 Hall phone: 978-948-7288

Topsfield Fair Results Rowley Grange placed third in the Grange booth competition. This year our theme was Local Farms, Local Food. The display encouraged people to purchase foods from the local farms stands near their home for the freshest foods. Grange member, Kelly Herrick, placed 8th in the tractor pulling contest and congratulations go out to her. This is the 3rd year that she has entered. She also won a number of prizes in the vegetable division. Scholarship Winners Doing Well We’ve received word that our scholarship winners are doing well at the colleges of their choice. While we miss them, we are pleased that they are doing well. Wreaths Across America To Be Back Rowley Grange has received notice that we will again welcome the Wreaths Across America group, and feed them lunch at the Topsfield Fair in early December. We are pleased, that even though the group says they never go the same place two years in a row, that they will be coming back to the Topsfield Fair Grounds. The Fairgrounds has plenty of space to park the big truck rigs, and parking for all attendees. Last year, the widow of General Patton (the son of WWII General George Patton) attended the event.


Oct. 24 – Turkey Pie Supper, 5 to 7 p.m. (see below)

Bob Davidson, Project Manager Oct.Contact: 25th-28th – State Grange Session in Boxborough, MA • 978-948-8696

Nov. 7th77 – Turkey shoot, 7:30Street, meeting Rowley, MA 01969 Wethersfield Nov. 21st – Skits Night, 7:30 meeting SUPPER NOTES: Reservations are encouraged. Call 978948-2635 or 978-948-7288. Give your name, number in your party and the time of seating. To go dinners are also available. Reservations provide a $1 off your supper.

Want to Know More Granges in MA? Go to and click on the State Grange News link at the right bottom of the page. You’d be surprised what we are up to. The News is published once a month, at the beginning of the month. Or better yet, come visit Rowley Grange at one of our regular meetings, held at 7:30 on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Elvis Visits Rowley Grange Those who attended our Halloween Party on the 17th had a great time, and were treated to a special entertainment. Elvis sang selections from his 1969 Farewell tour. A costume parade was held and all participants received thank you tokens. Refreshments were served at the end of the evening.

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October 24 - 30, 2012

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and ends on $2/Bag Day, Saturday, November 3. -----------------------------------------------------------ROWLEY - The Myopia Hunt Club will be coming to Rowley for their historical ride through our countryside on Thursday, November 8, 2012 from 1 to 3 p.m. -----------------------------------------------------------ROWLEY - Book Club Meets November 1 - Join us on Thursday November 1 at 6:30 at the Rowley Public Library as the Rowley Library Book Club discusses Francisco Goldman’s book, Say Her Name, a haunting story of Winter Classes - 2013 love and loss. The author’s moving tribute to his love affair with his wife and her tragic death has been described 7 Saturday Mornings 9:00am - 1:30pm as “a beautiful act of remembrance” and “quietly devastating.” Don’t miss this one – pick up your copy today at the library! For more information, call the Rowley Library at 978-948-2850. Januar y 12 th to Februar y 16 th R e s e r Largest v e y o u r s eIndependent a t . . . S i g n u p N O W. .. go online he North Shore’s Community Newspaper ROWLEY - Rowley Historical Society is collecting recipes for a new 2014 publication of its 1994 cookbook. This will be both an updated and totally new version of the book. We will not only feature wonderful, tried and true recipes from town of Rowley citizens but also remembrances and anecdotes that will complement each recipe. Plus, we will include only those recipes from our 1994 Rowley Historical Society Cookbook of Rowleyites that have passed on but we have not forgotten. This project is how The Historical Society is keeping our past alive and always part of the current and future Society in Rowley. We look forward to working with your recipes in all areas of food preparation: Appetizers, Salads, Soups, Main Dishes, Breads, Desserts, Cakes, Cookies, Drinks & Punches, Relishes, & Candy Please remember to put your name and telephone number or e-mail on your submission just in case we have questions. We, Thank you and appreciate your participation in this project, we feel it will be a wonderful addition to everyone's culinary library when it is finished. The recipes can be dropped off at the Town Clerk Sue Hazen's office at Rowley Town Hall Open 7 Days or e-mailed to me directly at or sent to me, Diane McMahon C/o Rowley Historical Society, 233 Main St., Rowley, Ma. 01969 -----------------------------------------------------------ROWLEY - Feel like a Basket Case? Prove it!! The Friends of the Rowley Public Library are kicking off our first Holiday Basket Raffle. We need your help to collect some exciting prizes. Please contribute a basket of goodies with a regular retail value of at least $50. It can include your own products or other fun items related to a specific theme. They might be gifts for Christmas, Hanukah or New Year’s. They might be the tools to start a new hobby or keep a resolution. Take this opportunity to highlight your group’s products or services and promote awareness of your 948-8696 • • organization. All baskets donated will be on display(along with your organization’s name and contact information) at the Rowley Public Library from November 24 to December 15.Donorswill be included in all advertising and receive a tax deduction receipt. Raffle tickets will be sold at the Library starting November 24. The drawing will be on December 15 at a reception at the Rowley Public Library. Come enjoy some snacks and see who wins your basket!! Interested in donating? Email baskets@rowleylibrary.orgfor more information. Can't find the time? Not Personalized lessons in your home. feeling creative? Donate items alone or just make a monetary donation and tell us your theme. Our team of basketeers will create a masterpiece for display. All money raised will go to fund programs at the Rowley Library like the Summer Reading Program, kids’ yoga, author readings, the monthly book club and more!

