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All For One and Insurance For All

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from: The Chicago Tribune, David G. Savage

After a 5-4 Supreme Court vote, the government may now impose tax penalties on those who do not have health insurance. While some are claiming the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional, others believe it would be good for the economy and Americans’ lives will be more secure. The new healthcare law will require those who do not have health insurance by 2014 to pay a tax penalty. Advertisement

NATIONAL Student Loans Just Got Worse

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from: Reuters

Completely disregarding the bad economy, low job availability and high unemployment rate, Congress has voted on a new student loan payment plan that will saddle recent grads with more than $18 billion in extra costs over the next decade. As the sixmonth grace period to start paying off loans is abolished, post-grads hunkering down in their parent’s basements will surely be on the rise.

Roaring No More from: The Associated Press, Sue Manning

Only days after the third anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, another famous Jackson passed on: Thriller the tiger. Put into “The Birds” actress Tippi Hedron’s care (obviously), the 13-year-old, 375-pound tiger died of lung cancer and was cremated in an intimate ceremony with his closest jungle friends.



from: The Chicago Tribune, Mitch Smith

Along with all time temperature highs, Chicagoans and 90 percent of Illinois can look forward to no relief from an ongoing drought. Rain is something of your dreams now, and if we’re not careful the price of corn from Southern Illinois will be going up right before everyone’s 4th of July cookouts.

Professor Blago

from: NBC Chicago, Lisa Blade

Turns out Rod Blagojevich isn’t enjoying his time in prison and is, like, “totally bored.” Instead of washing dishes and receiving an actual punishment for corruption over the next 14 years, Blago has shown an interest in teaching Shakespeare or mythology. It’s safe to say if that switch takes place, some of the other inmates will have complaints of boredom.

MizJ @AskMizJ Blago is “totally bored” in prison. The rest of us are “totally bored” with corrupt fucking governors.

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Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture a Thing of the Past


from: CNet, Joshua Goldman

Breaking: CNN and Fox Get It Wrong from: The Washington Post; Felicia Somnez

All fans of the Affordable Health Care Act were rejoicing Thursday morning when it was announced that the mandate was upheld; unless that is they were watching Fox News or CNN. Both stations wrongly reported that the mandate was struck down. Bad day for reliable journalism, good day for hilarious hashtag games.

Albert Butler @ALBDamn BREAKING: The Moon, once thought to be a mild munster, is actually a sharp cheddar .. #CNNHeadlines

No Rain

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White Lies About Purple Hearts from: The Washington Post, Robert Barnes and Michael E. Ruane

Thanks to a new ruling by the Supreme Court, it’s totally cool to lie about receiving a military medal. A federal law was in the works to make it a crime for anyone who falsely claimed to be honored, but the courts decided the First Amendment right of free speech protects the falsehood. Single men in bars everywhere, your pick-up line is safe. Advertisement

Wavefront: Beachside Music Fest Day 1 Sat. 06/30 | 11:00AM @ Montrose Beach

Wavefront: Beachside Music Fest Day 2

Sun. 07/01 | 11:00AM @ Montrose Beach

Yellow Dubmarine: A Beatles Reggae Tribute!

Fri. 06/29 | 9:00PM @ Cubby Bear RSVP to get on Do312’s Guestlist!

BUSINESS New Decorating Chapter Good for Books from: The Wall Street Journal, Heidi Mitchell

As libraries become prominent fixtures in wellto-do homes, the market for mass book buying has more than doubled. Companies such as Juniper Books are charging $3,000 to $100,000 to fill shelves with literature that makes clients appear smart, well-read and culturally relevant. The business is partly cosmetic and partly a way to disconnect from omnipresent technology, though there is no word yet on how many people are actually reading the books they purchase.

Ticketmaster Death Wish

from: Gawker, Neetzan Zimmerman

Kumbuya is the place where you tell the world what you want, meet people who want the same thing and connect with businesses and people who will help you get it!

Sign up now at and join our featured “wants!” “I want to pay $35 for a $75 jet ski rental at Windy City Watersports at Windy City Watersports in Chicago, IL and I’ll get 10 people to join me.”

