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Chicago Professor Discovers Dino-Cat



Source: NBC Chicago, by Lisa Balde,

A new species of dinosaur has been discovered by University of Chicago Professor Paul Sereno. The dinosaur is the size of a house cat with vampire-like fangs and spiky bristles all over its body. The discovery of the herbivore was made in a collection of fossils from a southern African mine in the 1960s, and it was the most advanced plant eater of the day. The dinosaur, called Pegomastax africanus, or “thick jaw from Africa,” is believed to have existed 200 million years ago and provides a crucial link in the evolutionary chain.

NATIONAL More GI Janes On The Field

Source: Mother Jones, by Erika Eichelberger

Despite fighting and dying in every US war, women have never been allowed to be part of Marine Corps infantry training until now. Infantry training involves a group of people being dropped in the woods to fend for themselves with few resources and 70 pounds of gear. Twenty-five percent of men drop out. Despite the fact that women in the infantry program will be expected to do everything a man does with no exceptions, many still fear that the women will bring down the standards and make the infantry members easier targets on the battlefield. But let’s not forget how great Katniss was in the Hunger Games, same thing right?

Born This Way Source: The New York Times, by Gina Kolata

A new scientific method has proven that scanning a newborn’s entire DNA can pinpoint disease-causing gene mutations weeks and months earlier than typical methods. Considering one in 20 babies is born with a genetic disease, this method when put into effect could save a lot of infants from unnecessary treatment and death.

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NEIGHBORHOOD Food Trucks to Basically Become Restaurants

Source: LakeView Patch, by Andy Ambrosius

City Hall passed a Food Truck Ordinance in July requiring food trucks to have designated parking spaces in highly congested areas, and five spots picked for the Lakeview neighborhood will be up for approval during the next City Council meeting. However, many are dissatisfied with the idea of “food truck stands” because the spots were specifically picked so that the trucks would not compete with brick-and-mortar restaurants. Isn’t a stationary food truck basically a brick-and-mortar restaurant?

Watch Out For the Marathoners!

Source: Lakeview Patch, by Andy Ambrosius

Even though the Chicago Marathon begins downtown, six streets in Lakeview will be affected withshut downs from about 7 a.m. to 11 a.m on Sunday, Oct. 7. The streets and times will be: N. Sheridan Road from Diversey to Belmont from 7 to 10:45 a.m., Inner Lake Shore Dr. from Belmont to Addison from 7 to 10:45 a.m., W. Addison St. from Inner Lake Shore to Broadway from 7 to 10:45 a.m., N. Broadway from Diversey to Addison from 7 to 10:45 a.m. and N. Clark St. from Diversey to Webster from 7 to 11 a.m.

CPS Credit Downgrade....Again Source: Daily Caller, by Eric Owens

CTU isn’t the only problem with CPS; Moody’s Investors Service recently downgraded CPS’s credit rating to an A2 with a negative outlook. This means loaning to CPS is riskier than loaning to Botswana, which has a rating of A2 with a positive outlook and is the second time this year that Moody’s has cut CPS’s rating. Moody joins Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s as members of of the CPS Credit Downgrade Club.


Ann Svoboda @annz0r Poor people? In my neighborhood? It could happen to you MT @Chicagoist: Lakeview complains about Panera Cares Cafe


Photo used with permission. The Tartan Art installation encrouaged artists to create giant golf ball art to celebrate The Ryder Cup. You can them along North Michigan Avenue.

Does Panera Care About the Isolated Wealthy in Lakeview? Source: CBS Chicago

Despite the store’s message of helping your fellow man, some residents of the Lakeview neighborhood are complaining that the Panera Cares store is bringing some unwanted visitors to the neighborhood--the hungry and homeless--who are scaring the average Lakeview resident. Some neighborhood stores have even begun putting gates on their windows and doors. Members of the community have reached out to CPD and the Department of Family and Support Services to help clear out the homeless in the neighborhood.

Wilson Red Line to Get Facelift

Warm Up With a Bowl of PHO at ‘Simply It’ in Lincoln Park

by Vivian Doan

As the leaves change color and temperatures drop in Chicago, nothing beats a big bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup, pronounced “fuh”) to warm you up. And if you don’t want to make the trek to Argyle Street in Uptown for authentic Vietnamese food, we’ve found the perfect place for you!

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Compared to last year, there was only about a one percent climb in retails sales this year with many big retail chains like Macy’s and Target missing their marks completely. Many stores are even deciding to not report monthly sales any more hoping that it will focus their companies on more yearlong sales goals that increase spending overall.