The Town Common

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Receive incentive award points towards vehicle purchases, service repairs, parts and accessories. See dealer for details







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103 Macy Street, Amesbury, MA 01913 call us: (888) 701.6754

October 24 - 30, 2012 Continued from page 7

Georgetown’s macabre history at their Third Annual Halloween “Tragedies and Tombstones” tour of Union cemetery. Learn about Georgetown’s witches, ghosts, and tragic deaths. Admission is $5. Tours last about an hour. For more information, contact the Georgetown Historical Society at info@georgetownhistoricalsociety. com. TRITON IS HAUNTED! A collaborated fund raising Event, held at Triton Regional High School and Middle school, to Benefit the new Triton Stadium Project - construction scheduled to begin Spring 2013. Triton is Haunted begins at 3pm Saturday October 27th, with a Costume parade, led by members of the Triton High School Marching Band starting at 4pm, with prizes for Best costumes. It’s going to be exciting and scary, and we hope to see everyone there to raise money for the school and community to share our new Stadium! For information, contact: or call Susan Moran at 978-465-4164 or Jane O’Keefe at 978-430-5252. See you at this fantastic community event that we will all be proud to be a part of! PARANORMAL HIGH See Thursday, October 25th.

will support educational enrichment programs at the nock Middle School of Newburyport. To buy tickets online visit . For more information email organizer Elizabeth Rose at or visit the Long Way Home website at To view a video of last year’s show visit the youtube address of IOr0Xe4pifM BYFIELD CAT CAFE The Byfield Community Arts Center would like you to join us as we celebrate six years of building community through and with the arts. On October 27 local favorite Damien Corcoran returns with some of his friends to bring some lively music to our stage Classically trained, Irish and Italian influenced, Damien presents an array of music that spans many styles from folk and pop to ballads and beyond. The Cat Cafe will be serving significant snacks and beer and wine will be available for purchase. Doors open at 7:30, music starts at 8:00, there is an amazing door prize and no cover charge! Raffles will be held throughout the evening. The BCAC, located at 7 Central Street in Byfield, is handicap accessible. For more information about this great night call 978-463-3335 or check our website at

protections? The Newburyport Preservation Trust cordially invites you to hear and see a compelling answer. Author and architect Jonathan Hale will speak at the Custom House Maritime Museum on “Newburyport is a Work of Art”. The lecture is scheduled for Sunday, October 28th, 2012. His presentation will be a practical guide, illustrated Weekly Community with photographs he has taken of Newburyport during the 40 years

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Life’s Questions. Many. Life’s answer. jesus christ. coMe and see... it is true...!

The Town Common ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Crossroads Community Church

God’s Heart & Hands in Our Community and Beyond God’s Heart & Hands In Our Service, Community And Beyond Contemporary Worship Sundays, 11:00 AM

Turnpike Rd/Route 1, Ipswich, MA 01938 Newspaper • (Tri-City Sales plaza, n. of Linebrook Rd) ~ 978-356-1800

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50 Portsmouth Ave, Stratham, NH 03885 ph (603) 772-9378 | fax # 603-772-5565

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th HAUTE COUTURE COMES AGAIN Haute Couture will soon take to BREAKFAST BUFFET-EVERY a Newburyport runway where the SUNDAY 9-1pm, Fresh Fruit Salad, Scrambled fashions, as in all fashion shows, will Eggs, Home Fried Potatoes, Sausage & wow and surprise. Eighteen area designers have once again taken up Bacon, Carved Ham, Omelet Station, the “waste challenge” in order to create Make Your Own Waffles, Coffee & fashionable and functional clothing Tea-$14.95 per person and kids under from throw-away materials for the 10 $8.95 per person. Also Available A event scheduled for Saturday, October La Carte- Grand Marnier, Apple & 27 at Nicholson Hall, 7 Harris St., Walnut, Cinnamon & Blueberry and Newburyport from 7 PM to 9 PM. Strawberry & Banana French Toast, The show is being sponsored in part by Eggs Benedict (3 different ways), the local waste management company Pancakes, Hash & Eggs, Breakfast Wheelabrator of North Andover, MA. Sandwiches and Lunch Items featuring It will be a Zero Waste event due to the Baked Haddock, Steak Tips, Meatloaf donated services of organics hauler, and much more! Georgetown - Keon's Black Earth Haulers of Gloucester, at the Black Swan Country Club 258 MA. The textile recycling company Andover St. 978-352-2900 Eco Smith of Londonderry, NH will park a truck to receive textile WHY ITS ARCHITECTURE IS North Shore’s Largest Independent Community Newspaper donations at the Mayor’s Health Fair RARE AND IRREPLACEABLE You may have heard over the past at Newburyport City Hall from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, October months the question: Why does 27. Proceeds from the textile drive Newburyport need historic building

test drive a car and register for a Free car on Dec. 20, someone will win! everyone will win something! See staff for details.

The Town Common BDriver AYSTATE DRIVING ACADEMY Education at its Finest NEXT ClASS STARTS NOVEMBER 5th Meets Mondays & Tuesdays 6-9pm (5 Weeks)

Christmas Vacation Accelerated Class Starts December 26th - Five Day Class 9:00am to 4:00pm $$ WINTER SpECIAlS - SAVE $$ Call now for more information. payment plan Available. Tel: 978-463-9600 191 ElM STREET, SAlISBURY

0% Financing Available on Select Cars! Leases with $2,995 cash or trade down all rebates to dealer.

USED CAR SPECIALS Specials of the Week

SaleS Mon-thur - 8:30am-8:00pm Fri- 8:30-6:00p • Sat: 9:00am-5:00p Sun: 11:00am-4:00pm Service Mon - Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm Sat 9:00am-1:00pm Sun: close PartS Mon - Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm Sat 9:00am-1:00pm Sun: closed

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Consultation to Project Completion

. Carpentry . Masonry . Landscaping . Roofing . Basements . Water Entry

. All Phases of Construction . Commercial/Residential of . All Maintenance Work . All Types of Restorations . Free Initial Consultation . Project Management “In the Field” Experience PROPERTY MANAGEMENT/CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION All Types of Property Repairs


Vincent A. Iafrate, G.C.


he has visited and admired our city. Mr. Hale looks forward to answering your questions and to meeting you during the reception following his presentation. Presentation: 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Reception follows. $10.00 donation requested at the door. For more information on this and other Newburyport PreservationTrust events, visit PARANORMAL HIGH See Thursday, October 25th.