By doing what every performer should do and completely bypassing annoying ticket venues that charge fees upon fees, comedian Louis C.K. sold more than 100,000 tickets and made $4.5 million. Ticketmaster’s CEO, Nathan Hubbard, tweeted that he wished more people “had the stones” to completely bypass the company’s entire purpose. He should be careful what he wishes for; if his wish comes true, he’ll be out of a job. Advertisement


“Want” created by Samantha Harris

Copyright © @atyonkman Used with permission

NEIGHBORHOOD Pride Even Prouder This Year from: The Chicago Tribune, Dan Hinkel

Changes in the parade route and controversy within Chicago’s religious community didn’t stop anyone from showing their pride this year. A record 850,000 people came out to the parade, 100,000 more than last year, and amidst the topless women and rainbow adorned men marching in the parade were religious groups, such as the Mormon Allies, showing their support. In fact, the whole thing kicked-off with a worship service under the Red Line with hymns altered to fit LGBT themes. continued on column 2...


“I want to pay $20 for a $40 worth of open bar wristband package at Proof Nightclub at Proof Chicago in Chicago, IL and I’ll get 10 people to join me.” “Want” created by Brianna Wellen

SPORTS No Goal for Beckham from: The Associated Press

Proving that looks, popularity and appearances in Burger King commercials aren’t athletic drills, David Beckham failed to make the cut on the British Soccer team for the London Olympic games, the location he helped secure during the bid. Speculation is he’ll get to light an Olympic flame in the opening ceremony, which is totally better than playing a nail-biting game of soccer, the game your life revolves around in your home country with the possibility of winning a gold medal and being a sports hero forever.

Danny Baker @prodnose Been a rough day for David Beckham. First the Olympics snub. Now heard he’s lost out to Jedward to play himself in Spice Girls show.

Copyright © @CTMessina, christophertmessina Used with permission


“The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health and Happiness”

“Want” created by Chris Mahlmann

“I want to pay $10 for $20 worth of pizza at State Street Pizza Company in Chicago, IL and I’ll get 12 people to join me.”

The latest in the trend of what’s old is new and hip again is the what seems like 5 zillionth revival of the Polaroid camera. This time around, no wait time or shaking is needed for the film to develop. Essentially a miniature Instagram printer, the Polaroid Z2300 is a digital camera with CYMK ink and tiny pieces of photo paper inside, the perfect tool to create instant scrapbooks and be able to reminisce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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TECHNOLOGY Google’s Sexist T-Shirts from: Wired, Ryan Tate

A one-gender-fits-all t-shirt became representative of all the issues facing women who work for Google at the Google I/O event this week. Being handed a men’s small t-shirt instead of catering to what women at the company wanted to wear was just the opening argument to a conversation about the exclusion and isolation of women, who are vastly outnumbered, at Google. Women’s t-shirts are in the works, but only time will tell if these gender issues will really be resolved.

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Friday, June 29- Ever wondered why so many people feel compelled to turn to a pint of ice cream after a breakup or a cheesy burger after a hard day at work? What motivates people to choose foods, healthy or unhealthy? Dr. Doug Lisle addresses these questions and more at the Whole Foods Market Lincoln Park Wellness Club.

Wavefront Music Festival

Saturday, June 30 & Sunday, July 1- Wavefront Music Festival is an all ages two-day beachfront music festival featuring many of the world’s top Electronic Dance Musicians and DJs, located at Montrose Beach. Artists such as Duck Sauce, Erick Morillo and BoysNoize head up the jam-packed lineup of DJs set to perform over the weekend. Tickets are $50 and up.

The Pony Hosts Canada Day Celebration

Sunday, July 1- The Pony will open its bubble hockey machine and provide complimentary bubble hockey games for the entire day. Guests will enjoy Canadian-sourced drink and food specials, including $15 Molson Canadian buckets, $5 Crown Royal Shots, $4 Canadian Club Pony Punch, $5 Maple Bacon Burgers and $2 Canadian Gravy Fries.

Get Derailed on the 4th of July Wednesday, July 4 - Join Derailed for a special Holiday Celebration with Bar Oh’Lympics! 100 teams consisting of 2 guys & 2 gals will compete in 5 different events including Bags & Beer Pong. The winning team will win a $500 bar tab to spend at 1 of the 6 derailed bars of their choice.

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Best in Sale

from: The Man Repeller

Stop for a second. Sure, Pre-Fall is pouring in and to some, the ritual allocation of dollar dollar bills to, erm, the vast offerings being brought forward is already in full tow, listen to my first sentiment and…stop for a second. Following suit post Shoeday’s, you know, post, ladies of the red tag, it’s only June and the bi-annual sales we know and love are still in full swing.

