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“Will the distrust between US and Afghan forces make the expected 2014 withdrawal of allied troops more like Iraq’s withdrawal with a sizeable amount of US noncombat troops remaining on the ground?”

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012



American Airlines Sends 11,000 Layoff Notices


Source: The Associated Press

American Airlines is fearing the worst when it comes to restructuring the company after its bankruptcy and sent out 11,000 layoff notices on Tuesday. The layoffs will primarily affect mechanics and ground workers. While the company is federally mandated to warn anyone whose job might be affected, they expect layoffs to be much smaller at 4,400. Amidst the layoff announcements, American Airlines has seen an unusual number of flights cancelled due to pilots calling in sick days, which may or may not be related to the Allied Pilots Association’s pending strike.

NATIONAL US, Afghan Forces To Stop Working Together Source: The Washington Post, by Richard Leiby

After a series of “insider attacks,” US forces in Afghanistan have been ordered to scale down their involvement with Afghan troops and police. This decision might affect the training of the Afghan forces set to replace US troops in 2014. Since 2007, 109 members of allied forces have died from Afghan forces attacks, six in this past weekend alone. Many people are considering blaming the “Innocence of Muslims” movie released that led to various attacks on US embassies in the Arab world.

Don’t Drink and Drive and Post On Facebook Source: Gawker, by Neetzan Zimmerman

Boasting on Facebook about crimes has never really worked out, when will they learn? Most recently a Kentucky teenager was jailed for posting a glib status about drinking, driving, and hitting another car on Facebook. She was ordered by a judge to remove the status which reportedly read, “My dumbass got a DUI and hit a car LOL” along with her Facebook page. After not complying, she was sentenced to two days in jail and is set to appear in court again on September 27 for underage possession of alcohol and leaving the scene of a crime.

NEIGHBORHOOD Strike School Is In Session Source: ABC7 Chicago, by Ben Bradley

While awaiting a solution between CPS and the CTU, parents in Lakeview have taken matters into their own hands and created a strike school. They have divided the subjects, English, Math, Science, etc., among the parents with older children giving a hand to manage the younger students. The parents give homework, take the kids on field trips, and take time out of the ‘school’ day for recess, but at the end of the day, the kids and parents agree that this cannot replace the education received from teachers in a normal classroom setting.

Prosecutor Attacked While Trying To Help Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Jason Meisner and Rosemary Sobol

Last week an Illinois prosecutor assigned to the juvenile justice division was attacked along the lakefront in Lincoln Park after trying to stop two teenagers from harassing a gay couple. He was attacked with a broken bottle and slashed in several places then walked to the nearest hospital, St. Joseph’s, to receive treatment. Despite the loss of a lot of blood from to the attack, the prosecutor is expected to make a full recovery.

POLITICS Political Ads Leave Funders Undisclosed

Create a tribe based around your areas of expertise and connect with others who have the same interests. The Fashionistas tribe came together around the latest trends. Chicago Foodies share a love for the finest dining in the city. What will your tribe be? No two are alike, snag your unique tribe name before someone else does.

LOCAL Snakes on a Beach

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Dan Moran

For those who have always felt safe that giant, deadly snakes aren’t indigenous to this area, time to stop feeling safe. A 12 to 15 foot Burmese python was found by a landscaper near Waukegan Municipal Beach at around 10 a.m. yesterday. There are no residences in that area leaving many people wondering how the white and yellow snake got there. Animal control was able to apprehend it without issue and take it to a nearby animal hospital where it was treated for an undisclosed disease.

F Is For a Fat Illinois Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Dawn Turner Trice

In the ninth installment of “F is for Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012,” created by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it is predicted that Illinois’s obesity rate could nearly double from the current 27 percent to 53.7 percent by 2030. This report also includes estimates of how much health care costs associated with obesity would increase per state with Illinois possibly jumping more than 16 percent by 2030. James Poniewozik @poniewozik

There must be no prouder job in cable news than editing B-roll of headless fat people walking for reports on obesity.

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Copyright © @vixtopher; Used with Permission. Delegates voted to officially suspend the strike with teachers and students returning to the classroom today.

Source: Los Angeles Times, by Matea Gold

Copyright © @abso_fruitly; Used with Permission. Chipotle’s second annual Cultivate Chicago festival took place in Lincoln Park over the weekend, encouraging Chicagoans to think about where their food comes from.