Consultation to Project Completion

. Carpentry . Masonry . Landscaping . Roofing . Basements . Water Entry


. All Phases of Construction . Commercial/Residential of . All Maintenance Work . All Types of Restorations . Free Initial Consultation . Project Management “In the Field” Experience Kathryn O’Brien, M.Ed. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT/CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION Line: All TypesDirect of Property Repairs 978-465-1322

Email: Vincent A. Iafrate, G.C. (617)835-3550 Website:

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October 24 - 30, 2012 for children 12 & under with an adult, can enjoy crafts, games & treats. Sponsored by the Hampton Beach Village District Beautification FRENCH CHORAL & ORGAN Committee. For more info or to help MUSIC out with this fun event, contact Linda Come to the First Religious Society Gebhart at 929-3850. in Newburyport for a delightful afternoon of French choral music. MONDAY, OCTOBER 29th Sunday, October 28 at 4pm at 26 Pleasant Street, Newburyport. The CREEPY CRAFTS FOR TEENS chorale will present music in a variety Attention teens and tweens: Drop of styles, culminating in Charles by the Teen Loft after school to make Gounod’s rarely-heard masterpiece, a free monster bookmark! October 29 the “Choral Mass,” a dramatic and | 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Please contact beautiful work for choir and organ, Jessica Hilbun, Teen Services Librarian, based on an ancient church melody. with any questions at 978-465-4428 The program will feature north shore ext. 246. organist Frederick A. MacArthur, playing the church’s newly restored WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31st 1834 pipe organ. Suggested donation of $15. WEDNESDAY MORNING BIRDING HAUNTED FIREHOUSE Join Joppa Flats Sanctuary Director Haunted Firehouse, Sunday Oct Bill Gette and USFWS veteran David 28 from 5:30-7:30 at the century Weaver for this weekly birding field old HBVD Firehouse, 64 Ashworth trip in the Newburyport/Plum Island Ave, Hampton Beach. Event is free area. Appropriate for all birding levels. Wednesday, October 31, 9:30 am-12:30 pm Meet at the Joppa Flats Education Center, One Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport. $17. Preregistration is not required. Call 978-462-9998 for information about additional programs and events, or visit the Web site at www.massaudubon. org/joppaflats. HALLOWEEN TOUR See Saturday, October 27th.

TRIVIA NIGHT Keon's Trivia Nights on Wednesday from 7 - 9, $2 off all menu items & gift certificate givaways. 258 Andover St., Georgetown 978-352-2900

LEE’S FLEA MARKET & SWAP MEET Saturday & Sunday Nov. 10th & 11th ALL VENDORS WELCOME:

This lovely home in Wenham is a prime example of Kathryn’s expert service and unique knowledge of the real estate market: the home had previously been unsuccessfully listed for over 2 years by other realtors. Kathryn made these Sellers happy by putting the home under agreement in one day … for $85,000 more than the listing price! Challenge Kathryn to do the same for you!

Let Kathryn O’Brien’s knowledge and 25 years of experience work for you. Contact her today and experience the difference!



Vendor Gate Open Both Days at 6:00 AM Public - Gate Open Both Days at 7:00 AM RAIN OR SHINE * FREE PARKING Vendor Fee (1) Day: $15.00 Vendor Fee (2) Days: $25.00 On the grounds of the Lee Speedway

Route 125 at 380 Calef Highway, LEE, NH 03824 OFFICE 978-462-4252 Fax 978-462-0769 Send us your information to be on our mailing list at:

October 24 - 30, 2012

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Sports Pets,

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Rowley Pharmacy, Inc.

Fast Friendly Service Accepting most third party plans CVS Caremark $10 Generic RX Program

Not Just a Pharmacy, Specialty Gifts For All Your Needs!

Times Change, Service Doesn’t Have To

169 Main Street, Rowley, MA 01969 . 978-948-2208

StClair_NbptMagAd_3/11_v.2:Layout 1 3/3/11 2:23 PM Page 1

FULL-SERVICE DENTAL GROUP PRACTICE Cosmetic, Family, General & Advanced Dentistry

J. Peter St.Clair, DMD General Dentistry

E. Charles Beliveau, DDS General Dentistry

Leonard H. Strauss, DMD


194 High Street, Newburyport 978.465.5358 We offer all phases of dental care to meet your individual needs. Clean, modern facilities • Financing available

Periodontics - Implants

Complimentary 30 minute consultation or second opinion.

North Andover 978.687.5900 | Rowley 978.948.2030 |



Animals, October Plus 24 - 30, 2012

Health & Fitness

Brighter Smiles...

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Fall Special All Large Yankee Candle Ja rs Only $16.99

Six Month Smiles


Typically, fall and winter tend to be my heaviest time for continuing education. What is continuing education for a dentist? It is a must. As in any profession, learning never stops. If you stop learning, you halt growth both professionally and personally. Dentistry offers continuing education in every aspect of the profession. Dentists can learn everything from new techniques in “filling” teeth to using Botox. In the next month I am travelling to Detroit to learn some new surgical techniques, New Jersey to learn a different way to do root canals, and Arizona for a refresher course on treatment planning and communication with patients. Travelling and being away from home is not my favorite part of this learning process, but you have to go where the information is. In the 18 years of continuing my education, I have taken courses that have been career changing and others that were of no interest to me. Recently I was in Indianapolis for an orthodontic

course entitled ‘Six Month Smiles’. Many adult patients are unhappy with crooked teeth. Some of them may have had braces when they were younger and didn’t wear their retainers and others may have never had braces but always wanted straighter teeth. I have numerous adult patients who are currently in braces with an orthodontist. I also have many patients that are not willing to make the commitment to wear metal brackets in their mouth for 2 or more years. A few years ago I took a course for Invisalign. This is a system that uses scanned impressions of the mouth and provides a series of digitally produced removable clear trays called aligners. The patient wears the trays 24 hours a day and is only supposed to remove them to eat and brush their teeth. The trays are changed every 2 weeks and with each change the teeth are moved. The intended end result is straight teeth. Treatment time depends on the complexity of the movement desired. In my experience, treatment usually takes a year or more. I have had my frustrations with Invisalign. Certain movements of teeth can be unpredictable. In addition, because the patient can remove the trays, there is a compliance issue. I limited the cases I did to patients who I knew would be compliant and had relatively easy tooth movements. Six Month Smiles is a system that

