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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Note from the Editor: “Have you ever seen the movie, ‘Idiocracy‘? Well, yeah. If you want to screw the future of the U.S. go ahead, screw the teachers too.”

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Crowds Gather Over CTA’s ‘Decrowding’ Issue


Source: CBS Chicago

At a public hearing held at CTA headquarters on Sept. 4, CTA officials invited the opinions of Chicagoans on the CTA’s effort to “decrowd” public transportation by cutting certain bus lines. On the chopping block is route 11, which serves the Lincoln Park to Lincoln Square area. Residents who use route 11 are rallying against its cut and created a website, which they use to point out that 5,800 people use route 11 and that the route has helped create businesses in the area. The CTA’s is expected to vote on the initiative on Sept. 12 with approved changes taking effect on Dec. 16.

NATIONAL Video Proves Cop Assaulted Teen Source: Fox 5 DC, by Karen Grey

After spending four months in jail for assaulting a police officer, a Maryland teenager was released after surveillance video footage shows that the police officer was actually the one doing the assaulting. Ryan Dorm, who was stopped by police for “looking suspicious,” tried to walk away from the officers, which is all the two stories have in common. The officer reported that Dorm swung at the officer and tried to flee, but the video shows Dorm casually walking away and turning around just in time to get pistol-whipped in the face, which also caused the gun to discharge.

SPORTS Ravens Tweet Negotiations Six days before their opening game, the Baltimore Ravens are using social media to help them restructure contracts, and hopefully, get rid of their starting left tackle Bryant McKinnie. The team and McKinnie took to Twitter to announce to fans and reporters their passive aggressive way of handling contract negotiations via tweets and retweets only six days before the team’s season opener.


Nom de Self-Praise

Source: Gawker, by Neetzan Zimmerman

They say we’re our own worst critics, but sometimes we can pretend to be our own biggest fan. Author RJ Ellory, otherwise known as Nicodemus Jones on Amazon, confessed on twitter that he has been using his secret Amazon account to post raving reviews of his books. He also used Amazon to attack his fellow crime genre authors who are competition.

LOCAL Another Front in the Union Battle Source: The Associated Press

Judge Charles Cavaness has blocked Gov. Quinn’s attempt to stave off the budget crisis by shutting down a number of halfway houses and youth jails throughout the state. The order comes after a state employees’ union requested a temporary restraining order while they are currently in collective bargaining mode with the state. A prison shut down could potentially put state employees out of workthe judge has given parties one month to come to an agreement.

(Bike) Crash into Me Source: The Chicagoist, by Chuck Sudo

According to data collected from the Census Bureau, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Agency, bike accidents have increased 38 percent over the past 10 years and mimics the rise of bicyclists in Chicago. Crashes occur the most on the north side and on Milwaukee Avenue.

The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival 2012 Now through September 6- The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival returns this fall for two weeks of fashion and fun. The festival which runs from August 24 – September 6 features the newest fall merchandise with special perks for MasterCard holders, celebrity appearances and in-store celebrations, fashion shows and dining events plus music, sweepstakes and more!

How I Met Your Mother Photo Station Now through October 7 - “Suit Up” and have your photo taken with the charming Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother fame wearing one of his iconic suits on Michigan Avenue. At the How I Met Your Mother photo station (168 N. Michigan Avenue) – a marketing partnership between Media Stormand My TV Network - Barney Stinson will appear onscreen as an image overlay, providing a countdown to give your best mug shot for the camera. Users will then be able to enter their contact info to receive their “suited up” photo and a link to share via social networking sites.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Mike Thomas

The new baby endangered Grevy’s zebra at Lincoln Park Zoo has officially been named. After a contest, the name Kito, or “jewel” in Swahili, was chosen after receiving 2,400 votes.

50 Shades of Lakeview Source: NBC Chicago

Source: Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce

The Lakeview East Festival of the Arts, taking place September 8 from 10am until 7pm is still on the lookout for volunteers. To take part and help out with the neighborhood fest, visit

LOCAL What About the Children? Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Rosalind Rossi and Lauren Fitzpatrick

While the Chicago Teacher’s Union and Brizard try to come to agreement over a fair contract, the focus comes again on how the students in the middle of this battle will be affected. Students are torn between wanting to continue their education efforts and supporting their hard working teachers. Rahm Emanuel isn’t helping to ease tensions; even though he greeted students this morning, he has yet to make a public statement on the issue. Any walkout would be the first in the district in 25 years.

