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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012



American Airlines Terrifies Again


Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Rosemary R. Sobol

An American Airlines flight from Chicago to London made two emergencies landings, this a day after an American Airlines flight to Dallas had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis. The London flight was forced to land first in Canada for a medical emergency, then stopped again in Dublin, Ireland, when the smell of smoke was reported.

NATIONAL Border Patrol Agent Killed in Arizona Source: The New York Times, by Michael S. Schmidt

Border Patrol Agent Nicolas Ivie, 30, was shot and killed, with another agent injured, in a shooting on Oct. 2. The station where the incident occurred was named after Brian Terry, an agent who was murdered along the border in 2010. Members of congress are critical of reports that tie the shooting to Operation Fast and Furious, the investigation into an Arizona-based gun-trafficking ring that’s linked to a Mexican drug gang.

How Have We Not Freed Willy Yet? Source: Gawker, by Neetzan Zimmerman

PETA has released some photos of an injured SeaWorld orca whale with a “dinner-plate” sized chunk missing from its jaw. Park officials say the wound was caused by a run in with the pool barrier, but activists are claiming that it was caused by chains put up by SeaWorld, while some orca experts say the chunk is bite shaped and could have been inflicted by another orca. Whatever the case may be, one glance at these pictures will ruin your f%*king day.

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LOCAL City Waits for CTU to Vote to Approve New Contract

Source: The Chicago Tribune, by Noreen S. AhmedUllah

On Oct. 2, the 29,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union held a vote to approve or reject the new three-year contract that gives teachers a base salary increase of seven percent over the next three years and ties teacher evaluations to student test scores. Results of the vote are expected to be announced on Oct. 4. The Board of Education will vote on the contract Oct. 24, but the funds for the new contract still need to be found.

NEIGHBORHOOD ‘Chicago Fire’ Honors Firefighters Source: TV Guide, by Michael Schneider

In honor of Chicago firefighters, the new NBC drama “Chicago Fire,” brought more than 100 Chicago firefighters and their families to the Chicago History Museum, 1601 N. Clark St., on Oct. 2 to celebrate the launch of the show. The show is heralded as one of the most accurate depictions of the life and work of firefighters and uses many Chicago firefighters as extras who even bring in actual equipment for the show to use. “Chicago Fire” has its season premiere on Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. on NBC during the 141st anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire.

Bear Found Urinating in Wrigleyville

Source: NBC Chicago, by Grizzly Detail Staff

Former Chicago Bear Tommie Harris was arrested on the night of Oct. 1 in Wrigleyville for allegedly threatening a police officer and urinating in public. Harris was arrested around midnight in the 1000 block of West Eddy Street. He is due back in court Oct. 27 and is being charged with indecent exposure and threatening an officer.

Alex Quigley @alexquigley Former Bear Tommie Harris arrested for peeing on the 1000 block of W Eddy St. Who *hasn’t* peed on that street?

Roger Federer is the Roger Federer of Not Giving Up Source: Sports Illustrated

Roger Federer confirmed on Oct. 2 that he will play in the Shanghai Rolex Masters taking place next week. Federer skipped the tennis tournament last year and hasn’t won it since 2009. Many are speculating that Federer’s decision to play Shanghai suggests that he intends to battle Serbian player Novak Djokovic for the year-end No. 1 ranking. Federer is currently No. 1 in the 52-week rankings, but Djokovic has more points in 2012 and holds a 990 point lead in the Race to London standings.

“Every woman stamped “slut” is someone’s sister, wife, mother, best friend, first love or fifth-grade math tutor.”

Drink and Dine Around Town with Ten Chicago Marathon Week Restaurant and Bar Specials By Maris Callahan

Whether you’re running in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this weekend or cheering from the sidelines as a spectator, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Luckily for us, Chicago restaurants across the city are offering up a variety of marathon menu specials that will make it easy for runners (okay…and non-runners) to stock up on those carbohydrates and refuel with protein-packed meals.