I am using to replace Invisalign. It uses clear braces and a white wire so they are barely noticeable from speaking distance. And, the patient can’t take them off so it makes the movements more predictable in that regard. Why is it called Six Month Smiles? Treatment is usually completed in 6 months with a range from 4-8 months. These are considered cosmetic braces. That means that their purpose is to treat the patient’s chief complaint, which is usually crooked front teeth. It does not change the bite relationship and is not intended for people with bite issues. The system is absolutely NOT a replacement for traditional orthodontics in most cases. Traditional orthodontics should always be discussed and considered. However, this is the perfect solution for many adults. If you wish your front teeth were straight, don’t have gum disease, and don’t have any significant bite issues, this system may be for you. Email me some questions so I can write the answers to them in a future column. Dr. St. Clair maintains a private dental practice in Rowley and Newburyport dedicated to health-centered family dentistry. If there are certain topics you would like to see written about or questions you have please email them to him at You can view all previously written columns at

October 24 - 30, 2012

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-----------------------------------------------------------SALISBURY - Do Evil Spirits Lurk in Your Home? Clean the skeletons out of your closets, basement, and garage. Come to Salisbury’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. How Can I Safely Transport These Hazardous Materials??? Leave materials in original containers. Tighten caps and lids. Sort and pack separately: oil paint, pesticides, and household cleaners. Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes. NEVER MIX CHEMICALS. NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous material. Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 9:00AM – 12:00PM (rain or shine) Town of Salisbury DPW 39 Lafayette Rd, for all Salisbury Residents. --------------------------------------------------SALISBURY - The Pettengill House is seeking donations of food to help stock the pantry shelves. The holidays are quickly approaching, but the Pettengill House food pantry shelves are bare. As more and more families are in need of assistance, Pettengill relies on the community to help meet the increasing demand. The most needed items arepeanut butter and jelly, canned pasta and stews, spaghetti sauce, tuna and canned chicken, macaroni and cheese, soups, school snacks, and juice boxes. Please visit for a complete list of needed items. Beginning in November, the Pettengill House will also be accepting community donations to support the annual Thanksgivings Meals program. Needed items will include turkeys, stuffing, gravy, canned or fresh vegetables, potatoes, canned or fresh fruit, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pies. If you are interested in organizing a food drive for the Pettengill House, please contact Mary Morse, Program Coordinator at or (978) The North Shore’s Largest Independent Community Newspape 463-8801 for more information. As always, monetary donations are also greatly appreciated. Please make checks payable to The Pettengill House, Inc., P.O. Box 5551, 13 Lafayette Road, Salisbury, MA 01952. --------------------------------------------------SALISBURY - The Civil War Roundtable of the Merrimack will meet at 7:30 PM on Wednesday November 14 th at our new location, the East Parish Methodist Church, Salisbury Square (route 1), Salisbury, MA. Mike Schroder will speak on “Female Spies in Blue and Grey.” Admission is free and anyone with an interest in America’s Civil War is invited to attend. For more information visit our web page or call Tom at (978) 462-8518. --------------------------------------------------SALISBURY - The Salisbury Lions Club is participating as a Community Partner in Anton’s Cleaners Coats for Kids winter-coat collection drive. As a Community Partner, the Salisbury Lions Club is collecting gently used, warm winter coats and winter jackets (infants to adults, all sizes) to assist Anton’s Cleaners in reaching its goal to collect 60,000 good, quality coats – the kind someone would give to a friend – in this, the 18th anniversary of Coats for Kids. The 2012 - 2013 Campaign kicks off now and will continue through January 12, 2013, Coats may be dropped off at the Salisbury Senior Center, 43 Lafayette Road ( US Route 1); Tom’s Discount Store, 175 Elm Street (SR 110); Wash & Wags, 8 Beach Road (route 1A). Please let them know the coats are for the Coats for Kids Program. Once collected, the coats will be delivered to Anton’s Cleaners to be cleaned at no charge and distributed through distribution partners such as Massachusetts Community Action Programs, Salvation Army, BUMC Outreach Van Project, and Catholic Charities, among others, who will insure that coats get to those who cannot afford one during the cold winter months. Anton’s Cleaners is a family owned business with 43 stores in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. --------------------------------------------------TOPSFIELD - Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan is here! Come find out what the buzz is all about! Highest Quality Care Ledgewood The best furniture paint in the world; no sanding, no stripping , no priming…no kidding! This paint sticks to most Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Quality Award Recipient anything: concrete, metal, brick, laminate, plastic, wood and much more! This is a great introduction to Chalk Paint and perfect for someone that has never or minimally used Chalk Paint. This is a hands-on workshop and Advanced Clinical Specialities you will be painting and waxing on pieces of wood molding creating different painting techniques and applying clear and dark waxes. You will leave this class with a concrete understanding of different Chalk Paint and waxing techniques. All supplies will be provided. Some Like it old...Some Like it new... Call for info/details on these fun and exciting workshops. 30 Main Street, Topsfield 978-561-1462 Bring that new furniture back to life...and have fun doing it! --------------------------------------------------Ledgewood Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center WEST NEWBURY - Save the Date! Friday November 9th NEER North's 3rd Annual Silent Auction Tickets $30 87 Herrick Street, Beverly, MA 01915 in advance $45 after Nov 2nd At the Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown. All proceeds benefit the rescue 978-921-1392 horses at New England Equine Rescue - North, Inc (NEER North) an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit located in West Newbury. Visit the website for a preview of items and to learn more about our mission --------------------------------------------------WEST NEWBURY - On Saturday November 3rd Laurel Grange #161 is holding its annual Holiday Fair from 9am to 2pm. There will be a bake sale table, handmade knitted goods, and many craft items for sale. So come on in and start your Christmas shopping early. If you are interested in renting a table the cost is $20 and you can contact Jackie Carter at 978-352-2986 or email me at The grange hall is located at 21 Garden Street, West Newbury.

