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Note from the Intern: “I hope that despite their past financial missteps, Metabank, the official bank of the new CTA fare card system, Ventra, does not negatively affect the CTA and its budget.”

Friday, September 28th, 2012



Keep on Occupyin’


Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Hal Drudick

On Sept. 27, Associate Judge Thomas Donnelly stated in a 37-page ruling that the 92 October 2011 arrests of members of Occupy Chicago for violating the parks’ curfew were unconstitutional. He argued that the city of Chicago routinely chooses not to enforce the parks’ curfew for events the city supports like the 2008 Election Night of Barack Obama, which had no arrests even though the event went well past curfew. City lawyers were reported to be disappointed and are planning to appeal the decision.



Life on Mars?

Tooth for a Tooth?

On Sept. 27, NASA announced that the spot where the Mars Curiosity Rover landed used to have water that could have supported life; the pebbles found near the spot were rounded and smooth much like pebbles on earth after they have been transported for many years by water. It was one of the rover’s main goals to find a place that could have been “habitable.”

On Sept. 22 at the Taboo Tabou store, a Cook County prosecutor, Sarah Naughton, allegedly bit and broke the skin of a Blue Havana store manager’s leg after the Blue Havana staff came to aid the Taboo Tabou store in removing the intoxicated companions from the premises. Taboo Tabou store owner Thomas said Naughton and her companions became frustrated after the staff attempted to shoo them away, and an aggravated Naughton proceeded to use toothy violence, forcing the bitten victim to seek treatment at a nearby hospital.

Source: The Washington Post, by Marc Kaufman

Source: ABC7 Chicago, by Sarah Schulte

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? You’ll Find Out Eventually, What’s the Hurry? Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Mike Thomas

Copyright © Timothy Hollywood Kahn; Used with permission. Prince played three nights in a row at the United Center starting Sept. 24.

Jimmy Carrane of Stage 773, located in Lakeview, has received steady and growing attendance to his workshop “Slow Comedy.” The workshop is considered part of the “slow” movement and implores its participants to take the time to look at their own lives and use honesty and truth to create comedy. The comedy class is not about creating quippy one liners, but rather stories that point out the funny foibles of life. Carrane, in an email, blames fast food for the “commercial exploitation of art” where everything has to be done quickly in order to be considered good for profit.

Copyright © Jessenia Osorio; Used with permission.


Vintage Jewelry Collection from Stella Blue Design on Southport Corridor Big things are happening at Kumbuya, reserve your own tribe now to be the first to be in on the action. Create a tribe based around your areas of expertise and connect with others who have the same interests. The Fashionistas tribe came together around the latest trends. Chicago Foodies share a love for the finest dining in the city. What will your tribe be? No two are alike, snag your unique tribe name before someone else does.

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POLITICS Vote Early, Vote Often

Source: The New York Times, by Jeff Zeleny

Election Day is becoming Election Month for about 40 percent of the country as many cities and states are opening their ballot boxes for presidential votes earlier and earlier. Early voting laws are not new to this country, but the parties are planning on taking advantage of them as much as they can. It is estimated that in key swing states like Florida, up to 70 percent of the votes will be cast before Election Day. The nationwide estimate is set around 40 percent.

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LOCAL Goodbye Chicago Card, Hello Ventra Source: WBEZ, by Elliot Ramos

The CTA announced on Sept. 27 that it will launch in the summer of 2013 a new fare system for CTA and Pace called Ventra, which will use personal bank-issued debit and credit cards equipped with a “contactless chip” and work by tapping them just like Chicago Cards. Both cards will be accepted until the first half of 2014, when there will be a full switchover to just the Ventra card. CTA expects that this new system will save them $50 million over the 12-year contract.

Juggalos, Unite! Source: The Chicagoist, by Samantha Abernathy

In late 2011, the FBI classified fans of the rap music group Insane Clown Posse (ICP), a.k.a. juggalos, as an “ethnic-based and non-traditional gang.” This classification prompted several arrests during a gathering of the fans in Cave-In-Rock, Ill., in August 2012. ICP member Violent J responded by telling his fans he is sure pedophiles listen to Conway Twitty, but that doesn’t mean all his fans are pedophiles; the same applies to the juggalos and gang members. Most importantly the music group wants to protect their legacy, but don’t worry ICP, your genius lyrics and artful make-up will be remembered until the end of time.