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On Oct. 1, Attorney Hall Adams announced he filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Chicagoans against Uber, an app that allows users to hail and pay for taxis. The lawsuits claims that Uber uses false advertising in regards to its pricing and centers around the company’s use of the term “gratuity” instead of “metered fare” since Uber makes a profit from the “gratuity” charge. Uber is also facing legal issues in New York and Washington DC. Hopefully this all gets resolved soon so no one has to worry about rolling up in a measly taxi cab.

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Matthew Kent @Mkent52

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Source: Herald Online

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Uber App Not Uber Legal

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Copyright © @ Lush80; Used with permission. Chicago participated in the Slut Walk movement on Sept. 28 to bring protest sexual assault being blamed on the dress and actions of women.

People Still Allowed Their Constitutional Right to Vote in Pennsylvania Source: NPR, by Mark Memmott

Copyright © hect1; Used with permission. Thousands of bikers took over the streets of Chicago Sept. 28 for the 15th anniversary of Critical Mass.

Not All Football Players Are Dumb, Some Just Commit Intentional Voter Fraud Source: ABC News, by Emily Deruy

On Tuesday Oct. 2, 10 players of North Dakota State University’s nationally ranked football team pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of election fraud for faking signatures on petitions that they were originally hired to collect. Each of the players was sentenced to serve 360 days of unsupervised probation, complete 50 hours of community service and pay $325 in fees.

On Oct. 2, Pennsylvania Judge Robert Simpson ruled that the implementation of the new Voter ID law must be postponed until after the election. Voting officials can still ask to see the ID of a voter, but the lack of ID will not invalidate his or her vote, and voters do not necessarily require the more obscure voting ID that almost no normal person would have obtained, but Pennsylvania is pushing for anyway. If voting becomes this confusing in every state, it’ll be no wonder why participation in the elections is down.

How to Win a Presidential Debate Source: ABC News, by Emily Deruy

The first presidential debate of 2012 will take place in Denver on Oct. 3 and will center around domestic policy. According to political experts, Obama’s keys to winning are explaining thoroughly why Romney is not going to be a good president, detailing his plan for the economy, and addressing key voting blocs (i.e. women and latinos). Romney, on the other hand must come off as relatable, question Obama fiercely on the economy, and get into the specifics of any key issue.

BUSINESS Economy Springs People into New Cars

Source: The Los Angeles Times, by Jerry Hirsch

The auto industry is experiencing steady sales with automakers estimating they sold a little more than 1.1 million vehicles in September. The modest spike in sales is due to more lax credit requirements that have allowed more people to purchase or lease, and more buyers are deciding to replace the older cars that they held onto because of the recession and slow economic recovery. The auto industry is on track to sell about 14.4 million autos this year, almost a 12% gain from 2011. Surely it is the abundance of snobby sixteen year olds getting cars on their birthdays we have to thank for this one.

TECHNOLOGY Socially Conscious Video Network Debuts on YouTube Source: The Associated Press

TakePartTV, a new YouTube video channel, launched Oct. 2 and promises optimistic content targeted at millennials about the issues of the world. The channel plans to create original content that includes news, short-form comedy, animation and nonfiction series and will feature big names like Henry Rollins, Dan Savage and Kobe Bryant. Turning the Internet on its head, the channel hopes to move Youtubers away from mindless videos of cute kittens.

Presidential Debates Get Animated Source: Gizmodo, by Leslie Horn

If young voters haven’t been paying attention to the election, then maybe live GIFs of the debate will get their attention. At least that’s what Tumblr thinks. The staff of the blogging site will be creating and posting Obama arm raises and Romney smirks to the live GIF site, Gifwich, for the first round of debates, and hopefully every round of debates ever in the history of elections. Jason Fox @flipper02

I think the internet just jumped the shark. Tumblr are *live streaming* the presidental debate via animated gifs

ACROSS 1- Up and ___! 5- Take ___ at (try) 10- Whole lot 14- String tie 15- Church singers 16- Carry 17- At the same time 20- Boards that support a mattress 21- Consign 22- Fine 23- Driving aids 24- Not malignant 28- Red or white, in the blood 29- Dawn deity 32- Actress Graff 33- Away from the wind 34- Drug-yielding plant

