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Friday, August 10th, 2012 Lakeview - Belmont Edition Chicago

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from: The Chicago Tribune, by Matthew Walberg, Steve Schmadeke and Andy Grimm

During yesterday’s Drew Peterson trial, it was revealed that Peterson and Kathleen Savio’s son, Kris, has signed a release taking his name off the wrongful death suit in the case of Savio’s death, effectively ending the lawsuit altogether. There will be a status hearing in September, but an eeriness around the situation lingers and many, like the Savio family’s attorney, are wondering the influence Drew Peterson had on this decision. the case will resume today with Dr. Larry Blum, who performed the autopsy on Savio’s exhumed body in 2007, as a key witness.

Craig Wall @craigrwall #DrewPeterson overheard telling Kris happy birthday and he would not want to see the photographs that were about to be shown of his mom

NATIONAL Trayvon Martin Prosecutors Leak Confidential Documents, Photo

from: The Smoking Gun

If the Trayvon Martin case wasn’t already enough of a tangled mess for you, the prosecution has added a few more knots. The office of prosecutor Angela Corey apparently accidentally released multiple documents, including a copy of an eyewitness photo of Martin’s body after the attack, that are considered confidential. Despite a scrambled effort by the office of the prosecution to retract its error with a statement, the mistake could cost the case a mistrial.

No Answers for Aurora

from: The Chicago Tribune, by Jenny Deam

The recent tragedy in Aurora has set off hundreds of questions- most of which will remain unanswered until preliminary trial begins in November, due to a gag order imposed by the presiding judge that bans anyone from the case from talking about it. Over twenty media outlets have joined a motion hoping to persuade Judge Sylvestor to relax the order, feeling that the public deserves more information before the case goes forward. However, because of the grave nature of the crime, Judge Sylvestor fears that releasing too much information will jeopardize the trial.

NEIGHBORHOOD Lulumelon’s Happy Baby Pose from: Crain’s Chicago Bussines, by Brigid Sweeny

Yoga apparel giant Lulumelon has hit their clothing line with a shrink ray, and not because its clientele tends to be especially svelte. The pricy purveyor of all things stretchy opened an Ivivva store for girls, which will sell mommy-and-me versions of their athletic apparel for young ladies ages 6-14. Prices are about half those of the mother company, as are sizes of the garments.

The Bicycle Thief from: Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire

Lincoln Park’s Running Away Multisport store got a shock when several “high-end” bikes went missing Wednesday. As of yet, no word on who might have taken them, but a box-like truck was the getaway vehicle with multiple bikes worth thousands of dollars.

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TECHNOLOGY Roughing It Gets a Little Less Rough

A Roof with a View: The J. Parker Rooftop Restaurant in Lincoln Park

By Vivian Doan

The J. Parker, the much anticipated rooftop lounge atop Hotel Lincoln, opened this past week. The 13th-floor lounge is the perfect spot to soak in the sun while sipping on summer drinks, nibbling on bites by Paul Virant (chef of Perennial Virant on the first floor of Hotel Lincoln) all while taking in amazing views of Chicago. While most Chicago rooftops boast Chicago’s skyline, the J. Parker’s stunning views of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park Zoo and the Gold Coast will make your outing in Lincoln Park more than worth it.

POLITICS For Conservatives, Moderation is Not Key from: The New York Times, by Michael D. Sear

Mitt Romney has a long way to go to prove himself a true conservative candidate, but a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed thinks it has just the trick. The Op-Ed joins a chorus in urging Romney to pick Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, believing that Ryan’s “uncompromising” position on conservative principles will be enough to prove Romney’s worth to the party despite his insistent left-leaning past.



Like Father, Like Son?

from: Gizmodo, by Andrew Liszewski

The one thing that always seems to be missing from any outdoor adventure is a portable DIY beer kit. Thankfully one man has filled this void by creating Backcountry Beverages, powered versions of beers and sodas that, with the help of the handy portable water bottle pump, can hydrate and carbonate anytime, anywhere. Never go without a brew while camping again!

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic from: The Huffington Post, by Drew Guarini

Now all it takes is an iPhone app to test the validity of an organic food’s claim. A plug-in from a new company called Lapka will measure humidity, temperature, radiation, and “organicity” of foods, and let you know if it’s phony or not. While this particular device won’t be available until December, it joins a trend of iPhone plug-ins detecting scientific things everyday life such as air quality and coffee temperature.