SPORTS Infighting In the Chicago Bears Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Joe Cowly

Tensions flared between Chicago Bears’ teammates Quarterback Jay Cutler and left tackle J’Marcus Webb during the Bears vs. Packers game last Thursday. Cutler purposely shoulder bumped Webb during a particularly disappointing game. Cutler was sacked seven times by the Packers’ offensive line during the game and threw four interceptions. Cutler was even seen yelling at his teammates to get their “[expletive] heads in the game!”

Fine Task Force To Distribute Sandusky Scandal Money Source: The Associated Press

On Tuesday, the NCAA announced that a task force has been created with the main duty to distribute the $60 million fine ($12 million a year for five years) that Penn State has agreed to pay for the Sandusky scandal. The money will be used to fund programs that combat child sexual abuse and help victims around the country. The 10-strong task force will create and set policy regarding the amount to be distributed, but will hire a third-party administrator who will choose which nonprofit groups receive the money.

This election season some of the biggest donors will go undisclosed; the U.S. Court of Appeals this week overturned a decision requiring organizations running election-based television ads to reveal their funders. Before the decisions was made, some groups had already altered their advertising strategies to adhere to the proposed disclosure. Supporters of the proposal see the court’s decision as “a blow against transparency in the funding of political campaigns,” calling on the FEC to enact their own guidelines about funder disclosure.

BUSINESS Dreaming of a Highly Employed Christmas Source: The Associated Press

It may only be September, but large retailers are already looking ahead to the holiday season with Kohl’s offering a great gift for more than 50,000 people. The retailer is looking to hire more than 10 percent more people this year for the holiday rush, totalling 52,700 extra employees for the season. This hiring spree indicates that Kohl’s is setting it’s sale heights high this year, and they may right in doing so; by midday the same day the hiring announcement was made, shares had already increased 2 percent.

Female Friendly Hooters

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Duane Stanford and Leslie Patton

Taking a new approach to their male-centric business plan, Hooters CEO Terry Marks is turning his attention to the wives, girlfriends and even children of the target Hooters customers. So far he’s implemented simple changes such as making the restaurants more well-lit, adding larger windows and improving the menu, but left the signature uniform and “gimmick” of hot waitress be. In the 10 months Marks has been around, the amount of women dropping into the West Coast locations just for a meal has increased, and he hopes to see the same at stores across the country.


Three Reasons to Love the Lincoln Park Whole Foods on Kingsbury Street By Maris Callahan

If you ask most women where they love to shop, they will probably tell you they love to shop at shoe stores or glamorous boutiques. On the other hand, I prefer to shop at grocery stores. When I lived in New York, there was an organic produce and gourmet grocery store across the street from my building and not only did the owners know me by name, but I had credit at the store and some of the cashiers had my frequent purchases memorized.

TECHNOLOGY Smartphone Safety

Source: CNet, by Dennis O’Reilly

With more and more kids getting smartphones at younger and younger ages, it seems it will take everyone involved to keep kids who use smartphones safe. While developers, service providers, industry insiders, etc., are doing their part to create safe access to technology, parents are the ones who ultimately introduced children to such technology, with a recent study showing that 20 percent of parents believe their 9 year olds are mature enough to handle their own phone.

Xbox Original Programming Source: Gizmodo, by Kyle Wagner

Microsoft is creating one more reason to keep everyone on the couch and in front of the television. The company has hired a former CBS executive to head production of original video content for the Xbox. This addition is being looked at as one more reason to justify charging money for Xbox Live Gold. Monarch Daily is dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of its forms - an art destination experience by Tyler Shields.