35- Divide up 38- Author Hunter 39- Broadcasts 40- Stun gun 41- Poivre’s partner 42- Flat circular plate 43- Emphasis 44- Congers 45- Actress Arthur 46- Departs 49- Mexican band 54- Failure to understand 56- Tyler’s successor 57- Herbert Hoover, for one 58- School orgs. 59- Swing around 60- I swear! 61- Spanish muralist


Today’s puzzle by


October is National Pizza Month: Fun Facts About the Favorite Food from: Tween Us, by Shannan Younger

October is National Pizza Month. Tweens certainly love their pizza, and it is the age group’s favorite food according to a Gallup Poll. A few interesting facts about this month’s tribute to the tween favorite: Congress designated October as National Pizza Month in 1987.

Mexican Panaderias in Chicago from: Ethnic Eats, by Nilofer

DESSERT EMERGENCY! Where to turn when you have a serious case of sweet tooth urgency? My very favorite place where simply window shopping with googly eyes does not do justice; nomming on delicious goodies is a must at-- your local panaderia.


We’re Going to Live in Century City! Astros 3 Cubs 0 from: Cubs Den, by Felzz

So, despite all the talk of making a stand, and calling this the “Cubs mini-playoffs” The Cubs played as if they were double parked in losing to Lucas Harrell and the Astros 3-0. The Cubs didn’t hit and Fernanndo Martinez’ homer would prove to be all the offense Kevin Goldstien’s Astros would need. I only saw this in brief flashes between Bear plays. So why be verbose about it? Let’s break like the wind.


Stila in the Know Eye Shadow Palette from: Makeup, Beauty and More, by Appu

Stila In The Know Eye Shadow Palette ($39) is a new palette for Fall 2012 that is a permanent addition to Stila’s core collection. ‘In The Know’ features ten neutral eye shadows, all in matte finishes and a smudge stick eyeliner in Halfmoon - a matte, soft charcoal grey. The palette also comes with an instruction booklet to re-create looks with detailed application tips.

5 Beauty Products That Make It Look Like You Slept In from: Baby Gizmo Blog, by Veronica

I never get enough sleep. How about you? Although my kids are finally going to bed at an appropriate hour, I’m not. The silence and solitude are luxurious. I spend it catching up on crappy TV, reading books, or messing around on Pinterest. You name it and I’m doing it when I should be sleeping. I pay for it the next day and it shows all over my face. Thankfully there are some near miracle products that help me fake it and not look like a crazed woman who was up till midnight catching up on Real Housewives of Wherever.

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All Kinds of Right of the Day from: The Daily What

Sophomore Whitney Kropp was an unpopular outsider with few friends when her classmates nominated her for the school Homecoming court. She was elated—until she realized it was all a cruel prank. After the boy who was picked with her withdrew, “I thought I wasn’t worthy,” said Kropp, 16. “I was this big old joke.” But then word of the prank spread and residents of her small Michigan town pledged their support—and she decided to stand up to the bullying and embrace her new role.

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Fashion from: Uncommon Style, by Michelle Phelan

In case you haven’t noticed, Burberry Michigan Avenue’s facelift is almost complete. Unlike a traditional hush-hush nip and tuck procedure, poor Burberry’s painful transition has been on display to the whole of Michigan Avenue. Luckily, the surgery was a success, and a new Burberry has emerged, handsomer than anyone could have predicted.

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Chicago Knows the Blues from: Chicago Jam Scene

Before the blues became a tourist attraction, bands like Tail Dragger‘s had their choice of more than a dozen South Side and West Side clubs in which to perform. They were dingy and smoky, and they were plentiful. Now, most blues clubs are touristoriented venues with valet parking, tacky souvenirs, and clean toilets–places you’d be comfortable bringing your boss or even your mother-in-law. SUDOKU Today’s puzzle by

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The first televised presidential debate in 1952 featured all of the potential candidates and was hosted by the League of Women Voters (LWV). Source: How Stuff Works

FREE THIS WEEK Why not read before the Presidential debates? This month’s free selection is timely with the Presidential Elections almost upon us. The October free e-book selection is Inside the Presidential Debates: Their Improbable Past and Promising Future at www. freeEbook.html. Source: Free Things Chicago


Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich from: Stereogum, by Tom Breihan

Nobody in music is making much money these days. We know that. Everybody knows that. Nobody buys music, and the very idea that we shouldn’t download the stuff for free is sort of a generational non-starter. But you’d think that Grizzly Bear, one of the biggest bands in indie-dom, would be doing fine for themselves. Their music shows up in commercials, they reliably sell in the hundreds of thousands, they play big venues like Radio City. But as it turns out, that may not be the case.


from: Splitsider, by Billy Merrit and David Kantrowitz


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I’ve been teaching some form of improvisation for 18 years now, and I will keep on teaching as long as I can. I love it, I will not apologize. There was a time that I was worried about the phrase “Those that can’t do, teach”—was that me? Am I condemned to teaching while watching others succeed around me? Yes and No.

from: Second City Hockey, by Greg Boysen

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catee 30- Seeps 31- Visionaries 33- Not quite right 34- Banned apple spray 36- Sudden collapse into failure 37- Achieve 42- Consider 43- Tranquil 44- Bring to mind 45- Religion founded in Iran 46- Kissers 47- Hydroxyl compound 48- Rights org. 49- Cry like a baby 50- Cairo cobras 51- Make reference to 52- Rime 53- Part of MIT 55- Aussie hopper

Billy Merrit’s Six Types of Improv Students

A Stick to Tap an Old Rival At Back in the 1970s and 80s the Blackhawks rivalry with the Minnesota North Stars was just and big and just as ugly as the rivalries with Red Wings and Blues. I remember many a game where Al Secord would muck it up with a North Star, usually Basil McCrae. I know for a fact there are hockey fans in Minnesota who still own their “Secord Sucks” buttons. I can still hear the “Dino Sucks” chats echoing off the rafters of the old Chicago Stadium directed at one my most hated players of all time, Dino Ciccarelli.

DOWN 1- Basics 2- Implement 3- “East of Eden” director Kazan 4- ___ Blanc 5- Director’s shout 6- Lower limb 7- Chinese secret society 8- Small island 9- Wrist band 10- Stalks 11- Apparatus for weaving 12- Sewing case 13- Sunset direction 18- Person of experience 19- Christmas song 23- Mall frequenters 24- Waits 25- Parisian pupil 26- Sherpa’s home 27- ___ uproar 28- Office person 29- Beethoven dedi-


A Sneak Peek At The Forthcoming 2013 Line Of High End Analog Turntables by Phonotikal. from: If It’s Hip, It’s Here, by Laura Sweet

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming collection of modern luxury analog turntables from Phonotikal. Using materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, and introducing new, more streamlined silhouettes, the 2013 collection has finishes such as gold, and new colors like neon green and bright orange. Phonitkal is a small family company that builds high end turntables.

Facebook’s Vague Rulebook Only Helps the Creeps from: Boing Boing, by Rob Beschizza

Comic artist (and BB contributor) Wendy Pini was issued a second ban by Facebook today after posting a widely-shared photo to her wall. She was told that she faces permanent expulsion if it happens again—despite the social network’s recent assurances that it only intends to block pornographic content, not legitimate artwork. Monarch Daily is dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of its forms - an art destination experience by Tyler Shields.

Pauline Lombardo from: Mikael Nielsen

I am nominating Pauline because, rain or shine, she spends countless hours each week doing outreach work in the community, educating Chicagoans about the suffering of animals on factory farms, and encouraging them to make more compassionate choices when they sit down to eat. Using informative leaflets or inviting people to watch a 4-minute clip of the documentary Farm to Fridge, she reaches people at busy El stops, colleges, and pretty much anywhere else she finds good foot traffic around Chicago. She is a true hero for the animals. While in college at Syracue, NY, Pauline adopted a vegan diet after learning about the mistreatment of animals on factory farms. Soon after, she learned about Mercy for Animals and after graduating, applied for an internship with the group’s Chicago office, and is The Top Sheet’s Chicagoan of the Week.

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