Copyright © @AfricanFestChi; Used with Permission. A live drum carving was part of the African Arts Festival this weekend.

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Copyright © Alicia Ross; Used with Permission.


Big things are happening at Kumbuya, reserve your own tribe now to be the first to be in on the action. Create a tribe based around your areas of expertise and connect with others who have the same interests. The Fashionistas tribe came together around the latest trends. Chicago Foodies share a love for the finest dining in the city. What will your tribe be? No two are alike, snag your unique tribe name before someone else does. Visit for more information.


By Maris Callahan

Keeping Business Alive is No Laughing Matter

Lakeview East Festival of the Arts Wants You!

Copyright © @ bhousewright; Used with Permission.

Peach Crumb Bars


We always knew Lakeview had a dark side, despite its yuppie reputation- join Flourish Studios next Thursday for 50 Shades of Lakeview, an adults-only event inspired by the hit lit series that’s provoking people everywhere to crank up the kink. Get hooked up with champagne, pick up some sexy swag, and try your hand at sketching a nude model (maybe voyeurism is your kink?). Or just find out which of your neighbors has a little secret...

Copyright © @samjcharles on Twitter; Used with Permission.

Source: Deadspin, by Jack Dickey

It is officially September and we all know what that means. Soon, everywhere you look, from the candy aisle at CVS to…well, anything else that tends to overtly display seasonal affection in a commercial manner, you’ll see Fall, Fall and more Fall. This is great for people like me who revere autumn as their favorite season. No more sweating while standing, no more suffering through rides to work on CTA trains lacking air conditioning and no more high electric bills from running your AC day in and day out. This is not great for people who love the summer, the beach, the sun…and summer fruit. To honor summer – and it’s bounty – one last time, I think you should hightail it over to your favorite farmers’ market or produce stand and make these decadent, buttery, can’t-have-just one peach crumb bars.

POLITICS How Similar are the Party Platforms? Source: The Chicago Tribune, By Rick Pearson

The New York Times has put together a handy onesheet of party platforms, just in time for the final two months of the campaign trail. Topics include abortion, same-sex marriage, medicare, social security, labor, and taxes. While the news may not be anything new to anyone who has been following the dueling parties for the last, well, three decades, it never hurts to read up and stay well-informed before picking our next figurehead.

Strictly Designed Company Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Venessa Wong

A new and experimental workplace called WeCross managed by award-winning designer Dror Benshetrit will open in October 2012 at the WeWork office building in New York. Benshetrit’s goal is to collect around 200 persons from various fields, who will not necessarily work together but will be hot housed to innovate new ideas and designs.

Amazon Vs. Netflix Source: Reuters

A deal brokered between Epix, a Hollywood studio partnership, and Amazon will result in 3,000 additional movies available to be streamed to Amazon prime members. The new deal will add box-office hits like “The Hunger Games” and “Iron Man 2” to a library that already has 22,000 titles available for streaming. Even though Netflix spokesperson Joris Evers stated that Epix only accounts for about 5 percent of viewing hours on Netflix, the company’s stock went down 11 percent in value since the deal was announced.

TECHNOLOGY Environmentally-Friendly Celebrities Win Again Source: CNet, by William Sprecher

General Motors is shelving production of all their hybrid SUVs except for the Escalade, which is very popular among the rich and famous. The demand for the other trucks (Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra, and GMC Yukon) was too low and costs of production were skyrocketing out of control to continue production. This move is surprising since GM is very close to the 2014 release of its vehicles.

iPhone 5: Bigger Screens and Better Internet Source: Gizmodo, by Adrian Covert

Apple addicts mark your calendars for the possible reveal of the iPhone 5 on September 12. The new phone is rumored to include a four inch screen, 4G LTE internet, and a revamped dock connector. The event to reveal the new design begins at 10am and is hosted at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.