A Tale of Two Tennis Shirts

from: The Awl, by Jason Diamond SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by ...continued from column 2 - BLOGS - LOCAL


Three Simple Top to Avoid Getting Stuff Stolen on the CTA

Andrew Sarris, a legendary American film critic, has died at the age of 83, ending a long career spent mostly at the Village Voice and the New York Observer—from which he was only recently (and, it must be said, prematurely) let go. Generations of Columbia University film students had the privilege of hearing Sarris ramble brilliantly on the works of our most over- and underrated directors in that beautiful baritone that broke high, like Ed Wynn at his most giggly, sometimes punctuated by showers of spittle.

from: Going For Gusto, by Joe Grace

ACROSS 1- Calendar box 4- Give it ___! 9- Reindeer herders 14- Big bird 15- Argentine plain 16- Bay 17- Temporary expedient 19- Sweatbox 20- ___ Mio 21- Characteristic 23- IRS IDs 24- Awry 27- Goof off 30- Scoffed 32- Second-century date 33- Burst 37- Brother of Moses 39- Ligamentous 40- Skyway

42- Give 43- Beholden 44- Suffer 45- Longed for 48- Dudley DoRight’s org. 50- Approvals 51- Wrinkly fruit 55- Purchaser 57- Actor Kinski 58- Implements 60- Entertainment 64- Got out of bed 65- Principle 66- ___-tzu 67- Batman’s hilarious nemesis, with “the” 68- Upright 69- Hit sign


Apollo Beer Can Chicken with Outlaw Coleslaw

from: The Girl and Her Beer

I’ve been pretty lazy with my cooking as of late. So lazy, in fact, that recent meals have consisted of ranch sunflower seeds and croutons. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t claim to be an adult (I pay taxes), so I took it upon myself to make the laziest, most half-assed, but delicious meal I could possibly cobble together with as little effort as possible: Beer Can Chicken and an IPA Coleslaw.

Billy Goat Tavern- Double Cheezborger- 3 out of 5 from: Chicago Burger Blog

Unlike a lot of our recent reviews which featured establishments new within the past couple years, today we’re looking at one of Chicago’s landmark burger joints founded in 1937, Billy Goat Tavern. Not only are the burgers famous, but so is the establishment once featured on Saturday Night Live parody, and the history behind the founder of Billy Goat’s and his feud with the Chicago Cubs.



from: Xenochrony

On March 4th of 1997, Bill Clinton banned federal funding of research into human cloning. In other news, HAL9000 is activated in the ’2001′ universe on January 17th, 1997. In the Terminator milieu, Skynet is goin’ live on August 29th. Even ‘Escape From New York’ is set in good ol’ 1997. On a more real note, it was also the year that John Denver crashed into the ocean as sole pilot of this neat little plane.

DOWN 1- Band’s sample tapes 2- Compile, accumulate 3- Klondike territory 4- Basilica area 5- Go, team! 6- U.K. record label 7- Lotion letters 8- Shred 9- Actress Bonet 10- For want of ___... 11- One of the wealthy ruling class 12- Writing instrument 13- RR stop 18- Overhead trains 22- Deli bread 24- The King ___ 25- Turned right 26- Blazed a trail 28- Home ______; Culkin movie 29- Penalized 30- Like a smokestack 31- Challenged 33- Mystery writer’s award

The Chicago Tribune continued its series on CTA crime today, revealing the locations of the highestcrime areas after unveiling on Saturday that CTA thefts, robberies have been on the rise since 2009. I might not be a security expert, but I’m pretty sure I know three sure-fire ways to help you avoid having your stuff stolen on the CTA.

34- Adapted to a dry environment 35- Psalter 36- K-O connection 38- Liturgical vestment 40- Actress Heche 41- Bad day for Caesar 43- Apr. addressee 46- Needle hole 47- Add fizz 49- Sign of life 51- Einstein’s birthplace 52- Some Celts 53- Pertaining to the moon 54- Playground retort 56- River of Flanders 57- Etta of old comics 58- ___ Mahal 59- Acapulco gold 61- Debussy subject 62- Article in Le Monde 63- Blink of an eye

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Chicago’s Newest Men’s Clothing Store: Independence from: Man Up Chicago

Recently, GQ profiled the 25 best men’s stores in the U.S. Not a single Chicago retailer made the cut. And that’s fine, since this is a city that does not beg for glossy-magazine approval. If you’re a man that cares about style who lives in Cook county, then you already Chicago has some of the finest men’s stores in the country, from Apt. No. 9 in Bucktown to Haberdash in River North.

