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from: The Chicago Tribune, by Annie Sweeney

Blago’s legacy continues to tarnish Chicago’s reputation as yet another backroom deal insider is sentenced to prison. Stuart Levine, considered both “mastermind” and “key informant” behind the Blagojevich scandal will serve 5 and a half years in Federal prison- his cooperation with the government saved him from the life sentence required by federal sentencing guidelines. Just goes to show, even when sentenced to jail time, politicians can talk their way out of anything. ...continued from column 1

NEIGHBORHOOD Broadway Construction Slow as Molasses

from: Chicago Curbed, by Kevin Dickert

The 3030 Broadway project in Lakeview East continues to be slow moving, as pressure increases on the developer to downsize it. This empty lot has been vacant since 2005 due to a fire that destroyed a Dominick’s located on the site. The South East Lakeview Neighbors do not enjoy the idea of having another grocery store in replace of the empty lot because they believe it will increase congestion on Broadway.

Saturdays in the Lakeview Park

from: Roscoe View Journal, by Jason Kreke

Copyright © @titolin1; Sporadic storms in Chicago have eased the fear of summerlong drought and have created some great photo ops for city-dwellers. Used with permission.

NATIONAL Boy Scouts of America Says “Yes” to Institutionalized Exclusion of Gay Youth

from: The Los Angeles Times, by Molly Hennessy-Fiske

The Boy Scouts of America have made clear what “morally straight” means in the Scout Oath. After a two-year internal review, the Boy Scouts have decided that they will continue to assert a policy banning gays and lesbians from joining the organization either as pack members or staff. Apparently tolerance is not considered a value worth teaching to those the organization considers future leaders of America.

Jenny Johnson @JennyJohnsonHi5 Boy Scouts should have to earn a badge in acceptance.

LOCAL Much-needed CTA Red Line Repairs To Disrupt Traffic This Weekend

from: CTA Station Watch, by Patrick Barry

Streets around Thorndale, Berwyn and Argyle Red Line stops are set to close for repairs this weekend. Plan for some extra travel time if you’re heading to or from that direction- busses will be rerouted at Berwyn, stations will be closed during certain hours from Thursday to Monday morning, and automobile traffic will be detoured in the usual Chicago construction-season style.

Train in Vain

from: The Chicago Tribune, by Jon Hilkevitch

Two separate incidents on the Illinois Central Railroad resulted in injured conductors and required the railroad to pay more than $300,000 in back wages and damages. Both the condustors were originally fired by the railroad for “violating safety codes” but thanks to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are rightfully walking away with their money while the Illinois Central Railroad has 30 days to clear their name in the vicious train gossip world.

No Slap Bets When It Comes to the Law

from: The Chicago Tribune, by Jason Meisner

In a move that will surely put an end to the bitter fued between teenaged hooligans and the police, a cop was convicted on two felony counts-aggravated battery and official misconduct--for slapping a teen in October 2010. The act, provoked by the teen spitting into Officer Edward Howard Jr.’s face, was of course caught on tape. The cop’s response to the incident? He doesn’t think police officers should back down to “meet the challenge” on Chicago’s streets.

West Lakeview residents could be seeing a new park in their near future. The School Street Park will be located on 1230 W. School St., and may be open to the public as early as fall of 2013. A fundraising goal of $50,000 has been set to cover maintenance, design, and other expenses with the Chicago Cubs serving as the park’s general contractor.


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Xoe Wise (Full Band Record Release), Duck and Goose, Little Light

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Fri. 07/20 | 9:00PM @ Schubas Marina & The Diamonds release party Fri. 07/20 | 10:00PM @ Berlin ...continued from column 2


from: Chicago Sun-Times, by Larry Lage

A new plan in college sports will give the Big Ten commissioner the power to fire coaches. The change comes from the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal. While the Big Ten is being tight lipped about the new ruling, it’s too soon to tell whether this will discourage sex scandals of make Commissioner Jim Delany go mad with power.

Say Nope to Dope

from: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Kirsten Salyer

This year’s Olympic Games already promise to break one world record: most drug tests on athletes ever. Not only that, but the list of prohibited drugs has gotten longer. Some athletes, like soccer player Hope Solo, are being warned that medicine that has been prescribed to them by real, ailment-treating doctors, might cause them to test positive and face a lifetime ban from the Olympics. At least alcohol is still allowed to take the edge off--unless you’re an archer of course.

