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Friday, October 12th 2012


Car Bomb Plotter Pleads Not Guilty



Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Annie Sweeney

The 19-year-old accused of plotting a bomb in a car in the Loop responded to his potential life imprisonment sentence with a joke and a not guilty plea. When asked during a routine questioning if he understood what the sentencing meant he responded by asking whether it could go higher than that. Throughout the arraignment he was smiling and fidgeting, waving to his parents in the front row of the court before officially entering his not guilty plea. He had been planning to plant the bomb for months along with posting about the violent world of Jihad and was followed by the FBI before being arrested.

NATIONAL Wrong Number Source: Gawker, by Neetzan Zimmerman

In light of a recent meningitis outbreak in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott attempted to give out the number for a 24/7 meningitis hotline. Instead, he inadvertently gave out the number for a phone sex hotline who when called, thanked everyone for calling her on her anniversary. Scott corrected his mistake within 20 minutes, and we can only hope that the phone sex operator working for those 20 minutes happened to know a lot about meningitis.

Hallucinatory Realism Wins Nobel Prize Source: Reuters, by Johan Ahlander

A Chinese writer has won the Nobel Prize for Literature for achieving what every liberal arts college student dreams of: hallucinatory realism. Mo Yan’s book weaves the theory with folk tales, history and contemporary life in China was banned by Chinese authorities for being provocative and vulgar, but was the basis of his achievement as the first Chinese national to win the literature award. Cat Latos @CatLatos

San Francisco has decided to celebrate Halloween early tonight. They are attending the party dressed like the Chicago Cubs.

LOCAL Illinois Representatives For Equality

Source: The Chicagoist, by Chuck Sudo

In honor of National Coming Out Day, the NOH8 campaign released photos of 26 members of congress who participated in a photoshoot to show their support of marriage equality. Three Illinois representatives--Danny Davis, Mike Quigley and Jan Schakowsky--stepped up to the plate to reaffirm their support of the LGBT community. Since the photography project began three years ago, more than 20,000 people have been photographed.

NEIGHBORHOOD Lincoln Park School Demands $30 mil. Facility Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Mary Mitchell

With land now available where the old Children’s Memorial Hospital once stood, the Lincoln Elementary School LSC is now demanding that Chicago Public Schools build a $30 million middle school in the space. As of now, a developer is planning to put a 900 apartment high-rise in the space, and despite CPS’s budget issues, the Lincoln Elementary School LSC is pushing to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Residents Rally Against Housing Development

Source: Lakeview Patch, by Andy Ambrosius

Redevelopment of the Lathrop Homes public housing development has been put on a fast track behind closed doors, causing Lakeview residents to rally against the developer. The development had gone untouched for more than 10 years, but in the past nine months has moved forward without the knowledge of residents. The team of developers was hoping to come up with a better solution in collaboration with residents by attending the South Lakeview Neighbors meeting on Oct. 9.

Copyright © @ @erioapilado; Used with permission. Zach Wahls was just one of many innovators who particpated in Chicago Ideas Week this week.

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Lincoln Park Officially Not a Violent Neighborhood

Source: Lincoln Park Patch, by Carrie Frillman

The rankings are in for the most violent areas in Chicago and among 77 neighborhoods, Lincoln Park comes in at number 56 in the lower third of violence in the city, but remains in the top quarter for property damage crimes. The rankings were taken from Aug. 30 to Sept. 29 with Fuller Park coming in as the most violent.

Think Pink: Chicago Breast Cancer Awareness Specials Source: by Maris Callahan

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease diagnosed in approximately one in eight women. This October, a number of Chicago businesses including restaurants, bars and stores, are doing their part to show support and help raise funds for breast cancer research, education and early detection.

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The Case of the Wrong Lawyer

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Dan Rozek

Drew Peterson may have already been convicted of murder, but the conflict continues among his lawyers. A past lawyer of Peterson’s is claiming his current lawyer filed a “totally and completely unauthorized” motion seeking to overturn the murder conviction and insists that Peterson wants him back on the murder case. Both lawyers want to stay on this high profile case (even after the guilty conviction) and a hearing held on Oct. 12 will decide who is actually Peterson’s lawyer.