SPORTS Source:, by Dan Rafael

Coming out of the closet in the world of sports is a rarity, but that did not stop Orlando Cruz, Olympian featherweight boxer, from doing so on Oct. 3. Cruz, in a statement he released, called himself a “proud gay man” and will be the first openly gay fighter in the sport of boxing.

Red Sox Stop Bobby Valentine Curse

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Copyright © James Poole; Used with permission. Oktoberfest celebrations are in full swing in Chicago.

TECHNOLOGY Cell Phone Valet Source: The Associated Press, by Karen Mattews

Instead of sneaking their cell phones into class and secretly texting under their desk like the rest of us, New York high school students, pay $1 to drop them off at phone valet trucks. It may seem convenient, but these trucks run into issues; one was held up an gunpoint allowing for 200 student phones to be robbed, which has prompted school officials to push for on-site storage for the devices at the school.

Even though small business seem to have a confident exterior (adding more than 145,000 jobs in September because they’re sooo popular), they actually have huge self-esteem issues just like the rest of us. According to the NFIB Optimism Index, small business confidence has been at a recession level since 2008. Whether the confidence is there or not, 10 percent of the NFIB members plan to add more workers.

Americans Still Aren’t Biting for Department Stores

Source: Yahoo Sports, by Jeff Passan

Big things are happening at Kumbuya, reserve your own tribe now to be the first to be in on the action.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, by John Tozzi

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Olympian Boxer Comes Out

Source: NBC Chicago, by Lisa Balde

Mayor Emanuel announced on Oct. 4 that the Wilson Red Line stop will receive a $203 million upgrade that will fix not only station signals but also completely redesign the stop to include a glass and steel canny and entrances to the station at Target and Aldi. Wilson will also become the only stop between Belmont and Howard where people can switch to the purple line. Demolition is scheduled for the upcoming spring and construction will be ongoing through 2015.

Small Businesses Have Small Confidence

Boston Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine was fired on Oct. 4 after a season wrought with unnecessary losses. Valentine was manager for only one year before he was cut from the team for a management style that was considered too risky without achieving results. Some speculate that Valentine was a lame duck manager after attacking the players and provoking a team mutiny against him that did not allow him to achieve a great season.

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Source: NY Times, by Stephanie Clifford

POLITICS Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Debate Source: NBC News, by Kristen Welker

After what many are calling a lackluster debate performance, President Obama energized the crowd at an Oct. 4 Denver campaign event. He took several jabs at Romney and the policies the former governor presented at the debate and at one point said that the Romney at the debate was not the “real Mitt Romney.” However, many people already feel that Obama’s presidential ability had been irreparably damaged during the previous night’s debate.

Leave Big Bird Alone! Source: Los Angeles Times, by Meredith Blake

During the first round of Presidential Debates the biggest attack didn’t land on either of the candidates but on Big Bird. Supporters of the yellow 10-foot bird went after Mitt Romney after he made his plan to cut PBS from the federal budget clear. Despite Romney’s admittance that he loves Big Bird anyway, he certainly can’t count on that much coveted “Sesame Street” vote anymore.

Ronan Farrow @RonanFarrow I guess we’re all voting Big Bird, then.

ACROSS 1- Speed contests; 6Cleave in two; 11- Very cold; 14- Fool; 15- Fencing blades; 16- “The Simpsons” bartender; 17- Late bloomer; 18- Singer Bonnie; 19- Altar in the sky; 20- Like ___ not; 22- Less common or less cooked; 24- Like some corners; 28- High-spirited horse; 30- Hymn; 31- Battery terminal; 32- Metal spikes; 33- Reality; 37- Suffer; 38- Shut;

39- Quattro minus uno; 40- Treason; 43- Pesto ingredient; 45- Unsoiled; 46- Beat with the fists; 47- Worn over the ears in cold weather; 50- Favorable termination of endeavors; 51- Article of bedding; 52- “All The Way To ___”, song by REM; 53- French possessive; 54- Lukewarm; 57- Brit’s bottle measure; 62- Absorb, as a cost; 63- Name on a bomber; 64- Runs without moving; 65- Begley and Bradley; 66- Aftermath; by 67- Winter drink;

Today’s puzzle


Grocery Store Confessional

from: Sustainable Student, by Catherine McCafferty

I bought Tostidos the other day, as in last night when I was getting home from the library at midnight and I wanted more than just veggies to eat... ARGH 711 how you tempt me! So I am thinking each week I will document what I buy to keep on track with this 80% local thing and then I will try to look up the other 20% and see what company makes/processes it and what their general status is in terms of “goodness”...My guess is Tostidos made by Frito Lays is not going to measure up nicely.

