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NHS Director

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Women Break the Ceiling in


Improving your Home for less or nothing!

Exclusive Interview


Roberts with

www.AvenuesToWealth.eu Imagine. . . Just for a moment if Time and Money were not an issue in your life, what would you like to do?

What does it mean to

OWN YOUR LIFE? When you subtract the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and things you have to do every day of your life, most people don’t have more than one to two hours a day to do what they would like to do; and then, would they have the money to do it? Owning your own life means you have the time, money and the health to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

“Whatever you dream about, we can help you achieve it - using the wealth building knowledge and tools from our world-renowned experts” www.AvenuesToWealth.eu


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Home Improvement - Improving Your Home For Less Or Nothing Women In Business - Growing a Money Tree Music Review - Top 15 Music Tracks for Working out Marital Bliss - What’s cooking in your marriage? Career Focus - Career success tips from an NHS Director Interview - Interview with Lindsay Roberts Sparkling Spinsters - So You Want to Get Married? Leadership In The Market Place - Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Leadership Fashion At Its Best (FAB) - The Creative Dresser Healthy Wealthy - Lifestyle Diseases and YOUR Nutrition Baby Smart - Child-Centred Parenting K.I.S.S. - Keep-It-Simply-Simple Ask Total Woman - Q&A from Real Women Men Talk - A-Z of becoming the ideal spouse

Editor-In-Chief Yemi Adeleke mama@thetotalwoman.co.uk Managing Editor Tola Awe editor@thetotalwoman.co.uk Editorial Team Oyin Farinloye Rebecca Omen Sylvia Okuku Kemi Faloye Deola Ojuade Publishing Consultant Adebayo Awe Photography Emmanuel Olotu Kola Abayomi

Contributors Andrew Adeleke - Men Talk Devi Titus - Home Improvement Jumoke Dawodu - Career Focus Bunmi Apampa - Women in Business Timi Obadejo - Sparkling Spinsters Ibukun Adebayo - Leadership In the Market Place Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam - Baby Smart Esther’s by Titi Akinkugbe - Fashion At its Best (F.A.B.) Ebun Olugbodi - Healthy Wealthy Light Child - Music Review This publication is published by The Total Woman Copyright 2011 To advertise or subscribe please contact: T: 0207 277 4312 E: mag@thetotalwoman.co.uk W: www.thetotalwoman.co.uk

Editors’ Notes From the desk of the Editor-In-Chief

Dear TotalWoman,

moderate; ‘Women in Business’ - taking your business to the next level; ‘Career woman’ - learning how to succeed on your job; ‘Music Review’ and many more. Taking you on this journey will be our able Managing Editor - Tola Awe (read a word from her desk). I see every woman arise and achieve because they can, and are equipped to! You can go further than where you are right now, therefore arise woman, you are an oasis of life!

It is with great excitement and expectation that I present this contemporary, educating and Word-loaded magazine. For years, it has been a dream but by God’s help, the relaunch of The Total Woman is now a reality and it has come to stay! I see this magazine go onto the high streets, dental surgeries, baby clinics, homes, hair dressers’, supermarkets and generally, every corner of a Yours sincerely, woman’s world. Yemi Adeleke The Total Woman, with its innovation and creativity would find its way into the hearts of women that are weary, discouraged and confused bringing them strength, encouragement and clarity. It would ‘totally’ be of great blessing to the woman - Spirit, Soul and Body. The days of stressing are over as you discover that the things that you call little and sometimes ignore, would propel you into making a big difference in your world!

Dear reader, I am delighted to be with you on your journey to greatness and fulfilment, as you open your heart to wisdom. In this issue, you would learn more about creating more streams of income, breaking through the leadership glass ceiling, being conscious about what’s cooking in your marriage, making a contemporary home from what you have, eating healthily, getting fit with our top 15 In this maiden issue, you, the Total Woman, are being workout music of different genres and quite reminded to become all that you were created to be. In interestingly, you’d learn about what men future editions, you would enjoy an expose of articles with want in their woman and many more. This different sparkles and will remain more than satisfied! edition promises to get you attached to The Total Woman for life! Sectional titles in The Total Woman include but are not limited to: ‘Baby Smart’ - all about baby care, ‘Sparkling Watch out for more editions of this desirable Singles’ - every single would love this, ‘Ask Total Woman’ - piece! It can only get better! here,The Total Woman answers questions sent anonymously; ‘Marital Bliss’ – enabling your marriage to take a new Dutifully yours, turn; F.A.B (Fashion At its Best) - fashionable, descent and Tola Awe - Managing Editor