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BUSINESS Young Men Don’t Want Work

Source: The Atlantic, by Conor Sen

The unemployment rate keeps falling, but it may not be the fault of the economy. Studies show that male involvement in the labor force has gone down under the Obama administration, mostly due to young, single men who are likely living at home and don’t need money because so much online entertainment is free. With the luxuries of modern life, who wouldn’t rather be on Facebook than bagging groceries?

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SPORTS Don’t Quit Spit Source: ESPN, by Richard Durrett

Texas Rangers player Josh Hamilton quit chewing tobacco over the summer, and according to Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan, his timing for dealing with his personal addiction couldn’t have been worse. Hamilton, who earned AL player of the month in April and May, quit in June, about the same time his batting average began to steadily decline. He will be entering next season as a free agent; let this be a lesson to all ball player to keep chewing tobacco.

Brains AND Braun Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Mark Lazerus

Defying the myth that jocks can’t also be brains, Notre Dame and Stanford, both top ranked athletic schools, have released data showing that they are also top ranked when it comes to the graduation rate among student athletes. Students from both schools took to social media to defend their academics after an Ohio State quarterback tweeted about the unimportance of class compared to football.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Sam Grobart

In their ongoing fight for animal rights, PETA has zeroed in on a new enemy: Pokémon trainers. The group has created their own video game, “Pokémon Black & Blue” in which Pikachu leads a gang of Pokémon trying to escape from their trainers and battle against them. Comparing the characters to chained up circus animals, PETA believes it is wrong that children grow up thinking that the completely fictional, made up, don’t exist in real life Pokémon are around for no other reason than for humans to abuse.

Security Is Just a Touch Away Source: Gizmodo, by Mario Aguilar

Apple is taking iPhone security to the next level with plans to introduce fingerprint reading technology to unlock the phone. The extra security measure is to enhance the ecommerce experience on mobile devices with talks of adding face or eye recognition when completing purchases to avoid fraud.

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POLITICS Google Finds Romney ‘Completely Wrong’ Source: Politico, by Kevin Robillard

Falling victim to Internet trends, Mitt Romney is now the first image to pop-up whenever “completely wrong” is typed into Google. This is the second instance of unfortunate Google searches during this election season; Rick Santorum’s name when searched still brings up a promoted page created by gay-activist groups defining “Santorum” as the byproduct of anal sex.

Obama Pulling in Strong Numbers At Home Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Rick Pearson

Despite Mitt Romney surpassing Obama in the national polls, his numbers in Illinois remain strong. Obama still holds 55 percent of the local vote and when asked if they were better off than they were four years ago, 28 percent said yes. It’s the downstate Independent voters who are worried about the economy and unsure about Obama, but Chicago and suburban voters are keeping alive the 2008 fervor.

DOWN 1- Halts 42- Marine mammal, 2- Chilean pianist secure something Claudio 43- Sleep images 45- Dressed to the ___ 3- Apple juice 4- Converting to leather 47- Wind dir. 5- ___ glance 48- Foot part 50- PC storage medium 6- Round bread roll 7- Tolkien baddies 52- Thought 8- ___ a customer 54- Fragment 9- Speechless 58- Mosaic flooring 10- Small amount 62- Singer Cleo 11- Agitate 63- Oven option 12- Watched intently 64- Matchless 15- Tropical fruit 67- Collect 17- Alpo alternative 68- One in a cab, say 69- Old California fort 21- Exist 23- Rise sharply, as a 70- Tirade bird would 71- Chopin composi24- Red fluorescent dye tion 27- Tending to a definite 72- Plaything end 29- Numbered rds. 30- Mardi ___ CROSSWORD 31- Ivy League school 32- Basic monetary unit of Ghana Today’s puzzle by

ACROSS 1- Animal pouch 4- Forbidden; 9- Learned 13- Part of TNT 14- Take ___ for the worse 15- Spoils 16- Decree 18- Bandleader Shaw 19- Song of praise 20- Norm 22- Guess 25- Face-to-face exam 26- Snob 28- Vigor 32- Corp. bigwig 35- Tenuous substances 37- Latin stars 38- Hearing organs 40- Angered


Burgers and Heavy Metal At The Lockdown

from: Passport Delicious, by Krista

I didn’t really want a burger for lunch, but I had some time to kill and I was walking past The Lockdown and I remembered that they were supposed to have a good burger. No one mentioned the heavy metal. I am not a heavy metal fan. If anyone had told me that The Lockdown was all about the heavy metal, I never would have eaten here.