“I want to sell iPhone cases with my photography on it.” “Want” created by Megan Baker

“I want to pay $50 for a $95 aromatherapy massage at Spa on Oak in Chicago, IL and I’ll get 10 people to join me.” “Want” created by Candice Silva

You’re Fired

Big Ten Commissioner Powers Up


No Hope for Blago Cohorts

“I want to install AC on my bike.” from: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Though Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack has retired, his legendary love for firing people remains. The monolithic bank, which received over $100 billion in bailout money from the Fed, will be cutting another 700 jobs by the end of the year in addition to the 3,272 jobs already cut from the beginning of 2012.

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“Want” created by Sabine Kollwitz

“I want to pay $40 for $50 worth of food and drinks at Castaways on North Ave beach in Chicago, IL and I’ll get 10 people to join me.” “Want” created by Austin Aldridge

TECHNOLOGY Youtube Anonymous from: The Chicago Tribune, Salvador Rodriguez

A new tool released by Youtube can make all your favorite viral videos look like an episode of “Cops.” Users will now have the ability to blur faces, bringing virtual anonymity to those in the video. This is being seen as a milestone for groups such as protestors who would be able to post videos to raise awareness without having to expose their identity; if the unblurred video is deleted, YouTube would have nothing to hand over to authorities is questioned.


POLITICS Line Between Journalism & Politics Continues to Blur from: The New York Times, by John Harwood

Apparently, if you don’t show obvious political bias in your journalistic approach- a dangerous trend in today’s ad-driven news market- politicians will force it on you. New York Times reporter John Harwood experienced this recently when a Republican attack ad used a short CNBC news clip featuring Harwood’s report about second-quarter job growth. Though Harwood had intended to report an objective factual observation, the clip was used to attack the Obama campaign in a number of battleground states.

Obama Creates New Immigration Policy

from: ChicagoNow, by Michael Ciric

President Barack Obama has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to no longer deport illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. Undocumented imigrants now have the chance to apply for work permits if they meet certain criteria. Now that Obama is in trouble at the polls, some are wondering if this is only a political strategy to gain Hispanic votes. While Obama talks good game, what he believes on this issue is a question most of America would like to know.

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Wheel House Rock of Ages 80’s Party

Copyright © VonderauVisuals on Flickr Used through Creative Commons

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Friday, July 20 - Are you a child of the 80′s? Do you watch ‘Breakfast Club, ‘Sixteen Candles’ or ‘Back To The Future’ on repeat? Can’t help but dance and sing along to Guns & Roses, Journey or Madonna? Step into the Wheel House time machine join us for 80’s themed cocktails whiling dancing the night away to all of your favorite 80’s hits, performed live by Eric Howell.

Summer on Southport

Saturday July 21- Sunday July 22 - $5. Three stages of live entertainment, food and activities as well as the 11th annual Chicago Children’s Festival fill the streets adjacent to Chicago Cub’s historic Wrigley Field.

Barrio Urban Taqueria Celebrates National Tequila Day Déjà Vu is the sense of something dreamlike and familiar, a sensation that lingers in your mind and is memorable and haunting. By pairing thought-provoking blog posts with edgy photography, we bring you our interpretation in The Printed Blog’s Déjà Vu Issue. Learn more on Twitter (@theprintedblog), Facebook (www., and our website (

Tuesday, July 24- Grab your salt shakers and limes – it’s National Tequila Day and Barrio is ready to celebrate! Guests will have the opportunity to sample select Oro Azul tequilas & will get a Barrio house margarita of their choice. Chef Carlos Affron will be serving his signature appetizers during the event.