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a professional Marketing / Advertising Consultant to join our sales team. • Earn generous commissions and residuals while enjoying your freedom to work independently. • Growth Company • No cap on earnings • Quality Leads • Supportive Team • This is a great opportunity for an individual that wants to maintain a flexible schedule and earn a great income. To arrange an interview, send your resume to: admin@ or call 978.948.8696

EssEx County Dog training Club, inC. all training is on now on tuEs nights We offer: PuPPy, Basic oBedience, Rally Run-thRus, & all levels of Competition tRaining with uKC / aKC Judge Ms linda mChugh

RegisteR today: (978) 463-3647 or info@ECDTC.nET

Jack Cook’s Rubbish Service Affordable Weekly Pickup and Extra Services

~ Fall Clean-Out ~ 84 Main St., Rowley, MA 978-948-7228

IN-HOME SENIOR CARE Companionship, meals, errands, housekeeping, Senior Homecare by Angels! hygiene & respite. You Choose Your Caregiver

978-948-8696 from our experienced staff!• p Experienced Caregivers Welcome to Apply Call 978-462-6162 • advertise@thetown

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October 24 - 30, 2012

October 24 - 30, 2012 For Sale

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Real Estate • For Sale What is in an Inspection? • Sports Sports Sports By John McCarthy,•Rowley Realty

Over the past few weeks I have been to a number of home inspections which is a good thing, market is active and homes are selling. Very simply, a house is the single largest investment most individuals will ever make. To bypass a home inspection makes little sense when so much of your future is on the line. If you are a first time buyer or one who isn’t educated on the ins and outs of a home, a home inspection has proven to be a positive and educational experience for prospective home buyers. A licensed home inspector can give you a measure of protection from unpleasant surprises and allow you to make an informed decision about your purchase. The purpose of an inspection is to determine the condition of a property at the time of purchase. It is NOT a vehicle to open up negotiations with a seller. Many buyers look at an inspection as just that, a way to get the price of the home lower. A good home inspector will point out items that need attention right now and ones that you should be aware of in the future. As I mentioned before a good home inspector can point out items a homeowner should know. Here are a few things that home inspections cover and just as importantly don’t cover: General Issues: • Serious deficiencies. A roof that isn’t leaking but has little life left will be noted. • Minor deficiencies. A missing gutter downspout or a ceiling fan that isn’t secure. • Age and life expectancy of major components. No way to know how long a roof will last but if it is the original roof from 1990 and shingles are guaranteed for 25 years you know how long you can expect.

Positive aspects of the home. Hopefully your home inspector will tell you what he/she likes about the home and why. “The basement shows no signs of water and boiler has been well maintained.” • Maintenance and safety information. “The reset button for the boiler is here and the shut off for oil is here” Exterior Issues: • Grading and drainage of the property • Stability of porches and decks • Windows sills, doors and headers • Fascia, soffits and gutters. • Roof, flashings, vents and chimneys • Garages and outbuildings Interior Issues: • Foundation walls, wood rot, termite/insect damage. • Electrical service and wiring • Plumbing and fixtures • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation • Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows • Attic insulation and ventilation A home inspection does NOT include a number of things. Well water and radon measurements are only included by request (and usually at an extra cost). Inspections of pools spas and air conditioners in the winter months are not done. Septic inspections are done by a licensed Title V inspector not your home inspector. Home inspectors are not, under any circumstances, allowed to quote repair costs or give you their opinion of value (an appraisal for example) for the home. Typically an inspection takes between 2 and 4 hours and includes an examination of all the major systems

such as roofing, structural, exterior and interior components, appliances that are staying with the house, electrical, heating/air conditioning, insulation and plumbing. When the inspection is finished you will receive a report outlining what the inspector found (most reports are now emailed to within 24 hours). Buyers should always be in attendance during the inspection as often times the paper report itself looks worse than the actual issue. For example, many reports have line items next to each part of the inspection. Under “Plumbing” the home inspector would check off “unsatisfactory” when all that is needed is a fix to a leaking faucet. If you were in attendance you would know that it is a simple fix. Your home inspection is a great opportunity to get an experienced set of eyes on the home you have chosen. You can also get an idea as to what items you should be on the lookout for in the future. As a homeowner there is always something around the corner that needs to be fixed, knowing what some of these items are in advance certainly helps. If you have any questions about this article, real estate in general or are looking to buy or sell a home please contact me, John McCarthy at Rowley Realty, 165 Main St., Rowley, MA 01969, Phone: 978 948-2758, Cell 978 835-2573 or via email at

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The Town Comm

Health & Fitness

Our Featured Property of the Week ROWLEY: Lots of new features in this 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home. New second floor with spectacular bathroom, high end whirlpool tub, separate shower and nice finishes. Newer living room with slider to patio and flat backyard. New Listing! Insulated outbuildings are 30’x16’ and 25’x15’ and can be used as garages or workshops for the hobbiest. Convenient location for a walk to downtown, the Town green or elementary school, and a short ride to the commuter rail. Offered at $359,900. Call John at 978-835-2573 for more information or to make an appointment to see this home.

ROWLEY REALTY 165 Main St., P.O. Box 101, Rowley, MA 01969 Phone 978-948-2758 • Fax 978-948-2454

11, 2012!