Chicago Food Wars Series: Maxwell’s vs. Jim’s from: 4-Star Explorer, by Savon Coleman

Let’s face it Chicago, when it comes to our city we can be combative. Sometimes that fighting spirit hits a little closer to home. C’mon, the city was built on rivalries. One our most famous being the Crosstown Rivalry between our baseball teams, the Sox and Cubs. I’ve seen many a relationship destroyed over Pro-Cubs beliefs. (Because every fan deserves the cheer for a winning team.) And when you begin to think about it there’s lots of warring dichotomies pitted against each other in the city.


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Emanuel In His Own Words: Budget, Sports, Stadiums, Obama and More

from: Greg Hinz on Politics, by Greg Hinz

Mayor Rahm Emanuel came by Crain’s offices Wednesday evening to talk about his newly unveiled proposed 2013 city budget, and he wasn’t at all shy about making his basic case that he’s delivered change and will deliver more — if he gets some help. The help is with pensions, he said. State lawmakers “know they can’t just hit what you’d call a bunt single,” but have to truly restructure costs.

What To Do If You Missed Voter Registration from: Listing Toward Forty, by Kim Z. Dale

Yesterday I was surprised to discover that my voter registration was inactive. Luckily I found out in time to get my registration updated, but if you didn’t register in time you may still be eligible to vote during grace period voting. In Chicago, grace period voting and registration starts today and continues through Saturday, November 3.


Copyright © msnjane; Used with permission. Chicago Artists Month kicked off at the Bridgeport Art Center.


Theatre Review: Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque from: Count Gregula’s Crypt, by Countess Gregula

You like zombies? Check. You like boobies? Check. You like the show The Walking Dead? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeckarooney! Then get your undead butts down to the Gorilla Tango Theater for their latest offering BOOBS OF THE DEAD: A WALKING DEAD BURLESQUE. Count and I had the extreme pleasure of attending the opening night performance and it was a doozy. In a southern town, The Sheriff (Alexis Rex) awakens to find that a virus has taken over the world, and that virus turns the dead into sexy burlesque zombies.

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Any Given Sunday from: From the Ledge, by Francis Sadac SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by


Carhartt Made in U.S.A. Collection

from: A Continuous Lean, by Michael Williams

This is the label that we all want to see. Carhartt makes a lot of clothing in the U.S. (57 million garments since 1998), probably more than many people realize. The hard-working family owned Michigan outfitter hasn’t done much up until now to let people know just how much the brand produces domestically. That’s probably because it is an old school and humble Midwest company that prefers to let the conversation be about making quality stuff that keeps people safe and dry and warm.

Top 5 Best Bets: Under $100 and Over the Moon

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from: Geek Girl Chicago, by Lauren “Troppy”

There’s nothing like a good neighborhood festival in Chicago. And, if it’s got a ton for kids to do and enjoy, it’s even better - at least for a mom of two young boys like me. I love how just one visit to just one of Chicago’s amazing festivals can introduce you to a new neighborhood, enable you to meet new people, open your eyes to new stores, restaurants and cultural institutions, and remind you of all of the very things that make Chicago such a great city.


Source: How Stuff Works

FREE THIS WEEK Bucktown Apple Pie Contest Come out and celebrate Bucktown’s 8th Annual Apple Pie Contest. There will be live music, pony rides, even face painting! Sunday, October 14, 2012, 2p-5p at the Holstein Park Field House. Source: Bucktown Apple Pie Contest


Automatic For the People Turns 20 from: Sterogum, by Brad Shoup

If you’ve got your copy of Automatic For The People, turn to the photo spread of R.E.M. on a Miami beach. Look at the picture of Michael Stipe, up to his armpits in the Atlantic. The picture itself — shot by Anton Corbijn — is a masterpiece: He’s framed right in the center with the peak of his backwardscap-topped head forming another chop on the waveline. His eyes are closed, his mouth halfway open. He could be exhausted, he might be relaxed; either way, he looks like he could use the water. Tony Fletcher @tonyfletcher

It was 20 years ago today (more or less)... that Automatic for the People came out. One of the best albums ever made. #REM


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Dos and Don’ts For Geeky Halloween Costumes

from: Raising World Citizens, by Aimee Thompson

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The first televised presidential debate in 1952 featured all of the potential candidates and was hosted by the League of Women Voters (LWV).