Chicago Gourmet Rides Again

from: Steve Dolinsky, by Steve Dolinsky

DESSERT EMERGENCY! Where to turn when Organizers couldn’t have dialed up a better weekend for Chicago Gourmet. With crisp, slightly warm weather and clear skies, the city never looked better, as more and more VIPs made their way here for two days of classes, tastings and seminars with some of the city’s top food talent.


What the Heck Do I Know Anyway? Bears Defense is Good


Tattoo Who? Tattoo Me Please!

from: Red & Company, by Tara Scalzo

I have 6. I want more. It’s an addiction really, something I can’t explain other than being an indescribable need. It’s everything you want to say about yourself and choose to wear it on your skin. It’s the permanent parts of you that are spoken about to others but quickly lost once your words touch their ears. Words are temporary, ink is forever. A Chicago Thing @achicagothing

Sample 200 Fall season beers in a train station?! YUP, Chicago Beer Fest is this Sat & we have FREE tix: #Beer #Chug

Fall Guide 2012: Five Great Places to See Fall Foliage

from: Go West Young Mom, by Tara Burghart

It seems to me as if the trees in our area exploded in vibrant colors seemingly overnight. And according to experts, I’m not imagining it. Our mild winter and early spring, combined with this summer’s drought, have resulted in trees changing colors two to three weeks earlier than normal. Those conditions have also contributed to the trees’ colors being brighter, too.

from: Chicago Bears Huddle, by Darren Doxey

Really, what the heck do I know? I’m just some crazy guy who sits behind a computer, a WordPress dashboard open on the screen, looking for something to complain about. For example, I just talked about having my finger on the panic button. I called the Bears an old, beat-up hot rod. I wrote this wonderful little nugget during the preseason: “This year is totally up to the offense, because I think the Bears’ defense will be giving up a lot of points.”

The Bulls were able to stem the tide of negative PR by successfully re-signing head coach Tom Thibodeau. But there were other indications from the Bulls GM that make the failures of the offseason tough to forget. Another (final?) thing from media day, appropriately circling back to where it all began: frustration over how the offseason went.

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The Photographers from: From Me to You, by Jaime Beck

You know, as a photographer I’m always interested watching other photographer’s work, how they work and what their process is. When I come around at NYFW I’m very aware that I’m in the colosseum with these guys (who mostly ignore me since I’m the quiet one in the skirt) and this is their world. For the most part I stay out of their way which has saved my neck in more than one intense backstage moment, for example, one photographer physically threw out the other guys.

Raf Simons Versus Hedi Slimane: Who Had the Splashier Debut

from: The Cut, by Charlotte Cowles

Paris Fashion Week began with what many deemed a “face-off” between designers Hedi Slimane and Raf Simons, both of whom were showing their first-ever ready-to-wear collections for Saint Laurent and Dior, respectively. At first, their purported rivalry seemed more like a dubious conflict ginned up by the fashion press—we’re always hungering for extra drama, after all—but as the week unfolded and the reviews came in, the comparisons came into sharper focus.

There are only two days of the year when you can stand an egg on end. One of these days falls on the first day of autumn. To do this you will need a raw egg. Place the egg on a hard flat surface on its largest end. Carefully pull your hands away and it should remain upright. Source: Bright Hub Education

FREE THIS WEEK Free Art Walk Oct. 5-7 Celebrate art in all forms: visual, musical, culinary and more at storefronts in West Town. Enjoy West Town’s diverse community of local businesses while supporting local Chicago artists. Source: Free Things Chicago


Sufjan Stevens-Christmas Unicorn

from: Kind of Bleu, by Peter Cauvel

Sufjan Stevens is continuing his Songs for Christmas series with a new box set this fall. Starting in 2001, Sufjan has been recording Christmas songs almost every year. The first five EPs were collected on 2006′s Songs for Christmas, and though the EPs comprising Silver & Goldwere recorded between 2006 and 2010, none of it has yet been released.