2008, 2009, 2010, 20

Site Work excavation contractorS Septic tankS & SyStem contractorS container Service

Sold Single Family Homes

Address, Town



List Price Sold For Orig Price

3 Viking St, Salisbury 5 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 0 $129,900 $120,000 $129,900 15 Portsmouth Rd, Amesbury 5 room, 2 bed, 1f 0h bath Cape 21 $135,000 $135,000 $135,000 11 Boie Ave, Amesbury 3 room, 1 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 52 $145,000 $138,000 $145,000 63 High St, Amesbury 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 27 $173,250 $173,250 $173,250 94 Boxford Rd, Rowley 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 73 $199,000 $215,000 $199,000 45 Whitehall Rd, Amesbury 6 room, 2 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 290 $174,900 $175,000 $199,900 3 Echo Ave, Gloucester 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Colonial 88 $249,900 $230,000 $249,900 5 Butler Ave, Gloucester/Magnolia 5 room, 2 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 250 $255,000 $255,000 $329,900 4 Mortimer Rd, East Boxford 8 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Contemporary 126 $339,000 $280,000 $339,000 2 Caroline Dr, Salisbury 7 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Cape 102 $339,000 $321,600 $339,000 12 Western Ave, Hamilton 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Colonial 318 $339,000 $324,900 $339,000 135 Georgetown Rd, East Boxford 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Ranch 28 $359,900 $340,000 $359,900 191 Forest St, South Hamilton 7 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Cottage 161 $335,500 $322,000 $360,000 1 Lufkin St, Essex 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 24 $369,000 $365,000 $369,000 69 Bond St, Gloucester 7 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 105 $364,000 $344,000 $374,900 116 Bare Hill, East Boxford 9 room, 4 bed, 4f 0h bath Antique 46 $399,000 $375,000 $399,000 78 Maple St, Wenham 7 room, 4 bed, 2f 0h bath Cape 120 $399,900 $387,500 $419,900 27 Elizabeth St, Amesbury 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Cape 416 $389,000 $385,000 $422,500 28 Fox Run Rd, Topsfield 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Ranch 78 • F: $449,000 $415,000 $449,000 P: 978-948-8696 978-948-2564 2 Tallyshire Rd, Groveland 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 88 $514,900 $510,000 $514,900 3 Lillian Dr, Ipswich 8 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 397 $519,900 $515,000 $534,900 53 Campmeeting Rd, Topsfield 9 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Gambrel /Dutch 114 $539,000 $510,000 $599,000 22 Spring Hill Rd, Merrimac 12 room, 4 bed, 4f 0h bath Colonial 185 $574,800 $550,000 $599,900 66 Wildmeadow Rd, Boxford 9 room, 4 bed, 4f 1h bath Contemporary 18 $621,200 $540,000 $621,200 19-19A Marmion Way, Rockport 10 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Victorian 75 $689,000 $650,000 $689,000 6 22nd St, Newbury/Plum Island 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Cottage 36 $699,000 $629,000 $699,000 6 Hilltop Dr, Wenham 12 room, 5 bed, 4f 1h bath Colonial 126 $729,000 $705,000 $769,000 16 Tremont St U:0, Newburyport 8 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Antique 153 $795,000 $795,000 $795,000 Single Family Listings: 28 Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 2,052.07 Avg. List$: $400,930 Avg. List$/SqFt: $202 Avg. DOM: 125.61 Avg. Sale$: $382,330 Avg. Sale$/SqFt: $194 2012 MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

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October 24 - 30, 2012

(EXAMPLE: 20 FT = $180.00)

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You're eager to Ram headfirst into that new project. But before you do, find out why some of your colleagues might not appear to be as gung-ho about it as you are. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) All that dedicated hard work you've been putting in pays off better than you expected. So go ahead, reward yourself with something befitting a beauty-loving Bovine. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) It's a good time to take on that new challenge. And if your self-confidence is sagging, instead of telling yourself why you can't do it, list all the reasons why you can. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) This is one time when you might want to put some distance between you and the job at hand. It will give you a better perspective on what you've done and still need to do. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Resist that occasional lapse into Leonine laziness that sometimes overtakes the Big Cat. Don't cut corners. Do the job right at this time, or you might have to redo it later. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) You know how you like to do things. And that's fine. But watch that you don't impose your methods on others. A current financial crunch soon eases. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Someone might try to take advantage of your generosity. But before your sensitivity toward others overwhelms your good sense, check his or her story out carefully. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your strong Scorpian sense of fairness lets you see all sides of a dispute. Continue to remain impartial as you help each person work through his or her particular grievance. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Trust your keen Sagittarian insight to help you see through an offer that might not be all it claims. A closer look could reveal disturbing elements. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) With the Goat exhibiting a more dominant aspect these days, you could find it easier to make your case in front of even the most skeptical audience. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Take things nice and easy as you Winter on energy the way, storeforyour withthat's us. coming with continue to build upisyour reserves a bigboat change feel good about knowing theYou fullcan Hunter's Moon on Oct. 29. your boat is in a secure space. Our PISCES 19 tosurveillance March 20) Recent news fromwith someone you trust yard is(February under 24 hour and is equipped three sepacould help you make an important decision. Also, be prepared to confront an rate security fences. situation. Storage includes water and electricity. upcoming change code in a personal BORN THIS WEEK: You can be firm in your own views, but also flexible enough to welcome the views of others. (c) 2012 King20 Features Synd., Inc. (EXAMPLE: FT = $180.00)

Contact us at:

Contact us at:

The Town Common

The North Shore’s Largest Independent Community Newspaper

Ipswich Boat Storage SERVICED BY TECH PERFORMANCE Winter is on the way, store your boat with us.

You can feel good about knowing your boat is in a secure space. Our yard is under 24 hour surveillance and is equipped with three separate security code fences. Storage includes water and electricity.


The Town Common storAGE $9.OO PER LINER FT



Got A Boat??


“Wrap it up!” Newspaper Weekly Community

The Town Common

“Wrap it up!”

Mobile Shrink WrapPlum Service Newburyport, Salisbury, Newbury, Byfield, Island, & RowleyMobile Shrink Wrap Service Our covers are re-usable & our prices are low ($7-10 ft)

Call Steve Pyle for a free quote today 978-335-2780

Our covers are re-usable & our prices are low ($7-10 ft)

Ipswich Boat Storage

Ipswich Boat Storage



Winter is on the way, store your boat with us.

Winter is on the way, store your boat with us.



