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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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Note from the Editor: “As if I’m not already sweating balls during rush hour, the CTA drops this on us?”

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Hero Dad Stops Kidnapping


Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Rose Sobol and Jennifer Delgado

A family visit to Chicago almost turned ugly last weekend when a man attempted to abduct a two yearold girl right in the middle of Daley Plaza. Like many children visiting the square, the young girl and her older sister were sliding down the face of the Picasso sculpture when their father, Kelly Davis, noticed a strange man approaching them. When Davis first tried to intervene, the man grabbed the young girl’s arm and claimed that she was his daughter, Goldilocks. After a brief struggle, Davis was able to break himself and his daughter away from the man, and followed him into the Chase building where he was arrested.

NATIONAL Gimme Shelter From Hurricane Isaac Source: The Washington Post, By Manuel Roig-Franzia and Brady Dennis

Hurricane Isaac has caused President Obama declared an emergency in Mississippi and Louisiana, and he has ordered federal aid for the area. Still, some people in the area are not taking the warnings seriously. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate stated, “I think people need to understand this is not a New Orleans storm; this is a Gulf Coast storm.”

Cabin Fever Gains New Meaning Source: The Associated Press

Cabin fever usually means you want to get out of the house, but in the case of the current outbreak at Yosemite National park, it means you can literally get a fever from staying in one of their cabins. Park officials issued a warning to 1,700 campers who camped at the park this summer about the presence of a rodent-borne virus after they received news that two park visitors recently died from infection. Officials hope the warning will compel visitors to seek treatment as soon as they feel sick, and are currently disinfecting the park for prevention.

LOCAL Chicago Violence Goes Unanswered Source: The Chicago Tribune, by David Heinzmann

In the first seven months of this year, Chicago has seen 1,165 nonfatal shooting, however only a fraction continue to be investigated. According to a study of the cases, 75.9 percent were “suspended” because victims refused to cooperate with the police and an extra 4.4 percent are labeled “exceptionally clear closed.” The problem has gotten so bad that police officers are seeking to get suspected shooters off the street on other non-gun related charges.

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SPORTS The White Sox Are Sooo Close Source: Chicago Sun-Times, by Daryl Van Schouwen

Despite having the lead in the American League Central, the White Sox are finding out the hard way that they need as many wins as they can get in the next 30 or so games if they want to relive their World Series dreams. After a loss to the Orioles this week, they better step up their game to make sure Chicago has at least one sports team to be proud of this year.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Jon Hilkevitch

Copyright © Keith Allison; Used with permission The White Sox lost to the Orioles Tuesday, threatening their top spot.


Source: Cooler on the Lake Shore, by Bob Benenson

Chicago will be getting a new microbrewery in the near future, DryHop, headed by Greg Schuff, an entrepreneur who started his own very small microbrewery while at Purdue University. Along with an experienced head brewer, Brant Dubovick, and great beers, the two also plan on accompanying their drinks with great food. Pete Repak, who worked for the famous restaurant Charlie Trotter, is hired to be head chef. The bar, craft brewery, and restaurant will be located at 3155 N. Broadway.

Name That Zebra! Source: The Chicago Tribune, Staff Report

The Lincoln Park Zoo is looking for help in choosing a name for its new addition, an endangered Grevy’s zebra. They are holding a contest on their website where voters can pick one of four Swahili names. The four names are Hanisi (“born on Thursday”), Akili (“clever”), Kito (“jewel”), and Daktari,(“doctor, healer”). The winner will be announced on Aug. 31 on the zoo’s website.

BUSINESS AOL Just Won’t Die Against All Odds

Lori’s Shoes: From Affordable to Designer Shoes in Lincoln Park Shoes always make the outfit. When I try to put together an outfit for a special event, the hardest decision to make is which pair of shoes to wear. So obviously, I love shoe stores. Shortly after I moved to Chicago, I found Lori’s Shoes, a boutique in Lincoln Park that fit all of my shoe shopping needs. Needless to say, this boutique has done nothing to help end my addiction to shoe shopping. Lori Andre first opened the store in a 650 square foot space over twenty years ago and has grown the business into one that today boasts 4,500 square feet of shoes and accessories.