This Year’s Rock Hall of Fame Ballot Aims to Right Some Wrongs

from: Popmatters, by AJ Ramirez

After an interminable delay, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally announced its ballot of possible inductees for next year’s ceremony, due to take place on April 18. While the Hall has garnered a reputation amongst the public for many questionable choices and egregious snubs during its history—especially over the last decade—this year’s ballot shows positive signs that the Nominating Committee has finally registered some of the more frequent criticisms, and is progressively improving in regards to atoning for long-standing slights.


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FOOD Copyright © Sarah Shelton; Used with permission. The first round of Presidental Debates happened on Wednesday, Oct. 3. Did you register to vote yet?


Janet’s Seasonal Rants, Part 1. Louis CK. Louis C K is not funny. What madness has crowned him as the new humor icon? He is dour, self-indulgent and controlling. He is late 40’s, and still goes to masturbating jokes for the easy laugh. Ew. Grow up, sir.

Ten Ways To Make the Presidential Debate More Interesting from: Lists That Actually Matter, by Tony

It’s time for the first presidential debate of the 2012 election and excitement couldn’t be higher. Not that it’s high by any means, but the current level is probably the ceiling. Maybe everyone’s forgetting about all of the great things that go along with a presidential debate. The podiums! The somewhat familiar looking moderators! The vague, unspecific rhetoric that calls into question the opponent’s use of vague, unspecific rhetoric! It’s all there, America.

Lobster Roll Redux from: Luxirare

Do you like Lobster Rolls? Yes…? So do I. But today I am only here to use up leftovers. A bunch of green needs to be pulled out because I’ll forget and then a week later they will turn brown. I believe there are a million and one ways to make filling for a lobster roll. At Red Hook lobster pound, I feel like it’s 99% lobster, which is great. But you know I told you I need to use these greens before I lose my cool. So here I use cilantro, scallion, and watercress, just some of my favorites.

Spaghetti With Broccoli Cream Pesto from: Smitten Kitchen, by Deb

Surely, you didn’t think I was going to stop my hasty populating of the broccoli archives with just one new recipe, right? I mean, sure, the slaw is still a star. The fritters were great. But when your kid likes broccoli, you will always be on the hunt for new and more advanced Methods of Broccoli Implementation. Monarch Daily is dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of its forms - an art destination experience by Tyler Shields.

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from: Janet Dahl, et. al, by Janet Dahl

The Printed Blog has launched a KICKSTARTER to keep it’s glossy 11 by 17 blog and photography filled pages thriving. We need your support to keep it alive!

36- Shouts; 38- Cook; 41- Wile E. Coyote’s supplier; 42- Desktop problem; 43- Pastoral; 44- Onetime Jeep mfr.; 46- Play on words; 47- Lauder of cosmetics; 48- Winning the race; 49- Reposes; 50- Family car; 52- Vex; 55- Brian of Roxy Music; 56- Captive soldier; 58- Altar words; 59- Pampering, briefly; 60- Stutz contemporary; 61- Conductor ___-Pekka Salonen;

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Gar Forman won media day, but still has much to make up for from: Blog-A-Bull

DOWN 1- Narrow inlet; 2- Show stoppers?; 3- Op. ___; 4- Fair-hiring abbr.; 5Walks with long steps; 6- Biblical king; 7- On ___ with; 8- Wreath of flowers; 9- Fido’s appointment; 10- “CHiPs” star; 11Japanese porcelain; 12- Jazzy Chick; 13- Hanker; 21- Pro ___; 23- Explorer Tasman; 24- Charged; 25- Broadcasting; 26- Useful; 27- Flyers’ org.; 28- Fidgety; 29- Womanizer; 31- Nut of an oak; 33- Shake like ___; 34- “Who’s there?” response; 35- Attempts;

Aloha Eats

from: Managing Editor, Beverly Kim

Eating here is like finding a cozy home amongst sandy beaches and luau music. Then having an endangered sea turtle slap you in the face with tradition as you eat delicious kalua pork and awesome mac salad. First opened in 2004, Aloha Eats offers a variety of Hawaiian favorites and classics from SPAM musubi to Kalua Pork. Affordable, quaint, and a refreshing step away from the Thai place on every street, Aloha Eats is unique, tasty, and the business of the week! Don’t forget to say, “mahalo!” Nominate a Business of the Week at submit@

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October 5, 2012 Belmont Issue  

The Top Sheet is a free, printed, daily newspaper, featuring summaries of important NEWS and BLOGS in Chicago; visit to cont...

October 5, 2012 Belmont Issue  

The Top Sheet is a free, printed, daily newspaper, featuring summaries of important NEWS and BLOGS in Chicago; visit to cont...