Home Improvement

Improving your

HOME for less or nothing




Design has principles that can be learned, however, it is also an art, making design both objective and subjective. Any woman can have a beautifully decorated home if she can afford to hire a professional with a degree in Interior Design, however, hiring a professional does not always ensure that your home will be comfortable and wonderful. There are some things that no one else can do for you, as only you can mark your home, with your signature and warm your home with your heart. All creativity is inspired by creativity and you should try to learn from other creative people as much as you can. However, this does not mean copying what others have already done, rather, it is the creative nature of God within you that is released and expressed as others inspire you. It is only then that you will begin creating as God intended. Try it! Remember that if you love what you have done, that is all that matters.


Home Improvement Use What You Have

Restoring the dignity of your home requires that you improve its appearance. The first step to improving the appearance of your home is to walk through it and evaluate the items you already own. You should maximise what you have before thinking of buying new things. You can cause your home to come alive when you take a “new” view of your “old” stuff. In the end, you may purchase very few things, yet give your home a completely new look. C Y L I O Y F

If you buy new things and you are not taking care of what you already have, you will not take care of your new things either. If restoring the dignity and sanctity of the home were as easy as buying new furniture, we would all find a way to do that. Therefore, there is a deeper principle and consistency in caring for what you have that can immensely improve your lifestyle.

Here are some examples of how you can improve your home by caring for what you already have. • Free your home from confusion and chaos by clearing the clutter. Keep it clear by finding a place for everything and putting things in their places after using them. • Make your bed daily. • Fold the laundry. • Hang your clothing back into the closet each evening. • Set a beautiful table, even when you are alone. • Master the mundane before you spend money to recreate your environment. You’ll be amazed at the difference! T h e To t a l Wo m a n



Start with one room. Thoroughly clear the clutter and clean it, then, rearrange as many things in the room as possible. Change the placement of the furniture if you can and you may borrow items from other rooms until you make this room look as good as it can with what you have. If you feel, at this point, that you really need something that you do not have - a silk plant, a lamp, a pillow, or a picture, you can then create a “wish” list for that room. Make the list in order of priorities with an estimated cost for each item. Maintain this new look and your new lifestyle in this room for at least one week before you tackle another room. Then proceed to recreate another room until your entire home has been renewed.

Here are a few ideas of how to renew some of your rooms; BEDROOM

Try turning your bed at an angle. Place something tall in the corner behind the bed like a tree or palm, a pedestal with a plant on it, or a decorative screen of some kind. Now, let everything else fall into place.

If your bedroom is very small, do not use a headboard. Place the bed in the corner using lots of large pillows propped against the two walls. Add small pillows in front of those. This gives a “sofa” effect to your bed in your small room. This works best with a twin, double or queen bed.


Home Improvement •

If you want a headboard, simply use a sheet of plywood or pressed board cut to fit your bed. Do-it-yourself type hardware and lumber stores may cut it for you at no charge. Use a staple gun to cover it with sheet foam and fabric. Stand the padded headboard freely behind the bed. There is no need to try to attach it.

Change how you have the top of your dresser arranged. If you have several small things, group them together on a tray (Polish up that tarnished silver tray that you got for a wedding gift!). Also, use trays to group cosmetics, colognes, and bottles of stuff. Add a small silk ivy plant and candlestick borrowed from another part of the house. A similar effect can be achieved by grouping items on a doily instead of a tray.


Try angles. Pull your furniture away from the walls. Place a narrow table behind your sofa. Set one chair with its back towards the TV. Clear your coffee table and put different decorative things on it. Place your sofa and one or two chairs close to each other. Use an ottoman with a tray on it as a table in front of your sofa. Use seasonal live flowering plants for a long-lasting “fresh flowers” look. • Group tabletop pictures and various sized frames together. • Paint a stepping stool in a bright colour and use it as a plant stand. • • • • • • •

T h e To t a l Wo m a n






Trends Media

M: 0750 1866 636 I T: 0208 642 0494 I E: hello@weddingtrendy.com

WeddingTrendy...The Signature for Trendy Weddings!