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...continued from column 3 - BLOGS - NATIONAL SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by

...continued from column 2 - BLOGS - LOCAL


Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-1812

from: Faronheit

ACROSS 1- Like old friends 6- Paint crudely 10- Pro ___ 14- Let up 15- ___ mater 16- Paradise 17- Viscounts’ superiors 18- Tears 19- Tidy 20- Achievement 23- Slangy denial 24- Battery size 25- Sense of self 26- Ques. response 27- Large punch bowl 32- Per 35- Freedom from war 36- Agnus ___ 37- Direct 41- Driver’s aid

42- Approaches 43- That’s ___! 44- Almond-flavored liqueur 46- Part of UNLV 48- Best 49- Fall back 50- Apt. divisions 53- Mathematical operation 58- Blackbird 59- Musical composition for two 60- Apportion 61- Bread spread 62- Writer Sarah ___ Jewett 63- Have a feeling about 64- Org. 65- Cordelia’s father 66- Bury

DOWN 1- Song of joy 2- Fiber obtained from a banana plant 3- Durable wood 4- WWII battle site 5- Toady 6- “Our Gang” girl 7- Et ____ (and other men) 8- Strike callers 9- Beat up 10- Go back on one’s word 11- Glandular 12- Milk source 13- Hill dweller 21- Dance step 22- Unit just above a yard 26- Bingo! 27- Paris subway 28- Lummoxes 29- Cpl., e.g. 30- Actress Hatcher 31- Conceal

32- This, in Tijuana 33- Up and ___! 34- Living things 35- Excellent, slangily 38- All thumbs 39- Obtain 40- Used to be 45- Deodorant type 46- Fond du ___ 47- 1992 Wimbledon champ 49- Unit of volume 50- Laughing 51- Code name 52- Villain’s look 53- “Alice” diner 54- Object of devotion 55- Free from contamination 56- Singer Horne 57- Not now 58- Extinct bird

...continued from column 1 - BLOGS - LOCAL

Fashion from: Pink Memo, by Sandra Witten

Those of us in the city are especially exposed to those nasty UV rays running to work, running to Starbucks, picking up our dry cleaning, and let’s not forget happy hour, so don’t forget to wear “protection.” Beauty editors and Dermatologists alike love this product. It has won 11 beauty awards and is the #1 Dermatologist recommended moisturizer for daily UVA/UVB protection—UV protection is the secret to youth.


Marinated Mozzarella from: Lottie + Doof, by Tim

Last week Chicago experienced record heat. It is certainly the hottest I remember this city which is more famous for its extreme cold than sweltering temperatures. In the middle of the heatwave, my oven broke. I know, I should not be using my oven in a heatwave—but the 4th of July requires cake! I managed to get the cake baked, but it wasn’t easy. All I could think about was heat—both a lack of it, and an overabundance.

Cirque du Soleil Dines Out in Chicago

from: Beauty and her Feast, by Kiki Luthringshausen

A few weeks ago, Prince Charming and I took the kids to see Drailion. As always, I was blown away by what these performers are capable of and the workouts they must endure. During the intermission (I don’t know why) but I wondered, “Where do these performers eat while they’re in town? Do they take advantage of our fabulous restaurants? Do they have favorite spots in town?” Yes, an odd thought, I know. But I started to obsess over it.


Blackhawks Can Make A Run For The Cup

from: ChiCitySports, by Keegan Rush

Many Blackhawks fans—myself included—can’t help but wonder why the front office hasn’t done more to cement the holes in an otherwise championship-caliber team. Little to nothing has been done over this offseason to address the looming issue of acquiring a goalie, short of the insufficient offer to Martin Brodeur, who signed with the Devils. What are the other options out there?

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Peacock, Pajamas & Pearls

from: Style On The Line, by Sierra Widmer

Last week I had one of those Fridays where I just wanted to wear pajamas- take “casual” Friday to a whole new level. I opted to wear these silk palazzo pants that are insanely comfortable and dress them up with a feather embellished top and some pearls. I’d say it worked out nicely and best of all, while scurrying around office, I still felt like I was under my silky sheets in bed. Double score!


The Bachelorette: Top 10 Thoughts Before The Final Rose

from: Fluffington Post, by Jeff Burdick

Ahead of Sunday’s Bachelorette finale, here are 10 Nobel Prize-worthy thoughts. And let’s hope Emily Maynard finds love during Sunday’s 3-hour finale. If America’s most adored high school graduate can’t find love, what chance do educated women saddled with college loans have?

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Confessions Of A ‘Gay Slob’

from: Huffington Post, by Mark Allen

When my boyfriend and I finally escaped the city and moved to a quiet town nestled high in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, there were whispers in the neighborhood about a gay couple moving into the area. Not homophobic whispers. Excited whispers! The locals were thrilled two gay men were shacking up in the most run-down property on the block: a large two-story house built in 1850, with a beautiful wrap-around porch and gorgeous sculpted wood trim... all in dire need of repair.

