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from: The Chicago Tribune, by Andy Grimm, Steve Schmadeke and Matthew Walberg

More than three years after his arrest, Drew Peterson sat his first day of trial on Tuesday for the alleged 2004 murder of his wife Kathleen Sovio. The Tribune reports that only within an hour of the trial, there was a motion for mistrial, five objections, and three private conferences between attorneys and the judge. Though Stacy Peterson was not the focus of the trial, her family said they were pleased with the testimonies of the day. The ongoing trial, resuming at 9 a.m. today, promises to be just as tangled and heart-wrenching as the investigation.

Steven Elton Yates @StevenEYates Tip for #DrewPeterson Wipe the smirk off yr face when you’re on trial 4 murdering the most recent of the wives you’ve murdered.#alledgedly

NATIONAL Church Following Own Advice, Loving Thy Neighbor from: The Washington Post, by Becky Garrison

Embracing the tradition of loving thy neighbor, the Episcopal Church has joined a coalition in order to create and enforce protections against discrimination for transgender people within the faith. The move inevitably did not pass without challenge; several members of the Episcopal Church left the convention where the ordinance was announced, though they did not leave the faith itself.


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Michael Phelps is Still the Olympian of Our Generation

from: Chicago Sun-Times, by Rick Morrissey

from: WBEZ, by Natalie Moore

Segregation has always been difficult issue for Chicago- despite constant progression towards equality, the city remains disturbingly and visibly divided along racial lines. Many have criticized downtown nightclub venues of propagating these divisions through biased door policies that target and discriminate against people of color, creating “whitewashed” event spaces and a lot of angry patrons who believe they were unfairly denied entry.

Life in the Bike Lane

from: The Chicago Tribune, by Bridget Doyle

Common sense would tell us that bike lanes are created to keep bicyclists out of car traffic and safe during their commute, right? Apparently the word didn’t get to the Illinois DoT; one man is suing the agency and the city for negligence, alleging that he was seriously injured while using a path when a sewer grate within the path limits snagged his bike tire and threw him off into the street. Turns out having grates about the width of a bike tire that run parallel to the direction of travel is not such good planning.

NEIGHBORHOOD Soccer Game Turns Violent from: Sun-Times Media Wire

This is the summer that people in Chicago have decided that guns are necessary to solve all disputes. Continuing the trend that has made the season the most violent in nearly a decade, a man pulled his piece out and threatened a number of people at a soccer game in Lincoln Park in attempt to settle an argument about the game. Seems like the term “sore loser” has become potentially deadly.

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POLITICS Government Still Afloat For At Least Six More Months

from: The Washington Post, by Rosalind S. Helderman

Saving the government once again for now, House Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid have reached another shortterm solution to avert a complete government shutdown. At the end of the fiscal year in September under the current agreement, Congress will continue funding the government for six months, at which time we will ultimately be back where we started.

BUSINESS Dying Crops = Dollars for Farmers


Nightlife Most Recent Thing Reminding Us of Chicago’s Segregation

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Copyright © @marschaef; Used with Permission Lake Arlington hosted the First Annual Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival on July 28.

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Drew Peterson Trial in Full Swing

Anyone who was worried that this Ryan Lochte character would wrongfully take the spotlight off of Michael Phelps, worry no more. After winning his 19th medal (15 of which are gold), he is officially best Olympian ever, or at least has an unmatched career with the most medals. The pivotal moment came during the 800-meter freestyle relay. The previous record holder? A Russian gymnast, which in Olympic terms might as well be a part of the axis of evil as far as Americans are concerned. All together now: U-S-A! U-S-A!

Will Doping Rumors Sink or Swim?

from: Chicago Sun-Times, by Rick Morrissey

Despite a more intense drug testing and restriction policy than ever for Olympic athletes, Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen is under scrutiny for doping after winning gold with what some are calling an “impossible” time. She broke the record for the 400m by one second, making her time better than that of this year’s Olympic darling Ryan Lochte. The British Olympic Committee has officially declared her clean, but with a few more events in her Olympic future there will no doubt be more backlash.