POLITICS Kirk Makes Illinois’s Blue A Little More Purple Source: The Chicago Tribune, By Rick Pearson

NEIGHBORHOOD New Beers Brewing In Lakeview


By Maris Callahan

Standing Up For Different Seats The CTA is stirring up anger in Chicagoans who are not happy with the design of their new train cars. The 5000 Series cars have inward facing seats similar to those used in the New York subway system. Despite complaints that the new design will lead to overcrowding, and a surge in pickpocket rates, the CTA, despite saying changes would be feasible, have also warned it would lead to increase costs to a project that already costs $1.14 billion, not to mention huge delays in production.

Copyright © @eevzdrop;; Used with permission Recent legislation be damned, food trucks gathered celebrated their existence at the Food Truck Social over the weekend.

Velvet Circus Visits Chicago Wesnesday, Septemeber 5 - If you are in the Chicago area, “Velvet Circus” is coming to you, they are traveling all the way from Hollywood CA to show Chicago what they’ve got!! Save the date, Wednesday, Sept. 5th @8pm. Velvet Circus will be live at the new Laugh Factory in Lakeview. You can also click on the flyer to get advanced tickets and save $5. Tickets are $15 in advance & $20 at the door.

Fashion Night Out with 900 Shops 2nd Annual Fame, Fashion, Flavor Thursday, Septemeber 6 - Mark your calendars for Chicago’s Fashion Night Out 2012! Each year it gets bigger and better and this year the place to be is the 900 Shops on Michigan Avenue as they present their 2nd Annual Fame, Fashion, Flavor. Join 900 North Michigan Shops with special hostess Ali Larter (known for her starring role in NBC’s Heroes and having graced the covers of InStyle, Allure and Glamour, to name a few), Michigan Avenue Magazine and McGrath Lexus and Acura on Fashion Night Out for the ultimate party in Chicago.

Illinois may be the Midwest’s bluest state, but conservative politicians who call Illinois home have a lot of clout on the national political battlefield. Most notably, IL Senator Mark Kirk has made waves throughout the Republican party, with bigleague members citing Kirk’s multiplatform victory operation as the beginning of the next few years of recovery for the GOP.

RNC 2012- No to Gay Marriage, Abortions, and Amnesty for the Undocumented Source: The Associated Press

At their national convention, the Republican party voted on a party platform. It includes harsh news for various interest groups. Highlights of the platform include the banning of all abortions and gay marriages, an extension of the Bush tax cuts, and opposition to providing amnesty to the undocumented. The GOP also praises legislation that requires the presentation of photo identification to vote.

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Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Nick Summers

There is really no reason AOL should be making money; it gets a majority of its revenue from subscribers who are dwindling and ventures such as Patch have brought in no revenue. Yet thanks to the sale of a bunch of old patents in April, the stock was at a high this week at $34.10 proving the staying power of the original whirring Internet in all its glory.

We Can Bank on Banks Once Again Source: Reuters

Finally good news is becoming more and more common in the economic world, with the latest positive tidbit showing the financial health of banks improving. According to the FDIC’s latest reports, the banking industry is up more than 20 percent from last year thanks to an increase on gains from the sale of loans, which means they can in return give out more loans. We’ll all have more loans than we can handle, but that’s the sacrifie we make to keep the banks afloat.

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TECHNOLOGY Apple Calls For BanHammer on Samsung Source: CNet, by Josh Lowensohn

Apple is gunning for the ban of eight Samsung phones from being sold due to patents the technology giant has filed for both the utility and design of the device. All this is coincidentally taking place just weeks before Apple’s newest iPhone release, seemingly narrowing down the smartphonr competition.

Twitter Wars

Source: Gizmodo, by Adrian Covert

Twitter is not taking anyone’s third party Tweet actions anymore and is working night and day to shut all those other apps down. People are taking issue with the war being waged, however, saying Twitter’s own apps aren’t as up to par functionally as some of its competitors; the company should work on fixing itself before tearing everyone else down.