Home Improvement KITCHEN

• • • • •

• • • •

• •

Use lots of colour - at least three different ones - to create a colour scheme. Spray paint old pots and pans using the colour of your scheme, and hang them on the wall. Keep a tablecloth on your kitchen table and use mats to protect it. Place several candles in your kitchen - one each on the counter, the island, and the table. Use baskets to store potatoes, onions and other root vegetables. These can be stored under the counter or displayed depending on your space. Pitchers make great flower containers. Place a small lamp on your counter top or in the grouping on a tray. Frequently used cream and sugar containers can be displayed on a small, flat wicker tray lined with a doily. Paint your old cupboard handles. Each one can be different. You can also replace them with different kinds that are unique. Collect them one at a time. Drape old linen tea towels over a curtain rod for your valance window treatment. After using the kitchen sink, dry it with a towel.


Devi Titus currently serves as the President of Global Pastors’ Wives Network founded byVonette Bright. She is the creator and principle author of THE HOME EXPERIENCE-making your home a place of love and peace. Devi founded The Mentoring Mansion and through this programme has hosted more than one thousand women in “her home” for four days. T h e To t a l Wo m a n


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Growing a moneytree

Women In Business

by Bunmi Apampa

First, as an entrepreneurial woman that you are, you thought about starting your business, perhaps you put it to work and are now thinking of expanding or getting income through varied streams, it is essential that you open your heart to learning and create what you have envisioned.

it is essential that you open your heart to learning and create what you have envisioned.

As a woman in the current economic climate striving to keep her business in thrive mode, you can create multiple streams of income by using a M.A.P. This means: • • •

Mindset Action and Attitude Process T h e To t a l Wo m a n


Women In Business Mindset You need to: • Have an abundance mentality because, as you think in your heart so are you - Proverbs 23:7 • Understand that you are too blessed to be stressed - Deuteronomy 28:1-12 • Desire to share Abraham’s kind of blessings - a sevenfold blessing as described in Genesis 12:2-3 • Rehearse the promise that goodness and mercy will follow you Psalm23:6 Actions Acquire the seven basic skills of money: • Value money – believe the miracle of compound interest e.g. £100 a month over 45 years is £1million. • Make money - the rich don’t work for money because they know how to make money work for them. The key to great wealth is a person’s ability to convert ‘Earned Income’ into ‘Passive and Portfolio Income’ as quickly as possible. • Save money – use the 80/20 Principle i.e. 10% to God, 10% to pay yourself with and ensure that you live within the remaining 80%. • Invest money – invest in the three money mountains - real estate, portfolio investment and your business. • Manage money – acquire good financial planning skills. • Share money – sow money into people’s lives and be a giver. • Protect and shield money – it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep. Therefore, learn how to legally minimise tax while protecting your assets.


Women In Business

...Not much Cash Payout – limit your spending. ...Residual Income – get involved in businesses with regular income streams

Process Grow a tree

• M – Multiple Streams of Income – have this flowing in from different ventures • O – Outstanding Product – engage in the continuous improvement of your products • N – Not much Cash Payout – limit your spending. • E – Essential Product or Service - source for these • Y – Yield – have a positive return on investment • T – Trends and Time – move with the trends and times • R – Residual Income – get involved in businesses with regular income streams • E – Employee Resistance – don’t have too many employees • E – Enthusiasm – you need to be enthusiastic about your business T h e To t a l Wo m a n


Women In Business God’s Promises Regarding You • 3 John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” • Deuteronomy 8:18 says, “But you shall remember the LORD your God: for [it is] he that gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore to your fathers, as [it is] this day.” Streams of Income This list is intended to be used immediately as it contains wealth tips that we can create from today. Silent Money Machines • Save and Invest – the miracle of compound interest - ISA, Pensions • Stock market – foreign exchange (forex), commodities, gold trading • eBay and Auction sites - www.BecomePowerSeller.co.uk • Network Marketing - www.AvenuesToWealth.co.uk • Start Home Business - www.HomeBusinessMentor.biz • Real Estate - home, buy-to-let, property development • Internet Marketing - www.InternetBusinessMentor.co.uk • Internet Business start up - www.StartMyOwnInternetBusiness.com