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LOCAL Rap Lyrics May Reveal Murder Details from: The Chicago Tribune, by Jason Meisner

They say people should write what they know, but in the case of a murder, writing what you know into a rap song may not be the best idea. Police are using a rap song written by Abed Othman as evidence against him in the murder of his cousin in 2008. His cousin was found shot in the head three times in a southwest side alley, and the rap Othman penned was not-so-subtley titled, “Bullets in the Head.”

George Ryan Gets Work Leave from: The Chicagoist, by Samantha Abernathy

There will soon be one less Illinois governor in prison, not because anyone was found innocent, but because George Ryan, the 78-year-old ex-governor, has qualified for work release. What his job will be, no one really knows, but he’ll be staying at a halfway house in the West Loop after getting released from prison five months early on July 3, 2013. We’ll see how long it takes for Blago to catch wind of this work release business and start looking for his own job.

Copyright © Mitch Hubbarth Used with permission The Chicago-based festival Lollapalooza announced this week it will host a version of the music fest in Tel Aviv, Israel, next summer.


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Guy With Broken Leg is Still Faster Than You from: Deadspin, by Barry Petchesky

Sometimes when you’re running a qualifying relay race for the Olympics, you hear your leg SNAP, and if you are American team member Manteo Mitchell you finish the race in second place and move onto the final. It was later revealed that Mitchell broke his fibula during the last 200 meters of his lap in the 4x400 relay. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Clarke’s Diner from: The Top Sheet Staff

A classic spot for late-night dining, some of the most entertaining nights in the city can be spent at this 24-hour diner simply watching the patrons. But as a bonus, their food is amazing, too. So whether you want a fresh squeezed orange juice for brunch, chicken wings as a midnight snack, or a light salad for your midday meal, Clarke’s is the neighborhood place for you. Not to mention it’s multiple locations for ease of access: Lakeview, 930 W. Belmont Ave. and Lincoln Park, 2441 N. Lincoln Ave.

Saturday, August 11 - The Big Dig Beach Party is celebrating 20 years! Kick it old school style with one of the 90′s most popular artists, Vanilla Ice. We’re going Ice Ice Baby on you at the Big Dig North Avenue Beach Party this year! Register today for beach volleyball, dodgeball or bags & your ticket to the concert is included in your team registration! Put on your swimsuit and grab the sunscreen as we hit the beach for a day of festivities and DJ sets and a live music performance by Vanilla Ice!

Keep the L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Express Tour 2012

Manteo Mitchell @ManteoMitchell Never thought that the phrase “break a leg” would reach reality for me lol


Big Dig Beach Party with Vanilla Ice

Copyright © @bkeins Used with permission The new show “Chicago Fire” has begun filming in the city with accident scenes taking over the streets.

BUSINESS Major Changes For Pink Ribbon from: The Associated Press

A big leadership shift is taking place over at Susan G. Komen for the Cure with both the president and founder stepping down. The change is speculated to be related to the organization’s decision to cease funding of Planned Parenthood and the subsequent fall out. Even after resuming the funding, five major executives resigned and participation in the organization’s events dropped. Planned Parenthood, however, seems to be on good terms with the group, so let’s hope there were other reasons behind this shuffle.

Saturday, August 11 - The Keep the L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Express Tour 2012 is hitting the road this summer to raise awareness about, and help reduce, the number of pets that are being abandoned, relinquished or even euthanized due solely to behavior problems. Behavior problems in pets can cause people to give up their pets. Most pets are relinquished at a very young age, and once pets go to the shelter, the chances they will be euthanized are high. That’s why the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) has endorsed the Ceva Animal Health, makers of FELIWAY and ADAPTIL pheromone products, Keep the L.O.V.E. Alive Behavior Express Tour 2012.

Chicago Summer Festivals 2012: StreetFood Artistry

Sunday, August 12 - If you’re a big fan of the food truck movement and love a variety of art platforms you’re going to want to hit up Street Food Artistry this August! Sunday, August 12, 2012 we invite to an unforgettable culinary and artistic explosion brought to you by Lifestyle Zen and A’Vents by August. Last year they introduced this one-of-akind event to Chicago featuring pop-up restaurants, street-inspired dishes, gourmet food trucks and old school food carts. They also showcased Chicago’s street inspired art and photography.