ACROSS 1- Contender 5- Joins 10- Denials 14- Hamburg’s river 15- Heron 16- Brio 17- Meets with 18- More unfavorable 19- Used to be 20- Plaid 22- Person-to-person 24- Role player 25- Deviate suddenly 26- Fix up 28- Sontag composition 32- Overdue 35- Corner key 37- Pants measurement 38- “Rope-a-dope” boxer 39- Short journey 41- Rainbow shape

DOWN 1- Roman goddess of the hearth 2- Pertaining to the small intestine 3- Movie critic Roger 4- Bring back 5- In stitches 6- Big head 7- Shaft shot from a bow 8- Intervening, in law 9- Guide 10- Novelty 11- Butter alternative 12- Acquire through work 13- Dagger of yore 21- 100 square meters 23- Cooking appliance 25- Slugger Sammy 27- ___ vu 29- Actor Penn 30- Bern’s river 31- Village People hit 32- Tough soap 33- Came down to earth

42- Capital of Austria 45- The fifth sign of the zodiac 46- Draft classification 47- Baffled 48- Ladies of Sp. 50- How to harvest a carrot 54- Fragrant compound 58- Water-bottles 61- Suffer from a loss 62- Skunk’s defense 63- Knot again 65- Ship’s company 66- ___ avis 67- Shed ___ 68- Italian bread? 69- Sea east of the Caspian 70- Peter of Herman’s Hermits 71- Cornerstone abbr.

34- Evens the score 36- ___-de-sac 37- Like ___ not 40- Resting place 43- Not aligned 44- Back of the neck 46- Small bone 49- ___ Lingus 51- Aired again 52- ___ a customer 53- Bony prefix 55- Garr and Hatcher 56- Tennis champ Chris 57- Marry again 58- Mrs. Dithers, in “Blondie” 59- Hebrew month 60- Asta’s mistress 61- Richard of “Chicago” 64- 007 creator Fleming

DID YOU KNOW Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year--about 22 per person.

FREE THIS WEEK The Chicago History Museum, 1601 N. Clark St., is offering free days Today and Tomorrow to get some knowledge before school starts.

CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by

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Brunch or Whose On First? from: Bunny and Brandy

Brunch. That’s what its all about, really. Well, that’s what’s this blog is about, at least. Brunch. That elusive meal with no real definition, only a vague rule that it has to happen after breakfast, but before lunch and combine the best of both. One could make a case that its not even a meal, but a time period; a time for taking time, for sipping, nibbling, conversing, giggling, or planning the week ahead. Brunch is the last gasp of fresh air before the weekend settles back into the work week.

Craft Beer Craze Opens Doors For Midwest Cider, Sparkling and Wine from: Midwest Wine Press, by Kari Skaflen

The growing U.S. appetite for regional craft beers is having a positive, knock-on effect for the makers of local cider, sparkling and still wine. According to the Brewers Association, the craft beer industry grew by more than ten percent last year, continuing nearly a decade of strong expansion. U.S. cider sales are also up, increasing 23% from 2010, the fourth straight year of double-digit growth.

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Lunch in the Loop: Nude Pumps Street Style from: Chicago Fashion & Flair, by Amy Brueckman

It’s lunch time in the West Loop! I took to the street around the Randolph Theater district to see what the fashionable working ladies of Chicago are wearing. Office wear can be difficult. So many office appropriate ensembles are so bland and boring that you couldn’t even torture me with paper cuts and stapler wounds to wear them.

The Work Uniform in Black or My Jumper from: Chic Overload, by Luis

Ever since I’ve moved back to Chicago it seems like opportunities have been knocking on my door constantly. Whether it’d be for collaborations with uh-mazing brands (can anyone say Timberland?) or getting a new job (Hello Mr. Host at Sable), I’ve been extremely fortunate.


Hair Masks: ITG Investigates from: Into the Gloss, by Alessandra Codinha

Copyright © Tai of Weird Chief Pictures Used with permission Art vendors from across the city came out for the Bucktown Arts Festival last weekend.

How To Master Sleek, Retro-Glam Waves


Mitt Romney “Birther” Comment No Joke from: Chicanísima, By Teresa Puente

Mitt Romney made a comment that is really indefensible. “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised,” Romney said Friday while he was campaigning in Michigan. Alluding to the fear mongers who believe President Barack Obama was not born in the United States is beneath someone who aspires to be president of the United States.

Extra: The Long Awaited Veto from: Chicago Argus, by Gregory Tejeda

When the General Assembly gave its approval last year to a measure that would allow for the creation of a casino in Chicago, four other casinos across the state and other assorted opportunities, that bill ultimately got stuck in a drawer. It never was sent to Gov. Pat Quinn for approval. The Legislature’s leaders wanted to work out a side deal with the governor, but it never happened. Well, the Illinois Legislature gave it a second shot this year, voting to approve a bill that adds to the amount of gambling opportunities across the state.