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ACROSS 1- ___-daisy 5- Small mountains 10- Pouches 14- Cod, Good Hope, or Canaveral, e.g. 15- Old French expression meaning “goodbye” 16- Switch ending 17- Falsehoods 18- Inflated 19- Temperate 20- Chief fiend 22- Mazda model 23- Proverb ending? 24- Eat dinner 25- Musical instrument keyboard 29- Large, striped female feline 33- Pertaining to the moon 34- Fall birthstone 36- Ancient Greek coin 37- Hard water


Theatre from: Brian Dickie

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Pasta Palazzo

from: Eating For Sanity, by Joe

Pasta Palazzo is a great neighborhood joint that serves Italian food for a low price. They offer most of their pastas for $9 and have some handmade pastas for a little higher price. Its great because additional ingredients can be added to any of the pastas! The atmosphere is fun and the kitchen is wide open to the public; you can actually see them preparing the foods from pre-chopped items and constantly boiling pots of water. The staff is efficient; but in my visit, they were too efficient.


from: Pizza Lover Chicago

I was happy to check out this restaurant in Chicago for brunch! Nellcôte is one of the new hotspots that recently opened on Randolph Street. They have homemade flour for breads, pizzas, and pastas, and have been open since March. Brunch is a newer venture for them, and all of their main courses are considered ‘price fixe’, unless you order a handful of sides for a meal. Depending on what you order, the price fixe price could be a tad high at $18… but still nice not to choose food based on price.

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SFC’s Top Ten Politician Athletes

from: Sports Fix Chicago, by Ryan Buckley-Shaklee

Political tensions are running high with the presidential campaigns in full swing. This week the Democratic National Convention begins and President Obama will accept his party’s nomination. Some think that the president is a good athlete because he loves to play basketball. If you have ever seen him throw a baseball then you know his athletic abilities don’t go far beyond the hardwood. On the other hand, there are politicians who succeeded in the arena of sport. This week I present to you the Top Ten Politician Athletes.

NIU Huskies Come Up Just Short Vs. Iowa At Soldier Field from: Chicago Sports Guru, by Paul M. Banks

In Soldier Field Showdown III the PA system didn’t work for almost nearly a half. There wasn’t a lot of material noise, but a message was sent with the college football being played at the home of the Chicago Bears. For the NIU Huskies this was a home game, but the crowd was overwhelmingly in favor of the Iowa Hawkeyes. In the end it was the UI who was triumphant, making their dressed in yellow fans happy with a 18–17 victory over NIU.

Now, it looks like I will have lived through two Chicago teachers’ strikes: one as a student, one as a teacher/ After months of contemplation, after many conversations with friends, I’m in. Tomorrow, I will wear red for the first time in my 17-year career. Our strike date is set for September 10 because Chicago Public Schools leaders and the mayor want us to continue working a longer day for free. They do not respect us as professionals. They do not understand what good teachers do.

Ann Beretta return with their first album in almost a decade, and while it’s sparse on new material, it’s an enjoyable collection nonetheless. Comprised mostly of previously unreleased demos, tracks off of their early Burning Bridges EP, and previously released tracks such as fan-favorite “Bottlecaps,” the album follows the precedent of a “Best Of” collection for a band that time has not always been kind to.


Visit to learn more.


Gap Between NFL and Officials Roughly $70 Million from: Sports Kings

We may want to get used to these replacement officials because they may be around for a while. There are reports surfacing that the gap between the NFL and the NFLRA may be as much as $70 million. There is only one word to describe that: Yikes. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the replacement officials, and whether they are ready for the spotlight that is refereeing an NFL game.


from: Jezebel, by Tracie Egan Morrisey

It’s enraging how mainstream media outlets like Today and People treat the Duggars as though they’re just an ordinary family with an extraordinary amount of children—and aren’t they so cute!—when in fact, they are not. Yes, they’re bigots and anti-choice and weird and they subscribe to the kind of traditional gender roles that most educated people would consider “sexist.”

College Costs, Then and Now from: The Billfold, by Mike Deng

It’s already September, and the kids are heading back to school. I was a freshman in college about a decade ago at UC-Irvine, and at the time, tuition and fees for the academic school year was $4,555. It was not a number I stressed over as someone from a working class family, because with scholarships and financial aid available to me (thank you, Pell Grant!), that number was definitely manageable.