Jonathan Edwards @JDE66 I feel very uneasy about accusations being leveled at Ye Shiwen - she’s 16! I’d prefer to believe in brilliance until proven otherwise

Even Cubs Fans Strike Out

from: Deadspin, by Barry Petchesky

There’s nothing more romantic than your future spouse lighting up a huge stadium with his or her marriage proposal. Unless, that is, you’re not there to see it, in which case it’s actually just a huge waste. Such was the story with Greg and Erica; the big moment happened when Erica was, like a true Cubs fan, on a beer run. She may have missed the scoreboard message, but he still got the girl in the end when she said, “Yes.”

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from: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Kristen Hinman

Even with major droughts and a noticeable absence of corn at everyone’s summer cookouts, farmers won’t have any trouble raking in some cash this season. Thanks to a generous government crop insurance program, those who were previously thought to be suffering will instead be “laughing all the way to the bank.” It’s not yet known exactly how much will be offered up, but the $10.8 billion given to drought ridden Texans last year should leave farmers optimistic.

Next Vacation Spot: Exotic Chicago

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from: The New York Times, by Nathaniel Popper

The numbers are in and it looks like Chicago is getting closer to its goal of becoming an ultimate tourist destination; out of towners spent $12 billion in 2011, up 7.8 percent from what the visitor industry brought in the year before. The biggest spenders? International travelers. They tend to shell out $4,000 per visit. Rahm Emanuel couldn’t be happier and vows to keep pushing Chicago’s wonders to the world as a vacation hot-spot.

TECHNOLOGY YouTube Channels Original Programs from: CNet, by Don Reisinger

YouTube is cashing on some professional programming, so the video you made of your cat chasing a laser pointer is going to look just a little bit worse. After an original investment of $150 million into original programming attracted the likes of Rainn Wilson and Amy Poehler to create their own channels, YouTube is now dropping $200 million more to market such channels.

Chair Redefines Sitting from: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by Venessa Wong

The worst thing about chairs is the fact that they are still and allow you to just simply sit. At least, that’s what one doctor thought when he invented the $8,500 office “smart chair.” Less of a chair and more of a device, this product has no back and cradles the legs separately allowing for a full range of motion and a practice in balance and good posture. To fully test it, the doctor sat in it for 16 hours straight, a task that will hopefully never have to be repeated by anyone again.

partagas1845 @enjoypartagas $8500 is a lot of money for an office chair. But this looks so strange, it has to be good for you, right?

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Copyright © Maura Manning; Used with permission Inflatables were a staple of this year’s Wicker Park Fest.

Film SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by


Liars at Metro Chicago

from: Lost in Concert, by Ben Dahl

The light slowly rises stage right like the sun coming up over the horizon…and then it creeps over the bottom of the window sill and hits you in the face like you were out drinking all night mere hours ago. You throw your phone and roll over so that you can squeeze in another nine minutes of sleep. Everything confirms you’re still in a dream state.

Midwest Music: Tennis Anyone? ACROSS 1- Queens stadium 5- Smoke deposit 9- Revenuers, for short 13- Join lips 14- Like ziti 16- “All The Way To ___”, song by REM 17- Little devils 18- Cheri of “Saturday Night Live” 19- Like ___ not 20- Creamy white 22- Smell in “Apocalypse Now” 24- Wurst 27- Reflected sound 28- Move with great speed 29- Major avenue in New York City 33- Demote 34- Seed cover 35- Regal address 36- Sky light

37- Dutch painter Jan 38- Kind of fingerprint 39- Not false 41- Seed containers 42- Moving 44- Resembling a goose 46- Fungus 47- Got on 48- Audition tape 49- Car heart 52- Cock and bull 53- Leaf tool 57- Shrivelled, without moisture 58- Staggers 60- Football kick 61- Oceans 62- ___ Domingo 63- Camaro model 64- Formerly, once 65- Nicholas II, for one 66- Pledge