You’re A Babe: P’Trique

from: White Girl Problems, by Babe Walker

It’s no secret that trannies are the toast of the fashion world. First there was Lea T. Then there was Andrej Pejic, and now there’s P’Trique. “But Babe,” you must be asking, “P’Trique isn’t sample-sized. I’m confused. How?? Why??” I’ll be honest, I’m confused too. I read an article yesterday declaring that “curves are in,” so I guess that’s why I’m being nice today? You tell me. I had 4 glasses of rosé and half a chopped salad for lunch, and instead of feeling empowered, I feel puffy. So perhaps curves aren’t for me, but they’re working for P’Trique.


Why Your Team Sucks: Denver Broncos

from: Deadspin, by Drew Magary

Some people are fans of the Denver Broncos. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Denver Broncos. This 2012 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. 1. John Elway Sideline Horseface. Last season marked one of the very few times that a sideline shot of a team executive was actually warranted, because nothing was more enjoyable than watching Tim Tebow pull game after game out of his ass and then see John Elway over on the sidelines, looking like a foiled supervillain.



Lena Dunham Gets Three Emmy Nominations; Here Are the Rest

from: Gawker, by Rich Juzwiak

Neutrogena, My Secret...

Copyright © Beverly Kim Teams of mixologists were able to choose five ingredients each to create the winning Effen Vodka cocktail at the Effen Art of Design event. Used with permission

So it’s come to this: Coachella is expanding onto cruise ships. Yes my friends, if you haven’t heard yet, coming this December there will be two S.S. Coachella cruises you can take – ones that will features bands and artists you’re hopefully familiar with. Both voyages launch from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and go from either December 16-19 or December 19-23. The first goes to the Bahamas, while the second goes to Jamaica.


It’s a very darling sort of year for the Emmys with critical/Internet/real people favs like Girls, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock popping up in multiple categories. Mad Men and American Horror Story lead with 17 nominations. Somewhat weirdly, American Horror Story qualifies for the miniseries categories because, as Vulture explained earlier this year, “the miniseries distinction is reserved for programming that has a story line that gets resolved in a single season.”



How Much Money Does Breaking Bad’s Walter White Have Left?

from: Mashable, by Amanda Wills

Over the past four seasons of Breaking Bad, we’ve seen Walter White earn fistfuls of cash — and then quickly lose them after gun-to-head predicaments. Based on the opening scene of season five, we know that Mr. White will be in neck-deep trouble in the hit AMC show’s last season. But after the chunk of money that was spent on medical bills, the money-laundering car wash, Ted Beneke’s IRS debacle and Saul Goodman’s hefty off-the-books fees, we have to wonder how much Walt really has left to escape from his meth kingdom.


Style File: Chanel-Inspired Jackets from: The Glitter Guide, by Lauren W.

No question–the Chanel jacket is the epitome of class. Tweed plus intricate stitching and phenomenal button detailing–what more could a girl want? As Karl Lagerfeld said, “Some things never go out of fashion in the world of fashion: jeans, the white shirt, and the Chanel jacket.” Introduced into the fashion world in 1954, the Chanel jacket will forever remain a classic, and many designers and brands alike have taken note. We’ve been seeing brands such as Zara and Mango debuting a collection of Chanel-inspired jackets in an assortment of styles and colors. Designers such as Tory Burch and Alice + Olivia are playing off of the classic by creating tweed suits in fun colors like pastel blues and bubblegum pinks.

Jonny Imerman

from: The Top Sheet Staff

After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26, Jonny Imerman wanted to talk with someone his age, with the same type of cancer, going through the same thing he was. Now, a cancer survivor, Jonny runs Imerman Angels, a program that helps people do just that. Jonny’s goal is to pair recently diagnosed cancer patients (the “fighter”) with cancer survivors (the “mentor angel”) within 24 hours of the diagnosis to provide a support system to beat the cancer. Jonny travels to speak about his cause, tell his story, and reach out to others affected by cancer. He is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Day. @JonnyImerman jonny.imerman php

Fullerton Edition, July 20 2012  
Fullerton Edition, July 20 2012  

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