Bunmi Apampa is an International Speaker, Global Trainer, top Business Coach and Wealth Strategist. She has helped many people to create multiple streams of income in their business and personal lives. She can be contacted through her website www.BunmiApampa.com or visit www.MyBusinessCoach.biz to download free eBooks on Home Business ideas and newbies’ guide to Internet Business 16

you need to be enthusiastic about your business

Music Review


music tracks for working out T h e To t a l Wo m a n


Music Review

One thing that has become “fashionable” among today’s women of all ages is the drive, thirst and passion to

“keep fit”.

Agreeably, we would give an account of what we did to and with our bodies one day. As one exercises and builds or tones up the body, one should also build up and exercise the spirit at the same time with some good music! Most good workout sessions have some form of music to aid the work-out sessions because the beat of the music provides you with a regular pattern for counting and generally helps you structure your routines. You can match the routine for your workout session with a good Christian song that has the right kind of music that you enjoy. Below are a selection of 15 Christian songs that are suitable for use during these special moments and the selection consists of inspiring music from different genres including hip-hop, rock, western, traditional and even heavy metal!


Mary Mary: Shackles (Mid Tempo - Hip Hop)

Kirk Franklin: Looking For You (Fast Tempo - Hip Hop)

Rachael Lampa: You Lift Me Up Fast Tempo (Western - Suitable for Aerobics and Steps)

Toby Mac: Burn For You Mid Tempo (Rock)

Sanctus Real: Beautiful Day Fast Tempo - (Fast Rock)

Kirk Franklin: Today Fast Tempo (Club/House)

Israel Houghton: Lord You Are Good Fast (Western)

Victizzle: iSing Fast Tempo (Traditional/Calypso)

Music Review Joyous Celebration: I Press Kirk Franklin: Could’ve Been Me!

Fast Tempo (African)

Mid Tempo (Hip Hop)

Fred Hammond: Jesus Be a Fence Around Me

Deitrick Haddon: Power

Fast Tempo (American Church)

Mid Tempo: Hip Hop

Tye Tribbett: Fresh

Cece Winans: Hallelujah Praise

Mid Tempo (Hip Hop)

Fast Tempo (Hip Hop) Tempo (Hip Hop)

Tye Tribbett: All For You Fast Tempo (Hip Hop)

As you tone up those muscles, also send your praises up to the One who gave you that body you’re working on! The best part is that there are no monthly fees or subscriptions to achieve this! You can do this in the comfort of your own home, without paying a trainer or a gym! It’s time to get you singing as you work-out!

In the next edition, watch out for: Music for Relaxing...

. . . LightChild T h e To t a l Wo m a n


Marital Bliss



Marriage? in your

Ingredients of a profitable marriage by Yemi Adeleke

A Christian marriage is the union of a man and a woman with the view to building a Christ-centered home. A marriage covenant is not a promise but an agreement between a Christian man and woman to fulfill certain obligations under certain conditions (as long as they are alive).

1. Love – agape or unconditional love - Romans 12:9a-10 (4 cups)

This is not just romantic or passionate love because you love in spite of flaws and mistakes. If you love your husband, you would be interested in knowing what his needs are eg. for sex, for an attractive spouse, respect, companionship and Marriage is meant to be for profit and enjoyment as you are domestic support. Don’t wait for him to show you love meant to fulfill the mandate of one chasing a thousand and before meeting these needs, especially if the man was not two putting ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30) raised in an atmosphere of overwhelming love. and like Ecclesiastes 4:11 says, “… again, if two lie together, then they share heat, but how can one be warm alone?” When he is sad, cheer him up, this is noble. Praise him Just like the taste of a stew is determined by the ingredients generously, appreciate him and listen to him. Submission is used, so is the success of a marriage determined by some one of the greatest signs that a woman loves a man and this necessary ingredients as listed below: is evident in Ephesians 5:1 and 1 Peter 3:1. Submission


Profile for Total Woman

The Total Woman Magazine  

It is with great excitement and expectation that I present this contemporary, educating and Word-loaded magazine.

The Total Woman Magazine  

It is with great excitement and expectation that I present this contemporary, educating and Word-loaded magazine.