By Sarah Amundsen

To be perfectly honest, jewelry shopping is one of my favorite activities. Since I used to work at a jewelry store, I know that the perfect pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet can easily transform your outfit. I love finding pieces that are feminine, fun and sophisticated. Luckily, I happened on Stella Blue Design in Lakeview.

The End is Near Copyright © @NikkiKayeMusic; Used with permission. Thousands of Chicagoans camped out this week to get their chance to audition for “American Idol.”

SPORTS Bringing Back the Unionized Referees? Finally, A Good Call Source: ESPN NewsWire

The NFL and the Referees’ Association announced on Sept. 26 a tentative eight-year agreement to end the lockout that began in June. The news of the agreement prompted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to issue a formal apology to the fans. A ratification bonus of $2.5 million is to be distributed amongst 121 members of the Referees’ Association at their own discretion. The regular officials were back refereeing for last night’s Browns-Ravens game and fans are back to yelling at the real refs.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Michael A. Memoli

President Obama will soon release a new two-minute ad in swing states attacking Romney’s economic platform saying that it includes the same type of policies that led to the Great Recession. Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul responded to the commercial’s allegation saying that President Obama had previously stated that it was “unpatriotic” to run up debt. Despite the election being more than a month away, many people are commenting that the ad has a tone of closure. Monarch Daily is dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of its forms - an art destination experience by Tyler Shields.

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BUSINESS Basic Necessities: Food, Shelter, Smartphone Source: Wall Street Journal, by Anton Troianovski

Government data shows that Americans have spent more on their phone bills over the past four years as they continue to dial back on other consumer activities likes shopping and dining out. As smartphone technology develops and begins to require more data, mobile phone carriers are planning on cashing in with more expensive data plans with the average phone bill for a smartphone being around $100. The question now lies in how much and for how long will Americans be willing to cut back on other necessities to pay for their cellphone bill.

TECHNOLOGY Fake Facebook Accounts Purged, Fanpage Likes Down Source: CNN, by Doug Gross

Facebook has begun to purge the fake accounts that litter its site and it is expected to greatly affect the amount of “likes” on many popular pages and groups. So far, Lady Gaga lost more than 66,000 “fans” and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker lost 200,000 “fans” over the first two days of the purge. Your friend from high school’s band still only has 12.

Big Brother is Watching Your Facebook Page Source: CNet, by Declan McCullagh

On Sept. 25, a bill was introduced to ensure police would have to get warrants to access private information on social networks in the future. As of now, search warrants aren’t needed to access activity on these networks, so police can always be aware of that tweet you sent about your breakfast or about that cute cat video you emailed your coworkers. Real time surveillance of social media sites and emails jumped 80 percent from 2010 to 2011 according to a recent report from the Justice Department, and the ACLU says there’s nothing we can do about it--at least not without proper laws in place.

ACROSS 1- French clergyman 5- Attacks 10- Andean tuber 13- German river 14- Muse of comedy 16- A Bobbsey twin 17- Irrational 19- Avg. 20- Not fer 21- Repeat 23- Deserved 24- Former Russian ruler 26- ___ breve 27- Out, in bed 29- Among 32- Structure for storing grain 33- Ring of color 36- Pertaining to a

congress 41- Valuate 42- Keats creations 44- Earphone 48- Guffaw 50- Commedia dell’___ 51- Pierce with a knife 53- Able was I ___ I saw Elba 54- Daphnia 58- Emerged 60- Wind dir. 61- Forged 64- Some MIT grads 65- Main arteries 66- ___ extra cost 67- Queue after Q 68- Rips 69- Canceled