ACROSS 1- Female child 5- Official records 9- Caught congers 14- Actor Morales 15- Active one 16- Treasure ___ 17- Delves 18- Like some history 19- Broadway actress Uta 20- Superfluous 23- PBS benefactor 24- Lennon’s lady 25- Historical records 29- London gallery 31- Mao ___-tung 34- March man 35- Wagon 36- Met highlight 37- In spite of

40- Ferrara family 41- Abhor 42- Model 43- Actor Fernando 44- E or G, e.g. 45- Blues great Smith 46- Sun. talk 47- Brief instant 48- Edict 56- Really bother 57- Yes ___? 58- Mother of the Valkyries 60- Steeple 61- Pro ___ 62- Brewski 63- Stun gun 64- Soon 65- New Age musician John CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by

DOWN 1- H.S. proficiency test 2- Egyptian goddess 3- Prego competitor 4- Speech issue 5- Worships 6- Jazzy Chick 7- Drop of water expelled by the eye 8- He sang about Alice 9- Flammable gas 10- Muse of love poetry 11- Trademark 12- Always 13- Repudiate 21- China’s Zhou ___ 22- Must, informally 25- Moore’s TV boss 26- Gallows loop 27- Bonkers 28- Even ___ speak... 29- Flavor 30- Commedia dell’___ 31- Attempts 32- Biblical mount 33- Bald, golden, or



A Blathering of Comedic Proportions

from: Comedy, Tragedy or Me?, by Patrick O’Hara

Occasionally us bloggers come out of our holes and get together at events called “Blatherings” (Blog+Gathering). This time around we went to Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. Fellow comedian Scott King and I were commissioned to put a comedy show together by our fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield. So we did just that, we were joined by Dale Zawada, Jacob Williams, and Fritz Nothnagel for a show that ran about an hour.

I Saw a Naked Stepford Wife and Other Tales of Greater Chicago

from: High Gloss and Sauce, by Jenna Myers Karvunidis

Eek! 25 days until I move, guys! I’m so excited. Wait, no, maybe I’m scared. After all, the Crystal ball predicts I’ll get invited to sex parties and witness milfs hooking up with the ice cream guy because apparently the suburbs are a just like those episodes of Desperate Housewives I never watched. Is it? How would I know. Until I moved to Andersonville, I thought anything north of Addison was the suburbs.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Chicago Teachers Union from: Chicago Libertarian, by Richard Lorenc

As the Chicago Teachers Union strike persists into a second week and Mayor Emanuel seeks an injunction to get teachers back into classrooms, the discussion over Chicago’s schools continues. What’s missing from the general discussion is whether Chicago students would be better served with or without the Chicago Teachers Union.

Mother Jones gives President a Gift on Occupy’s Birthday from: The Mayor Daily

Yesterday over 150 protesters were arrested outside the New York Stock Exchange on the 1-year anniversary of the founding of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Despite the large number of arrests in Manhattan, #occupy’s first birthday was more notable nationwide for its relative quiet. On the corner of La Salle and Jackson in front of the Board of Trade, for months the epicenter of Occupy Chicago, it was just another Monday with neither a sign seen nor a drum heard.


Five Reasons to Hate Baseball’s New Wild Card Format from: Just Getting Started, by Bill Gaul

My love of baseball runs deep, but this new wild card format has got to go. Some history: Beginning in 1994, baseball added a “wildcard” team to the playoffs along with the three division winners in each league. When the regular season ended, the two division winners got a bye while the “worst” division winner played the wildcard team in a five game division series.

The ACC Has the Luck of the Irish: How Notre Dame’s Move Affects the College Sports World from: Frank the Tank’s Slant, by Frank SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

There has been one phrase that I’ve repeated many times on this blog over the past two years because so many college football fans continuously refuse to believe it: the ACC is much stronger than what people give them credit for. I don’t say that as someone that is even a fan of the ACC at all (as it would bring me great personal joy to see Duke get relegated to the Southern Conference), but rather as an observer that when the academic leaders that ultimately make conference realignment decisions have a legitimate choice, they would vastly prefer being in an academically prestigious conference.

Story Lab Chicago, New Voices Telling New Stories on Wednesday, September 19, 7:30 p.m. at Black Rock Pub, 3614 N. Damen. This month’s readers include: Julie Sadowski, Philip Siegel, Gelfenbien, Carolyn Guido, Jill Howe, Greg Poljacik, and Rachael Smith. Hosted by Scott Whitehair.


Less than two months after announcing ambitious plans for the ground-floor block of the Congress Theater—and citing them as evidence of progress at city hearings that will decide the fate of the embattled venue—its controversial owner has broken with his development partner, once again raising questions about what will become of the Logan Square landmark.