My Style Icon - Iris Apfel, A Fabulous and Rare Bird

from: Afrobella, by Bella

Recently I read two articles about The Death of Colorblocking (dun dun dunnnnn). The first was a blog post asking the question, Is Anyone Sick of Colour Blocking Yet? (conclusion, not just yet). The second was a Wall Street Journal article titled Just One Color, which pretty much declares the color blocking trend to be over as stylists create more monochromatic clothing collections. continued on column 3...

from: Hear Ya, by Woody

continued on column 2...

from: Emme Magazine, by Maryann Pisano

Fifty Shades of Grey is the hottest chick lit novel right now. Women everywhere have been ranting and raving about it! Due to all the hype, I had to read it. I’ve jumped on every series bandwagon from Harry Potter to Twilight, and of course, Hunger Games. Fifty Shades of Grey is supposed to be a love story, so what did I have to lose? Clearly, a lot!


Copyright © @kriswm on Instagram Used with permission


I Love You for Condimental Reasons

from: Sassy Curmudgeon, by Una LaMarche

Lately, I’ve noticed a troubling trend. Whenever I ask Jeff to fetch or prepare food for me--because I am being used as a human Bowflex by our freakishly strong offspring who also likes to eat my hair-I have to give him orders that make me sound like a disgusting, downmarket version of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. Follow and like us for special contests, behind the scenes post and the latest news!



Ty Segall Band: Slaughterhouse from: Pitchfork, by Stuart Berman

Nearly 40 years on from their initial, unceremonious flameout, the Stooges have been thoroughly absorbed and accepted into the pop-cultural mainstream in ways that would’ve seemed nigh unimaginable in the early 1970s. Beyond blazing the trail for punk and the subgenres that arose in its wake, their songs have been covered by stadiumrock giants,featured in videogames, successfully mashed-up with Salt N Pepa, soundtracked Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning make-out scenes in bigscreen biopics, and used to sell Chryslers.

Reminisce Over You: R&B Acts From the 1990s We Miss from: The Boombox, by Kathy Iandoli

It’s safe to say that the R&B and hip-hop of the ‘90s was experimental. Today’s superstars were still newbies, having not yet shifted tax brackets, while the divas of the day had been locked in place since the ‘70s and ‘80s. Hip-hop was just finishing up business school, praying that mainstream fans would stop being scared of it. During this time, many acts sprouted, and some were never heard from again.


22 Ways To Use Summer Fruit in Cocktails

from: Serious Eats, by The Serious Eats Team

Ok, you got a little over-ambitious at the farmers’ market, or your garden is really going gangbusters, and you ended up with a bit more of summer’s bounty than you bargained for. Depending on where you’re located, you’re already knee-deep in sweet and sour cherries, blueberries, raspberries... and you could be heading toward peach season. You’ll be baking your fill of desserts, but a refreshing drink can help you power through.

The Henry Clay People - TwentyFive for the Rest of Our Lives

Something about hearing Joey Siara’s voice straining over giant hooks by his brother Andy just puts a smile on my face. I can’t put my finger on it. In some ways, the lyrics music shouldn’t connect with my old, tired ass. But as Joey Siara describes the album, I realize that I may still have some teenage angst in me.

Summer Book Review: ‘Fifty Shades’ of Weird

Liz Strauss

from: The Top Sheet Staff

Founder of SOBCon, a think tank of the best minds hte Internet has to offer, and author of, Liz Strauss is no stranger to the power of digital media. Her traditional-business-meetsthe-Internet approach has allowed her to build an international corporate publishing model on four continents. Through her blog posts and conferences, Liz reaches countless communities, and shows them how to take advantage of their opportunities. Liz is a keynote speaker, an idea machine, a web “real-ebrity” and The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the week. @lizstrauss

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The Nature of Influence

Copyright ©@zvphotography on Instagram Used with permission

The first Nature of Influence event will be held in Chicago on July 12, 2012. This is an invitation only event. Visit to learn more and request an invitation.

The Top Sheet June 29, 2012 Fullerton  

The Top Sheet is a free, printed, daily newspaper, featuring summaries of important NEWS and BLOGS in Chicago; visit to cont...

The Top Sheet June 29, 2012 Fullerton  

The Top Sheet is a free, printed, daily newspaper, featuring summaries of important NEWS and BLOGS in Chicago; visit to cont...