Race Report: Rally for Autism 5K (AKA: The One Where I Find My Missing Mojo) from: Zero to 26.2, by Bobbi

Sometimes I think that the only reason I run in the summer (I HATE running in the summer) is to get to the cooler temps again and remember, “Whoa! I really DO remember how to run fast!” Backing up a little, Jenna’s 13th birthday was on Friday.

More Pointers On Acing Job Interviews from: Inc. Well, by David Wolinsky

Tips for how to perform well in job interviews work both ways: They also tell the people on the other side of the table what to cover and give a little guidance on how to interpret the answers being given to them. After all, don’t forget that employers use the Internet too.

Social Media is Bullshit By B. J. Mendelson “We live in a world where it’s far easier to make money telling people how to get rich using the internet than it is to get rich using it.” SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

We know about face masks, largely thanks to Patrick Bateman and every movie makeover montage ever (fluffy robe, bouncy friends and cucumber slices on your eyes = optional). They always seemed rather gimmicky and scary-looking on, though admittedly very satisfying to peel off. But what was I about to put on my head (times six)?

Mendelson’s first book will hit the shelves and e-books September 4. Visit to learn more.

from: Refinery 29, by Megan McIntyre

As much as we live for beachy waves during the summer, they lack the air of elegance and sophistication that we crave, come fall. Enter, sleek waves.


Johnny Carson and the ‘Tonight Show’s’ Seemingly Permanent from: Splitsider, by Elise Czajkowski

There’s a lot to cover in Johnny Carson: King of Late Night, an episode of PBS’s American Masters series chronicling the life of the iconic Tonight Show host. The two-hour film follows him from childhood through his meteoric rise to success and unrivaled legacy.

Extra: The Long Awaited Veto


Animal Collective Talk About Making Centipede Hz from: Stereogum, by T. Cole Rachel

By now, pretty much everyone has had a chance to listen to and weigh in on Animal Collective’s new long-player, Centipede Hz. At the time of my interview with the band I’d only heard the record a couple of times — via a time-sensitive watermarked computer stream provided to critics — and was still in the process of trying to figure out exactly what I thought about it...

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from: Chicago Argus, by Gregory Tejeda

When the General Assembly gave its approval last year to a measure that would allow for the creation of a casino in Chicago, four other casinos across the state and other assorted opportunities, that bill ultimately got stuck in a drawer. It never was sent to Gov. Pat Quinn for approval. The Legislature’s leaders wanted to work out a side deal with the

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Marrying Up But Not Giving Up from: The Billfold, by Tayloe Jenkins Reid

A month into my relationship with the man that would become my husband, the stock market was crashing. As a writer who rarely had two pennies to rub together, I can’t say that I really cared—I had debt, not investments. It wasn’t until Alex woke up in a bad mood one morning that I realized that he did care. “Do you want to know something depressing?” he said as he got dressed for work. “I just checked my portfolio. I’ve lost 20 percent of my net worth.”

Probably the best PR team ever from: The Bloggess

If you’ve read me for more than a few minutes you know I have quite a reputation for shaming terrible PR pitches. In fact, I suggest taking me off of all of your mailing lists unless you are the people I’m about to talk about, who have finally cracked the code to amazing PR. Yesterday I got an enormous, 30 pound box in the mail. I opened it up to find a splintered crate nailed shut from “Blithe Hollow Cemetery”.

Miriam Cecilia Carlson

from: The Top Sheet Staff

After a visit to Paris inspired her to design her first collection, Miriam Cecilia Carlson brought her creativity to Chicago as part of the Chicago Fashion Incubator program in 2009. Most recently she can be seen featured at the Wit’s Runway on the Roof on September 13, at her Lincoln Park studio/showroom at 1223 W. Diversy Pkwy, or at her family farmhouse searching for the next wave of inspiration. Miriam has regularly graced Chicago’s runways, been named the “Next Big Thing” and “most likely to rule the runway” by Michigan Avenue Magazine, participated in the Oscar Design Challenge put on by the Academy Awards, and is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Week. @miriamcecilia_

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