DOWN 1- Go downhill fast 2- God, biblically 3- Uncommon sense 4- Aids 5- Straight man 6- Unconventional 7- Comply with 8- Sailor 9- Camera stand 10- Intro to physics? 11- Hydroxyl compound 12- Standard 15- 16th president of the U.S 21- Low-lying area 23- Gotcha! 24- California peak 25- Reddish brown 26- Seventh planet 27- Great Lakes tribesmen 29- Plait, old-style 30- Breadth

from: Midwasteland, by Kayla Unerstall

31- Army leader? 32- Hanker 34- Make up for wrongdoing 37- Arachnids 40- Most strange 42- Intention 43- Eighth sign of the zodiac 45- Director Howard 46- Landlord 48- 4th letter of the Greek alphabet 49- “___ quam videri” (North Carolina’s motto) 50- ___-do-well 51- Mardi ___ 52- Coop group 54- Ambience 55- Gnarl 56- Draw with acid 59- Devour


The first time we heard Tennis was while we were shopping the sale section at Urban Outfitters. Since that day a few months back, the Denver indie pop band, made up of husband-and-wife Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, has gained mucho attencione on their sophomore album, performing on Letterman, Leno and Carson Daly. They’ve even been noted as faves of fashion gods, Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs.


A Hologram for the King: Waiting for Abdullah

from: The New Dork Review of Books, by Greg Zimmerman

There’s a very good reason that the world of business consulting is under-represented in literary fiction. If “interesting” is Tokyo, tales of “win-win” and “streamlined synergies” are London. But that didn’t stop Dave Eggers from making his main character of his new novel, A Hologram for the King, exactly the kind of business bonehead whose natural habitat is the airport hotel bar. Eggers’ novel is like an Office Space on downers. It’s better than you’d expect a story about business consulting or sales to be, but it still doesn’t exactly “meet its fourth quarter projections.” Advertisement

Mango Chelada from: Through the Liquor Glass, by Rabbit

Here’s a refreshing twist on the Michelada/Chelada beer cocktail. As you may know, the Chelada is a popular drink in Mexico, consisting of lime, salt and beer. The Michelada, even more popular, adds in tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, Maggi, Soy... sometimes clam juice or oranges. Every region in Mexico has its own version.

Laguinitas Fusion VIII Made by Local Home Brewer

from: Beeronaut, by Mark McDermott

Lagunitas Brewing Company continued its push for the hearts and minds of Chicago homebrewers last Monday by… oh, not quite like that, but they did host a premiere party for one of its limited edition beers, which was formulated in the Chicago area. Steve Kamp of southern Beecher had won a Lagunitas sponsored homebrewing contest this spring, with a chocolate rye ale made with Sorachi Ace hops.

Six thousand people in Chicago got scammed this past weekend and the big question being asked is: What will be done about it? Mud Wars – which billed itself as “Chicago’s Mud Run” and took place on July 28, 2012 on Chicago’s Northerly Island – deceived participants on such a high level that people are now talking of lawsuits against the owner of Biz Events, Joe Bizzieri.

List: Things You May Need If You’re Going to be Massively Pregnant During a Hot Season

from: Claire Zulkey, by Claire Zulkey

Congratulations! You’re an idiot like me who either figured you probably wouldn’t get pregnant anytime near your first few tries or just didn’t do the math. Now you are (or will be) large and in charge during one of the hottest summers on record. Here are some things I’ve found help you feel a bit more like yourself while you’re glowing your butt off. Warning: there is a complete abandonment of feminine mystique below.



from: midweSTYLE, by Cameron

Few pieces in a man’s arsenal are more divisive than white denim. There are two sides of the fence—and few people are actually on the fence itself. Dudes either love white denim, or they hate it. I fall on the former side, obviously. That said, I’ve had conversations with guys who tend to stay away from the white for fear of a painful amount of upkeep. But, perhaps there’s a mental shift that needs to be had.