Today’s puzzle by

DOWN 1- Sun Devils’ sch. 2- Practical 3- Needlepoint 4- ...___ saw Elba 5- Elevs. 6- Now, in Nogales 7- Less loony 8- Et ____ (and other men) 9- Hue 10- Marked down 11- Bovine animals 12- Like llamas 15- Bio bit 18- Get in a hand 22- Untrained 23- ___ Kapital 25- Few and far between 28- Ages 29- Big cheese 30- Inventor Otis 31- Chinese “way” 34- Take five





Why the White house Will Stay Republican

Has Social Media Taken Over Your Life?

from: Weigel, by David Weigel

from: Get Employed!, by Terri Lee Ryan

What is the first thing you check on your mobile device or computer? Is it your e-mail or your Facebook page? Do you spend time early in the morning thinking about what photos you can take that may interest your Facebook friends or what topic to comment on that may solicit “likes?” Do you take photos, just so you can share them on Facebook?

Caution: The Truth About the Exclamation Point from: The Good Life, by Eraina Davis

I neglected writing this blog until now; fearing that would perhaps be one of the most controversial subjects that I would cover. It is a sensitive topic for most, and it enrages others. Though it is under neither of the themes of politics or religion, it is still a difficult subject to discuss. Punctuation. The Exclamation Point vs. the Period. Subconsciously, most people have developed a lackadaisical style of writing as a result of social media, blogging, and text messages. However, just because someone purchases a new car does it mean that they do not have to abide by the rules of the road?


Heartbreak Hurts … Literally! from: The Relationship Diva, by Jenina

Think about the last time you broke up with someone. How did that feel? Me, I’ve only had one breakup hurt so very bad. It kept me in bed all weekend... And it took me an actual year to feel like myself. Ugh. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. And it seems as though now science can back up why the hell it hurts so bad when you lose someone.

What the Hell’s Going On in ‘Heavenston’? from: Riding the Waves, by Christine Wolf

What the hell is going on here? Seriously, what the HELL is going on? I moved to Evanston 15 years ago for many reasons. My husband and I wanted to live near Chicago and Lake Michigan, and we also wanted to raise our family in a place filled with people and stories and cultures and interests beyond the ones we’d known growing up. Four nights ago, 14-year-old Dajae Coleman was shot and killed walking home near Evanston Township High School.

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Conor Oberst, Van Dyke Parks @ Riverfront Theater from: Chicago Tunes, by Danny Cohen

This was my first time at the wonderful Riverfront Theater, a large circus tent (yes, you read that right, a circus tent) located just off the River and Chicago Ave. While I can’t imagine that it would have been as much fun in colder weather, I really enjoyed the carnival atmosphere. In fact, the tickets we purchased included a pass to a performance by El Circo Cheapo before the show, an offer we were happy to take advantage of. Just as an aside before we get into this thing, I would give any of their monthly performances my wholehearted recommendation.

In Defense of Hollywood Actor Rock Star Wannabes from: The Jam Room, by Dan Bradley

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard once said (about 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto), “He’s a professional actor in music; so there’s no way to feel any sincerity about his position as a musician... Because he makes a living playing characters.. [he’s] also acting what you think a rock star should act like.” What’s most amusing about this is the fact that Gibbard was, at that time, engaged to be married to successful actress/successful singer Zooey Deschanel.

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Playoff Math- Can the Fire Win the East? from: Chicago Fire Confidential, by Guillermo Rivera

With a battle for the top spot in the Eastern Conference looming this Friday night the Fire hold their playoff destiny in their own hands. The two year playoff drought is over, now it’s just a matter of how high they can finish in the standings. Beating Sporting Kansas City for the third time this season should indicate that Chicago is the front runner and favorite to capture first place in the conference.

Sleepers, Creepers, and Weepers: Fantasy Football is Full of Masochists from: Gonzo Sports Chicago, by Adam S. Tranchida SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

35- End for Siam 37- Fuel type 38- Immediately 39- Follow 40- Knowledge acquired by study 43- Nor. neighbor 44- Heavy rope for mooring 45- Rubs out 46- Bear witness 47- Actress Ruby 49- E.g., e.g. 51- Actress Berger 52- Golden Horde member 55- Nipper’s co. 56- Kicker 57- Decoy 59- In the blink ___ eye 62- Road curve 63- Likewise

The guy who chose Devin Hester with his first pick in our draft is undefeated in my league. That shouldn’t happen, albeit only the beginning of week four. This post will not be a personal rant about my team or my league, but this baffling truth lies at the root of my larger point: fantasy football is for masochists. Win or lose, playing fantasy football can drive you insane. Whether you are the epitome of a ranking slave, or you play your team close to the chest and always stick with your gut, you are gambling.