Earthquake!!!!!! from: Babe Walker

A week ago, I was submerging my head in a tub of lavender purified ice water before bed (super relaxing, trust) and an earthquake struck. I gasped out of fear, and nearly drowned from inhaling a lungful of water. My dad had to run upstairs and give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The combination of almost dying/making out with my own father obviously left me traumatized, but I assumed it was just a random case of bad karma, vowed to never scream at a manicurist again, and moved on with my life.

Fashion SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by CROSSWORD Today’s puzzle by


Balance from: Pretty & Fun, by Cait

A reader recently asked for a glimpse into my schedule, a look into how I get it all done. This has had me thinking a lot as I’ve been faced with long work days followed by coming home to two lonely dogs and a severely neglected marathon training schedule - the truth is, I don’t. I can’t get it all done anymore. There just simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

ACROSS 1- Capital of the Philippines 7- CD-___ 10- Baby powder 14- Lets up 15- Altar in the sky 16- “East of Eden” director Kazan 17- Dwarfed tree 18- Droop, sink 19- K-6 20- Loving 23- Inspire anew 26- ___ kwon do 27- Playground retort 28- Yours, in Tours 29- Cambodia’s Lon ___ 30- Foxy 31- Breed of dog unable to bark 33- Numbered rd. 34- This ___ stickup! 37- Exist 38- “You’ve got mail” co.

39- Attention 40- Romanian coin 41- ___ the season... 42- Opposite of post43- Angling 45- Free 46- Central 47- Leisure 48- First name in cosmetics 51- Proverb ending? 52- Bird that gets you down 53- Vexing 56- Growl 57- Actor Erwin 58- North African desert 62- Farm unit 63- Flub 64- Besides 65- Take it easy 66- Female rabbit 67- Monster’s nickname

DOWN 1- Fairy queen 2- Blood letters 3- A Bobbsey twin 4- I’ve been framed! 5- Like spinach 6- “Clueless” catchphrase 7- Mischievous person 8- Use a soapbox 9- Wise trio 10- Wee 11- ___ once 12- Mislead 13- Walk-on role 21- Prima ballerina 22- Edmonton team 23- Capital on the Atlantic 24- Maker of Pong 25- Misplaces 29- Norse god of winds 30- Sedate 32- Inventor of loga-

Bicycling Really Did Save My Life rithms 33- Ballpoint insert 34- Greek epic poem 35- Have a feeling 36- Boring tool 44- Elevations 45- Sense of loss 46- Ripe 48- Mystery writer’s award 49- Subsequently 50- Former Russian rulers 51- Emcee’s job 52- Related on the mother’s side 54- Second hand, took advantage of 55- This ___ outrage! 59- Sighs of relief 60- Thor Heyerdahl craft 61- Bolted down


Don’t Throw Out your Beet Greens! from: Health Nut, by Jessica Zirbes

Where did my love for beets come from? It all started as a little girl. My grandma used to buy beets at the farm stand. She cleaned them, cut off the stems, boiled and peeled them and added a dash of salt and pepper. We would enjoy the sweet and flavorpacked beets with our dinner. Oh, how I miss eating from her antique blue and white china plates.

Eating Like a Local: Regional Food Specialties from: Smokin’ Chokin’ and Chowin’ With the King, by King T

Copyright © @natalienoooo Used with permission Florence Welch performing at Lollapalooza.


The 2012 Illinois State fair is set to begin this week. For those of y’all that were thinking about heading down and all others who may some day find themselves down around Central Illinois we have some spots that you should check out for chowing down. Let’s start off in Springfield which is the home to the Land of Lincoln’s state fair.


Game 109: Womp Womp

from: The View from the Bleachers, by Josh Cornwall

My goal for this recap is to write it in the same amount of time as the Cubs have scored runs during their eight game losing streak. In case you haven’t checked the MLB schedule lately, the Cubs have scored sixteen runs during the streak, fourteen of which came in three of the eight games. The only team not to shut them out was the Dodgers and somehow a weak Padres staff did it twice.

We Are! Collateral Damage! from: Frankie O’s Blog

Once again, I’m having to deal with my mental and emotional fallout due to the Penn State scandal. The information coming from the Freeh Report confirmed most of my worst fears. Although, unlike a lot of folks I talk to, I feel this situation is going to get worse as more people go to trial and the Feds get involved and we get closer to understanding the full scope of the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s actions.