Copyright © @mazzyshelby; Used with Permission One of the many delicious offerings at the Taste of Lincoln Avenue.

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from: Vulture, by Kyle Buchanan

It was hard to get Peter Jackson into the director’s chair of The Hobbit, but it’ll be even more difficult to get him out of it. Jackson spent so much of his life helming the massive Lord of the Rings trilogy that he seemed eager to hand off Hobbit duties to Guillermo Del Toro back in 2008, but after Del Toro dropped out and Jackson reluctantly took the helm of the Rings prequel himself, he seemed to get a second wind: Today, Jackson announced that he’s expanding the formerly two-film Hobbit project into its own trilogy.

My Favourite Hitchcock: The Birds

from: The Guardian Film Blog, by Xan Brooks

The crows alight, one by one, in the schoolyard above Bodega Bay. They are summoned by the nursery rhyme sung by the children, or drawn by the green glow of Tippi Hedren’s matching skirt and jacket, or maybe lured by the pungent scent of her lit cigarette. By the time she turns her head, the climbing frame is thick with them. “She combs her hair but once a year,” sing the oblivious children inside their classroom. “Nickety-nackety now, now, now!”


Fancy (adj.) Elaborate In Structure or Decoration

from: The Billfold, by Logan Sachon

A friend called me up yesterday and said: “I’m hanging out in a fancy apartment. Do you want to come also hang out in this fancy apartment?” I said yes. Any apartment is preferable to hang out in over my apartment—a fancy one, even better. I live a tiny room in a terrible apartment (well documented). “Fancy” doesn’t mean much when you live like I am currently living. It could mean a bathroom without a cloud of black mold on the ceiling. It could mean there’s room for a desk and a bed. It could mean there are not Dominican motorcycle gangs revving around at all hours, on all days. I didn’t know what fancy meant, is what I’m trying to say. I didn’t occur to me that it could actually mean fancy.


Mud Wars (or was it Scam Wars?)

from: from Subject to Change, by Mr. Miller


Have A-List Directors Become Too Married to Their Franchises?

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Found: The Shoes We’ve Wanted Since ‘82

from: Refinery 29, by Lexi Nisita

Finally! We always wanted to be the coolest girl in ninth grade (despite having actually attended high school anywhere from five to 35 years ago), and now that dream has finally come true — thank you, Jeffrey Campbell, for understanding that true love lasts a lifetime, especially when it begins at the roller rink. Two inches of platform, a retractable wheel, and whole lotta lovin’ goodness: These are the shoes we (or at least, some of us) always dreamed of.

Two Shoes, One Pair, Five Outifts

from: The Man Repeller, by Leandra Medine

After news of a Narciso Rodriguez shoe launch surfaced last runway season, the world—or myself at very least, waited anxiously for a close up. The result of this anticipatory period was nothing short of breathtaking: the ideal marriage of a class-act boot infused by a dose of relevant cool which makes the outcome a seamless transfusion of trendy timelessness and that is no easy feat. Earlier this summer, Barney’s New York, exclusive shareholder, if shares were shoes and holding was vending, to the Narciso Rodriguez shoe collection challenged me to style a pair of my choosing for five different occasions.

Candace Jordan

from: The Top Sheet Staff

Candace Jordan is a staple of every glamorous and worthwhile events in the city, and one look back in her history proves she was born fabulous. Starting at the age of 13 as the youngest fashion coordinator in the history of St. Louis retailer Famour-Barr, she quickly found her way to Chicago as a Playboy Bunny, and soon after to the silver screen alongside Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.” Candace now documents the social going-ons of Chicago on her blog, Candid Candace, and supports philanthropic causes around the city, such as co-founding the Couture and Cocktails benefit for the Joffrey Ballet, where she serves on the women’s board, and writing a play for the Victory Garden’s Chicago Stories fundraiser. Candace served as a stylist and fashion editor for a Chicago women’s magazine, was a 2010 co-chair for the Joffrey Circle, was named a Top Philanthropist by Cheeky Chicago, and is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Day. @CandidCandace

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