My new piece will hopefully snuff out some of that irksome hope and glee emanating from Democrats by pointing out how much harder it’ll be to win the House. This is a topic that can spin off into a million directions, and Democrats will say that they’ve baked the new Republican advantages into their own projections. But I wanted to point out how, if Barack Obama won exactly the same margins he did in 2008, he would be unable to bring along a Democratic House.

Top Senate Republican Snubs Akin During St. Louis Fundraising Trip from: Think Progress, by Alyssa Rosenberg

Emily Nussbaum, the television critic at the New Yorker, writes in an even-handed review of David Simon’s HBO series about New Orleans, Treme, which was just renewed for a shortened fourth season, than an episode of the show “made me wonder if, rather than a novel or a movie, a TV show could be a poem.” It’s a perfect way of encapsulating why Treme is both important and sometimes infuriating: it’s a show that challenges our conception of what a television show can be, but that may end up reaffirming our basic demands of the form.

DID YOU KNOW The unofficial names of many rocks on the surface of Mars are easy-going names, such as Barnacle Bill, Yogi, Pop-Tart, Shark, Half Dome, Moe, Stimpy, and Cabbage Source:

FREE THIS WEEK Get your FREE COFFEE in Chicago on Friday, Sept. 28 from 12 p.m.-4 p.m. from the Bailey’s Mobile Cafe, which will be located at the Chicago Tribune Tower Pioneer Court, 401 N. Michigan Ave., and meet Nick Lachey. Source: Free Things to Do in Chicago


10 Extreme DIY Wedding Projects Are You Bride Enough? from: SheFinds, by Pauline Millard

It’s one thing to tie ribbons around Mason jars. It’s a whole other enchilada to make your own wedding dress, edible favors, and even grow your own flowers. It may seem daunting, but it’s totally doable — if you’re an experienced DIYer (some expertise in glue gunnery is required).

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Fashion Bomb News Breakdown from: Fashion Bomb, by Jihan

After claims of promoting racist imagery in their Spring 2013 collection, Dolce & Gabbana have explained the meaning behind those controversial “fruit lady” earrings. Apparently the images reference Sicily’s Moorish-inspired art. The heads are based on ceramics that appear in Sicilian homes inspired by the Moorish people, who conquered Sicily for 75 years.

London Fashion Week Diary Part 2 from: The Coveteur

If you thought part one of our London Fashion Week diary was good, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We fueled up on tea (when in London, do as the Londoners do!) and hit the tents for a slew of shows and memorable run-ins with some of our friends and favourites. While our jet lag continues to be a constant struggle, the burst of energy at Peter Pilotto’s presentation certainly gave us a muchneeded kick-start to our day.


17 People Who Actually Really Love the New Apple Maps from: Gizmodo, by Casey Chan

You know how most people who’ve used Google Maps and Apple Maps realize that Apple Maps is inexcusably bad and most definitely inferior? Yeah, these are not those people. These people don’t give a crap what you think. That’s right: even Apple Maps has fanboys. The reasons for such backwards lovin’ range from features like “talking maps” to “street view” to just pure unadulterated joy.


from: Robert Svendson

This is a Midwestern Classic. Started in Iowa in 1926, Maid-Rite has brought it’s original and iconic loose meat sandwich to Chicago. The first of its kind in Chicago, the Lincoln Park Maid-Rite Diner, 2429 N. Lincoln Ave., will bring neighborhood flair to the chain, with this location being the only one to serve smoked in-house babyback ribs. The location arrives to fill the void of loose meat sandwiches in Chicago, is open late for snackage at any hour and is The Top Sheet’s Local Business of the Week. @ChicagoMaidRite

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