Donald Trump said Tuesday that Mitt Romney shouldn’t apologize for his remarks dismissing nearly half of Americans as dependent on government and out of the reach of his campaign, adding “what [Romney] said is probably what he means.”

from: Chicago At Night, by Jim Ryan



Donald Trump: Mitt Romney Shouldn’t Apologize

Chicagoland Midweek Music Spotlight: City and Suburban Live Music Highlights


The Burmese Python has about 400 sets of ribs and a very flexible spine. This obviously allows them to easily move without the use of legs. These big snakes are also good swimmers. Source: Buzzle

Congress Theater Splits With Development Partner from: Pop N Stuff, by Jim DeRogatis

Copyright © Megan Baker; Used with Permission. Elvis Costello headlined Riot Fest over the weekend. This year was the first time the fest, which has been coming to Chicago since 2005, was outdoors in Humboldt Park.


harpy 35- FDR’s fireside _____ 36- Increases 38- Sharp-pointed plant outgrowth 39- Bridget Fonda, to Jane 44- Asexual 45- Lament 46- Animal trap 47- ___ Domingo 48- Nuisance 49- ___ Nui (Easter Island) 50- Elevator man 51- Mrs. Dithers, in “Blondie” 52- Teheran’s country 53- Catbird seat? 54- Faithful 55- Probability 59- Powdery residue

This is your guide to catching the best live music in Chicago this week both in the city and throughout the suburbs. A packed schedule this week with multi-night stands from Madonna, Joan Osborne, Richard Thompson, Matthew Sweet, John Mayall and the Lumineers... plus Everest continues their Chicago residency with a FREE show on Thursday...

from: Politico, by Kevin Robillard

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Revolutionary Google Glasses Let Runway Models Shoot Bounciest First-Person Video Since Blair Witch Project from: Slate, by Will Oremus,

Ever wondered what life looks like through the eyes of a model strutting down the runway in front of thousands of fashion luminaries at New York Fashion Week? Judging from a promotional video put together by designer Diane von Furstenberg using Google’s “Project Glass” augmented-reality glasses, we can now see for ourselves.

When Does Bad News Become Funny? from: BoingBoing, by Maggie Koerth-Baker

What makes the difference between successful satire or dark comedy, and jokes that make everybody hate you? Obviously, some of this has to do with the personality and internal culture of the person or group you’re talking to. For instance, some families use humor to deal with tragedy. For others, jokes at a funeral would be offensive. But there do seem to be some across-the-board rules of thumb at play, too.


Ice Cream Introspection Depth Chart

Regina Dryer from: The Top Sheet Staff

Regina Dryer was first exposed to PAWS Chicago in 2000, and within the past couple years started volunteering with the organization to support their mission. Now a volunteer in Community Development, Regina has been recognized by PAWS as their volunteer of the month for September. She can spotted with her own two dogs, Buddy and Mocha, at many of the PAWS special events such as the Fur Ball, Run For Your Lives, and Angels With Tails Michigan Avenue volunteering. On PAWS’s website Regina says she volunteers because PAWS is a dynamic organization that allows her to help create better lives for animals and humans, and she is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Week.


from: Pickelope

“An unexamined life is not worth living,” said Socrates. Sure, Socks (as no one called him because they didn’t even have shoes), but an unexamined quote is not worth quoting. An examined life isn’t necessarily worth living either. It might just be a road to crippling depression if the examination doesn’t lead to action, or worse, if there’s no action to take and you uncover you’re just a horrible human being.

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Channing Tatum Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To New Orleans

Publisher: Joshua Karp - Managing Editor: Beverly Kim - Production Coordinator: Brianna Wellen- Operations Manager: Sarah Shelton - Assistant Publishers: Candice Silva- Gabriella Garcia- Editorial Intern: Barbara Moreno- Distribution: Robby Meyers

from: Filmdrunk, by Ashley Burns

Good news, unemployed people of New Orleans. There’s a brand new restaurant and bar opening on Bourbon Street in the coming months, and it’s offering so much more than tips and 30% off your meal. Starting yesterday, Saints & Sinners began hiring bartenders and servers, and if you’re not the hardest workin’, twerkin’, layin’ it down, flippin’ it and tip sharing playboy in the ho$pitality BIZNA$$$TY, then you shouldn’t even bother, because this is Channing Tatum’s very own restaurant and he’s only hiring the flyest boos, heard?

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