Contact us at:

Contact us at:


Call Steve Pyle for a free quote today 978-335-2780 sERVING ESSEx TO nEWBURYPORT The North Shore’s Largest Independent Community Newspaper sERVING ESSEx TO nEWBURYPORT

You can feel good about knowing your boat is in a secure space. Our You can feel good about knowing your boat is in a secure space. Our yard is under 24 hour surveillance and is equipped with three sepayard is under 24 hour surveillance and is equipped with three sepa978-948-8696 • • rate security code fences. Storage includes water and electricity. rate security code fences. Storage includes water and electricity.



(EXAMPLE: 20 FT = $180.00)

KAYAKS STOREABOAT.COM OR CALL 978-771-8926 Wilderness Systems - Old Town Perception - Necky Ocean Kayak Canoes Mobile Shrink Wrap Service Mad River - Old Town - Radisson Our covers are re-usable & our prices are Fernald’s low ($7-10 ft) Call Steve Pyle for a free quote today 978-335-2780 On the River Parker Rt. 1A, Newbury, MA 01951 sERVING ESSEx TO nEWBURYPORT Rt. 1A, Newbury, MA 01915 978- 465-0312 (978) 465-0312

We stock COM-PAC PRECISION Sunfish, Zuma, Laser



“Wrap it up!”

(EXAMPLE: 20 FT = $180.00)


Wanted to it be listed? “Wrap up!” Mobile Shrink Call Greg at TheWrap TownService Common Our covers are re-usable & our prices are low ($7-10 ft) Call Steve Pyle978-948-8696 for a free quote today 978-335-2780 sERVING ESSEx TO nEWBURYPORT

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October 24 - 30, 2012

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Classified Form

Use this form to submit your classified entry

pany managing 6 long term care com 978-810-8424 SPECIAL OFFER: 20 Words for 4 Weeks - $3000 *SAVE $1000! nursing facilities in Massachusetts is JUNK REMOVAL / HAULING Community Calendar Continues . . . Prepaid Consecutive Ads, 75¢ for each additional word. ITEMS WANTED – Wanted by Pratt seeking a detailed-oriented individ- - Cleanout house or business. 7 Circle A Category Coin and Hobby in Georgetown. ual to work in the corporate office Days a week. Amesbury & North U.S. Coins, silver, gold, foreign world For Sale • Wanted • Services • Free • Child Care Needed/Avail. • Rental money. Old pocket watches, wrist located in Rowley. Responsible Shore. Great prices. 617-755-7082 Auto • Boat • Help Wanted • Animals • Yard Sale • Rental • Other _______ watches, costume jewelry and post for processing orders, requisitions, Payment cards. Wheat pennies, Pre-1958 - 2 order log books, purchase orders and Classified Ads must be paid for prior to publication. No billing options exist for classifieds. Cash, SERVICES 1/2 cents each. FREE APPRAISAL. vendor information. Experience in Checks, or Credit Cards Accepted. Checks made payable to: The Town Common DEADLINE: vendor pricing and contracts. High ADDICTIONS STOP - no effort Wed. at 5PM for the following week. HOURS VARY level computer skills. Requires 2+ PLEASE CALL FIRST. or pain, no meetings, therapy or Cost per issue: $10.00 per issue / 20 words or less. (25 cents for each additional word.) or years of experience. Please submit hypnosis. Has helped 30,000 clients Call Peter Pratt SPECIAL $30 FOR 4 WEEKS resume and salary requirements to worldwide 1-888-412-8392 www. 1-800-870-4086 or 1___________ 2___________ 3___________ 4___________ Karen Freeman, Senior Accountant, 5___________ 6___________ 7___________ 8___________ 978-352-2234 by email at FreemanK@elderserv9___________ 10___________ 11___________ 12___________ WANTED TO BUY HOME 13___________ 14___________ 15___________ 16___________ All candidates with the A M E R I C A N Gold Scrap, Gold Coins, Post Cards IMPROVEMENT CAREPENTRY 17___________ 18___________ 19___________ 20___________ required experience and salary listSterling Silver...............$21 per Troy oz. - Repairs & Additions. Interior/ 21___________ 22___________ 23___________ 24___________ ing will be contacted. EOE Silver Coins pre1964.............$20 per $1 Exterior Painting. Fully Insured. FOR SALE .999 Silver Bars...........................$31 oz. 30 years experience. Free Estimates. Name:____________________________ Address:_____________________________ US Silver Dollars......................$25 each SMALL SOLAR CABIN KIT, Excellent Referrals. 978-465-2283 Town:_____________________ State:_________ Zip:__________ Wartime Nickels 1942-1945.....$1 cents each Included in Kit , 2-255 Watt Solar Tel. #:________________________ Email: __________________________________ GUTTER CLEANING SERVICE US Clad Half Dollars 1965-1969..$4.00 each World Panels , Charge Controller, Number of Issues or Dates:_______________________________ - Call 978-335-2780 for a FREE Credit Card Type: __MC __Visa __ Amex __Dscvr DC Disconnects switches 3000 QUOTE. Local Company . ANIMALS Credit Card # ______________________________ Expiration Date _____/_____ Watt Inverter, 4-T-105 Deep Cycle Professional. Low Rate. Call STEVE RIDING LESSONS - Bring out Trojan Batteries All wiring and today. Mail To: The Town Common, 77 Wethersfield St., Rowley, MA 01969 the best in both you and your horse. cables as needed $3250.00 Please or e-mail the above information to: RUBBISH REMOVAL - Home or Mass License #2170. Licensed, qual- call 603-474-2550 Office - Affordable Weekly & Extra ified training 978-204-3803 CARS WANTED SEASONED SPLIT FIREWOOD Pick-up Services. Call Jack: 978-948$ $ C A S H P A I D $ $ Cut from sustainable tree farms in 7228 HELP WANTED For Junk Vehicles & Scrap Metals Boxford. Full legal cord 128 cubic • Damaged and Junk Cars DIETARY, HOUSEKEEPING/ feet $300. Call 978-835-1583 • Heavy and Light Duty Trucks WORK FROM HOME • Buses, Farm LAUNDRY - No experience necesEquipment • Steel, Car Blocks, Light Irons WORK FROM HOME Ambitious Complete Home Repair & Renovation JUNK REMOVAL sary. Will train. Sea View Retreat •Aluminum, Copper, Stainless • Wheels, Radiators person needed for home-based 978-948-2552 Salisbur y Auto Carpentry • Painting JUNK REMOVAL AND “green” business. Earn second Salvage CLEANOUTS. Owned and oper• Flooring PURCHASING COORDINATOR income without going to second job. 1-800-343-0327 in Ipswich, 7 days a week. Local Full - Essex Group Management Inc. ated Street, Salisbury MA Masonry • Small Jobs training and support. Joanne 16 Main Cars Wanted Cars Wanted Cars Wanted - Family owned and operated com- business = Best rates. junkjunkbaby. Ryan 978-270-0256 ~ Licensed GOT UNWANTED GOT UNWANTED GOT UNWANTED ~ Quality Guaranteed VEHICLE?? VEHICLE?? VEHICLE?? ~ 20 Years Experience $$ Up to $1,000 Cash $$ Up to $1,000 Cash $$ Up to $1,000 Cash ~ Free Estimates COINS