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Angela Garbot

from: The Top Sheet Staff

Finding herself unhappy in a career in IT, Angela Garbot first took the leap to starting a professional photography business seven years ago. Now, as the founder of Angel Garbot Photography, she helps others capture their special moments. With work published in magazines such as Forbes and Chicago Social, Angela has left her mark in the photography world. Heavily involved in local and neighborhood happenings, Angela is on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Photography Center and is Secretary of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, where she was voted 2009 Chamber member of the year. She has been featured on reality television, exhibited work around the city, and is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Week. @PhotosByGarbot

“We live in a world where it’s far easier to make money telling people how to get rich using the internet than it is to get rich using it.” SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

from: Indie Music Reviewer, by Wes Gilliam

The Duggars Aren’t Just a Family, They’re a Cult

Social Media is Bullshit By B. J. Mendelson

Mendelson’s first book is available now for purchase online or in-store.

Get ready to enjoy Chicago, I love you, a 30day, free festival from September 1-30 celebrating Chicago’s art, photography, film, literature, comedy, music and much more at Lilly’s, 2515 N. Lincoln Ave. Each night will showcase various genres of art, featuring panel discussions each Saturday.

Ann Beretta – Wild, Young and Free

BLOGS - NATIONAL Copyright © @missmoniquee; Used with Permission. School is in session, and DePaul students have taken over the Lincoln Park campus.


With The Chicago Teacher’s Union I Will Defend My Position

Most of the media coverage of the education crisis in Chicago has been around the Chicago Teacher’s Union decision to strike. Yet, that is not the only battle happening in Chicago’s education scene. Chicago’s community colleges are facing the same struggles our K-12 education system is. Community colleges are heralded as a more economical way of obtaining a post-secondary degree, but are the city colleges receiving enough attention and direction?

Vaudezilla is known for putting on the best authentic burlesque shows in Chicago. A Big Lebowski Burlesque is no exception. Vaudezilla founder Red Hot Annie sets the standard for theme burlesque. The themes are contemporary but the dancing and striptease are a throwback to the 1940’s, with the exception of a male element affectionately called ‘boylesque’.

Source: Nebo Blog


from: Poli Chi, by Barb Moreno

from: Chicago Theatre Beat, by Scotty Zacher

Before it was no white after Labor Day, the tradition used to be straw hats before the holiday and felt hats after.

Today’s puzzle by

Teacher’s Strike and City Colleges: Two Voice, Same Dialogue

Review: A Big Lebowski Burlesque


32- Swung around 35- Hog 38- Hammer end 41- Thrifty management 43- Brazilian soccer star 44- Put up 46- Like Phoenix in summer 48- Scattered rubbish 51- ___-Japanese War 52- Neighbor of Cambodia 53- Mogul capital until 1658 54- Get ready 55- Teeming 56- Siouan speaker 57- Polynesian carved image 58- Above 59- Ascended, flower 61- NFL scores

from: The White Rhino, by Ray Salazar

My Last Day in Chicago

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DOWN 1- Home of the Bruins 2- Duo 3- Blueprint detail 4- Orthodox Jewish school 5- Dexterous 6- Not working 7- Large cat 8- Obscene 9- Sky light 10- Part-time player 11- Met highlight 12- Young male horse 13- Pop 21- Free from bias 22- Drinking cup 24- River sediment 25- Scale 26- Desi’s daughter 27- The end of ___ 28- Highways, e.g. 29- Country singer Tucker 30- Movie critic Roger 31- Plinth



So I am on my way this afternoon after three pretty frantic days packing and tidying......but yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon at the Mayne Stage where the Haymarket company were rehearsing a delightful youthful comic cantata by Handel - written when he was just 22 years old. This was Clori, Tirsi e Fileno, completely new to me, except that Handel reused some of the best numbers later, notably in Agrippina. The show opens of Friday and is an essential ticket for anyone professes interest in baroque music.

38- Enamel 39- Euro forerunner 40- Bog down 42- Jittery 43- Hostess Mesta 45- Sandy shores 47- Warned 49- Suffix with ball 50- ___ du Diable 51- Slope 54- Guardian 60- Villainous character in Shakespeare’s “Othello” 61- Country singer Travis 62- VCR alternative 63- Average guy? 64- Friday’s creator 65- Just manages, with “out” 66- Anthem opener 67- Nuremberg trial defendant 68- Dreadful


Copyright © @ d_schreiman Used with Permission. Modestep hypes up the crowd at Union Park during North Coast Festival over the weekend.

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