We have always maintained that money is not indicative of great style or good taste (actually, sometimes money has an inverse relationship with good taste; you know it when you see it!). Proving our age-old point, here are the current best bags under $100. Yes, you read correctly: $100 and below. Admittedly, this was no easy task and I’m still surprised how far PVC has come. So go on, indulge!

Call for Bloggers

The Magic of a Chicago Neighborhood Festival

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from: Bag Snob, by Tina

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As a year-round seamstress, I adore Halloween. I get really excited about who’s going to wear what. Thus, I’ve been discussing costume plans with my readers. Kory F is going to dress up as Michonne from The Walking Dead. Christine W is going to be a wildling from Game of Thrones. BADASS, am I right? I’m so glad to see geek girls avoiding the “Sexy _______” trend, because really, I’m sick naughty Hermiones. Don’t dress as naughty Hermione!

33- Make 34- Raw materials 36- Dispatches 39- Jonathan Swift, e.g. 41- “Jurassic Park” actress 44- Military decorations 46- Stain 49- Dispenser candy 51- Movie-rating org. 53- Sky blue 55- Guide 56- Diciembre follower 57- Woman’s onepiece undergarment 58- Skier’s transport 59- Humorist Bombeck 60- Horse color 61- Put a lid ___! 65- Web address ending 66- Proof ender

A wise old queen (drag, not royal) once told me that if you stick around long enough, you will see everything start to come back again: fashion, music, ex-boyfriends who dumped you in front of Roscoe’s. Add to that list celebrated Chicago theater directors revisiting their earlier works. In 2002, I saw Mary Zimmermann’s Metamorphoses, and as I said in a previous post, this year’s Lookingglass remount is still thrilling to me ten years later.


Study Finds That Social Media Is Way Sexier Than Sex from: Jezebel, by Doug Barry

A study — oh goody! — hot and fresh and maybe gooey out of the University of Chicago’s social sciences oven has revealed, in so many words, that sex is becoming obsolete. That’s right — a whole generation of young people are, rather than comingling their various mucuses, plugging themselves into the cavernous echo chamber that is social media because social media’s seductiveness is, quite simply, more powerful than sex. Karie Spaetzel @kspaetz

“Though the urge to have sex is stronger, people are more likely ... to float around on the social media lazy river.”

‘What Does This Mean??’ The Absurd Pleasure of HeTexted’s Terrible Relationship Advice

from: The Verge, by Adi Robertson

Just as certain weapons are banned by the Geneva Convention, it’s clearly time to accept that we as humans are incapable of using some communication technologies responsibly. At an earlier point, I wouldn’t have classed the humble SMS as one of them. That, of course, was before HeTexted. Managed by a trio of “bros” and dedicated to letting women post and analyze men’s text messages, it’s full of ambiguous gems like “I like you (kind of)” and “you’re a big goober,” coupled with solemn, slightly manic overthinking of words that were obviously dashed off in seconds.

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George the Salon from: Jessica McCafferty

George the salon first made its mark on the Chicago beauty scene when owner George Gonzalez was hired by HARPO to work in their Spa during The Oprah Winfrey Show. Here, he helped style the celebrity guests as well as the salon completing makeover segments with stylists like Ken Paves. When the series ended, George continued his work with HARPO with the salon’s stylist, Michelle Forst, becoming Rosie O’Donnell’s personal hairstylist during the run of the show. George is also a stylist for the PGA, having styled Tiger and Elin Woods for several President’s Cups. Yet, the salon is most proud of its charity endeavors, transforming into a strong supporter of women’s charities, raising thousands of dollars for domestic violence each year. Nominate a Business of the Week at Want to see someone in the city get special recognition for their work? Have a favorite neighborhood business you’d like to see featured? Let us know at

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