The Town Com Town Common

Community New WeeklyWeekly Community Newspaper

The Town Common Taskman Weekly Community Newspaper Town Common The Town Com HOME SERVICE DIRECTORY Handyman Services


HANDYMAN For Your Car, Boat...More!

TheHandyman CALLCALL TheHandyman

EQUIPMENT For Your Car, Boat...More!

Weekly Community New For Your Vehicle!




Car, Truck, Van, Boat, Mobile Home or Camper

The Town Common HIC##154945 154945 HIC # 154945HIC LIC # 046117LIC LIC##046117 046117

Local Local Local CALLTheHandyman* Car, * Car, Truck, Van, Boat Truck, Van, Boat Needs! Local For All Your Repair and Maintenance HIC # 154945 LIC # 046117

For AllReferrals Your andRepair Maintenance Needs! Needs! ForRepair All Your and Maintenance ReferralsReferrals Lawn, Garden & Snow Equipment

Referrals * Mobile Home orService Camper * Mobile Home orClean Camper & Courteous Sales and

For All Your Repair and Maintenance Needs!

• Winterizing/Caulking/Sealing • Cabinets/Counters/Storage • Crown moldings • Window/Door Repair • Handrails & Grab Bars • Exterior Trim Repair • Plus much, much more!

• Winterizing/Caulking/Sealing

• Winterizing/Caulking/Sealing Clean & Courteous Winterizing/Caulking/Sealing • •Master Cabinets/Counters/Storage HIC # 154945 • Cabinets/Counters/Storage Carpenter Cabinets/Counters/Storage • •Crown moldings LIC # 046117 Master Master • Crown moldings with 25yrsmoldings 27 • •Window/Door Repair Crown Carpenter • Window/DoorExperience • •Repair Handrails & GrabRepair Bars Local Window/Door Carpenter 978-462-1994 with 25yrs • Handrails & Grab Bars Trim • •Exterior Repair For All Your Handrails & Grab Bars Repair and Maintenance Needs! Referrals with 25yrs • Plus much, much more! • Exterior Trim Repair • Winterizing/Caulking/Sealing Experience • Exterior Trim Repair • Plus much, much more! • Cabinets/Counters/Storage Clean & Courteous • Plus much, much more! Experience Master • Crown moldings

CALLThe ....CALL US Handyman TODAY!

Clean & Clean Courteous & Courteous

....CALL US TODAY! Landscaping & Contracting, Co. Inc. Joshua* T. Eisen * Professional & Courteous 978-462-1994 Quality Work/Fully Insured 978-462-1994 Carpenter • Landscape Design * Open 7 Days A Week * Open 7 Days A978-462-1994 Week Call 978-790-8002 Master License No. 10647 with 25yrs Experience * Seacoast/North Shore Shore • Hydroseeding and Sod Lawns * Seacoast/North 978-462-1994 PLUMBING & HEATING * Junk Cars Picked Up * Junk Cars Picked Up • Masonry - Walks & Patios We can give you a free We can give you a free • Tree and Stump Removal estimate if you call with estimate if you call with • Excavation your make and model! your make and model! • Irrigation Systems Call Phil at Call Phil at (978) 918-1125 • Demolition (978) 918-1125 • Equipment Rentals • Carpentry Work • Property Maintenance Program Free Estimates Fully Insured Firewood $285/cord $150, 1/2 cord 24 Hour EMErgEncy SErvIcE $80, 1/4 cord Master Carpenter 401 Main Street (Rt. 1A) with 25yrs Rowley, 01969 Professional &MACourteous Experience (978) 948-2723

(978) 918-1125 Ask for Phil!

Weekly Community Newspaper • Window/Door Repair • Handrails & Grab Bars • Exterior Trim Repair • Plus much, much more!

Puffin Plumbing & Heating Co.

978-372-5554 • Since 1980

Office: (978) 255-2816 • Cell: (617) 515-6869

Serving the North Shore and Area

Joshua T. Eisen the Greater Newburyport

Dennis W. Connolly

Master Plumber Lic. 11004 Quality Work/Fully Insured Master License No. 10647

Call 978-790-8002

WA N T E D ...

a professional Marketing / Advertising Consultant to join our sales team. • Earn generous commissions and residuals while enjoying your freedom to work independently. • Growth Company • No cap on earnings • Quality Leads • Supportive Team • This is a great opportunity for an individual that wants to maintain a flexible schedule and earn a great income. To arrange an interview, send your resume to: admin@ or call 978.948.8696

Merrimack Valley Contractor # 093983

Must be reliable, dependable and caring. Responsibilities include bathing, meal prep, light housekeeping, shopping & transportation for seniors which include the following towns Salisbury, Amesbury, Newburyport, Haverhill, Groveland Rowley and all of Essex County. All shifts available Days/ Eves/Nights and Weekends.


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October 24 - 30, 2012



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