To be more accurate, the ER and catheter teams were fighting against the clock to save my life. I remained motionless in shock and disbelief. There was really nothing that I could do to help myself. By that point, I had already squandered fourteen hours of prime treatment time by not seeking immediate medical attention at the onset of what would later be revealed as classic heart attack symptoms. The attending cardiologist was visibly angry with me for my procrastination. Little did I know how critical every minute could be while experiencing a myocardial infarction.

from: from Refinery 29, by Connie Wang

We understand — you’re so tired of your beat-up Wayfarers, aviators, and even cat-eyes, but that doesn’t mean you want to look like a Gaga-wannabe in crazy-person sunglasses. What’s an over-it gal to do? Well, we normally turn to Thierry Lasry in moments like these; the brand basically started the printed-frame trend a few years back, and has pioneered awesome-but-practical designs for people who want to look cool but not weird.

Business Food

#IABR -- ZIP Code Honey: The Taste of Local Flowers

from: The Pop-Up City, by Joop De Boer

We came across a nice project called ‘Postcode Honing’ (‘ZIP Code Honey) at the Smart Cities exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). The idea combines the renewed interest for beekeeping (2012 is the International Year of the Bee) with a local touch. According to the makers, the taste of honey depends on the flowers that are growing in the landscape nearby the beehives, and could therefore be considered place-specific. ZIP Code Honey is an idea for local honey. The ZIP code on the label tells you where the honey comes from and what taste to expect. Mapping meets beekeeping. Advertisement

LIKE THE INTERNET, ONLY IN ROUGH DRAFT. Mail to: 20 W. Kinzie St., Suite 1510 Chicago, IL 60654 Copyright © Beverly Kim; Used with permission The Hard Rock Hotel Lollapalooza party came complete with a station to get free tattoos, the true Rock Star experience. For full coverage of the event, check out The Printed Blog’s Blog. Advertisement

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You Either Die A Hero Or You Become The Villian

from:from Massive Greatness

Resurectting Stage Struck


from: Easy As Riding a Bike, by Brent Cohrs

Bored Of Everything? Check Out These Thierry Lasry + Garret Leight Frames

from: Northwest Chicago Film Society, by Kyle Westphal

If a major American studio falls in the forest, does it make a sound? To the average movie fan in 1956, probably not. For those who got their Hollywood news from Hedda Hopper’s syndicated newspaper column, RKO’s Stage Struck sounded like business as usual, with casting news and production leaks coming at regular intervals. Early chatter had pegged Jean Simmons for the starring role of ingénue actress Eva Lovelace, but Bill Dozier, Joan Fontaine’s ex-husband and producer of high-class fare like Letter from Unknown Woman, now held the reins at the newly restructured RKO and had his sights set on Susan Strasberg.

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Over the past month, I’ve been watching Dalton Caldwell’s experiment with much interest. Essentially, he’s trying to rebuild Twitter from the ground up, only as a fully user and developersupported network. In other words, he’s pissed off — as many people are — about some of the changes Twitter is undergoing in an apparent attempt to monetize. Caldwell has been trying to crowd-fund $500,000 to build this network, and if he gets it, he promises the service will provide “a different kind of social platform.”

The WSJ Tried Robotic Telecommuting and It Didn’t Really Work

from: The Billfold, by Logan Sachon

This is a fun little diversion about an Austin-based WSJ reporter who spent some time controlling a robot that was in the WSJ offices in NYC. Basically she controlled this remote controlled rolling robot with a Skype screen on its face, and she roamed around the office and talked to people. She doesn’t specifically say it’s awkward, but I can’t imagine it not being awkward (“um why can’t we just IM like normals”). Takeaway: Nope, still not the future.

Jon Cotay

from: The Top Sheet Staff

Now a household name for every fashionista in Chicago, Akira was first founded by Jon Cotay and two of his friends from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2002. Jon, who deals with buyers and selects the trendy items the store has built its reputation upon, looks at Akira as a business that doesn’t follow the mold of any other store; they just do what makes sense. Jon and his team now oversee more than 15 stores in the Chicago area and have no plans of stopping their expansion anytime soon. Jon is a style-savvy businessman, a staple in the Chicago fashion scene, and The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Day. @akirachicago

Belmont Edition, August 10 2012  

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